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1, Occupy Hadem
V J Only 21 Miles
fcfcSj Constantinople;
jpDays of Furious
?3ping End in Com
Disaster to the
'Swralized ' Moslems.
?jl From Both
9b'ih and Servian
gftces That Adrian-3-Has
Fallen; the
'jttta Capture Met
w Near Janina;
SBera Increasing.
nopls hs fallen is tlio
, Since noon ycatorday
rownmicatlon with l.hc
tj- has failed.
DE, Scrvi?., Nov. 14.
j.-t the Turkish fort at
,ha3 fallen before the
lie Bulgarian unci Scrv
i current here, liut with
onfirmation in official
Nov, 14. According to
pitches, the Bulgarians
rated Uic center of thb
lines and occupied tlic
Hadcmkeui, tvronty-onc
i Vol, 14, Turkey now
wnallv appealed lo Bui-'
or peace, thus forestalling
ly ai'tion of t he Kuropcuu
'fa mediation.
e has Icon concluded;
"nave arisen about t lie
i said that IJuli?arin de
Aacnation of Adriauople,
Monnstir as a condition
to .in armistice,
however, eonlinuo.
hip is again exceedingly
t is difficult to arrive at
"Ifa of the military posi
of Ailriauoplc is rumored
fnan and Turkish sources,
I '5 unconfirmed,
tporl Bays the Bulgarians
M Uadomkcui, twenty
Constantinople. If this
a very important capture, i
a is Xazini Pasha's staff
S? v'cnna Reichsposl cone
'"i he Bulgarian army ro
Je describes as " murderous
JE the Tchalulja lines,
W reports deny that
"wn auv serious fighling
ITml days.
Td to other point t, an im
ln the weather has pcrmit
J.mI't'on of the -Montenegrin
the Turkish positions
Jr' th some success. A
ent at MonswUr, where
!s endeavored to make
"surrender, bur. imposed
the Servian crown
""able b grant.
""tack on Monastir bo
1 fG MOt cycled to of
glance to the combined
week armies and its fato
'D the samn n SnlA:i,:.-
emi, t0;tiDe iir advance
Iff l npwr ha'e iake"
BBiMeC0rd,M to this report,
i pwj sott nu0rn,r tbst"'ceu
'SBfisi115 I)oIute ouVaftcr
SKc, fo- Wng the line
or ,fiRi8tf,00 effCet'
Se is ""crcd likc-
yjKuer" rcports
1 'jHLL
Mosque of St. Sophia, Constantinople;
It May Be Again a Christian Temple
Mrs. Emma W. Bird Obtains
Judgment-', ('or. $42,977-
'Against Book Concern.
STiW VOP.K.. Nov- 1 i, .lasnes J. Far
mer. Iicad of tlie ' Anslo-Ariierican Au
thora ;i.?!iooia lion, was arrested on a
charyc of using the malls to ilefraud co
Inciilem -with the conclusion today of a
civil suit In which a judgment of St'J.
977 xvua letunied ajcaiii.st lilm and others
bcca.U50 tlicy sold -Mrs. Kmma "W. Bird
of Salt Jake City :i collection of books
upon the representation that they wre
rare volumes.
Irs. ulfd sued for $47,U.')0, the approxi
mate S."000 cut lu the judgment repre
st:nting: the true, value of the books as'
appraised hy an expert. Vnile the orig
inal action was hrousht aijahwt rocoiv
eis for the former publishing' firm or
Keilar-Kaimcr. judgment was rendered
against the defendants named individu
ally," James J. Farmer, his son. Gleh
Farmer, and the Anglo-American asso
ciation, which Farmer managed after
dlscolulloh of the Kcllar-Farmer com
pany. Tin- airest. just before the verdict
was rendered, was moJo inon the charge
that Farmer, in the name of the Anglo
American Authors association, used tho
nialln falsely to represent, the bookfi sold
lo Mrs. K!rd. as, being- of a "great and
unusual rarity."
Ball was fixed at -VinOO. which Farmer
himself furnished. His examination was
net for Tuesday.
Ey International Xev.'s Service.
WASHINGTON, Nov. U "Tho Ropub'.
Hean party is not dead," said SereVio 13.
Pnyrie, mistor of tho Repuhllcans in the
house since the dofcat of Uncle Joe Can
non, after a visit to the White houue and
a conferewo with President Taft over
plans for the reorganization or the old
Kimrd. Mr. Payne wan returned to con
preax by a little over 2S00, but he saya
thla "Aia enough in view of the jjcncral re-
"I can't -where the - Progressives
have any good reason to hou-st over their
victory. I have been told they will have
fiflen of twenty members in tho next
house." he said. "That i not very
ilr. Payne said he hud not outlined,
any plan with regard to opposition to tho
Democratic plan for revision of the tariff.
'T thlnlc I will sit buck and let the
DoniocralH eo whut they can do with the
tariff," was his comment.
.ACKA.MENTO, CaU Nov. H. Cana
dian authority and the Sari Francisco
police have devised a "way to get. .Tuck
Black, alias "wry Klein, back Into the
United States to nerve a twonty-fiv..-year
sentence or murderous aswiult,
with treaty olatlons. TClcin eticjip.-.d
from the San Fi'anciRco county jail while
cn route to prison and lied to Lethbrldge.
Alberta, where he I held, charged with
iwclcot picking He could not be extra
dited for Jail breaking under tho treaty,
so th" Canadian oftlcers have agreil to
tfhove him over the Uno into Montana,
Where San Fnmclbco ofllcers. armed wl ,
oxtiadltlon pauers- vti the ""rn 01 ri
-Crr.ntuni WP1 oo wnltlug liO crnor
JohHwn 'lssS the requisition loday.
Mrs. Vermil)'e Would Over
"flirow Power of Smoot and'
i-iis Following.
Specln'l to Tlio Tribune.
XEWAItK, X.' .7.. Nov. 1 1. The asser
tion that YVo'cdrow U'lla'on was the only
presidential candld.Lte who owca nothing
to the Mormon vote, whs made by Miss
Elizabeth Vcrmllyc In an address at the
meeting of the "Women's Home Mission
ary eociely of the Methodist. Episcopal
donference. MIfs Vennllyo pointed out
that the president-elect may be abb; to
do more than any other man lias done
in -overthrowing . the political power of
Senator P.eed Smoot and his following.
P.efeiTing to tho recent presidential
campaign, she said:
'"The candidate who was elected to
tho presidency last Tuesday Is the only
candidate who owes nothing -io tho Mor
mon vote. Some of his workera suggest
ed a Mormon plank, but he declined lo
have one. Inatcad, he gs.ve his. encour
agement to those who are endeavoring
to have the facts known. Our president
elect owes nothing to the Mormon vote,
and can, If he will, do more for the over
throw of the political power of this or
ganization than any other man could
have done. If the uenate Is to bo Demo
cratic perhaps tho power of Reed Smoot,
with his' arbitrary mcthoda ns head of
the publicity bureau, will be destroyed
and overthrown."
Bites at "Spanish Prisoner"
Swindle; His Eyes Opened
by srcw York Detective.
fcjprciaJ to The Tribune.
NEW YORK. Nov. 14. Guy Sisson',
wealthy dubi'iicfs man of: "VVinnomuccu,
Nev., will not leave today for Europe
to assist tbo famous Spanish prisoner
and bring him back to his beautiful
dark-eyed daughter. Ho has his ticket
for the passogo and his trunk "was
delivered nt tho pier, whoa he was discount-god
by a detective, who told him
that this name Spanish priHoner has
been conducting a government bwind
ling industry for half a century.
Mr. Sisson drew S'lOOO out of hid
bank. and started for Spain, llo told
hia wife of the $48,000 tho Spanish
prieonor h&d in a Chicago bank, which
Mr, SisBOU could obtain by going to
Madrid, paying tho jailer $3000 to get
tho prisoner's trunks, in which was u
sight draft for the money in Chicago.
!Mr. Sisson at first thought tho detec
tive impudent, but; ho invited him to
police headquarters and nhowed htm a
list of victims of this same bpnuisb
Attempt to Prove Alibi.
NOP.WAL.1C. O., Nov. U. The defense
lodcv attempted to prove nn alibi for
Ernest Woloh, the tlrst tiled of the six
mnn charged . with "tarrlm;" Minnie La
Valley, lilt mother, Mrs. AHco "Welch,
testified that he wen rtt homo the evnn
,,. tiirring took place. Other wit
nJJ testUlrd the I -a' Valley girls rcpu
t.it Ion was bad. , , .
T in defend rested Hp oao and t..v
pntaecut Ion Examined a few witnesses in
Mil P NOT TO '
Says So Far as He Knows
Now, Hc'AVill Complete
His Term.
Publication was given reports ycaterday
to the effect that Mayor b'aimtel t. Park
contemplated resigning in thu near fu
ture. Muyor Pork said lust night that
ho had conteiiiolated resigning, but the
contingency which might -necessitate his
resignation had not yet arisen. He de
ebired that so far v. he knew ;it the pres
ent time he would continue as nmyor for
some lime. Tlio mayor admitted
thnt there was a possibility of his resig
nation soma time in tho future, but in
timated that the matter was very indefi
nite at present
. Mayor Park has extensive business In
terests that are said to dmnand his at
tention. He accepted ihe nomination for
mayor a year ngo reluctantly, stating' at
thnt time that his business interests were
such that he could ill afford to make
tho necessary personal saciifice to act
as mayor. Soma weeks aso Mayor Park
was In poor health and :it that lime It
was slated that ho contemplated re
signing Ills health, however, is now
When asked :a:n night relative to the
report that ho intended resigning soon.
Mayor Park said:
"Some time ago .suggested , thnt J
might resign In the ovent I'ual some con.
ttngeney aroHe that might ir.ake such-action
neccisary. That contingency, how
ever, Usjs nor y:t arisen and 1 do not
know tJiat II will ari.e. So far as 1
know now, I nxpect lo serve out mv
lenn as mayor"
Kansas City Woman Arrested
Following Scrimmage Over
Card Game.
KANSAS CITY, Nov. M. Women 's
card partie? conducted under the names
of elubp, not requiring a membership
card nor a special invitation, wcro
branded a violation of tho gambling
law hy Judge Eurnoy in the municipal
court today.
Tho caso' in court way that of Mrs.
Laura Seizor, charged with disturbing
the penco following a quarrel with Mm.
Francos Thompsou at a meeting of tho
Progressive High F'ive club at tho
home of Mrs. Connio Stcwarr, a teacher
in chiua painting. The courtroom was
tilled with women. Witnesses testified
variously that Mrs. Setter gavo Mrs.
Thompson the Oil slap and vice versa.
After Mr?. Thompson had administered
a friendly but rwoundini: slap on tho
chock of her attorney to attest to the
severity of tho blow she received the
court discharged the women with a rep
rimand. Testimony showed ihat tho dub often
had mot in a public hull, that '25 cents
had been charged players, and that as
many aB ilfty women had taken part in
games for prizes. The club wan placed
under the bun of tho court.
Aged Cardinal Bier,.
NAPLES. Nov. lu. -Cardinal Alphon
mis Oapecelali'o, nrchblshou of Caruiu.
,-dl'td today .llo was born In 1S21 and
wi3 creatsd ardlnal lu 1335. He was
librarian of tlio Roman. Catholic churchy
"Gyp the Blood," "Whiley"
Lewis and '"'Lefty Louie"
Swear They Had No Share
in Murder of Rosenthal.
Killing- of Gambler Is Laid at
Door of Vallon, Webber
and Mysterious Stranger;
i Great Crowd at Trial. '
ly Inicniuilonal News .Service.
N'KW YORK. Nov. M. Guilty of
cvcryihiiig but murder ringe the
p.lea'of the gunmen charged with
Herman Unseut lis I 's .'issassiu?.-
J'rostrate before the Jaw'lhey succcs
sivi.dv took the wilnc3i stand today
"Gyp .the Mood." "Whitcy" Lewis
and "Lofty Louie ? and in a scries oJ"
narratives extraordinary in the crim
inal annaJs of the court, laid full re
sponsibility for .Rosenthal's death at
lhl door of .l.lck Rnn r.url fnm.
pa nions.
"Dago Prank"'-' is yet to bo hoard.
But he will swear that he was several
miles away from the spot where Rosen
thal was shot down.
So tho record is made up with what
"Whitcy.'' "Gyp lhc .Blood" and
"Lefty'' toll, and by the' record they
will stand or fall.
Novelists have sought with vain
imagery to produce what was enacted
with photographic accuracy before
.judge and ."jury today at the. trial of
theso four defendants, Tho entire un
derworld passed, in picturesque' review.
Scene Is Dramatic.
In graphic language of their kind,
amid tho singing of bullets, the clash
ing" of gangt; now with tragic em
phasis and again with light farce
comedy touch the sinister and hatur
nine "Gyp"' unfolded his sordid story,
the nervous, agile 1 'Whitcy" whipped
forth his talc, and (he cold, Telentless
"Lefty" muster mind of tho three
built up his dofenso with the skill of
an artist working in mosaic?.
Aliases were flung about the court
room. Thoy closed and opened cell
doors upon themselves, admitting guilt
of crime after crime-, being lod
willingly forward through all tho
crimes in tho calendar up lo wilhln
forty feet of the spot where Herman
Rosenthal fell.
Arriving at that point they swear
they turned and fled.
"I was a. thief and a pickpocket,"
says "Gyp.r'
'I, too.'' says " Whitcy.'-'
"And L" echoed "Lefty."
Story in Detail.
But it is the story of "Gyp" that
epitomizes it all; "Wo walked up
Forty-5ccond street to "Broadway
'Lefty Louie' and myself, the fifth
man, whose name T do not know, lead
ing the way. We went along Broadway
to Forty-third street, crossed over and
started over lo the Hotel Cadillac.
There the strange nuin told us to wait.
Wc stopped uudcr tho glass .shod of
tho Cadillac stud stood waiting while
ho walked over to where Roso and
Vallon and Webber and Schcpps were
standing, over at-the M:otropolc. Then
thoy started to come over toward us.
Wc walked forward a few steps. The
strange fellow was ahead. Webber and
Vallon were just behind them and
Kose and Schepps i 'he rear. All of
:i sudden my attention was attracted
bv a ahoi, and then, flash. .1. looked
up and eaw tho strange man aud Val
lon and Webber firing from firearms',
We thought they were shooting at ns
aud we turned and fled to the sub
way." No Variation.
With more picturesque phraseology,
perhaps, hut with not a fraction's
variation ns to fact. "Whiley" Lewi
first corroborated this recital of the
shooting and then s Lefty Louie" add
ed his I'onfusiion. 'J'hey saw no moro,
did not know any one had been shot
until they read the news in the papers
the" next day.
Not one of tho three had a revolver
that night no one of the three well
know7i gangstorn and deuizens o the
underworld though U103' were had ever
met Herman Rosenthal. Roc-kor's name
had been montioned lo tbom, but inci
dentally. 'Until tho midnight two hours
previous to the shooting neither of the
throe had scon ,lack Roeo for a po
j riod of a week at least, though Rose
I (Conkinued on Pas Three).
Maryland Statesman Suffers'
Relapse; Family Sum
moned to Bedside.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 1-1. Senator
laador Rayner of .Maryland,
who has Leon seriously ill for some
tinif. al. his residence acre, had a re
lapse tonight and his son and other
members of their iiismedinle family
were summoned hurriedly Ju nis bed
side. Tin; senator bu. been suffering
from neuritis. NYws of lhc scnalor'?
condition was refused at Inc. residence
Jalc tonight.
Murderer Declares Himself Fol
lower of the Master ami
Abnihani Lincoln.
SALKM. Mii-h.. Nov. Id. Joseph J.
Kttor, on trial here with Arturo Gio
vannitti and Joseph Caruso for the
Anna Lopizso murder during the Law
rence textile strike, declared on the
vritncp? stund today that Jesus Christ
and Abraham Lincoln Arero sources of
inspiration to him as a labor leader.
Asked on redirect examination bv At
torney Fred TL foore of the Oidus
trial AYorkcrs of the .World as in his
religion, Fit or replied:
"I am an early-Christian. ' '
"What is nieilut by thai.''
-" I mean I believe in Christianity a.s
.Jesus ChrirJt taught it himself."
"Did you ever read anything by Ab
raham Lincoln: " , '
" Yes."
"Did auytJi'ing of Lincoln's that voir
read have anythinc to do with your
"idea that lalhor should get Ihe full
product of its toil!"
"It did," said KM or. as he left the
witness srand, which he had occupied
for two days.
Court adjourned because of the ill
ness of counsel for Giovaunitfi. one
of the defendants. The latter vill tako
the stand tomorrow.
Proposition Made to Operate the
Trains oC Transeontineu
inl Railroads.
Special to Tho Tribune.
NKW YORK, Nov. M. The Butte
Klectric and Power company and its
affiliated companies, owning reservoirs
aud operating plants upon the Jeffer
son, Madfsnn, Missouri and Yellow
stone rivers, arc to be' merged inlo the
new .Montana Power company. All the
transmission lines will be or have been
interconnected. A great new reservoir,
already, begun, will be formed" by
damming the fissonri at Wolf Creek,
and a new hydro-electric plant wilk, bo
located there. Surveys and borings for
another great dam with hydro-elec
Iric development have been commenced
at the great falls of tho Missouri.
Not only '.is the commercial lighting
and power bnsinese of the cities or
.Montana rapidly developing, but it is
now proposed to. operate tho trains of
the great irauseont'iuental railroads
throughout, thu Rocky mountain terri
tory by hydro-electric power from tne
mountain -treanis,
; PlTTSrtUKG, Kan.. Nov. 1-t "The lid
that hold us down for years I.1 off."
With this exclamation from Mrs.
Elizabeth Callenu, chairman of the Craw
ford county sufTraplwi association, two
hundred women tonlpht hurled old bon
nets Into a bonfire that had been built
at the public square hero and amid
cheora and sons marched around the
blaze In ccJobration of Kanaan's decision
to xrnnt its women tho right to vote,
Amonir the bonnet burnera was Mr?.
C. IT. Irwin. 71 years old. who knew
Abraham Lincoln and campulgncd for
him In lSiU. She was a member of a
he:clette of slrl slnsora who traveled
over tbj country participating- lu cam
paign meoliiiKe.
Salt Lakors in New York,
Special to Tlio Tribune.
N'KW VOUK. No. It -Park Avenue.
M Guvaroff; Impcrlul. J. T. MoKlnyr.-bury.
Oriie McManigal Tells of
Going Hunting With
J. B. Upon Suggestion f
I of the Brother, and of
Attempt Made to Put J H
Him Out of the Way. H
Tveitmoe, Clancy and
I Munsey Again Named
j in Connection With ;l 'M
the Murder of 21 Per- 'H
sons; Gas Jet Twisted
Off to Make the Explo- tH
sion More Deadly. '
T ND LA N A POL I S, Nov. .11. For thr.
B fir3t time since the twcnty-on i
I persons were killed in the blowing 1
up of the Los Aii2clc3 Times build-
ing on October 1. 1910. .laniec B. ?d'' 1
Nani?.ra?s detailed confession that hn tjl
caused the explosion, with hi- motives.
for doing it and his comments on the IH
fact that so many persons were killed,
was relaled on the witness stand m
the "dynamite conspiracy" trial l. j
Ortic K. M.c-Manigal testified that
the confession was given him wln'o , '
he was hiding McNamara ia the wood1 I
five miles from- Conovcr, Wis., .both of '
them having gone to tho Wisconsin ).
woods on the pretext of being hunt 'H
Ol.if A. Tveitmoe and Kugene A.
Claiicy, San Francisco labor leaders.
McManigal testified, were named by
McNamara as having made arrange-
nicnts for the Los Angeles explo3ioa: 4,
and ap. having furnished thu two men L'
V. A. Schmidt, and David Caplau- S
to assist in buying the high power i
nitro-gelatin because Schmidt and Cap- 'tl
lan had been regularly employed on H
the coast by the buHdinc trades couu- j
oil of California. .
Tveitmoe and Clancy are amont: 'he '
forty-five defendants. il
Iynamiters at Large.
Caplnn and Schmidt, named by M-
M'auigal, were indicted in L05 An- j
geles county with James B. McNam- ' IH
ara on charges of murder, but thoy ;
have never been captured. Govern- '
mcnt agents have been informed that .,
Caplan was killed.
When he asked McNamara- why h?
twisted off a gas jet in the basement l 'H
of the Times building heforo the e?-
plosion, McManigal testified that this 'IH
conversation onsucd'
McManigal Why did you break off j
the gas jet 7 jl
McNamara Because when the e.T- 5 H
plosion occurred I waited the whole j, 'H
building to go to hell. 'h 'MM
McManigal And ybu knew ther?
were so many people in there, too! j
McNamara What's the differoTvc?? lH
J was to make a cood cleaning out, aud
1 did it- But I am sorry so niaay were r
killed. I hoped lo get General Otis. iH
Went Hunting.
McManigal said that on November X, ;fl
1910, ho was at his home in Chicago ' !H
and expected to leave the next dy
for Kenosha, Wis., where he was to ( . iH
start with a hunting party in charge of 'H
Marion Sharpo. That very day he said ;
John L McNamara, brother of the Los
Angeles Times dynamiter, asked him to H
take James B. on the huntinc trip. Mr- ' VH
Manigal said he had learned that Jamc 'H
B. had been in hiding cm the way back ,,
from the Pacific coast and was two '
weeks with . I. E, Munsey in Salt Lake f
City. !''1B
Ife said he went to Kenosha and '!k'
James B. joined him there. Thoy pro- , .H
cured hunting licenses and went tyilh '''1
the party to Conovcr and then to a t, -
camp five miles in the country. jif H
"On November .," said McManigal.
"1 missed .James J3. and started out , jH
alone to look for some deer. Standing j, H
on a. I roe stump I. suddenly heard the
crack of a pistol, but looking around t
I saw no one. livery one was sup- lf''
posed .lu wear a red cap to distinguish if'.
people from deer. I saw no rod caps, ' H
but presently e:w .lames H. Su. . j '
picion flashed into my mind. I ac- H
cased him right out: i
'I think you were taking a hu' ly:H
at me,' T. said, "If you Jo. you had S'l
Continued on P!4 Thrfl " iill

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