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kHEK tcdav. rl j . l . i jfj . CP -7 tl 1. . , a. . I Many havo foiina tho Wants
plila glfjjf JfWl jlctKJE IJJ WjtJP I
icratic Candidate Carries New York,
iana, Several New England States, Wis
isin, California, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio,
I Nebraska, in Addition to the Solid
ith. Roosevelt Gets Illinois, Pennsylvania
I Michigan.
Itiin I News Service.
), 2Cov. 3. Tho United
today went Democratic,
rovr Wilson f New .Jersey
)o ihe twenty-eighth pre.si
Unitod States. Ilo carried
states with a total of 'JOS
ics tho largest ever given
ito for president.
. Marshall of Indiana will
6 with him to preside ovo
is vice president.
ooscolt, head Bull Moose
Progressive party, was the
" in the fight for the prcs
earricd six slates with a
al voto of 10 J.
coning gives Illinois to
ut tho contest between hint
is bo close that tho state
to he in doubt,
lotvard Taft was third in
riic majority of the voters
atcs, Utah, Vermont and ,
Jactl their confidence in him
ho electoral voto is cast be
:olal oi V- aud ho may get
hire, making it 16.
May Lose Senate,
ae presidency and vice pros
Democratic party also re
lower house of congress by
lining majority, And on lop
rohably captured the United
fired and aixty-scven Demo
IScpubltuaiis and 20 Progres
promised line-up of tho ua.
c of representatives. That
Democrats a clear majoritv
JKatcd complexion of the new
K51 Democrats and 1S Kcpub-
BlS9 fl,lrcs mnY 1,0 changed
iH?n,Plolo returns, for they as
the Illinois legisluturo baa
Wcratie and will elect two sen
a&t -faith.
$m Illinois.
ii 'ft0 is a possibility of a lie-up
Rn0l! ,eSi6,aturc a split vote
K!ol between Democrats, Bull
Republicans. And Govern
mav call a. special session to
P"blieari to the Lorimcr va-
Bj!llCr lmni1' l,,orc may bo otllcr
rfWP BinH. Sure ones are al-
P'B"1 of tlvo in Colorado, one iu
JBpone in Massachusetts nnd onu
' 'K8c- A,ul thereby tomo IV
tmFi U''li ba missing in the next
.5cnator W. Murray Crane,
lltH'Ky th.D1:t0n aU(1 Scnator
f,'By Governors
capti,rc 0l- con;,rc5S in iJ0th
I?85 ,10t tho lilnit oC thc
th(J Democrats, Thirty-niuo
tcd governors and in thoso
' . ,VJ Bc'"ocrats were successful
fopn.b''cana and one Progrcs-
K " wns ,lot a Democratic.
K 11,0 sense that many buu
JMnnils f tho Demo-
fcV 0 ll!,tl PWouslv voted
K ticket. The Democrat?
held their strength, bowover, and made
steady, general gajns over the Brynn
vote of four years ago. Hut thuL'opub
licau parly, split, over the Chicago con
vontion between Taft and Roosevelt,
divided the vote. That is the answer
to the tabulated voto that shows Gov
ernor Wilson carried more states and
got ;i larger electoral voto than was
ever given any president before.
Analysis of Vote.
The Roosevelt vote was- simply the
Progressive Republican vote, plus a
very sjiuall percentage of tho Demo
cratic vote. Tho. Taft vole was the con
servative Republican vote, minus a
small percentage of anli-Roosevclt votes
in certain states, which went to Wilson.
There was one gratifying thing about
the election. There was no doubt about
the general result from thc timo the
lirst returns began to come in. Flashes
of a i'cw precincts from Massachusetts
and New York settled the issue to thc
laymon as well as to tho expert guess
ers. Those early returns showed thut
Wilson wns holding the Democratic vote
while Taft and Roosevelt were splitting
the Republican voto something like
ovcn: And that settled thc case.
.NEW YORK, -Xov. ;". Woodrow
Wilson was tho choice of the
state of New York for president
by a. plurality estimated at midnight
at about 200,000, from returns received
from nearly every election district in
thc greater citj' of New York, and from
all but 000 of tho 003 districts outside
of New York city.
President T.ift led Colonel Roosevelt
in the same districts by about i5,000
Congressman William Sul;:cr was
elected governor witu a plurality esti
mated at midnight at about 175,000
over .fob K. Hedges, the Republican
nominee, who, in turn, led Oscar Straus,
enndidato of the Progressive part', by
about 35,000 votes.
William Barnes, Jr., chairman of the
Republican state committee, issued the
following statement:
"Tho result of the election in the
stale of Now York demonstrates one
thing: that tho Roosevelt movement
was simply a Republican bolt. With
all of the I'm u tie efl'orts that were made
to secure votes irom 'people generally,
the result shows that practically none
but former Republicans joined the
Roosevelt movement.
"Tho deciaivo victory of Taft and
Hedges over Roosevelt aud StrauB is a
demonstration that thc Republicans of
New York desired thc renominntion of
President Taft and that tho delegates
from this state properly expressed the
preference of thc Republicans when a
lnro majority voted for Taft al Chi
cago.'1 NEW JERSEY
NEWARK, N. J., Nov. 0. Wilson,
3fi,0S3; Taft, .19,513; Roosovclt, 26,(5S2
theso roturna from 457 of Now .Jer
sey's 1779 dictricts indicated at -o'clock
this morning that Wilson had
carried his owu stato by at least 50,
000 plurality.
Thc Democrats swept the state. They
overthrew a Hcpublican majority lu
tho slate sonato and elctcd a safe ma
jority of the lower bouse, insuring the
Nation's Choice for President and Vice President
"Woodrow Wilson of New Jersey. ' Thomas R. Marshall of Indiana.
The Vote on President
Taft. ' Wilson, j, P.oosevelt. Dbs
V, - -3 ' 2 S i. 2 S W
STATES. ri o o !i m o n
? i!
i I O J, l a
Alabama . . .1! 80,000 12!! I...J ...
Arizona- ! l...j ' 3'; i... ...
Arkansas... ... :jo,000i 91 i ...
Callfomia .'.f. I... II 15,0001 13j
Colorado I ... II .42,000 (,
Connecticut ' 10,0001 7f
Delaware.. c , '.!...' 5,GT)0! 3ji
Florida ' !.'.. 20,000 6ij ".
Georgia 50,0001 Hi!
Idaho i ...i
Illinois !...: 23,400 29 ...
Indiana 133,000f 15!)
Iowa ... I ; 5,0001 1SI! I . . . ...
Kansas 1. ...Ij '...!! 30,0001 10 ...
Kentucky ! 20,000 isj!
Louisiana .., .'. .11 -15,000! 10:
Maine , . L..J 2,6001 ...'...I
Marj'lnntl : ". -J 40,0001 Si!
Massachusetts .' I 50,000i 18-! I
Michigan . ; ,..-. i '.. .""30,0001 15 ...
MliuiOHOta. ; I. ...j 15.000112!" .1
Mississippi. ...)( 55,000! 10' '.
Missouri .-..'..:..,.. J... 1100,0001 1811; j
Montana J ' , ,. 5,0001 4 '
Nebraska ... 25,0001 B,i
Nevada ... .- - ' ..If 4,000! 3i
Now Hampshire I . . . fi !
New Jersey -.v.... -.'.i ' t. . . 31.-12,0001 14:' ( ...
New Mexico : '...!! 2,6501 . 3il I
New York '....:....,,.. '1200,0001 4511 1
North Carolina i I... I 30,000 12iT I
North Dakota 7... ; ...! J 0,0001 5.' ...
Ohio :..i.:.. i... fioo.oooi 2411 1...1 ...
Oklalioma ...!' 15,0001 lOil !... ...
Oregon ".,.-.;..-.. I... Ii 10,000 5i' J...I...
Pennsylvania .. ; ".....'! 25,0001 38 I ...
Rhode Island ' -..I...1! 5,0001 5 I. .....
South Carolina 5S,000t 9'! J...1 ...
. South Dakota. ;. ...... . . .Ii !...:: 6,000 5 ...
Tonnosscc ;i 35,0001 12i !...( ...
Texas .. ' .-ijlTO.OOO! 20i; ...It ...
Utah ; 3,O00l 4;' 1...H ...
Vermont V 9 ill 41 1...: . .
Virginia. j L..!j 30,0001 121' "... ...
Washington . ..I ... ',' '...!' 30.000F 7 I . . .
West Virginia I . . ; !...!! 8,000! 8'l .
Wisconsin t.., 30,000! 13I! !... I ...
Wyoming ; . . . . . ..j. . ,:i !. . .' !. . . I
ToUl (i77T....j 12'l j408!i 110411
Wyoming and New Hampshire doubtful.
olcfttion of William llu.he3 (D.) as j
United Statca senator to succeed Frank J
D. Hriggs (R.); also the elot'tion of a
Doinocrat . for Wilson's unexpired term.
Wilson'.1; own voting precinct at
Princeton enve him 1 13 votes, Taft 90
and Jtuoscvdt 55.
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Nov. 5. Com
plcto returns from Milwaukee county
and scattered precincts throughout tho
state indicate that Governor Wilson
has swept Wi-fcoiiKln by from 20.UU0
to 3U,0U'J le. Tim nemocrutic can.
didate cirticil Mihiuikre count v oxer
, .President Taft bv i-Jo.c t(i 10,000 and
tho moaKor returns from upstate, show
thcit Wilson is running even in strong
Republican districts.
Ifoosevelt is runnini; lxshind Presi
dent Taft except iu Winnebago county,
which the Progressive candidate car
ried by a email margin over Wilson.
Early reports indicate u close race
bctweou Karcl, Democrat, and MoGov
orn. Republican, for the governorship.
Chairman Paul B. Hcmmy. of tho Dem
ocratic state central committee, claims
tho stato for Karcl by 20,000.
Chairman George B. Scott of the
Ui niiblicnu state central committee,
rluinit I he stato lor MeGovwnor, on
(Contlnuod on Tago ISvo.)
Late Returns Show Changes
Enough to Make Control
of Congress Certain.
Returns at 1:30 a. jn. made more cer
tain the earlier indications that-the
Democrats would increase their majority
in the house of representatives. At
that hour returns showed that by the
reapportionment and by defeat of op
ponents in normally Republican, dis
tricts, thoro was a gain of 25 Democrats
over tho number accredited in thc
sixty-ninth congress and a loss of one.
This gain was as follows:
J'ive in rew .'Jersey; ono in Indiana;
two in Texas: ouc in Louisiana: one in
Florida; one in Georgia: five in Con
necticut; one in Alabama; ono iu Town;
and eight in New York. In Wisconsin
two more elected 'nominally on a Demo
cratic ticket from Republican districts,
though they were actually named by a
fusion following. A number of thc Re
publican representatives" returned were
given the Progressive indorsement.
A ga.in of two Democratic seats in
the United States senate was secured
by thc returns from Delaware and Now
Jersey. The Icgiilature of Rhodo Island
probably will be Democratic, insuring1 a
Democratic .successor to Wetiuore, Re
publican, retired. Later returns from
Wyoming indicated that Warren, Re
publican, -would be elected.
Democratic managers in Colorado be
lieve that tho two Democratic candi
dates for tho United States sennto will
bo carried in on Wilson 's pluralrt-. j
Jn Illinois, which will elect two Unit
ed States senators, late returns indi
cated that thc Progressives aud So
cialists would hold the balance of pow
er on joint ballot.
SACK.Y-.ll-.vrO. Cat.. Nov. D. Jail
bvcjiltors arn not Included Jinionr thoso
who can bo brought Iiack from CaJiarta
undr the xtra-ltton treaty with thc
United .Str.tcu. This was the bcii-c of
the rply received today from tho Mate
department nt Washington to tho rcoucBt
of Csillfoiiiiji for tb return to fsui Vmn
rino of .lack Hlur. sentenced to Snu
Qtiontin "pnUontlorv. but who eeciir-l
f'oin the i.ounty j;Jl and wnt a'l'feiwl In
Carial-. Tho governor's application for
rxtradltlon wile deni on that xt'tru-id.
Ebenezer Hill of Connecticut,
Another Old Standby, Fails
of Re-EIection.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 5. Election
returns were reccivod in Washington
tonight with demonstrations which
many old observers said had not been
equalled since thc civil wnr.
Interest in the presidential contest
ran high as did that on thc complexion
of thc next congress.
Among tho lirst returns clieerod in
"Washington was the word from .Mis
souri that Speaker Champ Chirk had
been re-elected, lie will undoubtedly
preside over thc next houso unless in
duced to enter thc cabinet.
But Champ a ancient and honorable
foe, Uncle doe Cannon, after thirty
eight years in the house, was defeated
by Frank T. O'JIair.
With the assurances that the Demo
cratic candidates for tho hou;o through
out thc "solid south" hnd iieon elect
ed the election of Oscar W. Underwood,
chairman of the houso way and moans
committee., and father of the tariff
measures that mado up the greater
part of the work of the present Demo
cratic house, was made certain.
Tho only Socialist in tho present
house. Victor L. Bcrgcr, of Wisconsin,
was defeated for ro-elcction by Rep
resentative William U. Stafford, a. lie
publican, nominated bit a fusion ticket
with thc Democrats f.upportiug him.
Down to defeat with Uncle Joe Can
non wont Kbeuozcr Hill in tho l'ouith
Connecticut district. licprcsontutivc
Hill for eighteen yonrs has5- boen. one
of tho Jiopublicnn tarift" experts iu the
house, and a member of thc ways and
means committee.
MILWAUKHK. Wis.. Sow 3. John
Sehrajilr, who attempted to aasuxaliiatc
Colonel Kooacvclt. will lio .irralynod in
municipal court to enter n plea, of nullty
or not uullty either Thursday or Kridny,
according to announcement made at the
district attornev'a or.'lerc today.
A- oon s-K J in plea Is r-i to-red n win
nuxMon o' a-lenl tn v,li p.olabl oo ar-poinl-tl
lr tito county to tniOsO a fvrmul
Inquiry into KchrnKK mental comitttbn.
isiS I
Governor Leads Ticket
by Several Hundred
Votes; Other Candi- H
dates for State Offices H
Pull Through by Small
Pluralities; Democrats H
Second in Race.
Some Counties Outside H
of Salt Lake Show H
Democratic Gains That H
Would Change Result H
but for Heavy Republi- H
ca3i'Piuralit3r in Capital H
. in-- Hepublicaut. have carried tu
rl fit y. county and stale. Uo
J urnor Spry has carrier! thc sUte
13' approximately oOUO plura'i
ly, thc usual Republican plurality
throughout thc state being cut in tuo
in many sections bv- the Pro;;re.si e-.
Every state nnd county ollicor has been
elected, iucludi'u? tr.'o Bcpubiicuu con
The pluralities for the congressional
candidates were considerably below the
plurality of thc governor and the Dem
ocrats oar!' this morning were still
claiming the election of thc Democratic
candidates. Tho statu tickot rao con
Jsidcrably behind the governor, but
each candidate for state otticc appears
to have a plurality of from 000 to
Saved by Salt Lake.
Salt Lake comity proved the salva- B
tion of tho Republican party in the
state. Incomplete returns from ouUido
comities indicate that the Democrats
and Republicans broko about even in
the -state at large, and thc plurality iu
Salt Lake county was necessary to jH
insure -the safety of the ticket.
Thc mnjoritj- of thc Republican coun
ty ticket in this couuty carried the
county bv about 2000 votes over th
Democrats, while the Progressives Taa
from 1000 to 3500 votes bchiud the
Democrats. John D. Burbidgc, Demo
cratic candidate for sheriff, led his
ticker, in almost overy -otio district
In the county, but wa defeated by
between 1000 nnd 3500 votes by An
drew Smith, dr.. thc Republican candi-
Machines Blamed.
Friends of Captain Curbidgft d
olarod last uight that ho would navo
been elected easily had tho coromis
bioncrs granted tho petition of the a
rioua political purlieu to uso Anttra
Han liallob iustcad of voting uiaebinfi
in tho city difctricts. Smith carried the,
citv by fSS over Iiurbidgc, whil the
average Jfepublican candidate received jH
about 1000 moro than that.
Tiio closest contest in tiie sUt la un
doubtcnlly that tor congress between
Uionlhah ThoniaF, Democratic condiaat?.
nuil Jacob Jolinaon. Ucpublican canri.- jH
ilatit. Consrossiuan JossDh Jiowcll han
apparently boon dected by si plurality or
2000 to SflOO In tlio state, whlls tlmt of
Johnson, if he is elected, w 111 jirobal.lv
not c.eoid 1500. Jtowclt c;irrlcl Salt
Lalco City by and will probably in
ercneo Ids laI in tho county outside of
the city. HiouRli from thc districts thus
Cnv hoard fivm Jn this secllon. he is not
doins .lif.n- I' nn i ohllmr his ov.u. John
5im ( an led gatl Hty by otrs.
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