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H. H. Abbott Tells of Experi
ence Over New Route
lo Zion.
It reraataMnl, for H- H. Abbott of Clmnd
lur.c-tl- to prove It wu poaelble to ere
th tmi Halt ImJco Am net wnt of the
'irrj: Halt lake In at) automobile Ho fur
mk known he Is the only motorist to cross
ih-N great bod of mud along th line of
:w Western Pacific mltrtrfcl. hiil' It Ik
iu-u;to to say h Is not out with any
strong recommendations or other lo fol
io him.
Mr. Abbott is en hi way from Ia
An'K to Grand .lunclbui and through
mfriki ttu advised to now the doxert
ax VtMlwr liif.d of polns; b" tlio
Deep creek route, lie tackled the Job
and for throe d (tup himself out of
mud nttlv to wing In dim I it to the hubs
"f hi wi"1!, hut hi tli i end of that
iti" h rVHiittl himeHf mi Low station
nli falrlj- eood romls Into ftiU Inlo.
Mr. Abbott ha lravold many miles In
Mit automobile In the i vi ft two yuan.
Ii jI declare this tho hrrfel drive ho over
attempted. Ho V9 told that after j;o
Ifitr m few miles east of Wontlover he
Houkl ilko the .alt lied, which was
euM'v untaxed. llt reached tliu bed b
l f midline the railroad rail.
"I nr:"r .hw belter solnp tlwin these
alt bd." fHld Mr. Abbott, "but thcru
arc xtreahs of mud wlUrh ono cnniioi dis
t i riFpitMh until he In Into the mud up to
the wlii-p) hubs. Then It Is n couple of
hours' work getting out ii-aln. I had
to Mirk to the ntllroad nearly nil of forty
m!! bstweeii YVwndovcr mid r.ow. Af
ter rwiwltif: Knoll station I found sund
that ua ulmoat lmpii"ihlo mid had to
take to tho hill, soliifr over roeka and
wictebruHh without any jdpni or 11 road."
Mr. Abbott arrived In filt Uike Tliura
day awl on loHrnlnK the Westward purty
' daPv .P'- ted In Full Lake from
Giand Jum tloii he decided to wall until
thfv HHlvrr) to get Information nbout the
r..jidx i.ofnrc Martin;;
Police oilicialij estimate that more
than 1 00 automobiles are stolen evcrv
lav in the United States. In Detroit
alone the renter of the automobile in
dustry thefts of two cars a flay dur
ing I he height of summer were record
ed on police blotters. Motorists nro
IwMilv devising ways of protecting
their' care.
The Tom Bottcrill company, tho lol
r in Hudson ears, described a unique
rdan vei-teidny by which motorists
guard against the aulo thief.
The idea is to lock the car's gcar3
and Ihen bring the brake tight up
against the burglar-proof lock supplied
in addition to an interlocking dovicej
nith im.'l Hudson cars. A projection
'inoti the L'dar shift lover of tho Hud
hon has it bole in it, which, whon the
gears are disengaged, is exactly oppo
site another similar projection 'on the
gear shift box. The arm of the lioavy
look ia in&ortcd in both holes and
looked. With the emergency brake
brought up tight against tho lock, it
is inmospiblu for the auto thief, no mat
ter how deft, to btcal the car without
a derrick.
Even though the thief had come into
nossessiou of the owner's individual
nwitch key. which it is necessary to
u.se in connection with tho ignition, he
eould not operate tho car. for he could
not get the gear out of neutral and
into any of Ihe various speeds. There
nrn also keys for tiro irons and tool
box. "There have been msinv devices
placed upon the market for the purposo
of Knllintr." slated Mr. Hottcrill. 'Mint
the locking of tho geaid is about the
nulv sure method. It is tho onlv one
flint has actually thwarted thioves.
And an automobile represents too much
money to be left unguarded.''
Because the American demand read
Wm v absorbed a teadily incrca&ing out
"out. the Packard companv never lias
pursued an aggrossivo policy looking
WM toward distribution iu Europe. Several
rarfl aco a servico depot was ostnb
listed in Paris, but thi.s was for the
Wm oxpress purpose of providing technical
attention for Packard ownors from
WM America and asaihting them in dispos
In? of the red tape which attaches to
touring on tho cuntinout.
1 Out of this practice grew a demand
j for Packard cant in France with tbe
result that a sales department wa
added to tho Paris sorvicc tatiou.
Now tlm movement has extended to
Germaiiv and within the Inst few davs
a contract for tho sale of Paekurd rars
and tro-k han tn closl with Carl
J Drevmanti. who has his brndqnartora
j in Dusaeldorf. He bns arrangwl to
J oifii a dumber of branches,
j "I wa. greatly surprised to find the
B Packard -3S for so nmch in ad-
B ancn of the latest fierman taodels."
BBB said Mr. PreymRua. "Jt electric slf
tarter and other improvement, barkrd
BBB I' tb touring rtamina which Hum
BBB ea ran do not poster, asnr? it a
BBH readr marktt ia the (Jerman empire."
Scenes Alon Midland Route From Denver to Salt. Lake
Tho photos herowith shown were
taken by the "SVestgard party now en
routo to Salt Lako from Denver, via
Grand Junction. They wero taken in
Colorado and sent at onco to The Trib
une. The purty left -alt Lako about
ten da3s ago and expect lo arrivo in
Salt Lake, some time during the early
part of the coming week,
Mr. Westgard writes that the Mid
land routo will bo one of the most
scenic in America, and will bo used hy
tourists in tho summer months. Snow
will make it impracticable iu tho lalo
spring and early fall moiitliH. An will
bo seen by the photos, the Westgard
party members had to go over Bcr
thotnl pass in heavy snow, but this
did not nrovent them from eominf on.
The purtv is now in Utah, leaving Sisco
on Saturday morning.
The members expected to reach
Green Itivcr last night. From Green
Uiver to Price the road is fairlv good
if thoy go by the way of Castlcdale.
From Price to Colton some of tho
worst going on the trip will bo encoun
tered, but reports from Price eav the
people are turning out en masse to
fix up the road so Westgard cnu get
President B. F. Redman of
Auto Club Says It Would
Encourage Travel.
"The best thins that could happen lo
the southern part of our state Is lo pal
the pood roads fever and pet It Jn Its
incurable state," "ays President B. R
Redman of the Automobllo elub of Utah.
Mr. Redman hns spent the past week In
and about Mldwu or Center, which Is
about forty-five miles off the railroad at
Modcna. The trip was made overland by
wapon and the roads wero In fair condi
tion. Mr. Redman says that with little ex
penso the roads In that Kcetlon of the
state could he made excellent for auto
mobiles and when that Is done It would
work wonders for the country. The roads
as a rule wore built fifty years apo, snys
.Mr. Redman, and no work has hoen done
on them since. All travel is done by
wapon and It takes days time to pet
anywhere and buck again.
In his leisure momentf. Mr. Redman
talked pood roads and while at first IiIh
auditors declared pood roads benefited
none hut the automobllists, vet It wan
finally admllldrl by all that pood road
would help ovefybody In thai part of tho
"Take the question of high center."
said Mr. Redman, "with little cxpopae
hlsh renter that have stood for yar
and years, could he rut down to malie
the rotida pawnhlc for automobiles. A
plow nnd couple of horses would do
twenty. five miles a. dny, hut the road
commissioners never seemed to think of
thor tlilnpw." Mr. Redman declare It
lf tip to the automobiles to atart n pood
roads campaign in this auction of the
Like all other plare In tho country",
Ely. Ner.. ha nn oleCtlon on Tuenday.
But the election at VAy I of eapeclnl In
terest to all atitomobilista of the coun
try because Gale S. Itoap. "the pood
roads crank." I runnlnp for road super
visor. Mr. Hoap did not atfk for tho
nomination, but It was forced upon Win ;
In rccopultlon of the pood work h ha j
done for Wliite Pine rountv Jn tne past
two years. Mr. Hoap ! the one man re
ajhirtxlblr for placlnp Ely on two tnina- I
continental nutomobllo routes, thereby ,
brlnptnp hundred of tourlet to VA i
very year, who would have otherwise
have pasaod his town up. While Pn
county ia today better marked with algn
hoanl than any other ectlon nf th
rvuntrv hrtween the far caat and Cali
fornia. Jlr Iloac dtil tlila work. Me la
secretary of th Sute Automobile aaxo
elation a ltd one of the Uveal wra in
A merit today on th ntition of road
improvement. Salt Ijike automoblllsta am
Hrry thev do not live In Ely. If onlv to
Pet a rhance to vot for Mr. Hoap. I
"ft is a pleasure to tell you that
Chamberlain's Cough Tiomodv i the
neat cough medicine 1 have ever used."
writes Mr?. Hiieh 'amp4)ell of Avoqia.
Ga. "I have used it with all mv ebi.
dren and tho reanlls have boon highly
Mtifcfartorv. For s.nle bv all donlers.
' Advertisement.)
Tine eoraer. nd Eait od Sod Snath, SSx00U fcot- Stiwlftbaker 'j
aro worlHc out of their garoRe al Hbovc premiaes'on aacoiiul of their
now building oa Statu stroet. ThU gamgo and showroom are the Uacst
ia tbe eity.
Well (Miuippotl baotaont for storage and repair purpoaat, with a
splendid electric elevator. Moderate rent and Ion- leaaa.
Inquire: Studebaker Bros. Co. of Utah
157 South State Street
- ' ,i
(Via Independence, Pt. DuChesnc and Moffat).
This is tho shortest route between Myton and Vernal, but is not as
good for automobiles as tho ono via Koosevelt, Ft. DuChesnc and Taft, on
account of sand and bridgeless ditches. An automobile can get stuck in ono
of these ditches almost any season of the year, without dilliculty. This
Touto is shorter and probably used more by teams, but the other route is
recommended to automobiles.
10.1 Miles.
Stewart Speedometer.
00.0 MYTON: Gas. hotel, black
smith shop and general stores; go
straight north with Myton bank on
left; boar to left and cross DuChcSnc
river over big steel bridge at O.o;
immediately sitter crossing river turn
to right through sand following riv
er. (Note: Road to left after cross
ing bridge is main road to Koose
velt). 1..'? main crossroads, keep
straight ahead: "1.1 forks, keep to
right; forks, keep to right; l.S
pick up telephone poles; -.5 main
fork conies in from left here, tele
phone poles also fork hero, keep
straight, ahead: 0.3 cross canal; II. fi
main crossroads, turn right, and fol
low poles; l.:t cross canal; 5.3 forks,
keep to left; i3.6 telephone polos
cross, follow steel poles; S.S cross
9.00 INDEPENDENCE:'-" General
store here; keep straight ahead; 0.S
crossroads, turn left here. (Note: A
road straight ahead also goes to Ft.
PuOhcsrio and is known as lower
road; it is said to be more sandy
than the upper road). 10.2 erpss
creek; 10.3 forks, keep to left: 1 A--1
ranch on left: 11.5 run around road,
keep to left; 12A forks, cither will
do but right is better for automo
biles; 11.3 main forks here, turn left
into main Toad leading into Ft. Du
Chesnc; old saloon on turn at this
corner; keep straight uhead.
15.5 FT. DUCHESNE: Agoncy store,
hotel, gas. oil, general stores, black
smith shop; turn right at agency
store going cast: follow main street,
then bear to right keeping best road
l,o 15.9; bridge across Uintah river;
lfi.O forks, keep to left. (Noto:
liight fork here goes to Eandalctl.
About two hundred feet further forks
again, keep straight ahead, selecting
best of several roads. (Note: Fork
to sharp left, following river goes to '
Taft). 1G.7 pass store; 17.3 forks,
turn right around fence corner: 1S.0
turn left and about two hundred Teet
further, turn right again and at
1S.3 MOFFAT: General . store, keen
straight ahead, following telephone
poles: 19.fi forks, keep to left; 20.G
cro?s canal; 22.7 cross canal again:
23.0 rockv hill, high centers; 25.U
bad hill; 25.S hnlfwav house: 32. t
forks, keep to left: 3-1.9 top of hill:
three forks sioing down, select best:
31.3 main crossroads, with dile.Ii
crossing center, turn right here; 37 3
main cross roads, turn left: 3S.2 main
crossroads, turn right; 39.2 main
crossroads, turn left: 39.3 maiju eros
streets, turn right into main street
of Vernal.
10.1. VERNAL: Hotel, garage, gen
eral stores.
(Via Moffat, Ft. DuChesnc and Inde
pendence). 10.1.
00.0 VERNAL: Go straight west on
main street and at 0.1 turn left,
frame opera house hero; 0.9 main
crossroads, turn right; 1.9 main cross
roads, turn left; 2.S main crossroads,
turn right; 3.S main crossroads, turu
left, ditch across center of cross
roads at this place; -1.3 start up
sleep hill, keep fork to right; 5.2
top of hill, keep main traveled road
now. Many run-around roads
through, here; 1-1.3 halfway -house,
1 bad dugway here: 17.0 rocky hill;
I7.'l cross canal; 19.5 crops canal.
21.8 MOFFAT: General store here:
22.0 turn left, go about two hundred
vards and then turn right: 22.S turn
left around fence corner, fork comes
in hero from right: 23.-I store; 21.0
road from Taft comes in hero from
right, keep straight ahead, crossing
Uintah river at 21.2, follow main
traveled road to
24.6 FT. DUCHESNE: Hotel, gas,
general store and blacksmith shop;
turn left around store and at 25.7
main forks, old saloon here, turn
right at this point. (Nolo: liond
straight ahead here goes to Independ
ence, but it is claimed it is not as
good for automobiles). 2(5.7 forks,
keep to left, right is a run-around
road coming in again at 27.7; 28.3
cross creek. 2S.5 run-around road,
keep to right; 2S.7 ranch; 29.0 forka.
keep to Jft; 20.9 cross crock; 30.3
crossroads, turn right here and at
31.1 INDEPENDENCE: General store,
keep straight ahead; 31.3 cross ca
ni I; 31.S forks, keep to loft; 3-1.5
telephone poles cross here; 35.S cross
canal; 313.5 main crossroads, turn left,
.here; 37.1 cross canal: 37.(3 main
forks, telephone poles fork here, keep
lo left; 38.3 leave telephone poles;
3S.4 forks, keep to right; 3S.5 forks,
keep to left; 3S.S main crossroads,
keep straight ahead; 39.6 turn left
and croj-s DuChesnc river, then hear
lo left and at
10.1 MYTON: Hotel, general store,
gas and blacksmith shop.
"A year ago there was not a single
car in kjaltiia, Utah," said A. .1. Crosier,
ftudebaker agent for the Sanpete val
ley while, in tho city on a businet-s trip
last week- There are mow twclvo cars
iu Salina, according to Mr. Crosier,
which gie an idea of the way the
automobile has invaded the eoiintry
dialricU. Mr. Crorier says as many
more cars will be old the coming year
iu Snliua.. which is also true of other
town in that section of tho country.
Harry Elliot anuoiuico that he has
opened tentonirvMiediiarters fur tbe
Oakland at 41 South State xtreet. He
expect to move in his new quarters
on automobile row within a short time
with a complete line of 1913 cars.
The Automobile Supply rompaor is
now at 325 State direct, anil announce
itts intention of da ring au act ire cam
paign for If 13 busines. Manager
.lame Hamhv has jitt ecurd 1913
model of the Rambler, which will In?
bis lead i uir car.
Rain doca not affect tbe new road,
around (he olnt of . tbe mountain be-'
iween Prov and Salt Iake. according
Ui A. P. Aklander of the Ahlander
Auto company of Provo, who made tbe I
trip to Sail Lake during the past eefc
in a rainaUrm. JIo says the work done
there i of stteb a nature that rain or
snow will not have any effect upoo '
its surface. i
That Good Thna can be made over!
tbe mountains, even in winter weather.)
wis proven the pM week bv K. A.
Cromer, traveling representative of th I
While Automobile company, who drove'
it ar frmii Denver to S;'ilt IjiVh- in
it' H' M.- . UM.- v M'. Uvr.i r.
r.) te My r v.:t .'t c . 1
H V. s.r "ar . ' t r Dm ,
I ver branch of the (joodr'u.h Rubber
company. Mr. Cromer reports snow
!'rt of the wav. with mud and rain
the rest of it. but in spite of these
haudicups he got through without anv
trouble. Mr. I 'rosier left Denver two
lav after Pathfinder Westgard, who I
is coming via the Grand Junction route.!
(and iokinglv said he would wait for!
! Weetgard in Salt Lake. He is still '
L. E. Eecrffc of the Boergft Antonio-:
bile companv of Ugdtnt. wan in the'
city the past week for h short vinitl
to Manager (5. F. Horn of thw Aimer-1
on Motor far company. Mr. Noeraft ;
yj.ra he euw els to go lo the AnDoron '
furtory this week on a trip of inapee- i
Ion ami to gel a hn on the 1013 out
1 look. J
i Every .Idaho ajent mmiiur to Salt;
Ijike reents to lie fler cars showing 1
rtronir dtmixnd fr autoHjobiIs in lhal
ftate. D. F. Dow.l of ihe Do,i n
I Karl fotHpanr of Idaho Falls, was I
.a-tiorttf the visitor of thi t.jst wek. .
He i lookmff for a pood 1H13 lirt- to
I handle. lnt hae not Oeeided tinow which i
, one of th many gol lookr seen
here to a bi- leader for 1013. (
I A. D. Olark of OhlcaKo has jointwl the
Mp4haker forci of fhTs eitv as hond
eleetrlciati. He will hnvt charge of
the eleetrie Rarage and electrie aales
or this eomiianr. Mr. Clark has spo-j
eialized in tbe electrical hranen of th
aatomobile buine,
Aatoaj tha T!r 5m who visited !
Salt lAke tin- week was William Bell,
manaprr of the Sau Franrigco branch
of C.e Kirr4tont- roirp.ir-N . He came f
:J- i.at "u t.- fa'-torx r-d tr. t,p.(
ftr v, ! v,,h tle Flab Tire A
I! er co-rp.-ii.v H reports rc.it a" i
Qlmmmm- le)
O j02rjss J&srs Jj2orr BPtjoud Pass O
(ivitv in the tire game at Akron whero
t.lie factories are running day and nilit
to fill orders.
After tho Better part of a week in
the hospital. Manager R. M. Austin, of
the Austin Tiro .v Rubber company, Is
back at his place of business. "Mr.
Austin met with an accident two weeks
atro whan he fell into n repair pit. He
was unconscious for two days, but says
he is recovering all right, although he
docs not expect, to dismiss the accident
from his mind for a few days.
W. H. Curtis, geueral sales agent for
the Apperaon Automobile company,
spent part of the past week with Mail
aL'er G. F. Horn, of the Apperson Au
tomobile company, of this city. Mr.
Curtis 's visit here was to get a general
lino on the outlook for next year's bus
iness. A. Hughes, of the Bertram .Motor
Supply company, made a flying visit
to Ogden during the week.
Manager H. W. Zeliff. of the Denver
branch of Ihe Goodrich Tire & Rubber
company, made his annual visit to SH
Lako the past week, to look over the
tire situation iu Salt Lake. Ho ex
nressed himself as being well pleased
with the company's business, under the
management of K. K. Kantzer. during
the past vear. and said that prospects
wero bright for next season.
The People of Price arc doing their
best to get the Westgard party through
from Grand lum.-tiou, according to A.
ii. hceu. lactorv rcprcscntativp of the
Overland company, who is visiting I hp
Campbell Automobile company of this
citv. Mr. Reed returned home from
Price vesterday and reports that every
body in town is out building roads to
get Westgard through. There always
has been a bad stretch near Price,
which is almost impassable. Several
wagon and automobile loads of people
were out with picks and shovels to
open the route and Mr. Reed roporl
thev intend to get Westgard through
at all hazards.
That There Will Eo a big demand for
medium-priced cars in Idaho the com
ing vear. i the report brought home bv
Managor A. K. Beveridge. of the Chcei
man Automobile company, after a ten !
davs' trip through that jstate. "I Jind
the j-cntiment strongly in favor or Ihe
lesper-priced cars," says Mr. Hevcr
idge. "due to past experience in car..
Manv high-priced nwichlnes have- been
sold in rdaho iu the past, but they
failed lo give satisfaction on account
of rough road, and the public gener
ally looks with favor on the lower
pricpd cars." Mr. Hcvcridgc made
nreliminarv arrangefiients for local rep
resentatives in muni or tij iQXVllfi vi.
ited and eypeets to yell a number of
enrs when the spring trade opens.
Tho First 1913 Model of the Ford ban
ben received iu Denver. aceprdii; o
M. L. Smith, of the Alkire-Smith com
pany, who rcturni-d home the past
week from a Iwit-weokn' viwit in th
Colorado metropolis. TV loral Ford
MRftita expect :) cur of 1913 model with
in the neit frw weeks. Mr. Smith sa
there is no difference in the mechanical
eiil ruction of Ihf wv? model over
lfi2 an.i but flight change in (he
boor deMgn.
, T;"m 3fottcrJ1'-. inn nser f the Tom
IJotterill AuloHurbilti compRnv. returned
veterdav from au extenir husiaVos
irin through ihe enst. viartint Detroit
krot Boff ilo and Hartford, t'oiin '
Mr. Uotterill returned verv entbiii:is
tic raearding th future of Salt Ike
statin that it ia Ihe general uotnion
;llln' wen o affairs in tins east tl.-
lt Lake is the best town wot of the
river ?nd one of ihf litest in the coun
In;. He reiiorts that th- autom-bib.
industry with the iudrd factories
et that it has over been. M'
of them, without execptlon, show "a I
lHr increase in biudnos over last
vear. j
fhcap. forceful reliable Thousands
read them every day.
With their new building at 157 South
State uearmg completion, Manager C.
A. Ouiglcy of the Studebaker Brothers
of Utah announced yesterday that the
automobile department of that com
tinny would be moved to the new lo
cation some time this month.
When the company built the prcsont
IKS Fill
Select Deep Creek I
From Ely as Best M
in Muddy WeatS
Covered from hea,l , . W
radiator to trunk ,-rk " M
Hamilton.-Georci. o . fsB
toinoblle nrrlvwl In L-;? H "HsW
day en route lo'vj. I
parly ieprof,,u thr in.I sfl'
Automobilo Road .Man
party Is ni,,ppl,g Lt0,mr?
from Io AiiKri?, "vM
route Is Illustrate.! Kih HH
Hhovvlnp every trn
sjaiem has be-u me "ijiB
a number 0f vcary 1 Cl,isH
The members or'tli,. MM sH
Lake nlonp tl,0 re.-vinT1 "Bl
York-1 .os Angler! '? XM
Ik-Id. 'luopah an.) n:. 'sH
I'roni here. cast. n,,... 10 -SsHaV
whether to po I v fit U
bind route. They S IM'hB
Salt Lake nuftoa
'Kurd party aI1(l loam f'W
wml whether It Is m1vii?,HI
I be route lu. Jusl ,nW
the WvomliiK rouie Uf.B
llooer. ihe fpatiir W
far wan the ensiR ''1
creek route belwern pli T? M
Nev., ivns traveled. Vh i ?!
wrrced that this ro., 1 u 2U
touring In the sntnisirr ii.'W
dieted In the Sft Jl
The Hamilton party'cnm ,hM
fac of one of the haritPSH
perlen. ed In years an-I a 'JM
whutpver was ciicminted.
131 v to Sail Lako v
A l ime plaee, said Mr Hi-AB
tniveletl f.ir iwenl.v miH
water rroni two IikIhh w
d.-ep. but found ,roub! rmt
the distance on Inch S
.pi hips mud Mat Wrrc
will, little dlfflcuh 4
The party w) re,llan ,
tor a few ila-.s before Krn? JJ
quarters at Second South aj I
Fast l wo years ago, it vug
it would be large enouga .V ' '
tomobile branch of Its vjhtj 1
next I en years. The votg t
crease in the automobile bus
gcther with the popularity , I
baker cars, however, prwwdii
baker company for room, u
suit tho -company will $oon m i
a. far more coiiiinoilioiu nM$ ,
The new building is tlm
hiL'li and is being fi 1 1 c-i cpnt I
obtained from tho mo;t aJs '
mobile establisliinunty in tbe ea
salesrooms will be on the ki
with a Plate street cntrtmi
the company one of thoawli j
located places in iho city. 1
department will ho up5tairt.li
the workmen overhead ligit. 1
feature alone is probably tie
improvement over made in tt
bile establishment in the " jl
means the workmen vrill hui
to work bv, which will cut rff
in hnlf and double the effirinjf
work. J
The Studebaker nrotbdi k 1
as vet made arranpeniCEti f(fl 1
tal of their old cstabliihmtrt, ,
New MQtor Car Numbers
List of new cars reg-istcrcd at the secretary of state's offlcjdariBfj
past vock: 'Wt
No. Name. Address. mbi
2530 J. D. D. Fox Salt Lake
2531 L. A. Hughes Salt Lake fl
2532 Sweet Candy Co Salt Lake. W
2533 A. R. Thomas Salt Lake
253-1 William Anderson Salt Lake
2535 William Moss Woods Cross
2536 Auto Supply Co Salt Lake '"Mt
1913 Models of tbe Indian Motor
Following the '-11 Important fin- the body of the machine- JJM
provements" oi 19 1l'. the Ilondee Mfg. " bottom" to this sprlSr tutsB
companv anncuii.-e no less than : life of the machine 1
dozen additional new features in their The enginccriiic depM
1913 model of the Indian Motorcycle. Hendco Mfg. eompanr V
By far the moat significant feature month of cxhaU5,,ortiiB
of the new machine is the Cradle Cradle Spring Frame W MJ
SprinK Frame. It is something ontire- ciding on its adoption for
j ly new, a radical departure from Ihr the 1013 Indian rrjM
conventional bicycle and recent motor- ' addition jo. 'p. ,-jJsM
cycle rvslem of 'Springing.- Briolly. lmorlSnt iSpns?SB
the new device confist of the applica- w 1)p appreciated KjM
tjf", to Ihe roar wheel of the Iinlinii riders in general. rYJ"
(radl.r Spring device as used on the miiiic as last year. jjMk
froiil tork for the )wst three year?1 Ve. MvIc, single '''JM
. hxtrnding back horizonlallv' from the tires wider mud P,,ar" V.f M
lame .joint cluster under the huddle, with larger splu-k'
llauking the rwir mud guard, are two stretch of transim-'"; .t ;sH
'1 ,,. Kro? Nnadium steel tprings. of sprocket:. !arpcr U-M
The -'. ahaped curb, at the rear end rear! filled l a fitu&M
ot these springs are connected by stavs well as pedals W1. .i W
o bell-cranks on which tho rear axle and 7 h. v ,,Pd,,i,Bi ofW
i hung, rim forward end of the rear fitted on leftsi'b' no t
fork haa a Huge joint which enables brake as well tfiC. 6bfSi
tkn rear wheel to yield lo im perfections larger tdzc inn W-e.: lifW
o road Murfftco All shocks are com- fitted to all inodeU
Plotcly abborbH bv the leaf springs, dian tvne saddle WjW
The rear wheel can go through ulinoM All 1"13 Ta 'W
n vertical mohon without affecting nnd linished in Ind.-n
Mfiae T State Agent !K
75 W. 3rd So. Salt take Ciihm

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