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I Wilson and Marshall Win With 408 Electoral Vol
Illinois Contest Is Close, With
Bull Moose Chief Leading
the Democratic Can
(Contlnucd from Pago One.)
tho faco of theso returns, by Cj.i'Ofl to
Congressman Victor L. JJergcr ot' Mil
waukee, the only Socialist in congress,
Kan defeated for re-election by former
:"onirretman William 71. Stallonl. who
ran as a fusion caiididuto on the Demo
cratie ticket.
The entire Socialist ticket in Mil
tvaukce went down in defeat hoi ore Uio
non-partisan coalition of Democrats and
Republicans, with the ' possible excen
lion of Winifred Zobcl, present dis
trict attorney.
oriKrc?sinn John Eeli, Scxonlh
rlislrict; Irvine L. Lenroot. hIeonlli
rlijstrict. have boon ro-elcctcd: .Stewart,
Democrat, is running neck and nr -iv
with roorcsanian It. A. Cooper, Iff
publican, in the I'lrst district. ,
('oncresanian Konop, Democrat. Mid
Representative Morse. Republican, ca. li
claim election in the Ninth district.
MILWAI'K ISti, Wis.. Nov. r, Wis
ronsin slipped out of the CJ. O. P. -o'-umn
today and arrayed itself with He
mocrny. giving- Wilson an approximate
plurality of 30.000 vote over Prcv'dei.t
Taft. Return from S.1G nrpHnr! i.
of 2215 in the tatr, ive Wilsor 72.
fiO; Tax't, 31.S3S; Roosevelt. 3l.fi'J7.
Returns on (he governorship fiyhf,
outnaV of Milwaukee counly 'c Gov
ernor McGovrrn. Republican, a lr-'d t,f
1 3,000 over Judgo .Tohn . Karel, Demo
CHICAGO. Nov. a. Colonel Roo.c
elt and Judge K. F. Dunne, according
to returns rocoived up to 1 o'clock ap
parently have carried the stale for pre?
Idenfr and povernor, respectively.
According to figures at hand at that
hour, il was only the Colonel's shons
rare in Cook county that carried him
through. There in 103S out of 1 H'S pre
cincts, ho led Governor Wilson bv lt3bG.
Lain returns from down state -bowed
that in 602 out of 27,'IS precincts out
Hide of Cook county. Wilson was four
teen votes in the lead. President Taft
ran third both in Cook county and down
the state. Judge. Dunne apparently will
go into office with a largo plurality.
12S1 precincts out of 1200 in the state
uavo Dunne. Democrat, 11 3(73-1; I'uuk,
ProgTcsfive, S0.577; Deacon, Republican,
K. X. Lessure. KOii-in-lair of former
Speaker Cannon, conceded the speaker's
HH defeat, by O'llair. the Democratic can
Hi tliilme iii the eighteenth district.
T.ste returns indicated that the 1 1 1 -HH
unifc legislature will be made up on joint
bnllot of 0(5 Rnpublicaiif. 517 Democrats,
HH ! Progre?ives and 2 KocLilfcls. With
a total meuibershiti of 201. the figures
vhow the Progressives and Focialists
holding the baJance of power in the
I Ims byUMaiL
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r town or t0 some individual or
UH firm for tho purpose of paying
HB a iU or dobt.
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H keeping a checking account
1 . v.ith this company, writing out
a check for tho amount of the
Hjj bill and mailing it the same
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fy. I QB Wc invite small as well as
i r HH largo accounts and pay 4 per
n cent interest.
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson
j I
oleotion of the two United States sena
tor., who are to be chosen.
CHICAGO. -Nov. G. Wilson appeared
early this morning to ha o a fighting
chance- of carrying Wiiioi?. With only
1070 of tho 27SS down slate precincts
in the vote, for these districts stood,
Wilson 100,100; Roosevelt. 02,07 1 ; Taft,
05.7ri!). In Cook county 1)0S out of a
total of MAS precincts gavo Roosevelt
123.G0-I: Wilson. 10t ,!!)(; and Taft. 5H.-SO.-).
Tliis made Roosevelt 's lead in all
of the precincts roporled 7S0O over Wil
son. Many of the precincts which have not
roported are in tho fouthom part of the
state and arc normally Democratic.
INDIAN" A POLTS, Nov. 5. Indiana
decided in favor of Governor Wilson to
day and for the first time in .twenty
years tho electoral vote of the state will
be cast for a Democratic candidate for
the presidency. The Progressive party
made a good showing in the slate, Col
onel Roosevelt apparently leading Pres
ident Taft bv from S000 to J'00. while
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Campaign Managers that we
are so busy at Election time.
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HH being hown.
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Bl IP tho children. I
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Hj ncs'S of its designs it offers a means for thow uho
HH seek ex cl us i ven ess in dress to have their wardrobe
H9 always a little different. On the other hand. h iis
mjm eloar and easily followed directions xskkv J
H it makes it possible Cor those who PS !
H wish to economize to produce high- (M !
HH jrradc. sfrviccble articles at w VmUM)
HHj lowest f-nst. 'Z j
former Senator Be endue polled a larg
er vote than Colonel Winlield llurbin.
the Kopublican caudirlate for Rovernor.
With practically hall' of Ihe ,preeinets
of tho state heard from. Governor Wil
son has a pluralitv of about 12,000 over
Taft and Koosovelt. and Sainuol ?kt.
Ivalstou, Democratic candidate for jrov
ornor, will liave a plurality of about 10,
000. While the returns from the congres
sional districts are incomplete, tho in
dications aro that I ho Democrats will
havo a solid delegation in the lower
house of congres. Apparently Repre
sentative Ivlgar P. Crumpacker, tho Ttc
publican from Indiana in t tho lower
liouse, will be defeated. Tho Democrats
apparently have made a clean" swoop of
Inn state, clccl inir all slate others as
well as tho stale legislature.
XKW.HA VION, Conn., Nov. o. Con
necticut, which four vears ago gave
President Taft a. plurality of -M.UOO. to
day gave good sized majorities lo C!ov
ernor Woodrow Wilson for. President
and Governor Simeon li. Unldwin, Dem
ocrat, for governor.
The Democrats elected all five con
gressmen. Congressman Kbouozcr J.
F I i 11 Republican, was defeated by .lero
miah Donovan. (!ooruor Wilson's jjlu
ralitv is about' 7000. Governor Bald
win's 'plurality is about 1000.
ST. PAUL, Nov. 6. At 2 o'clock
this inornintr less I ban ." per cent ot"
the 306.1 prceinets in tho state had been
heard from. On tho fa'c of such re
turns, however, the race between Wood
row Wilson and Theodore Jtoosevclt was
exticmoly elo?e.
Thi morning returns from 1 11 pro
cin t give t?pojsovcll 0012. Wilgon 10,
oni;. Taft tM.vl
Practically all of tho returns tabulat
ed are from Ihe threo principal cities,
Dulutli, Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Roosevelt showed unexpected trenstU
in the Iron range country in northern
Minnofola. lie carried Dulutli by 1000
or more, it is estimated.
Adolph "Eberhark wan re-elected gov
ernor by a pluralitv estimated ;tt from
12,000 to 20.000. tie probably carried
the entire stnto liekot lo victory with
Tn tho Fourth district. Fred 'Stevens
r.as elected lo leangresp, defeating Hugh
T. ITalbert. the only Progressive aspir
jant appearing on the bnllot, and .lanio
Wiens Hosiery
Pair WC
This ceason we feature an excep
tional quality of black hose.
Heavy thread silk, Lisle thread
lined sole, with Lisle toe and
heel. Guarantee not necessary.
J. Kegan. Democrat. .Tames Mnnahuu
was elected congressnian-at-large
WILMINGTON. Del., Nov. li. Wood
row Wilson carried Delaware from ."000
to 10,000 pluralitv.
The next Delaware legislature will bo
Democratic and elects successor toVUnit
ed .states Senator II. A. Kichardsou.
Nov. 3. President Taft was the win
jner in Yorinont today bv a plurality
of 024 over Colonel Roosevelt. Mr.
Taft received a totnl of 23,247; Colonel
Roosevelt 22.'.12;. and Governor Wilson
GRAND FpRKS. Nov. ."..With the
returns at hand at JO o'clock tonight
the indication aro that Wilson has car
ried North Dakota but by what major
ity it i. at this time impossible to csti
, imi to.
Taft and Roosevelt are running close
together but far behind the Democratic
j At rhis hour the indications aro that
the Republican state ticket, headed by
Congressman D. B. Uanna for governor,
i has won the election by a safe margin.
sKjl'X FALLS. Nov. .1. Slow re
titrti" from scattered precincts of South
Dakota indicate, that Roosevelt has car
, ru'd the state by a small plurality. Re
turns from 17.1 out. of lo'oU precincts
oio Wilson SSS2. Roosevelt S21-1, with
TPtwno ( R.) and Johnson (U.) for gov
einoi. running practically even.
sF.ATTLK. Wash.. Nov. 5. Roo.'cvclt
Hhv, cjirried Washington by probably 30,
on plurality over Wilson. The Pro
gnsio state chairman claims -15,000;
ihe Democratic chairman coucedes 20,
ooo. Roosevelt has carried with him
to victory Ihe two Progressive candi
date for congressmen at large, J. A.
Falconer and .1. W. "Bryan.
One hundred and twenty-six precincts
, nut of 1008 in tho state give Roosevelt
10.11"; Wilson. G.050; Taft. 5574.
For governor. 5t precincts give Lister,
Pfinoernt. 1S6: Hodge. Progressive
I 10:!: Hay. Republican. 1 S5-".
j DKTROIT. Nov. G. Incomplete re
turns up lo 2 a. m. throughout the state
I indicated Roosevelt would carry tho
: -tuto by .10,000 and Ferris, Democrat,
for governor, would have a plurality of
more than 23,000. Wilson was second.
LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 5. Wilson car
ried Arkansas by about. 00,000 major
.1ACKSON. Miss.. Nov. p. Thc Deni
oeratic majority in Mississippi is es
timated at 105,000.
COLUMBIA, S. f. Nov. 5. Judica
tions are that Woodrow Wilson has car
ried South Carolina bv a majority ovor
both his opponents of more than 50,00.
ATLANTA. Ga., Nov. 5. Complefo
returns from Fulton county, iucluding
Atlanta, give: Wilson. 7.102; Taft, 508;
Roosevelt, 1705; Chafin, 20; Dobs, 112.
OKLAHOMA CTTV. Okla., Nov. 5;
Sixteen precincts in Oklahoma give
Democratic electors 1057; Republican
electors, 5o0.
DALLAS Tex.. Nov. .". Returns from
104 precincts out of I-S0U in Texas givo
Wilson 727G; Roosevelt, I'M) Taft, 502;
Debs, 175).
. PHOENIX, Nov. 5. Karly returns
from Arizona indicate that. Governor
Wilson carried every one of the four
teen counties in the state with the pos
sible exception of Coconino county in
which Taft had b'd of 4 voto? at 10
o'clock. Wilson will lead Roosevelt by
approximated .'1000 votes with Taft a
poor third. Counties heretofore strong-U-
Republican gave lnrge pluralities for
.Wilson. All constitutional amendments,
tnelud"ing woman suffrage and tho recall
of judtres arc believed lo liave carried.
CONCORD. Nov. 5. Although Presi
dent Taft had a great lead by the early
returns in New Hampshire, themargin
was wiped out later and at midnight.
Governor Wilson was more than 100
votes ahead. Returns from eight v towns
and wards out of 200 gave Taft 6603,
Wilson 6712, Roosovnll H35S. Tho new
legislature pxobnbly will bo Republican,
according to returnH received.
CONCORD, Nov. 6. Returns from
100 election precincts out of 2P0- in
Now Hampshire givo Taft ltl,3S5, Wil
son 10,357. Rooevelt 10,113. '
In 100S it gavo Taft 3J.3S0, Bryan
CINCINNATI, n.. Nov. S. Return
from tlofl prerliiftv out of Uib hi
OHio khvv. norrnor Wton 7t.J OS: Taft.
s0.r.75. Mini RooafV-lt. SiM9. xlviur Wll
on a nlui-Mlity of 23.A71. flcurlns the
prooriioiiBtc uain or Governor Wlluoii In
mrh 100 precinct tabulated It wn esti
mated tlmt thp OAiiiorrailr candidate
would riM-olve a pIui-bIIIv In the xlato of
from 100.000to 110.000 vola.
Con rqea man .Iaiuii Cox of Davton. It
la believed, wljl revlvo approvtmatoly tho
aame pluralitv for sovrn-r. and It Is bo.
Hrrl prartlcallv tin; entire Democratic
statu 'tlck'-t wIM b elo.tt'd.
Of the twentv-lwo cotigrcsjdonal -n-dl4a.ta.
II In bvllv.-d all but two Omo
cnlts wte elwted. The election of Nich
olas LonprorUi. on-lti-lHr of Cotonel
Hooiivflt. hi tho First district, and Otto
J. Rennur, Rvpublk-an. In the Second
dlatrlct. both compHalmc the city of Cin
cinnati, waa concd9tI. ,
I'nialdeut Taft. It a thoucbt. will earn-
his home city. Returns from 11 pre
i clncu tn the -ltv of Cliiclnnatt Kav the
preaidttnt is, 11$ axalnat 12.702 for Gov.
rnor Wflaon and (S2 for Colonel Rooco
velt. i KANSAS
TOPBKA. Kan., Nov. 5. Hturn at
loWlnlK'it l;w!r .iir.I t'..f thf Pn.Kre-
imH ii . K ' ,,i.t Rer i .m s'.tt
t. 1 ,u fin , u t- ; j- j.'-t
?r? r '(ijr i f'MTnl I ' -tM-i
Rotccdt (.li a if
10.000 to K.,000, but the Democrats main
tained Hint the complete vote would iiluco
WIIhoii In the lead. . R. ttubbs. o
pnbllcan. wan lcndlnc Wllllarti H.
Thompson. Democrat. In tho race for
Cnltcd Stale senator.
Tho ncDUblleana wore, clalmliifr tho
oleotion of at leaat five roiiRroMinon. but
no detlnlto returns on conCTcaslonal con
tests hud been received.
The Ktato coual sufTraft amendniont
won In every precinct.
ALBl'QL'lSUQCE. N. Nov. r,. Gov
enmr Wllfon carried New Mexico by
more than TiOOO pluralitv. according lo
returna up to midnight.
PROVIDENCE. R. I.. Nov. o. The
closeness of the voting and the alownesn
of the rcturriB made It dlftlcut tonight
to dotcrmlne the outcome of the election
in Rhode island bpforo the ballots were
all counted. On the early returns Taft
was lending, with Wilson second mid
Roosevelt last, but It was said President
Taft's lead would be greatly reduced and
nerhiiPH overcome when the vote of the
cities and larger towns came in.
Tho contest for ihe governorship was
also verv close, with Too. Francis Green,
the Democratic candidate, making gains
on Gov. Abrnm J. Pothlcr. Rcpubllcun.
Alfred JT. Humes. PrOBreaslvp nomi
nee, polled a comparatively small vote.
PROVIDENCE. R. I.. Nov. 5. With,
two-thirds of the returns in. apparently
the stato has entered tho DemocnUle. col
mnn for the llrst time since the civil
war Gov. Abrain J. Pothlor. Republican,
and Theodore Francis Green. Democrat,
arc running a close race.
The election of two Domocratlc con
gressmen, Gcorgo F. O'ShauKhnessv and
T'ctei- Godot Gorry. and one Republican.
Colonel Ambrose Kennedy, wan believed
to be assured.
PROVIDENCE, R. I- Nov. i.-;Thc
completo voto in Rhode Island gl vest Wil
son for president a pluralitv of 24tH. and
Gov Abram J. Pothler, Republican, a
plurality of 10P1. , ,
All Republican geiiei-al ofllccrs wevo
Tho vote for president was: Wilson,
110.107: Taft. -27.70U: Roosevelt. IC.-tl.!.
Tin vole for governor was: Pothler
States senator. trat'ybjM
celvetl up to lO'is tJ ofli
oincts In thlrS UB'ttftM
I n Denver. ln5iLu???B. 2K
give WIIhoii a MinJft ?MY
at i5 per cent or k nSMW u
While the mLxh
ably will can-r ihm .wKf V
entire Detnocraticlh5j
publican and vLtm
' ,
A Serious Joke on i
The U. S, Gov't has been experimenting
discover the poisonous quality of CaffM
(found in coffee,) &1
57 healthy rabbits were given an average
of 5 1-10 grains.
They all died.
. ; See Gov't, Bulletin No. 148, j
Bureau of Chemistry.
i a " p rf
A cup of coffee contains over 2 1-2 grains of Caffeine; enough faBy
cups, to kill a rabbit. 'W1
Of course this joke was on the rabbits. mfc
A goodly number of humorous Americans play the same joftfc
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result of the daily dose of Caffeine, in quantity enough to kilUlK
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Cripple a Man ft
L" ' m Not at one blow,
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