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SIden department
nrrioE-256rj Washington avenue, phone gbl
Office Hours 6 a. to 10:30 a. m.; 3 p. m. to 8 p. m.
Mttendance Assured at
jjBory Ceremonies for
Club House.
jWFrain Will Bring- Hun
5m 0f Visitors From
1 Salt Lake.
iafcBaTlic Tribune-
K" jf0V. n Having completed
jK 'programme for tho impor
Kitcffy exercises, which -will be
Ew'duratlon. the members of
Xo. 719, H. P. O. Elks, will
the celebration to he held on
and Thursday of. this week.
f,K scncral programme:
iKsdav evening, 7 o'clock Ar
' Mf the visiting members over
Scon Short Lino. Parade of
jmr through business district.
-JKtdlcalory ceremonies in lodge
new club house. Social
.EUui only.
-HiY afternoon KcccptSon to
'JB,jfar club will be thrown
,,,mE!kJ and their ladies.
frlfHeUr evening Grand hall in
.-Ci Olhcr forms of entcr
lllKt' Trill e provided.
V Will Attend.
Tw&t responses received to invl
"Mfeit out by the local lodge, it
nKwln that more than four hun
JIHBm Elks attend the dedl-
Tp T"clncsday evening. Tho Salt
dRje alone is expected to send
Jiprtd of Its members, accom
. .Mf-HcJd's bawl Park City Klks
tB'Wd? a bund, while the son
1 poWagf will he increased by
(pron Provo, Eureka, Pocatcllo
"SKittly uron the arrival of the
nbKzln from Salt Lake the line
at the union passenger sta
DlBkT7. D. Zcllcr as marshal, aided
K&nflcld end 01 to Mcekcs. The
iBsjre cast to Washington avc
jjfm north to 1 wonty-third street
,,rMklo Twenty-fifth street, from
Bmt the marchers will proceed
yjifljatory ceremonies, which will
liTJsed by only members of tho
jffl bo in charge of grand lodge
Kind past cvaltcd rulers of varl
C. L. Applcgatc. member
-jUry of the board of trustees
K'r wll direct the exercises,
lpr 2 score of other lodge of
jMie Rov. W. W Fleetwood, a
tpgdnn lodge, will be the ora
enJcdlc.Hory celebration. Fol
HrtiierciHes there will be a bo
Htfth a concert by :tn or
MimaJc quart el I c.
Sllon for the wives and other
K" o the families of Elks
from. 1! to 4 o'clock on
Utcrnoon. a committee will
wpjllow: the vlsltor.s over I he
raw Picric Acid.
"Ots Citric Acid.
mako one litre.
m limntltlcs of ihitj rodent
mtn from a case of Bright'a
Ffrat tube. In twelve hours
rtcrccntase 0r albumen.
fJnt on nn agent to coimter
Mcraeratlon. Test again In
75 and you will know to a
tWIicr tho albumen Is dc
W not. (Aii the albumen de
.""croKeope commonly show-;
to to he disappearing.) Thus
pan or chemist need he In
nr9'thinr that decreases
rtini?131 v"(1 Permits rccov
csronic Rrlahf.s Disease and
Ik? u'c nov' carrying off
Krt ypar- .lL iri 01,c of the
fcln. nl.r,C0"trlbt,-iriK to mod
v ii,.rnt yu niil" 'f'ow to
v uyit these results are being
S?omeCiu,RO,Islrale u,u fact
Wt'!nt" J" ' inil'1 Infusion
fcS MWrtM?nrt Btlmulants and
w 1 lvt' "cr eo.nt of ',k'-
e nf ii formentatlim). The
itie. rl : fVr,n",sl sntrrouriflK
il ni" mot v helnc- to r--f5&iU,.on
locs not con
fr IW inscriptions am!
c0ni?r,rn;,,'IH;1' U often
1 an,? .nc W,,L,,' thure is. a
Wver ,r1?,c,UPcruUvo nowcr. All
" c 1 Lra,t0 ,,0,ln ln
Willi V.m ''i,8.es l,avo yiidi.
C'rfMlSn'-50!' Prl, company will
jlMj- San Lrancijiuo. (Adver-
. , i
nisli JS?" ?fnIf n orchestra will fur
craml hiii i ,lf f!lctcd that the
tho brnfiiu '."5 ';Vonl" will be one of
hiis t.. ?L . rhc u,dfro Ioom. which
cell. " Affrp"1 COVc,,K Jrln IoOko
Ins " tl!c n,"-SL
f, L; lro o dance there will bo othc
to be thVowMCnn,,,III,c,U,- t,,u "ro c nb"
sucla I C" 10 Lhl '':il5S illld lhdr
Penult FK, ? lbc npw c,ub cs not
but 1 L i ul)llc ''ceci)tlon 11 1 this time.
Kjii&a!idiy amhiri,wii ois
rfu'TntW" Tf,r,n t0, vlewiVs'bcSu
,Vi' tj, . r,l committees in charsrc
oi ih s week's celebration are- LIUUSC
uo"c!Vh7tai,:. T0!; cWini?w3Sa,n
Long-time Resident of Ogdcn Is Victim
of Heart Disease.
: Special to The Tribune,
a-?.? P" Xov' 37 Ccorao H. Hoberisor.
tills -1 rtpf.nr.nn" "U Sel' llt 2 O'dorlc!
h coi m i I'ad been a milTercr from!
tho heart! "siaes which affected!
)and Mat v" .i'-1.. Suss flints-. KnJ
about twpntV'fii80- c01"i,)- to America)
suun In Ogdcn, where ho fettled shortly
fJ?J' survived by the widow, two soni,
botbrihi ai7'1 "y,l!"" A. Kcbcrtsoi !
pi Hr vcl' niSldlncr at Salt Kike '
announced.''31 arranrcmcnts,havo not been!
Ex-pects large Attendance.
Special to The Tribune.
nSSfiSF'J0 17rDurInsr the monthly
fcacher in ,h ,C ,V cbcr - 00Unty sc,l0(il
t ielr inm"(,n'( Pettersoii again called
of tho t J?" S the a'al convention
whi . , .m1'?11 , Kducatloiinl association,
hi 'or VU l hcfi in Salt Lake Xovem-scl.o7,,"'.J,"?1a-nVom,cV(3
n'ilt l'1c countv
for ft. M!d, Ve, c,oaeU 0,1 c week
norm) t ,i,T,ank?Ivi,,Rr holldiiys and to
n i t Aie ,eacllcrs to all end the mect
'V'1 Jhoo i attendance to be flowed
ln,i,.of tllcIr ?H,,lr-v for the holiday week.
. , ,Vf a,!?.i Rbou.t venty-rive teachers
i, "ne,rW8rs in the district schools of
.in o?"", y a,,d Superintendent Peterson
fb .?!tthiatimorc nln" sixly will attend
tnc fcait Lake meeting-.
Goshen Will Be Orator.
Special to The Tribune.
OG DEX Nov. 17. The Rev. Elmer 7.
Goshen of bait Lake, will dcllv.u- no'
tii'Incipal address at the annual memorial'
exemses 'of Ogden lodtro n0. 71 H. 3. p..
O. Ij-lks. on Sunday. December 1: TIiIpI
is tho diiy designated, by tho ritual of.
t ic order for the annual observance oC
the memorial. S. A. ftlaginnls will alhi
speak and tho musical number will be
furnlshwl by Fred Smith, of SaJt Lake,
and (Jus Saunders, of this city
Three members of the. local" loopc havo
died during Lhe iast year. They are Jo
seph Bailey. W. J. Kwccnoy and .Ionics
Casey, the latter of Ellro, New
Will Choose New Members.
Special to The Tribune.
iiGUEN. NoV. 1 The. annual meeting
of Iho board of trustees of the Dec Mem
orial hospital will be held rarK- In De
cember for tho purpose of selecting four
now members for three-year terms. The
board is composed of twelve members,
four being chosen each yca.r to servo for
three years. The Weber Countv Medical
society maintains an advisory board
which works in conjunction with the
hospital board. The members of this
committee at present arc Drs. Er.ra Rich.
R. P. Mills, A. A. Kobluson and .7. U.
Gives to Library.
Special to The Tribune
OGDEX. Nov. 11. A valuable addition
to tho now library recently established
at the Otrdcn high sehool has been rc
ceivod in the form of a library edition
of Thomas Jefferson's works. MIhs
Beatrice Pincrcc is the donor. The edi
tion, which includes twenty volumes. Is
highly appreciated by the students and
members of the faculty. Recent .-rifts
to the new library arc rapidly bringing
it up to a. high standard of efficiency.
Wardlaw Recovering'.
Special to Tho Tribune.
OGDEN, Nov 17. Detective George K.
Wardlaw. who was stricken by an at
tack of appendicitis Trlday evening, is
rccovoilnsr nnd oxpecls to rcaumo his of
ficial duties early this week- An opera
tion was not necessary.
Ready for Real Work.
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN, Nov. 17. The first construc
tion work ou the Eccles office btillulng
will be started tomorrow, Thon tho plac
ing of the concrete basement walls and
piers will he undertaken. The plern for
the support of the steel nuperstructurc
will be 1- foot sjuarc. Tho favorable
weather of tho past two weeks has
brought about rupld progress in building
Stork Brings Two,
OGDEN. Nov. 37 Twin daughters
were born to Mrs. Paul 1. Bccmcr at
her home. L'121 Monroe avenue, curly
thlK morning Mr. IJcemor is city ticket
agent for the Iliirriman lines.
Rayner Critically 111.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 17. United
States Senator Isador Raynor of Mary
laud is critically ill with neuritis at his
home here.
Good Tea
Js healthful and .siiiniiliiUrjg.
Are Always Good
Ask your grocer.
FJ.1EE coupons for iROGERS'
fine silverware in 13VBIIY PACKAGE.
Police Do Not Learn of the
Wounding" of Young" Man
; for Several Hours,
Special to The Tribune.
OGDEN, Nov. 1,7. What, is believed by
i the police to have been nn accidental
shooting al the Idanha hotel, 2174 West
ern avenue, this afternoon, resulted in
the dangerous Injury of Luther L. Cut
til, aged 2Z. The revolver a 15 caliber,
was In Lhe hands of WHlard Williams,
age 2'J, The bullet entered Cutllt's left
breast, passed entirely through his body,
penetrating the left lunjr. After the
wound was dressed by Dr. Loiin Rich
the injured man was removed to tho
home of his mother. Mrs. Florence Wil
liams, ti!i Twenty-second street.
The shooting occurred in room 30,
which, according to the hotel register. Is
occupied hy J. M. liarbcrtson. who is
known to 'be a friend of both Cutllt and
Williams. Aire. II. Layman, proprietress
of the hotel, heard the shot and was
aware of the accident immediately after
It occurred, but fulled to report tho mat
ter to the police, who did not learn of
the affair until tonight. Information
furnished by Dr. Rich and Mrs. Layman
led tho police to believe that the shoot
ing was accidental. Both men arc said
to have been drinking. Williams could
noL he located tonight. II0 I3 employed
as night clerk of the Munscy cigar
Aches and Pains.
You know by oxpcricncc that lhe
aches and pains of rheumatism arc not
permanently, but only temporarily, re
lieved by external remedies.
Then why not use an internal rem
edy Tfood s Sarsaparilla. which cor
rects tbo aridity of-tlic blood on which
rheumatism depends and cures tho dis
ease? This medicine has done moro for the
rheumatic than any other medicine in
the world. ' (Advertisement.)
Special to Tho Tribune.
MILWAUKEE. Wis.. Nov. 17. A meet?
ins: of the traveling eldcrc of the Wiscon
sin section of the Latter-day Saints, held
at the local church, was provided over
by President German E. Ellsworth of
Chicago, of the northern states Mormon
mission. The following elders, among
others, attended: Herald L. Clark of
l"armirifi;lon: Utah, president of the Wls
coiiHin conference- Morrcll r.arcn. I.o
Kan: T. W. Rich. Murray: Raymond
I lardlnjr. . Provo John Sohoiik. College;
Jarc'l Brown. Woods Crons; .lames A.
Green. Tremonton; L. J'.umii, Goorere V.
Wendell, Salt Lake. Edward Laws. Johns
ton; Lorln C Caldwell, Vernal: William
E. Rhciul, Ogdcn: Kenneth J. Tanner,
Pay son.
Two visit Inir missionaries were Misses
Sarah E. Mccks. Thurbcr and Stena
b'corup. Sullna. Utah, of the Chicago con
ference. The ciders reported cueouraKlntf
progress in the Mormon church through
out the entire northwest, the membership
doubling In thro years.
According to Elder Clark, there arc
eighteen traveling elders u Wisconsin, lijo
ciders and about twenty women missi"n
aiirs ln the northern states Mormon mis
sion. There are 1000 members in Wisconsin.
Pasadena, Cnl. 0. L. Parsons of the
Chas. U. Ward Dru Co. writes: "Wo
havo sold and recommended Folo3''s
Honey and Tar Compound for years
and heliovo it to be ouo ot the moat
efficient medicines iu the market.
Coutainin 110 opiates or narcotics, it
can bo given freely to childroa."
Schramui'Johnsoii, Drupn.
( Advcrtluomccl
T)r, Elizabeth Wisrnor, chiropodist,
treats all ailments of the feet. 7'J5
Me In tyro building, 08 Main.
ern Eve," for three days, beginning
tomorrow night.
vaudeville. Two performances every
Countlsc closes her engagement
with the Colonial Slock company
In "Hreystcr's Millions" all tho
week. Alatlncc Thursday.
Two performances In the evening,
with-matinee every afternoon. Bill
changes at Wednesday matinee.
ANOTHER bill of the first order is pre-LX-
scntcd at the Orpheum this week.
Perhaps the most impressive act in many
respects is that of Owen McGIveney, a
protean actor of high talent. His sketch
is entitled "Bill Sykes." In It he plays
many parts and makes some lightning
changes that lake one's breath away.
Scarcely bad he disappeared through one
exit as Bill Sykes or Oliver Twist's vil
lainous half-brother. Monks, than he is
seen entering through an opposite door
In a totally different makeup as J'agin.
as Nancy, who saves Oliver Twist from
tho villainy of her associates, and pays
the penalty with her life, or as tho Artful
t Dodger, of Fagln's gang of thieves. Never
j have the Dickens characters been pre
I scntcd In a more striking fashion or with
more convincing art.
The audience is given the opportunity
to sco tho difference between an Ameri
can wizard and a Japanese magician.
Owen Clark docs some mysterious stunts
of a kind often seen on the American
stage, but all of them have the stamp
of his originality. Indeed, he may be
truly said to have Invented every trick j
he performs. The Japanese act is more
elaborate. The 'Great Asahl," assisted
by the Asahl quintette, performs amaislngi
feats of Japanese magic and mystery.
With I1I3 two thumbs tied securely to
gether by several persons in the audience
he proceeds to pass a pole or a man's
arm through the knot, apparently sepa
rating the thumbs, but when the arm or
the pole have passed through the knot
tho thumbs arc as securely fettered as
One of the- ciuccrcst and funniest stunts
is the way in which jets of water are
mado to spurt from a glass jar. a. Kcen
edgeri sword, a man's hair or a fan. With
a good-natured smile Asahl picks up a
Jet of water that is spurting from a. fan
and apparently tosses it to the edge of a
sword, from which IL continues to spurt.
The tumbling of two of Asahl's asso
ciates Is also a novel act and quite equal
to anything of lis kind on the vaudeville
stage today.
Paul McCarty and Mary Qvlvc are most
accomplished musicians and were received
with much applause. Miss Qvlvc has an
excellent voice, which she used to great
Beatrix Miehelcna. the prima donna,
appeared in dashing costumes and sang
operatic and popular selections. She was
recalled again and again by the enthu
siastic audience.
A very attractive playlet is "An Indian
Romance." It tells the story of I ho love
of Po-ca-hon-las not the original Indian
lady of that namo. but a model of 1S7S
for Lieutenant George Smith of the
United States cavalry. The scene is "Lit
tle Knee Bend." In the Rocky mountains.
Tt Is early dawn as the curtain rises on
the war council and funeral chant of the
Cheyenne tribe after a disastrous skir
mish with the United States cavalry. The
music as played by the orchestra Is a
translation from the Sioux death chant
and love song of the Sioux nation.
LIcutonant Smith, Impelled by his love
for Po-ca-hon-las, daughter of Wa-pe-toh.
war chief of the Chcycnncs, enters
tho Indian camp to make love to the
maiden nnd carry her away for a wife
lie Is captured, sentenced to die and tied
to a stake The maiden places herself be
tween him and the savages who would
torture him and is willing to ilio to pre
vent his being even Injured. Her fierce
father finally relents and permits her to
depart with the lieutenant and tho old
warrior himself is by this means won over
lo make lasting peace with the hitherto
hated paleface.
There are several other acts on tho
bill that shared In the general approval
of the large audiences yesterday.
"Brewster's Millions,' presented by tho
Colonial Stock company, last night as
tho opening of the week s bill, was one
of the greatest successes scored by th
company during its entire engagement
72ach member of the company had a part
which gavo opportunity for good acting
and the opportunity was not neglected
The staging of the play was unusually
clever, tho boat scono In the third act
being worked in an effective setting.
Wilfred Rogers in the role of Mont
gomery Brewster, otherwise "Monty."
who indulges in the frenzied finance of
spending a million dollars In a year, does
some exceptionally good work. Mr. Rog
ers Is particularly well fitted to the role
which ho presented In a striking way,
receiving many curtain calls. It was the
best effort of Mr. Itogerss engagement
here. Miss Counties has a smaller part
than usual, but brings to thr character
of "Peggy" or Margaret Gray, her charm
ing perjionalily, making of tho adorable
young girl, nn especially winning sweet
heart to "Monty." Indeed Hie roles of
".Monty" and "Peggy" us the final ones
lo be played by Miss Counties and Mr
Rogers In Salt Lake, will leave a pleas
ant memory for them In the minds ot
patrons of the Colonial.
J. Frank Bnrko is excellent In the
character of Erank Drugdon: Arthur
Morse Moon wins fresh Iannis as Artiil
pool Yandorpool; E. Forrest Taylor is
given a flattering reception as Noppcr
Harrison: Richard Vivian makes a fas
cinating Scotchman iu the role of .Toxph
McLcod. otherwise "Sunshine'' and Har
mon Weight Is acceptable as Subway
Smith. The women's parts arc all well
sustained. Miss Lucllo Culver Is grr-ul
as Janice Armstrong, the strong minded
girl long of "pliitonlsm:" Mies Fanchon
Evcrhart is charming as Mrs. Dan Do
Mlllo and .Miss Rosa Roma Is much ap
preciated as Trlxlc Clayton.
The Interest throughout thu play Is
kept at tho point of tenseness, relieved
by the refreshingly ludicrous situations
of Iho performance. Tno audience followy
Brewster's wild efforts to spend his fur
tune with breathless expectancy and
tho performance-, goes with a dash and
.smoothness unusual to a first night pre
sentation. When the remaining half mil
lion dollars goe-i Iu salvage for a yacht
on which Brewster Is taking his friends
for a. cruise, thu audience breaths a sigh
of relief that the strenuoua buMlncHs of
money spending la over und the climax
of the. performance Is reached In a storm
of applause. Tno i)lay will run nil week,
with inatliicea Thursday and Saturday.
Tlio followlnn Ihtttr nollci r roxrkfl
"flurtldntiieat" In ordr lo compt with
itrlct iDlerprotMloD of lb Di1 Mm) omii
piptr liv. la no ooc trs thrr oild it-
rtliementji. Tbej r Items furalthed b;
the preit attola of th TafJoMi ttmtcre.
There remains but today and Tuesday
in which lovers of variety will be able
to witness the big programme at the
Empress this weuk. l.ai.t night the
hoiiMo was sold out at both performances
corly in tho evening and many were
turned away. One of the best drawing
cards of which tf.e Empress can boast
1h Mmc Bussn and her canine pels.
The dogs arc oblo to understand every
move and request made by their mis-
tress ; some waltr. Willi' others balance
themselves on the tlght-v.ire, while
others again ar busy working out In
the miniature dog gymnasium which
Mmc. Itusse has erected on the stage. All
other nets on the bill arc. good.
Children Cry
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ATvs. Marie B. .Russule, oEt'icial international lecturer,
Theosophicnl society, will talk from the occultist standpoint on
tho subject, 4 Life After Death," at Unity hall, Tuesday,
.November 19. S:15 p. in. Admission 2uc.
IMrs. Russak is known all over the civilized world as a
lecturer on occult subjects.
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Denver, Chicago and 15ast 'J-Mfi p. m.
Ogden. San Francisco und West 1:35 p. in.
Park City and Intermediate
Pulntii i":00 p. n.
Bingham and Mldvalc 'r.ZO p. m.
Provo, Mantl, ilarysvale. . . . . . . 0:30 p. ni.
Osden, San Krancl.sco, Portland C:50 p. m.
Denver, Chicago and East 10:53 p. m.
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Ur.lhant Ca.-t. Au;inctlrd Orclir.-t i
Pliccs--,"0c lo 00; H)i) smlf .it
S1J0. Mat.. I'.h- Iu 3'. 'JO Seal.-, nu"- jH
on J
An Indian Romance.
Mary Qulvc .-.nd Paul McCarty. IH
The Great Asahi.
Beatrice Mlchclcna.
Owen Clark, Tvo Alfreds.
Prices Matlnco Daily. l.c. 25c. 50c.
Sight. '.'Sc. 50c, 7Cc.
53th Capacity Veck 13th Crowded Month.
Greater Advanced Vaudovltls H
r-.t.c-r I Somersaulting Wlrlst.
m Mlno' Dussr; Musertr.;
f-" Thos. Potter Dunne;
' ! O'Roiirkc and O'Rourkc: ll
Animated News E'cnte;
Empress Orchestra. jH
i-kcauur SCc r.Utinco Dally -i r IH
r.mprcaa rCs 300 I lP H
Prlcf ma Parowwt S.- x vu B
lisp I
"John Strrtinp, Alderman." a Political
Story In Two Reels. IH
Wed. and Thui'.i. H
A Startling Western Story In Two
101 Blaon 101.
What Coustitutes Good
Banking Service?
Kfllclency a-nd promptness aro tho lm- H
port ant elements of good banking jH
service rendered by tho Utah State H
Xational Bank. jH
You will thid a checking account with H
value to H

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