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II ' 'W
H Wilson Given 360 Electoral
H Votes, Taft 27 and Col.
II Roosevelt 7.
1 91 Six Are Allowed to the Presi-
191 dent and 30 Put in the
III Democratic Column.
Iff!! I International Nr.ws Service
iWw yEW YKK, Nov. 2. Tbc New York
'ffil Herald in its election poll to he issued
EifftB tomorrow, divides the electoral vote as
Btnfl "Wilson, 360; Taft, 27: liooscvclt, 7;
(HM doubtful, 37.
ijHgj The Ilcrnld table qivos Wilson thirty
jlMj states, Taft six (rdabo,.New Hampshire.
wME .Tlhodc Tslnud. Utah, Vermont and
I HI Inioc), and Koosevclt one (Washing-
I U The doubtful states fire California,
Mm Colorado, Illinois. Massachusetts. Mon
tana. New Jersey, North Dakota, Ore
IBa lion, Pennsylvania, South Dakota aud
mm Wyoming.
CHICAGO. Nov. 2 Managers of Re
publican, Democratic and Progressive
western headquarters today concluded,
tholr campaign -work wiih unqualified
assertions that their tickets would win.
The Republican managers said Presi
dent Taft would set 31". electoral votes,
the Democrats said Wilson would get
as many votes as Taft and Roosevelt
combined in twenty-six states, and tlio
Progressives claimed twenty-four states
for Roosevelt as a certainty with prob
abilities of three or four more.
Wmm uavia w. Mulvanc. manager of the
IH Taft headquarters in Chicago, said:
On "Mr. Taft will be re-elected, rcclv-
E ing "In electoral votes, This will be
fWt despite the fact that the Republican
iMmV party has been bitterly assailed in re
vengeful fashion by a man who provl-
tMm "usly received its highest honor. Upon
Wmm a- square issue between a united Rcpub-
IjjDB Mean parly and the Democratic party
mmm nn the Issue of protection against free
H trade, the result never would have been
mmn in doubt."
I.ioscpii i-j. Davics.. director of the Dem
ocratic campaign In the west, declares:
"The Democrats will win this election
vcn if wc don't get the support of a,
single northern state east of the Allc
ghenlcs. It would not surprise me at
all If wc get the electoral vote of every
state In the Union. Wc arc dead cer
tain, however, of twenty-six slates. In
these twenty-six states T have conducted
precinct polls and ascertained positively
that the total Republican precincts car
vied by Wilson or reported to be for
Wilson equal the combined Republican
nrcclncls veported to be for Taft aud
"Wc will carry Ohio. Illinois, Wiscon
sin. Michigan, Indiana. Iowa, Missouri,
Kansas. North Dakota. California. 'Ore
gon and Washington. In addition to
many other states'
Med 111 McCormlck of the. Progressive
committee- announrod that the. third
party wns assured of a plurality In
Iwnuy-foiir states.
"Too Roosevelt landslide H on," said
v- McCormlck. "and nothing on earth
can stop it. Our forecast Is eqlirclv too
,. rrvatlve. but wc arc not claiming
."iM'ihlng of which wc are not right down
i "round certain.
'' addition to Illinois. New Vork and
'"'jilifornia. we will most surclv set
twi-nty-oiir additional slates, with a
"it probability Hint this number will
Pfh"'J Hose to tho thirtv mark."
Hj f'oiisrcss Musi 'Provide $1,1.00,-
H 000,000 for the Nocossary
Hi Government Expenses.
Hl By International News Service
Wm WASHTNGTONNov. 2.-I?0norls on
Wm Hip cost of ruifinup J.bc yovcrnmeut
WM for the vcar beginning July 1, 1013.
jw which bavo boon prepared by heads
jnj of department;; for congress, and which
aro now in tho hands of Mm ovorn
U "icut printer, show rouprcss will have
MM to appropriate at the rate of fl.oOO,-
B 000 .-, (jay.
I CouprcFS. at tho short session, will
I have seventy-five working days in
MM which to apportion ! ,100,000,000,
MM which is tho amount required, despite
HH efforts of economists in and out of
WM tho capital to koep tho cost dowu to
B rock bottom.
WM Among the largos estimates arc:
WM Treasury. 137,000,r)00- war depart-
mm mcnt, $200,000,000; navy, $130,000,000;
EH agriculture, $31,000,000; legislative,
VM $14,000,000, and postofficc $275,000.
H WM Tho total estimates, including the
M P06toffico department, will approxi-
Um mato $770,000,000. The postofffee is
I now breaking about oven.
H One of tho first things to como he
foro congress when it meets will bo a
JM request for an emergency appropriation
Mm of about $10,000,000 to get the parcels
mm os Iu running order.
m MEXICO CITY'. Nov. 2 Three dnvV
desultory fighting was required before
the florals were able to force the rebels
to abandon the hills so near Cucrnavaca
capital of the state of Morclos, that the
government cannon could be heard there.
tIS8!?2 Afi ima." cne;tcmcts ended
tonight with ollght losne.
General Angeles personally directed the
federal operations.
Revolutionists in tho neighboring state
pf. Mexico hold possession of the small
s--- towns in the southern section.
Rebel activity on the west coast or
Guerrero has greatly Increased. Atovac
and Trepan arcs&ld to bo occupied by"in-sureen'ts,.
I Railway Bridge "Burned.
BAT ST. LOUIS, Miss., Nov. 2 Ten
spanu,of the Louisville & Nashville rail
road Livo-milc bridge across the bay of
St. Louis were destroyed by tire todav
The Arc wa-a discovered after th' pass
ing of a eouthbound passenger Imln. A
largo force of men la at work The
trains, will be crossing the bridge by tomorrow.
If RAM JOHNSON, candidate for vice
" president on third party ticket, reading
The Salt Lake Tribune for all the news of all
the parties.
(Continued, from Page One.)
total obliteration of her power in J3u
ropo. On neither of these lines of forts
can much icliaucc bo placed in view
of what has happened at othor places
supposcd'to be strongly fortified.
There soems now to be no oscapc for
the Turks. Thp Bulgarians arc follow
in -7 up their successes with a dash that
surprises tho world. They arc now en
deavoring to get a foreo of their troops
from Serai betweon tho routed Turkish
army under Nazim Pnsha and tho
Tehatal.ia lines. This movo would ful-'
fill the twofold purpose of putting an,
end to all Turkish resistance and stop
ping the defeated and maddened Otto
man soldiery from reaching Constanti
nople, where their arrival is much
Will Capture Stamboul.
If tho Bulgarian plan succeeds they
aro likoly to go on to Constantinople,
where thoy will dictate their terms of
peace. They aro not likcl-, however,
to slay in tho capital. There is a Bul
garian legend that .1113. nation occupy
ing Constantinople is certain to bo in
perpetual trouble with its neighbors.
What the Bulgarians always have
aimed at is the occupation of tho prov
ince of Adriauoplc, which comes down
to a line between tho Black soa aud the
sea of Marmora, near the baso of the
The Turkish troops might hayo found
a way of retreat toward tho port of Ho
dosto on the hc:i of Marmora, but this
is now occupied by the BulgHrians.
Over .12,000 Turkish wounded arc re
ported to have arrived already at .Con
stantinople. Great Number of Wounded.
Tho ambulance services of nono of
the armies aro any way near able to
cope with the work set for thpm, and
wbilo alMbc countries of .Europe have
sent contingents to assist iu earing for
the wounded the suffcrinc in tho war
area must be unparalleled.
From all tho capitals of Europe como
reports of the efforts of tho powers to
reach an agreement in regard to the
form of intervention, but nothing has
been definitel' decided beyond a gen
eral approval of the French premier's
Meantime tho waT vessels of the pow
ers arc' hurrying to the east to protect
the Christians among tho Turkish popu
lation, whoso danger, according to most
of the correspondents ihoro, is very
Escape of Turks.
SOFIA, Nov. 2. It is reported thai
the Bulgarians surrounded Torgut
Sbofkc Pasha and a Turkish division
on the heights cast of Serai. After dv
perato fighting the Turks broke the
vBulgiirian circle and lied to Chatalja.
In tho battle south of L-ule nurga-,
i the Bulgarians captured eighty cannon
and IfiO wagons of ammunition.
Delayed by Storms.
HIIJKA, Montenegro. Nov. 2. Heavy
rains and winds rc Impeding the Mon
tenegrin operation!! around Scutari. The
three rivers .surrounding the town have
QverflowcJ, but an Infantry brigade suc
ceeded In crossing th Boyana by pon
toon bridge on Friday, reinforcing the
troop? under Crown Prince Danllo. There
whs a mile of mud 011 cither bank of
the river through which the soldiers
were compelled to wade walct deep.
Opinion is divided on tho subject of a
siege. One party demands ;i vigorous
assault against Scutari, regardless of
loss; the other wants a regular Invest
ment, so that the civilian Inhabitants
may bo spared.
An Austrian destroyer baa been cruis
ing In Montenegrin waters for the last
three days between Antlvar and the
mouth of the Boyana river, angering the
Prince in Disfavor.
ported that Prince Aziz, who commanded
the Turkish cavalry at tho battle of KIrH
Kllhjsoh, and nineteen other Turkish offi
cers will be brought to Constantinople
for trial by court martial.
.More than 3000 wounded arrived here
tonight from Tlmicn Plains. An official
despatch from Solonlki says the Turkish
troops which started from Saloniki huve
formed a junction with the troops at
Varldari on the Vardar river. A column
from Vcnldlah has succeeded In dislodg
ing the Greeks who occupy tho position
at Vorlckoli near Vodena, In Macedonia.
Numerous prisoners and ten guns were
captured. Turkish forces, accord hip to
the advices, have, descended from Mouas
tir and turned the Greeks under the
crown prince.
British Naval Activity.
PORTSMOUTH, lCngland. Nov. I'. Un
usual activity In the. dockyard lioro Is
reported in a. spoela) edition of the Even
ing News, which suy.s proparallous are
being made to get the sixth destroyer
flotilla ready for sea
"The official explanation," savs the
Nows, "Is that this Is being dono merely
to be in readiness for the quarterly mo
bilization on Monday, but wo understand
the preparations arc of a much more war
like nature. The active service men
have been recalled In- notice and special
messenger since '2. o clock In the after
noon and the men have been directed to
proceed aboard ship bv S:ir tills even
ing." The News adds It Is rumored that the
flotilla will sail tonight under sealed
orders. Notices have been posted order
ing all submarinn men lo return to their
boats at once. The. paper says that men
on leave have- been recalled bv wire to
other naval ports.
Belated Report.
gram from Scutari, dated seven days
ago, reported that tho Montenegrins in
one of tholr assaults on tho town lost
200 men killed and wounded.
It is reported' from ICavala on the
Aegean sea. that -a Greek squadron has
been sighted off linos at the mouth of
the Martr.a river in the gulf of rcuo.'..
I he Greek warships were convojing
number of transports and It is believed a
landing Is contemplated.
FightliiK- continues along the wiiolo lino
Mi the eastern theater of war, but no de
tails have been made public.
Appeal for Funds.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 2. An appeal for
funds (or the relief of the mc: and
wounded of the Balkan war will be mado
by Hie American Red Cross sodctv. Nu
merous inquiries prompted the societv to
announco today that all contributions of
Americans should be addressed to tno
Red Cross at Washington or to local Red
Cross treasurers and not to Individuals
or other organization..
King at the Front.
SOFIA. Nov. 2 King Ferdinand todav
visited the. Height of Turacha. from which
he viewed the battlefield and forts around
Adrianoplo. Subsequently he proceeded
over the advanced position. Everywhere
the king was chcorcd by the troops. The
royal train slopped at Muslapha Pnsha
where the. king attended a thanksgiving
service for the Bulgarian victory before
Iue Burgas.
Rumors of Victory.
SOFIA. Nov. 2. Persistent rumors of
the fall of Adriauoplc caused great
crowds to assemble around Hie war of
llce throughout tho day. There wero also
reports that the Bulgarians have cap
tured six Turkish trains near Domollra.
No official confirmation of any of these
reports could be obtained.
Bulgarian aviators have, made a num
ber of flights over Adriauoplc and the
latest authentic Information Is that the
bombardment of the forts continue.
Expect End Soon.
VIENNA. Nov. 2. The fall of Adriau
oplc may be expected next week, ac
cording lo a correspondent of the Relchs
post, telegraphing from Mustapha Pasha.
Tbi capitulation of the ety. ho savs,
might be forced sooner by a ruthless
bombardment by the Bulgarians, but
King Ferdinand has ordered thai tho
cltv be spared.
The siege has heen complete for runny
dayn past, and tho fall of Pemoeta,
to which place the Turks had taken
30,000 men In their retreat after tho
battle of Klrk-Klllssch, with the defeat
of the main Turkish army at Lule Bur
gas, removes all fear of an Interruption
of the Bulgarian .siege operations by the
The pursuit or the Turkish army and
tho attempt to outflank it on Its line
of retreat to Constantinople have al
ready progressed so far that the com
plete encircling of Nizam Pasha's troops 1
may occur at any moment. 1
The Bulgarians' siege guns posted at
Kadlk Eul on Wednesday bombarded th
Turkish works on th 'northwest front ,
of Adrlancple, of which TchalaIJa fort 1
Years of Suffering
Catarrh and Blyod Disease
Doctors Failud to Cure.
Ml"? Ma!vl F Da v.-kins. 121! Tafiy
I elle St., Fort Wayne, lnd., write?
"For three year' was troubled v.i
catarrh nnd blond disease. I ii'led'sc'
oral doctors ami a dozen different n'r
cdles, but nono rtf thm did irc-.p1
good. A friend told rno of Hood'? K
sapunip, J took two bottles of t'.
medicine and v.ns ns well nnd airo.'
jjs ever. I feci n diffcronl p?rsr
end roror::r.ond Hood's to any one.::r
I JerlnT from catr.rr'.i'
j Cn I: ivCzy u ;:..: I ll?.iid f 0
;hc:.-.i.-' d u'o'cts c-alleiJ f5ars' 'vi
' ' 1
Is the ct-mci. This fort, which hears tho
...line iiuiiic.'jTh tho line ,of dofenseii be
fore Constant Innple. is the strongest of
those dui'ioundlng Adriauoplc lo which
It f units tho actual key. nnd Its capture-
would bring about the fall of tin;
city. It Is thought, however, that the
garrison will be starved out.
The bombardment from "Kadlk Eul was
kept up for eight hours, and titcn after
an Interval resinned. The effect of the.
Bulgarians fire was svre. The reply
of tho Tuikish guns was Ineffective.
In the muanilnie a column of Bul
garians advanced to the attack In the
direction of Mat us and strong dutneh
mcntr also were lnunched against Ka
ra?.ach fort, southwest of the city.
The Turkish garrison, which Is estl
m.itpd at 10.000 men. niade numerous
sorties ut various polnls.
Heavy Greek Losses.
per dispatches from Salonlkl, dated No
vember 1. say heavy lighting continues
on the plain of .Vardar and thai the
Greeks aie sustaining heavy losses. The
1 Turkish Uoop.i urc said to have captured
twont-ivc Greek cavalrymen and two
llcl'I guns, and the Greeks are described
as retiring, pursued by the Turks.
British and French cruisers have ar
rived at Salonlkl and two German wur
vessels are expected there.
Many refugees continue to arrive hero
from Rodosto and Mldta.
Tho price of bread has risen here, but
the supplies of wheat, flour and meat
continue to come from Russia, Rumania
and the Anatolian provinces.
The Germnn gunboat Lorclev. bringing
ex-Sullan Abdul Humid from Salonikl,
arrived here today. Abdul Humid and
the women of the harem are to bo placed
for the present In Beyler Bey palace on
the Asiatic side of the Bosphorus.
Story Dribbling Out.
LONDON, Nov. 2. Graphic descriptions
of the week long battle between the Tur
kish and Bulgarian armios in the. south
eastern corner of the Balkan peninsula are
now reaching London. II would appear
that nearly 100.000 men havo been. en
gaged inN the life and death struggle,
which, according to some accounts, Is still
In progress.
In their attack on Lule Burgas, the Bul
garians found Torgut Shefket Pasha with
his troops in position on the slopes bo
hind tho town. Tho Bulgarians brought
up sl batteries and shelled the position
on Monday evening. Thoy then carried
out. an Infantry attack which was unsuc
cessful. On Tuesday afternoon It became clear
to the Turkish commander that the "Bul
garians were pushing up masses of rein
forcements to the firing line to give weight,
to their attacks. The Turkish advance
line fell back In admirable order to Torgut
Shefket Pasha's main position on tho left,
guarding the Iron bridge across tho river
Close battle was begun between the op
posing forces at dawn on Wednesday and
raged with equal fierceness along the
whole front for a distance of twenty miles.
No description of the later stages of tho
battle has come through, but reports
from Sofia assert that the Bulgarians car.
rled excrythlng before them.
Further dispatches from Sofia say the
Turkish troops offered an obstinate resist
ance. Tho conflicts continued until late
on Wednesday night . with waverings.
'Eventually, howover, tho Turks gavo way
all along the lino, the Bulgarians ruptur
ing the railway station at Muradll, thus
commanding tho railway line lo Saloniki,
which is now isolated.
Battle at Maras.
VIENNA, Nov. 2. A fearful battle the
most sanguinary tho Bulgarian army has
had lo sustain before AdrlanOple Is rag
ing todav near the bridge over tho Marlt
za. river at Maras. wires the Rolchpost'a
correspondent with tho Bulgarians.
The Turks aro displaying extraordinary
A Straw Vote
Was taken yesterday at a meeting of
the Coal Consumers showing the fol
lowing, result:
Total ....531
Neither one having a majority of the
electoral vote, the election Is thrown Into
Congress (the 1-lousowlves' Congress).
W I Wolslcnholnio. Managing Director.
Arthur McFarlaue, Secretary.
Agents for
Phonoc. Wasatch 710. Office, 73 S. Main.
Blue Wagons Bring Belter Coal
I Real Estate
This company not only
serves as executor, administra
tor, guardian, trustee and In
othor trust capacities, but it
also handles real estato in all
its branchcR,
If you wish to purchase roal
estato, our twonty-fivc years of
experience enables us accu
rately to pass on values; if
you have property, that you
desire to soli or rent, we can
ficrvo you in a most efflctont
32 Main St.
Number of Offers Received
Which Are Now Being
Special to Tho Tribune.
ICI, PASO, Texas. Nov, 12. Junius
Itonincy, former president of tho ox.
Unci. Mexican stake of the Morinan
ehurcli, accompanied by Business Agent
O. P Brown, has tfonc. to Idaho to ip-
estimate an offer which has been made
thoro for land upon which to establish
a church colony of till the refugees
frutn .Mexico who have not yot been
A number of ofl'crs have been re
ceived bv Mr. Konuiey, including the
ouo from Tucson and others iu Arizona
and New Mexico, but the Idaho ofler
is considered most favorably by the
officials and members of the colonies
and it is probable that the 200 or more
exiles yot roinainiiii: without permanent
locations will bo soul, there.
Iiefuncos arriving here today Hay
conditions remain unsettled below tho
border at this point. Antonio' Rojas
has about 500 rebels camping in tho
American settlement of Pachcco. The
refugees who came from the various
Mormon colonics aud other American
settlements in uho Casus G ramies dis
trict, were compelled to move overland
to llachita, N. M.
Work was begun today in recon
structing the Mexico Northwestern rail
way, on which road rebels have burned
sixty bridges between Juarez and Ca
sus Grandcs. American railwuy oili
cinls . agreed lo attempt to rebuild tho
road again on promise of General Tra
cy Aubert that full protection w.ould
be given. Tho first work train to de
part was guarded bv M0 federal sol
diers. All railway traffic below this
nort has been paralyzed for nearly a
So great is the demand for the 3o00
ITnitcd States troops engaged in border
duty as a result of tho continuance of
the Mexican revolution that the quar
termaster's departmont today estab
lished a supplv depot in El Paso. Cap.
tain William R. ITuut is in chargo or"
the depot, which will supply till troops
on actual patrol duty only.
stubbornness, continually bringing up
fresh reserves nnd hustling them Into the
fight. The Bulgarians aro showing a
complete contempt for death.
Germany Accepts.
BERLIN, Nov. 2. Germany has ac
cepted the proposal made by tho French
premier, Raymond Polncalre. regarding
the form which Intervention In tho Bal
kan situation by tho European powers
shall lake, according to an announcement
mado by tho foreign ofllco here today.
Tho proposal docs not contain any plan
for the settlement of tho Balkan terri
torial situation.
It Is understood tho French proposal
represents tho Anglo-Russian vlow.
Therefore, as C-ermaily Is acting in ac
cord with her allies, all the powers aro
Massacred by Turks.
SOFIA. Nov. Before evacuating
Buuarhlssar, tho Turkish troops shut up
2000 Bulgarians in tho barrack and set
fire to tho building, according to the Mir.
All the Bulgarians perished.
Servians Sweep Macedonia.
BELGRADE. Sella, Nov. 1 Tho Ser
vian cavalry continues to sweep Mace
donia. Tho Turks do not offer serious
resistance to them anywhere. A column
of Servians has arrived within a few
miles of Pcrlcpc, where they expect to
Join the Greeks. A convoy of B00 wound
ed Servian soldiers arrived hero today
from Voles. Many of them are crippled.
They doclaro tho lighting to have been
very severe.
Women Massacred.
SOFIA. Nov. 2. Bulgarian ropoits say
the Turkish troops during tholr retreat
from Eskl-Baba to Lulo Burgas massacred
200 women, old men and children In tho
village of Atvali. A number of the vic
tims wero still writhing In their death
agonies when the Bulgarian troops en
tered tho place-
The rospousc to Druchl & Frankcu 's
auspicious Opening Saturday excooded
expectations. All day and. evening a
sloadv throng pourod into tho beauti
ful now otore. If was not alouo tho
haudsomc souvenirs which were present
ed to tho visitors, buj, tho natural in
terest and curiosity which atiached to
tno lormai opening or tho finest drug
storo betweon Chicago and tlio coast.
Tho public, appreciating the aggressive
ness of tho old Smith Drug company,
which is now known, as Druehl Si
Franken, who havo long owned the bus
iness, looked for an elcganco in keep
incr with tho magnificent skvscraper
which tjiey occupy. And tho" public
was not disappointed. Of courso there
was a hoavj business, but that which
pleased tho firm more was tho earnest
expression of good cheer and pleasure
felt at Salt Lake having a drug storo
which could bo poiutod out to tourists
with feelings of pride.
The souvenirs, given in connection
with purchases, -wero a new idea. A
tlftv-cent box of oand' was presented
with each dollar purchase: a while cel
luloid fan with each fifty-cent pur
chase: a toothbrush with each tube of
Hexall tooth paste; a comb with each
dollar hair brush; a bottle of Mary
Garden perfume with each box of Treii
l.iui talcum, and a vanity box with each
package of Violet J.hilcio face nowder.
Druehl & Franken thank tho public
for the large attendance at the Open
ing and tho splendid business of tho
dav. (Advertisement)
FORT RILEY. Kan.. Nov. 2 in tests
of aeroplanes for war service, being con
ducted hero by the war department. Lieu
tenant Arnold, aviator with Lieutenant
r,'l,dl2V?vI.,'-ess operator, both of tho
United States army today sent lnanv
messages from an -aeroplane to a field
station five miles .-.way. it is said this
s the first time sucn messages have
been tsent with complete success.
Minister Resign;.
SANTO DOMINGO, Nov. 2. Alfred
Victoria, minister of war and nephew of
the Dominican president, has resigned
and tho president has appointed Luis
PcWter to succeed him, 'while ehS
Blachc has been made minister of the
Interior; JMj
Elect Alice Merrill Homo. Good
road; adocato. Pull third lev or
f Advorliscmoiit)
Bowels Get Weak
As Age Advance's
Tho First; Neecfisity Is to Koep tho
Bowels Gently Open jVVith a Mild
Healthy old age is so absolutely de
pendent upon the condition of tho
bowels' that groat orfre should be taken
(o soo that thoy act regularly. Tho fact
is, that as ago advances ho sloniach
muscles become weak and inactive- and
tho liver docs not si ore up tho juices
that aro iieccarv to prompt digestion.
Some help can bo obtained by eat
ing casilv digested foods and by
plentv of oxerciso, but this latter is
irksome lo mosl elderly people.
One thing is certain, that a state of
constipation should always bo avoided,
as it is dangerous lo life and health.
The befrt plan is to lake a mild laxa
tive as often as is doomed necessary.
But with equal, ccriainty it is sup.
gestcd that .cathartics, purgatives,
phvsics, slts and pills be avoided,
as" they o but temporary good and
are so harsh as to be a shock to a
dcliealc system.
A much bolter plan, and one that
thousands of elderly people are fol
lowing, is lo take a gentle - laxative
tonic liko Hi'. Caldwell's Svrup Pep
sin, which acts as nearly like nature
as is possible. Tn fact, the tendency
of this remedy is lo strengthen the
sloniach and 'bowel muscles and so
train them to act naturally again,
when medicines of all kinds can usu
ally be dispensed with. This is the
opinion of many people of dilTcrent
ages, among them Mr. William Dei
bert, FToxio, Kan., and Mrs. Poarl
Wilson. Sandpoint, Tdaho, and they
havo Syrup Pepsin constantly iu (ho
LAKE CirAKLBS, La.. Nov. The
defendants in ti 0 Grabow riot murder
cusc wero acquitted this afternoon. The
jury was out an hour.
Immediately after the verdict was
read all other indictments against both
tho defendants and their forty-nine fel
low union men, who havo been awaif-ine-
trial, wero abandoned.
llalf an hour later the jail doors were
opened and thn prisoners, most ol
whom had been confined for two
months or more, walked out free men.
Most of them -wore soon on the wn
to their homes in nearby null towns.
President Emerson expects to leave
loniorrow for Alexandria, where, ac
cording to a statement tonight, he will
resume his work of building up the or
ganization of the timber workers.
Tho Grabow riot occurred Sunday af
Inrnoon, July 7. Members of tho
Brotherhood of Timber Workers; led
bv President Emerson and othor load
ers, numbering 100 or more, began 11
labor meeting in front of tho Calloway
mill. No sooner had (bespeaking com
menced that soino pno fired a shot.
Immediately the firing became general.
When t lie riot ended three men were
dead and thirty-seven wounded,, one 01
whom died later.
A fifth fatality was I be (loath ol
" Leather Breeches' .Smith, killed sev
eral weeks after the conflict while re
sisting arrest on the charge of com
plicity. Slate troops wore callod out and
moro than sixty men, including mem
bers of the Galloway family, owners
of the mill whero the- riot occurred,
wero arrested. None of the Galloways
were iudictcd.
Only nine of I ho workers were tried.
Tho riot whs tho culmination of a
strike by the timber workers against
tho Galloway mill and other mills iu
western Louisiana.
President Emerson organized the
brotherhood as a branch of I ho Indus
trial Workers of tho World. Milliuen.
artisans and wage-earners of all kinds
are included iu the membership.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 2. Cardi
nal John Murph- Parley, with a party
of ecclesiastics with whom be will tour
California, arrived in Sap Francisco
tonight, on his first visit to the west.
Although Cardinal 'Farley is the bearer
of a special message from the popo to
the pcjopIo of San Francisco, he said
his visit was without official signifi
cance, and that, he had no definite
plans as to his "itinerary in tho west.
His progress across tho slate today
was an almost unbroken ovation and
the car was loaded with flowers when
it reached Oakland.
NORFOLK, Va.. Nov. 2 According to
reports received here tonight the Nor
wegian steamer Norcugla, which collided
with tho sailing ship Glcu Lul south of
Hattcras yestorday morning, was forced
to anchor in the teeth of a forty-mile
northwest galo today because she sprang
a leak In No. 2 hold.
Tho Noreugla tonight reported No. I
hold flooded with a slight leak hi No. 2
hold. The collision bulkhead is holding,
but tho ship Is In a bad way She sent
out wireless appculs for assistance and
two battleships at anchor on the southern
drill grounds havo gone to her assistance.
By International News Service.
WORCESTER, Mass,. Nov. 2. - That the
people of Ibo country will re-elect Presi
dent Taft is the belief of his aged aunt,
Miss Delia r. Torrcy. who anxiously
awaits election night.
Miss Torrcy has followed tho cam
paigns of all three candidates for presi
dent through tho dally papers and al
though she admitted the third party
i might ' possibly reduce her favorite
1 nephew's majority, site brightened up in
a monient.
"President Taft has made a good presi
dent, ' sho snld. "and the people want
him, and will elect him again on Tues
day. 1
to nl
CHICAGO. Nov, i-clJjE'
has confessed that he JmW.('
Sophia Singer, tl 0 B .ItlmrtH
nounced Police Captain ffiJW
this afternoon, after lie fomT
Kramer, 0,. .Con-v'ny, (as W
known f0r thrcc 1? Jf
and his aclress wife liavrMf1
ntcnts to the police. who'tSHSn'
Mrs Conway was taken
captain s office today ZvMWv
duplicate copies of (he nWEL
mado yesterday oonccinlnj K
She gave hr name as UR
Beatrice Kramer. savlne the iE
jvay was an assumed rum.-K
husband used in tlifa l-Irai- iES
was thereafter iulir.ci It WE
as Mrs. Kramer j'mR,
She said she met KramtrrBS
ago In Munlce. InO. $Yi ''iMWfi
burlesque show and lie niibE -company.
Kramer later WiMWii
burlesque. Since then flit vtSL
as a. lion tamer, snake doVu
oriental dancer--"anvihln.'-Kvi
"that would give nie a IWriWf
RA LTIMORE. Nov. 2,-riMc t
Sophia Gertrude Sitter
the family lot at Druid Ii!'BP
Ibis afternoon after brlct httmBiu
undertaker's stililisiiniDl UWr
body was taken on Its anintKil
cago last uiclit. Onlr IPiDHtMi.'
bers of the family altonMjM-
1 wr;ATtmn forecast roTlK
CITY AND Till: STATE 0T imU-'i
Cninpxljthc -".ember J't l 'CJ
lllrtlicsi tcnipcnlnrc to-Jir '"'B2,'
littdicul In Mil month rlnre )KI VV
luwctil Inst liislit -vat Z1 itytttmW1'
nionili jlncs 1ST! nu : KW"
mran Icnipcr.uiiro for oM 'HM
normal n-.ix )j ic;rcr.v: ictmttM;.
Mnco Mi" first of (lie n:Mb It 'jjH r
cumulate' lcilrlencr state JiiT ''j
green. ZmW'
neMtivn hiimllilT H I i aJjfc
per cent: rrlathc liumMitj t ''9WJ
was H per en' 'Blb,
Total precipitation lor lit r"3R,t?,'
ending nt fl p, in, 4m wyKJ1
month to lto Is neat. ,pPff
for thl montli to iUte l 1! """M
preotpltullon slnee Jiwurr 1 '(P
Inches; nccuniiilatc1 cuew ilstf mgUi
'sun rise 7:0: .1 in., ill t&fmfiti 1
November ", 1512. mr-
ntitbm. PjjB'!
1 Kii
SALT LAKE j jjKee:
Clieycnr.f Jj 'Htf
n t" lolos " ' Mfc.'
C?-UndS.Tiincton JJ
.Ucksoiivfllc j fBJ'kr
lCtntns Cltr JJ IKUI
lnndcr 11 flVlfci
Los Anseles V JBtn
Mo'ienn. J( fiB
Moorhtad 1. jtHii.
Nt- Orleans n 'V'
North Flfitti' ' ! uBf
! Oklahoma ''" fl Kii
Pocatello ' ' gRj'
Portland. Or. y jjjBbltf
Roscburg ' j flBTt;
Snn Deso " ( jjKjjj
Sjn "Mnclco jj H.'
Suofcano .Mil!,!!' ' MtaL1
Wwhhiston j SB'S.'-'
VJllUloii ;', ) IgMfcnt
winnemuce " -mm:. t
By International J5." 1 JtftB
NEW YORK. Mfoi rmMrn ,
derbllt and h j; $ 3U&
who was for,eJlav on HBIOm
Me.lvlm. arrived Ugu Mrf-MJ
for a brief vltlt r. WW?! H
tho bridegroom mW
to remain un til JUd Wlft)
show, which If i i. ytTSmmki
elation otyW
" "
Dozens of Different Toys that ypu will soon be ySffdffSSBh'
Absolutely Free. Your choice with a $1.00 purchaso.0' dod1HC,'HI
2nC to 15c. Don't wait till the lust to get your M"" - mmZ
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