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(SSTi -Tsi) rigS ' fs5?
0FSsjeR-tN,D5H6JC TvVAT.JeATNES.TTO M'S BfcSg.,Nj 5 WECK . p" 0Rf CE.- MAKE"
REM5 HER WTTLET , . POUlA& TO fCMO ' OO-WHfcr A (rA L.L- AGAJ VST TH5 zs vqmBJ VNlTHOl" ... (TS S
Cheaper Class of Horses Furnishes -the Conten
tion, but Close and Interesting Finishes
' Feature the Day.
I1 CARD composed of slN race.', with
I f the cheaper class of horses fur-
ZJa nlshing the contention, was iho
J. JL magnet which drew a fair-sized
crowd to Iho Lngoon nice track
yesterday. Although t lie equina aristo
crats did not perform, the more humble
mmm ra?rs pm up interesting contests and tho
spectators were satisfied with the results
wM of the day's sport.
vm Favorites won half the card, with a
well-playp.il second choice accounting for
another race and tho remaining: two so
Ill?: to oul shlers. Tin; longest-priced win
ner of tho dav was- First Star In the
fifth save. S to 1 bolus quoted against
his chances.
Morses which have started twice at the
meeting without being placed "made up the
Held for the llrst i-iee, a dash over the
futurity course. Zlnkand. held at even
money In the betting, proved much the
best of tin? mediocre lot, picking np the
leaders in the stretch to win easily by
three lengths. Dorian Prince sot the pace
and lasted it out for .second money. Anna
Schneider was close up all the way and
had no contention for the show. Dahl
gron. well played because of Nicol bav
ins tin- mount, .showed an aversion to the
soft going and wa.s unplaced.
The conditions of the second raco called i
for horses which have not won twice
since August 1. The talent was divided
among Thistle Belle. Lee Harrison II. nnd
Tilllngliasl. with Harrison going to , the
post a slight favorite. The three choices
divided the purse. Thistle Belle winning
fc easily, with Harrison second and Tllllng
' hast third. Abihu. which won recently nt
odOit of iiO to 1. was iln victim of bad
racing luck. Ills rider broke a stirrup
strap and was unable to give the horse
any assistance, hut for which he might
havi! l)cen closer up.
A small held of two-year-olds went to
the barrier in the fourth race. Gasket
was withdrawn, leaving only four to face
iho starter. Auto nun. held at ." to r.
in the betting, won by several lengths,
with .Moller. the longest shot in the race,
second and Safrunor third. Roller closed
stoutly, but. was In tho ivorat going next
to the Inner rail and could not gel up.
First Star, ridden by Mill and quoted
at S to 1. proved himself a superior
mudder when he annexed the fifth race
from the -best field of the afternoon. Tie
was mailed to the front early and held
the others safe at all stages. Mycenae
was close up all the wav and was as
easily second. Miami met with all kinds?
of had luck, being nearly- knocked down
going around the fust turn and then helm.-
sharply cut -ff on the hack stretch,
lu spite of the:-'- misfortunes the Wilson
horse finished th.rd. Discontent closed
very strong. Zo;oaler loomed up threat
eningly on I he liirn for home, but fuded
away in ihe stretch run.
Xon-wlnners since. October 6 were given
an opportunity in the lifth nice to earn
brackets. The public made Elgin an
even money favorite and ho did not
disappoint hip supporters, getting up in
time to win by a length from M'liss TIc
nic The latter appeared a certain win
ner In tho stretch, but her rider lived and
permitted his mount to swrvc hadlv.
Ona:a-sii showed a flash of his old-time
form by closing stoutly hi third place.
Jildgj Sale won the Inst i-ace of the
day. but pulled up quite lame after his
effort. He closed at 6 to 1. Chat-lev
Urown i-ct. the pace and appeared the
winner, but went vildc on the turn Into
the stretch, then bore over to tho InsIrU
ral and wa.s ntopplng badly at the finish,
the winner getting up in the last stride.
I. II. Bced. the even money favorite,
was close, up the entire Jonrnev, but
could nU overtake the leaders.
An attractive card has been arranged
for today and as It Is the. usual "Ladles'
day and the indications are. for im
proved weather, a banner crowd should
bo present.
Latonia Result:;.
Flint r,- six MrloDsn-Ar.lMou. W, (TiiraTl.
'.CnZ'r, ''tr'rn 'V ..J0, W0": 'r"-lblo Pill
f'.C0 A0.1' rad: Chilton King.
"r.rtl.'-.. Tr.?.J,n ncU'- ne B.. I,ro.-lnnr,
oHi.i. Wnrl.l. Woiulcr, Gold Color and Over lh
?nir fllhn run,
-.oiirl rnct. mlle-rinnfrail. 0 (i;ro0. SJ- It.
3jt0 .at H.M. ton; rrinrc Hcrmlx. 105 (Ut-
Jici). ir.Zfi. ihlr.1. Time. 1:40 l-E rit"nnl
Tr..ph. M.yir. rotioirnj.li, lyjrd nuiu.
Toy an5 C flotilcrp'.'i. ian.
-.Ti1'11, '?!'r- s.,x f"'lotJCii-.Suir;ct. 10D lljotnr),
i.JO. M an.l i;.7(i, rnu: Jlrrriil:. in (Bmx
iiii. t..;o nod I.?P. urou.l: romnionn's Tonrli
33 (fxnollj. Ml. tlih.J. Tim-. 1:1" Tllllr-;
MsUlnuro J II. ptrT. (orfrtpnlr. Kacl.i, l,ut,.i
Qiirril, hirltlpu nrt Milton tl. ulro ran.
I'ourth rA-c. l furlonpr-Urnvr llurlir I-
lO'ioi"). J5 iZ'.Q nn.l ;.T in, Mon: Itojal 'TriJ
:o. ltl.ir.ton-. pi.-. J.'..ro nn.l J7.W. ncooiin-
'Minp-oii. no lUfimi. ?r,.io. ,lIriI T)
1 Something for Noth-
B Kstiinalcs,' Dcsrjrus and I
m Consullnlioii.s given ehoer- I
I fully on all trlass ,-jubs. I
1 Conio on, now; k-t's got ac- J
I Glass. Was. 3200
: J Glazing. 355 S.W.T.
rrcMiiiiptlDi), rMfktr Ilnr. .1. I". Ciowlej, Jim'
n.icj- and iConluiinf also run.
riftli rnr-o, nillo j n.l nevrntj- ranli rouutla.
Hi; (Iiousp). $7.1(1. ;.S0 -iii'l .I0. won: KIIj
Prvson. JO.- (Jlnnrr). Jn.SO nml Jl, dcpoikI: Mcri7
Lid. no (Omul, hhor.- jr.. ililnl. Time, 1:13 n-5.
Ownn. Slcetli, Iinproalon aod ICIwnli nlxo mil
Sixth rare, jnllo nml tlirc-nlxlrcnllin (.-inivln
I'iip". 10.1 ICrniw). S53.fO. JSi.eo ul J3I.J0. Ton;
Jiktrr riorcnip. :: iTrlor), J.IS.JO nnd 515.20.
t-"Coiid; Uffcmli. 112 (Rnxlon). hwv J8.10. Ililnl.
Tlniu, 1:53 r-.'i. UlcU Italcrr, John IaiiiW, Ucjii
tiful. Pliant, The Royal Prince. I'.-og nnd
TJiun-day's laurel Results.
Klral laor, rtvo nnd onc-hulf ruiloncr,.' relllnc
baU'iit, 103 Ofnrtln). 10 to I. won: Hardon o:
Allah. 105 (Sli-.phis). 12 tn 1. socond: Early
Lisht. 10D ((JlM.). ? to 1. third. TIiiip. 1 :0 1.5.
Second rate, five nd on-lMlf fiirliins.
purse Dr. H. l. SvarenRer. 102 lUoilId). 20 i..
J. won: Jack Nnnnally. 30? (McTaRml, t to
J. second: Madnmn. 103 (Srmll). 2 to l. third.
Tlnif. 1:07
Third racr. nl.x turlonp.', srlllns Ivnlirl. lot
fTrahann). to 1. noti; nck nny. it; (Schwa-hi,-:),
i" to 1. sfcoml: noo Queen, 37 (Snvdrr),
i to 1, third. Time, 1:13.
Fourth rare, nillo aa'd onc-elRhth. !-Uik'-I--i-hor;.
I0S (ItufAcll), to 1, won; Rounder. 31
(STartin), 15 to 1. second; The 'Mannccr, 327
(Rynir). 2 to 1. third. Time, r.M A-?,,
Fifth race, inllf. and nrvc.tiir rardu, ellnE
Henry llutchlni-on. Ill (fraehl. l to 1. won;
Anuvil. 1H (Mnitn). S to 1. second; O 'Em,
107 (Ffllthrothcr). t to 1, third. Tlmo, 1H1 2-E.
Sixth i ace. mlp and one-Mxtccnth, aelllnq
CHIT IMrc, 105 (r.utnell), 5 to 2, ron, Dontld
MoDonald. 105 (Small), 3 iv 1. rei-ond: ai
horn. 30S (McTaREart), In 1, third. Time.
IMS 2-3.
Today's Lagoon Entries.
Flrai IUee Five furious. Sclllnr. Three
yea r-olda ami upward.
Index. Wi.; Index. Wt.
M57 Imond . , . . 112! (1 1".) ?alvasr . . ..Itrj
lti; Salnest . ...t031 (liV.) Tho Fnd 103
1S0.1 Clara W 1031 k;; Kn- i;.,ri ...105
frX Alr Slupfkey .103! 1503 Gulene- Gale . .103
101 Hilly Mjer ..1031 I
Evcotid Race Four and one-half furlonRs. Scll-i:iS-
(1132) Tom U 112' 1J3 Dehutnnto . ...102
(HS3) ?Icita 1031 1103 i:i Sahlo ino
(t!Sl) Dells 103 1132 Sen. I.lorrnt" .100
(HG3) Jen. Newman .1031 1102 Rotcnte , 37
ltt'i Velle Foily ..10S . -
Thl ul Race Five and onc-haff furlnogi. Sell
inc. Thrte-year-olds and npu'ard.
Ir'Oj Ix-nur ml 1S0D Dr. Neuftr ..107
1507 Oicuro Ill 1157 Cordis .107
l.".II Ray Ksan ....111 ISll b. Harrison 1I..10S
(1501) Art. Ilyman ..111 1S0I Naifl 105
1510 Xlnkand . .. .10? 1.-.00 Klai; Lir ... 105
H33 Tippy 10?
Fourth Race Five nnd ono-half lurlonES. Sell
ing. Thrcn.yc.ir-nlds and upward.
1US Tern's Trick .1131 U37) Ruttell JIcGllI 33
nr.01) JJaU-H 112l (111?) La Casadora. .. 35
11213) Dr. Dougheity 1001
Tlftli Race One mllr. Sellins. 7hre.jrJr
ulds tnd upnurd.
11?S Oiwald B. ...ml M3 Keep lOTlns .101
(M?0) Fors Gun.rd ..107! 1503 Ttosavalo . .. .ifl
H3fi Volady Jr.' ..10Si 150? Florenco A. .10)
(150S) Mnudadcro . lit'? Marie CorIiIII . ss
Slsth . Rice Flvo farlonpi. Selling. Tlirce-yenr-oldn
nd upvaH.
1002 Alaxle 103 j im Mllcn . .. 03
H3C Duh. MlnMrel 10'i 1313 Mono Mle . 'io;
1511 Ranlhel . 1031 1000 Pretty Soon ..103
1133 Lock-nut 103!
Today's Latonia F.ntries.
Flrt Rate Elevcn-Mstcrntha of a mile. Time
index. Wl Index. wi'
4553 Rill Whalcy .101 f.ni Kins Box ....lc-i
VlRllanl . ...101 I72 T)r. Jar.ksoa . 10
BI72 FIpI . . ......in:, 6212 Uar-or. . .. 1J-
C03S Ceell lor. TJ33 HolbtrR los
7.4S3 Gotd. KumcII .10( fiio The Finder .. 105
CKl Ixifklaiid 1041 12&3 Kid NcIpoh ...10S
Second Rnco Three-quart ra of a mile. Pur"
4157 Orlln Kripp ..11215203 Fljloc Tom ..lOi
r.3 Klcbotirnc . . .1 1-."1 6U0 Pericles . . ..lor.
6212 Al Block 103! 5So The Grxlir . io;
o7,5 i.'rem 103 bl7K Tanrnthla 101
Third Raeo Elercu-Jlxtccntlu; of "a' mile aii
Itk. ! SIS!) Venetian . ...1131 C1S2 Helen Rurnelt 112
65I Dominica . . . 1 10 HQtt Toy Rov .... tp
f.'".'5 r. Arlington .1131 57C7 Melvor ' m
e0C3 Drlfoal 11?I CI73 Tolron D'Or ..112
VZ Orh Smile ..nyj i;i52 Then. Cool: ,.UF
o?5 Senr. Flmperal 1121 C053 HbwIct n5
Fourth Race-.MIIc and thrce-slxtcentht. Handi
cap, i!2l Pwanninot . ..1071 tl Mocfcler ... ioj
S17: Hrlenn f)7i 20 Cnl. HoJIcnvny 101
fl?l Mudnlll 102
Fifth Rare Mllo end one-ntolcofclh. Selllnc
o;d Timence . ..11(I7S Dutch Rock. ...107
67 Jtrrry Id lltj (;i77 Tny Tar 107
C174 Kcath. T)uler .111! 0530 dpt. HraTo '..100
KWO My Fellow . ..107 6113 Huj.ky Lml . . 10"
G243 Wander 1U7 6122 Vmlr ,'k.s
U213 Gn Merchinont 07 rlSI Font .".jo;
Slsth Race Jtllo nnd -venty yard, Scillnc.
6021 Bachelor Girl .I03 8177 Sir Catmhr . in.i
C240 l.l;h!nlnc ,0 .lljjj I oIIpIU
0173 JtcCrcary . . .10.11 305?2 Maid Milllanr. "l6i
Wi lyjjr Dy lOtfl 517! SlKiird . .. 115
',orl!,, " 10::0M Joo Rtcln ...."112
CU, Ptrluch. 1051 5741 Lit. Marehmoni 112
Today's Pimlico Entries.
Flm IUee Elcvcn-slst-inlliK of a mile. Purt
Iflrv. ws I Index. w
r.247 Sm Jaekon .117' 6070 Pamdorlna . ..37!
51-4 Bmia lumbo. HSi KO'.'j Ii Ue 1-,
6031 Acti I3&I21I Tartar m
Rrueii Fell . . 1171
Second Race-Elcvea-jUtc-ntlm of a. mile.
12 lfl3 K-drral 107
kOSJ (.ronvenor . .. 1P CIS Ron. nudley 107
6217 P.4meat . ...Wlmo Flamnurloii . J07
-ll1 .T-l!?. C,rr'rr 102 Ul7 FJylnK Fairy ..107
..m Allllr. 107)5147 Oliver lidce ..107
24a lea Point . . . .Hi, 4755 llukln 10;
Third Rare- TJirre-niMrters if h mile, 8IIar
2I Mr. Spe-8 lCin w:i raniel ni
;"ls.f li"ftn' !0r.':fl? ;.USMne . ....u;i
? ,0Z.' .V'"1 V fhllion Queen .110
"'2 JoeKnlBht ...105) :i0 Tb-. nuty Rody lo
1lfrl P1" : 10S. 0D77 Micr. .Momenta .110
S3')7 HylvmtrH . ..io;
Fourlh Rfu'c-Tno inll-j. SlecplKhaRC.
SJIli 111,",0"T, ,t,VfS- iaM 'ii's Morpheus 147
m IMwrnttr . ...13S02. Gun Cotton ...ip
nrt,ii;. ml son ,Prm. Hampton u-
SSI Dr. Herd ....1411 M3I -Hollo . ... j.n
I.allln niijfet-. Tell Tar- 'ni
ri? n a'' ,.r"f ''JleiK Gilbert . ......Hi
r.Kt ni-jnllna n.-.pi7I Triton !.
Ill llrjndowii . ... 021 27 W.prr i
Y V. Af!nor,"F .ltll Wl .JudKc Walner." Ill
"""F0"" ..IKilSIO Flddlov . ..." i
Slim PrlnrcM mj ,,J
I Plstli Racf Mile ql one-tIxtenth. Purae
i!lrpJ. 35Un73 AinellR JenL,
K2ip Turhlno. ... . . Df. SPJI lt)ken . ...im
''' i'"i i a.ITrcT ... Wl S2I7 Pcnohaeo: . . to-;
il?3 Toikrhlro Floy ?S tn
lnKCTC,lU' K,c,'Tn,cc"lurtcr3, "( a mile. Sell
Geo. R. Partx.lOJl r.S7 .Jtl ncM 10
l fairlpti H . .....Jl ,-17 Han de Pr1r'l n
.? J-- uphurn . 10 . Ton ion .;, ,
SI'I I imllC I 001 Vti 01 I nirltif
Denver Baseball Club
Wants Lon Romney As
InRelder Next Season
Lon Romney. ono of the best football
players In the I'Jocky niountaln confer
ence, and an excellent baseball flayer
h well, has a berth awniling him on the
Oonvor Western leagui. club if he de
cides to play professional baseball. ..fuck
llendrlcky. inn nagcr of tbe Henvfr Irani,
altondeil tho recent football came in Den
ver and exprci:!cl ndmiratlo'n for t)io big
halfliack's play.
"Un'.s just as good a bascb.-iJl play et
as ho Is a football star," some ono iold
Hendricks. "If that's so, T waul hlm,"
declared the man who has led his team
to two straight pennant victories. lie
called on Romney al Iho hotel and of
fered him a tryout with his club, fiom
ney promised to consider the offer if he
decides to play professional baseball.
Itotnney wan wnichl bv Owner I)lek
"ooley of hc Salt Uiku club last r-nrhig
but refused to leave the ranks of the
amateurs Should he lgn a contract
now to play professional hal! next sea
son, ho will bar himself from college ath
letics for the remainder of his term and
on that account will not reach a decis
ion until his graduation.
1 .
m'ontana here for
game with varsity
Cummlngs field was still In poor con
dition last evening, hul Coach Reunion In
sisted on f-ecrct practice and took his
men on the Fort Douglas reservation
where they went through a hard workout
The game with Golden last Saturday wa?
bitterly fought and a of the men re
turned more or less bruised, but have
recovered and last night were In fine trim
They ran all the way (o tho reservation
without slopping for a rest and got -ighl
down to good. speedy practice.
At first Ihe f resides and the varsity
were separated. The biu- hovs practiced
on signals and on the new formai'ons
which they will use in Saturdays gnimi
while tho f resides practiced the" Roulder
formations. After l hree-u.ua rtevs n an
hour of this work the two teiima g.t' to
gether for some real scrimmage The
freshmen tried Boulder style on both k
fen?e and offonsc. They have the or-;
fenso down well and managed to worry
tho varsity men considerably. Thev were
Inferior in strength and condition though
and soon tho Ftouldcr plays began o
crumble before the smashing of the var
sity line.
On defeniso ihe freshmen, using the
Boulder formations, were unable 10 stop
the fierce attack of Captain Gardner and
his gang and the varsity roughed the un
derclassmen severely.
The Montana team arrived in Pnlt Lake
yesterday afternoon from Logan. Thev
held a brief practice at Korl Douslas ven
terday and will prabably have "a short
workout on the Fort Douglas reservation
or on Cummlngs field today. Tho:ft who
came were Denhert. McCarty. Bnshaw,
Hunt, Dornblaser (captain). Craighead,
Hoel. Anderson. Day. Forbes. Dames.
Klobc. Strict, Kelly, Stone, Galuu Ronan.
Owsley, Deschamps, Wcldniaii, Shaw and
Coach Richardson's last bunch of high
school players leave at. ,S o'clock this
morning over the O. S. L. for Boise,
I Idaho, where on Saturday thev meet Up
Bolae high school in what promises to
oe the hardest game of the year. Al
thouali the Boise papers have' nubl.shcd
statements regarding injury received by
stars or that team, the coaches of the In
dians are prone to believe, these to be
purely "bear" stories intended to instill
the Indians with over confidence. In the
eligibility list forwarded to Coach Rich
ardson somn days ago are the names of
several of last year's plovers who starred
for Ihe Idaho team. Twelve of last yenr's
squad are back in harness. Thev arc
Ilar.olton, Mays, II. Brown, V. Brown,
Johnston. Gerloiigh. G. Nelson. Robinson.
Noursc. Carley, Disney nnd Tlngley. Be
sides these arc-twenty new men and as
the old men wcro all on the first lea in
ln3t season the northern crew should be
The Bed and Black men were given a
fine sendoff yeslcnlay by the siudenl
body, when an assembly lasting nearly two
hours was held. The plnyers said thnv
realized that they were facing the hard
est game of tho year, but they hoped m
"bring" lining Iho bacon." There, was a
great deal of cheering and songs.
Tho boys who will make the trip are
Oleson. Ward, Tircckon. 12. Wilson. .1. Wll.
son. Goodrich. .lesson. Kllpatrlck. N'avlor
Kdholm. .ludd, Gaboon, Teales, Manager
McOurdy and Coarh Ttlchardson.
t Any suit, or over-
coal 111 this More 1 m
nnd . ;i Ion (lull.-ir j y j
bill Joi- lTj. Tlu- I I I
"Hand V;iy' 1 e
tS.j.OO worl.lt g Hi
oT .suit Tor tj) 1 i
Wolgasl Not Pcrmillcd to
Dictate Choice for Third
Man in Ring-.
By International TCcws Service.
XKW OHLI2ANS, Oct. SI. 13d W.
SiulUi of Chicago was chosen late to
nlghi to officiate an the third mini in
Ihe ring when Ad Wolganl. tho light
weight champion, and .loo .landol.his
southern rival for the honor, square off
for their ten-round, no-dedslon contest
before .1. .1. Tortorlch's club next Mon
day night.
Smith wa.s chosen after a long wrangle,
lasting the greater part of three days,
lu which Yo!gat, his manager. Tom
Jones: Mandot. hh manager. Harry Cole
man. Torlork-h and others wcro involved
lu heated, fashion.
Wolgast wanted to dlclatf on Iho
referee question and the south has re
fused to let him. Bather than let slip
the ?1 a.OOO he Is to get for boxlntr thirty
minutes tho champion was finally made to
see his way clear and consent to per
mitting the Chicago man to officiate.
Smith wa.s notified tonight and. probably
will accept. Tic wa.s the referee, of the
lohnson-Flynn light at Las Vegas last
July. ,
Both Mnudoi and Wolgasi wore busv
In their tralnhig quarters loday when
nol involved in the dispute over the
referee. They are both pra.cticallv at
we.lcrht. IS" pounds, so there can be no
hllch on thai score. Wolgast has been
here but a few days, but has been box
ing stcadllv in the north and claims he
will be in fine fettle when he steps out to
meet Ihe French baker boy.
The- betting hero -is nt even monev on
Ihe ncwKoapor decision, as the referee
will not be pennilled to vender a ver
dict. Those backing Mandnl fl-ruro that
the scribes on the local papers will fa
vor Mandot If nossiblc and thev think
that Hie pride of the south ccrtalnlv will
nol get worse than a. draw.
The scat sale is hip and indications
are that a packed arena, will greet Ihe
Official Measurement Neces
! sary to Determine Winner
of Second. Prize.
BERLIN', Ocl. SI. France wins the
Gordon-Bennett international k balloon
trophy regardless of the performances
of the Ducsseldorf and the He dc
France, which have not yet reported.
The first or these has been disqualified
and even should the lie de, Franco sur
pass the record lllghl of the Bicardic Ihe
prize will still be cart led off by' the
Tt Is thought pruh.-i.blc (hat the Ameri
can balluon Undo Sam will get see-md
place, but the exact distances made by
the balloons wll be ascertainable onlv
when their log hooks have been sub
mitted to the Geographical Institute at
Nothing has been heard since Sundav
or the Ducsseldorf. carrying the Am-ricaii
aeronauts. John Walls and A. T. Athe'r
holt. A dispatch was received tonight
from Alfred Lo Blanc, pilot or the French
balloon lie do Franco, annoiiiiulug I hat
he landed near Kalaga, Hussia. lie cov
ered approximately JOOO kilometers' (i" 1 1
miles) and remained in the air forlv-live
Yale Eleven Abandons
Practice In Respect
To Memory of York
XKW ILWIC.V. Conn.. Oi l. HI .Orders
to abandon foothl till nM week wcr
tday Issued at Vale by Captain Spalding
f.nd Head C'i;i'h IPnve. oul of respect
to ton memory of Theodore York. ih
guard who died late last night at the
c'-Ilej:,. infirmary r double piieumonla .
I'ra' iK-o was omit led todav and after
correpoiidenci with Colonel Gate, iVa's
innounie.i jj,itj afternoon that the game
scheduled for Satutday would he can
icllcd. The Yale .fool ball siniHd has nol given
U)i training, allboub II Imh sklDpcd
piacii,,.. and Trainer M.-n-k ha.t outlined
a muddled I mining laMe def and has
advis"d Innsr walks dailv Ml Monday,
when scrimmage will 'be rcnimid.
York's body will remain a I l.lie innrma-i-
until tomorrow, when funeral seiAlces
will In. held in Belleil chapel. His bod'v
will be taken :o his form.-r home in
M".1."''.' .,,,K,tP"l ur t his parents' homo lu
The physicians In attendance upon
ork deny that anv feolhall injiirv cnusod
rcu lenii'telv the pliiiUIUOIlla uhlch oc
casioned his death.
H"ad Coach Howe polnt-d out tonight
thai ork played the entire Yesl Point
game anil thai a bruise or two received
there wan not Huff'.cient Injurv to be
considered terlous.
Decision Is TJuestfijfactory.
PROVIDI.NC-K It. !.. opt. 31. -Alter one of
i io t.r-t flthlhUlnna of 1kixIiik that ha hrrn
--en lime for hoiiip tlmr. Noah llruaao viik
i:ivii Ihe de Ulon over Jim ' Murlutltv In n,0r
firiron. round lioul t lhn niiodo Nlimd Allilr'lc
ilub innlslit. The ile..-liii im vl! iiumuV.
fn'mr1. llir i.iniihei almoM io a man ho-jtliiR
Hie rrfrr-r ji ,a t,c opinion of limrl of 111.
Ilip'ilJir i'iat Ihr vx- rat IIijl ,foHail should
ha c l?en liaudrd via draw
Rube's Stage Partner
Gets Legal Separation
From Irate Husband
N'MV VOIMv. Oct. SI . Blossom Sceley.
the ai-trcss v.-ho Is appearing In vaude
ville with Iiubo Murquard, twlrlcr of the
tJlanis. annoumed today that she and
her husband. Joseph Kane, had entered
Into a separation.
On Tuesday following a quarrel with
Kane over the nltculfons of her hall
player-slace partner. Miss Sceley ob
I allied a summons for her husband to ap
pear lu Jefteison market police court to
day. Shi- charged hlm with threatening
to do her bodily harm. At I hat time
Mat-qua rd appeared in court wilh Hie ac
tress and announced that lie n:id suc
ceeded Kane as her manager. When Iho
case was called before Magistrate O'Con
nor1 today Kane was mi hand, but his
wife did not appear. The magistrate an
nounced that he had received a letter
from Miss Sceley reading:
"I have this day entered Into a legal
sejiiMatlon with my husband. Joseph
Kane, for whom I obtained a summons,
who has agreed nol. to molest niu nor
in any vTny trouble me In the future,
which paper is now in mv possesion.
1 wish to withdraw theVomjilalnl against
him owing to the ruel that wo have
agreed to live apart."
Kane, a small, smooth-shaven, red
faccd young man, said not a word.
By International News Service.
ITHACA X. Y.. Ocl. SI. The Cornell
football team got an unpleasant surprise
from the fast freshmen eleven todav after
they had beaten tho scrubs bv Ihreo
touchdowns. The regulars were pitied
against the freshmen inward" Ihe close of
Ihe practice and the llrsl-y.-ar men made
monkeys out of the vnrsilv until tho
coaches were disgusted and ordered Hie
varsily off the Held.
In half an hour the fre.olunen scored
two touchdowns. Ban- making one by a
llfleen-yard dash through llu- line and
gelling the other after ihe llrst -vein- men
bad looted Ihe varsity by two fine for
ward passes. The regulars mav have been
tired out after their exertions with the
scrubs, but they certainly put up a poor
game against the fast youngsters.
XI3W YORK. Oct. SI. In the little bet
ting that is being don In Wall streei on
Saturday's football game Brlncelon has
been made a 7-lo-lv favorite over Har
vard. A few bets at these odils were
made today, bul most wagers have beeir
at even money. There is very little monev i
staked on the contest.
This Is unusual for a hi? college- same,
bul is accounted for this llnie bv' life fact
that election day Is so near. ' Politics,
although It stepped aside for the
world's series, occupies the center of the
stage just now and refuses to give wav
to football.
OAKLAND. Cal,. Ocl. SI. The Oakland
team, champion of the Pacific Coam Base
ball league, was defeated ." to 1 tod-iv bv
an all-star aggregation of present and
former Coast league plnvers. "Pin--"
Bodle. formerly of San Fnindseo and
now of Ihe Chicago Americans, made -i !
homo run in the first inning. Ma-g-m
and Kruuse of Ihe Philadelphia Athletic
and Halllnun and Burns of ihe St. Louis
Xatlonals. all former Coast leaguers ils.i
played with the all-stars. Score"
... ... It. II TO.
All-Stars 5 - 0
Oakland i jj
n,!,l,I;os lraii.e and Burnsi Malarkey.
Polk. Mltac and Rohrer.
OGDKX. Oct Sl.- Krank McConnlco. a I
bookmakers clerk, known on cverv race!
trad; m the country, died here this morn-
Ing as a resu't of an overdose of Slrvch- I
n ne accidentally administered. McCon
snleo had been taking a. course of th,. ,
drug to improve Ms heart aclion. and III
lst Uiouglu, made a mistake in the qua,,- j
McConnico had been emploved at il,r
Lagoon rye,. rack during t'he nrUpw
"'ling. Officials and bookm i korl
ifji a purse this afternoon and the ! C
will be sent io 101 Paso. Tex. Hi. r' ii I
home of the decedent, for i,,i H'
Twiiiyos of rlicuinalisin. back ache, I
?tiff joints and slioolhi p;iini( ., show I
your kidney an- ot working riizliL.j
Urinary irrcgulyrif.rrs. loss o? :,lccp, '
nervousness, weak back ami sore Kid'!
novs ,. I) die noc'l uf a ool rdialilc!
kiilncy moilicino. Foley Kidney Pis
are ionic, streuutlienin and reslora !
Live. They build up Ihe kidneys amlji
rcmilnte. their action. They will jo lj
you quick relief titnl contain no habit'
forming; drugs. .Sal'.; nml always sure.
.Try tlicin. hJchranim-.Juliuson, Drills. Jj
! (Advertiscineiit.) H
Makes New Record. '
101 ..Ml II A. X. Y.. Ud. SJ. Walter Thn
son. an avllr... vf ?;,, x ,.
eMlahllslred a ,MV Amcr ,a n ondur m I
record, living with ue psenge- "' .
main Ing in Ihe air three hours, lir v-t ne
S'r:uT':'ny'i'ih,'u'l',,'s:- Ai'J-
Thinks Nelson TooFrajl
To Stand Another Fi!
Cincinnati Boxing Cojnmission May Bar pmt
Battler From Ring Engagement. p
CHICAGO, Ocl. Si. One can imagine
the awful howl that will come out
of Hegewlsch when a certain
party reads this, but as long as It
Is news, good boxing news, surely
It must be printed and c.vposed to the
"si cat white, light of publicity." or ho, no
thing like i hat.' Hero's the news.
Oscar Matthew Baitling Nelson, one of
the most renowned Danes since the mel
ancholy Hainiet. Is matched to 'battle
Tommy Gaiy of Chicago Heights at Cin
cinnati on .November II. The match is
closed all right and Ihe Battler thinks
it Is corning off. But It may not. And
for ibis reason: Somebody has Informed
the boxing commission" of I he town
where Joe Tinker hopes to shine as a
baseball manager that Battling Xtdsou
h:.8 long since passed his heyday, that It
Is dangerous to let hlm pass time In Iho
roped arena, any more because a hard
wallop to a vital spot may do hlm serious
Can yon Imagine the explosion when
this get to Hegewlsch? The battered Bal
tler thinks he is still the great and only
lightweight. He wants to mingle with
such warriors ns Pa.ckey McFarland.
Adolph Wolgast, Matty Baldwin. Willie
Ritchie. Joe Mandot and other noted ring
performers. He figures he still has lu his
system a fight like he dished up against
Joe Cans one hot afternoon out at Gold-j
field. So. It s a certainly he will not take
kindle to the attitude of the Cincinnati 1
boxing body.
William Phelan, who presides over Ihe
commission In Bcdland. was lu town to
night and sorrowfully admitted that tint
august body, which possesses n title, sim
ilar to that of another august body, the
national baseball commission. Is to s.t in
solemn conclave and decide whether Bat
tling Nelson, a lad who at one I line was
abb; to fight and right well all day and
night. Is nol a nt person, physically, lo
pern, 11 lo show his ring ability In Cin
cinnati town. Said Phelan:
The members of the Cincinnati
boxirr-- commisMnn ,, ,,.. TBi!!
Also wr rclize ,hal h;ZnTMS&
card But Nel-oa ,
rough and r.iascl r ii 'M
the sood old ,Mjs and ,m. Wa-( c
fear something may WFPan,5
a hard la-big i (lUn ,," T
Ihe Lane is WitrrnJ nm ttWT
in sjnie places ,,.,. riMU.i
bid. AHU,MwHliSH
that some men conM nut hrS"11
under. In ..the,- Wuri)j , iiW
good pugilistic rink wliwiaDbjHfttH
hint may cnl the game Iii owtW'rl
Xi-lspn Is (raveling the i3rj jKlA 1
this fall, lie lost a chance lorviP!i
Baldwin In Bos I on the- other
various reasons and on top of QZ
the scandalous (from a liclxW1
point) piece of Infonaiion f'-tt.
Dear" reader, if ymi nit.
named Nelson on tiip ?ircci, jX
him you l.hink the Plni'tninti (Stfe'l
rlgiit unless y ni are curninr Ml h1
bar and have h rpadv to snlns.TtMf? "
P.i' hard Klegln of Nw VwkfrlBS Ji
represeniing LIi ljliic cluh TliWla
to stage chanipiunciilj) huuis in iSJHL
rlum gardens of Mo.-jcuh, RaiiE,
Itnssiaii govcrnineiit or uffluilijjSStl'r;
have taken the lian off Hi ?l?nEr
sn'conllng to Kleg-.n. anJ thcJliC
nioters want some or I lie tMUtP
flghlers for a series of fivm tlB a
ter. Ktegiu Is the 'man tfrtBtf
D:ivp Smith to th'y i ounliy aifilml,
been identified with the hosIrtiaKt
would like to get flporgp IC O. Ffc-i .
McGimrty over tllC'c, nl riBl
1'" ai land. Ad Yugast ainl otlwiKZ
George Knockout Brown hu HBit
Pittsburg, where he nutts Uxtpn
Saturday night. Brown is iitifv. I
of work now. lP' H
Harvard and Princeton Put j
Finishing Touch on TrainK
pitlNCIOTON. X. J . Oct. SI. "The
sooner iho bctte;" i" tho sentiment
in regxrd to the Harvard game in I'rlnec
ton circles today. The lat practice be
fore the fateful game at Cambridge v-as
held on I'nlvcrslly field this afternoon
land found every man in the best or
physical trim and in every way prepared
.for the fight with the Crimson on Sat
urday. Ke.enc I'lUpatrlck Is deservedly
proud of ids work hut would not let his
men he overworked bv anv scrimmage
today, so the coaches Jon fined their drill
to about iwo hours of light work.
The final touching up was dune bv
several of the most famous of ihe grad
uate couches, nildt-hrand took charge
or the tackles. Tom YlKon the guards,
Ball I el Ihe riitery. Treiu-hard and Davis
the ends and Cunningham and Johnny
Poo the hacks. I'oc came all the way
from Nevada io see the team work out
before Sa in, day's game.
The team will leave for Cambridge
tomorrow morning Thev will spentf Sat
urday nighl in New York and on Sun
day they will proceed to Atlantic, citv
for a tw,. days' rest before beginning
lo iiaiu for the Yule game on Novem
ber 1C.
Jim Stewart Defeated by Davis.
ni'l'KAU). N V . O-t. .-.!.-(. rorso (One
fionodi .tu of mnTnio dcouivci- defeated Jin
Sicnjt of ork in n i.i-l.eiiulcd ten -,-0111111
I'Oiil lie-p innllu TIib j-pfpirn MtopKd the bout
111 Die Kpvr.nili toniid. after Slow.iri had twlpo
t.i?u tho count StovMrl ivcigla-d 05 and I)a
vl.i lSji , poti mis
CAMBRIDGK. -Alnss.. Ocl. UTrr
vard was gl-en her fnnl h"Wfc I
today in piepaiaiioii for the Bjt
contest. The vd llv vjs leaBllir'
ag.i'i.st an clc- en coifiiojtl rtBJ
coaches and v.a- JicM tcota:
.went.1 -minute ?j.imflu?c Pajfasi
rush line was made up of h'imlfc:.
Charlcy Haim::. Ff'-'l ,!unUlf-Z
Fisher and Gil V. jv ne iItli tSHf,' "
glesworih a: qu.irPrbai'lf. K-.,
Tho mui-li-vnuiul ittacka I
for Princetoii's-tllrt-ifi'fort.
terialise and the graduiites tnrrJJJJJr, J
of the Crimson p t pluyg bscK.'
The Bed J, however, pot iUi-j
or IhrceNjmoH for 0 tuucWo".Jl
bo stoppcdNiU the nvc :it-nve IfW'.9 I
CapUn In Wtttcll i rcMlny ?
iir.dax's ntiK. 'M
CoinpaVlsofis .eip.'it 'nfrMf!
wclghU o'f the Ilarw.'-il
eleven shows Hint On1
have about four poaiititrer JJJJJ, .
their Tiger rivals'. The lOval 'fTB,
ages 177 pounds' siilC
Kviilcwich Wias at BDB-
rillfW.O Ort 31 -Thr Cnt ,s5JRj
annual ll"c ciuliloa tutllarJ hr- IM, ;
wjs plaT-l tonlsnl Kn!"'3K L.
capo T.on from ClurlM lEsSX
I Overcoats jl
g VVeMl be here till Saturday night. M
I Specials in Furnishing Goods and HakH
I Alford Bros. Co.fr
1 "Clothes of the Better Sort" 4
I 15 West Second South till Saturday

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