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irnor Wilson Replies lo
wpf His Opponents Thai
fcperity Would Be Af
"l(ed by His Election.
ipon Makes Fun of the
Iguage Used by Demo
JjJpc Candidate in De
scribing His Position.
fV YORK, Oct. 31. It was Wil
rl Ison night in New York tonipht,
'tho Democratic nominee for the
051013' address' up a hie
n Uic Bronx and a tremendous
ting of voters in the Madison
por Wilson early look occasion
V to tbo talk of bis opponents
H Jie prosperity of the countTy
b affected lv bis election. He
Ii to tho bctUnp odds in Wall
ho largely in favor of .Demo
iucccss. This wns what be called
DSivcr in a nutshell.'' showing,
'areil, that tJicre is not the
it' prospect of any check in the
's prosperity. The only way
mBepcritv of the country could be
K he snid, was by the deliberate
of Wall street.
mm gentlemen in Wall street don 'r
bTq 1 on their own destruction,
ftlJKv don't so to their business
iftnufl complaccentr when ihej' ex
k IK delude next, week," was his
111 putting it.
"Zrowd Gathers.
mMp Governor Wilson reached
HIV "' ",0 Bronx, where he
wis first speech of the evening,
crowd hnd gathered. Io was
li demonstration lasting ten min-
AlBat I am fighting for person-
ISlic said, "in that the average
Hi, not kept down aud denied op
ty- What I object to in tho
m of tnc couutrv "is that too
JBi number of persons originate
Snagc the prosperity, aud that ibe
HB: merely got what is left over
ftjhcy arc satisfied. If the gov
ftfW1 f tbc United .States is not
Jjto the fortune- aud hopes of the
Bp iiiun, then it ought not be
Ik W?nc(; to benefit of the mi-
Ur suLH,0siG for example, that I
Hbo elected president of the Unil
1 iPn 'S roae0nil)c by)othc-
I fe-?t shout interrupted the govcr
c ,'cmonsl ration of cheers
BCvcral minute?.
1 m Help.
ilWr050 1 abouhl be elected on the
lIK.Xovoipbtfr and everybody would
Ktlu3 0!l of November, 'Well, he
9 V the job rnnl it is up to him.'
jrmfmV! 'ou IM'Ose would hap-
lnllR0uln,1K' ,iave l 10 8la-v
.wJQb ?n'l back nic up, or there is
JLrffF in '' '''here is uo use putting
.'gotfice unlcas you 're going to help
00m your thinking; unless you are
9 hclp tbein know vour needs.
hR.-31? ""ink the thoughts of a pa-
rlY i H(Icr "l,,sfc kn0v 11,1(1 tbink.
VW ; there in leadership if then: is
Wlo follow?'5
j J!fn.0r Wilsnu wa.s given a big re
1M.!D tljc Bronx. Several times
Vlf'5 epeurli there were prolonged
ration;, of applause.
.'nomjpec motored to Madison
'1K & l'ifkin- up National
WSL ,lhani ''. McCombs at his
. tno purty reached the garden at
;;;.Jst Interests
tvMfc$ at CYcry woman should
"rtMj EC uimattJ'al sufferinp;
'tiijjPtalng safe and proper help
eifc physical ills and nervous
jr lBj'on. occur. When ailments
It. Pfninj come to you rcmcm-'
is one tafe, effective
well-tried remedy
M?Ccjl value to women.
Ji(fJJHm'8 PiHs remove the cause
rf0fl"jerJn&; they clear the system
ti'?.Ef their tonic, helpful action
tfk1. yu of headaches, back-
J ''Ncandnerve rebellion,
atty fc.w doses and know the
( CftHcnow bow Beecham8
(:J"r help your feelings;
A B i 7 lengthen, invigorate
At KLt d,rectl,5n I'h wry box.
tyfm? In 10c. SBa.
, 0:11 o'clock, when a thundering domon-
st ration wa.s begun.
J ( ongrp.nian William .Sulr.er. Demo
cratic candidate for governor, and Con
sressmau Opcar W. Underwood. Demo
cratic leader of the bouse of represent
tativc.i. addressed the meclinj: before
Gocruor Wilsun arrivrd.
Great Demonstration.
The demonstration for Governor Wil
son at the garden lasted for one hour
and three minutes. It began when he
reached the "arden at 0:11 o'clock, and
it wax 10: l l before he could begin his
"No man could fail to be moved by
a demonstration Mich as we have wit
nessed tonight." he said with everv evi
deuce of deep feeling, as he tiually
made hinibelf beard, '.'vet I am the more
thrilled becaii.se I lealize it is a demon
stration for a lausc. and not for a
Starting with the first shouts from
the doorway when Governor Wilson ar
rived by automobile from the Bronx
meeting, the Madison Sijuaro Garden
outburst defied his utmost efforts lo
quell it. The governor's motiou for
quiet brought, onlj renewed cheer?.
f'hants of "Wo want Wilson " shook
the ball and twice when the cheering
had 'slighth subsided it was started
with renewed vigor by 3"oung women
who forced their way "to th" front of
the soakers' .stand and inspired the
crowd to fresh efforts.
Spoke Without Notes.
Governor Wilson spoke cxtomporan-eouslj'-
Tie had spoken but a few min
utes and was-declaring that Ibe Progres
sive party, "wherever it could capture,
the regular Tfopublican. was regular,
and wherever if could not. was irregu
lar,' when a man direct" beneath tbo
speakors' stand shouted:
"Governor, talk about the Baltimore
""rics of "put him out" came from
all parts of tbo hall, and three police
men grabbed the disturber and rushed
him to a doorway. Governor Wilson
leaned over the rail and called to the
"Don't put. nn3'bod3- out," but the
man whs ejected.
"Tt is inconvenient to have more
than one man speak at a time, but this
in a free country," added Governor
Wilson, amid cheers from the crowd.
Mrs. Wilson and her tbreo daughters,
in a box near the speakers' platform,
wore apparently greatlv moved by the
demonstration for tho irovcrnor and ex
changed smiles with him afc bo fried to
obtain order.
Note of Triumph.
"Government is an enterprise of
mankind, not of parties," said Gover
nor Wilson. "As olectiou day ap
proaches, I have a greater and greater
feeling of satisfaction liccausc I know
that tho American people are about to
make ono of tho most vital choices of
their lives. Prom one ocean lo the oth
er, men are becoming awaro that in
less than a week tho common people of
America will come into their own.
1 "I know from the reports coming
from all parts of the country that the
new party has not come from tbo Dem
ocrats. Therefore it must be made up
of thoBo Republicans who are dissatis
fied, with the regular organization aud
its avowed purpose and programme.
"All uiou havo lo do is to realize
t lint the common enterprises of life are
the enterprises of politics; that a man
is not. voting an abstract political creed
but. is voting a programme of justice
and of right when be votes at. the polls.
Now, if 3;ou want that programme, what
are you going to do next Tuesday?"
"Vote for Wilson," interrupted a
voire, and there was great applause.
Wants the Senate.
"f appreciate the compliment," con
tinued the speaker, "but T want, to sa3
this: The one thing that will set re
form forward iu this country is a united
government, and a united government
does uot consist of a president. A unit
ed government consists of a bouso of
representatives, of a prosident and of
something that iu my timo the people
have not vet captured a sennte.
"And it consists of something more.
If vou have a Democratic government
at Washington and do not have a Demo-,
era tic government, iu tbo states. 3'ou
have uo conducting medium b3 which" to
sigual to Washington.
"You have got to have a vital organ
ization of purpose spreading throughout
the Uuitcd States, in order that great
bodies of men may unite together for
f bo great project of emancipation, and
the onl3 possible chance of having a
creat organization after- t ho tlh of
March next is to vote the Democratic
"After next Tucsdnj' we shall know
not what meu are going to proclaim, not
what men are going to profess, but
what men are going to do. God be pit
iful to the man who promises the Amer
ican people what he is not reudy to per
forin. The case is made up; the case is
before the jurv. "
Governor Wilson will leave New York
nt Si'C'O o'clock tomorrow for Rochester,
where he is to address a night meeting.
SYRACUSE. X. T., Oct. 31. At the
close of the first day's journey of Hie
nooscvclt-Johnfon special train which Is
making a three-days' tour of New York,
Governor Johnson tonight addressed a
larse crowd here-
Tho tjovcrnor today took up- Dr. Wil
son's recent Newark address In which
the New Jemey executive stated his po
rtion on the hirlff.
"Many times of late we have com
mented upon the Indoflnltcncs.1? or the
position of Mr. Wilson on the tariff," the
speaker sa,ld, "so night before last at
Newnrk he made Ills position plain.
"Ab reported In the prcsp. he then said
substantially that he would remove the
diseased tlHfiue and permit tho healthy
fiber to remain. "
"Wc now know his exact Intention, be
cause what he Is polng to do.
when and Jiov. ho tins explained
with the name. lucidity as his
.tand on other governpiuntal ques
tion?, when holdty he has announced that
he would pck the weeds' from the porden
and permit the beautiful flowers of op
portunity a healthy growth.
"Wc may now so down the corridors
of tlmi with the dlstlnBulfhcd candidate,
rutrgleally operate as wc Journey with
Minerva and. a.i the tlnifj permits, weed
the. governmental parden. And thus. a.t
laat, we know exactly what he i'x soltic
to do and how hq Is coins to do It.''
After the meeting tonipht the. special
started for Dunkirk.
Governor Johnson's meetings scheduled
for IJtlca and other cities In the Twcnty
Hpventli congressional district wore can-
I celled on account of V'lco President Sher
man's death,
SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Oct. .11. Pu
nerals of . the five, Sistors of Charity,
rrbo sacrificed their livo3 in order to
rencue 100 fhildreii from the burniuc
St- Joseph orphanage, took place today.
8i.tor Marv Koftka Karroll. whose
back was broken wbon sho lumped for
a life net. still live, hut she cunot
recover. Tho death list now stands H
night the live nuns and tbreo found-linCH
Body of Vice President Sher
man Will Lie in State To
day in Oneida County
President Taft and Other
High Officials Will Be Pres
ent to Iay Final Trib-
ute of Respect.
T TTICA, N. V., .Oct. IU. Arrange
J inents for the funeral of Vice
jJ President .lames 8. Sherman
practical- wero completed to
day. The services will be held Satur
day afternoon at 2 o'clock in the after
noon, in tbo First Presbyterian church,
and will be atteuded by President Taft
aud members of bis cabinet. Senators
and representatives foreign diplomats,
and government official?.
Tt wa.s at first announced that the
obsequies would bo hold in Christ
church, 0f which Mr. Sherman wa.s a
member, hut as this edifice scats onlv
about 700 persons, the plana were
changed when the Kcv. "Ralph W.
Brokaw offered the use of the Presby
terian church, which has a seating ca
pacity of more than 3000. The Jiov.
Louis If. Holden, Mr. Sherman's pastor,
will eoudnct tbo funernl services, as
sisted by the Be v. f. W. Strykcr, presi
dent of Hamilton college, and the Kcv.
Dr. Broknw, pastor of the Presbyterian
church. Au hour before the "church
services there will be a private service
for members of the family at the Sher
man residence.
Body to Lie in State.
The body of the vice president will
lie in"stato from :$ p. m. to 9 p. m. to
morrow in the rotunda of the county
building. With nn escort of citizens,
representatives of the chamber of com
merce and other organizations with
which Mr. ShGrinan was idontificd, the
bod3' will bo taken from the Sherman
home tomorrow afternoon and conveyed
to tbo county building. The local mili
tary companies will furnish a guard of
honor wbilo the body is lyine in state.
At 9 o'clock a cortege will form and
the body will be returned to the Sher
man home. The county building and
many other buildings here have been
draped iu emblems of mourning and
flags. Business practically wUl be
suspended during the funeral services.
At the close of tho funeral services
the body will bo taken to Forest Hill
cemetery, whore it will bo placed on
the beautiful Babcock masoleum, which
was completed but recently and whero
Mrs. Sherman 's mother rests.
Profusion of Flowers.
Flowers in profusion are in the tooiu
where the body lies, and there has been
au almost uninterrupted procession of
messengers to tho bouso during the day
bearing messages of sympathy to
mombers of tnc bereaved household
from every quarter of the country and
from abroad.
Mrs. Sherman is bearing her loss
with fortitude. Before he died Mr,
Sherman had entrusted to his wife a
list of those he wished to act as
honorary pall-bearers. Tbo active
bearers 'will bo selected from the em
ployees of the Utica Trust and Deposit
compnuy, of which Mr. Sherman was
Political activity here ceased with
the death of the vice president. Meet
ings which bad boon scheduled have
been abandoned by all parties.
WASHINGTON", Oct 31. President
Taft arranged to leave tomorrow after
noon at -1:30 o'clock for Utlca to attend
the funeral of Vlee President Sherman
Saturday. Me will -bn accompanied by
Ills military aide. Major Rhoades.
According1 to the pi-escnt plans, the
president will not return to Washington
njoln until after the election. He ex
pects to go from Utlca jo New York ami
after spendlnK Sunday depart for Cin
cinnati to vote on election daj.
Shortly after noon President Taft
signed a foi'mal proclamation announcing
the vice president's death. Tt follows:
"To the people of the United States:
"JamcH Schoolcraft Sherman, vice
president of the United States, died at
his homo In Utlca, JC. Y at. 9:42 o'clock
on the evening- of October 'JO. 1012. In
his d co tli the nation has lost one of Its
most Illustrious citizens and one of Ua
most efficient and faithful aervanta.
Eloctcd at an early age to the mayor
ship of his native city, the continued
confidence of his community was shown
by his election for ten terms as a rep
resentative In the national congress. A
a legislator ho at ouce took and retained
high rank and displayed such attributes
of upright and wide statesmanship us
to command him to tho people of the
United Stales for the second highest of
fice within their gift.
"As, priding officer of the .senate he
won the reHpeet and eat corn of all for his
fairness and Impartiality. Ills prlvutc
t-i was noble and roocI. His genial dis
position and nttnicllvcpcpy of diameter
endeared lilm to tlt whose privilege It
was lo know him." His devotion to Ui
bct Interest? of his native land will en
dear his memory to his fellow country
men. "In respect to his momory nnd the
eminent and vnrlous services of this high
official and patriotic public nerval) t, I
direct that on thu day of thr funeral the
executive office of the Unlliid. State?
shall t(c closed and all pot and Stallone
of tin army and navy shall dlhplay the
national flac at half mast, and that the
representative of the United States In
foreign countries shall piiy appropriate
A. J. Bailey, a R. Tt. engineer,
Batesville, Ark,, pays: "I suffered with
kidnev nnd blnddor trouble so bad I
was unable to work. T had Mich severe
paius in my bnek 1 could hardly got
up. I tried several physicians with no
result, but Kolev 'a Kiduoj Pills hae
done wonders for inc. 1 recommend
them to all.' Sihramm-.lobnou,
Pnm. ( Vh ertinMiient )
I tribute to the dlytrloua dead for a
period of thirty day 2.
"In nllnw.!- wln'feof 1 havo hereunto
ifct my hand and t-:iiicd Ihs eal of iti
l.'nttoJ Kin l ps tp bo affixed.
"Done ot the city of Washington thl
thirty-ilis. duv of October, In tln year
of our I.c-rd one thousand nlno hundred
and twolvp. arid of thu Independence of
tho Unite 1 Stat-8 the oiij liondrud and
thlitv-jiftventh. ,
"Uy the provident:
! "Acting Soorrlnry of State."
NEW VOHK. Oct. 31. Thr H0-tlon ff i
a xu-:Hior to N'lro President ShiMinan,
as tho I'rpiihllrnn candidate to so liefon
the electoral collos hi January w.jj th'
Silbjoi-t of Itifni :n;tl (llxctisloii todHJ'l
xiuonc; ni'.-inhers of tho Republican tin-,
tlonal committer-' now n New Vork. Cov
entor Herbert S. Hadicy of .Miiwoml hsi.
been advanced as thy cholo? of Mcvcr.il
mmibft-s of the committee, but no ff rt
has been mado as yet to settle on a -.tii-dldate.
The fact that Chairman Hlllrs ha de
layed the meeting of the nsitlonal com
mittee until November 11". will, It Is br
lieved. prevent any general agreement
upon the vice prcddontlnl candidate i.n
til after the rcaults of the election .ire
Should Taft and the Republican elec
tor? lie smcecssfnl. or should the cle Mor
be thrown into concresf by the failure
of any candidate to .-eciire a m.ijoiiiy. It
Is believed tile pressure would bneoiw
NtroiiKrr upon tb national committee to
name Governor Hartley, Senator rtm-ali. ,
Senator f.'ummin.s or some other man who I
ban been prominentia identified In the
progressive movement, but who did not
jolii the new Progressive, party.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Conway
Arrested in Connection
With Murder.
, '
LIMA, O.. Oct. 31. Two' dctecti. e
from Chicago, who arrived here today to
take, cliarce of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Conway, who wero arrested here today in
connection with the murder of Sophia l.
Singer in a Chicago rooming house Mon
day ldght, decided to defer their depar
ture to that city until tomorrow.
This decision was reached after hear
ing a long statement from Mrs. Conway,
who recited In detail their actions on the
night of the murder and their movements
thereafter. She declared that Miss Singer
had told her she wa.s tired of her llancc,
William Wort hen, and was to meet a
man whom Mrs. Conway believed to be
Claude Stlllman.
She said Miss Singer exhibited to Mr.
Conway an iron door knob wrapped up
I In a handkerchief and said she would get
the man whom sho was to meet In a
lonely place and wanted Conway to hit
him with it so that she could "get IiIf
roll." This. Mrs. Conway said, her Iiuh
band declined to do, and they left Chi
cago that night and did not hear of tho
murder until later-
Mrs. Conway's statement in part fol
lows: "The last Mr. Conway and J saw of
Sophia Singer Was -"aboutr iTjTiJO o'clock
Monday night. Wc were preparing to
IJPlil Pfess BetterPay Less 1 I
I I j W a Month if' li'l II
H ' (I 1 i IIP' anc choose from the S ffij mM 1
If '' "National's" . magnifi- I jSJ M H
H ' lJ$0l cent stock of up-to-date fJBl. HB 3
i Wf wearing apparel for men jjSft 'iilllJiU H 1
M and women. jm llllitfV m I
' ' tidlWJaBB J&fy jj
New Business District cfl!fmff!mS ' New Biislneal Dlitrlct
;I 216 State St. w jffmK&ffiffMMSr 256 State St. I
leuvc Chleaco. She had given us ?35
and two suits of clothes for my Iiuh
band. "Worthen had left early In the even
ing. MIhk Singer, who was living with
him as his wife, came In the house about
S o'clock.
" 'Oh.' she said. 'I met the swellost
fellow named Stlllniau. He Is rather
elderly and has lots of diamonds. I am
to meet him after 10:30 and we are go
ing to a chop suey place."
"Miss Singer asked Conway to go out
with her when she went to meet Stlll
man. She showed him an l.rou door knob
covered with one of Worthcn's handkerchiefs.
" 'I'll got him up an alley or some
place,' she said, 'and you tap him with
this. We will get his roll.'
"My husband refused. She wanted me
to go out with her, but Conway wouldn't
let me and I didn't want to go anyway.
She was angered nt us because wc would
not go.
"We left Sophia about 11 o'clock. We
had been quarreling a little, but she wus
of changeable moods and I kissed her
"Wo look a street ear to the Inlor
urban station and left for Hammond,
Ind. I think wc got there about. 1
o'clock We slaved all night In a hotel
there and then went to Rochester, Ipd.
The first I knew about the mirJci v.u
Tuesday e enlng while we sc'"e at Hoc Ji-
Mrs. Conway explained that the J '-
hadAieun given to her husband by Sop, i Wm
Singer because thev wero entirely out
funds aud Miss Singer was itnxluus to rmWm)
rid of the actor :ud his wife.
1 Snow in Kansas. jH
KANSAS CITV. Oct. 31. The Urnt s" i jH
of tho sirason foil cjyer northern Kai "
and western Missouri today. Reports jH
snow In onstom Nebraska and u-'i-ri
South Dakota were alfo received here. jjH
C leaned I fR Cleaned I
We will CLEAN FREE, one jiL tl We will CLEAN FREE
i ' i j lwVI'sDRl of charge a necktie for
pair or gloves ror every lady WOK taP mxstmW M MMM
j i W&mMk SI every gentleman attend-
attending our grand open- i8Pi 8& M .
c.j r, i 1 3wks mWm ing our Grand Opening,
ing paturday arternoon and ImJi fe- -Jl & j
f tvt i o gjgr mn Saturday afternoon and
evening, INovember 4. m y J
p f evening, November 2.
AW ITWVIT AlPl'ftltf ferent machines in operation. Hereto-
Jr1 jax v jsl m. jl JLrxis fore cleaning and dyeing companies
The Meyers Cleaning- and Dyeing Co. have' excluded the public from the
I extend to the public of this city an in- ' workrooms of their establishments, but
vitation ,to attend the Grand Opening for the first time in this city this com
of their plant Saturday, November 2d, pany will conduct you through, ex-
! the most modern and up-to-date clean- plaining every detail of the process used
! ing and dyeing establishment in the in cleaning and dyeing clothes. You will
! west. be amply repaid for the time spent in-
; The visitor will be shown through the specting this modern 20th century es-
entire plant, will be shown all the dif- tablishmcnt.
To the Ladies Don't Forget Your Gloves. To the Gentlemen Bring Your Neckties.
I I Meyers Cleaning & Dyeing CoM&gZ I
i -t- I BH

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