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Xurian General Savoff Victorious in Great
Mur-day Battle; Deceives Nazim Pasha,
ijio Is Reported Taken or Shot; Capture of
$1 :horlu Is Imminent and impetuous Troops
i -Czar Ferdinand Will Then Rush on
ti f 7
i, is Seize Islands of the Aegean and Pre-
re to Move oa Saioniki and Monastir:
eat Powers Disturbed at Success of Allies
d Are Eager for Intervention; Premiers
iff! IP .r
yu Greece and Servia Go to Paris to Meet
ti J ;
IT f
to ll BON, Nov. 1. Kasim Pasha.,
irkish Minister of war and
hnu Jldcr-iu-chiof in Tliracc. lias
il,'. b "been, shot or taken prisoner,
Mr Ing to a dispatch from Sofia
? ost.
iuliiV jf ,
,fii DON, C)'.'t. III. A four days'
kitlc in Tliracc lias ended in
ic triumph of the Bulgarian
oiit i jramanclcr in-chief, General Sa
'! s.c skillful strategy has prob
ate it' JS'ht to a close one of the short-
"niost remarkable wars on rcc-
iltllw if.
1 I
air 't Turkish armv. estimated at
(i in 200,001) men, lias been dc-
re B "S ln rc',c,',t- Constantinople
hjlfi' flt" to ,c 3t nlcrey -'lc
in. -ft s Bulgarian army, and a conn-
tok'p K at l-lc Portc' '-s discussing
fcs (ability of slicing for peace,
s the news which comes from
nu i luordc.
inly a furl night since Turkey
irejTf war. The first week of the
r closed with the dramatic fall
lbs jfKilisfccb, fully revealing for
b' "dime the disorganization, bail
v ,i,t Ud iiieflicient commissariat of
;, JiV Ssh army. Today that a nny is
nursti; routed within fifty miles from
nit ijnoplo. and possibly its retTcat
1.3 ji'o capital's line of defenses is
ill vi
JJe'J it Is Brief.
li!ciif br'cfl-''"t a nd vaguest, ae-
' (il ithc K,reafc v,at 1 lc hn vc vct becu
.ia ;-&r the war has been especial-
jtitn' ble in that not a single war
y 4j font bas been nil owed on the
j ju ?-CI,t 'VJtl a litlIc Montenegrin
l jff"" Scutari.
n3A." j. "dependent personal uarra-
, the absorbing events have been
irp nd the world has had to dc-
id! iasnd official accounts provid-
fbJl ' rccc,5vu governments, or
:t? ;! details supplied by wounded
lui;J 'nilv Xnz;m Pasha has boon
J" outinaiiciivcrcd by Savoff 7s
l't& encralih'P- The Bui garia turn-1
Bfrf!? Jciit along the THack sea ( ist
nlf "g rs t0 JIVC ,,1!cn a feint, which
fytf ;fhc Turkish cymmaiider to
'JU S n,a' avmy to Ihe eastward.
JJjSj fft that tho Bulgarian force
iotii !i,lc 11,1,1 greatest difliculty
ioul g tbo Turks in encck.
! Badly Fooled.
.1 .t,l'!' point sccnii a littlo in
, iilgariauH gave way and
PIc ':izim I'asha to report to
iM inojilc some success in this di-
lnW"cnnti:"et however, General
. 'S ", Cat 51 rt?n111 "S11'"1 !
toSl!B8 weakened left ivin which
WM, m nt Ll,,c Bl,1,!,s' Thc fiSht'
JW tl'e whole front, which ovi-
j'iM !1)liCn 0,: thc raopt stu,)orn
t&mm 0(1 l'hfira,:tci'. wns carried
"W""?1 Wilho.,,t: 5lltcrl,,'8S'OIJ
?Pl"rn f xinPa1ia's hcad--VSBti2.
Te,,orl" " wH'h town the
t.Tiirks retreated, has not. as
fflfCp0rtC(1, 1ul 5s "0,,,I.V expect
P 'cnt tlt: Turks will bu forced
within the defensive lines of Tchaialja,
the only remaining fortified position
protecting Constantinople, Tt lies twenty-five
miles to the northwest of the
Met Their Sedan.
.'Nrfriauuplc still holds? out, bui has
lost its importance, now that the Turks"
have met their Scdn.n at Lule Burgas.
h is believod a peace settlement will
be arranged cither by the porlo sueing
for peace or through intervention of the
powers, and an interesting question in
volviug difficult, diplomatic problems
will inimedjately arise as to the divi
sion of the spoils of war a question
concerning not, only (he victorious al
lies but also Russia, Austria, Rumania
and possibly other powers.
The campaign of the other Balkan
states continues with the success which
throughout has 'attended them. Scutari
has not yet been captured, but lpck has
fallen to the Montenegrins. The Ser
vians have taken 7'rjirend and Greece
is occupying inlands in the Aegean in
addition to various towns in Macedonia.
The powers, fearing disorders and
massacres in Turkey, are Lurrying -rear,
ships to thc various ports of that coun
try to protect foreign residents.
A noticeable feature of tho war is the
insignirlcanf parts played by the Turk
ish aud Greek fluet.s
SOFIA. Oct. I!!. News of tho defeat
of the Turkish army -was veccivod hern
lato tonight with a fueling of great re
lief, but no noisy demonstration. Con
fidence in thc success of thc Bui
narian arms had been mixed with grout
anxiety because of thc lack of news
for the last two days.
Thc people arc now looking forward
In Bulgnria becoming as great a power
in tho Ialkans as Turkey formerly was.
It is understood that the fighting has
been of the fiercest character, night
even affording jio intermission.
Tlie Turks suffered severely. Many
jttcro captured and great, numbers of
(lead wcro.lcft on tho field.
News Eagerly Awaited.
.News of the capture of Xazim
Pasha's headquarters at Tchorlu is
eagerly awaited. Littlo haa been heard
from the Bulgarian left wing, which
stretches from Bunarhissar to Midia.
In l his territory tho Turks greatly out
number thc Bulgarian, y,-ho have been
only able to hold their own. Any slight
success which tho Turks obtained here,
however, was of no material im
port:! nee
The Bulgarian victory was due to
superior strategy combined with the ex-
troiiic energy of their offensive move
ment. It appear that tho object, of
the rapid advance early in the week on
Visa and Midia was not really to out
flank tho Turkish right wing, but to
miblead the . Turks. This was success
ful. Tho Turks moved their reserves ;
by sea and along tho coast to
strengthen the right wing, which
reached to Istrandia, and directed all
their olforts to meeting hero what they
believed to be the main attack.
Menu while tho Bulgarians were
really concentrating at Kski-Baba,
(Contlnuod on Page Two.)
Cardinal Farley and the Members of His Party
Photographed Upon Their Arrival In Salt Lake
Heading from left to right: Monsignor James V. Lowia, secretary to thc cardinal; Monnignor Michael J. Lavclle, vicar-geucral of the srehdioaese
of New York; His Eminence, Cardinal Tarlcy; the Bight Rev. Edmund Dunne, bishop of Peoria, 111.; the Hcv. Father Luke J. Evcrs, pastor of St. An
I drcv?'a church, New York.
mm 111!;
Three Officers of Pacific Mail
Liner M'anchuria Named
as Confederates.
SAN FRAXCISCO. Oct. 31. Thc names
of throe officers of ilic Pacific Mail liner
Manchuria were mentioned in an Inves
tigation begun by United States DhUriul
Attorney John L. .MeNab toduy of recent
disclosures regarding an opium ."inus
gling conspiracy which lod to the den lb
of Fourth Officer Edward Morse at
Manila, Second Officer W. W. Ulohl.
Fourth Officer It. AY. J.ocke, who suc
ceeded Moi.se. and AValehmau C. Svosr.ir '
arc the men iwmUoncil. MuXah said ho
had cabled to Manila suggesting that
criminal warrants bo issued.
The story involving the three men waa
told by Purser John Philip Kourne and
corroborated by Chief Engineer William
1,. Bunker and Dr. Conrad Kichlcr. The
purser repeated tho account of Morse's
death, previously made public, verify
ing tho report thai his body was found
floating near tho ship with a wound In
tho head.
rtlcbl and a Chinese boatswain held a
rope, the other end of which was lied
about Monies waist whin ho swam
itshore. supposedly with contiaband
opium, said Itournc. . They, worn to draw j
him to -the -ship at a given signal, and
failing to feci the expected pull on the
rope., drew in "and found llic dead body
attached. The purflcr said he hud becu
told by the Chinese boatswain Hint ho
(the boatswain) and Kiebl hastily at
tached a weight to the body and threw
it back into ihc sea. When thc body
flofitrd near the ship lhc.iiext day. ac
cording lo Dournr, P.iehl descended to
(he wat'-r's edge snid detached the
weight.- Pournc - said lockc and- Svogn
knew of 'tho alleged attempt to land the
opium and that. th latter. had described
ihe finding of Morae, dcud at the end
of the rope, to sc oral persona on thc
McXab Included In his. cablegram to
Manila today an order tjmt tho hay be
dragged for Hie wight whMi had hrui
attached to .Morse'n body. The hearing
will b; resumed tomorrow.
Qujirtcrirwi.ster, Pay .und Com
missary Department..;, of (ho
Army Are Consolidated,
AYASHIXCiTOX. Oct. Consolidation
of thc quartermaster, pay and commla
pary drpartmcnlH of lho army into . the
new quart crinal or corpu will become cf
ffellve tomorrow, ns authorised by eon
grcsa during the last Rcsoloii. An elabo
rat'j plan of organization has bein
worhed out by Major Gisnrrnl James H.
Aleahlre. who as iiartorma.sh'r giu3rnl
will bend the consolidated department;:.
Rrl gad I or-gen era I Henry CS. Fhnrpe. prea
ent comndsHary geuonil, and Iblgadler
General George U. Smith, now paymn.sler
pneral. will be hla uslKtant5.
Many oeonomlea aro ex)ee(ed to follow
(he. consolidation and a gradual reduc
tion ln employees is anticipated.
The organization of the general quar
termaster eorpH ln Washington will he
duplicated In miniature In each of the
Kreat army divisions In (lit United Slutva
und ItAwall. ICach illvllon:il nrgunlzn
tloit will he I'omplelo In lln-lf but sub
ject to Hit" general r-onlrol oi the central
off k e In thin rlty.
Thn new order will not become effec
tive In thc Philippines until Januaiy, U13.
MOST Rifl Will
Does Not Believe Mrs. Jean.
VViswcll McComas Killed '
Self in San Francisco.
By International Xowa Service.
SAX I-'RAXCISCO. Oct. 31. Mrs.
lean Wiswcll McComas, wife of W. 1'.
McComas, :i wealthy Sonora, ' -Mcx.,
mininir man, daughter of George X.
Wiswcll. former member ot' the Kepub
Iicnn national committee from Wis
consin, and sister of Mrs. Walter Wis-'
well O'Neill of Pam. a notod grand
opera singer, is dead as a result oi! a
bullet wound inflicted in her rooms at
the An go Ins apartment house . at an
early hour Tuchdav mornng,
-Mrs. McComas died without regaining
consciousness and without exonerating
her husband, who was arrested after
thc shooting and held in detinue near
ly tweuty-four hours, lie was later re
leased on a report of physicians at the
Ad lor sanitarium, where Mrs. . Mc- i
Comas was taken that, in their opiniou,
the wound was self-inflicted. 1 n a,!
statement tonight tbo coroner declared (
ho is ' not satisfied with the report of
the physicians, and will institute a
most rigid investigation.
Mrs. " McComas was wounded . under
most peculiar circumstances. She had
returned "to her apartments with her
husband about 1 o'clock in the morn
ing after a night spent at beach re
sorts. Mrs. McComas, according to her
husband,' became incensed at a remark
made by a member of tlioir party and
quarreled with him on the way home.
At tin: door of Ihc Aijgeluj apart
ments, declares Mr. McComas, his wife
fold li i in hhe would prefer to, go into the
house alone. McComas said he told her
that would be agreeable to him, but.
that he would not leave, until he had
escorted her to their apartments. .
Two hours later .McComas went to
the house detective at the St. Francis
hotel and told him he was afraid something-
was wrong at his home. He said
he qiiarreied with his wife, and as he
was leaving the apartment ho hoard
revolver shH, but thinking Mrs, Me
Comas might have tired a pistol lo
frighten him. he paid no attention to
it. The olllcer visited the McComas
home and found Mrs. McComas lying
on the floor, fully dreased, with a bul
let, through her brain.
Four years im McComas was ar
rested in Los Angeles (ni a charge of
killinc Mrs. Charlotte Nnyes, y wealthy
Boston widow. After a most sensa
tional trial tin: jury disagreed, and Mc
(,'omaa was never again brought to
LOS A NG Hides, Oct. :.t. nrlefs wore
filed In ihe appiOlnte court today by op.
posing counsel In thc CInrk-Tanncr caae
and a decision is expected tomorrow
whereby tho custody of'J. Uo::i Clark II,
will be .id tied, at least temporarily, Mrs.
John S. Tanner, mother of the boy, and
,T. Uoas Clark, the grandfather, each an
nounced that further legal steps would
be taken In thc event of an adverse, de
cision, i
Four Thousand Troops En
camped in the ' Streets qf
Havana to Keep Peace. '
By International Xcws Service.
HAVANA. Oct. 31. -With . -1000
troops ciieVniped in thc streets of
Havana tonight and all important
cities and, towns of the entire island
under armed guard. Cuba awaits to?
morrow's presidential election with the
assurance that every effort will be
made to prevent violence nt tho polls.
Lato tiiis afternoon President Gomez
issued a manifesto to tho populace call
ing upon all citizens to preserve thc
The greatest excitement prevails
among the Liberals over the discovery
thai, Cencral . Montcngudo. the com
mander of the Cuban army, has ordered'
every army post, to communicate tomor
row as soon as possible after thc polls
close, the result of the balloting. The
Liberals declare that this is indisput
able evidence that Ihe army intends to
interfere if the election docs not go in
favor of the conservatives.
The Liberals demand that thc secre
tary of the government order the rural
guard returned at once to barracks,
Senor Fcrrcra, speaker of the Cuban
house ol! representatives, wired Presi
dent Gomez today from Cienfuegos de
claring that there- is at present no ex
isting government in Cuba,' but the
people have tho last word." This is
considered a revolutionary threat.
. A " telegram to the ' government re
ceived lato this afternoon'-from San
dose do Las .Ha ruos reports that .the
conservative faction there was buruing
Liberal homos. There, has been no con
firmation of this report.'
General- Mcnoealf. conseryal ivc can
didate "for president, despito the remon
strances of his party leaders 'and
friends who momentarily fear his as
83isi nation. will personally , assume
charge of the Conservative voting to
j morrow.
1 1 a will begin his operations at otl'.l),
o'clock dud. will j;o from poll to poll
over ns much of the country as can be
covered. Thc trip ill be made in an
automobile, and a heavy guard will ac
company him,
i "Thc Cuban republic will be saved
or lost within the next twelve hours,"
was the substance of a circular of ex
hortation issued by tho government
early this morning. It was signed by
Sanguilly, secretary of state. The cir
cular, which was wired to all parts
of thc republic, reveals the seriousness
with which tho government regards the
situation in Cuba. Tho pronunciamenlo
appeals to Cuban patriotism, and asks
that every person preserve order and
not do nnything which will bring shame
or disnstcr upon thu country,
Hog Cholera in Canada.
MOOSK.JAW, .Sask.. Oct. il. An
outbreak of hojr cholera has broken
out. in this province. Although it has
been given other names, ir. seems cer
tain that in many pur.ts the "sick
hpss'"' which has ravished the herds is
none other than tho decimating cholera
illl WILL II
Gunmen Who Slew Rosen
' thai; Will Face Jury Sppn.; .
Lewis-Comes First.
XEW YOP.K." Oct. The state's de
cision not to 'delay the trials of the
four gangsters - Indicted with Charles
Becker for thc murder of Merman Hoscn
thal, was indicated today when District
Attorney Whitman moved before Justice
Goff for a special panel of "00 talesmen
to bo summoned to appear on November
s. The trial of thc first of thc gunmen
Is expected to begin , Xovrmbcr V.J or U.
Mr. Whitman aud h'ormer Magistrate
(i. 'G. F. Wahle. who Is counsel for the
four accused men, have agreed that they
shall be tried separately.
''Whltpy" Lewis, will be the first to
face prosecution. Mr. Wahle. said he
could call sixteen witnesses in "Whltcy'a"
defonsc. - For .the prosecution. William
.Shapiro, driver of the. murder car, and
Thomas Coupe, former clerk of the lilks
club, who fled to Jinglund after the mur
der, will testify.,
Thc grand jury which. Indicted Decker
and the gangsters was discharged today.
Its final act was to indict another mem
ber of the "strong arm" squad of detec
tives under Decker's command at thc
time- Rosenthal was slain. This new In
dictment is for perjury in connection with
a. raid by Uc'jkcr's squad at a. cambling
house ruu-by Rosenthal. The defendant'
is still on duty and Commissioner Waldo
haa been directed to produce him In court
tomorrow. . "
I' . T
Wilson .the f;i.vorilo at" 1 (to -i
- ' in ' thc Election- Belling '
in Xew York.
By International News Service
'NliW YORK.' Oct. 31, J?:ctllii5 on the
(llccllun g;vo no -sign of Increased brisk
ness In the Wall slrcet district today.
At tho Sehumln c'iife, whore moat of tho
betting has been done so fjir, the fol
lowing odds prevailed tod;iy:
Wilson, 1 In -I; Roosevelt. 7 to Tart.
C. to 1.
Some brokers wore sufficiently Im
pressed with the Madison "-Jrjuaro demon
stration of last night lo lengthen thc in Id a
of 10 to S, which they had recently been
offering In fuvor. of Jtosevelt for occ
ond place in thc popular vote, and a
few wagers were mado at odds f 10 lo 7.
Thc Tuft men were not ?o willing to
bade thotr candidate ns they had been i.
short, while ago. when betting waa on
u, en terms.
HOSTON. Oct. ::i. The ronsolii'.aled
Rendering company of ttoston und four of
Its officer:; were indicted by tho Culled
States grnnd jury today on a charge uf
conducting an unlawful monopoly of tho
beef rendering business In the. New long
la ml states. Tbo officers indicted aro
lidward V. Swift of Chicago, president:
hVlward A- Tildf.n, Chicago, vlco presi
dent; Horatio W. Iteiilh, rioston, gen
eral manager and George II. Swift, Uos
lon, director.
The Indictment charges that competi
tion wnji ellmlna.ted by a secret arran;o
m out made by the Consolidated Render
lug companj'a officials with Independent
Salt Lake People We!- H
come His Eminence, IH
Cardinal Farley, and !
Party; Fort Douglas
Troops and Band Lead
Parade From Depot;
Prelate Is Warmly
Mayor Park Delivers Ad
dress of Welcome and
Cardinal Responds,
Praising City in Glow
ing Terms; Former
Senator Kearns Speaks
for Catholic Laity.
HIS Ji.MlNI-JNCE, Cardinal Farley,
arrived in Salt Lake a few min
utcs after 7 o'clock last even
iu. and three hours later, when
he retired for tho night, he had won
thc hearts oC the scores. Pictiircsquclv
robed in the scarier robes of his hi.h
office, the red cloak,. thwblaok.ciissot k
trimmed with red, the crimson borer ta
and cap and thc massive gold ''pec
toral cross" linnfrin bv a hcay gold
chain from his neck, he was ihc central
figure in a welcome which in brillian v
and enthusiasm has seldom been
Cardinal Deeply Touched.
To use thc woids of the noted Ca!h
ulic prelate himself, it was "one of jH
the warmest welcomes and kiudc
demonstrations" that had ever beu
accorded him. He only placed one
above it, tlie welcome sjivcu him by hn
people in Xew York city upon liis re
turn front Koine after being elevated
to the college of cardinals.
Despito his seventy years and the jH
tiresome journey which he had mad'.
the cardinal manifested hte enjoyment
of the occasion throughout thc evening,
and whenever a suggestion was made
that he retire becaure of weariness
ho insisted that he wished to remain
u until the entire programme had been
carried out, and he had met the throng
that came to greet him,
-Escorted by Troops.
Kscortcd by the Twentieth lnfanti:. jH
thc Knights cf Columbus, rcprcscnta
tives of llio Young Ladled Sodality of
St. "Mary's cathedral ami prominent Catb
olles of thc city. Caviliual l'arlcy went
from the Could depot to the Hotel Utah
vbere hu was given tlie famous presl
dential suite to occupy during his 3ta -here.
With him wore the' following
inninincni eastern prelalc?: H
Monsignor .Michael .r. Lavclle, vicar
general of tbo aichdioccse of New York:
Monsignor James V. Lewis, secretary to jH
thc Caidinal: .Monsignor McGcati. pastor H
of, .St. Peter's church. New Torlc cltv.
Right Rev. Edmund Dunne, bishop of
Peoria, III., and thc Rev. I'nthcr Luke
.1. Kvcru. pastor of St. Andrew's church. H
Crowds Sec Parade.
The line or march, on ICast Third 'South
from the depot to .Main street and then
north to the Motel Utah, was' lined bv 1
a thrum; eager to catch a glimpse, of the H
Beaidci? the band from the fort. Hold's H
baud whs at the head of thc Knights or H
Columbus delegation.. A .s-(ual from the B
local police force, led by Inspector Carl- H
son. FliL Sergeant Kmil .Johnson and H
Sergcuut Ren tfgfua. heiidcd the pa- H
rade, Cardinal Karloy.. the mrmbcra of 1
his party and the. local reception emn- H
mlitco brought up the rear In automo- H
Guest at Banquet.
Arriving at thc hotel tho cardinal w.i" H
the kucsi of honor at a banquet ten- H
dercd him by promlnonl Catholics or th H
city, and attended by Mayor i'nrk. Ctdcf H
.IiiHtlce Kilck or the supreme court an I jH
other welt huown civilians and clergy- H
The liamiuct, served on a table H
beautifully decorated with Inimcnne bou- H
iucts of cbrysautheniums and "batehc- H
lorfi" buttons" andsirQWn with smilax. H
ferns and white (1o'orK, way held In the H
private dining room on thc muAAtiiiiuc
At the bampiol Cardinal Karloy was H
seated at tb" head or the long ow.l H
(Contimied on rage Two.)v

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