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fcfi fjfljr Halt jfakr Sffibtmf. I
fc Pasha Sends Re-;
mlo Constantinople,
ming to H a v el
mptd Advance of j
mrians; Battle Still!
Eg; Sofia Advicesj
mdo Boat Sneaks
Kthe Forts at Sal
;li Bay and Delivers
Bh Stroke to Vessel;
BEqrope Disturbed
r Possible Outcome
jf TANTrNOrLE, Nov. 1.
wj Wk? it was Btatcd that fight
f Kjuen suspended by the Tur-
g Bi Bulgarian armies, the men
KisidCA suffering from fatlsue
Hta battle that had been in ' j
Hi cohtinitonFly for four days. J
BON, Sov, 1. The perplexity
Jrttig fioin the poljc.v of the
Tvcruinents engaged hi war in
iMftbeastcrn lihuope iu totally
)BL newspaper ctynpoiidblfy
'Hjd t fin 11 ecr tonight,
BjRordiiiurv tcriob of Iispu;-)ics
JP..Rini l':ftli, the Turkish oom
fj H-cbict'. claiming, that the
J mBmv 119,1 l'(';,nii,',,,i IWinnr;
P wa,s 3t'" holding, its oivij
tho liul2iiri:iu advance, was
i Constantinople today.-j.-Rliyonro
ot independent testi
B'cver, arious assumptions nsj
Rcunicv of these telegrams art; I
lia; l?Q belated dispatches, re- j
.Marlv stage of the stYugglc,
..Knioro representations Tor the
,mf. the Tnrltihli population. Ou
'"baiii, thev may meun Hint
Aria" ictorv was not eom
ifRfi' rcpoite.l by ofin, or
I B 1,ino iv-,ou.s ol' Turkish
f :BjP Teports of vterdny v!tjd
i bordered to the Turkish ccu-
Buard Actions.
I cueral H51 lenient
'-"Turkish forces were rctrcal
IBhtrldjH. fighting rear guard
o detail-, 0f the battle were j
V ofin today, but
of five thousaud wounded !
oufUuthinpk tolls it own t
JR; 'nsiiinjirv character of
M1"' I;'Mtc ltiniihtiv ro-
V tho Turkish side, it h not
M-hcro that the Turkish arinv
-7WTC itself.
iJationa ironi Sofia arc that
PHI ar( dotcrmiucd to dietato
loacc frooi ..'oiii,taiitjuoplo.
0 construction placed ou an
jrm tho official newspapor.
!whed at Sofia, and in other
inutious that tho Bul-ariaiis
JTl t- .1,c " 'onPtanti.
"novibinrtUi,2,,,'J W1'ct!cr thia
ffi ,i P "Po the
h frb'' c'l.i fortified
ifloni "c:,.r,v :i eciitiirv have
Jjii-h tfan ('urks would daro
xpel them,
f Mediation.
lKteVl,"Ss,in tl,clr
M K Sbc iT'Uiaut ex
?VSt. ,i,v at ;ja!o"iki
TTMrpii.od ;1'ro, Adrian
rmtut ii Vi dS?'t, continuous
'Wl to R warhu,H arrived
f of: sinking
ijgMtlnued on Page Two.)
& & di
, , Bulgarian Infantry Crouching- for Rush on Enemy.
j Bulgarian Bayonet' Charges
j Delivered With Great-Fury
! on Bewildered Foe."
j . ' '
VIENNA. Nov. 2. Thc Rclchspost
llile morning prints a ptory arn'l
by Its correspondent with the
Bulgarian army, Lieutenant Wag
oner. -It Is dated from the Dul
sarlan bcudquarteiH Thursday .-.venln?
and jjnys:
'I have Just returned wltli a tmln of
wounded uftr IiavIii? spoiu t,l)i-ee tj.ji.vs at
thr front. I'or three days andintht :l
hao not boon out of my clothes. My
poor hoive could not move unothor step
horai-Ho of rtsliauKtion. Tho preal ami
final battle-fitLorcfl the - decisive phaap
Thiuvday mornins 1umi the JiiiUarlan
lu'l wing at L:urnavhjtar took-: the ofr
.'iJvc with irtlplity lijijictiio.'
ljliansuriumphf" ''
"Tli1 prfliule lo the final crash of arms
Tvan ;i niurdorou.M openlupr ensftyemcnt
which ltit Mon'df.y resulted cry favor?
biy for tho Laila:ian, capueinhy on the
rlht win? at lml Hursas.
"On the left v.lnp wliens the l!ularian
offensive started the Turk. b Making
the offenlvf from licral by way or Visa
against the Unitarian left winp. had at
tempted to meet the danger thrcatvninu
; their , lino, of retreat owln? to the r.til
rriun oJvnuce by way of Serai to Cha
i tnl'Jja. The Turks also had auocceded In
drhlns back the advance body i of Uul
j arlanK beyond Karnsedcras and Duruar-
Turks Run Down.
"Turjtduy . mnrnitnr v. hen the mighty'
Lbiiil.ti counter attack was delivered
auIiiHt the xl?bt wins from a line run
ning from t.Vknp to HadJU'akll and the
hf'lshts of -MonislIrdaRh, the Turks, al
though their front ranks were fairly run
down, succeeded In xutalnln.q thc fight
by continually bringing; up reservca.
"Itit tor i"oro,st llshtlnrr rayed throughout
the day. during which thc 'Turkish main
body lay. degenerated into . HmsclcH
niasHc.s without consistency or power of
IftKhtinK. ..
Big Guns Crush Turk.
'At the .same time the urarlati 'right
1'h'Ba uWckcd M he ; TurklHi r po?Il fouHn t
l.ule Ituras .from "ristcr-Uat'it and Venf
' kin. ami di;ovc,thc Tnvks from their, .fov
tllicd posHlotm) on. the Tolandoe. Adjvuli
dore and lCi ken1 - rlv'cr . back on Inilo
Hurgas. , The' 'Dulsarlan . infantry y:ia
Mplsn'dldly ' support cd by artillery, which
: at 'critical' moments succeeded. in hot dint;
down. I lc Turk by an annihilating IJr'e
"SVItii'thfl- help ; or -the' gun's mo5tv'o:
tljf! TtirkLdV positions wore, taken by
bayonet, a-saulte. ?ome of them, lfbw
cver. w(re atoiincd and taken without
aijy picliminary action or artillery sup
port. - . .
Use.;; Bayonet Well.
; Thj ;ihHliof the nulgariun Infanliy
was., unparalleled, .und. like the tactical
achlcveinciits resulting " fro'mT it. 8iir-piis-acd.
nil ?thnt could Abo'. blleveil po.iejj
ble.- Without r the lenta. concision lo
sci-.rplus f(f uiodcni. taclfcM. it applied it
battle nrjiV 'Now. Tor tin: knife.'' to condi
tion;? ofAtrVJafltj ;? (li:ti is- u,' unv. to ita
lactic?. ' -"".",'.
"t'our 'iftilirtred' ff' and atill faitbcr
I from thsj'cneniy'x Itnoj whole regiments
jroiOiho o;ie iiihu and iiurled-thomsclrcs
in one olhl "eburilng ipaia on the onemy
without hultlnsr. sHil .Hrins ;md deHidain
al! covt:f. Their offfecra ivrry powerless
againr.t this burning frensy to set at tho
Turk wUh.-the. kniTe or bayonet. All at
tempts to hold the troops In leash were
fnililcop. One .regiment hurled It3df
on the, oncmy on the mere order of a. .er
Kcant. totaJly disregard Ins lla officers'
ovdeiK to halt and lie down.
Turks Hold Out.
"Tuesday's Jlerce engiise-ionta had re
sulted lucccidfully for thrs Hulgarlans
both at .V.unarhlaar and Lulo Uurgas,
yet they 'had Htruck 110 decisive blo-, for
thes Turlui bad brought up the whole of
thejlr rcHcrvcu and had held their advance
in chick.
"Lr! W'wiin'rdio morning Jttont;
(Continued on Tagc Two.)
killed ay POSSES
Richardson and Backstrum.
Wyoiiiing Desperadoes,
Finally. Run Down.'.
RAWLINS. yo.,' Nov. 1. r:ichard?oi)
and Dackntaim. two of lb convicts who
escaped "from tlic Wyoming penitentiary
hereon October , IS,'- were killed by a
posse laj'U nlsliL ijca.r rowd.;r .Spriiitts. on
the Colorado-Wyoming-Im aerording to
u. tcleplioni niessa'greivld hefv intc
Lm 'noorv JL 3'-.
A--ilcr'y battle KPJ?.. hu
posse, h eiid cd o5Slie rl f f Tci'rill: apt!
I Deputy Shcl-lff O'Gee. finally cornered thf:
I fugitives after a chase of more than two
i welt?. Kurke. a third convict, escaped
and has not been captured. None of the
pow.su was1 shot.
Uichnulson, Backsttnm and Burke,
three of tho moft desperate among the
eight convicts who escaped on October
1". lulling one citizen and stabbing an
other, had remained together in their
niglu through the hills southward toward
Colurado, eluding their puisuera time af
ter time. AH three were armed arid they
atolc rood and ammunition along the way.
Several poises have been constantly on
I heir trail, but they succeeded in keeping
ahead of their pursuers until hint night.
The bodies of thc dead convicts will be
brought to Kawltns. The pursuit of
Burke will be continued.
General .Mario Menocal Is Klcet
''cd President of Cuba hv
Heavy Majority,
.HAVANA. Nov." 1. The election of
Oiiera! .Mario Monocal anil Enrique "Josp ;
Varona. reapcctively; candidate's - for the;
pic!idency-and- bprei-jdcnvy of thc re-
piiblic"onthVV6i7:'Vrvative"tIck'ct. and of i
all itheoijiei;, Candida tea. put fprward. li
the, conservative'.' appears practically as
aurrdi at. midnight, : v '
. general .Manuel Sangnlly. .,secrctai.w of
state.' in leaving the at,ato' departm'ijit latl!
tonight, told thc Associated . ProSH that
wlrije It wo.uld .be. ImposHlble ;fully jto' de
termine the' resuit ""until 'tomorrow, the
trend of." the balloting 'every where! strong
ly Indicated the defeat o f. Alfredo .Zaya.
candidate "of tiie' tiberals for " pro'tidont,
rmdtthe-othcrHron thc libcrat ticket.
v Advices received at conservative bcadr
iiuartors hero' Indicate, that General Meno
cal had ajsttidnlldu Iu his favor.
Special to-Tii Tribune.
LOS ANGKLllS. Nov. K. slater
of Salt Lake 13 In Los-Angeles, i'nventl
sating r-ltcs for'a ?1.300',000. plant, feellne.
out thc nOlronds and- laying plans to
initiate Jn the arlf tocraey of the mellow
"eyed beef, the npcasy bos: and the low
browed woolly sheep. Me i represent
ing, besides capitalists in Arizona. Utah
and Colorado men. and there will be no
question about financing thc project. In
thc opinion of Mr. Slater, the- present
price of beef Is rinitfnod to go atlll
higher. "The l.vt of supply and demand
irt at work." he :ioid.
"It means that the day Is fast re
turning when the amall farmer, the man
with only a few acres, can mine and fd.
stall fevd If ncccBBary. a few bead of cat
tle at a good profit. The big ranges arc !
passln?. and before long tho home-grown
product will be well worth while. Los
Ansclcs is thft logical point for extensive
stock yards, and If our plans mature wi;
plan an invwtmont here In laud. yard,
buildlnxs nnd aeooesorli, including r.
sivat tioisc and lnnlc Dtoikf-t, 1 ,' SLC.oO . .
'ram of wife
Hubert C Lewis Found -Not,
Guilly of- iMurder of 'AArs. -Toliver
al San Dieg-o. .
: : . t ' "
.S.VX' UIKUO. C'al., Xov. '. Hubert:
C. Lewis was found u'br suilt.v of (he
murder of ir.s. Kate Toliver by a jury
in the superior court tonjbt. ' The
jury was btit ton hotirs.
Lewis shot and. iiillcd .Innic JrV Toi
jiycr a ndK Vi.rc'.jJCio Xnlrvcrrj MJti
utoihliyT"'Il drTc-lafcd rwolivw.v!
had' wroiijml li is yon riff wife, nnl in'the
trial just euded Mr?. r4C'.vi5 ynvo testi
mony which undoubtodlv influenced the
jury to render its verdict, of ncrjuit
tal. She swore that after Toliver. who
was well-to-do, had sent, her husband
to ?an Francisco on a btibinosi: mis
sion, she w:u invited to the Toliver
residence one evening and iold by Nr.
Toliver that. Lewis had deserted her.
Alr.. Toliver, accordiiijr lo tho testi
mony, advised her to seek, thc consola
tion of another man, and when she re
sented thia. advice, Toliver appeared
from a closet and attacked her with
the assistance of Mrs. Toliver.
-Mrs.. Lewis testified that Mrs. Toli
ver, explaining her conduct afterward.
said ?hc hud assisted in thc attack to
plncutc her husband, who hc feared
was about to desort her. Mrs. Lewis
said she did not tpll her husbaud of the
attack until he had first received an
inklincr of it through her talkiu in her
sleep. .-Whou she related all the details,
ibc declared,- he became temporarily
YftriouaVnlienists cave conflictin.u tes
timony aj to Lewis's nionta I Uc.
Charles It. Toliver, t'ue'slaiu man, was
bc-M. known in California -as' an iuven
'tor of airships. . A charge' of -murder in
coniicetiou with his death' sTill hangs
over Lewis. ' ' j
Fashionable Ilustelry in: St: Louis ;
Olass'-oi' "Ruins: Several.
' .Guests'; '.Missing. . !
ST. -hOL IS, Nov. 1. -More than; a dozen .
guesls of thft Berlin hotel, au exclusive
family hotel In th- fashionable residence j
ijiuuiet. were seriously injured when tht j
hotel " was destroyed by rtro early thin
morning. Guests fought their way down 5
stairways and jumped from second and
tbbd story windows. - Thoso unirijurtd 5
made their wny to h street .in their
night clothes on the coldcm night of the J
Mtitumn. , ;
Au unidentified pcde.strSa.n, -wa run j
down and prolmWy ftttivlly Injured by a i
tire wagon on lh-i way to ;lie'firc. An-- (
other tire wagon collided with a streol i
cat., three flromn, including a lieutenant.
being tfcrlouFly Injured. S
A 1 'J o'clock this uioinl nr ritemcn were (
still uiiii '.. to poneti-atc the ruins to dls-
cover if any bodies wcr in them. A
number of the guests of the hotel had not )
been accounted for.
Suppression Demauded. S
.MADISON. Wlw Nov. 1. Gowruor
McGovr.i-n was asked today to tuke steps )
officially to suppress Mteraltirc opporcd
:o woman suffrage, which, it Is charged S
by Mrs. Cryktal Benedict of .Milwaukee. (
Is boing circulate! in violation of the cor-
nipt practices inw. It '. charred that
the literature contains tnfsreprcseniallor.n )
of the results of woman suffrage in Colo-
i-.nlo and clsrtwhcre. The sovernor save
nwiirarc that cvloenie of tolatlon (
would mi with proniui ,prof( nUon C,
President Taft Writes Letter
to Denver Man Calling" Al-
tention to Certainly of
Ruin if Wilson Wins.
; Gives History of Beet Sugar j
Industry and Tells How It
Has Been Fostered by
Republican Party.
WASHINGTON. .W,- l..v lcU,
from President faff to Craw
ford MM!. of Deliver, dealing witl:
Issui. of the. campaign, was
made public tonight. It follows:
Kiicouiaghis reports have come to
me in regayd to. the pJlttlca I ..situation
In Colorado. ' I'rom the bcclnnin? ' I
have felt certain' thtl the campaign '
of education which' the Republican
parly is conducting .would bring the
Poopl'e to a clear understanding of
their ovn interest in Republican sue- ,
ce.s this vc.,r. Tlie mon amI wome
of Colorado need the Republican party
to much tliat it would seem almost
unnecessary, to urge them to retain
those economic, policies thai- have
made their state great and prosper
ous. Counts Third Party Out.
( I aiii aur that every man-whoje
judgment is not controlled by I1I3 pre
judice now realizi. ths.t tmVis a cam- '
paign bctw'ce.i Hie Republican and
J rif.mo' i-Allc parties. It U apparent
t' that t lie third party mo client has
not" gained headway as a national
' f6rce and that apain the alternative..
U" pi'bseatcd to -the. Anieii';fii people
either .t'o; supnort.the' Protective p.ol-lCj-or-thVnarty'
In power or to turn
(;.?Yer. IhgoV-erTltrfcn't To'Ui.o.wiroa'rc
'commiitcd 10 repeat the eNpernicfi:
which rctfultott in a commercial ex-
portion whfcndast It w3 Iriid.
' Tho : who live, in a rarified atmo- '
yphf-re luve a wider' rango of vision
than lltose' whose homes are In thc
JowJands. Km the pcopie of Colorado
do not need their va.nta.ge of altitude '
to .ice that Democratic victory means
the striking down of a grcit industry
which .ha been built up In" their
state, tt does not requite a profound
knowledge ot the principles of political
'economy, but only common somte to
so" the placing on thc free ll?t would
spell ruin for those of our fellow citi
zens who are engaged In the "cultiva
tion of thc susi- becl.
- , j
Free Sugar Threatened. .
The Democratic party is committed
to free ugar and if it is successful
at the polls, we may expect as one of
its firM legislative acts the passage
of a bill to admit sugar duty frc at
our ports of entry. Democratic orn
lor.t may talk until their tbi'oats arc
bourse of their, interest In the. Ameri
can farmer, but the fact remains that
in Marc:i of ihis yt-ar tho governing
tariff body of the Democratic party,
the Democratic members of the wnjs
?nd means committee, by. unanlmou?
vote, reported the bill to placo sugar
on. the ftc. list and thl. dill
passed br a Dcmo' ratle house- ;
Our prGsni ( rop of beet sugar eon-
(Continued on Page Four.) I
Ih I
! I I
I r "
Lena 15 vie r. Ag'ed Thirteen.
Suspended for Not Honor
ing National Emblem.
Says Red Banner - Represents
Liberty 'Better Than Stars '
and Stripes.
. . For .rei'usinp: .10 salute the American
11a; as, a part of thc daily class' exercise
in patriot L-tn. Lena Kylcr. acd 13 ycais.
was suspended indefinitely from thc
Tranklin school yesterday by I'Vincipal
Fred "N. Pottltou. Her Mtisitf-n.iou was
concurred iii by Superintendent 'O.'.U:
ChriBtccs.pi'. at tliCi puWi'ehoolj'iVo
said the clnlVcouH.iVotiim
tyjtil e.ctiiiarj;. J-' --"-y ' ,
r1WfnVor'aiii.yj iiuir mTJ'Titric
Miss 12ylcr sHid when it sited why she
had Tcfused to" do whnt till the children
.iu the public schools oj' the city, do caHi
morning. "If I must salute a tlarr it
will' he the red lli'i mi .oeialism because
I rh ink it stands more truly for liberty
andjuttite than the Star-! and Stripe-;. '
Stands by Conviction.
Lena Kvlcr is the dauchtcr of .Mrs. .1.
0. Dunn - .South Seventh West street.
Jler stepfather i;. pvomtnent; in local So
cialist circles and from hint she has ab
sorbed her radical ideas, llcin a de
termined little person." she has carried
her argument lo if? loieal conclusion.
"M'hc child i.s wonderfully bright and
remarkably precocious," -aid Principal
Ponlsou last, nijtlit. ""Whou 1 nsked her
icaou.v for not saluting tho llag she re
j plied with Socialistic arguments that
would have douo credit to a. mature per
son. 1 was very much indisposed to take I
drastic action in her ciise, hut wheu all
other moans failed f was forced to sus
pend her. lc.it her attitude should coun
teract our efforts to tench to other stu
dects patriotism, love of country nud
good citizenship. I had no precedent ou
which to proceed, but no other course
lay open to tne. li now" rest with Su
peritit cntlut 'hnstoiif-on o- the boatd
of education. The child Mill not be al-
(Coutinued ou Page Two.)
( i i
NEW STORIES A new serios of dctcotivc stories begins iu The Trib-
, tine's xnajiaz'tDO section tomorrow. The stories toll of the ' 'Adven
tures of Craig Kennedy, Scientific J)ctec-tive,,J and deal with
methods that make those of Sherlock Holmes look antiquated,-
DOOLET The target for Dooley 's brilliant, saicasm this week is' thc
campaign mjuagor. 'Xavthiu' told butlatigh au? lic.m' couut-
i tb money," says Dooley. describing the campaign -mauagor. i
! GREAT BEAUTY Why it b a disadvantage,' tol'd'-by Miss L'dutiCood- !
rich. The world is cruel to beauty,' sdc declares. Thc hbattty can- J
1 not enjoy berielf as' other women do because she has a. .scusoj of
! always boing on parade. Then there arc many other reasons which ;
1 this famous beauty present-. '
POLITICAL NEWS Tbe Tribune rvill . present to its -readers. a review
of the political conditions k Ihcy'ciiat in-each state practically
ou the eve of tho election. . )
WAR NEWS All the groat, news sources of Europe-are supplying The
Tribune, with tho latest news ot the .proat war 'in Turkey tlTiOjUgh ' S
the medium of thc Asoeia ted Press and tCJntcrDational News .1
Service.- 1 )
POOTBALL Princeton aud Vale mcc't today ou thc gridiron in a S
slrngglciwhich will climiuatc one of these great teams froai tlic (
chaiiip'ion.-hip race. The pick of tbe International Xews Service 5
o.voerts will report "this great game for Tho Tribune. S
UTAH FOOTBALL Utah s victorious cloven meets tho team from f
thc University of Montana. The Tribune's report of tbe game will
be complete iu every particular. Salt Lake high .school's fust team S
plnyd Boise high school today in tbe Idaho town. Details of thia
game will be given thc read era of The Tribune. S
SOCCER FOOTBALL The. Jnest important eocccr aroc of the year S;
will be playod today hot woe n Sclt Lake aud Provo. Williaut Scr-
icc. the expert on this popular game, will write a complete report
of tbe contest for thja paper. ' I
RACING- Results at Lagoon and the eastern tracks continue to be
a feature of The Tribune's sport pages 5
mum m I
; skootiioohess I
I Executive Given Hearty Re
j ception and His Defense of fl
, State Administration
Evokes Applause. WM
Says iWoney Will Come Prom H
, Inheritance Taxes; Tells ot H
Advance in Educa
tional Lines.-.
. ' Wu
G'QVKRXpi: SPHV aud Senator
Reed Smoot wore greeted b i jH
crowded house at. tbft JU-pub1
can rallv at thc Salt Lake th
ter laot niirht. Tlic governor rceeh i"l ttM
a great ovation that la.stctl eern' jH
miiiuics. Senator Snioot'e reeptloi
waa not so conliaJ, and before he cun
eluded his address tbe theater was .tl
most half empty.
Governor Spry i(,ok.: a; hwstb ot
the :ichiov.omL'iits of the Kepubli. -in
arty. He said that the state admin
istration had been attacked bec
there was a balance to t he state -credit
iu thc bank. Ho frugcatod t at
a report of n balance in tic ban
should be iiituh more sfl&is factory tba i
tbnt the state was burdened v.itn -.
overdraft. He vaid tba atitniiiiti
tion had placed the state on a strict fv
cadi basis, and Jittctulcd that it .di6u! 1
be kept, ou such a basis.
l.'ehJtiye to' Uie tat. cnpitol, 'b-'
governor rlccarcl thai no bond hed
yet boeu iifiitcd for its construction. tM
nii-l if ib policv of. th presont adim"
ki.Ht ration was' c'outiyud, not ,onc4dollit
of bontlfyfoi; ' sriito eaplrol purpo"
of tlic administration, lie declriTe 1, fo jH
ercet flic tafc enpitol out of the mom
rccurcd from iuheritaucc taxc fro -i jH
the estates of persons who hud icm lr i
iu other states nud in other countric .
Tax Levy Reduced.
The govurnor called attention to fu
fact that under the prcAcnt state a l Ml
ministration the cdueurioiiul systrm t
thc state had developed and fJonri-'iil
to au extent that place! Htah in tin
front rank Of the states of the union fH
iu edueatioual affairs. He pointed 1
out that tbe state was now expending Sl
.$' 'fU0(J.000 ainmally fur cducatic., .
purposed. The governor also called jH
attention to the fact that iu spite ol
tbe iiset caned expenditures of tbe .stale lH
the tax levy had been reduced or." jjH
half mill for the present year. 1
Briefly, the governor db'oujscd tbe H
proceedings of the national Jicpublica 1
convent ion with reference to the con-
tests growing out of the dispute Ik flf
tweeu the Taft and Itbosevelt force- lll
over thc seating of delegates. Go-
crnor Spry, as a member of tbe com il
mittec ou credentials, was in a position
to dote i mi ne the merits of the con 1
tests instituted by the Roosevelt force-,
and declared that in ,ovqry instam c H
the credentials i-omniittee avc exact 1
justice to the contestants. Hl
I Blunders Arc Made.
Senator Smoot confined hiSvttddrc- HH
J to national issues. During bis Viddtc0 1
? be made several blunders which tlx Hl
) Uiidicncc took good uaturcdly. On 1
I one occasion be referred to Mathonihah H
) Thomas. Democratic nominee for con 1
I grc&s. as "Congressman Thomas." U-i 1
auothcr occasion be referred to l'an.. Il
i Muusev us "tho mnu who assisted iu gl
I defeathig Prcsidcut Taft.' Wbcu tb-"1 il
) senator corrected himself by saying.
"I moan the man wbo assisted in at
i tempting to defeat President Taft.' iH
! tho audience had a lnugh al bis ex H
1 pense. Most af flic i-ciuuunc of tbr
i audience was ovidcutly eompnsod of jH
"Hull Mooters,' for when Senator
Smoot mentioned the name of Ncpbi
h. Morris, J'rogrtisive caudidatc for jH
! governor, tbe audience applauded vi 1
Dr. Jane SkolflclcL republican cninlidat f
for lli lrctelnturc. spoke bricvriy. S!ir H
said she wlfhcil to express for the women lH
of- the RopuM'.ain purty tholr upprccla-
lion of the recognition lven them jH
the rt-'ty. She ! she nn proud to H
,'stMnd on the speaking platfoiui with aui'i IH
mon as Governor Spry muJ 1'cod i;ina.n H
and prouder .tlll lo stand In the H
'PoHUcai party wltli ihom. jH
Rich Is Chairman. H
13enj2-iUn Iv. Hicli was chairman of Ih
race! his am! in a brW introUuctcr- upet-c i H
predivtel that t!i" stale would be Ilcpnb- H
lican and thut HhH Lake county fvUl M
(-f the r.epulillcan ticket .VOQ pin-
When Governor spiy aro;e to ."iic-ik
lie WK steeled lv loud and prolonged ap-
(Continued on Faze Four.) fll

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