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. ' . I
Mof Heavy Artillery
on the Hills
Snd Constantino
B Advance Guards
fte Invading Hosts
Sh Village of Lazar
B'Towns of Tcha
Kand ArnauikeuL
wncc of Opinion as
Mie Ability of the
m to Hold Out;
mh Now Heading
Bard Janina and
Bjjenegrins Take
BSiovarmi di Medua
SwN", Nov. 10. The general
Buco of the Bulgarian army
Ktlic Turkish linos at. Tchatal
jRic main obstacle between it
WanltuQ)c, has commenced.
Kdio lo Sofia reports, al
Krcct with spine success.
Rsrians aim at attacking all
ftpf ivliich tlio line is com
Bsllancuusly, and with Ibat ob
Rnny is stretched" across the
7 available piece of aitillcry
gathered together, the
Kaarchlng straight toward Die
Sfelcli, until the Turks suffered
for awful defeats, were consid
initar experts impregnable.
oce suuhIh of this great army
have already readied the
jMLSarkoul. near Lake Derkcs.
gfoli right; the town of Toha-
tlio center of the line which
,H(Mtnc from the town, and Ar
ttrthcr lo the south and near
H of ilurniora.
'En Spit Fire.
H? places have been occupied,
Aniaullicul the Bulgarian artll
ftos IHyuk Chekmedye, where
jtffo Turkish forts, composing
left of the Turkluh line.
? Points, too, the guns began
a'1 from the hills around Con
fl5lUng can be heard. Sonic
nolterlnc parties have got
IUnk of th0 Turkish right und
in the country between
?Jh IIin-s and the capital. But
divisions have only just com
K1 attempt, to make a breach
ve them an opening- toward
By Hold Out.
h;ivo felled the Turkish
K ""naUerably an lo the ability
JN to hold the forts. Some
yllQ Turku, utrenglhcned by
W"1' wth an abundance of
a0'I T)nivsIoii3, will nuiko a
Vr,MTll"c otl,onj cannot bellove
v1 contalnliy; .remnants of
'l" beaten in previous on-
n liol.J out. in addition,
Invaded the camp to further
Mi1"1 dishearten them. And
Bulgarians will have the ad-
superior artillery.
B'nS!05' l,,c -Turks lvc UD
M,"81"' there will be a battle,
KOfft sanguinary than apy
BEj ' ,l' before peace-mak-
Hp their efforts lo end the
Many Lives.
ML!1'0 eo3L in life will be
jmi u'sarlaim Wouid ,t0 lo
"'0 rtMlUcd before an arm-
RW; W'ai,H0 v'lth U"1
Sm , c'r li,Bt dUc1' lt wouId
iHniifT !.oforc tl,uy C0111'1 m!i,:e
HjLiri r u,cIr nciKhboi-s.
noilo and WonesUr are
IK i S Bal"Et 11,0 a,IIcJ?- who
K 'wr nomhardmontB. The
IKfontl hl!ad,nT toward Janina
gnesrln. according to an
K J. have beaten the
Kirhle, "Tuj10 ff' 1 1G0V,U1,U
jKHuI6' at lhc 5:itcs or which
mM.T knolnff. Is a city
K .f, hungry refugee.-,.
lo!'ina;') ouJcd. In ad-
!feriC," nFded' l,y thJ
ftrnor'." 5-l,H
JraB(i,llec". n,Vlcd the
S Y"'i H- T,a,up,t,hh h-ovcrn-llum?,
i5Ul " whom
;MT---LJiL. concerned
pled on paga Tw0i)
I Servian Officers Displaying Spoils of Victory
oS-cioAS'L TAftfZ K&cSuraUK Tma31' stludai'd,! C!,I,turo'i at Vskn'- 10 Hls EiBl,t a su,r
"' 11 i n ..- -. - JS ,
a Ki: y
Governor Hawley of Idaho
Decides No! to Resign at
Last Moment. '
Special to The Tribune.
BOISK, Idaho, Xov. 3 G. United
States Senator Xirlland T. Perky, that
was the tjtlo ivon to one of. Idaho's
most distinguished jurists and Demo
crats tonipht by Governor Hawloy,
when he signed a commission that ten
dered to .Htdgc .Perliy a seat in the up
per houso of congress which for a term
and a half had bcou held by the late
Seualor Wcldon B. Heyburu. By tho
act Governor Jlawley completely aban
doned lhc plans that had been made
last nttfht to resign as governor to be
bucccedcd as chief executivo by Lieu
tenant Governor Lewis II. Swoetser,
whereupon the latter would appoint tho
governor senator.
' The appointment of a Boise man to
tho senatorship proved a reversal of
Governor JIawlcy's original intention to
sond tho toga to north. Idaho.
"United States senators were made and
uumado in Boise withiu tho past twenty-four
hours. The appoiutniont of
Judge Verity came as a dramatic cli
max to a political situation which for
a month has been boiling iu the capital
city and at last had reached fever heat.
Presmirc from loading Bopublicans from
all parts of the slate, from Democrats
and from Progressives had been brought
to bear on Governor Hawley lo resign
a3 governor and "become United Slates
senator. Lieutonant Governor Swcot
ser had come to Boise post haste to sign
his appoiutmcut, and yesterday Gover
nor IJawlcy had decided on this plan.
In a statement issued here tonight
Governor llawley reviewed tho situa
tion that confronted him with reference
to tho appointment. Jlo said tho idea
of -appointing himself became repulsive
and ho abandoned it. "I decided upon
Jud"e Porky, as I knew of no ono bet-'
tor titled to fill this difiicult position
than ho is," declared Governor Haw
lev in his statement. "A ripe lawyer,
thoroughly familiar with land mattors
and well 'acquainted with most of the
leading men of. the country, he was to
my mind tho ideal candidate.
""The locality from which a man
hails absolutely cuts no figure iu a mat
ter of this kind. Jt in a gucstiou of
fitness alone. I came to my conclusions
without tfny personal solicitation m
.ludtro Porky 'h behalf."
ROCK SWINGS. Nov. 10.-rlt becamo
known today that ?10.000 in currency,
whllo en route from hero to the coal
milieu at Superior. Hal disappeared from
the mail and go fur government agcnW
have been ablu to obtain no dew to IU;
, Hi.mii.nrs nee. Tho money should have
reached "supw-Ior hist. Thursday to meet
U R iHhH&wl the mom- wa taken from
tlu, mail cur and not at the postoftlcc
either hero or at fauj-crlor.
Heavy Purchases During Past
tWeek for Export Account,'
Contracts on 173-4c Basis.
Special :to The Tribune.
BOSTON, Mass., Nov. 10. Purchases
of copper during 'the past week, have
run between 10.000,000 and .15,000,000
pounds. This tonnage was contracted
for on a U-cent basis and was chief
ly for export account. Following a
fortnight's "nibbling" consumers actu
ally started buying on Thursday and
concluded their commitments on Fri
day. It was tho inovitablo result of
running plants from stocks in foreign
warohouscs that finally forced the
European manufacturers lo enter the
American market.
Some November copper is yet to lie
purchased but current 'demand has been
mostly for December and January. Un
derestimating their year-end require
ments at tho lime they were last in tho
market, domestic consumers have been
picking up some of tho cheap copper
offered during the past month, but it was
not sufficient ju voluino to moot "full
MASTER'S $1400
Mistakes It; i'av Trash in Waslc:
basket, "Where It was
Special to Tho Trlbuno.
OCfDUNT. Nov. 16. A. T.. Kohu of tho
ICohn Liquor company, 2343 Washington
avenue, ascertained this afternoon that
a waste basket waa a poor place to hide
a roll of money. There In whero ho de
posited $1 100. all paper money. Hits
hired man mistook it for traah and
burned it In a stove.
Several largo accounts had been set
tled 'by customers. Tho ?M00 consisted
mostly of 5U0 bills. Time came for Mr.
Kohn to go out and set his Saturday
shave. Tie put tho currency In the
basket because he thought that would
be tho lar.t place a thief would look for
anything valuable. Flc forgot that the
hired man, whose name ho refused to
dlvulgo, would do his Saturday clean
ing UP-
"While the tonsorial operation oifMr.
Kohn waa In progress the industrious
hired mnn did his chores. Ho swept up
tho lloor, emptied the waste basket and
dumped everything inflammable Into tho
stove. ."When Mr. Kohn returned tho
JHOO wna In ashes. As ho kept no rec
ord of the numbers of the bills. Ills loss
is complete.
ItJclv Placer Strike.
NOAIin, Alaska. Nov. IG.Auothcr
rich strike of placer gold has been
made in tho Bay State group, oppo
site claims four and five, below Anvil
creek, adjoining tho ground on which
"pay" was struck a few days ago.
The4tpav" runs through eighly acres,
ft in believed the long-sought con.
timufliun of the third beach lino has
bucji found.
Newman Erb Believes a Way
JVill Be Found lo Tunnel .
Through Mountain.
Special, jo The Tribune.
- DENY 1311, Nov. lo", Newman Erb,
representing tho S3'iidicatc of eastern
and foreign capitalists which has
gained control of the "Moffat road, to
day said that (ho James Peak tunnel,
upon which tho completion of tho road
to Salt Lake depends, would be built
whether tho people of Denver or Colo
rado, build it or uot.
"But," he added, "it may fake ten
yearn or twenty years without pulblic
"f do uot care to talk of tho mat
ter until after I have had a confer
ence with the chamber of commerce
committee. 1 hope some wa' will be
found for the immediate construction
of the tunnel.
"I hope after I have .talked 'iU1
your people- to bo able to submit some
plan which will be satisfactory to the
city which will result in public aid to
tlio enterprise.
"Wo already havo a force at work
beyond Steamboat Springs and will
push the construction work as swiftly
as possible.
" F Jo not autieipalo any changes
in the managemout or conduct ot! the
road, lt is still in tho hand3 of re
ceivers and will remain so until aiftcr
tho foreclosure sale. Jn the meantime,
however, Iho work of rushing construc
tion will be carried out, On my return
to New York I hope to bo alblo to pre
jsent a proposition which will clear up
all tho present difficulties and result
in the speedy completion of tho line."
M. A. 'Koot of Denver Seriously
"Wounded by Burglar 'Whom
Ha Ticcognizcd.
DEiN'VElI. Colo., Nov. Ib r. A.
Hoot, member of a Denver tobacco
firm, was shot and seriously wounded
early today at his home here by a man
whom ho tays ho rccogni'.cd us a boy
hood enemy at lvipon, Wis. Itoot was
taken to tho county hospital, whore this
afternoon it was said there waa a
chanco for his recovery.
Koot said the trouble slartod in JS70
shortly ifflcr he left school in Wiscon
sin, wheu his homo was robbed. He
said ho recognized the burglar as James
Divinnoy. He had Divinncy arrested
and ho was senloiiecd to prison. At that
time Hoot declares Divinnoy swore vou
goiftice. Several limes in the last fif
teen years sinco ho has resided in Den
ver Itoot has been attacked, shot at and
oneo locked in his sal'o and nearly siilTo
cated. On oueh occasion Hoot declares
ho recognised his nstaUaul as Divin
ncy, ,
Consolidation of Inlerurban
Lines VVith Salt Lake as
Center Will Soon Be
Plan Decided Upon Means
Extension of Service and
Betterment in General
' for Patrons.
head of a' gigantic corporation
soon to be formed to tako over
all existing interurban roads
in Utah.' Tho Eccles interurban
line, e.Mending north from Og
don. and Iho Logan street railway,
including the line extending north and
south gfrom Logan are to be taken into
the new corporatioJi. A new lino south,
from HnL Lake to Ncphi, either via tbe
route contemplated by the Orem project
or independent of it, is assured. An ex
tension of the Logan street railway sys
tem north to the Jdaho lino and possibly
beyond is considered certain. Engineers
are now going over proposed interurban
lines in northern Utah and south from
Salt Lake county through Utali county
and into Juab county. Thcso are somo
of the developments of yesterday in the
situation rclativo to a complete interur
ban system for Utah. .
Still in Harness.
That former Senator Bamberger will
head the big new interurban corpora
tion was definitely decided last night at
a conference between Senator Bamber
ger a4jd M. B. Ucrcley, tho Chicago
traction oxpert who is representing
eastern capitalists in the big interurban
deal for Utah. Mr. Bamberger preferred
to retire from active husincss with the
transfer of his interurban lino "between
Salt Lake and Ogdcn to the new inter
ests represented by Mr. Iforcley, but
Mr. llereley insisted that he remain as
the active head of the new corporation
for at least one year. The Salt Lako &
Ogden railway is an important link of
the proposed chain of interurban rail
roads, and his position as the builder
and principal owner of this lino makes
him the logical head of the new corpor
ation. Air. Banfocrgcr-'s standing in
the community, and Iho confidouco
which the pcoplo of the stato have in
him makes his position at the head of
the now corporation a valuable asset
to the proposed corporation. It also
gives the assurance that tho big intor
urbau system is not merely an exploi
tation but a substantial reality.
Definite Decision.
Tho tiiklng over of the Keclcs sjstcm
of inlerurban lines, including the elec
tric lino from Ogden to Brigham City
and the Logan street rullway with Its
extensions north and south from Logan,
was discussed at length at a conferonco
yesterday afternoon between Mr. Ucrc
ley and David Eccle3. Mr- Jlorelcy will
meet Mr. Eccles in Ogden again Mon
day and the two will probably go over
the Keeles lines. Relative to his con
ference with Mr. IScclcj?, Mr. llereley
said last night at the Hotel Utah:
"I had a conference with Mr. JSccles
this al'ttrnoon and expect to see him
again Monday. We discussed tho Inter
urban line controlled by Mr. Eccles In
some detail."
Mr. llereley declined lo say whether
or not negotiations for tho purchaso of
the Eccles lines had been concluded.
However. It may be authoritatively
slated that negotiations have thus far
progressed so favorably that there is
little doubt but that the deal will be
concluded, ir indeed U has not already
been consummated.
Spells Improvement.
As soon as the negotiations for the
purchase of the ISceles Unco arc con
cluded efforts will be made to com
plete an early extension of the two
roads In Ogdcn to perfect tho amalga
mation of the Salt Lake & Ogden and
the Ogden & TJrlgham City lines. "Work
on the extension south from Logan will
be pushed to connect with the line
from Ogdcn to Hrlgharn City. In n
comparatively, sliort lime the electric
line between Salt Lako and Logan, oass
Ing through Salt. Luke, Davis. Weber.
Uox Elder and Cache counties will bo
continuous and under one management.
Knglnccrs are now surveying a pro
spective route north from Logan to the
Colorado line and over tho divldo Into
Idaho. f the engineers report that
tho proposed route over the divide Is
fonslblc 11 Is more than llkoly that
Houthern Idaho will bo made tributary
lo the new Intorurban system. There
urn manv thriving iiouthcrn Idaho townu
in Iho fertile valka and thu poslbll-
.(Continucd oa Pago Two.)
, iJl
' j
Branch Will Start From Twin
Falls, Idaho, and Traverse
Contact Mining District.
Special to Tho Tribune.
TM FALLS, Ida., Nov. 16. Tho
Oregon Short lino is to build a road
at onco from Twin Fulls to connect
with the Southern Pacific near Wolls,
Nov. This positive statement was
mado hero last ovoning hy "W. IT. Ban
croft, vice-president and general man
ager of the Oregon Short lino. Mr.
Bancroft, accompanied by F. II. Kniok
.erbockor. assistant genoral manager,
and Charles E. Brooks, of the Pocatcllo
division, arrived horo yesterday by spe
cial train on their way to Bogersou to
consult with, the corps of engineers who,
for tho last forty daj's, havo been
working in tho field between this city
and Wells. It has been known for
somo time that a corps of engineers
wore world ng along this route, but for
whom they were working was not
known until yesterday.
Mr. Bancroft statod that llio line
would go through Contact, tho copper
mining camp, sixty-five miles south of
this city, which is exceedingly rich but
has no railroad. The work of actual
building of the lino will begin as soon
as tho company has decided on the
terminus, which will probably ho at
Metropolis, about eighteen miles from
Wells, tho objective point of tho pro
posed line of tho Western Pacific. The
Short Lino is at present replacing its
sixty-pound rails along this branch to
Minidoka with niuet3r-nound rails and
in also strengthening its high bridge
across Bock creek on the western edge
of this city.
By International News Service.
BRIDGEPORT, Conn., Nov. 16.
Tho Merchants Limitod, tho finost
train on tho New York, New llavcn
& liariiford road, jumped tho track
just east of Greens Farm station, to
night, ditching thrco cars and injur
ing nineteen jiorsons.
Tho train was runuinj: late and had
attained high spocd. It parted while
taking n crossover, tho locomotive, one
parlor car and tho diner going ahead
and leaving two parlor cars and the
smoker 1000 feet behind. Tho derailed
cars plowed along beside tho track
and were about to overturn when they
fetched up against ono oi the stanch
ions being erected for the electrical
equipment of the line and stopped. All
tho passengers were badly shaken up.
Nono of the cars overturned.
By International Nows Service.
Al Truskett was tonight found not
guiltv of tho murder of J'. D. S. Neoly,
the' Lima, Ohio, millionaire, at Cauoy,
Kan., on tlio ground of insanity. Tho
jury was out nine hours. This was
Truskott's fourth trial. The defense
introduced ovidenco to show that Ncely
had defrauded Trucked out of valuablo
oil leases which affected the old man's
Crops Under Snow.
MINOT, N. D., Nov. 10. Consider
able flax and other grains in north
western Canada are under snow which
hns fallen iu tho last two days, and this
irrnin will bo hist, it was said here to
dav. Tho condition will be particularly
sevnre on a largo number of the now
settlors in the Canadian count r. Mauy
of them are reported in destituto cir-cutnstauccst
11 ft 1
First Unit Will Be From H
Helper to Salt Lake
City at Cost of $3,000,- H
0 0 0; Utah Utilities fH
Company Will Do the
Work and Spend Vast
Sum on Power Devei
opment. 1
Bingham and Garfield
and All Plants of Cop'
per Company Will Be
Electrified; Big Steam
Generating Plant to Berf
Constructed in Utah. "
.Special to Tho Trlbuno.
DENVER, Nov. 10". E. L. Brown,
vice president of the Denver & H
Hio Grande railroad, announced. i
upon his return from New York today
that the first steps in electrifying tho j
entire Donvor & Rio Grande system
arc to Io taken at once. That means
that ' millions of dollars in improve- 'H
mcnts are io "bo expended end that the ,
Denver & Rio Grande is to becomo tho j
first road through the Rocky mouu- j jH
tains to be operated by electricity. j
"The first unit to be electrified will
be from Helper, Utah, to Salt Lako I
City, a distance of I2L miles," said
Mr. Brown. "This work will cost j
Utah Work Begins Now. '
"The second unit to bo constructed rf
will be over Tennessee Pass and wilt H
involve the electrification of the liuu )
from Salida to Minturn. Tho Utah '
work will be commenced at once and
wo expect to have it completed Iby
July 1, I9Kt." fH
These improvements are in addition H
to tho construction of a ucw double- jJ
track lino over Soldier Summit and (
tho standardizing of tho Salida- J
Montrose lino, for which ait expeudi-
tare of $5,500,000 was authorized by '
the directors last week.
General Electric's Work.
"The electrification work is to be dona H
by the General Electric company," con- 'H
tinned Mr. Urown. "That company's H
representative is now on the lino and a H
full corps of engineers will be with hJrn H
in a short time. Wo expect4 to have the H
Utah unit finished by tho time tho detour
over Soldier .Summit, which will be a H
part of the line. Is completed." H
The Utah Utilities company, which wa? ! H
organised a few weeks ago to merge and j H
operalo a number of power planti in H
Colorado and Utah, and Is owned by th ill
Utah Securities company, capitalized, for ll
?r.:',000.000, is to furnlBh tho power for fl
tho Utah tl
Power Development. il
The big power concern. are preparing ll
to spend between $5,000,000 and 10,000.-
000 dining 1913, and a part of this de- fl
velopmunL waa on account of tho Denver
& Rio Grande electrification. H
"When asked if thl.i work waa part ot -H
a plan to electrify tho entire Denver & H
Rio Grande system, ho replied: H
"That Is what it in coming' to." H
The improvements to be undertaken liv
the Denver & IUo Grande, the Central H
Colorado Power company und tho Utah rH
Utilities company will aggregate between
$20,000,000 and ?li5,000,000, most of .which r H
will be expended during If 13 and KM. ' H
These include $3,000,000 for doublo track H
i detour over Soldier .Summit, $;;,000,000 . Il
for electrifying the Utah unit, R&OO.OOO i kH
for stiindaidlzlng the Kullda-Moniiouc ' jH
line. $".00(,000 for electrifying Tennessee , 1H
pass, and $S,OOC,000 by tho Utah Power H
company, which will electrify thn Blng- H
ham & Gurllcld railroad and all thd'pluntti iH
of tho Utah Cupper company. H
Generating Plant. '
Thcru 'will he a big- steam generating
plant constructed in Utah, to be used Tor H
emergencies on tho Denver & Itlo Grande. M
Tho question of electrifying Soldier Sum-
mit was taken up by tho Denver &. Wo 'il
Grande last summer. Tho Tellurldo 1
Power company, a Colorado corporation, dl
was expected to furuluh the power. i'I
A few weeks ago Us stockholders os-- j jH
derud tho company dissolved and Joined ' H
:i a '2,01)0,000 merger of plants in Colo- I1' 1
rado, I'tah and Idaho. Thbj now eom-
pauy cMJwto to pcixl millions for do- M
(Oontiuuod on Pago Ton-. . V 'M

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