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Aitorney General Wicker
sham Says There Is No I
Sufficient Evidence.
New York- District Attorney
Declares Lone Star Offi
cials Are to Blame.
WASH INOJTON. Nov. 19 .Attorney
fl General WIckr.rsham has dlioctcd that
H warrant bo not eervod on John D. Areh
bold, IT. C. Folgcr, Jr.. and V. C. Tca
ele of the Standard 01! company as a
result of their Indictment at Dallas. Tex.,
H last Ausurt, in connection "with the caso
p.alnst the Magnolia Petroleum com-
The attorney general say the ovldcncc
B in porsenalon of the government. Is In-sufflcle-t
to .-ufitaln the Indictment of
thenc officials and Justify removal pro
B '.cfdlngs. Mr. Wickersham has summoned
thf United States attorney of Dallas to
Washington for a conference about the
Charles G. Morriion of Cnlcsgo. who
was associated with Frank B. Kcllosrg in
Itnc prosecution thRt ended hi the dlsso
lutlon of I'.tf Standard Oil compuny. ha
becti engaged b the attorney xcucral to
tmdurt the pending investigation of the
ol' suit to ascertain whether the decree of
dissolution has been violated.
Wickersham Criticised.
These facts developed today after a
a'l upon the attorney general by W. H.
Gray, an uttorney of Houston. Tex., who
vssls a witness before tho c.-and jury that
icttirncd the indictments. Mr. Gray Is
sued a statement tonight criticising1 the
attorney general for not arrest Ins Arch
'JoJd, Falser and ToHglo. pointing out
'hat the other men indicted at the same
rime hnd been served with warrants.
Mr. Gray quoted the attorney general
as expressing the belief that on a hear
ing before a United Stales commissioner
Mibflequcnt to arrest there would not be
sufficient evidence for the removal of
tho New York men to Dallas for. trial.
"I stated to Mr. Wlckcrshain." con
tinued Mr. Gray, "that I did not believe
it wa within the province of the Unit
ed States commiKsloncr at New York. to
fy the cape on Its merits to ascertain
whether he. in his Judgment, thought the
evidence sufficient to convict thctn of
the crime charged In the lnaiccincnt, but
xuch was the piovincc of the federal
court at Dallas and for that reason J
MiougM th u arrant of arrest ought to
be served."
Wickersham's Position.
When shown the statement issued by
?.'. Gray. Attorney General Wickersham
'onlght said;
"I told Mr. Gray that I had directed
that the warrants bo not served upon the
non-resident defendants hecausc the evi
dence at the disposal of the government,
o far an It had been disclosed to rac,
was, in iny opinion, insufficient to sus
tain removal proceedings. 1 tola mm
t'.at I had sent for the United States at
inri.e at Dallas to cphic .to Washington
?nd confer with the department about
the case.
"Mr. Gray stated that he was counsel
for the Watcrs-Plcrco Oil company, that
) e had been a witness before the grand
jur;. and that he knew the facts which
j '
;' "'if T f WiM
The "Titanic" Survivor Who Opens at the Empress Today. He Describes
the Terrible Scenes of the Groat Disaster.
would sustain the charge. I then called
In Mr. Fowler (assistant to the attor
ney general), who has Immediate charge
of the matter and made with him and
Mr. Gray an appointment for the laucr
to confer with him Wednesday morning.
This .practically was all that passed be
tween us.
"Apparcntlv he has ropented of hi3
promise to return and assist tho depart
ment and prefers to rush into print with
his statements."
By International News Service.
N'ISW YOP.IC. Nov. 19. According to
United Slates Attorney Wise, the federal
court authorities in Tc.as are responsi
ble for the fact that the warrant of ar
rest for John D. Archbold, president of
the Standard Oil company, lias not yet
been served. The warrant was issued
on an indictment- by the grand Jury of
the northern district of Texas, charging
Archbold and others with violating the
anti-trust laws of the Lone Star state.
Mr. Wise explains that the warrant
wan forwarded to him from Texas last
Julv through tho department of Justice
at Washington. "Mr. Archbold was In
Europe. In view of this. Mr. Wise was
Instructed not to cause It to bo execut
ed ttntil ho should again hoar from Texas.
Ah he has not yet heaiti. from Texas
further on the matter, ho liaa made no
move to have tho warrant served.
Mr. Archbold was said not to bo In
his office today. The legal department of
the Standard Oil company sent out word
to reporters that Mr. Archbold would ac
cept service as soon, as an effort was
made to have him carried, back to Texas
to answer the indlctirtcrit.
Home Rule Bill Progresses.
LONDON. Nov. JO. The house of com
mons, by a oto of 31S to 207, adopted
tonight the new liuanclal resolution of
the home rule bill. This replaces the
vccoIiitlon defeated on November 11.
Time of Execution of Virginia
Outlaws Now Fixed for
December 13.
RICHMOND. Va., Nov. 10. The dato
for the execution of Floyd Allen and his
son, Claude S. Allen, for participation j
in the Ilillsville courthouse murders, was
postponed today by Governor Mann from
Novcmbor 22 to December 13. Tho res
nltc was cranlcd so that Claudo Allen
might lake an appeal to the United Slates
supreme court on the constitutional
ground that his I If o had twice been
placed in Jeopardy.
In announcing" the stay In execution.
Governor Mann said ho granted it upon
request of Judge Staples, before whom
the Aliens were tried.
Floyd Allen was sentenced to death
for the killing of Commonwealth Attor
ney Foster; Claude was llrst sentenced
to fifteen years for shootins: Judge Mas
sie, but on a second trial was sentenced
to death for the murder of Attorney
Sidna Allen's Trial.
WYTHEVlliTvF. Va.. Xov. 10. Hearing
of testimony the trial for murder of
Sldna Allen, leader of tho Allen mountain
clan that shot officials of tho Hlllsville
court In Marclv closed today. Tho court
recessed to consider Instructions to the
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Newspaper Men Go Behind
Scenes at Orphcum and
Witness Transformations.
Owen '.McGlvcncy. whose protean por
trayal of a scone from Dlckuns'a. "Oli
ver Twist" Is the hcadllmn- at the Or
phoum thiH week, uuriuesdonably Is the
most skllirul quick-changc artist that has
ever appeared here. This is the unani
mous opinion of a small group of news
paper men. uvh0 last night nceoptod an
Invitation to "como behind- the scenes"
and witness that Important and laborious
task of the performer that his audience
docs not see.
The skolcli, under the title of "13111
bikes, is a wonderful example of the
possibilities of protean dramatic en
deavor. Mr. .McGlven'ey nlone portrays
U!?. ;!ln"icterfl or Fagin. Nancy. Monka,
3111 Slices and The Arlfuj Dodccr. His
costumes are strictly true to t"lr char
actors, and his doplctlon of the latter la
an ovcellcnt bit 0r work. Each role es
sayed is faithfully interpreted. The real
wonder of It is, though, how ho possibly
can change, from character to character
with such lightning rapidity. It seems
as though one character scarcely makes
"a, exit when another appears both
clothing one and the same inun. Exit
and entrance often are made from oppo
site aides of the stage.
The local audiences, like others, have
at llrst fluttered with a feeling of In
credulity and then have made up their
minds that Mr McGlvcncy works with
a double. HIh first astonishing chouse
evokes enthusiastic applause, but then
comes the "double" idea, and his audi
ence nods knowingly, as much us to say,
1 wo men sure thing "
There are two meii who ably assist
Mr. McGlveney In his changes of cos
tume behind the sccnei!, but he alone ap
pears on tho Mage. The newspaper men
iollowed him closely on the stage, noted
every twist and turn, every man-clous
movement of dexterity and every grace
ful spring from exit to entrance to say
nothing of the adoption each time of a
different mental attitudo to fit the char
acter at hand.
Mr. McGlvency's brother Jacl.-' and
one other assistant, do as much hustling
back a: the scenes: as Mr. McGIVencv
himself, and arc indispensable assets lb
the piece. Whcnevor Mr. McCivency
sticks his foot out of a door, rests ms
arm over a .window sill, or allows any
part of his body to remain even for an
Instant out of view of the audience, dcx
teroun hands are- moving like lightning
preparing him for tho ne:;t change.
Mr. McGlvcncy, In his changes, ma
nipulates whatever must be done about
tho face or head. One of his assistants
tends to the shoulders and waist, while
the other looks after the lower extremi
ties. The piece is an excellent bit of
work, both before and behind tho scenes.
ern Eve," tonight nnd tomorrow
night. Mallnee this afternoon.
ORP H EU M T H EAT ER Ad va nc ed
vaudeville. Two performances every
Countiss and the Colonial Stock
company In "Brewster's Millions,"
all the week. Matinees - Thursday
and Saturday,
Two performances In the evening,
with matinee every afternoon. Bill
changes at Wednesday matlqee.
ft A Modem Eve" at tho Salt
Lake theater last nigbt begnu
A like a yuvrv and ended -with
the "siss, boom, ah" of a
rocket. It is described as the "latest
Berlin operetta," but very evidently it
is founded on a French original. Com
ing through so mauy sources to tbo
American stage it has been con
siderably tamed.
Tbe book' is by George Okonokwski
and A. Schoenfeld and the music by
Victor Hollaendor and Jean Gilbert.
Which gentleman, if any, is responsible
for tho distinctly Chicagoeso humor,
is not slated. Lest some might think
that Chicago humor is not up to the
pretentious New York braud, it is
well to remember that George Ade
budded and bloomed whero the bleak
winds from Lake Michigan enwrap the
fckyscrapers in eternal fog.
Tt Is unnocesrary to devote serious at
tention to the plot, for not. even the
authors did that. It has a suffragette
themo included within the "eternal tri
angle" of Parisian romance, the wifo, the
husband and tfo affinity. Madame Nl
nlcho Cascadler, enacted by Mies Hen
rietta Todro with much spirit, keeps her
husband In the kitchen or at his knit
ting. At lca.st fhe thinks she docs, but i
he Is a gay old dog when out of her
sight and poscu in the cafes and on the
boulevards as the Count Castcll-Vnjour.
In fact, nearly all the men In the play
I poHc as the count during the play and
I make love to Ihc Baroness dc la Roche
The role of the subservient husband tfi
taken by Alexander Clark, who Is a whole
spotlight of humor. Wore It not for his
effervescence even tho niOHt brilliant
sconce, musclal or scenic, would be a
trillo too dull for American taste.
Madamo Cascadler has two daughters,
Ronccand Camllle. The rich Justin Pont
girard makes love, to Renee. but she thinks
only of her career. Finally the count
uigna a contract dictated by the mother
and tho wedding takes place. It has been
transformed into a sort of ragrtlmc mar
riage ceremony, with everybody snapping
lhe.lr lingers and ragging through the
wedding march. Tho ragging craze
breaks out at the most unexpected turns
during the performance, but the crafty
gentleman who staged tho operetta knew
well what he was about. Whenever the
foreign humor beglnn to pall the racglng
begins and i elaborated Into gorgeous
stage spectacles.
The operetta, although of Gaulish ex
traction. Is divided into only two partH.
The first act showH the summer residence
of the Caccatllcrs at Aix les Bnlns,
Fianco, while tho second net reveals the
charms of the garden at tlin homo of the
Pontglrards one year la tor. The second
act concludes with a screaming divorce
scene, in which the baroness Is the co
respondent who has boen selected by
mother-in-law to separato the Pontglrarde.
The baroness Is called as a wltncBa and
Identifies Caslinlr Cascadler, the hen
racked husband, as the impo5tor who ha
been making love to her. Mr. Clark I?
again the life of the scene. His hat Is
always In tho ring and he docji not per
mit the foreign librettists to make a
funeral out of the divorce proceedings.
Tho operetta has many excellent musi
cal numbers, but thoso that won the
mot recalls last night were the "Modern
Eve Wnltz," the "Wedding Finale." "Ex
cuse me! Certainly." and "Rita, My
A vaudeville stunt Introduced In lie
InM nr s a thrllllnc dan'-'; of the nhli'- I
Frederick Seaton Talks
Of Customs of Indians
Frederick Seaton, Who Plays the Role of Chief In "An Indian Romance"
at tho Orphottm this week.
1 " ' - ' j-Zi. ; : i
wind kind that has become so popular
of late.
Ray Raymond as Juslin Pontglrard,
Mies Marlon Roddy as Rencc Cascadler,
Miss Adele Rowlund as Camlllc Casca
dler, and Miss Arllno Boiling as the Bar
oness dc la Rocho Tallle, deserve cspo
clal mention.
Tli foltoTrlnc theater notice r nurksd
"tjYrtlemeaf In oriler to comply' with
trlct Interpretation of tha neir federal nawi
paper lair. In oo tenaa ara tbry paid ad
Tartlicraenta. Thej ara Itemt furnished br
tha preia fltents of tha various xtieitart.
A double headllner will be served
to the palions at the Empress,
whore the new bill Is in vogue today,
rerhaps one of the greatest features of
the bill is Edward Dorking of London,
Jj.ngJand. who is making a tour of the
bullivan & Consldine circuit, nivlng a
graphic description of the terrible scenes
which took place on board the Ill-fated
Titanic, the largest. Moating palace of
modem times, when the huge ship struck
a monster Iceberg and went lo the bot
tom of tho Atlantic with hundreds of Its
paaBengors. Mr. Dorking was on deck
when tho crash came and the ship crum
bled and aided very materially In trio
rescue of women and children, llo also
aided In and had to flcht hard to keep
back husbands and sweethearts, who
fought like wild beasla for self preser
vation. Mr. Dorlclnc claims that lh I
horrors of that night havo nevor been
given to the world. Mr. Dorking tcs
"Uricd before the United Slates investi
gating committee, and also appeared at
the British investigation. His evidence
was of the most thorough nature, as ho
remained on the deck until the last and
finally jumped overboard. Swimming
around for thirty-five minutes, ho was
picked up by a. life boat more dead' than
Another big attraction. ically the
ncadllncr, is the. strong dramatic play
let by William Anthony McGuire, pre
sented by Charles Wildisch and com
pany, called "The Pool Room." In
sendins- "The Pool Room" over the cir
cuit, bulllvan & Consldine and their
booking agents feel that they have an
offering which Is for the most part hu
man. At least. It takes in the real hu
man side of life and 13 tilled with inci
dents and affaire which go to make up
every day life It is said to contain sit
uations and lines that will hold an audi
ence breathless. Mr. Wildisch is sup
ported by a capable company, among
them Ezra Kendall, Jr.
Two charming girls will add lo the
pleasure of this week's bill. They are
Hyland and Farmer and they arc song
and dance comediennes. Their act is
said to bo full of life and ginger.
The novelly portion of the bill will be
In the hands of McRae ana uwuxing.
who will Introduce to Salt Lakers llfty
eeven varieties of wheels and fun. These
comedians are ald lo glvo one. of the
speediest cycling exhibitions ever pre
Ecnted on a vaudeville stage.
John Delmorc & Co. present an offer
ing which borders on the unique In that
the company first appear on tho stage
as white entertainers and then behind uu
Improvised curtain go through the stunt
of blacking up. and itftcnvards appear as
Creoles and negroes. The offering is
called "Scenes Behind the Sccne:i."and
offers a considerable amount of amuse
ment in the mlnslrcl line.
Scott and Wilson arc young in years
but much older in experience, a fact
vouched for by all managers where they
have appeared. Wilson Is scon a the
"Rube" sheriff, while Scott Is the pretty
boy. who docs f-onio real acting and
serves as a feeder for tin; rube.
Billy Link, the well, known comedian
and monologlst. lias been Joined by a
pretty and charming young eommcdlennc
In the person of Blossom Robinson and
the two havo created no end of xclto
mont over the circuit. Miss ilobliison Is
said to possess a very charming and
itrlking nppca ranee, while Mr. Link haa
lost none of his old-time form as a com
edian. Tbe weekly animated review will prove
a pleasant feature to cloeo the big bill.
Owen McGlvcncy. headllner on this
week's bill at the Orphcum, attributes
his success as a iiilck change artist to
his athletic training, and to watch Ills
wonderful work behind the scenes re
veal the fact thai It Is a veritable sprint
ing match from start to finish. The fact
that ho can chanco from BUI Sykcs to
Nancy. Fa gin to the Artful Dodcor and
Monks in what seems to, tho audience to
be the twinkling of an eye Is In Itsolf
an eye-opener; but when he sinks his
Identity In each character, changes his
voice and carriage and proceed to act
each part It I the more Impresfclve. The
fact that Owen McGlveney wa untU
recently champion amateur lightweight
boxer of England and champion amateur
weight lifter, makes this importation of
Martin Beck even more remarkable.
If indications from scat sale reports
may be taken as a criterion of tho re
ception Salt Lake Playgoers U extend
William J. ICelly, the new ntar at the
Colonial when ho opens next Sunday
night In "The LIbth," It Is evident a
capacity house will sec hjn initial per
formance In tho clvcr comedy. Man
ager Kctcham reports a heavy salo for
next Sundny evening. Mies Conn tins In
bringing her engagement at tile Colonial
to a close this week "with an admirable
production of "Brewster's Millions," and
Thursday afternoon souvenir photographs
I of Mins Counties will be distributed iv
I nil th ladle? In the audlrne. t
Actor Is Authority on the
Traditions of the Red
WHEN it comes to "makeup" for
the stage, there arc three per
formers In town this week who
arc worthy of the prize. They
are not masters of grease paint
and the powder puff, and do not use a
mirror. These three are Fox Charlie
Box. Tom Long Knife and Antone JLone
Bear, bhoshonc Indians, woh appear In
a sketch at the Orphcum. These red
skins await the opening of the stage
door botore each performance and spend
much time in decorating their bodies,
preparatory to the war dance In "An In
dian Romance."
Frederick Seaton, a southerner, who
has spent fourteen years In the sludv of
American Indians and'whoso researches
havo boen valuable to ethnologists, pins
tho prize bow on each Indian Mr. bea
ton's trunks are full of rare Indian rel
ics and ancient books. He admits that
he plays the role of chief and travels with
the Indians lo study, and because he en
Joys It.
"There seems to be undue rnysieiv con
cerning the body decoration of Indians."
remarked Mr. Seaton. "but It is all sim
ple when you understand It. The stvlc
of decoration among tho Indians Is large
ly p. matter of Inclination and taste. Of
course tradition and custom hv much
lo do with It. but tho first principloa
are simple enough.
"In funeral ceremonies black predom
inates. When It comes to war paints It is
a matter of rank, incident to whims. If
a young brave has a scar received In
battle he caricatures it. you might say.
lengthening the scar by a streaic of
some prominent color, relieved or rath
er strengthened on cither side by a mild
er tone. They put subdued colors along
side the flashy one to bring it out.
"The Indian writes a hlrtory of him
self upon his body. The particular bat
tle, where he received a wound Is com
memorated by a display about that. A
chief he has killed is symbolised by a
sign painted with no mistaking."
CINCINNATI. O., Nov. l.O.The trial
of John H. Patterson and twenty-nine
other officials and ox-offlclals of the Na
tional Cash Register company of Davton,
O.. charged with violation of thy crimi
nal section of the Sherman antitrust act.
was begun this morning in the United
States court for the southern district of
The defendants wore- indicted bv the
federal grand Jury last December under
the criminal statutes of the Sherman
jMitl-trnst law. the Indictment charging
"They knowlnglv engaged and partici
pated in a corrupt conspiracy in undue,
unreasonable, direct and oppressive re
straint of Interstate trade and coin
mere; they restrained such trade and
commerce by divers unfair, oppressive,
illes.il and unlawful means."
Children Ory
PORTLAND. Or.. Nov. 13. Three more
arrests in connection with the vico clique
nrandal. Involving hualncss men and boy?,
wore mode here today. They were: Clar
ence Thomas, a bookkeeper, who aa
captured at Vancouver. Wash., as he was
boarding an eastbound train: Benjamin
Trout, and James Mitchell, a negro por
ter. A warrant has been Issued for E.
S. J. McAllister, a lawyer supposed to be
at Marshfield, Or., where he went last
wonk to attend to logal business.
RIgo, tho Gypsy violinist, was released
today on his own recognizance tho dis
trict attornny'a office staling that the
evidence against him was insufficient.
Dlacuss Russian Troaty.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 19.-The tela
lions to be maintained between tho Unit
ed States nnd Russia, after tho existing
treaty becomes Inoperative. January 1,
wore the nbject of discussion today be
tween President THft and tho Russian
embassador, George Bakhmoteff, at a
conference at the White houpc. The
announcement of an agreement upon a
continuance of treaty relations is ex
pected before Janunry 1.
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Thompson for Troaaurer,f
Thompson, secretary to Preaidcnl
will ho appointed treasurer of the!
States within the next few days i
cecd Lee McClung. who resigned tn
position last woek. It was undi
that Mr. Thompson would bo nw
thfe place take take the oath of ofl
day; but Charles D. llllles, who-,
sumo the position of socretary tot
dnt Taft and who reurned t Wash
last night with the president, wll
throe or four days' vacation. J;
Tonight and Tomorrow Nlflh"
Martin Beck and Mort T. SI.tj
present j
The Melodious Berlin Operatt
1 IMern Ej
Bripiant Cast Augmented
Prices oOc to J1.50 Mallneafl
to S1.0Q. jtt
Last Week ofthe Engagement
eC Presenting the Comedy Succw
p Brewster's Million!
?' Mats. Thurs and Sat. fi
Stj Souvonlrp Thurs. Mi
1 4 Next Week William J. KJ
nJ and his company In tha or
comedy "THE LIARS." R
(Zti. e
Phono Wasatch
An Indian Romance. f.
Mary Qulve and Paul McCartj
The Great Asahl. .j
Beatrice Mlchelena. ;
Oven Clark. Two Alfredt.
Prices Matlne Dally, 15c, 2Bc,i
Night, 25c, 50c. 7Er. i
5Sth --jaclty Week 13th CrowmHjf
Greater Advanced VaudovlIlM
timp bv chas WlldltoH
"Titanic" Survlvof
?: Scott and Wilson. Hji .
i'3J and Farmer, McRai
J.! Levering, Link and Rl 1
son, John Delmoro
lUguur 30c Mtlneo Daily
Empren 20i 500 If 'I
Prlcr 10a Prguit J
"Hour of Mus .
Solo Apolla and Vicj
3:30 O'CLOCK J
Special numbers by
W. A. Wetecll's Ladies' Q R
tette. Public cordially inr 5)
Take elevator to second f t
Tribune Want Ad I

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