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I Mrs. Beatrice Ryall Conway
Makes. Confession and
Clears Up Mystery.
. Victim Was Knocked Down.
Gagged and Robbed by
CHICAGO. .'ow I. Ad ordeal of.
more? -than twenty. four hours, of qucs-j
tib'nfng broke down the self-possos.MOn
of Beatrice Eyall Conway and hyster
ical' admissions made by tbe woman i
hero today are s,ail by the police to j
clear up. he mystery of the murder of
Sophia G. Sniper, the Baltimore a:
This afternoon Mrs. Conivav made a!
Iatatemout to the police. The story giv
en one an told bv the woman, is that
C onway, the circus clown and acrobat,
hid wife, the former "Queen of Bur
lesque,''' were penniless in Chicago,
where they had been invited as quests
of the murdered woman. Miss Siujjcr
taunted them with their helplessness,
according to the allcpcd confession and
supflcstod that Mri, Conway make some
money iu an immoral way. Enraged
by f.bc proposal, Conway knocked rbn
woman down, gapped her and robbed
her, it contiuues, and the- pair, nor
knowing, that Miss Singer was dead,
fled from the citv tvilh $4S. which tbey
took from her effect?, and two suits of
clothes belonging to W. R. Vvorthcn,
Miss Singer's' fiance.
Woman's Statement.
BB The statement, was made public by
HW tbo police as the forma confession of
mjm -Mrs. Conwny in part follows;
IB 'fSopbirt invited us to come to Chi-
mW cago. We took a write of three rooms
PH for light, hquiiokooping. Mv husband
mWi and J' occupied one of the bedrooms and
I Miss Singer and Worthcn, her fiance,
occupied the other. Wc were out of
money and Sophia knew this before wc
came to Chicago. On. the night of the
- killing wc baa dinner together and
.Worthen' weut out. Sophia weut out. to
poft a letter and came back 'after a
while with hot shoes 'wet.. She took'
them off and was iu her stocking feet
about to chiuge them. We had ciiiar
, relrd a -'Utile about (he expenses which;
Sophia was paying; .
H Cause of Murder.
''Sophia said wc weren't doiug any,.
HH . thine to get money. Bhc f-ajd she bad
jfll t met a rich old man .and wautod me to j
IH ' so but wj'th her , to 'meet bi'nf and an. I
H other mini. '.Con' was. furious at this.)
H . If c . said T did . not have to ".make money i
H that way.. T. was wasbintr dishes in I
HH ' tbo sink. 1 heard a fall; I went into!
H- ' the bedroom .and Sophia was lying
Hl Ihorfv My husband said 'trVTVnc:. 'ITur-i
JH rpv'lcfc!i2ct. our thingsaiid get nut
mBM . befojesh'o j&tjLooHsci'ou.'j. V Wodid not
Hn ' '"rl.'now'sb' waV Vjcai.. 'jOuriX-never moaut
U i a "kill "her. "
mm? 'A witnc?s who willclic able to throw
Ijll iniieh lijrh t. on the occurrences in the
Hftv v.iitc occupied by the Conways, Miss
Hi;- linger and Worthon on the uight of
HV ho murder is boucht by the police."
jH1' "The miEsius witnes? is a traveling
wWy- mun. The man vns in an adjoining
mm ' room and heard the u.trusgle. it was
jH ffportt'd to the police, hut he fled from
jH.'. ' ' city to avoid boine called in con
nod inn. with Ihe case.
H firirAGO. Nov. 1. Mrs. bouiee I
Lindlofi". the crystal carer and trance
H'. medium, accused of the poisoning of
mm'' her eon, Arthur, took the stand in her
own defense today.
Heforc she was allcd her counsel
took the state-by surpris-c by admitting
WM ' that mineral poison was found iu the
mm body of the boy and also in thone of
Mm the two husband-, the two daughters
D. and tbe brothcr-iii -raw of Mrs. Liud
loft', whose deaths the prosecution bad
JU attempted to link with that of Arthur
j Lindlofi! as the victims uf a chain of
mm poisonings,
Erpertss for the defense were called
mm to testify that the poison found might
mW have been an ingrcdiont of medicines
jl and that the contrary could not 1
proven. The accuaed woman t? testi I
MB ' mony wa? in support of this theory, j
mm - She tcsliti'd that all members of h'orj
m family had been afflicton with a akin
JW ( disease in . the treatment of which the
tU ' mineral poison she is accused of having
I administered to her sou, Is commonlv
H used.
N i
I In Railroad World
mm j
mM Tnc pafewser dcpHrtment of the West. I
mm orn Pacific bus annouiicc.1 thut on and '
Mm Rfter .Vovcinher 15 tickets wilt b; oIJ I
mm-. by that line to Los Anlc? by wav of
Mm San Franclpco at a rediicctj rat-. Tln
mm . ticlceta will bo 500d for six montlin. wlili 1
mm . stopover privllescs on tb ro:id. Thanks.
mm. . aWxng ami ChrlHlimis liollduy t!ck"tn will
j alfo be sold by the Wculci'n Pacific
mm Dupr of sale fur the holiday tickets will
mm b .ovnmhr I't-:':, and Ducembcr :'1-:':J,
bcinsr 5001 for l.ty tiny p.
More HoHdajr Rates.
The holiday rales olYovol by thr dif- I
mm ' fercnt roadn apply (0 both en-t and wyt"
Mm of Salt T,akc- city. Hatt-M nnnuunecd vus-
mm tcrday by the II;iiTi!:i;ii offli-inlr, to some
mm of the more iinporUtit phicnc ' tivn: Vrom
MM . Fait Lake City to lnvr. Jjj.oO- to
mm Umnlia or Khiih rijv, r,w; 10 St. tenuis
HI ?."l: to C'lilca?.). s.-.o.S": to Fi. P.-mi huO
mm Minneapolis, ..Vj.:.o; 0 I v.-rt lu n.l r,nd
mm bpoknnc. ?4C. and to San I'rstncluro ;(nd
mm t.oa Anscl3. o. Phu- of tor tlu-
Mm rhankBKlvin? ti I;-is It Novmbr : and
InH 2.. with a rc-Mirn lluiil of :Jyiui.- and
imm for the Christimt fir;0t Dfin'-iur "l
I and 23. with a rutuni limit of Kcbru-
fmm :ry 2$,
WM Preparing for Banquet.
Wm lilabornt" plana aic bellip made by the
JW t-nt'rtalnnirni eoiimilitfe of th Tran-.
alH portatlon dub fur ih. b;i:i.U?t inj 5., 0
II J slven alter tbo regular montblV buali
n ncss miiutiiiti tonight. It s pMnt.i to
nave lh hislne? tncctlns h'n "at s
mm o'clock and to ?n into the prill ":onv. for
IU . the bainuct iit 0:r.o. Adthcscci will be
llWI maIj yt th botiriuvt C. J. MeNitt
mm . wcvjldont of llf- i lub." and bv J.
M nflcvci".-s'-ncra I frf:s'it ascnt ir t'h Or-
?on Short - Line. FruU; ' A. AVudkish.
IBM scncrnl paFsonzor jv'-'--nt cl t1j. Dcmvp:
WOK . ,c P.Io "randc. Ji;h been nslsert 10 speak
IBM and will do eo unlrxs b- Jish to leavo the
mm i:lty before the msctinj,-. ah mtmbenn
IU - -arc urped-to be present.-- I
5R ........ '
- (Continued From Page One.)
lowing report or the incident to the cov
eminent: . . ,
"The forta of Knrabun ,Wr.e flashlns
their oca rr Illicit tH uticcdslnslv between
Iho l;:sluur of the Katavofauaro and the
mouth of Vanja rivers but I passed c.ilc
)v In. MakliK full steam Cor Salonlkl. I
anived at IJ:V0 o'clock in the evening.
"I discovered a Turkish cruiser at the
left extremity of pier. At the right
extremity there were other vessels, in
: eluding n Russian wurahlp.
1 "1 maneuvered cautiously and eacaped
I detection and launclic J n torpedo at a
distance of 150 1110110? from the star
board side of irtv vessel Then turning
pliglHlv to tile left I launched another
from tbe port side. Then r steamed away
at. full speed 10 a safe distance and asaln
turning; I (Uncharged a third torpedo at
tlK- breakwater."
"Then such an explosion was heard
that w thought a cannon had been fired
on land. After the first explosion wc
noticed lights moving about on the
j cruiser and heur-J wlflptlea blown. The
officer1' quarters wer lighted up by Iht
, exploHiori. whloh occtit red at a spot a
; little forwsud of th- light funnel.
"Dense volumes of tmol:c poured from
I llio funnel utid the eascl lurched for
ward by the bows. I then departed at
1 full speed, passing In front of Kara bun,
which certainly had been apprised of the
event from b'alonlki. 113 the fortress
biased all of i( searchlight.'.
'As we passed unnoticed T carried out;
u promise previously made my gunncni
and fired a shot at the forties from n
range of 250) meters.'" J
Turkish ormy Iiaa recantured the town of
RunarhiF?ar from th Bulgarians and alto
has defeated the TulgavJan in the vctn
ii.' of Visa, accordlns to despatches rcJ
eeived here tljls afternoon from Nazlm
Pasha commander-in-chief of the Turk
ish forces.
XaKlni's- despatches say th J3ulgarlan
lospea were heavy and that all ihe TUrk
iib army corps have been ordered, to ad
,vanoe. 1 The denpatch announcing the recaeture
of Bunarhipsar was sent bv Naclm Pasha
at Alio o'clock tills afternoon. H 'alo
that the Bulgarian column had been out
A telegram from Nar.Im- sent at 2
o'clock thie afternoon said:
"Our right wing has been advancing
since yesterday- from Visa. .Mabmoud
Mouktar Pasha's army ha? vanquished
the Bulgarian cp'.umn and all of our army
corps ha.vc been ordered. 10 advance."
! A communication eent by Nacim Pasha
tt the sultan said that the Bulgarian
forces gradually wore bcinc hemmed in
on four sides. It especially commended
thp conduct of IiIe troops at Vis?., .who
were said to be fighting with' splondid
devotion and courage.
A still earlier despatch from the Turk,
ish commander-in-chief, datfd Thursday.
FaJd thft Bulgarians had sustained heavy
losses In Wednesday's fighting at I3unar
hlssar and that a quantity of artillery
pieces, rifles, ammunition and other
equipment bad been captured by the
Bunai'hisKnr is in Thrace, about forty
miles southeast of Kirk Kllissch.
CONSTANTINOPLE. Nov. 1. r.soad
Pasha, commander of the Turkish forces
I at Scutari, telegraphing under date of
1 October 30 to the: commander of the
i Turkish corps at Salonlkl. said.
1 "Send me some Turkish troops. U Is
impossible to hold out at this "place with
Albanians, alone.' E3iad Pasha hlmpclf
1 is niy Albanian. - j.. -I
At EI Easfan. at town of 15,000 in
hablntants. G t miles; southeast of Scutari
in th-s yllaj'et of Menaptir. only ."OOO out
of the 10,000 Albanians "responded when
called to the colors. The Turkish com
mander there Is asking for Turkish
The condition of refugees wno arc ar
riving from Kirk Killssch and Adrianople
Is rqost pitiable. Some 10.000 of them,
Including women and children, are camping-
In the court yards of the MoFquc3
and thwc is danger of an epidemic.
Throo Turkish officers committed sui
cide at Kirk Killsseh when the panic
arising from the dofeat of the Turks by
thr. Bulgarians set in.
PAKIS, Xov. 1. A policy of territorial
disinterestedness in the Balkans, if
France. Russia and Great Britain have
their wa, will replace" 'the now dis
credited shibboleth of. "status quo" as a
basis of collective aotio'n by the great
power? should, the. time arrive for a re
distribution of sovereignly in Turkey
through the victory of the allied Balkan
stated over the Turks,
This self-sacrificing ordinance would
apply only to the na.tlons constituting the
concert of Europe. a6 there is no longer
any suggestion of opposing tho aspira
tions of the Balkans for national unity.
It is recognised that the Balkan states
must have their respective share of ter
ritory, nhoijld the Turks finally acknowl
edge defeat, bni it Is feared that" any
attempt by outsiders to put their b3nds
ir the grab bag would lt-ad to the Euro
pean conflncratlon.
! A full agreement as to the new formula
j which In to cement tho accord of the
, nowern ha not betn rcm-htd. Frauee,
j RuhMh and Great Britain are rcadv to
I subscribe to it, but Germany. Austrla'and
Italy hesitate.
The all3ged undrstandinc between
Russia, and Austria, oh the subject of the
atatns of Noviptnr and Solonlkl which
I it had been hoped here meant that Aus
tria finally had decided that Solonikl was'
not worth a war and would hav cleared
j the way for the new programme, was
denied tonight by the Servian minister
'Hi Paris.
1 M. Polncalre, the French premier, who
;i worklpg untiringly for peace, doce not
despair of rallying all the powers undr
I the banner of disinterestedness" which
ihe believes Is the surest means of avoid -I
Ing a general war.
; ever the Issue of the terrible battle now
', raging- on the. wectern slopes of 'the ls
trandja mountain in Thrace, it undoubt
i edly will be reckoned among the world's
! srea.t struggles.
Almost uninterruptedly for ronr davs
and three night.'' the baitle has pro'-ccd-e.d.
the moon bavin- afforded sufficient
lisht at niglu for tli armies to continue
' their fierce bnolauglua. Turk and Bnl
!ar are. locked In u sranple whuh wni
bo broken only bv the Oet iHivc defeat of
one or Hie other.
! TlK dearth of news from the front
I Wedncr-dav and Thursday had given riue
! to a feeling of despondency and xent-a-tioiiHl
in.nors of Turkish reverses rained
(curr.jncy. Today, off (eta I report proved
, tliee rumors to .be unfounded.
! Telegrams from variouii nouro.es gve
j favorable noeounta of the mllltHr.' mtua
, lion and tile troops commanded bv Mali-
moud Mukhtar in the vk-Inlty of Visa.
we;-e espcclalh commended.
j Ad vance Effective.
! The Tuiklsh force were report e! not
merely to have been holrllns tbiir ov.n.
but have effected an advance which was
tbreatonlng (he Bulaaiian rear. if
this Tvykish eolunm joina hands with
trie garrison at Adrianople. the lniljrarlan
nrmv will b practically Mirrunded and
Its position very desperate-
It fa alleged that, realizing the gravity
f tho rltuatlon. the r:njarlan .'om
nindfd have withdrawn the atmv at
KuHtcnJc and their forces before Adri
anople and that these troops aic being
hurried to support the center of rht: ni;uu
Rulgftrian army.
Some Idea of the dc&noraie nature of
the fighting i gathered from the fact
that more than 3000 wounded noldicrs
arrived in Constantinople tonight from
the front. Fortunately a majority of tho
bullct6 drilled clean holes lu their vic
tims nd theae will heal rapidly, A hatch
of deserters arrived with the wounded.
Commandant in Trouble.
Indignation ami surprise were cx
preKsed here today ovei the fact that a
Oroek torpedo boot had succeeded In
entering the pulf of Salonlkl last night
despite the mines and heavily armed
forts and hart blown up the Turkish bat
tlenhln Feth-I-Btile'nd. The command
ant, of the forts will be called to account
for permitting this incursion.
The movement or. troops to the front
continues. A battalion of Turkish and
Albanian volunleetu marched through Hit
sticets of Pera thlH evening on the way
to the rallwaj station. The men were
cheered and appeared to be in th best
of splrl tu.
As a result of a meeting Thur.'rtnv of
the heads of the diplomatic missions to
consider the situation In Constantinople,
the .Marquis De Fallavlona, the Austro
Hnngarian embassador and denn of the
diplomatic coipk today vnted Noradung
hian Effendl. tho t'oreign minister, and
called his attention to the necessity of
adequate meaauros to maintain order in
the city.
Amonfc the measures the sove.nniieiu
lias In mind in event of further Turkish
reverses is the despatch of an army divi
sion to lop all fugitive soldiers bet weep
I'clioralalja and Constantinople. The city
at present is tranquil, business Is pro
ceeding in; usual, though the keenest in
terest is being taken in the military
drama In the Thracian hills.
ATI-TEN'S, Nov. 1 Account., are pub
lished hero of r massacre of Greeks by
Turks in the town of Sorva, just across
tile Greek frontier in Turkey. The, re
port? say the fleeing TmkJsh troops, in
passing through the village of Afetasa,
ordered the . Greek inhabitants to follow
them on peril of being massacred by
Turkish cavalry.
On refusing. S- of the Greeks were
made prisoners and taken to Servla and
lodged in the jail, in which were 71!
others of their comp-ttrlots. Later the
governor 01" the prison told the Greeks
they were froe and ordered them to leave
the building. On cmcrclng the Greeka
were surrounded by soldiers and an
armed mob, who began a maeGarrc. Only
tour of the Greeks escapod with their
lives. When the massacre was over. J.
soldier cut off the nose.s auu .and? of
the dead men.
Despatches from Arm sav that Turkish
atrocities In Albania are continuing and
that the inhabitants of TSpirus are flee
ing to Arta an3 the mountains.
Stand Upon Rights.
SOFIA. No. I. The newspaper .Mir
says Turkey has not yet suod the Balkan
states for peace and says that as much
as they defiire a cessation of hostility they
are engaged in a war of liberation and. the
time has not yet arrived when they can
demand from Turkey the reply she hither
to arrogantly lias refused to give.
"The blood wc tm'o shed and tbe dax
ssllng victories we have gained.' says the
Mir. "have conferred on us the rights no
body will think of infringing"
Bombardment Continues.
TvYEKA, .Montenegro. Nov. I. Tiie
bombardment by the Montenegrins of tjic
townK of Taraboach and Scutari contin
ued through Thursday. Large numbers of
wounded soldiers hat been brought
Will Exchange Ideas. A
BELGRADE, Fcrvif., Nov. I. The par
liament of the allied Balkan states will
hold a three-days' joint parliamentary
session at Uskup on the conclusion of the
war, in order to exchange ideas as to fu
ture co-operation between the states and
to hold general festivities.
Congratulates Victors.
SOFIA, Nov. 1. King Ferdinand, has
wired -the commandcr-ln-chicf of the BuK
garian arm on the Bunnrhissar-Lule
Burgas line as follows;
"I congratulate you and your men of
all ranks on Ihe glorious victory gained
over the enemy and express to you all
gratllude from the bottom or mv heart'.
May the Almighty God grant you fur
ther and more glor!ou6 .victories. My
thoughts Ric eer with you. rny valiant
Details Are Few.
SOFIA. Nov. 1. There ar jilill few de
tails obtainable here of the battle in
Tlirace. or coneornliig the exact position
uf the Turkish army.
During their flight from Utile Burgae
tho Turks met reinforcements from.
Tclialta'lja and attempted a rally near
Tchdrlu, but were da'calcd and iiv en
The chief line of the Bulgarian pur
suit its believed to be along tbo south-and
It Is expected that a larce force of Turks
will bo cut off. A rough" estimate places
the Turkish casualties In three duvs of
fighting at -id. 000 men.
Says Defeat Complete.
VIENNA, Nov I. --The Relchspoft In a
further account of the battle between the
Bulgarians and Turks ax Lulc Bursas
jays that th reservists from Asia -Minor
fought with groat courage in hand-to-band
conflicts" with the Bulgarians, hut
decpite the fact that the Turks con
tinually brou.gbt fresh reserves their
lines were broken and they were forced
to retreat
"The fight,"' continues the Rcichspost.
"was of tho same character :1s that at
Kirk KelisHch. Thj Turk?, began by 0
courageous rush, but then broke ranks
and were seised wlih panhr which spriao'
to the entire army corps of four Turkish
divisions and tho 48,000 men wer put to
flight and dispersed in confusion.
"On the light th Turks had in
trenched tbmsclveE in several strong
Un?ji, one on each side of l.nle Burgas.
The Bulgarian artillery took up a posi
tion on the flank of the intrenchm nts
and nhclled tho Turkish lines. Th Bul
garian infantry In the lighting showed
remarkable contempt fur death. Th; do
feat of the Tnrkir.li aimj was complete.'
Demotica Taken.
SOFIA, Nov. I. The Bulgarian troopa
today occupied Ine Turkish town of D-inotlea.-
thua completely ruttine off the
possibility cf fommunipatlori"" between
Adrianople and Cnn?tanllnople.
Greeks Take Island.
ATHFjNS. No'-. 1. The Grooks today
occupied the Iinktsh Island of Samo
lbrace In the ; Aegean tea. lis popula
tion numbers about .VJG0. most of whom
are Christians.
Lighthouse Bombarded.
SOFIA. Bulgaria, Nov. l.-The Turkisi,
cruiser. TTamldie.i, discharged nine shells
yesterday at the Cape Nine lighthouse.
between the Bulgarian ports, of Bunras
and Vcrna The lighthouse was damaged
The Eurg-arUm government Intende to!
protcFl asainst the bombardment uf a
.building devoted solely to peaceful pur
poses. Position of Russia.
ST. PETERSBURG. Nov. l.-VIedo-mofili
today publisher an Interview with
M. Sazonoff, tlii Ttuiln'ii 'foreign min
ister, in which he. expresses-the hope that
thft war In the Ualkann may b inr-gj.
isr.d, but declares that Rumia. -cannot
Join tnc powers in a. peace '.at any prl
policy. . .
-M. aazonoff lays stress on'1 tin rendi-
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Bulgarian force!' were bioiight by-forced
marches; from Adrianople and tcnewod
tbe attempt 10 break through the renter
Of the Turk's position. The Bulgarian
attack fell partly on the Turkish ttoops
drawn un in the forc.t region south of
Kirk Killiscl) and on the Viva load and
partly on the entrenched pohllluiiH noilh
west of Lul". L'Mrjt.HS
Roll Up Turk Wing.
"After heavy fonat lighting and con
tinually repeated rourdernus bayonet us
es ults, l lie Bulgarians succeeded bv noon
In breaking through the Turkish position
and In co-operation with an attack de
livered simultaneously at Uulc Burgas In
rolling up the whole Turkish wing.
"Hole In the. early afternoon began a.
gineial retreat on tin: line :it Uulc Burgas
mid Dtdcrkenl. along the railway mid
In. the direction of Tchorlu. The BnJ.
garlans Immediately took up tho pursuit
apd continued to press the enemj with
oxtiaordiriarv energy throughout the
n'gbl. tiler result being tlut the Turkish
retreat degenerated into wild flight and
011 this wing tho Turks became, totally
dispersed. Meanwhile on Iholr own left
wing south of Bunarhlssnr the Bulgarians
had completely enveloped the Turk? from
the northeast.
Completely Routed.
'When dawn broke today (Tbuivday) a
decislvi; attack upon the right flank of
the Turks was delivered from the line at
Urun. Belli and Vtm. Heavily shaken by
previous fjehllng. the. Turks were unable
to withstand the Bulgarian overwhelming
flank attack, and abandoned their line
of retreat through Sural. Almost totally
disbanded, the TurklBh masses retired in
disorder through Entfarl, directly south of
"Here also (he Bulgarian pursued the
enemy with parallel and continual out
flanking' movements along the Turks'
msin Hue of communication through
Serai. Tarkonl and Tcherkesskcnl. find
sought to cut tie enemy's retreat to the
Tchalja llnep
"The Turkish looses are enormous.
Their line of retreat la traceable by a long
trail of discarded equipment and, sad to
vay, also by burning villages and the
bodies of mawicred Clirinlians.
"The Bulgarians captured guns and
many thousands of rifles."
(Continued from Page One.)
lowed to return to the Franklin school
until tbe suspension order is overruled,
b' tbose higher in authority than my.
self. T have presented tbe fads to Su
perintendent Christenscn, by means of
a letter, but I" have not board from him
ou tbe subject.'
Case Is Unique.
"There are some tbiDps we ennuot
compromise on and this is one of them,"
said Superintendent Cbristcnscn last
uishl. "The child Trill uot be allowed
to return to school until she is williu;? to
salute the flag. The little patriotic e.x
erciscy'of which the saluting. of the flag j
is a. ai'1W practiced in' all public
schools throughout the nation. Here in
Salt Lake it is a daily ciercisc for the
most part and though wc have children
ia the schools from almost even' uatjou
under the sun, never before has1 a cafcc
similar to this one ariscu."
In saluting the flag the school chil
dren of the higher grammar grades pro
nounce the following pledge: "..pledge
allegiance to my flag and to the repub
lic for which it ptauds; ono natiou in
divisible, with liberty and .iirstice for
all. " The vouugcr children accompany
the salute with a simpler formula: 'T
give my band and my heart l.o God aud
my fouuiry. One country, one language
and one fla,c. ' '
Argument Is Vain.
The rebellion of the Eyler child was
noted fir.sf about ten days ago when
Principal Poulsou happened into her
class room, which is the fifth A class,
and conducted tbe patriotic oxcrcise:,.
He saw Ihe girl rise to ber feet with the
other children but deliberately turn her
back when it calne time to salute. He
asked the reasou for her action aud at
first she said she did not know the sa
lute. The following day she refused
again to salute.
"I argued with her day after day but
it was no upo, " said fr. Poulsor.. "She
answered me with such radical and de
termined FocialiMii that T despaired of
changing her altitude."
When scon by ncw.spaper men at the
home of her father last night, the child
yave direct and intelligent answers to
all questions put to her regarding her
jf'eiionf. She said the American fla'sr had
never douo anything for her and that it
no longer stood for' the noble principles
iu which it was conceived.
Prefers Red Flag.
"It htandf-. for a government ttfat
does uot belong to tbe common people
any more.'" she fnid. "Tt allows some
pcoplo to starve nnd others to get all
the good tbines in tbe world. My step
father has told me about Socialism and
I have read a lot about it myself. I
think il is right and tho Socialist flag
Is a. better oue to salute than the Amer
ican flag.
"Mr. Poulson sav in hi letter to mv
stepfather that he suspended me be
cause if T stayed in school other chil
dren would refuse to salute the fla. T
never tried to get any of Ihom to'copv
after mc and I nevrr talked about mv
own ideas until ho forced 1110 to. Xow
- , 1
ne.-'K of the Rursian arms for bnitlo but!
-hys be thinks the economic interest:! of'
Austria mid the oilier powcr.t can he
sa Untied without .1 report to hoatlll-'
Says Fight Hopeless.
numnnia). Nov, l. a Turkish offlee'r
who wua at Kirk Klle?ceh when it fell Into
the handa of the Bulgarians. In relatlns:
the .tory of tho battle, said:
"We iiad been Htarving for eight dav
land it w.a impossible for th ao'dicr.s
worn out and with empty utomnchs. to
tight. 1
Akcd. as to the. present situation of
the Tprklsb army, the 6ffli:er replied "It
has no situation; thoro Is no hope.'"'
Will Deal Direct.
mSLORADE. Nov. 1. The Stamp s.iva
It learnfc that the porte ban sent two I
special delr-xtes to Viuiin to requnt '
Auutrla s friendly intervention to io-'cm- j
ijibllsh ppace. but declare.-) the Unlknn
powers will refuse to negotiate, wlth.au
InterveninR power and wlM deal direct
only with C'on.Htantlnoplc- j
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J "nr porn to ot even h cplaininj: o
cialiem to all tbe boy, ami pirls T know.
I will never salute' the American Hag.
and if they won't lei mo go to j-cliobl
on that account T guess T can set, 'an
education some placo else. I can read
a lot. of hooks, any way."
As legal guavrlinu oi" the girl. John
G. Dunn, her stepfather, will call upon
Superintcndout Ctiristciiseu today to re
quest that ?hc he reinstated in her class
at once.
"If he refuses to allow her to po back
7 will tako the matter before Iho hoard
of cducatrou," he said. "If necessary
T will 0 into the courts, but never will
the cirl be forced to salute the Anion'
can fly jr, or auv other flac, against her
."Fn refusing to. salute the flap;. J lie
child ha acted on her owifTnitiativc.
Slicjjecainc iiitcroi-ted juSacinlism sev
eral mou1h,s-.ngo and' I took p":iiii& to c.r-.
plain it t'o hor iu tho best way.T know
how. fJeccDtly she came to "me and
asked if she should salute the American
flap at school. fold her to nsc her
own judgiiicut.
Lena's younger sister, Navie. aped 12
year?, says die ltiis not yet boon asked
,to salute the ibis in her rj:is,.hut that
she will not do it., when the time c-oine?.
Tt ie said there arc fifty or sixlv ( hil
dreu of Socialist parents attending Ihe
Franklin school.' whii-h is located si I Scv-i
culh West and Speond Spoilt h tmefs.
SAN FRAXCLSCO. Nov. I. -Following
a more careful fxammsition of the cun
hot wound "in tho hcatl that en used' the
death of Mrs, Jean "Wlsner IIcComas'
wife of M. P. McComafN. Iho wcalthv min
ing engineer of Los Angeles and Mexico
tr. David Stafford, county autopsv sur
geon. Iriformcd Coroner Lcland todav that
he had been unable to detect any evi
dence that the wound was self-inflicted
According to "Dr. Stafford there was un
absence of powder marks about the
wound a.nd the autopsy also disclod
what appears, to be bmisos about the
head which might have been caused, by
blows. '
Coroner Lcland has ordered a complete
investigation of the circumstances sur
rounding the cuse.
Sail Lake( Banker, Upon Re:
(urn 'From Trip, Notes
General Pros peri ty :
y. W. Trimmer.- a'stifstaiH -cashfer of
'heContinenlal 'National biinlr, Jias rc
turncrl from an ' extended' business 'and
pleasure- trip' through' thT;. middle west,
and declares that lu- lias icver boforo
found better business conditions .ban pre
vail now in. that section... .' .
"The crops sue- wonderful, " salu .rr.
Trimmer, "especially Jn Kansas and irom
that state westward. In Tact, the fields
appear to be overcropped and record yields
arc certain this year, as the crop movr
ment already has indicated, lie-ports indicate-that
equally brlslu promise ema
nates from all harvest sections of tbe
r-ountry. and business ia llvenlnp up with
wonderful rapldlt on a sound, consetva
tive basis, with the farmers assured of a
year of prosperity '
Mr. Trimmer declared, thai in everv
city or town lie vbltd. Salt Lake ano
Sail Lake enterprise or business oppor
tunities formed the subject of wide com
ment and praise. indlcHtlncr tlm this
city's thrift and progression are attract
In? much attention from outside inter
ests. Speaking of tc political situation. Mr.
Trimmer said that politics was apparently
exercising but slight influence over husl.
ness conditions. Wison. said Trimmer,
appeared to he the choice for president,
with stronger support as ono traveled
further eastward.
Tie declared that lie W3S glad to get
home, because he bad yet to find a city
that could compare with Sail. Lake.
Progrcsslvo Rally.
Garrick theater tonight.
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BOSTON; .Mass.. W l.ii'
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contains full .statements J.,
Burton and General MawwBr?
addition to the balance tkwtt
tcr shows after, current mLr,'
working capitnl of ;ibnm tSP "
pemlitiires. development itimWt
penscs. 5100.020: gcneval txumW
total. $240,567. Roccfpls. InSBVK'
etc.. SIOOM'fln, Interest?.
SHu.Sl'y. Excess of cirttftBfai
Wage AdyanciMP
LEBAXOX. Ta.." Nor. l-gffl
sand men employed id tiitiVM!
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