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fry MK usual run of leas rrbich
i aids the approach of winter is
X on for the next week or so, and
Salt Lake society will bo kept
on the go through the autumn afternoons-
Two large affairs are.' Bdt for
Thursday afternoon, a tea at which Mrs.
Oorgc Francis BtieW will entertain her
friends to meet bcr voiing house guest,
Mias Aileen Phillip? of Los Angeles, and
a bridge tea to wbieb M B. Loek
fcbart ba LSBUed imitations, the first of
ftwe affair? to be giveu at lier home in
FeUorat Height-, the second to be Satur
day afternoon.
The two largest card dubs, the Quin
genta and the Crystal, will both meet
this week, the former on Tuesday after
no. , at the home of Mr. A A. Moul
ton, 347 Fifth bast street, and tne lat
ter to be entertained at a I o'clock
luncheon on Wednesday with Mrs. John
Wol.h !th four tables' of auction
bridge following-
Several evening affairs arc plauned
also lor the week, among then a card
pare to be given tomorrow evening by
Mr and Mrs, Frank S, Murphy at their
t ESS th.iu a fortnight remains for
JL the preparations for the great an
neal society cvenl of the autumn the
charity bail when the smart set and
the sear-smart set gather to "chase the
glowing sours with flying feet" for the
.aiisr Of viie people who arc always with
them -the needy poor. The ball this
vnir promises lo eclipse any so for giv
en, this bring especially true in the
matter of receiving the u'ue-ts and serv
ing the supper The banquet room at
the Hotel i tab is to be fltffid for a real
reception room to rebee the crowd
uh-.-h is usually s'. great as to interfere
Beriously with the aanc eg of those who
come for that purpose Then the sup
per is :n be served at small tables in
the mam dining room, uhile the grill
'room is kept open for the regular pa
trons sod for special supper parlies.
Several of the new E ls in evening
frocks are to be given their fir: l airing
on this oct asion.
fe. 'B e
1VJ. picture appears today, is one ol
the" attractive yonng whteons of the
i-itv r iiM finds time is addition to earing
for two charming youngsters, t" take an
active i 'teresl in club and social life.
Mr.-. Barnes was Mi.- Nan KnoWlton,
the vout'sret daughter of a well known
family of t lo state
mi B 1
4jf t& JOHN E. WOODWARD and
1VJ. Ur family motored down to New
York IsM week after a summer spent, at
Profile Ifoute, their i gi in the New
Hampshire hills, and joined Mrs. Bald
win and Miss Judge there. Miss Judge
i- spending the autumn at the New
VanderbiH hotel j , SfoTk, but will
vas' the "inter wilh the Woodward
family at Governor - island Mrs.
Baldwin remained only a few days vcith
her wstrrs and then of1 ifitli her fani
ily for F.rt Wa3 ne, Mich
' ' in' I
VERY delightful treat was afford'
A. ei ji parti of m-'ti- "i friends
Friday evening when Mr and Mrs John
p. D. i lark entertained at a. musicale '
their apartment- in ;lie PresCOfci to meet
M-. and Mrs. B. I. Dubby. Mrs. Libbv.
ptl is a n-cll known singer of t hicago,
Relighted the company with a number
Jbf vocal Beiectiona rendered exquisitely,
lie,uy Oberndorfcr accompanying her,
umi showing wonderful ability as an m
terpretative accompanist, at well a- a
talented piani:t in m.Io imiiibei.
r-r WO very plea-ant though informal
tea- marked tne main society
events of yesterday afternqon, the one
a tea given by Mrs. Clifford R. Pear sal I
t meet her mother, Mrs. Davidson, at
her new borne injiaxton phi'.-, and the
other bj -Miss i arlotta Jennings at the
home of ber sister. Mis. II Peabody
on Third aveuue. Mrs Poarsall was a
Mrs. Claude T. Barnes, One of the Attractive Young Matronb of tho City.
1 4 ';
ik ; AS
SUSted by Mrs L L. Terry, Mrs .1. B.
Risque, Mrs. I".. I . Howard, Mrs. Dnn
can Macvichie, Mrs J. E. aine, Mrs,
laei-. Taylor, Mrs. Robert J. Olendin
ning Mrs. William II uuningham,
Miss Minnie Sadler and little Katherine
Keith Miss Jennings was assisted by
her sisters, Mrs Piabodv and Mrs. Bar
on, v.hile a number of her girl friendt
scr ed.
THE Sodality danee at the end of
the week is one event of im
men i- interest i a ho-- ,c i he young
Dear to the Hearts of the Women, T
H 9 Oriental Cream
JeI,, or magical beautifier I
fhtT. Indispensable and Necessary
BfisPJSialfSBSl rtice fr Particular Women
i f gra3ltlLL itj u)ho Desire to Retain a
' ill 2T"?Wf 1 Youthful Jlppe arancc. 1
ESvery wom l owes tt to herself and
fc?$Kl JJJ?HJ"tCta lov-H ones to retain tho rliarm youth
lmsl faiffi Ta ', nature bus bentow-f.-d upon her. For over
Sgggil UkLI ', balf a century thin article has been used
. SSI W HntRaBtOK ,,v actreseop, stngern and women of
B TBEflm!rJtIilrtaIl', & fashjon. Jr. render ;' nkin like the
1 eSSrali TtmT?tJMhimt1tiwnL'$ wftnees of velvet leaving It dear and
. kSHI m,ilZ 4 i"" -''v whtte and is highly deelrahle when
Buw&,t. r.rrtp;,rir . for da)ly or evening attire. As
ffesl rew).T nopKi.vs. rfffR 1' is ;t lkjuld ana non-greasy preparation.
lrKi LffrVirnirtfTfifAl remainn unnoticed, When attending
lgarga"l h iaQflrv flJIWfiy' dan' fi, balls or other entertainment. It
. ' IB. 37CstxrjOT(Lii7. - HtwYonK. prevents a greasy appeatatico of the com-
MH ftg 2 plexion caused by the ekln becoming
iByriyr ( Gouraud"s Oriental Cream cures pkin
or3"" att fliaeiLser and relieves Sunburn. Removes
- . Tan. Plmplfcn Blackhead. Moth Patches.
Rueli, Frccklpp and Vulgar RednesB,
1 Tellow and Muddy skin, giving a delicately elear and refiried complexion
I which every woman desires. ,
No. 10 Fc-r tale, by Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealer?.
1 Ferd. T. Hopkins, Prop., 37 Great Jones Street, New York.
people who recall the successful events
of tho past few year.-, at whlcb tbfl
Voting Ladies1 Sodality members were
the hostesses. The dance is to be givep
Friday evening in the Odoon, ami the
patronesses chosen by the, young girlB
are Mrs. Thomas Ko&ms, Mrs. Marga
ret Blaine Salisbury, Mrs. J. C Lyneli,
Mrs. J. I Wood) Mrs James Ivors,
Mrs. V. II. L'.irv. Mr. ISdward m.
Gurnn. Mrs. W B. MeGurrni, Mrs.
Joseph Geoghegau, Mrs, A. Prod Woj
MRS, .101 1 N ,. MARSHALL and
her daughters, Miss Marshall
in'! Miss i tar y Mar-hall. Icfl during
i the Tock for San Francisco. They
'will spend the next fortnight or so vt
itincr Mrs Kirfcpatricv in Befkeley and
in San Franci8C, anil then will sail to
pen.) the winter in Honolulu. They
have a number of friends in the Ha
waiian islands spending the winter, and
n the season i- aha - a gay one. there
they will doubtless be mui h entor
spent the pa-t fortnight
here, left cm Wednesday foi hor home
in Pasadena. Mrs. Lavigniuo was ed
tcrtained constsutly during her Btaj
bv hnr old time friends here, and as
she wn.s a Salt Lake irl aud one of the
old St. Mark's sohool graduates, she
has a host of them Mr-. Lavigniuo
I was before ber marriage Misa Lorona
iLarsen. Since living in Pasadena, b-r
beautiful, hospitable home there, has
become a favored spot with all Salt
Lakers, arid seldom does a week- pass
that some one from "home'- is not-a
L'ne.-.t within Its doors. It stands at
the. corner of MadisOn aud California
streets, and ha beautiful garden.- BUT;
rounding it- It ic one of the old ind
snacious homes of southern California,
and it lend- itself ( such a hospitality
as is in keeping with its present host
ess .
singer who is just now creating
a sensation in San Francisco, is re
membered b;j a reat many friends
here, as she iit.(-. her Bister, Kate
Bridewell Anderson, and was enter'
tained at numerous affairs tome years
at.'" shi- w&e the voeaHsl at the sec
ond Symphony orchestrs concert Fri-
dav and the Sail Francisi 1 papers, are
warm in their praise "f her. 1 i s
Bridewell's name DAW 10 Mrs Lemuel
0. Benedict an'd sinre hrv marriage
four Vears ago -he has not been heard
on the stage at all. The call of the
musical world was loo strong for her.
however, and though happily married,
sdue has taken up the present tour. It
is likely that Miss Bridewell will be
hi re on her way east again, as she has
a hot of pleasaut friends here.
s - 0
SOCIETY made a verv good show
inn Thursday evening at the Presi
olub show, several box parties and
splendid audience in the body ol the
house gracing the show. Among the
box parties was une, at. which Mr. aid
Mrs, F. ES. McGurrin entertained, tbeii
cuestc beiyg Mr. and Mrs David Keith
and Mr. and Mrs. Host Sherman; In
.mother box heSTbv were Mr. ;1M, M ra
George 1. Keyser, Mayor and Mr-.
Samuel C. Park and Lee Charles Mil
ler, lu a box opposite were Mr. and
Mis. P. J, Moran with a party of
friends, and a stag party i upied to
adjoining box. Many of tho occupant -went
directly to the Hotel
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IL l
Utah to attend the reeeption oi
Cardinal Farley, who was gaesl in
the. eity, and there were numerous sup
per parties in the grill room later.
ONJ', of the important social event:,
of the week just begiftttltig Will
be the bridge r!,r1v ,r' l"" given by tne
entertainment committee of th Lgdi
Lirerarv club tomorrow afternoou :it
L'uitv hall. The atl.-ir is tO bo blite
an elaborate one. arrangoments having
been made for fifty tables, and many
more guests for te:i. Preceding tho
same shbrl tune - ill be devoted to
;, , ..pi ion at which the offlcei - 61 the
club. Mrs. B. B. Critcblow. Mrs. W .
V. Adam-. Mrs. George 8tiehl, Mr-.
L. X. Straup, Mrs. J, F. Cowan and
Mrs. Charles W VBSataon will receive.
Mr. Homung is in charge ol the
table,. . !
MBS. i " U A N K C. REtSEY and her
ton Robert. Wfl during the
I week fer their home in the thwesl
(after a stay of a fortnight here. Mr-,
j Kelsev. formerly society favorite
here, was entertained at numetOUg de-
lirttfnl affairs during her stay. The
I friends who bad the pleasure of beai I
1 ing some of the , ms bv this gifted
I woman will be glail l afn that she
is shorilv io publish smajl book ol
I her verse, whieh has sj arsd in he
l.rst matrazinos of the country in the
past few years.
THK pretty little piaj let, ' i rim e.-..
Kilcu," whjeb was presonted last
j vear bv the senior l-ram h of ih'- tirL
j Knendlv v,,.-ietv. is to be repealed OJ
j request next l iidav evening. Bud Wll
be given in th- Consolidatdd Mnisic
eompan 's hall on Lat FiTi t So th
street. The affair was a really artis
tic treat when seen !;:-t year, and il
has bad added to it several attractive
features! The dsncftg 'i1' he andei
the supervisioii of Miss Llw Ma
ton, who will OS seen in some solo
number:'. nuniier of I h jroini
eietv glrlS will .a't r.i i ho play.
MBfj. SEORGE M. HAN80N, wife
oi the Dnited States consul at
j Mobart. has i "en ertensv pi nti
Itainefi during the pai two weens in
j Washington prior t,, lr depart ur i
I with her husband Tor iiw post. Dinners
laud parties in her hon"i have been
given by Mn A. n. EJayea, formerly of
Ogdeni; Mr-. K. ( laudie Rogers, wife ol
I the boeiaess "manager of the washing
lion Time-.; Mrs. L. A. llSjSjj o V ;, !
Ington; Mi . D. Claronce List of Wheel
ing w . Va , and Mma- .Hce Phri "'
I Waahidgtcca. Mr. and Mr?, ttgnson
have many friend.- Iiolh in Ltah and
Washington who wish them Bnecesa in
their new home.
i V
Avian' delightful affair of Thurs
day evening was that at which
I Colonel 'and Mrs. I. A. Benton filter-
I tained abou.t thirty of their friends
at the Hotel Utah. The earlv evening
Letters of a Slim
Woman to Her Fat Sister
Fifth Letter: On the Shlninq Virtae That
Fat Folks Seldom Possess Patience
Dear if alt people had the virtues
others think they have, this world would
be a Jiuraftl.ee.
piiiioMjphJalng? Yes, peevishly. And
hero's tne rea.-on. l-'at folks are usually
ui -n credit for heme px.iient --hut I l-.ii -
some who are decidedly Impatient. Many
of mv over-flesliy friends nave marveled
at ihe K'"eat OlianKfl In my physique
from a flabby, wobbling mountain of fat
t as neat, and plump, and firm a figure
as any women eould wlsh-and have
begged me to tell bow r did it.
iri -aeh ease I told them to k ' tii drug
: store and Ret ounce Mannola powder,
riiine,- i ucarn tromattc and "I ounces
Peppermint Water, mix and tak a tea
SPOOnful Hfter meals and .it bed time,
And (wouhl you heliovr, if), ju.si bo.
cause they didn't lose as much Weight
in a week as I have In several months ot
persistent use of this harmless prescrip
tion, they said It wouldn't do them any
good What do you think of that for the
patlohce of fa t p i iple ?
Of coureo, i t.iid them now absurd it was
-showed how in Me it eost in time, and
money, and effort that results were as
... i.uii as sum is.-- tui.i them It wouldn't
hurt them j. bit df turn their stoma hs liki
some other things had and I'm actually
forcing some of them to dj Lhemselvet n
good turn
I've come to the conclusion that II fat
folks had any patience they wouldn't he
fat they'd take this prescription and ie
come slender, Lovingly, BESTT
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