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ill IntermcJuntain News
All Parties Close Campaign;
President's Administration
Vigorously Defended. !
Special to The Trlbtin.
TWIN PALLS, IiJii.. Nov. l. -Enlliusl-jtic
rallies were IieM here this even
liiB hy the various polltlcnl partlo?. Ai
7 o'clock tho Twin Fnlls bawl opened
t!ir r.vonlne'.o demonstrations with a con
cert on the principal corner of .Main
lrrot, around which slithered tho 'alili
ful of sill parties. The hand selections
were Interspersed with cheers for Taft.
VIIfoii and noot'cvelt.
A lorrlill&lu procc..Ion hy iho Oemo-
rsl.-. IcI lv the Twin Palls Kind, wjis
a feHtnre of the outdoor deiiionftr.illona.
At S:30 the torces divided, polilfr to the
finpuhllonn rally sit Dreamland hall and
the Democratic rully at Cotillion hall.
CJood-slzcd ctowdM aseinbletl at each
At ' fotllllon hall local speakers and
i uidldatfH for office addressed the audl-onc.-
.Indse Pcrkiy and .lames R. Rntli
well had been eiisnped to speak, but wcro
unable to be prevent.
Addison T. Smith and Attorney C. M.
liootli wcr the speaker at tho Republi
can athcrlnp. Both audiences listened
to finul discussions of party I-oues along
Htate and national lines.
Aildlson T. Finlth pa.ve a splendid ad
rires? on the tasuos of (he day. He cave,
vpclal attention to the- question of the
tariff, which he disctisaed in a compre
hensive manner.
Attorney noolh closed a short but vic
oronp aridrecs with a Ktronp defense of
President Taft. pronouncing him, upon
the record of his administration, one of
the srcat presidents of the country. He
"He har. defended our proud traditions
apnliiKt tho 5ncrillj;c of demagogue: he
has protected our Judiciaries against
defamation and political libel: he has
rhamploned our snored Institutions In a
time of agitation. In an hour of uproar,
"when to be Incoherent was to 'b popu
lar, lie stool like n plant oak in a dust
storm and maintained hl faith in this
country, Its traditions, its laws and Its
Registration figures show an IncreH.se
of 2fi pr cut this year over those of
ISO?. About TlOrt registrations worn made
this year to 5500 In 100F. In which year
onlv RnflO 'votes were cast.
It Ig believed that the number of votes
this year will be nearly double the number
?fit In the precedliiP presidential clec-
I Thomas in Bingham.
KINT.HAM. Nor. 4 MMhonlhalt Thorns. ttu
dMar for eoesrv, rnd th ltt ip-li of tli
Tmocrttlr rmpipn lire In Cnynn hall to
night. About IM tr In tho smlknco C U
Counrrjrntn prMJ. The Wilton quart:!? tine.
Feeling oppressed with a sensation of
stuffiness and finding the food both to
distend and p?.'nfully hang like a heavy
weight al the nit of the stomach aro
symptoms of Indigestion. With thesa tho
pufTcrcref will often have Constipation, In
wnrd Piles. Fullness of tho Blood In the
Head, Acidity of tho Stomach, Nausea.
Heartburn. Headache, Disgust of Food,
Oaseoun Eructations. Sinking or Flutter
ing of the Heart. Choking or Suffocating
Sensations when In a lying posture. Dizzi
ness on rising suddenly. Dots or Webs
before the slsht. Fever and Dull Pain in
the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration. Yel
lowness of the Skin and Eves. Pain In the
Side. Chest. Limbs and Sudden Flushes
of Heat A few doses of
mil free tli system of nil thy above
named disorders. Purely Vegetable.
J5 cents a box at druggists, or by mall.'
RAD WAY &. CO.. 15 Lafayette St.. N. Y
Be, Sure to Get "Rndway'9."
Refuse substitute.
Notice of Sale.
Notice Is hereby siven that the stock
holder? of The Telluridc Power company,
a Colorado corporation, have ordered the
dissolution of the said corporation, and
IKI that all of the property of said corpora
tion, real, personal and mixed, except Its
a.vh on hand, will be offered for sale
at public auction at the front door of
courthouse In the city of Telluridc.
Colorado, on Monday, the lSth day of
November. 1P12, nt twelve o'clock noon.
Said property Is described in general
terms as follows:
First The Ames hydro-clcctrlc plant,
located on the San Miguel river Jn San
Miguel county. Colorado, with an In
stalled gcriTatinsr capacity of IS00 K. '
together with all real estate. bulIdlnPH,
vtcr rights, dams, Humes ditches,
i aunty, pipe llns and othr appurtenances
owned and used In connection therewith,
Seirond The Jllum hydro-electro plant, i
lo.ntcd on the Han Miguel river in San
Miguel county. Colorado, with an In
Mailed giiratlng capacity of 1200 K. TV..
together with all pnl '.tsn-. buildings,
h-Ut rights, dams. :ium., ditches,
canals, pipe lines and other nppurte
nanree owned and used in connection
Third -Th. Olmsted hydro-electric
plant, locate on the Prove river In Utah
onnty. Utah, with an inotalled genera
ting; capacity of 7200 K. IV.. together with
all real estate, buildings, water rights,
dams, iluincs. ditches, canals, pipe lines
and other appurtenances owned and used
In connection therewith
Fourth The Rattle Creek hydro-clcc-Ulc
plant. loratid on Battle creek In
T tah county. Utah, with an Installed
generating capacity of 2100 K. W. to
gether with nil real estate, buildings,
water rights, dams, flumes, ditches,
canals, pipe lines and other appurte
nances owned nnd used in connection
Fifth The Jordan Narrows hydro-electric
plant, located on the Jordan river In
Salt Lake county, ITtah. with an in
stalled generating capacity of 1000 K
AV., together with all ical estate, building:-,
water rights, flu mm ditches, canals,
pipe lines nnd other appurtenances
. owned nnd used In connection therewith.
Sixth The 1jgnn hydro-electric plant,
located nn the lapau rtver In Cache
onnty. I'lah, with an Installed genera
ting rapacity of 2000 K. V.',, together with
all rejl estate, buildings. vntT richts.
damn, flumes, ditches, canals, pipe lines
and other appurtenances, owned and used
In connection therewith.
Seventh The Cirvce hydro-electric
plant, located on the Rer river In Ban
nock county. Idaho, with an Installed
gencratlHp; rapacity of 11.000 K. U.. to
gethr with all real estate, buildings,
watpr rlshtjr. dams, flumus. ditches,
canals, pipe lines and other appurte
nances owned and used In connection
Eighth-Approximately ninety miles of
transmission and distribution lines In the
counties of San Miguel. Ouray nnd San
.luan. In the state of Colorado, together
with all easements. rlpht of wny and
franchisee used In connection therewith.
Ninth--Apprnlmateiy flve hundred and
twcnt miles of transmission and dlstrl-1-utlon
lines In the counties of Utah.
.1'jah. Salt Lake. Tooele. Weber, Davis
iiid Cache. Sn the state of I'tah, and In
l ie counties of Bannock and Oneida, In
he Mnle of Idaho, together with nil
. , a' c-tate, easement, rights of way and
ljf fran Mse? :sed n enne Jiojj therewith
Icnth Approximately fift-four miles
Line From Twin Falls to Sho
shone Falls Will Be
ps. :r -"
Special to Tho Tribune.
BOISE. Ida.. Nov. I. With a view of
developing Idaho's national parka and
playgrounds, set aside by special acts of
the legislature because of their scenic
beauty, negotiations have been com
pleted for the construction of a scenic
railway from the town of Twin Falls
to Shoshone Knlla n tho Sunk; river,
surrounding which Is the Mite of one of
the .state park's In the southern part of
the s'tnt". I. 15. Perrlne of Twin KiiHs.
largely through whos efforts the Twin
Falls irrigation projects wore launched,
reclaiming thousands of acres of ihe laud,
has shown his public spirit by ilnanclnc
the scenic line and will inntnll it within
the next two months.
Shoshone Falls has be?n called the
"Nlagnra of the West" because of its
height and the volume of wmrr carried
In Urn Snake river channel that thunders
over It, rushing Into deep "-nd scenic
canyon. It Is to bring the falls in closej
communication with Idaho residents that
the scenic railway has been planned. It
will he equipped with the latest Edison
storage battery cars and will cross th
Snake river jtist below the fa Ik? at a
height of several hundred feet, and v.lll
eventually have lis terminal at .Icr-mie.
Speaking of his plans, Mr. Perrine said:
The first train of our road Is to
be delivered to us at Twin Falls No
vember 15 and we expect, to bo able
to mil tho first excursion to Shoshone
falls December 1. While In the cast
I recently was one of a party, that
rode on the first demonstration Fdi
son storage battery train of electrii:
cars that was ever practically op
erated. This trip w.os out of the
Pennsylvania railroad depot in New
York city to Long Beach and return.
The run to the beach was made in
fifty-seven minutes, and the trip back
was accomplished In fifty-nine min
utes. For the three cars but IP 2
kilowatts of electric energy wer con
sumed and the cost of the power re
quired for tlie round trip wps only
We are going to make the first
wettern experiment In opera ling the
Fdlson storage hatterj ears on an
interurban line. Our generating plant
at Shoshone Falls will supply us will'
Ihe electrical energy with which lo
charge and recharge the batteries on
our trains. We require no overhead
transmission lines nor third ra.ilr.
Tlie energy is carried In storage bat
teries on the cjirs.
Our new line on which the experi
ment is to he made with ih Edlsou
cars Is In the form of a loon ten miles
lone. It runs out from Twin Falls,
then three mile? along the bank of
tlie Snake River ennyon. thence south
two miles and west three miles back
lo Twin Falls.
Condemnation proceedings ha e ben
Instituted by the bnckers of the road
against the state of Idaho to acquire
right-of-way across state land loi-,?led on
both sides of the Snake rlvr near the
Shoshone falls. This action was taken
to pave the way for Installing the scenic
Three Suits Affcctlnn Title Filed In the
Fourth District Court.
Special to Tho Tribune.
PROVO. Nov. 4 .Three suits were filed
In the. Fourth district court here today.
The Elberta. Orchard company bepan suit
against Olive and Burley E. Bronson for
the foreclosure of a mortgage on the
southwest one-qtiarter of the southeast
one-quarter of tho northwest one-quarter
of section .12, township 10 south, ranee
1 west, given to secure a note for $10n-t..ri7.
and for ?100 attorney fees. The same
company s suing II. J. Peterson and wife
to foreclose a mortgage on the southwest
one-quarter of the northwest one-quarter
of section 31. township 10 south,
range 1 west, given to secure note for
The Progressive Investment assocla-
of telephone lines in the counties of San
?.IIgucl, Ouray and San Juan. In the state
of Colorado, together with all easements,
rights of way and franchises izc6 in con
nection therewith.
Eleventh Approximated- four hundred
miles ofi telephone lines In the counties
of I'tah, Salt "Lake. Juab. Tooele. Weber,
Davis and Cache. In the state of Utah,
and In the counties of Bannock and
Oneida. In the state of Idaho, together
with all easements, rights of way and
franchises used In connection therewith.
Twelfth All other property of The
Telluridc Power company. Including sub
stations, distributing systems, reservoirs,
reservoir sites, water rights, laboratories,
machine shops, dwelling houses and other
buildings, furniture, fixtures, office equip
ment and furnishings, real esate. rights
of wny, licenses, easements, franchises,
leases" and leasehold Interests, automo
biles, horses and wagons, tools, stores,
supplies, contracts, bills and accounts
receivable and other choses in action,
books of accounts, records and other
documents, good will and other property
of whatsoever nature and description and
wheresoever situate, excepting only the
cash on hand on the date of sale.
Said property will be offered for sale
under the following terms and condi
tions, to wit.
1. The propertv shall be offered as
an entirety: but if, nt the beginning of
tho sale, any bidder or bidders request
offerings of the property In parcels, such
offerings shall first be made and the prop
erty shall thereafter be offered as an
entirety, and If the total of the bids re
ceived for the severnl parcels shall ex
ceed the bid received for the property as
nn entirety, the property shall thereupon
bo sold to those bidding for the several
2. The property will not be sold unless
a bid or bids as aforesaid be received
to an amount aggregating nt least $5.
250.000. such amount, being estimated as
sufficient to pay the bonded and other
Indebtedness of the corporation.
3. No bid will be received unless it I.?
accompanied, as an evidence of the bid
der's good faith, by a deposit of 510.000.
In cash or check certified by a national
-(. In the event of a bid being accepted,
ten per cent of the amount thereof shall
bo paid forthwith, and the remainder
within thirty days upon tho transfer and
deliver of the property sold, sold pay
ments to be made In cash or check certi
fied bv n national bank, except as here
inafter provided.
C. Either the first or final payments, to
he made bv the. successful bidder mav be
made In !cnds of The Telluridc Power
company, vatued at par and accrued In
terest, or in stock of -aid company,
valued at the amount to which It is esti
mated such stock shall bo entitled upon
a distribution of the assets of the com
pany after the payment of its debts. The
representative of tlie corporation conduct- I
ing such sale shall have the exclusive '
right to estimate the. valuation of any
stock tendered by the successful bidder
in payment for the property.
Anv prospective purchaser who fur
nlshe evidence of his good faith will
b- afforded full opportunity to examine
said propert. and more detailed descrip
tion; and Invf ntorics will be furnished
upon renuet.
By order of tho board of directors:
T. R. Nl'TT. President.
P T PERRY, Secretary,
fall Lake Cltj, I'tnh, October I 1912
!r Dandruff? Go To Your Doctor I
! ralllnc Malr Dandruff
Aysr' Hair Vlcor i-rorap!l destroy the -remr Ayer'j Hjlr Visor Jutt u promptly dttroy the
that caor ndllnj- hair. It nourbhe the hair- acrmi that cause daadrufT. It removes every
bulbs, restores tnem to health. The hair stops trace of daadrufr Itself, and keepl tbc tcalp
fallinfl out. -r-ov.1 more rapidly. clean and In a healthy condition.
I J. O. Xytr Corapo.r, Lo-r-.11, Kj:j. I
I j;"-- ci """"-T--' nKnnal
tlon has commenced muIi ngiini-'t .1 L.
Townsen I nnd oihei to foreclose h mort
gage on the south half of lot I and the
north half of lot 1 In block I. plat .1,
Payson, given to secure a note for 361?.
Democrats at Park.
SlKi-t'l to Th Tribune.
I'.XP.k f7Y. Now i Tb. OemoiT.M l-ell on
old-tin-." r.ill lire totilcM. prreeillng !h iic.-hci
Itli r. parl In wlileh iSe eM ranipalsn torch
ml 'ril nre' xrc In rdccf. Tti"! aprrhea
wis itelivncd at Ihe Uewry thealoi.
Tllmnn t. Jnhnfon. rJindtilate for on?is.
n. Waller flojvlou. candidate tor jute repr
eutA(lre. ere the .p.er... n. II. Moil- pre
nldf! Jolintou' nprli ?n pral!'llr a icpc
lltlPu of tho on delivered In Pull UiV ami
tor. r:iiliiul.iHlrjll- reclfrd hj an Audience
nhleh parked the houe to !u rspicHy.
V.r. N. Scott Dead.
Sr' ie The Ti-lbuue.
PfKiVO Nov. t William X, ?. o! i." year
of use. died Or:oler SI m Idn'io l'j!. Clirnnle
ilphriiU -mui ill -4iuo of dtitli. Mr. Scolt
Ijoiji In Pmvn July l. l?.V. A f vei.
an )ip nnd hli family remord :o Cnn.id.i.
Trhnii- sln rrr.orrd to Idilio. The fimr-
!l will' he' held In Prove Wcdnwdny After
noon, ".'ill ervle M I o'rleck In tl Srcond
r.xrd mectlns lio'J. Scott leaves s rMos1 xud
is ehlldrsu.
."Rcccplion Is Planned-
Pp(lal to The Trlbijn. '
I'gOVO. Xo. i V. I.. Writ-.nd. pillif.udtrr .
for the Anierll0 AutninoMlc ?0'"lalm. I e.- I
p-;td lo ?rthe lu 1'rovo loraorrnw pvenlnc. if
cempanled by psriy of thirty sood rcadi riithu
sll3 ftotn firend Jinn-ifon .ml " rcnvrr. We.t
r.Arl and hi ptrty til ho enlertalned In lh
evnlnr nt the Trovo CoinmorrUI club. On
Wednesday inornlns. i-'ordlnc to pre''iit at
UllFcnicDl, the. pirty will procred lo Salt Like.
Dies at Age of HI.
Sterl to Th Trlhnn. j
PROVO, Nov. nlo .1. Jarobson. nona-
Rnarln. died here today of ponoriil UeMII'y I
.lufoljM.ni tra? bora nt Hrcai'. Norway. M'rrh I
IS. js;l. nd minn to L'lxli forty ytrs mo.
lie (l.-ll fttltd Rphrolm. II fanii to Troo
fpe yearn ro. lie Itrj v.ldow nnd four ,
rliildrrn Th- funrral will b" he. t 2 oVIoid.
Wednesday from the Sii:th vnnl inerllDC hous ,
Money, coal, clothes, kindling wood anil j
bottled fruit wore included among th
tvpott.s of thliiKS stolen made lo the'
police, yesterday.
Mike Bo.lanlch of the Salt Lake house
complained that, a thief had entered hit
room and made. -off with 535 and i
Will I'll.
.1. n. llampton of 213 Sixth avenue
reported an overcoat stolen.
II. II. Rden of 'Jo North' Kirs: West
stroei told of having had a watch and
razor taken from his room.
Airs. C. C. Henley. i;r, North Fifth West
strer. discovered yi;;terdav that during
tho absence of tho family imm town tlm
homo had been ransncked. Half a ton of
coal, kindling, blankets, clothing mid
about :'"U rjunrls or fruit were found
missing. '
City will today eonduet its "tag da"
campaign to raiae money for tho Iloolh I
memorial fund. This final will lie de- J
voted to the erect iiur of a tnilnlnc "ol
leue for offirern hi every country when;
the army Is at work. Adjutant aniTIrs.
WVstncott are in charge of tho work j
here. j
IN THE CASE of the -I'tnh & Salt.
I,al;p Canal company against Ihe Tellu
ride Power company, the demurrer of the
defendant to amend complaint was ac
gucd by Attorney 13. A. Wcdgewood and ,
the matter yevierday was taken under
advisemont by Judge Marshall lu the
United States' court.
rlcd Joseph Al. Newton .March 5. J011, '
filed suit for dlvun-.c yesterda.y in tho dis
trict court, charging desertion and fail
ure to provide. She nska for the custody
of a minor child and restoration tff her
maiden name. C'orbett. j
GOVERNOR SPRY yesterday appointed!
Jtidge W Stewart and Dr, f. 13.
Pfoutz of tlie state board of correction
and Warden Arthur Piatt and Airs.
Pratt dolccatca to the American Prison
congress which meets in Baltimore No
vember U lo 1 1.
ICllzabeth R Smith filed suit for divorce
against Junius IJ. Smith in tlie district
court yesterday. They were married
February n. P.IL.'. The plalntlfr seeks to
have her nmidnn name of Held restored.
SUIT TO QUIET title to certain Salt
Luke real estate ;md to recover ?luf dam
ages for trespass was lllcd in the dis
trict court yosterdav by A. 13. Aloyle
against Al. .1. Thomas and Agues O.
A HAMILTON, 33 years or nge. was
arrcsled in the city jail yard yesterday
afternoon on a charge of trespass. Tb
man Is suspected of making attempts to i
smuggle drugs to vagrants within the
THE MOTION for a new trial In the
Tl'i:Sl).Y: RAIN wi:i)ni:suay.
romp-rath o vraihcr ilnta at fill Ijkc Cliy.
Novrniber 1. 1912 :
lllchest tcmiierature today was It dr;rte.:
lilslien in thlr, montli slm-c UTI waj 71 drurros;
lowrst IhI nlsht was n.'i desres. orri thin
month Kluoe 171 was 2 derorr, b-:low 7ero: mean
tcnuiernliire (or today -as 10 desreei; normal
van tf dsrec; iii-i:iiir.iiUted drflrlency slurp thr
flrot of thy montli In II decre; aetiMiinlitled
drlU'lem-r 5lne .lannary 1 Ih :I6I dcKiee?.
ftelatlv- linmldlty Rt fi a. m. lodv vaa 5
prr cool : relallte huinldlty at f, p. m. today
waK 71 prr r:il
Toll pn'i-lpliailon for llic twenty-four honrn
rndlns al C, p. ni. wqi AS of an Inch: total
for tlilc month to date U .0 of an luch. ar
rumulatcl exec., for thlr month to dale li .17
ot an Inch: tolai iurrljlntlon place Jauiiary 1
lo date, ii 17.:i Inches: Accumulated ntcett since
Januirj 1 In Inrlie.
Sun rlM 7:01 a. ta.: sun atts 5:19 p. m.
November 5. 1912.
wi:atim:r or3ervations.
Temperature. -."S
eI ss -A
sutloni. i; ; 8 J
71 CO
2 j F p
'. ' " :
SALT I.AKK I tO I H ( X i .11
Robe J u I u j ;i .o:
riiryoun it (5 I s: ! to
''hlcaco 5S 10 .DO
""irer i$ it I 51 .00
t)e Moines ;.: I i; ,
no-i cttr I si i : .on I
iuiuth I io I m I .h
DurJiico it tz j 1? .f) i
Ciratid Junction t I 52 j Ji I nt I
HaTr , :$ I i i J4 '
Ilrlena 35 41 j S I .M
Iliiron 1 S4 j 40 ' .09
JarVnonrlllf 61 71 I 15 ' fil
Kaci Cltr 60 l IS .00
Lander to it I n I .oo
I-rt" Anjrlr S I Vt I .00
Modna IS 1 I ?o ! .01
Moorhead 3: S5 J s i "
Ner Orleana Ct I 71 t I .03
Hfir York K H J5 I .00
North Platle l ) Zl I 0
Oklahoma W I I! 1 .
Ilicnlv , I I ? '
rw&tetlo t u '
Portland. Or M M I 4 I .11
P.Apld City I vt .no
rto4burc I 'A it U I .10
Km nieso I s i; I i nt
Ht Mula I 85 (I ' .00
ft. r-lll ill ! K I (1 1 .01
San Kranelteo I S( I CO I M iv)
Saltl . ..4 I I 1! ' lit
Kh;idT I 3 ' 4: t ;c, ' m
XpOkafi" .'' 49 S M
Tompa"' 4ft 41 SI n
WaMz n r''
ease of Waller Sir;i)i,tan oir.iliiMt the.
I'nltcd States Smoltf 11- Kcfinlug ront
pany was denied bv Judge John A. Mar
shall lu the federal court yoslerday.
E, E. JEFFERY. son of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Jeffery of Lya. Wayne vounty.
died In this idly yesterday morning of
tippvndlfltlh. The body will bo shipped
to KlchtU'ld, I'tah. for burial.
THE BODY of Andrea Anderson. -
years of age. wife of James f. Anderson
of lcexbiirg. .Ida., who died I-VIday In this
t-ity, was tal'ton to Mount Plcasanl yester
day fur burial.
DAISY M, HARRIS was granted a di
vorce from William A. Harris on the
giouud of drunkenness and TUclty by
Judge M. L. Hltehlc yostcrday lnorn
Instruction A. ('. Nelson haa returned
from Piute county, where he attended ;be
teachers' Instltiilo of ihe county.
WILLIAM CAIN Is charged with threat
ening to hill ("havlcs I'Tvans. No ember
J. in a complaint Issued by the county
attorney yesterday morning.
FLOYD S. JUDAH, general manager al
fin Franclsi-u for Ihe I'eek-Judah free
information bureau, was a visitor In Salt
Lal;e iity yesi en lay.
THE CASE of Kdlth Alvea Miller
1 KaiiiHt .the Mutual Benefit Life tiitair
nncc company was dlsmbse.d In tho fed
enil court yesterday.
I THE FEDERAL COURT was adjourned
yesterday tin t U in o'clock next Monday
morning when the Jury trials will be
taken up.
- AT THE SALT LAKE theater this
evening c'ectlon returns will be an
nounced to the audience between tho
i e ts.
Breathe Booth's HYOMEI
and Refreshing Relief
Will Come in Three
Australian Eucalyptus, is a non-irri
tatiuc. -erni destroy injr liquid that, l
Inrirely used hy Catarrh nnd Throat
.Specialists nnd by physicians of the
modern school.
jssraVl TIVOMrci is Aus-
VjptgEgOrS trnlinn liin-nlypttis '
ISBjSsy rafA '"Jihiiicd with 1 ho
; J&p i host of Listeria n An
j E Htisepties. and whon
I MfS brr-atlii-.l ihroujrh the
M.yy fd.",,ia,C1' n,to no luncs
, UT- pffifBoer Hie sore, io
jtrv.v. Hampd membrane of
I ftM (he noso and throat
surely destroys
Jh pvnicious ra-
I rsjjii tarrh jrerms and euda
: ijj nil catarrlial misery.
For "at arili, (.""ouch.s.
Colds and Croii)r Booth's MYOMEI is
miaranteed to sivc satisfaction or
money returned.
Try it on that honorable basis, the
directions are easy to follow and a
complete outfit (iiihnler and hoi 1 Ic of
HYOMEI) 'an be obtnined at druc
zisfs for only $1.00. Extra boltlc, if
afterward needed, only 50 cents.
Pehramni-Johnson, live stores, recom
mend Booth's I1YOMEI".
j L.nrjre(y.S.Co. JET In the Worlc
OVRR 100 W $L l,21O,00C
smrs J3r tozvs
I Panama Canal
I axd the: I
8 West Indies 1
I FR03I ' 1
1 S.S.KronprinzessinCecilie I
I (P. 000 TONS )
I Leaving JAN. 23 FEB. 10 1
H The Ideal Ronte for Tdnrlsts I
H from Wentcrn States. H
I 16 DAYS $125 au"p I
1 These emitted afford the
R Juot fnvornbl; opporiunltv
I to vlolt the Panama Canal
I before Its completion. H
g Tonr comfort nnrcd.
Steamer nerves nn hotel. m
1 'SUo cruets lo IJie Orient. Arouni H
M the World, Italy and Hgvpt, etc. B
m Write for Illustrated booklet. H
150 West Randolph eL, Chicago III., or
I. A. Benton. P. S. T. A,, Denver &. Rio
Grande Ry.; L. J. Kyes, 201 Main t
Salt Lake.
j Honest Work
Konest Prices
I Painless extraction ot teoti or no pay.
I A.I1 -none cuarantced.
8 We Treat You Right
1 Office hours: 8:30 a. m. to 6 p. m.
J Sunday. 10 to 2. Phsne 112'.
J Buy Your .81
Furs From mt
a Furrier mmilm
1 As mucli depends on the merchants as .SI flW
upon yourscli: in the selection of your mmWWBm l' ilH'
1 rui'S--thr.v should be f8""-0,"
I only 'when buying of the expert for un- "mt
I less the merchant is an expert furrier, he $iPtlB
I and, by the same tokens unconsciously and IBJ
1 io people, who know furs from A to Z, and 85
1 can make no mistake in advising you. Wr f-
I From the least, expensive to the very Fur sets in every kind 'k
R finest skins our stock is complete, and when of skin-newest style3 and 'KJi1
jj we tell you a fur is gnmiiuc, you may de- finest workmanship in every "Bjffli
Ipend upon it. to be just as represented piece Fur coats in tho B1
avc are fur specialists we know. And choicest selected varieties B-!
every fur is backed by the "Hudson Bay" and cut and fitted by those
stamp of quality, which insures the wearer ' who know how furs should 'BKfJ"
of the very best to be had for the money. be handled. Hf1?..11
Closing Entire Stock of Suits and Dresses at Half
Regular Prices to Make Room for Furs. 'k
Insist Upon Receiving a "Royal Labdfi
on Every Loaf of "Table Queen Bread
j " 1 'j If your grocer sends .you a loaf of Table Queefto
JPBU Bread, from which the label has been strippefflfe
ifi0pil0fltf call mm up and tell him that you will not acccpffy-
"1 any other bread than "Table Queen," and itniuE
. . RBAU have the label on. Tell him your children aflWa
I , : 1 saving them to get a Royal Gocycle.
hre'ad made, and it is the largest loaff!
T JW on the market for the money. BetjjHw
"V"ff anC mie CC0-10mCa ian 1Qn,t.
Boys and Girls fc
INK VO") f The Gocycles given FREE with "liWtd
I j' ble Queen" and other yal Bread?!
j Vi are Iie STeai:est fun producers eveEj
rli constructed. Jf you want one, get busM
tel1 your mammas to buy onl.V "R3fa?P
'MP- Breads.1' Go out after your neighbors ara
"U ask them to save the Royal wrappers andlE
bels for you, too. Hurry and get your Gocycl?,
125 'Wrappers or 250 Labels will get you one Xt
232 Main Street Salt Lakeilflfoj
A Queer Case
TnsL to iiifliirftte how carefully
our Safe Deposit Vaults aro han
dled, we want io tell you about
the man who proved an alibi
from our records.
The case was absolutely clear,
for we keep over the siirnnturo
of each customer an automatical
lv stamped record of the day.
hour and minutt; when he enters
the vault and when ho leaves it.
Our care served an unusual
purpose in this case, but it al
Trays heeps you yafe.
Watch the 'fi
Walker Bank Building Tower B
For Election Results jSj
Told by Searchlight
North Quarter of Sky REPUBLICAN jHgj
East Quarter-DEMOCRATIC jK
South Quarter PROGRESSIVE iMpl
West Quarter SOCIALIST S
Licht Miovinr; bach and forth in straight line in JlDV (luar" mjjBKt
ter indicates presidential candidate in lead. . Wmt
Licht zigzHEwinc indicates candidate for governor ia tu K,f
wTien election is certain, searchlifrlit will make, C0,"V'j,. llflBCt
circle, fiwconinj: hori::on, preceded and followed by signal KjbH:
catinc candidate whose election is announced.
mit ' 5 onductwl in eJJ V
Depository. nr..dent: V,ABp
Frank Knox. P F. f$K
ray, vice prcildcr.;, , jnl 5Bt U
E. A. Culbertion. a 1HT
on tlmo dcpoalU.

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