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uthiP fibflf ttlg iPtlhtirit t I -,,,.., I
ipgiliiJ sr' (WW (flrW'IfJI' y&fA' -I-JU IW t-Jv rr"" '- I
mm is
" MtKept Secret, Says
iMjjpondent, so That
Kwill Not Inter
Until Ferdinand's
oISda Enter Constan
h&e, a Triumph
for Next Sun-
tajfti of Sultan Are
HS-11 rom Tchatal
wrU After Most Se
itiMt Fighting of War;
Sc Reigns in Mos
Capital. fujHjWK, Not. 8. The Ti;nc3
toVBl! following dispatch dated
rtpE fruiter 7, 11:20 p. m.
tt.Mrted, but without of
5BL'innstion, that the Bui
'JJRtoP5 have occupied the
'MBi&ol Vcws Service.
oiTBBX, Nov. 7 The Turks havo
iaciB in disorder i'roiu
BjTfialalja foils and the. Hul
il lB tavr. practically a clear
.eBf Cowtantinoplc. Sofia 'lis
tezlt convey this history-
lypUc most sc. ere Fip;bt of
VHrilln'cd this final defeat of
"oops. The battle lasted
MBI1- A hand-to-hand si rug
'jJSWfWore tlio Bulgarians beat
itfrR! Asperate defenders and
cKKi!' breaches in the defense
fc1111'1 artil!er-v- Thc" ll,e
1,1,1 flc,J' Tliey arc now
rfeB, in fusel and disor-
iJl Capital
hoJicn out in Constant!-
l"ke 'lmand of thc foreign
K intrenchmcnts arc- being
j t Sun Stcfnno and Kiat
the mob of soldiers who
f ttrrard the city.
vkwtf IlM tbo sit,mtion bo'
E'P1'1 f forcing he Durdan
ttciMva'ting fleets so that
wK" 00 lhebc s,,ips vm b
JBf Unli"P when the expected
Cily bcPins- 1" this
E!""'8 fr0,n 11,0 Rl,"la"
''jM' IiUck Jca will also bo
! d tillage, in
ECwofV" them in thcir
SSAu!0fUDparallclcd bnivon
''tjX 'b0lh 8id- The
SMl?? foreed back by
;ti 0 h an-ic, will mount.
Colonel Ali Bey a Turkish Prisoner
Whom King Permits to Keep Sword
Colonel Ali Bey, in Front, Leaving King Nicholas (Figure in White Directly Behind Bey), Who
Allowed the Captive to Keep His Sword Because of His Bravery in thc Battle Which Resulted in the
Capture of Bey and the 3300 Troops Under His Command.
Hawiey Urged to Appoint
Him Senator as Protest:
Against Church - Activity.
Special to The Tribune. . ' ,
BOISli, Ida., Noyv. -7. Governor
James IT;. Hawley of this' slaters ,bo-j
iug showered with petitions and tolu-t
grams favoring candidates for tho; re
cess senatorial appointment aud among
the most ,urgont ones arc th.ose in sup-,
port of cx-Unitcd' States 'Senator hVcd
T. Dubois.- It is reported here the gov-:
crnor is seriously copsidcring Dubois's
appointment in punishment of tho Mor
mons who voted almost' solidly against
him, accomplishing his defeat. ' '
When interviewed tonight 'the gover-
nor would not vciil'y or deny. lliis&re-(
port. He authorised - the' following
statement: . . ,
Will Appoint Sunday.
"L will announce my; appointment
Suuduy. I now have the matter under
serious consideration andfwill'bo guided
entirely on my own judgment T .hnvc
received many'tclcgranis'' and' petitions
from all parts of thc state. - Some -of
them favor tho appointment of Mr.
Dubois. 1 have not mndo V selection.
Other than this 1 do not" care to make,;
! a 5tntoiHcnl."
That Governor llawlcy feels. thoro(
was an understanding among the Mor
mons to defeat him is' evident from a
congratulatory letter. sent by him today
to Woodrow Wilson in which ho said:
"All Idaho Democrats labored for.-yonr.
success as i Ins paramount -issne of the.
campaign. Wo will probably loso the
state bv a 'small plurality, on account
uf sinister influences used in certain,
counties which could not be guarded
Rain of Telegrams.
DLACIvl'OOT, Ida., Nov. 7. Thc
Democtais of southeastern Idaho are
unanimously demanding of Governor
llawlev that he oupoiut Dubois United
Slates" senator. The Mormons obeyed
i. .( ructions and voted the nepubheu
ticket solidly. There is a .universal
demand in the state for the appoint
ment of Dubois and Democrats arc lc
lucinc TJnwlov with telegrams.
Salt Lalccrs in New York.
Special to The Tribune
VKW YUIUC. Nov. ".- Aslor House. .1.
mil... .1 I'loU, .1. lUieoHM, ti V. 'Is'
Plaza, Mrs. A. LI. T. L3inl.
Wickersham's Summing- Up
' Not Complimentary to -'
By Interna tionaj Niiws.Ser.vicc.' -
.WASHINGTON. . Nov. 7. "The . defeat
of the" Republican," parly' Is' due to .four
causes nntngonlsm to the Pa.vr.c-Aldrlch
tarIK acl, reciprocity. . inl.sundei'st'n.ndlng''
of President Tnft's atlltuuv toward pub
lic policies, nnrl the' lack of tho flam
boyant anil, sensational methods of ex
ploitation so noticeable during Hie Roose
velt administration." '
' This Is the way Attorney. General
Wlclcersham summed, up thc reasons for
tho. defeat of. tbc Republican party. Mr.
Wickcraham anys Hint tbc recent vote
Is a testimonial - afralnst the third-term
Iclcav and- means IhuL Mr. Roosevelt avIU
never occupy-"the White llor.so again.
Jlo' refused to express an opinion con
c'crnlnp .Mr. ' Roosevelt's action in caus
ing. aw split of the Republican party by
statlnp that -whatever be hod to say con
cerning Mr," Roo3cvelt or . hts actions
"would not be good matter for newspaper
Mr. Wlcfcersliam Intends to . push ac
tivclythe .trust-busting- campalgiirth.il
has-been inaugiirntcd by thc department
of -justice, lie declares that there arc
several corpora tlons' that the department
has been watching "with Interest.'
Cases now pending,-he says, vein bo held
beforo the courts until the present ad-'
ministration ends and- that "matters will
be In such shape at thnt.tlme that none
of thc trust. cases can be dropped by the
succeeding administration."'
' SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 7. Uepre
seilta Uvea of the Western Pacific rail
road announced here today that an
nsrccmcnl had ben reached with thc
Nevadu-Cnllfornla-OrcBon Railroad com
p,iny which .would give the Western Pa
cini; Us long-sought entry -into Reno.
The Ncvada-Cnllfornln-OrcKon railroad
plans to standardise Its road from Doybt.
Oil-, to Reno, by tho addition of a third
rail to its narrow gauge track. The
Hcno riirs will bn switched to the West
ern Pacific tracks at IDoyle and will be
run through to San Francisco without
a chun&n of trains.
The traffic agreement between the
two roads will give San Francisco an-,-
i-.iil cntrv Into Reno and will give
iSnn Iwo nUlroad outlet, to tho Paolllc
C V. prnsident Dunnnwa,- of tho .Vo-vada-Calirondn-Orcgon
r.dlroad verified
H?o an o invemont rcganling the cni
nV.nv'K dans. It Is ld that work has
EV"h& " ni eonlnirtcd for on the
tandartl cadging of the road.
B03'. Instantly Killed, Another
Fatally Injured, Three or
Four Badly Burned.
DETROIT.-Xov. 7. -Joe Staray, V.
years old, was instantly killed; Joseph
Tontnsczltcski, A years old. was per
haps fatally injured and thrco or four
other boys were badly burned lato to
day b" an explosion of gas in a tank
car which recently had been emptied
of gasoline, -
A number of boys were playing hide
and seek among freight cars on a sid
ing. - .
Tomasczkeski noticing the opening in
thc empty lank car, TTceidcd it was a
good place to conceal himself. He des
cended to .the floor of tho car with
Starzy following him. Just as thc lat
ter was entering the opening Tonmsczk
edci struck' a match'. Starzy was blown
fiftv feet into the air aud fell on top
of a box car. His body was fearfully
burnod. Tomasezeski lay flnt on tho
bottom of the car until tho flames
burned out and then crawled up the
ladder, lie was terribly' burned about
thc head and bod'.
The other lads -were climbing on tho
car when tho explosion occurred.
Ry International Mows Service.
. OMAHA, Neb.. Nov. 7. Mrs. Kdythc
ISIliolt, ward of William J. Urynn and
bride of less than one month, attempted
suicide last night at her horneUn Omahn.
because of alleged Infidelity upon the
part of her husband. She wilt recover.
Mrs. IClllolt. v.-ho was MIhs Dawson of
Lincoln before her marriage. wa:i one of
three children who ve.ro loft orphans
several years ago, Mr. Urynn being made,
guardian of all thrc. She will recclvo
a third of ?100.000 when the youngest
child becomes of age.
Threo weeks ago she married a waiter
in (i roMuurunt and came to Omaha,
where her husband secured work In a
cafe. T.ast night Mrs. Klllott turned on
the gas jets In her rooms and attempt
ed asphyxiation, but was discovered and
r.isucltatcd. Sho loft a note accusing
her hubanl of Inlidcllty.
Sulzer's Plans,
NKW YORK. Nov, ". William Sulzcr,
oloeted to tho governorship of Now York
oh Tuesday, announced todnv that he
would rontlnue to serve uh renrcsentatlv.) j
In fonurt-.'s until thc end of tbr jmr. At;
1 lb" openli g of the -hoit sr.lon next I
nioutn he will ko to ashlngln and j
i lake Ids scat, he tuld.
Democrats Still Lack One of
Having Majority in Upper
House, With Six Legisla
tures in Doubt
Talk' of Combinations in Illi
nois and New Hampshire;
Progressives May Take
j Hand in Tariff.
WASHINGTON. Xov. 7. Control
of the senate in the Sixty
third congress is now prae
' tically assured to thc Dem
ocrat. Concedinjr to thc Republicans
the legislntures of all states still in
donbi, tho Democrats will have a. vote
of fortj'-eight. or just ono-half 0f tho
entire membership of the senate, -with
a Democratic vice president in the
chair to cast thc deciding ballot in
eaee of n tie. Six states arc yet to be
heard from definite-. A senator from
one of these -would give thc Democrats
a clear majorit', and it is possible that
their strength will be even further in
creased. Kansas has been added to the Dem
ocratic column in tho last twenty-four
hours. Tho states in which tho com
plexion of the legislatures "b yet to be
decided are:
Illinois, Michigan, 2ew Hampshire,
Oregon, Tennessee and "Wyoming.
Fight in Tennessee.
Ordinarily Tcnnessco could be relied
on to help I he Democratic' parly, but
the factional fight- there may prevent
in this crisis. In Illinois thero arc
complications growing out of the mul
tiplicity of parties, rendering it un
certain whether there will be a sena
torial election. In that state a suc
cessor to tho deposed Senator Lorimer
should bo chosen, as well as to Sena
tor Cullom, whose term expires. If there
should be no election, the effect would
favor the Democrats ay reducing tho
membership of the senate to ninety-four,
of which numbor the forty-eight al
ready assured would be a working ma
jority. In Now Hampshire, the dispatches
indicate a possible combination of
Democrats ?.nd Kcpnblicnns, and in that
evont predictions 33 to tho course of
the "man selected would be mere guess
work. Control Certain.
Whatever the outcome in any of the
states mentioned there can he no donbt
as to Democratic control of the senate.
In addition to the aid of the vice presi
dent, in an emorgoncy they will find
willing co-operation among the Progres
sive senators. Three or four of the Pro
gressives are almost as liberal in their
tariT views and on other questions as
the Democrats themselves. Senators
Clapp, Ij.t Follctte, Cummins. Gronnn,
Bristow and Poindexter are all avowed
tariff reformers. Thy also favor ad
vanced legislation on other subjects.
Senator "Works announced his intention
of voting for tho Democratic presiden
tial candidate soma time before tho oloc.
lion. This determination was due, how
ever, to a peculiar combination of cir
cumstances :uid the California senator
probably would not wish to havo it con
strued as binding him to a Democratic
legislative policy. He is classed at a
Interest Excited.
Of the thirty-one hold-over '.Republic
ans; eight havo "been classed as Pro
gressivps in tho past. They aro Bris
tow of Kansas. Crawford of South Da
kota. Cuuimius of Iowa, Gronnn of
North Dakota. Clapp of Minnesota, La
Follettc of Wisconsin, Poindexter of
Washington and Works of California.
-Mr. Morris of Nebraska has been ono
of tho lenders of tho Progressive cle
ment in the house and will continue to
cooperate with that elemont in tho sen
ate as it i expected that Senator Ken
yon of Towa will, and possibly Senator
Borah of Idaho, in such measure as
may appeal to them.
Much interest is manifested in the
political affiliation of tho Progressive?.
Heretofore they havo been content to
bo known as Progressive Republicans,
Whcthor any number of them will with
draw from tho Republican party is a
problem. Senators Jl'ristow, Clapp and
Poindexter are understood to hnvc sup
ported Mr. Roosevelt and if thoy should
decline to co-opernto with tho Repub-
(Continued on Pago Tour.)
Only Two Old-Time Republi
cans Survive Election to
Help Tariff Legislation.
President May Also Invade!
the House for Material for
His Cabinet.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 7. Although
Democratic control of the house of rep
resentatives .by a grcatlv increased ma
jority is awnired a. general shake-up of
the personnel of the important house
committees in thc next congress will
be necessarv
Thc ways and means committee which
will shape into bills tho taria' policies
of the Wilson-administration, was rid
dled by thc election. Of thc fourteen
Democrats on the committee four will
not return. Two of these,, however.
Hughes of New Jersey and James of
Kentucky, go to the senate. Kandcll of
Texas and Brantley of Georgia are re
tired. Out of the seven Republicans on tho
committee but tno apparently will re
main. John Dalcnll of Pennsylvania
and Samuel W. Mct'all of Massachu
setts, for years simpers of I'cpublicsiu
tariff policies, were not candidates and
Ebcnor-er Hill of Connecticut, James C.
Ncodhnm of California and probably
Nicholas Longworth of Ohio were
Payne Survives.
Screno E. Payne of New York and
Joseph W. Fordncv of Michigan may
be tho only Republicans left.
The election of Representative Sulzcr
governor of New York leaves vacant
thc chairmanship of the important for
eign affairs committee. Flood of Vir
ginia is ranking member of the com
mittee, but ho declined .the chairman
ship two years ngo to accept the Icsh
important territories committee. Either
ho or Garner of Texas is expected to
get tho place.
The election of Morris Shoppard of
Texas to tho senate, if seniority is fol
lowed, will move Representative Bur
nett of Alabama tofthe chairmanship of
the public buildings and grounds com
mittee. Public Lands Committee.
The vacancj" at the head of tho public
lands committee caused by tho failure
of Representative Robinson of Arkan
sas to return probably will bo filled by
moving up Representative Graham of
Illinois, at present chairman of the coni
mittco on expenditures in the iutorior
The banking and currency committee
investigating the so-called money trust
will be without a head, Representative
Pujo of Louisiana having rotired. Rep
resentative CoTter Glass of Virginia is
the ranking member of tho committee.
Thc retirement of Representative
Lamb of Virginia as head of thc coni
mittoo on agriculture, opens this place
for Representative Lcvor of South Car
olina, but Mr. Lever would bo forced
lo give-up the chairmanship of the ed
ucation committee, which wonld go to
RoprcBcntativc Ansbeny of Ohio. This
accounts for all the chairmanships left
vacant, by the election, but tho forma
tion of tho Wilson cabinet mny alter tho
list further.
Representative Henry of Texas, chair
man of the roles commirtee; Represen
tative Burleson of Texas, n member of
the appropriations committee, and Rep
resentative Underwood, head of tho
ways and. means committee, have been
mentioned as cabinet possibilities,
WASHINGTON, Nov. 7. Statements
by Progressive leaders that thoy will ex
pect representation on non-partisan gov
ernment boards, commissions, etc., has
led to an examination of the laws and
precedents bearing on such appolntmonts.
This shows. It Is declared, tbat the law
makers In creating non-partisan boards
.and commissions, madii no provision for
the selection of members from minority
Consequently tho general rule has bten
merely to prohibit more than a. majority
of thc members of thoo boards And com
missions being selected from ono party,
nothing being said from what party or
parties the minority shall be chosen. In
accordance with this President Wilson
would be legally free In most ccsci to
select minority members from any of tho
minority parties.
Hepburn Rate Law.
Tho Hepburn rat law, increasing the
number of nu-mbej's of th interstate com
mrco commission from five to eaven. pro
vided that "not jnoro than four commis
sioners shall l appointed from tho same
political party."
The law governing the appolntmont of
the three civil service coninil??loners pro
vided that not morn than two sdmil be
adherent? of Uis name party.
Th? law crealliiK the board of general
(Continued on Pago rour.fy
Twenty-nine Votes Put in H
Progressive Column Tues-
day Night Considered I
Safe for Democrat. H
Official Count May Be Re- I
quired in California, Idaho I
and Wyoming to Settle I
Controversy. H
N-EW YORK, Nov. 7. Uncertainty H
as to the electoral choice of Cal-
ifornia and Illinois, as developed H
by belated returns from both
states, was the chief point of interest
today, although -the counting of ballot H
in several doubtful states still was un
dcr way.
That Illinois was safely in tho Wilson H
column was indicated cnrlv in tho even-
iug, but California, which had been H
claimed by the Democrats shortly after H
the closing of the polls, wavered for a
short timo toward the Progressive H
ranks. Tho Wilson plurality, however, HI
early in thc evening again started up- HH
ward as returns camo in from remote H
precincts which arc usually Democratic H
and the Wilson lead seemed snfe. H
After apparently holding Illinois for H
nearly forty hours from the time the H
polls closed. Colonel Roosevelt lost its H
twenty-nine doctoral votes late in the
day when tho assembling of statc-wid? H
re,turn8 showed a victory for Governor H
Popular Vote.
On the strength .of incomplete returns
ns to tho popular vote for Wilson, H
Roosevelt and Taft, tho estimate was
rati do tonight that Governor Wilson H
would not have a majority of all the
votes cast. IH
In a majority of the state? a popular
vole ha3 only been roughly estimated
thus far; but tho reports indicate tbat IH
tho combined vote for Roosevelt and HH
Taft will be approximately 1,000,000 IH
more than thc vote for Wilson.
The figures will be materially changed IH
by the final count, but it is expected
the proportion for each candidate will
not vary greatly. jM
The preliminary eoant givos Wilson
approximately 46 per cent of the vote, .
Roosevelt 29 per cent and L'nft 2; per IH
cent. The total vote thus far reported
is less than in 3905, whilo official re
turn are expected to bring it abovi
those figures. In 1908 out of a com jM
bined vote of 14,030,358 cast for 'Lift H
and Bryan, Taft received over 54 per
Minnesota Bull Moose. H
Returns from Minnesota todav con- jfl
firm the claim of Roosevelt to the hH
twelve electoral votes of tbat state. fly fj
The Wilson victory claimed on the Dm
earlier returns had become doubtful H
last night as the count progressed. Lat-
est returns today with many precincts HI
still to be heard from, gave Roosevelt jHj
an tipparently safo majority.
The victory for Wilson in Now Hatnp H
shire did not carry with it control of
the state legislature, where the Rcpub
lieuns again have a majority on joint
ballot nnd will dictate thc selection of lH
a United States senator. jH
SAN FILANCISCO, Nov. 7. Another H
.correction In the I-o Angela figures by H
County Clerk J.clnnd at 11 o'clotk to- H
night again wiped out Wilson's narrow jfl
lead In California and put Roosevelt In
front by 1T.0 votes. Thc flgurus are. Bl
Precincts hcurd from, 1237 oul of i:7. IV
Wilson, 280.120; Kooscvclt. '2S0."p''. Koo?e- Bj
veil's load, 130. It Is now believed" that fl j
the vote will be so cIoej that California j
may send a split electoral delegation to H
BOISIi, Jdu., Nov. 7. Iteturns received
lato tonight, representing four-firths of flH
thc vote of tho state. Indicate that Wtl- H
eon has carried Idaho by a small major- HI
Ity. An official count may b necessary !
TI19 roturna received up to 12 o'clock to-
night give Taft, 30.211: Wilson. 23.703: UM
Roosevelt. 1I.C2S. It Is said that th" pi-- Hj
clncts not yet reported will show a heavy Wj
Democratic vote. Idaho previously hai
been retried safe Rr Taft by 8000 ms- !H
DKNVl'n, Colo., Nov. 7. Complete r- fl j
turns received tonight from twenty out of iH:
sixty-two countlos In Coloi-ado, inolud- H' 1
lug Denver, substiintltitc the predictions fU, j
mode Tuesday night tbnt Woodrow WU- ffEfi
sou's plurality In the- stale would Hp- Uffit X
proarh the forty thousand mark. The- Mm I
figures together wllh iMVtial rptavm KM m
from tiiUU -'f the remaining fort: -two C Rff!
. . . .. J , M.vl
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