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I of trait C
Letters and Telegrams Read
by Government Counsel al
Trial in Indianapolis.
Name -of Salt Lake Man Con
slantly Mentioned as One
of the Prime Movers.
TVDIANAPOUS. Ind.. Nor. 7. Four
months' netlvity on the part of labor
leader on thu Pacific coaf-t preceded
he fatal explosion in l.os Ancclcs, ;ie
oonliilj to letters and iclocrams intro
H: d"il by too qovornraenk at tho trial
i of the forty-five accused "dynamito
H; plotters' ' today,
H' From telegrams and letters road to
the jury, tho government set. forth this
H; part of its contention as follows:
H' Four months before tho Times build-
Hj infr was blown up Eucene A. Clancy, a
H labor leader in San Francisco, who had
been instructed to investigate labor eon
H: ditions in Los Angeles, telegraphed to
John .T. McZS'amara in Indianapolis:
"The fight is on in Los Angeles. We
"re goini: to mn, Send Tlockiu at
Hi MfVamara, after referring the re-
quest to Frank M. Tfyan, president of
H tn International Association of Bridge
H: and structural Ironworkers, wired :
Wanted Local Man.
"Better zot a man in Los Angeles to
H, Ho the work, Ifockin too busy in the
It was about this time, aecordiug to
Ortio E. Mr-Manila! 's confession, that
1 Herbert S. Horltin was leader of the.
-Mvnamitiiiir erew."
IClnncv went to Seattle and August
16, 910, II. W. Pohlmniu a labor leader
tbore, wrote to .1. .1. McNamara:
"Clancy met his man here after wait
ing a week for him and he being here
every day. J think understand the
James B. MoXaniara was then in Se
attle and the government chnrges that
( Ianey mot him there. On August 31
an oflife building under construction in
i Seattle was blown up.
At this timo $10,000 was voted by the
ironworkers' union oxocutivn board to
the California Building Trades council
for use in nromof.ing the union at Los
Angeles. A roceipt for the amount.
-gncd bv Olaf Tveitmoo, secretary of
the council, was produced.
Mission of McNamara.
' Jmnea B. -McNnniurn in the meantime
' iMtc-1 San Francisco and later wont to
Los Angeles, where he blew up tho
Times buildiujj, October J. Clancy vis
aed Micffnel .1. Young, Boston, another
defendant, but,, according to telegrams,
I hurried back to San Francisco, when ho
heard twenty-ono persons had been
' The government contends the corre
spondence shows that McNamnm'.s mis
1 Mon to I he Pacific coast was known to
lancv, Tveitmoo and to J. E. Iunscy
of ii'i Lake City, who is charged with
hnrboring the dynamiter for two weeks
aftr the explosion.
Testimony' that dynamite was takon
I fi the ironworkers' headquarters in Tn
diauapolis to within a few weeks before
; he MrNamaras were arrested wau giv
en liv Martin .1. Hyland, chief of police
of Indianapolis. He identified newspa
wis that hud been wrapped about four
i-ackages of dynamito. Thoy were news
,i:ipe from Cleveland, Pittsburg ami
f inrinnnti. the latest being dated April
i. inn.
NEW VORK, Nov. '7. A 'itwo huu
dred million dollar panel of jurymen"
wn organized by Sheriff Ilarburgcr of
New York county today. It is an an
mal custom of the sheriff's office to
appoint millionaire."; to a panel from
whicb the criff picks a ,iury in min
or cases in his jurisdiction. These
wealthy men accept no pay directly but
turn the fees into a. pool which is used
for an annual dinner.
$ Tho sheriff's appointments this year
include: George W. Perkins-. William
K. Vanderb'ilt, Theodoro P. Shonts,
Isaac N. Scligman, nndja largo number
of others known as multi-millionaires.
In addressing tho panel today Shoriff
Harburgcr incidentally related how ho
deferred to 31 rs. Charles Bexkor's sup
erstitions when fho objected to having
br.r huFband, the former police licuteu
j ant convicted of the Rosenthal murder,
I taken to the death houso at Sing Sing
j nn n Friday. lie described Mrs. Bcck
1 or as "game a little woman as thcro
is- in Xew York."
I U Management
Hi H ..ssujs-a1 cr
HBi PCKO the ncarrf or Directors of
1! h'3 fompanj Inv contribute
li "n;H to JtB Hiiccrxas and arc
H X Shr0t ,7n"'J?erailon on tho
H ll riJ51 aU who contcmplato
I crenlnp act-ounts.
C F. Bascom.
I' McGurrln,
John Hlekry,
H Edw. McGurrin.
r woodrurr.
Cdw. Horn,
I D r
H IH SALT LA15:E security &
f ' . i . -
Latest Photograph Direct From Balkan War Front
Wounded-Montenegrin soldiers being taken into the army hospital at Ccttinjc by members of the Keel Cross of the Allied Balkan states.
(Continued From Pago One.)
cupied the town of Drama, the Turkish
troops in that, region being scattered
in all directions. Most of them are
said to have surrendered their arms
and are returning to their homes.
There is confirmation, too, of the oc
cupation in the west of the Turkish
town of Alcssio and the port of San
Giovanni di Medua, on the Adriatic
Monastir, also, where Bothi Pasha
has a large Turkish army under him,
is said to have been occupied by the
allied Balkan troops, but the report
lacks confirmation.
Thore arc persistent, reports again
that Adrianople bas at; last capitula
ted. Say Adrianople Falls.
The Daily Mail prints tho following
dispatch from its special correspondent
at Bucharest, dated S:30 p. m., Thurs
day: "I have just arrived from Sofia. 1
have grounds for believing that Adri
anople has fallen, but the Bulgarians
aro concaling the fact, lost the powers,
realizing that a decisive point had been
reached, should intervene before the
capture of Constantinople.
"Extraordinary efforts have been
made since Monday to prevent news
from getting out. Xo thing has issued
from Sofia except commonplaces, and
the censorship has been extended to
letters. At Bustehuk, on the frontier,
the censorship is rigid.
''I understand that the, Adrianople
garrison, hopelessly stccl-encirclcd, hav
ing failed in all of its attempted sor
ties, offered to surrender on Monday
on condition that the garrison might
bo permitted to march out with tho
honors of war. This was refused and
tho bombardment was continued. Tho
entire garrison surrendered uncondi
tionally on Tuesday.
Bulgar Loss Big. .
"Meanwhile, with the utmost energy
and haste, an overwhelming forco is
being concentrated with tho object of
destroying the last Turkish army and
occupying Constantinople, so that in
tervention by tho powers will follow
the accomplished fact. The Bulgarians
are determined to possess the capital.
All available troops aro being rushed
to tho front from Macedonia, includ
ing the Servian troops.
"The Bulgarians' loss hitherto has
been enormous. Trains throughout
Bulgaria are filled with the least se
verely wounded on the way to their
homes; but it is felt that all sacrifices
will bo repaid by the great final
VIENNA. Nov. 7. Describing the at
tack of thu Bulgarian army on th
TohataIJa llne. tlm Rclchspost's cor
respondent nt th front ays:
"The Turks had taken up a strong en
trenched position on both aides of Tcher
keAskcui (n order to covr the Tutlrcment
behind this Tchntalja forttlirations. Tho.
sorlca of rights for theo positions Insted
nil through Sunday. Monday and Tues
day. "The Turks fought under the supremo
command of Nazlm Paha with far
prcatcr tcnaHty thnn had been exported
after their precipitate rctre.it In tho IAt
battle. When tho procure of the tlank
Ins movement by a column of the nm
Bulearlan army coming from the south
hepin to makr Itself felt, thn Turks
movrd forward with a strong forr from
Kva.kl and Bunar against I'zun Hall In
order to break through the Bulcarlnn
rntor. This attack comnletHv collapsed
under the tire of thn Bulgarian Infantry
and artillery.
"Simultaneously tho third Bulgarian
army advanred from Baume. wei of
Istrandla. for a decisive attack aipilnxt
the Turku rlttht center, which was lined
up to the north of Vcnckmil, and threw
It back on Toherkcuskeul. ThlM mov
ment converted the retroat of th Turks
on lxun Ilnjl Into complete disaster.
Th" divisions punlied forward In this
quarter were almost annihilated, and it
is o this di'ast'-ous episode that a ron
s durable rart t.f tbe awful loKex U,t
Tnrks suffered nn be nttril'Uel
' Te direct t onfcruiirin.rs of the uvei-
throw of the Turkish rlsht center was
the Immediate retreat of th whole south
ern Turkish battle front, which had been
entrenched In that strong: position.
"This retreat began in the forenoon of
November 5. The army proceeded gen
erally alons the railway line In the di
rection of SInckll. while the extreme left
wins retired by way of Kttnta. In a re
lentless manner the Bulgarian army,
especially tho southern Hanking column,
pressed after the enemy and soon trans
formed the retirement of the Turks from
an orderly movement into a disorderly
"Nazlm Pa'sha's attempt to arrest the
Bulgarian pursuit by talcing a rear guard
position at Slcmcntl ended on November
5 In a massacre."
The last Turkish reserves who had
been moved up to this point were un
able to stand their ground and the Turks
tied in masses toward Tchatalja, pur
sued with great Insistence by the Bul
garians. The seconil great result of the de
cisive attack of the Third army upon
Venekcul, says the correspondent of the
Relchpost, was that tho Turks' right
wing was completely severed from the
main force. It was driven from tho
heights east of Istrandla Into the forest
region by lakc Dcrkos and cut off from
tho center, which likewise had been :
beaten by the Bulgarian columns ad
vancing south of Istnidla valley.
While vigorously continuing1 the pur
suit, the Third armv Is now massed for
a direct attack upon the northern wing
of tho Tchatalja positions. One column
was sent through Onnanll against
(Special War Correspondent of the Lon
don Chronicle and The International
News Service.)
Greeks In the employment of the Turk
ish government have been urged to leavo
Constantinople at the earliest possible
British residents in the city watch with
anxious eyes from the heights above
Pera the movements: of the British war
ship Weymouth, which is now In the
Nazlm Tasha telographed today asking
the government not to despair, but to
carry on the combat to the bitter end. Ho
strongl advises asrnlnst accepting media
tion, 'the same advice comes from Hrlnee
Halim. the sultan's son. The Turks aro
counting on the expectation that Bul
garian forces must be enfeebled after
their enormous cxortlons during the last
The porto liar, asked me to denv that
Tchatalja Is badly fortified. It is assert
ed that much of the armament which
was In Albania last year was taken to
the Tchatalja linp.
Tt would seem thnt tho Bulgarians have
not ynt concentrated at Tchatalja, as a
part of the Turkish forces aro reported to
be advancing to Chcrkcskol.
LONDON. Nov. S. Below Adrianople.
?ays a Sofia dispatch to tho Standard,
the Bulgarians have dammed up the rlvor
Maritza so that the water has been forced
back and flooded the town. It is expect
ed this will compel an early surrender.
A Cettinjc dispatch to the Standard
says that King Nicholas is annoyed at the
protracted siege of Scutari.
Montenegro has occupied much less
Turkish territory than the other allies
and it Is feared this will have an unfa
vorable effect when the partition of Tur
key is mndc. The king, therefore, has
ordered the commanders of the other
Montenegrin columns to push forward and
occupy as many places as possible before
the Servians penetrate further went
Another Cettlnje dispatch wn' the
whole country Is in the grip of wlnlm.
that the, snow is two fot deep and that
i the roads arc impassible.
(Special Correspondent of the Daily
Chronicle and the International 27ews
I'SKUB. Nov. 7 Tins afternoon King
Peter of Servla made entrv Into Uskub.
the ancient capital. His majesty arrived
at the railway station In the royal train
at 3 o'clock, accompanied by a small per
Mnal staff and his daughter, Prini-ejia
llafa. who wore a Rod Cros cos I tun.
Andd a great volley of chcora and vivas
and the playing of the natlctal aiithem.
the king stepped from th train. The first
to welcome him were the crown prlncn
and Prince George, both of whom nalutod
their royal father. The plrtnrcuqn
Servian costume of presenting hrad and
Mil wa a token of welcome und hospi
tality wm performed. Kin majesty muted
both and made a shoU pcoc)i of thanks.
T'.e .-c-presld.nl the ni'Jf.'r pl i f tin.
1 t'c pr-- nleil in i-Jdr's of Wf l'Oin-
R t' kins- navsf-J ,i si ou p of f ireUn
j j liuuiists. T,t:o faced him with a lot
tery of cameras, his majesty saluted and
smiled In kindly fashion, the correspond
ents returning the compliment with a
hearty ohocr.
Tho Turk and Sorb were one tills after
noon when Uakub welcomed Us new king.
The king made his way along the Hliects
through vast cheering crowds to the front
of the cathedral, whore ho was blessed by
Hie Bulgurlau and Servian archbishops of
I'skub More again bread and salt were
presented and his majesty then proceeded
to a private house where he Is stalng.
(Spocial War Correspondent of tho Lon
don Chronicle and The International
News Service.)
Special Cable to The Tribune.
night tho embassadors of the great pow
ers submitted the answer of their gov
ernments to Turkey's overtures for medi
ation. The answer takes tho form of
simple notes identical in sense. The
powers ask whether Turkey Is willing to
allow the powers to safeguard her inter
ests and settle them nt their discretion.
Tho Turkish council Is now considering
this note.
A number of Turkish officials at Sa
lonlkl have been condemned by a mili
tary court for neglect of duty, the harbor
master has boon degraded for allowing
the Greek torpedo boat that sank the
Turkish cruiser to enter the harbor and
several other minor officials have been
eondemnod to Imprisonment in chains.
I am assured that a decisive battle will
tnke place at Tchatalja In a week's time
that the pages of history now being
written on the plains of Thrace will then
be concluded with the most thrilling
The Bulgarian army's present difficulty
seems to be the utter desolation of the
country through which they must ad
vance. Nazim Pasha has asked tho govern
ment to send him thf: 1G9 military cul
prits condemned to death by tho Stam
ooul court-martial. Me desires to curry
out the sentences before the eyes of the
(By Associated Press.)
LONDON. Nov. 7 Everything tends to
show that almost Irreconcilable antagon
isms will arise over the allocation of
Turkish territory. Sorvla claims as her
share a larco part of Albania. Including
the Adriatic ports of Durnzzo, Alosslo
and San Giovanni dl Modua.
According to the Servian premier's
statement to the Paris Temps, the allies
desire tho partition of European Turkey,
leaving tho fate of Constantinople to tho
decision of tho powers.
According to reports ciirrput in Berlin
the intention of tho allies is to divide Al
bania hotveen Scrvia and Greece.
Tho triple alliance Is determined to
prevent Servla. at all costs, from reaching
the Adriatic. It is even asserted that the
triple alliance has agreed to mnko Albania
independent with ' the Duke of the
Abruzzl as Icing.
Another Important meeting occurred at
Bucharest today between the Rumanian
premier and the Russian and Austrian
ministers. It Is reported that tho powers
tomorrow will communicate to tho Bal
kan states Turkey's request for mediation.
Turks Aclmit Defeat.
By Internationa News Service.
has bowed humlllatliurly before the world.
Tho cabinet late tonight, after a long
conference, decided to accept the offer
of tho great powers to arrange an armis
tice with tho Balkan allies and to abide
by whatever conditions are Imposed.
This decision means that the Turks ad
mit defeat. They now depend on the
powers to procure hc best term? possible
from the unrelenting Balkans.
Will Demand Partition.
By International News Service.
PARIS. Nov. 7. In an Interview to
night tlie Belgrade correspondent of the
Paris Temps. Premier Pachltch of Sorvla.
declared that tho Balkan allies will ask
for the partition among them of European
Turkey, but will leave Constantinople to
the rllfipowlilon of tho powers.
"Servla wants the ports of St. Giovanni
dl Medua. Alcetdo and Dubnzzo. on the
Adriatic son." ho said.
The premier made 11 emphatic that the
Balkan allies wil not treat with Turkey
for an armistice through the power, hut
with Turkev direct. Tie added that
Snrvla would bo willing to allow Austria
the economic and commercial expansion
she det-lrpH, but this would not mean a
crant of territory.
Bayo.net Charge:
BELGRADE. Nov. 7. Official reports
describe the two days heavy flshting.
which preceded the surronder of "Prlllp,
twenty miles northoofl of Monastir,
The S'ivlans outnumbered the Turks,
but because of the nature of the ground
were unable to ubc their artillery. TheN
could bring only ono mountain batterv
Into action against tho vigorous fire of
the Turkish artillery.
The Servians were not able to form up
In flghtlnc lino and were, obliged to jnaso
big ancrlflcen'. taking one position after
another at the point of th. bayonet The
Turks held MUh strong positions thut thev
should have hein able to annihilate thV
storming parties- Only at the end of
the second dav did the Servian Infantry
nurreed In driving- the eremv from thlr
rironKhold-i and nut them to flight in th
dlr"tlon of Monastir. Tho Servian
wounded numbered many more than the
Turkey Unprepared.
VIENNA. Nov. 7. The Turkish stafl
made no provision for mobilization, ac
cording to a Constantinople dispatch to
tho Rolchspost. Uniforms and wen pons
were roady for 200,000 men, but not for
the great masses of troops. Whole bat
talions ware forced to enter action near
Istrandla without ammunition.
Turks Lose 100 Killed.
ATHENS. Nov. 7. -After a fierce en
gagement in which the Turks lost more
than 100 killed, the Greeks have occuplad
Pcnteplgada, which commands the road
to .Tanlna.
Reports that the Turks have evacuated
Salonlkl arc snld to be unfounded.
Reports Success.
commander of tho western Ottoman army
telegraphs that Zcrovltch, which Is on
the southernmost loop of the Salonllcl
Monastlr railway, has been captured from
the Greeks. lie also reports that a
Servian cavalry detachment Avith machine
guns has been routed at Pcrlepe.
Moslems Scattered.
SOFIA. Nov. 7. Tho Bulgarians occu
pied the town of Drama on November o
The Turkish troops In that region have
been scattered in all directions. Mo3t of
thorn have surrendered their arms and
arc returning- to their homes.
Oilier remnants are so demoralized that
the peasants terrorize them and compel
them to disarm and flee Throughout tho
district tho Inhabitants have warmly wel
comed the Bulgarians and the Bulgarian
administration has been established.
Offers to Buy Warships.
VALPARAISO. Chllo, Nov. 7. Tho
Turkish sovernment has made a proposi
tion to Chile to purchase the battleship
and torpedo boat destroyers now being
built In England for this country. Tho
Chilean government, It is reported, will
decline to sell tho warships.
Large Fleet Assembling.
LONDON, Nov. 7. The fleet which
the European nations aro .tHseinblini;
in Turkish waters will comprise four
teen battleships, twenty-two cruisers,
fifteen destroyers and auxiliaries.
Sir Kdward Archibald Berkeley
Milno, commander of tlio Mediterran
ean squadron, will bo the senior officer
of this international fleet, and "is ex
pected to take command should con
certed operations becomo necessary.
Powers to Decide.
PARIS,, Nov. 7. The Balkan allies
will ask for the partition of European
Turkoy, leaving the fate of Constanti
nople to tho decision of the European
powers, accordintr to Premier Pachitch
nF Soma, in an interview today with
the correspondent of the Temps in Belgrade-
Tho Servian statesman continued:
"Servia wants tlio ports of St. Gio
vanni di Medua, Alcssio aud Durazzo.
on tho Adriatic Eia, which the Soman
empire possessed in the middle age?, and
by which she was territorially related
to the rest, of "Europe."
Scrvia, M. Pachitch said, has not re
ceived any proposal from Austria, but
assuming that. Austria has no territorial
designs. Sorvia is willing to observe
commercial expansion for Austria.
The premier concluded by saying that
the Balkan allies desired Turkoy to
treat directly with them and " not
through the power?.
Bulgarian Loss Heavy.
SOFIA. Nov. 7. In tho fivo days' fight
ing alonsr the lino between Lule Burgas
and Bunarhlssar, the Bulgarians. It was
offlclallv announced today, lost 15,000
men killed or wounded. The Turkish
casualties exceeded 40.000. It Is officially
announced that tho port of Rhodesto, on
the sea of Mamora. and tho city of Visa,
southeast of Adrianople, w,re occupied
by the Bulgarian troops on November S.
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Pugilist Weeps When Hand
Cuffed by Federal Officers;
Gives S30.000 Bail.
CHFCAGO. Nov. 7. .Tack .lolinson,
champion heavyweight prize fighter,
was arrested by federal officers to
niplit charged with violation of the
Mann act. His arrest followed the re
turn b3w the federal grand .jury of an
indict incut- charging him with having
caused the transportation of "Belle
Sehreiber, a white woman, 2G years old,
from Pittsburg to Chicago, August 10,
1910, for an unlawful purpose.
Federal officers searched the south
sido several hours before Johnson was
found hiding in a hotel surrounded by
four negro guards.
An al tempt was at l'ir&t made- by the
guards to prevent thu officers from en
tering Johnson 's rooms but they wore
pushed aside and the government war
rant was served on the prize fighter
without serious difficulty.
A I, the federal building, tears came to
Johnson's eyes as the officers put hand
cuffs on his wrists.
"You dou 'I have to do this, I'm not
going to run away," ho said. "I'm
square, you ought tu know that."
His bonds had bctm fixed at .i-30,-000
but all tho federal judges had left
the building for tho night. Johnson
aud his attorney attempted to obtaiu
bail but for a time it seemed as if
tho prize fighter would be compelled
to spend the night in tho county jail.
Tho fcrleral judges dcclinedfto leavo
their homes to go through tho formal
ity of accepting bail.
After several hours' work Johnson
found a court clerk willing to acl and
tho jiriza fighter was taken to the borne
of his aged mothor on the soulh side
who signed th bonds, along with so -oral
others and Johnson was released.
KANSAS CITY. Nov. 7. In the parti
tion of a large part of the estate of the
late Col. ThomaB IT. Swopc here today.
Mrs. Frances Hyde, wlfo of Dr. K. Clark
Hyde, received psoporty valued at $118,
000. Dr. Hyde. hos; wife 1r a nicco of
Colonel Suopc. is under indict mont
charged with the murder of the million
aire philanthropist. Felix Swopo of Mid
way. Ky, a. nephew of Colonel Swope,
received property valued nt S7J.000.
TJim property divided equally by agre
mmt of lh ten heirs wan appraised at
tl. "50.000. Other property in this cltv
belonging to the eslaie. but not affptpd
by tlu division. Is vnlucd at $G0.n00
. HAVANA, Nov. 7. The loading Zaya
iistas at a confurriico todav decided to
convene a national assomblv November
23 for the purpose of taking steps to
disputf. the lAgallly of ihe recent elec
tion, In whlf-h General Mario Mrnocnl
wan elected president of tho rruhllc
Thp "dvlnabllltv or th resignation of
all Liberals now holding eUvilvn offices
or recently elected will bo considered.
It is iloubtriil whether Alfredo Zavjis
Istas contemplate hloehlng legislation
has much Influence in the national as
sembly, but it Its reported that th Zava
staa contemplate blocking legislation
by 1-efut.lng to attend Ihe sessions of tho
house, thug preventing ;i quorum.
By International News Service.
NEW YORK. Nov. 7. Revision of the
popular voto In dispatcher from varlou
sta es shows the following as tho lateM
and tlosoM .intimate that can now he.
Ill A ( ft i
Ta'Tsis lbVC,M1: Kooj!cvc,t" I-2S0.077,
BrYan total popular voto Ju Kior was.
In thu final oflldal count. G iJJ.S3.
Five Hundred Steeragll
sengers on R0yaj Jtt
Said (o Be in m0 rjanW
Ql'EBEC, Xo"vTith M
age pnssenpprs and he- ,rJM
board the. Canadian NotS!!
J.l George tonight tenSM
where she went Wk
of Point St. Lnwrenc ,
. A northeasterly ,.a ft . ft1 !
ing l ftv miles antfoVlSjW
nt to the .d.r.ras
More than ;l'Vi mr.zPnfT IB
off earlv lodny aWm&?J
the rc.o work cat, bo S3B
row. Meanwhile tl.ev fiS'SB
suranee that the RaW
no danger of breakup
off disabled it0 stormW tC
It was not exported tonuH
the vomoI could he floated SK
urdaA vvhen l.l,c hBhet fiSBE
due A fter the pa-sonrm vM
removed, thn hohls uiii ff.ME
and an utrempt will be m&LB
lo float 1 ho Ship. The iS
slenmer Ladv tlrev th iMi
steamer Lord Strath', L
tus arc standing hv
SAX KBAVl-j. .Nnr M
mony brought o.,i 1, (,c sthK
commission in if? i, resMtkJK
press rate-, on which it S
dav ihowH that tho WclltfiH
1-nnv or. on investment in B
" ; revived in
months .Inn .mil July. lflliMi
-cven-.e of $l.Jo3.3.,V Yfc
nmomt to S.720.CilO fot .i'H
month, or a little, less OiauSCflSE
onfmho cnVitvA outstanding.
I hese ligurep developed WK
mode by F. Jl. La Shell, tbtH
yi on s rate expert, and ncn SP
trndicted by C. R. Graham, Ml
piinv s traffic manager. tK
Other Mntomonis made br K
. are that California Mtn ." S
to 4U0 per cent hiphcr thn ftYj
sponding dislaiiec in stitulfc
state commissioners have Mffj
That. mnll shippers rat jiiB
tiouato charges.
That the company rouljj K,
by circuitous routes.' charjn'arlR
per for the unnecessary di'UtR
leans In New Orleans aro JuUi
th election of Woodrotv Wi
meeting of the Central Anuria
today sent a telcsrnni of co:
to President-elect WIIfoh, h
helief was expressed ttut the'
administration would mean tt
"dollar diplomacy, which hu
untold suffering nnd loa of I
properly to our pcopK"
establishment of nodal and tt
relations between the UnltM H
the republics In tlio south. :J
The telegram was slgntdbjD
enrpo Ronllla. former prfcjMot'i
duras; Dr. Angel I'sarle tni;
FnuieiKi-o Altuchul, former W
Granada. Nicaragua, nnd Cd'
Marline;:, a Nlcnraguan exile. ;
lion of the roadway" of Ihe nK
the Cincinnati. Hamilton & BE
road near Antlnch. III., HK
the cause of a derailment onAjWj
which killed one passenr WMG
twenty-five others, In tnt ln'!r,5B
mercc commission's report eo. V
dent, iesueil toda;.. 'fhc reronjK
tho roadway wrb not jurricluug
tallied to enable the QPplloa.Jf
"to be carried on In safety.
"the extrcmelv bad track rJUM
dcr to rock !o that tlio '"Wa
inifks mounted the rail and
RKRJil.N", Xov. " At aHj
the Berlin Medical soeietv, iVu
erisch annoiinces the diwoyeiTwr
he believes to be a pra"HrWfi
every form of tuberculous. HjK
itcd" cured patients "ntgrg.
he had treated GS2 cases by
with invariable improyenai
most invariabh coinpleie .
Prominent pbysicwiis 'JV5K
ccjscs bv this mothod m "5
tico. Dr. FnederiKh m
bercle bacilli which have
beucvolent. Mk
Big Tire In Wyoflltf .
orlplnatlnp n an unkno
warehouse of the Bv,i"' Wjtflf.
company at New Cwtle. rf Vj
thl5 ""ornli.K destroyed
hohs renter of m' VBF
aac of about tW. Jtr J K,
reservoir prevented J.'VjdtW
before the Weston w""H;ulM
tor. Post Hardware "?ume4 S!
BrotheiB Btore contUBMj
Dressing w
Gowns m
Strike a rea Sh
Holmes attitude ,
of our dressing
(revolver and piP MC
but lounge in

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