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jCi"p rc CJ , 1 lr !r If Si mJlt fl 1 fcf ,load in ucxt Sun,ay's Tribnnc H
Hcratic Candidate
,nKI in Wyoming,
me When Re
Are All in, Which
Give Taft An
fMr State and Three
te,mt Votes.
Kelt Plurality in
iifnKiii is Dwindling;
Returns From the
kern Counties Are
:Bbg; Woman Suf
'MWins in Four Ouf:
lejjKve States Voting.
,CMjii!teal .N'cws .Service.
MTB(G0, .Nov. 0 , Kouv hundred
Blt'oiitccii electoral voles lor
&jptrtttt-clcct Wilson is the
ijBfei ipurc Ihut tlic returns
Pi)rtM4tJutC3 indicate. This mini
r(Rii 'rcscll,s a 'ol!l1 ul' t'lir
4, SfwH fcrly-cight states.
I'- MfJ which urc divided be
1 (tfBjstvelt rtml Taft. the present
iVsM?1" ,1)fit Ifoo.sovclt has ear
UiB. Micuigau, .Miuuosot'.i.
jjfc. South Dakota and Wash
total electoral oic of
SjBtrioI ouly the states of
AfcBl,i nj Vermont for n total
tlMo.'al votes.
jytBom Minnesota at mid
" Oiat llooscvclt, has ear
f fttB l,v ffom SUUO to 10,0(10.
ojKf m afC "Ul llUtl1, Ultil,,au
.jEftTci1 increase I lie tremcn-
j3HF-r of Governor Wilson. Mhc
iraR" 'o l'ift into the Wilson
i!toM.K,1!a, U' 10 won today
been conceded to Roost"
""nijbt the previous figures,
--wslr overthrown throughout
3RRuiPt on the Kcpublicaii
rwpt in llliuois U practical
.T)Tr fotho I'aco of the returns
"A tarilc1 1,10 SI:llc bv
'wJH0'!'1 genera election that
:cW? V,1,s Ml6 wet-ess of
WE f0UI' r 11,0 flvo
"""hutloiwl amendment:)
; 7'6i 10 ll,c MOP'O' The vie
a tnB43" complete in Kun-
fiiBto ?roUaM"y Nissan; Into
iSWT'i IniUcatPd t,cy had
i'ASt,'.?' ?lltl,J fro,!l Wisconsin
1 jHr e 1,10 w'slve defeat
riEw.l,lc Wpnlur vote pulled
SiKL 7n "!5c.J throuBh many
TM?1lll,ln)or6lw o compute
" ErJ. W'hr vote of nnv
Ry cc"ltlllflr..1.
I K RniaiJC l0d' fra' MV-
I H lb, Jf?, Q" :frw,t: 1 been
.-arW 2 m,nnry vote
! ' tJL;nr W,,Hon 111111 not
! 11 K 0U;nil100r,'tR;
I fe'.W(iVer' OHhT'iTi'no
I Uc-e C0't,P,Cl(!
I I Vro" T-,'mQ''r"I!..c?'"'.l'
' iwlfer
' htm 1,R dcetural
i n -K!rc'sco v
1Pimi m', Wood row
::5;8rlSllj".!n California
Tif IV? n of 'J !lLr"Shold:, of
"so :,tatCi
a BKi'f,j 'iBiilSd1" cuu,,iy'
P.cadimj from top to bottom: "Wil
liam Sidircr, New York, governor; Mar
tin H. Glynn, Albany, lieutenant-governor;
Mitchell Ivfay, KiugB, secretary
of state; John .T, Kennedy, Brie, treas
urer: Thomns Cannody. Yates, attorney
general, and John A. Hcnsel, engineer
and surveyor.
Murderer of "Big Jack1' Zelig
Appears for-Sentence With
out Least Sign of lnsaniiy.
By International 'Sawn Service.
NEW YORK, Nov- 0 u Kcd JJhir
Daviilaon, confessed murderer of "the
ting leader, "Hijr -lack" Zclij:, was
scntoneed today lv .lustice CI off in the
criminal braneh of the supremo courl
to imprisonment in Sinj; Sincr for not
leas than thirty' yours "or lha"
Davidson, who jilwidcd amity to mur
der in tho fioeond decree' last wopk, wnfl
calm and alort in his hearing todny. At
all of his former sippcaninces in court,
ho had been plovcnly dressed and had
wept, v?nins his hand? and soomed in
ii uo to tho rasual spuelaior. '1 odav bo
woro cood elothiug. seemed cntireb
master of himself and all jujrns of th'3
suppoaod insanity had disappeared.
Even whon lustice Guff announced luo
penalty ho did not cringo.
Two alioniata examined Davidson last
wpek anil reported that while ho was
mentally dntieient, he wan not insane.
"Jied Phil ' flhot Zolig on a btroct
ear on OHobr .'5. aborting lhn "at
the jjanKuter had robbpd In in of -foOO.
guns ode
Flying Columns Push
ing Along Sea Coast
Toward Last Line of
Forts Protecting Con
stantinople, Which Has
Lost Hope of Escaping
Report of Monastics
Seizure by Servians
Not Confirmed, But Is
Probably True; Aus
tria Eager to Seize
Spoils Garnered by Al
lies. SOFIA, Nov. 6. The Turkish
army commanded by Naaim PaBha
was completely crushed in the great
battle of the last two days on the
Serai-Tchorlu line. According' to
the semi-orTicial Mir, the Turks lost
in killed and wounded more than
double the losses at Lule Burgas.
The Bulgarians are now pursuing
the defeated army.
LONDON, Nov. C Bulgaria is
giving the broken Turkish army
no ti mo to recuperate. In ac
cordance with the tactics adopt
ed throughout the war, the
Bulgarians are following up the
ilefeated Turks with extraordinary en
ergy. Flying columns are pushing along the
sea coast towards the Tehatalja linos
and it is believed the main attiick will
bo . delivered tomorrow or Friday.
Constantinople appears to hav lost
hope of stemming tho victorious ad
vance even at Tehatalja and the Tur
kish court is ready to cross into Asia.
Apparently, however, the Bulgarian
government has no designsi on Constan
tinople itself and would bo read' to
conclude peace provided Turkey agroes
to surrender Adriauoplc aud some other
positions iu the western theater of war
and give a guarantee to bring no more
reinforcements from .Asia.
Austria Jealous.
The porte shows no disposition to
treat for peace direct with the allies
and until the big Tehatalja battle has
boon fought, the diplomatic situation
is not likely to be changed.
It is stated that any attempt by Scr
via to encroach on Albania will be re
garded by Austria as a casus-bclli. On
tho other hand, Sorvia claims that a
port on the Adriatic is a matter of life
and death for her and she fails to sec
why her presence there should be det
rimental to the interests oX any other
Report Unconfirmed.
Scrvia argues that sho would only
be regaining posaessiou of what be
longed to her beforo the downfall of
tbc'Serviau. empire, when Adriatic sea
ports were flourishing Servian towns.
The fall of Monaatir is not continued
but U considered not improbable, Tho
Greeks are crossing tho Varda riyor
Aud tho fall of Saloniki is reported
ROMIi. Nov. 6. The Turkish strong
hold of Monailir surrendered at2 o'clock
till afternoon to tho Servian troops, ac
cording to a, dispatch from lSelgrado to
tho Tribtina.
The whole of tho sixth Turkish army
corps commanded by Fetid Pnsha was
stationed at Monriijtlr and mnny Turklah
troopw flcclnc from other po:Ha In tho
provluco had taken refuge there. Tho
dispatch docs not sny whether this rcat
Turkish army surrendered to the In
vaders. -xrnmistlr has been tho sceni of man
rnKsacw. Half of Ita population of
?0 000 prof3seB the Christian fal t h.
ATIIKN'Sj Nov. 0. A Greek naval
6fuadron today occupied tho Turkish
island of Tonedot?. noar the entrauco to
t'bo Dardanelles. The investment by tho
Crooks of the fortress is nearly com-
Pl0tC , 3 f
Xpgotiationa for "c surrender oi -"7
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HTR-OOPS JVlohilized in Constantinople. This photograph was taken in
the Turkish capital when thousands of troops were mobilized as a result
of the first news of the successes of the allied Balkan armies. The Y fdiz Kiosk,
the Sultan s Palace, is shown on the left, and the famous White Mosque,
the place of worship of the Turkish monarch, is on the right.
President Eccles Promises
Extra Dividend at Next
Declaration Date.
Special to The Tribune.
NEW YORK. Nov. G. The report of the
Nevada Consolidated Copper company for
the quarter ended September DO last com
pared with the corresponding period last
year, follows:
Earnings for 1012. Sl.l6.lH5;. Increune,
?fi'J0,182: dividends, $7-19. ISA; increase,
?a3,000; surplus, ?l..0Gu,SS2: increase.
5S2S.72S: depreciation. St"G,20G; decrease,
s:iG!)4; ore. extinguishment. 5131.901; in
crease, 313-1,901: total deductions. ?26S,
Hi7; increase, $131,207; undivided profits,
$7flS.lL!r: increase, ?G97.uS0.
During- the quarter IS, 105.187 pounds of
copper were produced, as compared with
18,092, -ISO pounds in the quarter ended
June 30, and 17.57S.450 in the quarter
ended March 31 last. The report says
that the lower production for the month
of September compared with tho previous
months of this quarter was due in part
to the treating of considerable oro from
the "Liberty pit. which, owing to its hard
ness, reduced the tonnage per mill sec
tion, and, further, to tlic unsettled con
dition of labor In the latter part of Sep
tember. President Kccles. In his report, states:
"There has been a material Increase of
cash on hand due to tho profits from
marketing not only as much copper as
was produced during the quarter, but also
to a reduction of Si -10,000 in amount of
copper in transit, and to the talcing over
of cash from the subsidiary companies,
the Stcptoe Valley Smelting & Mining
company and the Nevada Northern Kail
way company, as shown under increased
'"If this general financial condition pre
vails at the nest dividend . declaration
date, an extra dividend will be declared
of as much us Is not needed for the
proper conduct of business "
Salt Lake Labor1 Leader's Let
ters lo J. JVMeXamara Pro-
duced in Court.
IN D 1 A NA PO LTS, ' Nov.": 13. J.
Munscy of Salt Luke City. Utah,' ac
cused of having harbored.. I. K. McXn'
inara after the-latter blew up the 3 .us1
Angoles Times : building, was charged
with having used violoncc in labor dis
putes in I'lali at the "dynamite con
spiracy" trial toduj.
Tho government, produced letters
from lutisoy to J. -J. McNnmtra, sec
retary of the ironworkers' union, about
a stockade ten feet high erected around
a building under construction at Salt
Lake City. Enclosed newspaper clip
pings referred to the throwing of rocks
over tho stockade on the heads of non
union workers.
Concerning the watchman on (ho job.
ono Munsoy let tor purported to say:
"Wo tried to get him, but ho won't
venture ouL at night and ho always
packs a big gun." ,
Explosions later occurred in fcalt
Lake City.
MICXICO CITY, Nov. fi. What appear
to have been the veriit defeat in many
months was administered to the XupullH
tu within six miles or Oucrnnvca today
by Oenoral.'i Blanquet and AokcIcp. Tho
lossr arc not given In the official mw
agos hut iJeucr.il Blanquet In Ida report
to the prchldcnt juismvfi hlui that tin In
Biirceuls abandoned thHr posiiions and
fled after a fight of three hours. t
Democratic Millionaires From
- All Over the Country Plan-
ning- Seasons in. Capital.
By international News Service-
WASHINGTON. Nov. G. The Incom
ing tide of Democracy pressages a social
revolution in "Washington, whero the
coniplex.lon; of, jthe 100 .Is largely depen
dent upon the political wcalhervane.
The, social triumvirate of Democracy
without-doubt will bo Mrs. Woodrow Wil
son, wife of the president-elect; Mrs.
Thomas R. Marshall, wife of the vice
presldeut-elccl, and Mrs. Champ Clark, j
wife of the speaker.'
Washington society is looking forward
with snddnoss lo Mrs. Taft's .departure
and with eascr anticipation to the com
ing of Mrs. Wltt-on, th now While
House chatelaine. Her tirscious southern
manner and her gentle culture are pro
verbial, and it is hoped that the stalely
simplicity of Jeffersonian days will re
turn. IJer three charming and talented
daughter will be a welcome addition
to the younger set and with Mies Gene
vieve Clark the Marshalls have no chil
dren will prove the leading belles of the
Democratic millionaires from all over
the country will add to tho gaiety of the
new administration. Already the John
R. McLeans, the Tidward Bealo McLeans,
the Joseph Letters and Perry Bclmonta
are leading lights at tho national capital,
and it Is expected that the millionaire
colony will not be diminished by the
exodus of Republican millionaires, for
their 1033 will be made up by the Demo
cratic captains of Industry who are
planning Washington seaa'ons and home.?.
Ecujidoreans "Will " 'Be Taught
-How lo Clean Up City -of .
i. , ' Guayaquil. , ;
By Interna I lonal News Service ' . .
WASHINGTON.; Nov. .' The - comp
troller, cf,.the currency of; the treasuYy
havlng decided 'that the. war department
could dotall officers for work In Ecuador,
tho preside'nt ' wjli soon appoint, "ii. commission.-
of which Colonel Gorgas, medi
cal expert of " the ca'na'l ' stone.' is" to" be
chairman, lo visit Guayaquil and teach'
the Ecuadoreana to get that city in sanl-.tary-condition.
Guayuqull is known "as the peat port of
the Pacific coast and is dreaded by tho
American" navy. Commander Bortolelta
died there this year when tho Maryland
visited that port. U is tho common be
lief that yellow fever always prevails at
Guayaquil and that a. visiting chip can al
ways expect some epidemic there.
The gnuilation of Guayaquil has been
lu negotiation between the Unit ml States
and Ecuador for mohy years and cortaln
plans were agreed upon, which," however,
wilt not be revised by Colonel Gorgns.
The government takes the position thnt
Guayaquil is a near neighbor of tho Pan
ama canal and that the city should ct;u5c
to hR a. menace to the navy and to the
SAN PnANOISOO. Nov. S. A coroner's
jury decided hero today that Mrn. Jean
.McCoiuhs. wire of W. P. McComaK. a
wealthy mining man. who wws found lit
a local apartment house Oolobet 2? with
h bullet wound In her head, died by her
own liand.
McCotmiK paid lie loft his wife early
In the morning, after a disagreement,
and becoming alarmed when nho fullrd
to answer the telephone, went to tho
apartment to llnd her dying. After Iho
discovery thnt MeComae had beau tried
In I .os Angolan for shooting n woman,
ho was held for a day at tho city prison,
and -released on the recommendation of
the detectives who InvcHlIsated tht care.
Nearl' 1000 Souls Aboard
the Royal George in Grave
Danger in St. Lawrence,
QUEBEC, Nov. p Tho Canadian
Northern Jtoyal mail steamer Itoyal
George, with 101 passengers on board,
grounded on the rocks during a fog in
the St. Lawrenco river early tonight
and is roported in a serious plight.
The vessel went aground about a
mile cast .of Point St. ijauruur. Island
of Orleans, ten miles below Quebec.
The wrecking steamer-Lord Strathconu
aud two tugs have been sent to the
Itoyal George's assistance. Tho rocks
on which tho steamer struck lie on the
north side ol! the south channel.
Tho ttoynl George left G rosso Isle
quarantine station for Quebec shortly
after -1 o'clock this afternoon. She was
going at full speed when she met with
the' accident.
She was on her way from Avon
mouth, England, and was due in Mont
real tomorrow.
The grounded steamer is in a position
dillicult of access and news of tho de
velopments is slow in reaching shore.
JJoports Into tonight indicate that
the steamer rested on the rocks in a
precarious position. Wdrclcss reports
gave ouly a meager story of how seri
ous the situation might be.
The tugs which wont to the rescue of
the steamer were unable to go along
side becauso of tho shallow water im
mediately around her. The steamer
stood in only, about six feet of water,
looming high in the air nnd seemingly in
danger of- toppling over.
. Thu passengers and crew are all safe.
Pour hundred passengers wcro taken 'off
at 0 late hour and are on their way
to-' Quolec. '
Dr. Aimn Shaw,, Jubilant Over
Kcsult of, Election on
r,y 1 ill .-ma ! ion,"i 1 News Sen-ice.' '
NEW. YORK; Soy. (J. "Woman suli
.frage has earned in four of the five
states in which the question was put to
a ballot.' Dr. Anna Shaw, president of
the National Woman Suffrage Associa
tion -of America, declared today.
"Women will havo the voto in .Michi
gan. Oregon, Arizona and Kansas, mak
ing a total of ten states in all.
"This is by far tho greatest victory
suffrage has ever won. "Wo expected to
win Kansas, Arizona and Oregon, but
were not confident of the result iu Mich
igan. 'This victory moans that wc aro now
on 'easy street.' Tn the next presiden
tial, election cVcrv political party will
have a woman's suffrage plank in it.s
platform. Women will hold the balance
of power in the west and every politi
cal party will Iry to gaiu tho favor of
the woman voter. A complete victory
for woman suffrage is not far away."
Believes Brothor Insane.
CHICAGO, Nov. 0. Instead of pressing
a charge of larceny against his brother,
Charles Johnson, when ho was arraigned
In court today, ,l;u-l: Johnson, pugflhu,
jim k vl that tho prlijoucr ho examined as
to hlr. faulty- The examination will be
The. pugilist eaiifrd the nrrert of his
brother on the charge that he had pur
chased automobile tlro-i in thj fighter's
nam without hlu consent.
Incomplete Returns H
From Outside Counties B
Add to Republican Plu- I
rality; the Democrats I
Carry Beaver, Cache, j
Grand, -Uintah, Utah I
and Washington; Pro- 1
gressives Strong in H
Morgan. H
Great Popularity of Tol
ton, Democratic Nomi
nee for Governor in
Own County Carries
His Local Ticket to
Victory; Spry Has Lead J
of 7000 on Total Vote.
MISAGKK returns from ecry 1
county in the state, which I
have "boon coming in slowly I
since tho election tend to H
increase the llepuhlican plurality H
in the state and insure the B
election of every llopublicau can- H
didatc on the state ticket. Gov- H
crnor Spry leads his ticket and will H
carry the stato by approximately 7000 H
votes. The governor and the state lick- U
et ran about oven throughout the state. n
but in Salt Lake countv the governor Ufl
ran more than 1000 votes ahead of the jfl
rest of the ticket. I I
President Taft has carried the stato I
by more than fiOOO. The president ran H
unexpectedly well in southern Utah,
where it was feared that the Democrats
were the strongest. Sanpete and Sevier
counties together gave the president a
plurality of approximately 1000 votes,
counterbalancing the loss of Utah and
Cache counties, hitherto Republican.
Taft electors carried tho state outside
of Salt Lake county by from JSOO to
2000 votes and carried Salt Lake conuly
bv from 3000 at 3200.
Weber for Teddy.
Weber county went for KoosevcIL but
for the Kepublican state and county
llckot.". .Indications were last night that
Wasatch and Uintah, counties had like
wise gone for Roosevelt with Taft run
ning it .close second. Jn Morgan county
a Progressive county commissioner was
elected and In Uintah county th Pro
gressives elected the sheriff and th re I
Indications were that WllVon had car-- 1
rled six counties of the twenty-Koven in I
.Utah. With a few districts missing the H
returns gave Coventor Wilson a lead In 1
Heaver. Cache. Grand, Uintah, Utah and jfl
Washington. It I? not unlikely that com- uB
pletc returns may show that San Juan EM
and ISmery counties aro alro in the Wll- in
son column. Ml
Beaver county went h-airy for her WM
"favorite koii, John P. Tolton. the Demo- jlH
cratlc gubernatoilal candidate. JIls popu- fW
Uirlty-likewise carried to victory most of NH
the TJemocratic county ticket in that jH
county and ihe Democratic legislative
candidate, the latter winning by only a, jffl
small margin. Mr. Tolton also carrlsd wM
Cache. Millard, Utah and Washington. 81
Thoma3 Loses Race. Hj
Twenty-four hours ago there arpenrod IH
to be a possibility or the election of Ma- BH
thoiilhah Thomas, Democratic candidal Mtl
for congress, over Jacob Johnson. John- IM
Jn ran considerably behind Ins tlckot in Ml
Salt Lake county and if this percentage BHj
of scratching had been prevalent through- SM
out tho 5tate Johnson would hay bcn jffj
beaten. Ilowovcr. lie -ran well up with WM
his ticket in mo.n of tho counties and Hfl
though he will finish at the rear of Ills MB
ticket he will be elected by a .vtfe inur- yJO
gin. It Is likely that hln plurality In tho Ofl
stato wilt he from 2000 to L'oOO. Hi
Tho Progressives ran well In Suit l.akf, M
Weber. Cache, Ho. Kid or. Morgan. San- WM
pete. Sevier and Carbon counties and jj
white the figures on their total vote ur$ WM
not available it Is certain that it will bo wM
heavy. In aomc and ions they drew hcavi- 9H
ly from the Democrats as well an from flm
the Republican:- QgN
Socialists Make Gains. fl
An astonishing voto wu polled by the MIJ
Socialists throughml tho state. The So- jlH
ciall!ts carried several election districts JHB
In Salt Luke county and In a few sectlonn I5M
of tho .itato elected Socialist precinct of- u3R
riccni. In Jnhb c ounty I ho Socialist vot HuBl'
v.hh formidabio that for a timo during fBt
the- progreMS of tubulating the voles It ap- Wm
peared that the Socialist would carry tho
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