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nfJfi List of Polls in Sail
111 JLakc City and
M County. .
Efpof Ballots Will Cover:
Bperiod of Twelve
ours' 1
rill be opened punctually :it 7
thi morning -md will remain
fjj 7 oVJoeK tonight, when thoy
jjKfrtindunlly closed. Voters who
!'ic I10"5 "in""' after the
IfTfcjKcIosing wil not be allowed to
IttiMHiw will be in accordance with
I'.sHBb-lti"'. Coiitoqucntly. voters are
Mii'Hf'iainiliflrize themselves with
aljrt'Krsst'S of their respective poll
'UfeBss Rnu c,ns ,nfir voles nt
tfcci B.ran hour as possible, to m oid
uliBb the Jat moment, which might
WWjKmnny from voting,
-frc is h (oricct, and complete
5ikBc P"'" p'1100-" for all lis
i ylMTthc cih and county:
,7 , 1 Waterloo .store Eleventh
"X1 i Fourth East.
'J -South Ninth East, .residence ot
.ft Eleventh Ea?l.
, iley's itorc, Eleventh South and
' East.
Jf 6 South Ninth East.
tz Irty-flrxt ward ajnusemcnt h;ill.
South Ninth Eaut, residence of
J Jincr.
its' barber shop, 70G East Scv-
Eatt Ninth South, residence of
Sr. South Fourth East, residence of
I. Davis.
OT!t forest corner of Seventh South
J city and .county building:.
"P th Second East, next door to
NVr. I- IT.
I.E. 6 j;i;ast Fourth South, Baschor'fc
th ward nniiojc.
.epFs rSouth Seventh East.
' million drug store building, 03
to nth East
TT iF'tiith Eleventh Mast, residence
rW -.Brawn.
rtlelh ward meeting house,
"fy el nnd Colt?: avoiui.
iford'.i store, S'i2 South Eighth
ice? jst church amunmeiit ball, In-
mue and Navajo streci.
r.Wftst Sixth South, Cowan's res
ult t
Kit. I- f.Soulh Wc?t Temple, Cunning
?Eouth West Tomple, residence
bra 5- I,,,sb-
w ' Second East, residence of K. L".
"7 t0 South KlKhtb West.
IJW JKouth 1'otirtli "Wftst, rcsldenrr
, .'tt.l Isitlta'n.
kiatofrti-e place, Enrdlcy liros.
le I fr hotel,
it wt hotel.
:rt j( county Jail.
Bpt Konth Seventh "West, residence
nty-fourth wnrl amusement
3 Si i Wrft "nd Flr.st South.
if 1? ?fil Nwr,n T"n,n'c. Utah Pos
f society hall, 1'lrst Norlli near
lJ. North Fifth West, liss .Tosc-
hj :kintnsh.
I"3 North 'Seventh Weal, rcDldcnco
rtt Klorllnc.
jfjf.tJ 'Almond street, residence of R.
"Hoi '.
WtNorth Third West, residence
fcWi-st Fourth North, rcsldcnco
Vui,(Bi5 Wost and Koselln avenue.
wS'Rth St0r' 'rcnth "VVcfL nn(1
jtof Tlioma?, 32S Center street.
Jt r0URTir WARD.
"forth State Ptroot, rcsldcnco of
or. 1
jttlelh ward amusement hall.
n avcmiw driis store, SIxh
id K streets.
1 trcct, residence of Irs. C.
Dyke's ?tore. 'JS." ,T street.
Second avenue,
t nvemir and T stroot.
il'BcJsle Wallter, H76 East First
Ss'lnth East, residence of Jcn
fou. East First South, airs. 7d. Al-
East Third South, residence of
gvorlli'n drnp store Third East
n South.
Hell hotel. 121 South State,
national llnrvcstor. State
cnco of j. a. Smith, Murray,
Kj North, Fiflecnjh South and
Wtc h!Kh school, ,?. Fourteenth
F ward amusement hall, Four
Wtu auu State streets.
i i Uttoinvood ward house, cast
Hrcel. Murray,
BuiuU hal1' Murray
May iiicctlnj; Iiouhc.
fP11 cajnp, Bi' Cottonwood
ByHay house. Parley's can von.
kBV'' schoolhottjto.
Klcnce of Suimiei Perry, Sandy.
V lKil!k Wanl "H'etlnj; house.
Wl Koftlcc Co"80,,tlatwl Unins
y t? "nuncrdai store.
m. "file ihmec hall.
Hljian aiuusomenl hall.
llK "le,:t,nK house at Hlver
ipIS1 r"n. Jordan Mercantile
(well lbuH,nir1-UBemCnt ,m'
fwWv,,l! Wn'"1 house.
ffi??,'a, hiiK
c'ia,1c PuuiphoiU'e
,o bflBf??1 (,;R,r'11 :,museinent hall,
Ip vjKer sfhoonu)uc.
4 (fiBhiCr WHril 'nJthisr house.
J jK,.n wrd moetliiK house.
fl(l'BTt K,tit rc 'Elovc,h South and
-trtKpn house,
r' 'pVJ l)fi"1 ha"- niriKham.
idBt' Krl rldiie. North Point.
QW K Wara HH'ombly hall, Mur-
" XK'i u"? nnd .Main nircet.
a ml Lumber lulldlnsr.
Ji KV,lr,om' hlvale.
Wjmy'W coal ofJl(-,pk Rtatt
Man Who Has Made Success j
in Salt Lake City Has Good
Words for Plant Juice.
Mr. .John C.-iirc, the fruit ini'r.-liant
at (i Mroadway, who lia built up
one of the largest biisincso.s in hi- linr
in t Iio city, hits received benefits from
llto use of Phml .(nice and is Mithusi
astic over this now tonic which is bene
htinpr so ninny poopJc throughout I he
city. lie ttiys:
"Tor indigestion and a geneial run
down condition I don't believe there is
anything so good as vour Piant .luiee.
I heard so inueh about it from people I
Know that J decided to trv it. I had
indigestion something fierce and v. a,
run down and nervou. Utie bottb
strajghleued me out. put mv slomaidi
in line shape and strengthened mo ami
seemed to put new Mood in me. I v. ish
vou all success and J;nov vuu will
have if. for there in nothing that i
know of as good ?s Plant .Mi'ico."
l'lanf. .luice represeiits the greatest
eombination of extracts, juices, and es
sences of medicinal herbs ibal science,
has been able to produce. Tt is th"
niost marvelous rccnuptructhe. jivstem
cleansing and curative product of the
age. It is an aboluto bpccifie for nil
derangements of Momuch. liver, kiduevs
and blood. If you .ire hiliou?. consti
pated, nervous, run down, have indiges
tion or any ailment of Ihe vital organ"
named, gel h supply of Plant .Juice. If
it does not help yoii ou get vour moncv
back. Call ;it,. chraniiu-.Joliusnn 's (o
day. see the display and talk with the ;
Plant. Juice man; store Xo. .", Tlnid So.
and Main. (Advertipemcnt.) !
o.. 1
: ,wk,
inent, young attorney, formerly
of Covington, Kv., -was adiuiLfced to the
bar of Hie. supremo court in this city
yesterday. jMr. J3aldwiu also has been
admitted lo the United States district
eonrt and will mako his home here.
Sinco leaving lientueky M.r. Baldwin
has visited numerous cities in the mid
dle west and west ami has decided that
Salt Lake has the brightest i'ultno of
any city -which he has seen.
The first annual reunion of tbo
descendants of the late Uiinm K. Claw
son will ho hold Thursday livonlin; at
Whitncv hall. There are 1GI descendants
livlnsr and most of ihcni arc expected to
attend th: affair, which will become an
annual one, accord hit; to plans. Tf.
Bradley C'lawson is actio? as chairmnn of
the committee in charge of the entertatn-
Hishop Clawson eanio o I'tah with the
fir.?t pioneers and was associated ivlth
'resident Young for muny years as man
ager of the enterprises tinder the control
of the president, lie was the first man
ager of the Suit Laite theater and man
aged Z. M. 1. for a number of years.
Ills direct descendant numbered 21 :!, In
cluding children, giandchllilren and sreat
Brondelilldien. Then, were forty-fonr
children, twenty-seven of whom are now
The local branch of Ihe Needlework
guild, which Is under the direction of
Mrs. S. O. S. Nolden, has boen obliged
to postpone the meeting for the cata
loging and distribution of articles of
clothing, on account of the delay in gel
tlng tho articles In. It is essential that
all clothing be in before the settled win
ter Weather, and the conmiltten, headed
by Mrs. Walter Iyne. Is arranging the
donations ready for distribution to the
charity societies asking for them.
The committee will moot next Monday
at the home of Mrs, Tyne. 1135 East
South Temple street. Tho other members
of the committee nro Mrs. It. II. Frame.
Mrs. G. II. Kaybonld. Mrs. Stlmpson and
Mrs. E. B, t'rllehlow. Two days later
the annual meeting of the. society will be
held at. the snme place at '2:'.',0, with Mr3.
Charles V.'. Watson presiding In Hie ab
Kcnce of tho president.
Salt Laker Contributes.
In the current number of the Osteo
pathic Physician, an eastern publication,
appears an article by Hr. "5rao! Stratton
of this cll on "Infantile Paralysis."
which has been verv favorably comment
ed upon by physicians and others Interested.
'Ihe Army oP
Constipation 1
It Crowing Smaller Evety Dif
LIV2R pills ut jaaiTSj
odygiro rcKcf BHTPTF BS
they jHjpW
net, Ic(Ecitffla Sick Ilca&cbf, Sallow Skau
Genuine mtUai Signatui'
jm 9k T ODA Y2nd DA Y OF I
I 'mffGf't Garment Salel I
I'mlgSajj ikkmj MAIN FLOOR-ANNEX I I
Mmi&ffwThe Sale f $65,000.00 WorthX I
I M If I mM bought for $32,500.00 Cash and I
Wmmlr Offered Now at I
I -B wHf Half Price and Less I
I Sl fiWw ' -W Compared With Tjsual Selling Prices I H
I The immense business yesterday in spite of inclement weather I I
is sufficient indorsement of the wonderful values offered I I
Suits, Dresses, Waists, Gowns, Skirtsl I
j Manufacturers'. COME TOD A Y fijUK9A I
I Sample Lines and Y ou Cannot Afford tJkM j I
Surplus Stock to Miss t gmwmm&r I
S yf x NCalls Mil Departmontn. Phone Exchange 22. yf I
Injunction Suits Against the
Tell u ride Company Are
Disposed Of.
By giving .? J 5.000 bond for the Hp
pearanco in court of any new owners
of the property of the Telluride Power
compnuy, th( application for an in
junction to restrain the company from
dissolving was dismissed yesterday by
Judge -John A. Marshall in tho L'niio'd
States district, court.
This settles tho matter of dissolution
and reorganization of the company
while tho two suits in equity are pend
ing against them in the court. The
federal attorneys asked for an injunc
tion to restrain the power corporation
from dissolving ami merging into flu
new power company which was recent
ly announced, while the suits were
Under the bond the new owners of
tbo properly, over which the suits arc
ponding, will be required to answer the
suits in the future if Ihe company dis
solves before thev are settled.
,. , i
No Longer Necessary for Patients to Seek
Dry Climates.
After a number of years of successfidlv
fighting consumption In the various coun
tries of F.urope, there has been brought to
the Fnlted States a preparation which
bids fair to take tlnj lead in the war on
tho -rent white plague.
This preparation, which Is called "Sir
olln," docs away with the necessity of
the patient socking a dry cllmnto, "and
obtains Just as remarkable results In the
dampest localities.
There is scarcely a. prominent physician
In F.urope who is not prescribing Slrolln
with remarkable result., and the med
ical profession in our own country have
also taken it up.
Vou can learn more about Slrolln bv
addressing the Slrolln Co., 22S WeM.
Broadway, New York City,
Sehrnmm-Johnson. Drugs, "The Never
Substltutors," five (5) good stores, and all
leading druggists arc recommending and
distributing Slrolln with considerable sue.
cess. (Advertisement )
Notice Is hereby glsvn that sealed bids
will be received by the undersigned up
to 2 p, m,. December "rd, 1912, for the
materials and labor required In the erec
tion of tho UTAH STATE CAPtTOr.
UTAH, according to plans, specifications,
nnd drawings, which are- open for In
spection at the office of
415-120 Fell bldg..
nnd all bids and proposals at the above
time will be publicly opened and feart
In the office of the Stnto Capitol Com
mission. 211 Felt building. Salt La-ke
City. I'tah.
All bids must be addressed to:
and marked In the lower left-hand . cor
ner: "Bid for Utah Slato Capitol Build
ing." naming at-(be same tlmn the kinds
of work which the bid covers, for ox
nmplc: "Bid for entire Job. excepting heat
ing, plumbing, electric wiring,
"Bid for atone work;
"Bid for plastering,"
etc.. or nuoh bids enn br. delivered to thr.
Capitol Commission at tho said time anrt
place for opening same.
Bids tnutt not contain conditions,
ounllfications, propositions or nny other
tWng than those mentioned in plane.
Kjitelncatlons. drawlnga. contracts nnd
bond", and bidders must use thj form of
I Elections are sometimes carried by J I
a Single Vote J I
Every Democrat Should fi I
If you do not, you may lose your vote j I
Pull the third lever, the one with 1 I
j the Rooster, and let it go at that I
bids, which will be found at tho office
of said architect, and no other form of
bill will be recHved.
A certified check or cashier's check on
sumo bank hi Salt Luke Ctty. Utah, for
at least fi per cent of the amount of
each bid must bo enclosed. Each check
is to bo made payable to the under
signed, nnd is to be forfeited to thn un
dersigned In caac tho bid Is accepted and
the blddor does not enter Into tho con
tract within ten days after ltK accep
tance, for the faithful execution of the
contract and bond hereinafter men
tioned. The proposed form of contract shall
be the "Uniform Contract Revised.
lt'OT," and tho form of bond to bo used
is hereto appended.
A bond must be furnished for one-half
the amount of tho bid, with good and
sufficient sureties, all satisfactory to the
The plans nnd specifications will be
open for Inspection and v nt the
UTbltect'H ofi'lce l'i voorn -J 1 -1 20 Felt
bldg.. nnd at t'ie office of tb Utah State
Capitol Commission ?U Felt bulMlm;."
If an blddnr deolres to haAe one-oi
more uet of plans for his exclusive use,
the architect at his option may furnish
tlnim against a deposit to 1dm of $75 for
each set of plans, $15 of which will bo
refunded on the return of the first nt
of plans, etc.. nnd a refund of J25 each
on any of the subsequent sets, provided
enld plana, etc., aro returned In reason
ably Good condition and within two weeks
nfter bids are opened.
Tho plans and specifications aro the
property of the architect nnd in all casea
muet bo returned to the architect, and
in no case shall the deposit constitute
a purchase price.
Bidders residing outside of Salt Lake
City must pny for the exprcssHgo of
plans, etc.. both ways In all cases.
Tho undersigned doos not obligate it
self to accept tbo lowest or any bid.
The competency and responsibility of
bidders and of their proposed sub-contractors
will receive careful considera
tion In the nward.
The bids will bo received for tho fol
lowing wovk:
1 For the building completf, as specl
lled. 2. For the building complete, exctpt-
ng heating, plumbing, electric wiring.
. Cement, plain and rolnforccd con
crete work, including excavations, struc
tural steel, and setting of nunc.
A. Stone work, outline and setting.
Brick work and tho setting of torra
cotta. fi. Furnishing of terra-cotta.
6. Carpenter work.
7. Plastering.
$. Shcot-mfitnl work, Including sky
lights and floor Ught-
p. Marble work, terrasio and tile
10. Painting.
11. Miscellaneous and ornamental
steel. Iron and braes work.
12. Combination of bids sections 3, -1
and 5.
13. Heating,
14. Plumbing. I
15. KlectTlc wlrlngr.
IS. Elevators.
Thn undersigned shall have the right
to reject nny or all bids and to walvo
anv lnformalUl3 in any proposal.
Patrf at Salt Lake CTty. Utah, tht?
23th da; of QetoW. 1PI2.
Drs. Zimmerman & Gindrup jH
I DENTISTS, Inc., 234 Main St. rH
Ovr Loyson'a, noxt to Royal Care- jH
1 Satliflcd Patient "Our Motto" jH
Gold Crowns. Z2-Kt & jtH
Btidgei Wortc. bestS fjif . IJIH
Porcelain Crowns, .JH
Set or Txth (best) 57.CQ MM
Cold Fillings $1-50 up I ' IH
Other Fillings 25c, 75c and $11 jllllB
12 Yesrc Personal Protactlvs I jH
Guarantee, I jH
Pren Examination and Adv)c. jH

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