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UteK Wlncday&M'n or anew TJiura- ffl liA ItalLt CA, i JSL- fl S i C 23 W 1 My.
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(JSf ?JJ lV!l'JV J JVJIsl Wl bor' ffi
-wkish Commander-in-filpf
Announces Ke-j
jse ' of Bulgarians
fmh Heavy Loss; Says
lijwtle That Has Been
ging for Days rjas
jMJed in Mosclcms'
I Domain7 capital
till 1
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) -
ins Submitted by
ilgaria Give Sultan
S flstantinople and a
S rip of European Ter
S pry; Montenegrins
j d Servians Take
TW1 !
p. m. The porto tomorrow
'jHr appoint plenipotentiaries to
jKt ilic Bulgarian plcnipotcntia
r.ritli regard to an. annisticc.
in official note issued tonight,
i the Bulgarian government has
M to the porte's vecent com
ileatton rsspcctiug au annist icc
that Bulgaria, is ready to cn
into relations wit.lt the Otto
t'jljrupotcntiarier, with a view
kite conclusion of an arrru'sticn
its rtiactH-s conditions of peace.
Wgaria has nominated the
snd'r-inchicf ol' the rjmy
jlchatp.ljp. to negotiate the
iWca. Tlio negotiation! will
J conducted at Hadcmkcni,
(tier Turkey will send her delc
k. '
irn Paslin. the Turkish cons-iendcr-lis-clsii'f,
sesit the follow
ft; dljpalch at G:00 o'clock thia
idetpcralc artillery engagement
to'lhli mousing and Is being coss
i wills success. The Bulgarian
trr. operating Iss front of the
po'oiir line of defense, was re
$ by our artillery fire. Part of
"ny'a br.ttcrlos were sllencei-"
if ordered a detachment of troops
4vncc. They attached the cne
UntrpnchmonlE and forced Ihesu
,te- Wc captured a number of
f. niachlno guns, helmet?, shovels
.r'ckaxM, A number of Lho hcl
'.torea badge Inscribed; "Thlrly
,B!nicnl, Vranya," showing that
?,arc Servian troops with the
7- The battle continues.
Iter telegram from Xazim Taaha
Hie Bulgarian loaaen hi Mon
liShtliig on the Turkioh right wlsig:
,lllcl m- wounded. Theso Include
1? 'B rTV' machine guns were
fnemy Beaten.
F paoha sunt the following telc
"5;0 o'clock vhl8 evening:
!mh, whicls haa been ragisig
5-n through the whole extent of
jchatalja lines, csided today;
Va fiir favor. Wo rupulued tho
V Infantry, which attempted to
1 Ui. center and annihilated
j" of ihclr batteries. On the
v "g We captured two niachlno
jj a qunnllty of ammunition,
g jn of tho forto in the cesiter
i IM at atinset and dispersed
- m. Who hud occupied a po
5 Uta face of the fort. The
krw?nl 0t lhcni wcre Icll,cd. Wo
rlw -00 rifles and a large masi
f?1 ammunition.
tAre Close'd.
Hie r
RL ,lIle Solera, the govcrn-
ordered tl,0 ciosin? oC nso
y prlvalo schools until further
b, lhe Uusiuian embassador,
tt ll.? ?',c nt 7:30 o'cloelc this
PB, lB 1)eHc'-'c'l handed to
fclS, "i8tcr Bulgaria's reply to
K'1,SaCC Isolate.
r .hi accounts from tho front
liu " 8?le,n,,nts lhilt the Turlclah
ktali ,1,,c thcIr Positions on
IhicB. but It Is stated that
L'u,," "Itnclw arc of a tentative
k at .u 38 t,ldp ol'Jcct tnc reel
k ni " Tur,;lsh poBltlons and
Wwn C"'rclcs !,rc much c"'
t the result of tho various
In' ?'h,,ch he' think tho Bui-
PnSrm . Ve r,"U,1 rri,,y cont'Jr
E ?C t,,at S0Vci''' T the ene
I .llrt nbeon dlrmous'led by the
These wore not captured.
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gunmen must die, is verdict
jury5 decIdes'on first ballot
Whitman Congratulates Peo
ple of New York on Re
sult of (he Trial.
N.I0W YOrtK, Xov. 13. The four gun
men chaj-gcd with the murder of
Herman Rosenthal were today coss
vlcted of murder In tho f irnt de
gicc. They arc: "J-utly Ijoulc" Ko
sesibci'g, "Gyp, the TJlood" Ilorowll.,
"W'hltey Jack" Jowls and "Dago" Frank
The jury reached Ua dcclalois on the
first ballot after It had beets osit only 27
JSnruged by their conviction, the four
gangslcra returned to the Tombs profane
ly dcnousicing .Isiatlcc Goff jind all othcs'3
who were concerned In their trial. Their
counsel :st once seswed notice of an ap
peal. Verdict Approved.
Meanwhile, a great cs-owd outside the
criminal coitrta bulldlttg was attcatlng Its
nppi-oval of tho verdict by cheering the
departing Jsirori?.
District Attorney "Whilnsass. in n brief
statement, congnitulaied tho people of
ICew Tos-k on tho l'essilt of the trial,
which, he declared, was a triumph for
civilization assd the bcgimiing of the ctsd
of gun rulo In Now York.
Their agreement with the Bialc ful
filled. Jack Hose. "Brldgey" Webber and
Hurry Vallon will bo released from cus
tody tomorrow or Thursday. The Issdlcl
mcnt ngulnst V.r)lllam Shapiro, chauffeur
of the murder car, whose testimony
against the four defendants is declared
to have decided the lusue, will also be
dismissed, and Sam Sohcppa will like
wise bo permitted to go free.
Jack Sullivan, last of tho seven men
Indicted for the Rosenthal murder, will
bo placed oss t rial isnmcdlalely following
tho trial of Charles H. Hyde, which bc
glriB totnoirow.
Will Appear Today.
The four convicted snesi .will appear
boforo Justice Goff tosnorrow morning to
have their pedigrees recorded and a. day
fixed for sentence. "Wahle will bo on
hand to spake the custosnaxy snotlon for
a. dlamhisal of the verdict assd the grant
lssg of a new trial. It Is a foregone, con
clusion, howovcr. that theso will bo de
nied. Sentence will probably be passed a
week hence, and within a few days there
after, tho gunmen will havn joined
Chavles TBcckcr iss Sing Sing.
After the slow gilnd of eight days of
the trial. Justice srtoved with swift, cer
tain aim on tho ninth. Tho morning
was givers up to the charge of Justice
Goff, a brief and comprehensive review
of tho proceedings by both sides of the
Justice Gorf gave ssirps-Islngly little
attention In his charge to the testimony
of William Shapiro, yet It was learned
nftcr tho verdict that It was the story
of lho chauffeur which had the greatest
weight with the jury.
Ugly Rumors Heard.
H was J0;:'.3 ;i. ni. whois the '.Justice
began '.sin charge beforo a crowded court
roosn whoro absolute silence prevailed.
A shas-p watch was kept by the police
and court attendants upon all who en
tered tho soosn. It was foil that a crisis
was at hand, and there wcre sigly ru
tnors afloat.
Tho fonr defendants esstered tho court
roosn still wearing their confident smiles,
though it was observed that their usually
carcfssl toilettes had been neglected.
Through ths-ce hours of quiet, unera
phuslzcd tall: Juatlcc Goff held the at
tenlloss of Juror3 and iip.cctalora alike.
Ah the words fell frotn his lips, howovcr.
lho spirits of the dfifendants xoomcd to
droop. Marshaled Iss all Its condemtslisg
force. th evidence of tho prosecution
(Continued on Page Nine.)
. io coram bore
Promoter of Moffat Road Ex
tension Presents Proposi
tion to Citizens.
Special to The Tribune.
DBXV33K, Colo., Nov. ID. Newman
JGrh loft Denver thin snornissg for Salt
JLakc City, after completing plana for the
reorganisation of the Denver. Northwest
ern & Pacific s-allroad and laying before I
the city an offer whereby It can aid in
extending tho road to Salt. Lake City by
building tho Rocky Mountain tunnel
through Jasnes peak.
Es-b's offer was presented to a joint
sncetlssg of the cosnsncrclal organizations
and received an enthusiastic isidos-scmcnt
fiom almost evcs-yoisc pi-cscnt. Today
tho business nscn of tho city arc practi
cally unanimous in favor of the city's
accepting tho Erb offer and bringing,
about tho commcncessicnt of actual con
struction at the earliest possible date.
Denver Pays Two-thirds.
Jih'b propones that the city stand two
thirds of the cost of tho tunnel. He aisd
his associates will pay tho other one
third. Tho cotsspasiy'a osse-thlid will be
deposited In cash with somo bank or
trust company boforo the city's bonds
arc issued- This paymoist will be ts'culed
as earnest snoney for asi option to pur
chase, the tunnel and in Use event that
the company defaults In Its obligations,
the luntiel n woll as the isiosicy ex
pended by the compassy, becotnes the
ps'oporty of the city.
Ei'b'y company will open the tunnel
to the. use of assy other road and allow
(rackagu rights from Denver or any In
torvenlsig point to the portals of the tun
nel, on lho eastern aide, and S'easossablc
trackngo right on the western slope.
Erb Pays Interest.
Tho interest oss the city's boisds dur
ing the construction period will' be paid
by the ISrb cosnpany assd after Use tun
nel ia In operation tho company will pay
Use city a rental equal to tho .lsstcrcst
on tho bonds and 1 per cent per annum
for a sinking fund to retires the bossd3
upon maturity.
The title to The tisssnel asid Use ap
proaches is to be vested in the city assd
the cosnpany Is to have the right to ac
quire the psopcrty on assy Jsstorest date,
aftor five yeas's' tlsnc, upon giving three
months' notice and paying the city the
par value of the bonds outstanding -plus
2 per cent. The tunnel is to be built
by is. commission, on which the city shall
havo two-thirds s'eprcscntatlon and the
company onc-thlrd.
Work in Progress.
Erb announced that work ois the ex
tosislon of the road had already been be-,
gisss in n ssnall way. lie declassed that
the extension through to Salt Lake CJty
would be Una need at osice, and that the
construct loss would be psislscd with the
greatest possible speed.
lCrb's offer was received by the busi
ness sncn present with much essthuslasm.
Jt in the seosislssgly unanimous opinion
among buslisess men that the tuntsel
should be built at occ, belng a practical
necessity to Denvcr'fl progress. It. Is
agreed that tho task Is ono cossl'ronllnK
the city. It ssuesns; to be the general
ucnttmesst that Krb'u plan Is fair to all
cossccrssod, eminently practicable, and
calling for Imsncdlate adoplloss.
Salt Laker in Now York.
Special to The Tribune.
NEW YORK, Nov. 1?. ImporJa'. Mrs.
I c. 1. Tuttle.
Also Wounds Two Other
Marauders; Is Himself
.. Fatally Injured.
Special lo Tho Tribune.
EL PASO, Texas. Nov. 19. John
Riooks. an American cattlcnsan, slnglo
hassded, shot and killed linriquc Pos-t-lllo,
a. rebel leader of the Cassis Gs-andcs
district, asid wounded two other rebels,
who tried to rob bins -Suisday siooss.
Brooks died Mosiday of a wound received
In tho light.
Brooks drew his pistol asid fired at
tho rebel chief, who fell to tho floor In a
heap. Brooks's lire was s-eturned by the
rebels In the doorway, but the American
csnpticd his revolver toward the light,
only slightly staggesing fsosn a wound
received iss tlsc body. Both of the rebels
In the doorway received woussfls and fled.
Tlse shooting occurred at Col on la Chui
chupn, a Mormon settlement twersty-flve
miles west of Madera.
Ksirlquc PortlUo was mayor of Casas
Gs-isssdcs at one tlssse. but later be
cassse a rebel leader who terrorised
raischos asid farms iss the Casaa Grandma
district in tho fnee of federal troops.
He was si. blond Mexican, who spoke flu
ent .English, with no accent, and was
educated iss the Mormon church schools.
Portlllo was about oii years of ago assd
snarsicd. His father Is living in El
Brooks was at oisc tlsne a member of
the Tcxsia stale rassgess sssider Captain
J. It. Hughes. Ho v.sia later a lieuten
asit of the Arizona, ranger foi'oc ssndcr
Ilass-y Wheclcs-, the present nherlff of
Cochise cossnty. Arizona.
Special lo Tlsc Tribune.
With the lop of his head beaten almost
to a pislp and suffering other Issjuries iss
fllctcd with a stove poker. William IS.
LIssn of Salt Lake, a bridge carpenter
for the Denver & Rio Grassde. died In
St. Masy's hospital hero loislght. Linn
Is said to have received his Injuries at
the hands of J. A. Downing, agnssl for
the D. S: It. G. at Wostwatcs-, L'lah.
Linn Is ald to have provoked a quar
rel with Downlsig early last slight, which
resulted In his fatal injuries. Ho was
brought to tlse hospital here at 1 o'clock
this nsorning. H did ssot regain con
scloissncss. Lissn leaves a sister In Itockford. 111.,
and another iss Sprlngvllle. Utah.
Downing Is still at. work under surveil
lance of two assned guards ssntll he can
be relieved. The cos-oner of Gs-and coisn
ty, Utah, has bcoss inforsncd and will
roach hero tomorrow night to luke chsirge
of the body. Llsiss was about H5 years
of age.
Promise Cashier Immunity.
COBUK D'ALENB. Ida., Nov, IP im
munity has been prosnlscd Edgar S. Wy
iTian. cashier of tho wrecked Slate Bank
of Cosrisnnrce at Wallace, according to
Wymass's admissions under cross-exa sa
nation today. Tho rashlci-'s Hlorles of
false hank statements, "wildcat" borrow
ings and lcudlngs assd general financial
lttgerdemaln have been a feature of the
trial of Bcs-nard K. O'Ncsl, president of
tho bank, on charge of vlolutiisjj tho stato
banking la.ws. Tim tsnmunlty, Wyman
said today, was promised ten days ao.
Further questions Indicated that tho de
fense will seek to Isnload upon Wyman
responsibility for wrecking thy bank.
Salt Lake Woman Will Prob
ably Receive Complimen
tary Vole for Vice
Vermont Has No Candidate
and This Will Be of '
Advantage lo Utah
Aspirant. '
KR, of Sail Lake, may receive
the. complimentary vote of the
presidential olcctoi-s of Utah' and j
Vei'mont for vice prosldcnt of
'ho United States, when the electors!
srect In Washington ssext mosstls to de
liver the vote cast by their respective
states for president and vice president.
The Republicans at the recent election
carried only two slates, Utah and Ver
mont. On account of the death of Vice
Prosidcnt James S. Sherman, who had
been renominated by tho Republicans,
tlsero is a vacancy on the Republicans
national ticket. Republican presidential
electors arc at liberty to fill this vacancv
when they meet lo deliver the voto of
their state.1!. There is a strong scntl
nmnt iss favor of casting the eight votes
of Utah and Vermont for somo prosnl
ncnt Republican from one of thtae
Homer Starts Boom.
Bph IJosncr of Provo, presidential elec
tor from Utah, yesterday started a boom
for Mra. Margaret Zano Wltcher for the
place made vacant on lho ticket by the
death of Vico President Sherman. Of
course, there would bo only eight votes
ca3t for Mrs. Wltcher, but tho fact that
this has been the first llmo a woman
lias been suggested for tho place of 'Vice
president is in itself a signal hossos".
Thus far, Ycrmosit has submitted no
candidate for tho vice presidency, atsd
it "would appear that thero was more
thass a possibility that Ms-s. Wltcher
snlght be selected by. the Utah and Ver
mont electors to receive this complimen
tary vote.
Mrs. Wltcher Is easily the foremost
woman In politics In Utah. She is at
present county clerk of Salt Lake county,
completing her second term lis that po
sltioss. and has tho distinction of being
tho only woman clerk of a county as
large as Salt Lako county in the United
Named for Elector.
At tile recent Republican state conven
tion Mrs. Wltcher was a cassdldato for
tlse nosnlnation for stato treasures, but
was beaten for the place by sv narrow
margin. She Wfl3 nassied, however, by
the convention as a. candidate for presi
dential elector and was elected as a
Republican elector at the recent con
vention. She is the only woman who was
chosen as a Republican elector.
The state ot Washington elected a
woman aa a Roosevelt elector and Mrs.
Witches' will sham with the woman from
Washington the honor of being the
only woman over to be chosen a member
of the olcctos-al college.
Undoubtedly. Mr.. Witches will have
the backing of women of all parts or the
United States for the Republican com
ptimcntary vole for vice president of the
United Statos. It will not only prove
a signal honor for Mrs. Witchcr, hut
will be a recognition of women In poli
tics higher than has ever beess g:ven
heretofore by assy political party.
SEATTLE, Nov. 10. The United States
gsanu Jury, returned an indictment to
day against Bmll Soronson and Charles
Cunningham, charging opium smuggling,
and ngainBt Mrs. Hazel Moose. charKlng
violation of the "white slave" law.
Sorcisson, who was serving a terns for
opium smuggling, waa pardoned by Presi
dent Taft. :dx months ago, and Is alleged
to have brought to Seattle In October a
large quantity of opiussi conveyed across
the sLrait of Fuca from Victoria, "B. C,
to Port Angeles In small boats.
Cunningham, who was arrested last
April with a suit cane full of oplusn In
his possession. Is well known In Salt Lake
Hazel Moore figured prominently in tho
Ortis Hamilton case In the summer of
1909. Hamlltoss, who was adjutant gen
eral of tlse state of Washington, embezzled
nearly 550,000 from the state military
fund, and is now nerving a penitentiary
term. Most ot lhe stolen money Is al
leged to havo been given to Hazel Moore.
Senator Rayncr BalUea.
By International News Service.
WASHINGTON, Nov. ID. Senator
Rayncr of Maryland rallied strongly at
noon today assd was able to sit sip In
bed for half an hour and talk wilh nsesn
bcrs of his family. His condition, how
ever, still is regarded as critical, and
although member of tho senator's fam
ily are greatly oncossraged by his condl
lioss today, they fully realize the dan
ceroue male of tho patient. ,
Fight Near Highland Boy
Mine Precedes 'Arrest of
;; , Six Men.
BlNGJETAM, Nov. 19.Doniinick
'Ivomoro an Italian strike-breaker of
tho Highland Boy mine, was stabbed
twice in the back atc tonight in Can
Fork and six of Isia countrymen, sink
ers, were arrestcil. JTomcro, who was
taken to Dr. P. B. Stranp's hospital,
is in a aorious condition. Louis Dccol,
another Italia si strike-breaker, said to
havo boon with him whoss tho attack
was made, is also u.mlcr arrest.
That there was a Xicrce fight toward
tho upper end of Cnrr Fork, near the
mine, about 10 6 'clock lonipbt, Dep
uty Sheriffs Thca Sch-wcit'cr a ad
Otto Whstbeclc, who made the arrests,
sa3' they are certain, but it was isn
possiblo to get a comprehensive ac
cottnr, from lie foreigner's. Dccol said
hs.3 companion was wounded by strang
ers whom he could not recognize. The
3ix strikers deelarod two men fired
revolvers and throw stones at them
without, provocation, but all denied ua
iug any weapons themselves.
Tho strikers gave their names as
Frank Pallinc, Louis Porgado. Con
dreo Palliu'e, Charles Di carlo, Alfonso
Alieor.Ki and Marrio 'Sella. They wcre
locked in the Bingham police station.
Asi investigation will be made in the
The first information of the trou
ble was given by the six nscn soon after
.10 o'clock. TltC3 called at the sta
tion and said they wore on their way
to the Highland Boy to notify mem
bers of the Italian society of a meet
ing to bo held Friday evening when
two men attacked them with revolv
ers and stones. Thoy told tho police
they ran away. Through the descrip
tions they furnished Schweitzer and
Whitbeck arrested Itomcro and Decol.
When Romero's wounds were discov
ered tho deputies went out and re
turned with the six strikers.
Special Cable to The Tribune.
HAMILTON, Bermuda, Nov. 19. Long
mornlnp: walks form tlse principal part
of Prc-sidcnt-elcct Wilson's vacation pro
gramme.. He has begins lo show the
good effects of "the short sea trip assd
the restful atmosphere, life declared
today that he has, already forgotten his
troubclsvnne political probloms.
Tho last reminder or his recent auto
mobile mishap has disappeared. The
plaster covering the woussd on his head
came off today. The scar Is entirely,
Governor Wilson today visited Governor
General Bullock and had tea with the
governor general and his wife and daugh
ter. The Bullocks arc to pay is. return
call as soon as thu Wilsons arc settled
in their new cottage. Mrs. Wilson and
her daughters aro delighted with tlse
location of the cottage. Thov spent the
day In unpacking thislr trunks.
By Isstes-natlonal News Service.
COLUAnJUS. O.. Nov. 19. In a court
room filled to. ssjffocalloss by a crowd
composed mostly of women, Cocella Far
ley. 'pretty stcnoBraphcr, on trial for her
llfo for tho killing of Klvln B. Zollinger,
several months aso, today laid bare the
story of her lift.
Sho told how Zollinger, who was a mar
ried man, had wronged her when she was
lG. in her own home, while her parents
were attending a theater. She told of
the powerful Influence ho had over hor
and she was his slave, although she had
attempted to overthrow the spell.
Frosn the beginning of tho trial women
have been in coisstant attendance and
hosts' have brought campstoolp and tlsalr
luncheons every day.
IN111S 1
Former Salt Lake Man 111
Invades Los Angeles
Department With H
Enough Explosives to H
Blow Up City Block; IB
Southern Pacific Ob- Hn
ject of His Hatred, HH
Intruder Knocked Down H
and Infernal Machine
Is Rendered Useless by IB
Energetic Work of De- j
tective; Members ofi H
Headquarters Force H
Pass Thrilling Hour. H
LOS ANGELES. Cal., Nov. 13.- MM
Armed with an infornal machine HBt
containing enough dynamite lo de- WBf
stroy an entire city block, a bottle HSt!)
of nltro-glycerine and a .45-cilIher HBHt
revolver, a masked snasslac took posses- fflftfl
slon of the central police station today WH
and held It for snore than an hour, wlillo HIH
the hundreds of occupants of the build- mtuM
Ing and thos-c for blocks around, p.inic Baffi
stricken, sought the safety of dlstanec. KmV
When Detectlvo James Hosiclr knocked Wm
the sssan unconscious with a leather billy Hfl
after slipping behind him, the funo of Hi
the infernal nsachiisc was automatically Mm
ignited. Without thinking of the cosiso- ! BM
quenccs. Detective Sasnucl !L. Browno H
carried Use box outside, tlsc fuse splut- fifl
tcrlssg and spitting -parka, and hurled It S D
Into tlse alrcct. Sticks of high-power H9
dj'nassslte scattered over the pis.vcnscnl. 8
while hundreds of spectatoss stood up- lB
parently paralyzed with fright, awaitlnc I fflB
Use detonation that would sond them Into Hj
Explosion Averted. I!
Through a freak, of chance there va. Hfll
no explosion, assd Browne coutinuod nflQ
kicking tho sticks of dynamite and ffiHi
jumping on the fuse until he had broken wfli
the connections anil extinguished tho MSl
Lying sssanaclcd to a cot in Use sc- fifla
ccivlng hospital lonlght the would-b HSlfl
dynamites, who gave his name as Albert BElBI
Henry Davis, Is suffering frosss ecrcrfl BAH
severe scalp wounds, but tho police 3in- MB
gcons say bis issjuries arc not serious. 183 fl
Thought It Joke. ill
Davis entered the outer roosn of Chief ffisft 9)
of Polico Sebastian's office at 11 o'clock nraHfl
Ibis morning. His face and head were fiKHffl
completely covered with a grotesque MmBhI
mask assd he carried lis his arms a largo KHi
box covered with cloth. The box was hUH
strapped around his shoulders and ?- HH1
sesnbled a small hand osran. JJrftnl
First startled and tlfen .unused by th flfrJuM
strasigc i-pectaclc. Police Sergeant R. C. iUUfl
I flilf, who suspected a practical joki. KlNM
asked the man what he wanted. BMW
"I've got enough dynamite Isi hrre lo IftBlfl
blow us all into eternity." ho said, "r , I KJ
want you lo acssd for the highest official ; p I H
of the Southern Pacific railroad." M
Tho maskcd'visltor rested the box on a. I H
filing cabinet and Assistant District At- MSB
torney R. O. Graham, who was In the- 3 01
office, started joking with him. I flSI
"We All Die." H
"Thin Is no joke," said Davis. "I mean I 4HM
business nssd If you don't believe It trv a SUM
to take tislss away frons inc. My hand 1 AfflH
Is fastened In this box sind if I pull It WSM
out bttsvg! we all die." fljff5ttfii
A hole had been cut Iss the box and th fflrjjl
occupants or lho room saw for the first llB
time Usui the man's left hand was hidden iTO
They began lo sealize that It was no eS III
Davis then walked into tho otTlo of IntS Vm
Chief Sebastian, and repeated his request KfljsjH
that tlse head official of tho Southern ffjBWH
Pacific be summoned. Snlvely asked him WbR 9
If he had any preference in tlse man B'jflll H
he desired to blow up. and he replied vKuSiH
that he only wanted the head man. jSSsllH
Resort to Ruse. wffl S
Snlvely thess took down the telcphono ta-Sj n
receiver and pretended to hold a cosiver- IjVlWm
satlon with 1'huI Slioup, general usami- MSh
gcr of the Pacific Ulectrlc company. EP H
"Ms-. Shoup Is busy, but hwjvM b fffjnfiw
hos'e lis aboist fifteen minutes," said Sw2 1 W
"Well, he'd better hurry' sepllcd Da- IJft'i m
In the meantime Chief Sebastian, wh w f 1 Lt
had had a brief coisvcrsation with Use I 3$
sn.m and realized that he was In eas-nest. dffi if' nJ
ordered tho strciit iopcd oft for a block JlK
either way and took steps to have thu , fl I
100 prisoners In tho city Jail removed. L'fK I i I 3
Ujtaira In tlsc building two JusIIck ffflf g f f I
courts were Iss session and both court f; I A
A dolectlvo pnHsed the word to a baillf f ! tff ll
In Judge Chansber.Vs court where a Jap- ) ) (1
: Continued on Pag Tliroo. .fr J H

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