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kB-gjrtl Hours 6 a. m. to 10:30 a. in.; 3 p. m. to 8 p. m.
Won IsFearecl if Wom
o Not) Cast Their
H3allois Earl)'. ,
jTOBNov. 2.-county Cleric Samuel
tfiflfctted ) boorKO Folkman, cu
Ee rollnc machine, nnd rcp
of the HAmiocratle a nil l'ro-
HfJlM completed today :i tlior
al5 button of every machine which
Hte In next TiieMlay's election.
uS ceptl'"n of the three machine
t to krt) nl the Political head(i)ar
tUfc ere Ipcked ready for removal
taf i rlct In whleh they will he
H entnn of the innrhlnea will
mill Ojtden city and the two re
IJ HI rvc tlie voteru of Ilunla-.
taln City, ,
I ll y every Jtidpc In the country
lt illed at the office of the coiwi
3l dsy and received the election
't?l be used In Ills district. The
"hlnca will he delivered to the
kjh' tomorrow and Monday. .
ho made throughout thlx
i Tuesday to et the women
5 16 tlie pollliip plates during the
- It lias been found that a ma-
R-orkliiKnicn who must leave
rln order to vote almost lu
ll i w during tlc afternoon. If
1 1 wait until after the luncheon
I darHl that congestion at the
Wil'nc-1 will result. Party lead-H-thitt
at the bct the machines
Hta) to their limit to handle all
, j tra hi the prescribed hours.
Id i
nvli nd of Power Company Com
f. for New York Concern.
.bj& J"e Tr,bime.
,t Nov. 2. The abstract of title
u-i I on which tho Rlverdalo plant
uift rls nnd Weber Countios Canal
,i j, r located has been completed
a ' Ague, attorney for the
"SI Hid lie dcclarcH that everything
ultt Itllles are concerned Is ready
I snsfor of the station to the
I ' i wrfc company of New York.
,' f to Judge Apee, there will be
ltfc v hurry, however, because the
' not vet completed and tlie
r i Llht company, subsidiary
few York corporation 1h not
A V It 'take ovci the plant until It la
JM Operation. V .. Dame vepre-
ncw company and will remain
ifM : until the transfer is made.
FH '.p.s the station In in opera -uu
twill be struiiK to the suh-.stn-'
i Merchant Ughl & Power
tnmv ronlrolh'd by the Utah
" Jght company and current will
tltA for residence and eommcr-
- ft, U Is collected at this lime
2 mi"lIon will bo made within
forec weeks.
J go to Trocs Charged.
;hc Trib-mc
:ov. 2 M the request of C
loniv for the OKrim Rapid
puny, the case of Osdon
ti company has been set
Jiidcc II. Ucedcr'g court
Iny nomine at 10 o'clocit.
Nl nt;alnt the traction com
cnrcil bv I'aik Superlntend
der Pchull and charges that
f the compnnv mutilated
I .icnirinc a permit from the
Itlcs. Thp ailcged damage
Washington avt-nne between
ml rtieit and the Ogdcn
Kolldato Charity Work.
Tho Tribune.
flfPBfX'K 2- A new plan for cn
Ul ihiivlt' vurl; of tho eltv will
fpy tl Krv. Frank C. Uniin
n dilUcrv a lecture on "The
yt;Ciarlll-" at the regular
yVBe Sand.-y Night club in tins
Gjll'd haP tomorrow cvniinK.
fcsatlnnul inlnlsler jnoposcs to
m of ttie charity work to the
ipcrntlng through a central
rtCOlB- pln" '"' n("p" 1111,1 herorc
HoCW eeclv and other organlzn
W cl,v 0,lpid favorable
TLiM'1.6 'nine's pioprammo lu-
llf wfa11 Addvcfiscs Women.
WTuo Tribune,
2 "''idled Slates tfen-
mf? Mitherhtiid was the onlv
t i uniting of the Ladles"
I hf"W;ru" ,n,!1 "ftornoon. There
i ; W I in n ioo women present. After
tVirfBLi y ,n" """lator rcfrnsbinents
oMS',, Sci,'i'i- Suthcrlund also
.MC(.'.HS I" rieaj-ant View and
' fine Cure
tJm Absolutely Free
tJ JiYou Spend a Post
RCard for It?
KuVUf?rcr, fro,n instant
Km' Ulre w,n follow
,E ,?,r"K f'- 3 Pj-mmlil
.m-p1:Ilrl1, win nend you free.
Jf .MR r' A tr,ul Pnekago of
nC!i rr' 1,0 wonderful cure
HOI ''ltc for the tortures of this
Kar 0,!f?,uls llavc already
nlCrKj8" of UiIh offer, thou5and
r. vlW5??f lX",I,B- ,,,c llchlnp-
tilt Kj2ri5 ,,e,4.0Vc,! 1,10 '" and
WL y?w" la reduced and
Kr l1' SoiHi absolutelv.
1 0,idiwK Jvrn l1u,8Per"itlc you think
llftllOBJv rlie in today for the free
llSlfMu? flvncy of -vo,ir own 'wo
lemKr? "ll-slae piickacTft nt
liEfUr J ct,nla- Kvery day
t PdKg- roMiANY. m
fll Bnc wmpl n0f pvrami,i pile
Wnc hi mall. FRKB ln plnln
1 JftdverUSl;incnt)
Question of Property Rights
Raised Over Construction
of New Building.
'Special to The Tribune.
OGDK.V. Nov. 2. Believing that his
Jewelry store at iWJ Washington avenue
has been Momnwhat "overshadowed" by
the now PIngrua National bank building,
which extends three feet and four Inches
out Into the city property, .John S.
Lewis has filed with City Recorder
George A. Seaman a petition asking that
he be allowed to extend the front of his
building the same distance out over tlie
sidewalk. This petition will be officially
presented to tlie city commissioner at
their regular meeting Monday evening.
The bank building occupied the lot
Just south of the Lewis property. While
the bank building proper doc not ex
tend over the property line, the large en
gaged columns, their baso and tho stone
steps leading to tho entrance extend
more than three feet beyond tho face of
the building. In acting upon Mr. J-ewls's
petition the city commissioners will be
face to face with the problem of what
the other property owners will do in case
this petition is granted.
Mr.Lewl Ptatoa that In case his re
quest Is granted he will proceed at once
with plans for the remodeling of his store
front, which will b made to extend out
to a point c'Hinl to that occupied by the
bank building.
Weber County Commissioners Plan Re.
pairs In Many Sections.
Special to The Tribune
OGD1SN. Nov. L'. Having completed the
road Impiovemcnts In tho canyon for the
present season, the commissioners today
ordered the rock crusher removed from
the point near Idlewlld to the Utah Hot
springs. After It is agnln In operation It
is proposed to Improve, the roads In sev
eral districts to tho north and west of
Opden city. Roads In the vicinity of
Pleasant View, North Ogdcn. Harrlsvlllc
and other settlements will receive atten
tion. The crushed rock for these Improve
ments will bo transported over the lines
of the Ogden Rapid Transit company.
By this arrangement tho commissioners
can transport tho rock cheaper than by
the use of teams and the work can be
carried on far into tho winter after the
roads hnve become almost impassable for
heavily loaded wagons. Commissioner
Moroni Skocn stated today that the board
had not overlooked the possibility of Og
den and Weber county scouring a place
ion the transcontinental auto highway
now planned, mid it Is the commissioner!)"
Intention to make good roads in thl
county a strone bidding faclor.
City Given Additional Time for Construe
tlon of Dam In Canyon.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDKN. Nov. 2. In a telephone mes
sage to .Mayor A. G. Veil today, the slate
engineer announced Hint Ogden city had
been granted an extension of three years
In which to build its dam at Magpie can
yon, ono and a half miles below tho site
of the proposed dam to be built by the
Ogden River Reservoir company. This
extension was protested by William Glaa
mnnn. president of the reservoir com
pany, on tho grounds that t-lio city had
filed on more water than It could possibly
life for municipal purposes.
The engineer can grant to the city only
sufficient water for city uses, thy former
mayor having previously (iled on 'Jft.OOO
acres for Irrigation purposes. It is now
believed that there is sulflclcnt water
for both purposes. Glnsmann announces
that work Is progressing very satisfac
torily on his South Fork dam. Cement
for the foundation of the dam is now
being transported fifteen mllen by auto
truck from the terminus of the Opden
Rapid Transit company's lino to the dam
site above Ilunlsvlllc.
Raise 5100 for Greek Red Cross Assocla.
tlon In Balkan Conflict.
Spei;inl to The Tribune.
OGDKN. Nov. 2. As a furlhor aid to
the Greeks In their fight against, the
Turks, residents of Opden during tho
past few days have contributed morn
than 5100 to the funds of the Greek Red
Cross association. The subscription
blanks, soul out by a Greek newspaper
In New York and circulated by Pcparcs
brother.-? of this city, were originated at
the uugpcsllon of tho Grecian queen.
Among I ho Opden contributors are Fred
.1. Klenel. .lames McFailand, A. K. Thom
as and Paul Boomer.
While (bore is Kaid to lie small chance
of their services being required, unothor
delegation of Salt Lake anil Ogden
Greek, twenty-eight u number, departed
In a. special ear over the ITnion Pacific
tills evening for New York. Another dele
gallon is arranging to leave after No
vember l-'i. on which dale they receive
their pav checks from the railroads.
Idaho Jurist Has New Scheme for Pun
ishing Arrests for Drunkenness.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDKN, Nov. 2. Arraignod before
Judge W. II. Roednr this morning on a
charge- of unlawful drunkenness. Peter
McMimus furnished the court with an ex
planation of tho novel fine-collecting sys
tem alleged to be In force In Idaho Fulls,
Ida. After stating that Idaho Is a "dry
state, McManus declared that tho amount
of monev found on a "plain drunk
when brought In is recorded along with
his charge. Wh"n arraigned the court
almost Invariably assesses a fine Just
equal to the amount of money, provided,
of course, the sum Is not too great. Un
der this uystoin, according to McManus,
the unfortunate imbiber Is turned loose
without a cent on which to get out of
the town. From Judge Reeder tho pris
oner gained sympathy and a suspended
Progressives Sjy Their Last Word and
Leave Isuob With Voters.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDKN, iov. 2. The Progressives
closed their campaign In Weber county
tonight with a meetlntr ln tho Ogden
theater. Judge George W. Moyor of Suit
Lake wan the principal spcakor. Judge
Moyor f-evornly arraigned the Republi
cans who arc seeking olcctlon on the
state ticket by paying especial attention
to Governor Spry, Treasurer Mat iron
and Jacob Johnson. Judge Moyor elimi
nated the Democrats In I' tali, declaring
that the Hull Mooscrs would carry Salt
ljko county.
I Honor Sherman's Memory.
' Sp-r l.il t Tho ''rlbune
I OtiDEN. , ov 2 Tho Ogdon postofficc
was ci neil between the hours of I and
4 o clock tile afternoon whj'o the funeral
I of Vice Picsldrnt Jamo' Sherman was
being condt ctcd in I'llai N V
Ih ,1,
Announcement Is Made of
AAarriage Which Took
Place July 1.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OODTJN. Oct. 2. Although the cere
mony was performed in Sail Lako on
July I of i his .year, announcement has
iust been nuulu of Hie marring of
Ilarry Koinsliriber and Miss Nellie
Tribe, both of this city. Mrs. lniu
sliribor is a daughter of. G. Tribe,
vice president of tlie "First National
bank, residincr at o."G Twenty-first
street. Mr. Kein&hribor has been a
resident of Ogden for the past live
vcars. At present ho is manager of he
National Outfitting company and a
stockholder in tho National Credit com
pany of Salt Lako.
Frost Injures Beets.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDKN. Nov. 2. After making a. lour
of Investigation throughout Weber
county. Job Plngree. IJeUl superintend
ent for the Amalgamated Sugar com
pany, reports that there haw boon wide
spread. althoiiRh not serious, Injurv to
the beets by frost. Beets which have
peen dug and allowed to remain uncov
ered suffered the greatest damage. Ilo
has Issued another warning to the grow
ers instructing them to cover the boots
with the leaves whenover pile are loft
In the fields.
Wrecking Ecclos Building.
Special to The, Tribune.
OGDKN. Nov. 2. The "triumphal
arch." a Inst monument to tho memory
of the fire-wrecked Ecclcs building, dis
appeared this, afternoon when a heavy
charge of dnamlto sent tho hundred tons
of mnsonry tumbling Into tho bnsoment
pit. This arch was the massivo doorway
of carved tonn at the northeast corner
of the building. Wnlle the blasting was
In prosrew on tho work this morning one
of the plate lass windows nt the Wright'
store, acrosp the street, wns broken by a
flylnt: fragment of rock.
Dr. Talbot in Ogdcn.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDKN, Nov. 2. in the absence of
the Rev. F. V. Flaher, who htm de
parted for San Fianelsco to take up
his lecture bureau work. Dr. II. J. Tal
bot of Salt Lake will occupy the pulpit
the tho Flrut Methodist church both
morning and evnnliig tomorrow. IV.
Talbot came to Opden this evcnlnc In
order to attend a mooting' of tho uni
versity committee. It Ih exnwtud that
Bishop W. J. McConuell of Denver will
appoint Mr. Fisher's successor during the
coming wook. ,
Passes Wortlilesu Check.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN. Nov, 2. T. M. Wcll, ar
ralgpd before Judge J. A. Howell in
the district court today, ptoaded guilty
to a charge of. obtaining money by
fraud nnd was hontniiocd to pay a line
of $30 or serve thirty days ln the county
Jail. II? was accused of pHssIng a
worthless cheok for JC.fiO. Although
Ktlll eonilncd In the county Jail. Wells
Is inuklng an effort to securo funds wllh
which to pay the tine.
Pound Unconscious.
Special to Tlie Tribune
OGDEN, Nov. "W llferd oiwii IC
Twoi tlcti str-c. w is found In an tin
roi. ' I iir condition tonlgh "'i t'o side
walk nor tl e corner of Washington avi-
Pansy Ellen Lcsh Tells Los
Angeles Police She Killed
Two Women in Missouri.
Both Victims Died Suddenly
and No Investigation Was
Ever Made.
LOS ANGELES, Cal.. Nov. J. Pansy
Ellon Lesh. 21 years old. who sold she
had Just been deserted by her husband,
went to Central police station late to
day and surrendered herself, declaring
that she had murdered two women In
Missouri one at Green HIdge, and an
other nt Sodalin. The victims, she said,
were Mrs. Quaintancc and Mrs. Coe. Both
were slain by the administration of
tough on rats.
Mrs. Lesh told the police that she was
taken from the orphan home society In
St. Ixitila when she was 1.1 years old by
Qualntanco. and went to live with the
QuHlntntiec family at Green HIdge. She
refused to tell her maiden name. In
June. 1901, she said, Mrs. Qualntanco be
came ill and, Mrs. Lesb declared, she
put a capsule containing rat poison In
some medicine and gave It to Mrs.
Quaintancc. who died next morning.
Tlie next spring she left for Hedalla
and wont to the home of Mrs. Coe. a
widow on Sixth street. In August of that
year, she said, she put nil poison In a
class of beer and cave it to Mrs. Coe,
who died the next morning.
Leaving tho household, the woman
siiid. she drifted from place to place,
finally going to Paducuh, Ky., where, on
September D. 1907. she was married to
Lesh. They went to East St. Louis. III..
to live.
In October of this year she and her
husband came to Los Angeles. Accord
ing to her story to tlie police she was
deserted by Lesh soon after their arrival.
The police are holding Mrs. Lesh pond
ing an investigation of her story.
SEDALIA: Mo.. Nov. 2. When the
confession of Pansy Ellen Lesh at Loa'
Angeles. In which she claims to have
caused the deaths by poison of Mrs. E.
M Qualntnnce ut Grconrldge. nnd Mrs.
Eliza Coe of Sedalln, was reported to
the loi al authorities, they rcculled that
both women died tinder circumstances
that, while not Investigated at the time,
were suspicious. No one, however, was
suKpected seriously enough to be ac
cused. Credence Is given to the woman's story
by reason of the accuracy of dates. Mrs.
Losh's maiden name. If her story is true,
was Pansy Hastings, who lived at the
homo of Col. nnd Mrs. E. M. Qualntanco
at Crei-nrldgc. In IH0.1 and 1901. She was
sent fi Grecnrldgc from a St. Louis or
phanage. She had lived at the Quaintancc home
hut a few months when she and Mrs.
Qualntanco quarreled over an alleged In
tlmnry that Mrs. Quaintancc discovered
between the girl and her husband.
The girl Is said to have knocked Mrs.
Quaintancc down, Injuring her badly.
Plivsielans pronounced the Injury rupture
and treated the case as such. Peri ton! Us
developed and she died ln June. 1901. The
attending physicians say her death would
have resulted from the Injury in time,
but tho suddenness of her death was
wholly unexpected.
The girl continued to mako her home
with Colonel Qualntanco. as his house
keeper, until a few weeks after Mrs.
Quulntanoe's death, when Colonel Qualn
tanco shot himself.
Just before the suicide, the SL Louis
orphanage had been advised of the girl's
actions, nnd the Institution again look
her in charge. Afler remaining In the
orphanage a few weeks, the girl came to
Sodalla to live at the homo of Mrs. Coe,
who was secretary of the board of chari
ties of Pettis county.
Tho girl remained here until the sud
den death of Mrs. Coe. In July. lPOi".
The attending physicians announced
that Mrs. Coe died of cholera morbus,
and her death was not Investigated- The
girl loft here soon after . and no one hero
knew where she had gone.
Gloo Club Will Sing.
The High School Glee club will sing
tonight al tho Emigration ward meet
ing house. Tenth East and Seventh
South streets, at G:3n o'clock. Jlebcr
O. Ivorson will lecture.
hup and Twentieth street, lie hal re
ceived Injuries about the fac and bend
It is supposed that Olson fell from
bicycle, although at a late, hour he was
untihlo to give the cause of the at-dent-
Olson Is employed as a bookkeeper
by George A. Lowe Co.
Committed to Provo.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN. Nov. 2.-After an examina
tion conducted by Judge J. A. Howell
and iwo phjsiclaim today. Kay RupMi.
aged 21 years and sop of Koheii Ourch.
Jr.. 3CM Adams avenue, was committed
to lite Stale Mental hospital at Provo
Th patient has never boon violently in
sane and tho physicians believe that
treatment at the state hospital will bring
about his recovery.
Mcrcliants Will Dance.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDKN. Nov. 2. Tho members of .the
Retail Merchants' association have deeld
ed to hold their annual ball at the Colonial,
daucInK academv on November 20. This
has always pruvtn one of the best at
tended dancing events of tho entire sea
son. Committee on programmes, music
and announcements are now at work.
Throws Rock; Arrested.
Sprlitl to Tho Tribune.
OGDKN. Nov. ;. For throwing a rock
at a colored woman and demolishing a
ciutir In her house. Sam Haley, also col
ored, was arretted thin ovnning and locked
ut on a charge f dlalurldnx tlie peace.
The trouhle occurred nt the nr of a
re I mun nl on Grant avenue.
ScoAvcroft to Lecture.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN. Nov. 2. U the Third ward
chapel tomorrow morning Heber Scow
croft will deliver a lecture on "The Ac
cidental Element In the World'rf Prn
row." Others who will take part In the
programme ie Henry G. Ware. Ireta
Fife Lindsay, Lillian Flygare and Hor
nlce Hrown.
Judge King Is Heard. j
Special to Tho Tribune. '
OGDEN. Nov. 2. Judge W. 11. King
of Salt lko rlosetl the Democratic cam
paign In Wtr county today. Ho dcllv
orod an address at the armory and an
other at the Wllon-Marshall cluh head
quarter. Th address of Governor Wll
aon whs r owl by C. A. Hoyd.
One Marriage License,
j Special to The Tribune.
OO DEN, Nov. 2 -A. marriage license
was Issued today to Arthur Van Streeter
ami vr Shepherd, both of Brlgham
Proinot1- I'tah art. Fleet Mr3.
Home (.Advertisement)
Transportation ' Club Gives
First of Series of Get
Together Dinners. .
All Roads Having' Offices in
Salt Lake Represented at
Jolly Gathering.
The banquet that was eujoyed by the
j members of the Salt Lake Transporta
! tion club in the grill room of the Hotel
Utah laH night augured well for the
work the organization has outlined for
the yoar. Jt was the first occasion of
the kind since the election of ollieers a
mouth ago and was held immediately
after tho first business meeting of the
Practically every railroad that has of
fices in Sail Lake City was represented
at tho dinner and business meeting of
tho club last night. Interesting talks
were made by representative railroad
men and by visitors, and music was
furnished throughout the banquet.
At the business meeting it was de
cided to install in the club rooms as
soon as possible an additional pool ta
ble. A start towards a clpb library was
also mado. nearly 100 good books being
donated by members and others last
night. Jieports of the different commit
tees wore read and approved. Thoy
showed the membership of the club to
be increasing and the organization gen
erally to be in a prosperous condition.
In icsponse to a request from O. J.I
McNitt, president of the club, the Itev.
P A. Simnkin, who is an 'honorary
member, asked a blessing on the feast.
After the guests had eaten and smoked
with a remarkablo singleness of pur
pose, tho president made an introduc
tory address and presented the other
speakers in their order.
President McNitt told of the aims of
the club and his ambition for its suc
cess, and described briefly the duties
of the members as ho considers them,
lie also read the eisht proposed amend
ments to the stato constitution of Utah
and discussed them with those present.
With a brief introduction he called up-1
on J. A. fieeves. general freight agent
of the Oregon Short Line, as tho first
Mr. Reeves made the usual apologies
for not being prepared and then gave
an interesting and earnest address. He
snoko with pride of tho work of (he
club and of the interest shown bv all
of tho members, deferring to the'ban
quct. ho suggested that the club mem
bers establish tho custom of bavin" a
monthly dinner, saying that if, would
lend' to bring tho club member closer
together and to enhance tho workin" of
tho organization.
After Mr. Reeves X. V. Johnson,
(raveling passenger agent for fhc Atch
ison. Topeka & Santa Vt, with head
fiuarlors at Denver, was called upon
He responded briefly, commending the
members of the club for their organi
zation and quarters.
t S. V. Dcrrah, assistant general
Ireight agent of the Denver & lito
Orande, was next introduced. He de-
j This Will Stop Your
j Cough, in a Hurry
Save 92 by Moklnc Thin ConRb '
Srrnp at Home.
This Trcipo makes a pint of better '
cough syrup thun you could buy roady 1
mad for ?2.f0. A irvc doncs 'usually I
conquer tiie most obstinnto cough
slop? even whooping cough quickly. Sim
ple as it is no bettor remedy can be had ,
at any price. ,
Mix one pint of granulated sugar "with i
y pint of warm water, and ttr for 2 (
minulea. Put 2M: ounces of Pinex (fifty
cents' worth) ia a pint bottle; then add !
the Sugar ymp. It has a pleasant j
tasto and lants a family a. long time. '
Take a tcaapoouful every one, two or I
three hours.
You can fed this tako hold of a cough
in a way that means business. Has a
good toni ciroct, braces up the appetite,
and ! Jightly laxative, too, winch. is
helpful. A handy remcd' for hoarse
ness, croup, bronchitis, asthma and all
throat and lung troubles.
Tho eirect of nine on the membranes
is well known. Pincx in the. moat valu
able concentrated compound of Norwe
gian white put extract, and ii rich in
guaiacol and all tho natural healing ,
pine elements. Other preparations will
not work in this formula. j
This Pinex and Sugar Syrup recipe ha3
attained great popularity throughout tho j
United States and Canada. It has often ;
been imitated though never successfully, j
A guaranty of absolute, satisfaction, or j
money promptly refunded, goes with this j
recipe. Your druggist has Pinex, or will !
rt it for vou. If not. send to Tho t
incx Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Druehl nnd Franken. Druggists;
The Husv Corner and 271 South Main
street, S"alt Lake Citv. Utah.
nied that he was an orator, but con
vinced those present that he was thor
oughlv in sympathy with and eager to
help in the work of the club.
Tho ftev. P. A. Simpkin delivered the,
principal address of the evening. He,
spoko in glowing terms of railroad men
as he know them and explained that
he knew them well. Ho told of seven i
years of work on the Santa Fc before i
coining to Salt Luke und of the pleas
ure that he had derived from that
work. "The railroad men," he said,
"are the brightest, keenest and tho
cleanest of any class of men with whom
I have come fn contact."
The Itcv. Mr. Simpkin commended
the great work of such men as E. 11.
Ilarriman. who, bv their individual ef
forts, had built up tho great railroad
systems. Jle assured the members of
the club that government ownership of
railroads would not come tomorrow,
and urged them to develop class spirit
and to stand close together in their
Beautiful music for tho banquet was
furnished by tho Romania Hydo or
chestra, the personnel of which is as
follows: Miss Romania Hyde, first vi
olinist and director; Miss Jcanette
Thompson, violinist; Miss Mrm
Hughes, harpist, and Miss Gladys Wick
ius, 'collist.
MiiiiliJiff fi if ii lY
jjgwLJ With every order of Liquor of S4 00 or more. Our Special
,Pr Old Monogram $'.00 I
or C. Whisky, lPWg?2.
Jff Express prepnl d on all orders of $5.00 or . more. B
Kj Q mSS!) F,ne3t 8t0Ck of H'0b Grade Imported nnd Domestic R i
fffi " Wnes and Liquors In the west. Family Trade Solicited. I
Phone VV. 6527, 25 West First South, Salt Lako City.
hi -inn Ui.WTTTmi'lii.SIWrVW.WWMi it'm'i'.N fi W, ''iVI1, i'I HhUTII ,
1 hot sick, m mm
8 V y X "W"oa1cnc-t.1', 1b the enure of more sorrow nnd
i suffering thnn a'l other ullmentu comWnL i
S I n.f.1 FOR MEN I nee the victims of this disorder on ovry
J No Incurable Caie hand, his whole appuaroilcq proclaiming to
Q Accepted all the world hln trouble and tending to
1 Reasonable Prices hllght his exlatenro. My treatment euros j
1 Quick and Lasting disordered men by overcoming And removing
1 Cures the effwts of disorders. It stops nil waste i
I Free Advice on and quickly restores the victim to what na- I
Marrlaflti tnr intended n healthy nnd vigorous man. .
I with all his functions nnd poxvtr complete. ,
fj My Practice Is Confined to the Following. Diseases of Men:
I do not "patch up." I cure to stay cured. Do not delay. Call or write I
me today. I diagnose by exclusion. No mistakes made. Consultation free. I
Examination free. Urinal analysis free. I
I guarantee to cure diseases Just as I say I do. or refund every dollar 1
paid to me. If I fall, tho fault Is mine, not yours. If you cannot call, write I
for symptom blank. Modlclnex from J1.00 to $5.00 a counts from my own I
laboratory. Hours from 9 a m. to S p. m. dally. Sundays from 10 to 13. I
Traveling Men's
Closing Out at
V2 Price
Switches, Puffs and
Transform ations at
less than half price.
Regular $3.95 Switch, CI CA lH
special k ..DJ ll
Regular $1.50 Switch. CI 7 C lH
special ll
Bognlar $6.50 Switch. QC IH
special v&ks.jo wmm
Regular S8.00 Switch. 51 QC iH
special ,J wMm
Regular S12.50 Switch, C?7 IH
special ' ' ' III
Regular $10.50 Switch, 7C lH
special $0J J mMm
Regular $15.50 Switch, CQ Q r lH
special sgs.JO fll
Wc have tho largest stock of hair Hl
goods ln tho city; 20 different shades flf
of gray hair to select from. jH
A large stock of real 11
cut hair for making
curls, puffs and trans-
! formations.
O'Connor-Milner H
Wholesale Co. ffl
Fifth Floor Constitution Bldg., Op-
posito Z. O. M. I. IH
Millinery aud Hair Goods Retailed
at Wholesale Prices. il
smi'S M a to a ll
J Panama Canal I
I West Indies
' 1 S.S.KroiiprinzessinCecilie I
I H (0.0OO TONS.) P
I I Leaving JAN. 23 FEB. 10 I
H The Ideal Route for Tonrlut I BH
tu from Weitcru Stntcx. K iH
1 16 DAYS $125 I H
K These crn!ncn nfTnrd tho J H
M mom fnvornblr opiuirltinlt j fe rH
Ml tu vlnlt the I'tiiiitinn Omni e IH
el before its completion. I H
W Vnnr comfort iMnurcd. H
fi ' Stenmcr nerves nit hotel. K H
VI Alto cuUrt to I he Orient. Motr.J M H
tt the Italy a art r.pypt. etc. jm 1
K Write for ltlostrsted booklet. 9 jl
150 West Randolph St., Chlcioo "I., or
I. A. Benton, P. L T. A., Denver . Rio H
Grande Fly.; L. J. Kyos, 201 Main st., H
Salt H
Social Swims at the "San"
Proving Yery Successful
Tho Soeial Syrian recently in H
aacratel at tho Hot Springs Batbn H
are proving even rnoro popular than H
auticipatd. ft is a surprising fart H
that a srent ifiaay Salt Lal:ors are H
enjoyiut! a froth water srwim for H
the first titan! Their exclamations jH
of deliu'l't are certaiulv eratiyin;;. H
leryono should learn to swim. H
( OBi(etottt iaatruolors will teach H
vou at a very reasonable cost, an'l H
the pldMttro you will derive from H
this healthful imijuiuo will more jH
than pav ior tho cost niaav tinio H
over. fns aru noiv uu root for H
tho orsaaization of a water polo H
ten in that expects to wia tho cham- H
pionhip of the west. ApDliation.f H
should he made to Mr. Book, the H
instrurtor at an oiirly dato for a H
"Irvout." Everrthiia that efti H
riiuit manaceniont can do to make H
tho "Son" popular -will bo done, H
and, in fact, it i.i only a question ot H
tinio when tho ''San fans" will H
bo just as numorouA ns the baeoball
Cheap, forcofal, reliable Thousands H
read thcni uvcry daj. H

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