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The Salt Lake tribune. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1890-current, November 16, 1912, Image 15

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I eluded in nn
, t!il. ofllco nc:
ck Saturday.
affair in inrmy
ik ball last ovon
.fllccrs and ladles
aL which :i larprc
lends from town
,tniit James ,M.
lm committee,
: which OOUld III
sure 01 in-, i-vcn-llttle
hop room
jdSln. ull MiFrf
mil were seated
imlROWM, pdSS
vhllc lh tbroivr
nly maskers do.
masks were rc
5. in inany-col-on
Mil lout; pawl
MS hun 5 with
,)e.- which. .!:
r to this walls,
wheai I. 7 n win
ders we.ro Htrutijr
nil mid ncldln?.
reslmcnt.il lias,
wtu; served in
pvatit of, to nt slit
Concert 1 to ho
the Hotel LUh
rla" dormitory of
The affair Is
of Mrs. iMiccne
sramnic will he
r the music jjrc-n-
club. Mr.
who was to have
present and air.
oc Others who
granie an-: Mrs.
tall; on "Anicr-
' .?,r!'- -- ,L
h. Mrs. Charles
i and Miss Mnrl
,ir, Mr. OeorK"
I Us will bo the
Fairy Tj. Jordan
ed a few frlcnda
uX their homo
do hop at the
ere all of green,
st nines of the
in their various
wcro Tiliss Kllcii
Genev.c Savage,
r. Pei'Kiiis and
ally. Hall :ind
vill entertain a
irlH today ac si
with a matinee
ter to see "Mrs.
tch." The stf
,o younc dauph
ret, and 31 ra. T.
chaperoning the
ilri'latnca a few
yesterday arter
ites Julio Heme,
lie "Bought and
Miss I-Terni! una
roc.ill her since
lie family made
nther, James K.
inoiit: actors who
c old theatrical
k entertained a
nds at an infor
iy nfternoon In
Ue Baer. Seven
i.ved and later a
;5tfs came in for
pht with flowers,
ithcmuins being
L the lea follow
old Fabian and
u tea and coffee,
ntertalned quite
noon at a trous
sie Zwlcky. at
nil the intimate
Tho attractive
riRlit with flow
noon Mrs. C. C.
for the hostea:.
and her dauprh
ntcrtained about
reslerda.y afler
WoofiYrard homo
Quantltlci of
icd for denora-5af,-5ett
3. Beatty poured
Mrs. Thomas
for the eaHt on
eturn before tho
einaln over th
ildrcn will join
II entertain tho
Republican club
horn on First
ness meeting at
jslcalc. to which
devolution wii:
fternoon in the
M Caterers
lSilly attractive line of
"8 novelties now on dls-
'leant Imported silk lined
,n, Gerrnan baskets.
Kl!,!' 263 Main St.
PHONE CnnCCtlon'
QBillJ Exchnnrjo 135.
jB&y Special j
ftyjw Cream Go.
nirhopK bulldln? on Norlh .Main mret.
MIs:i Kalhryu "Wells will speak on
prim I-at hen?" and Mrs. Ella V"
Hydu on "Pll3rlr.i Mothers."
-- it
The P. B. O. noddy will niret this
afternoon with Mis. Unso Druchl at h-r
home In the Borlus apartments, when
Mrc. ljyronlCiimmlnsB will npe;ik on "Th.
heautiful Suburb;; of Horlln" and Mrs.
J.. Christy wIM review current events,
The .Saturday Xlght. club will meet this
evening with Mr. and Mrj. Karl A. Schold
at Ihir lipmo on Kart South Temple
ctrcct. '
Mif-a Carlotta Jenu'.nps" will entertain
her friends a tea thi afternoon from
". iou J1 tne limine of her clr.ter, Mrs.
A. IT. Poabodv.
Mrs. John Dorlus and her daurhtnrf.
Mr? t-ollie. Sta-ner and Mrs. YVIIford
Moyle. will entertain this afternoon at a
ley at the Doritts home in Federal
Mi:is ir.dith Shearman will entertain a
iw friends this afternoon at a tea at lmr
home in compliment to her aiatcr, Mrs
Jo.epi Folsom.
Miss Mary human in tho house ijuest of
Colonel and Mnj. Perkins over 11 w wcl;
end, having sone up last evening for tho
I- it
Mi?s Mina Taylor of Provo if in town
iv.r a few dayn, havins: come up for the
Charity ball.
I Mrs. Thotns AVelr 1h visiting friends
in Denver lor a. few week.".
Misj; Geneve Savage 1 the pucst of
Lieutenant and Mrs. Jordan at Fort
Mrs. 13. d'Aulrcmont in hero from T.rv
istou. Mont., visiting Mr. and Mr Tmih
, S. Gillhain. Mrs. d'Autrcmont in a sla
ter .of Mrs. Gillham. ,
Mr. and Mr.-. J. r. DaviH left yefitr
i day for the cast, 'after a stay'' of nearly
a week here.
Mr. and Mra. I.ouis Cohn and Miss
Colin landed in New York yesterday after
a stay of several motrtlts abroad. They
will be at liomc within a week.
Dr. E. IT. Conger. Dentist.
Soranofornio used for extraction;
prices reasonable, work guaranteed; 2 IS
Kcarns buildinjr, Wasatch 932.
I (Advertisement)
" Now Jo Hie rijrht time to plant
hyacintbE. tulips, narcissus aurl croon:.
Reduced prices. Yogcler's Seed Slure.
Salt Lake Statistics
Marriage Licenses.
John M. Finn. Anna Meier. Salt Lake.
Charles Good. ICnima Tyne. Salt Lake.
i Astley Carlson. SI I AYest Fourteenth
North street, boy.
Nelson Budd, S5S Genesee avenue,
I Ike llilson, 50S Covey apartments,
David JT. Jones, St- Marks hospital,
Albert Morlcnscn, 2i,ii South Nlnlli
East street, boy. . -
John Daniel Allen. SoS Lake street,
Daniel Hansen, 7CS West Seventh
South street, boy,
lid wan! Nolan, 611 East Ninth South
street, fdrl.
"William L. Concly, 5715 "Wail street,
George Swartz. 26 'csl North Tem
ple street, boy.
November 10. 1011'. "Wlilllam Nichols,
police station, about 55 years of asc,
unltnown. but natural.
Ecal Estate Transfcrr.,
Cnrolino L. Lewis to J. G. Gilmer,
parL of lot JO, block 31. Tcn
acre plat A ? 300
J. T. Gilmer to liosina Miller and
others, part of lot 10. block HI.
Ten-acre plat A 300
Fairmont Sprlnps Realty company
to Laura Smith. Iota 11 and 12,
block 3, Fairmont Springs addi
tion 530
Ashton Brothers company to
Alaska Ice & Storage company,
part of lot 1, block (10, plat C... 2.S50
John C. Sharp and. wife to Alaska
3oe & Storage company, part of
lot 1. block GO, plat C H.nOO
ID. U. Alris and others to Hubbard
Investment company, lots 111
and block 3S. Oakley Park
Weir company to S. T3. Wricht,
I part or lot -1. block .12, plat F... l.oOU
Weir company to M. A. W'rlcJU,
I part of lot i. block 32. plat F. l.oOO
B. A M". Froiseth and wife to
Highland Improvement com
pany, part of section 'J7. town
ship 1 north, range 1 west o,-00
E. V. llardv and wife to John JT.
Miller, part of lot 1U, block 30.
Ten-acre plat A 0
Js'imball & Richards company to
II. M. Hanson, lots 11 and 12.
hlock P.. Oakland Place 120
The announcement that Andrew .Ten
ton, assistant hliitoriiin of tho Mormon
church, is preparing n history of the pio
neers, lias led some of Ilia friends to be
lieve that Ilia work is a private under
taking on his part. JIc : mid yestordny
that he was collecting the data for the
church and tiiat pubscripiions to the his
tory are not being solicited.
Mr. Jcnaon is In doubt an to when the
historv will be printed. If published at
all. The manuscript will contain a Krniu
mat's of lnforma-tion as to events in the
early- dayn of Utah.
If one sels oiic'.H water from the Thir
tncntli liast street reservoir and oik
values one's Sunday morning bath, 11
would b well to IpV In a supply Saturday
nlgiit. The reservoir is to bo emptied
earlv Sunday morning and given a thor
oucfi cleansing by the waterworks de
partment. , ,
.Superintendent C. F. 11a mitt eald yeh
terfluy 'Uiat the water would be sihk jit
in the malm: supplied by the rei-enoir
at 7 o'clock Sunday morning and will be
turned on again an hour or two later.
I ''"'Tells the Whole Story."
To say that Foley's Honey 'ami Tar
Compound ia best for children and
crown persouH and contains no opiates
tells only part of. tho tale. Tho whole
aorv is that it is the boel medicine
for coughs, eolda, croup, bronchitis ami
other afi'cctiouB of. tbo throat, chest
Iaud luupp. Stops la ,rippd, coughs am!
has a Healinc nud oothinc eflcet. Ue
member tho name, Foley 9 Honej ad
Tar Compouud. and accept no Substi
tutes, bchramm-Johnson, DniRS,
I (A'tTrllremtot)
lDone hv tbo Centnry in distinctive, i
a loo-?? pWmee place. '(AdTortisemoul) j
Every Blanket in Stock Offered I I
at Reduced Prices. I
Isssa surprising sale. . Think of- buying ' 'I
5J Blankets now, right when they. are especi- .1
P aSly needed, for less than regular price. il
I ' Aoc SJley are mi a sPec'a? lot. either, but I
wmJaB y.- 0UR entire REGULAR stock oe I
I Wr . . 66x"S0, $3.7H a pair; sal.) price.. 3.00 40x68, 60c a pair; sale- price. . . -inc rpmisLr , 0rt In wlVp nn I !
if JrS?R im 66x80, S4.00 a, lairsaloprico. .53.20 50x72, S5c a pair; sale price. 6Se ar L-o eaoh,Eao price. .$.00 1H
E 'WM 'WW 60x80, $4.75 a pair; sale price. S3.S0 54x7-1 Al 00 a pair- -ale nrice ?0c !Rcular $L,r' cca' ?i1a Pnie' -51-40
S jS ffl H M M - 72xS0 $5.00 a pair; saloprico... -54.00 ' 'J. r' aa c P rc6 JTcgular $2.35 oachj sale price.. Sl.88
JLiiI I'CI 7QrfO;5.Mapajr1salopn..$U6 a P 88 P--Jj-OJ Regular $2,50 each salo price. .$2.00
74x84, $7.50 a pair; salo pnec. .$6.00 b7xb, $l.Jo a. pair; sale pneo. .$1.08 t,,, fi ' l- , I, 10 M
, 64x76 .$S.50 a pair; saJo price.. 56.S0 70xS0, .$1.50 a pair; sale price. .$1.20 r $2.6o each; sale pneo. .52.12 M
O W JSxSO, $0.00 a pair; sale price.. $7.20 68xS0, $1.60 a pair, ,alo price. .$1.80 B -JO each; sale price. .J2.J0 MH
K. dfgS S3 jtlk $9wo a pair; sale pneo Sf.bO 1f) . I n l. ' ' Regular $3.2o eacli: sale price. .$2.60 II .
iikfflBffl iu-se a pai-r; rtw !Hn ot nS R pa!r; s1 pnco- t -oo aci1 pc--fs-20 i h
I A Mm MmL $12.20 a pair; sale price $0.20 12-4, .$o.00 a pair; sale pnee. . .$2.40 T. , , , . II
Jr 78x90, 1S a pair; f!ale price. .$14.40 TTmT1 'mm' r ' Begiilar $4.o0 each; sale price.. $4.60 H
7Sx90l $23 a pair; sale price. $18.40 WHITE COTTON BLANKETS, Pedlar $5.00 ench; Pale price. .$4.00 II
i "Mvitt nrn' An nlL T n, " ' S0c a pair; sale price. ... 71c Regular $S.00 each; sale price. :$6.40 )
JNeW, CllSP, IieSn 1 aDle JbllieilS, GRAY WOOL BLANKETS. G4r76, $1.25 apairjsalo price.. $1.00 .
fllO "fl-nCif r'n fViri wrnn-r An11 66x80, $3.00; x pair; sale price.. $2.40 6-IxSO, $1.50 a pair; sale price. $1.20 DOWN COMFORTS. .
Ulie niiebl OII Uie llldlKeL. UUl 66xS0,$3.73apnjr:8alopnc..$3.00 72xS0, $2.50 a pair; sale prico. .$2.00 31eBular $6.50 each; Kilo price. .$5.20
entire regular stock 6; IS I Pi S i.s. - M
nuiic itJUldi bUULlV $7,0 a ir. ?aloprice.. gg.oo wool nap blankets. SSsUiS loToo SSib;' i? SSSS: :5t:2o
$S.00 a pair; salo pnco $a.-10 Gray, Tau and White. Hepilar $.11.00 each; wle price. $5.30
I f I j 7? MOTTLED GRAY BLANKETS. $2.50 a pair regular; Falo price $2.00 llar $13 each; sale price. .$10.40
. One-Jt ourth 8sim lSifiS!i;;ll 1 1
j (16x80, $7.50 a pair; salo price $6.00 20 PER CENT OFF ALL T?egular $18 each: pale price .SU.40 II
I ) 72x84,-$S.30 a pair; sale prico. .$6.S0 NOVELTY PLAID BLANKETS. Riular $22 each: salo price .$17.60 31
Table damask, table napkins, Millinery Half PriceaiZ.CM.L I
linen, sets, doilies, tray cloths, 011 Second Floor .:. :
lunch cloths,-scarfs from the SBWs .0ui" CD,1;l.l1'c ;lilLG ,of jd bats for ucUes. ',
factory of Wm. Licldell & Sons . -m JHKEI S ' at I
ii Co., of ' Belfast, Ireland, . re-. ---faBHHjT "Al c'oiomi shapes :Haif prit-o,:. H
nowned the world over for MWmWmmB An Bkck Yc,vot 'dBd :Bh,ck p,usil Hats
nrorhicino li11Pns of finest text- Immf onb-thlrd off. (
pioaucmgmei . T$ioo ot" Eeady'to'ar 'Hats' j V
- . . Si!gsSSr L ETeryfJbdug else in the department now I
-amht; J- Mdt ONE-tfOUETH OFF.
jf Han&hag Special Underwear Reductions M
RrinoH-hp plnldrpn Tn addition Iorroco and seal lcutllcr? On Second Floor M
U JJLiLlK lIIt; UIlllUlCll. -Lll dUUlUUll , Ladiea' pajamas, all -irershts and Children 'a extra heaw Munt-iue
to-a splendid variety of dolls, 7
tnere are tne dooks, megames, vlll(.s snecia saie r)1.iCe $i.io. va,ue? sai ,nc 'oo- Unities underwear for;iadiC3 aUd h
the animals, drums, instru- JXn .4r.y; 7ly ;f ,
El jr Th 1 XLisgcs' black Jlecccd cotton pants. I
merits of all kinds, tricycles, Lace Bands I
!! CinTTlTn aII 1 PQ doll PrriJHO'PQ Ivadios' Mnnsinsr vests and pant?, and vests, each piece from 15c to I ,
ClULUIllUUl LiWll CLL X LCLKsO, Venice Lace- Bauds, white extra fine while fleeced, 75c each 45c, according to size. H
wheelbarrows, sleds,- photo- anC( eenij regUar soc and goc p 0i5iidrenrs nnsinr m,i0a suits, dreucxtfinrS ill
1 5 nrr-rciC nin , , , .-.n fleece lined, tray onlv, a special" and pant.-? at ONE-FOURTH LESS
j 1 SCOPES, eiC. values, special sale price 29c. valuo for 00c. THAN REGULAK PKlCES. I .( H
La Camille . Overcoat Special 1
Front Lace $5.50 ' I
CorsetS . Extraordinary values 1 1
in men s velvet collar ISpMn
ProTide not only stj-le, gi-aec, aud . JaHSSSn" I H
the proper figure, but comfort. OVefXOatS, Up tO $1 0 fm I
They are i so made that vrMle every VallllP" whilt l"HeV IlMlfe I
necessaiT-luie ns accentuated or re- ValUCS Hie jtoJffi
pressed--?y be desert), Ml 3St VOUr CllOICe !'
space is allowed ior breatlung. Wm Wm I 11
The exclusive features of La(uQ) $5.50. SEC OUT w W H
Oainille Corsets make them especial- SRfinE!iy a ig TBS' ill rl
y valuable. WIHtfOW dlSplay. . .
gay-- .
Tr. h
Solidity A
Service JJ
Oldest JJank bptweon -li ; jj j Jj ,jj
noiiri River and I'acil.o jiuujliiiUi
Const will movo eoou into iinnnmTP
Tallest Buildinjr boU-cen fthMj
Missouri River and Pacific Mfln!
Cfiast. SBfcRw 1
133.137 WEST -17TH ST., NEW YORK CITY.
Junt Ofr Broadway.
Tli right, klnfl of n hotel In tho right locality. Jn tho Jiuart of th-
thralr district ami adjacent li tho shopping centers. PosltJicly flroproof.
Kxcrlient ciii"lnc nnd an exceptional orchestra. A large addition Just coni-
Inlefrd. containlnc llbrarj'. Bi'Hl nnd billiard hall.
h"edlvRoomS. $1.5 PER BAY
from Onind Central slutlon, curs marked "Broadway" without lrnni"fer;
renusylvaula station, 7th avenuo cars without tranafcr. bookht upon iciueat.
$40SaUa$40 J I
I lios Angeles or San Francisco H
I Tickets on Sale November 23-25. Return January 31.
I Make your reservations early.
Tick ( 'H

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