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Man Who Terrorized
ngeles Police With
al Machine Is Not
i Right Mind.
Miiplained Thereafter,
ys, of Severe Pains
s Head; Victim of
'arr, who terrorised tho Los
pollco Tuesday -with an In
nicbinc, more the victim of
j blow on the head -when ho
yours of ago, than ho Is
natlnot anil training? Ts his
of a boy mado criminal by
Uio brain resulting .from an
, of which so many instances
omonstraltd Jn recent years?
;cd mother, Mrs. Margaret
: aL C55 South J21ghth West
VCS so.
ad, I 'do not bclievo my boy
Ic for what ho docs, but I
hnt lie was stopped before lie
i exploding the dynamite,"
arr lanfc night. "JJc has nev
ht slnco ho was kicked on
tho head by his stepfather
s 12 years old."
r explained that Carl Is the
PJcilelbauch. lier first hus
as born thirty-six years ago
where his fathor died. Tho
mlng converted to tho Mor
emlgrated to Utah twenty
ago, bringing with her the
children of the ten born by
o Bp Honest,
aught my children honesty,
forked hard -with these hands
n to bo honest," sobbed the
, -'. "I learned shoemaklng to
TjJo for them. They wore all
1 I u'ui proud of theiu. except
t kt his cau I am heart-broken."
frthlng In Salt Lake. Mrs. Kic
jnarrlcd John Vi'arr. the Itiiu
w numc eh and her children
teen known by. Elio cx
Ihst it Was'found more llttlns- to
i American community than the'
krrtan name, and so the chil
fcUd it. "Warr haa been dead for
Wtfi. His widow explained, thnt
fcusbind had been a inoroso man.
flls of temper, in one of which
fttd lio kicked his stepson. Carl,
of Uio head.
ii.ot sco it, but the children told
H- t." ?ald Mrs. Wurr. "Often
A Carl used to complain that he I
Ms head whb fo full or b,lood
Q-bottt. to run out of his eyes,
3S never uulio right from then
, jBre 110 wa liut ho waa not a
WI cannot beliovc his heart io
Mft Accidents.
Br41 iiyi1 tnaL 1,er son 1,rid 11,0
Mf. "'a left hand blown off by
K1 cup, which ho found while
(j.hetp near Schofleld fifteen years
!'oar later ho accidentally shut
n "c left hip while herding near
"'o years ago, Mrs. Warr auy,
?"ca K from her son in
H where ho wan supposed to
" I" ti garago, telling' of mcel
accident In which he suf
"?ci shoulder. She sent him a
Walnlng liomo money, which she
aasiire ho must need if he waa
letter and money camo back.
sd not heard from or of him
.rdav. vheu sho "read in the
p story f his attempt to blow
.Jeadquai-iura at Los Angeles.
Lsrr. wa arrested In Salt Lake
'.''ly charge on April SO,
'lmi N,ilVlJ,,n ''ohn X Roberts
llHtiWt .N1,;1"Uis Gulbrannen. lie
''KrhL40 ')TVii JO 'lJ" l' tho
'i'in - cs-"llP:' from his guards
fJ',l,0' "d has not been aocn
'KGEiti35t cul., N0v. HO.-Ca.l
JHT' H,U3 Carl Warr, alias AI
vla 11,0 woiild-bo dyiia
" er-orlzed an entiro ecfIon
' yoaterday when he took poc
l"o cuntriil police station with
Jj. did not siiittaln a frac
, and will recover, aeconllng
iice surgeoua tonight. The
Jittered by Detective JamcH
he atruclc Kicdelbauch on
11. a "billy" cauaoil tvu bU(I
,rj U was thought today that
Provd Tn,S,lt' howuver h(3 ,UJS
SSfv S0llc9tl further eccen
Provi.i ili h,s refuned to eat
on lhaL llc ll!'l subHlnte.1
LffOlc nn)' .nax- which he ate
Mled-r 11,0 remainder of IiIh
Pi WaM u,1l,COokc"J vegetables and
living vcd lo c0"tlc hlrfj
Py.uVlcs a cell on the ucc-
t1' In win11.1 LonWH 't l
I trhi M1 bu removed from It
NlOulri i . uo'nmltment to an
Pin it, lu, '? "Inland Iin-jLne
h Jul! whone lives witro
P tu iiiVic, ,,,VfiatnIter ontorday
PlUe .lUIm ,f '"4 Av;ts 'ncur
R main purl of the Jail.
Reports of Massacre of Chris
tians in Jaffa, Palestine, Re
ceived at Athens.
Officials of Missionary So
cieties in This Country
Show Anxiety.
ATHENS. N"ov. 20. Koportn of massa
cre of C'hrlaliiins In .laffa. Palestine,
caused the commander of the Russian
cruiser Olc' to weigh anchor and depart
hurriedly for that district today.
P"ivo Cliriullan missionary societies arc
represented in .l;uYa, L'alcstlno. Tho
(christian and iUintilonary alliance has a
station with one man, the Church Illa
blouary Society for Africa and the llast
two men and two women. I ho Tendon
Society for tljo T'romotlon of Christianity
Among the Jews two men and two
women, the f5evouth-day Advcntlnt Mis
sion board one man and ono woman, and
tho Tabctha Mission achool four men.
There Is also an American orphanage.
There aro .supposed to be about 10,000
Christians among tho Inhabitants, tho to
tal of whom la estimated at about 40,000.
There aro eight Christian churches and
four Jewish synagogues. There is an
English hospital' and a French hospital.
WAS ID KG TON, Nov. 20 Although
without confirmation of tho reported
massacre of Christians In Uio neighbor
hood of Jaffa, officials here admit thoy
havo been approheiisivo of such troubles
on the Syrian coast, where the religious
differences between tho Mohammedans
and Christians aro more pronounced than
in other parts of tho Ottoman empire.
American interests Jn that quarter aro
large, not only because of tho exten3lvo
fruit tra.de, but because of Uio prcfcnce
of a. large number of American mission
aries and educational lnsitltuliona.
Within twonty miles of Jaffa, which is
tho port of Jerusalem, aro throo impor
tant American missionary stations
Tavyibci Itamallnh and Ain Areck.
There is also a largo Jewish population,
but. so far It la not known that tho Jows
have been disturbed' by tho TtirkB or
A ni 1)3.
The foreign warships have been lying
at Beirut, about 150 nilica north of Jaffa,
and presumably ona of Uieso has been
dispatched lo tho lattov port.
'Jicnr Admiral Knight. n tho armorod
cruiser Tennessee, In now tipccdlng di
rectly for 'Beirut. His ahlp is duo at
Gibraltar, tomorrow, but It will require
almost a week's timo for the cruiser to
tako on coal and traverse tho length of
tho Mediterranean lo tho Syrian coant.
The slato department liad boon con
gratulating Itself upon tho immunity of
American interests from injury during
tho prtuicnt war. Today a cablegram
was received from tho American consul
at Salonlkl,. reporting that all American?
and American Interests there and at Ca
valla. which js now occupied by Uulgarian
rcgularn, wen; safe.
Oakland Citizen flakes Up His
Mind to Pay No More Bills
for ltepairs.
SAN FttANCISCO. Nov. 20. Obeying
the orders of his employer, 11. II. Hart
of Oakland, James Lltz. a chauffeur, ran
a $Jfi00 automobllo off tho rear of a fer
ryboat in San Francisco bay today. When
informed that the maehlno had been sunk
Jn tho hay. Hart wrote to the railroad
company offering lo pay the expenso if
the company would send a pllo driver to
hummer the automobile deeper into the
Hart's decision to "drown" tho offend
ing automobile was reached after It had
rolled up - repair bill amounting to $2000.
Yesterday ho called iMz into hJs library.
"Take that car out and lose it," he said.
'1 can't lose It." replied .7-1 tz; "It's too
well known, Somebody would find it and
bring it back again."
"Then sink It in the middle or tno bay,
said Hurt. '
The. chaurruiir left on his mission. 1-or
the Aral lime in weeks tho car ran
smoothly l- tl'o rry station, and was
driven aboard the boat. Lll askod tho
mato to show hint the deepest spot In the
harbor. When the boat reached Uie dc.
i 'niiif il nlaee. lItz ni the car to the
vpMHci'i apron, "hen ho pulled wide the
huu le and leaped to the deck. The
aulon obllc splashed Into the hay.
IN-D13LMSNDI5NCE, Kan.. Nov. 20. Mrs.
F.valine Staltiakcr, suing the Modern
Woodmen lodce of independence to en
force tho pay.ne.tt of a 52000 policy on
her husband's life, wao confronted by
Slalnaker In the district court hero this
.tuning. Tho Plaintiff becume speechless,
Sho at Hrst denied the identity of the
man. but later admitted he was her hus-
Tlt case was dismissed with the coals
asscad against Mrs. Stah.aker.
Holds Insurance Void.
ir! ?,OIN'KS. In.. Nov. 20.--Tho lojva
filial iS't-cs from automobile nccl
dcnlii is oid.
Crusade Started Against Doc
tors, Druggists and Others
for Violation of Secliun
21 1,-PenafCodc.
Mrs. Ella Martin, 336 West
.Third North Street, Salt
Lake, Taken Into Custody
by U..S. Marshal.
T T.SHTiN"GTON". Xov. 20. A na-tion-wido
raid, involviitjj l.lto
)jj y arrest; of 17:! persons hi l.lto
principal cities of the coun
try, was mado today liv pos'offico in
spectors and United States marshals,
upon doctors and dru concerns charged
wil.lt misuse oC the mails to solicit
criniiual medical practice, or lo dis
pose of medicines or instruments con
nected with such practice
Tho mid the most extensive and
far-reaching ever made 'by the govern
ment was under tho personal direction
oE Postmaster General Hitchcock and
Chief Inspector Robert; S. Sharp of tho
postof fico. 4 department, So careful"
had its dotails been guarded until the
first arrests woro made at Indianapolis
early in tho day, practically nothing
was known of the government's con
templated action. "Working with clock
Iiko procision, tho inspection -force
spread over twenty-two slates, carried
out tho prearranged plans, and tonight
the postoffico department had received
word that practically all the desig
nated persons had bcou arrested.
Nearly All Arrested. I
The results of tho crusade are still
being received tonight by the inspec
tor's division of tho postoffico depart
ment in the .form of telegrams front
various divisional headquarters. Tn
isolatod instance? it was found im
practicable to effect the arrost3, lut
tko suspected peraons against whom
warrants have been issued aro under
survcillaueo a.ud probably will 1)0 un
able to escape.
Chief Inspector Shnrp and a largo!
part of bis force of 3f0 inspectors had
boon engaged for seven months uuder
tho orders of tho postmaster general,
in working up the. cases in which ar
rests woro made today. 'Many oT those
taken into custody woro members of
prominent wholesale and retail drug
concerns or physicians well known in
their own communities.
Tho' government will proscculo the
cases vigorously, according to a Ktato
iiicnt by I'ostmaslcr General Hitch
cock tonight.
'Work of Two Years.
"The work of tho postoffico inspec
tors today is tho culmination of the
erusado instituted moro than two 3'ears
ago agatDst tho fraudulent and unlaw
ful use of the mnil3, ' J said Mr. Hitch
cock. "Tn that "contparalivcly brief
tinio we havo wiped out of existence
concerns that havo mulcted the pooplo
of this country out of moro than $100,
000,000 by fraud:! perpetrated through
the use of tho mails, and tho courts
havo sent many of tho promoters of the
fraudulent schomcs to the penitentiary,
where- thoy are now serving time.
"Tho wide publicity . given to the
arrests today will -do more to put an
end to this particular sort of crimin
ality than any number of practically
unknown prosecutions of widely sepa
rated cases."
Many interesting incidents in con
nection with tho raids ltavc been re
ported. Obtained Evidence.
In 1'Vtrt Worth, Tex., a doctor upon
whom an inspector called after receiv
ing a letter from him, rcfusod to dis
cuss ll.o subject until hia loiter was
produced. Tho envelope born tho re
ceipt Ktamp of tho postoffico depart
ment, which the inspector covered wiih
his thumb as he exhibited the letter.
Ho then drew tho letter from tho en
velope, handed it to the doctor and
concluded his arrangemcntn, thus com
pleting the necessary chain of evidence.
Ono" doctor "l ""ns, Tex., .frankly
informed the inupector who sought his
services that if caught by the authori
ties it would cost him .j0U0 to got
away, it"d that, as liis caller wus as;
deep in the utud us ho was in thu mire,
it would cost him a similar sum,
Ivopreseutintr himself as one who de
sired to cngago his services, an in
spector interviewed ji suspected physi-
Continued on Paye Throe.
Western End of the Island of
Jamaica Devastated; Forty
two Persons Meet Death
at Mo n lego Bay.
Storm Begins on Friday, Nov.
15, and Lasts Five Days,
the Wind Blowing at Rale
of 100 Miles an Hour.
KriNOSTOWN, Jamaica. Xov. 20.
'I'lio western end of tho island
of Jamaica has Ijcen devastated
by a hurricane lasting fivo
days. y
A groat tidal wavo has swept over
the north and south coasts, practically
wiping out Savannah l;a Mar and
Lucea. botli lowns of considerable im
portance. According to a report brought by
steamer, forty-two persons wcro killed
tit Montcgo Bay.
All ' tho roads have been wrecked
along tho southwestern coast ami in-
calculable thunago has been done. Com
munication between Kingstown and the
center of destruction is not likely to
bo resumed for a wcok. -
Swept Far Inland.
The latest reports indicate that the
tidal wavo swept over Savannah La
Mar and adjacent villages for si quar-
tor of a mile inland. Tho effects of
tho Lurrieauo exteuded along the coast
eastward to Black. river, about twenty
fivo utiles from Savannah La Mar,
where the residential quarter was
Tho governor of Jamaica has left on
a special train accompanied by a de
tachment of artillerymen. who havo
takon with them 1500 touts and food
stuffs, as in certain sections tho people
aro homeless and destitute.
Began November 15.
The gale began November 35, and
continued in increasing fury for several
Vessels arriving in port reported that
tho wiud was blowing over 3 00 milos
an hour.
Lucea is a town of two thousand in
habitants on an inlet On the northwest
coast of Jamaica, whilo -Savannah La
Mar is a seaport with about the same
population on the' southwost coast, al
most directly across tho island.
Tho observer of the metorological
station in tho western part of the island
sent the following report today:
"Tho full force of tho hurricane
struck here Monday. Tho observatory
was partly wrecked."
Late reports says that the entire
wharf frontago at Moutego Baj- has
been wrecked.
HAMMOND, Ltd., Nov. 20. Harry
Mooso, formnrly city clerk of Hammond,
today waii nonlcncfd to Ivo years In the
penitentiary for perjury in connection
with tho graft cufleu Involving Mayor
Knott mid heveral aldermen, who wore
ucjuiltml. Moose wuk one of tho chief
lliH'.isca for the defenao In the graft
i rials.
g s fcg
Mrs. Szabo Strangled, Accord
ing to Doctor and Eye-Witness
of Tragedy. -
G OS HEX, Xov. 20. Dr. George. King,
official physician of Hudson coun
ty, Xow Jersey, testified for the
state today in tho trial of Burton
W. Gibson, attorney of Mrs.
Kosa Menschik Szabo -that Mrs.
fc'.abo met death in Greenwood inke. July
lfi last from strangulation. Of this he
was positive, ho said. He was equally
sure, he continued, that atrangulntlon was
caused by compressing on the throat
above tho Adam's apple.
"How long would one have to press
against the throat to couso death?" asked
Assistant District Attorney Wascrvogcl.
"If a certain nerve wcro touched death
probably would be Instantaneous," he re.
Early in tho day John Mlnturn, an eye
witness of tho tragedy, swore that he !
sow Gibson place an arm around Mrs.
Szabo'n neck and thrust Ills hand to her
throat. This waa while Gibson and tho
woman wcro in the boat 700 3nrds from
the shore. They both fell out, Mlnturn
sold, and Gibson swam lo the boat, over
turned It and then apparently. tried to pull
the shirt of his bathing suit over his head!
Tho defense maintains that, tho drown
ing woman tore tltG shirt from Gibson's
Four clerks from one banking Institu
tion testified that within three weeks
after the tragedy Gibson, as Mrs. Sr-alio's
executor, had withdrawn her bank depos.
its, amounting to $::'J. A clerk from an
other bank said Gibson had tried in vain
three times lo obtain $30G2 on deposit In
Mrs. Szubo'i; name In the bank where
ho was employed. This witness snld Gib
eon told him Mrs. Sr.abo had died of kid
ney dlseaso and heart trouble.
Other witnesses variously testified that
Gibson had told them after Mrs. Szabo's
death that sho had sonc to Chicago und
Ronton, that she was awny on a honey
moon and that oho hud sailed for Europe.
Salt Ijakcrs in New York.
Special to Tho Tribune.
NEW VOKIC, Nov. 20.-Martlniiiue, L
V Bedflali, Mrs. R V. Bodfish.
Witnesses in. Alleged." Trust
Case'Snmmoned by Mar-
. shal Anderson. ;
' Suvcral Salt Lake and other Utah men
will testify, at tho trial of the Xatlonal
Cash Register company in tho United
Slalcu court in Cincinnati. It is under
stood' that testimony 'Will begin December-
" Tho National company Is accused
by the. American Cush Register company,
a rival corpos-ation, of violntlng the .Sher
man anti-trust lav and with using unfair
methods, lo drive its competitor out of
The Utah witnesses will leave carry
next. week for Cincinnati. Among those
summoned aro J. P. Mellslrup. local
agent of the American Cash P.eglter
company; Thomas Wool ley of Mill Creek.
E. C. Ktigloy of Hollldny. Richard C.
Cowan of Stilt Lake and Krcd W. Gray
of Salt Lake. Tho government wilt try
to show that some of those witnesses
purchased registers from thu American
company and that later efforts wcro made
to have them give up these registers and
substitute machines from the Xatlonal
company. It Is charged that agents of
the National company offered them spe
cial inducements to break their contracts
with the American company and that 1 lie
Xatlonal makes a practlco of culling
prices to a rcmorkablo extent just to
deprive lis rival of sales.
Tho witnesses wore summoned through
tho office of United States Marshal James
If. Anderson. Probubly more will be sub
pocnacd before the case opens. Tho de
fense may alo put. men from Utah on
the stand. Oscur Groshcll. local agent
of tho National company, obtained a list
of tho local men summoned by tho gov
ernment recently and then b'ft for Cln-
(Oontlnucd on Pago Two.) ,
Bulgari a ns, Unable to 99
Hold the Advanced Po B
sitions They Had Se-
cured at Frightful Cost, H
Fall ' Back With Their I
Heavy Artillery, Los- H
ing Heavily in Retreat. H
Nazim Pasha and Gen- H
era! SavofT to Meet at
Hademkeui to Arrange H
Armistice; Peace Likely H
to Result; Servia PvHodi- H
fies Her Demands Re- I
garding Albania. B
Special Corrcsponcnt of the Interna
tionnl Ncwu .Service and the London
Chronicle. ID
Special Cable to The Tribune. HE
HADEMKKUT.. Nov. 20. Th0 re- H
suit or the battle' of Tchatalja H
has turned in favor of the B
Turks, who have gained their fl
firnt advantage ia this war al. their MB
last stand. The 'Bulgarians, unable lo
liold the advanced positions tboy had flj
itor.ncd 'at -so much-cost", and having HH
failed to make any impression on tho HI
fori:s around I fadcmlioui, have now J
fallen back with their heavy artillery.
As they retreated tho Turkish guns HI
shelled them, thi.s rcvorsiug all pre- MM
vious experiences of the campaign. MM
The fighting has been very severe
and the JJulgariau loss, especially i'' H
the. retreat, was considerable. All tbo MM
redoubt3 taken 'b- the enemy have now gj
been reocenpied by the Turks, who aru HI
much elated at having beaten off what.
they consider was the .Bulgarian main MM
attack. Tt is probable, however, that '1
tho Bulgaiia:is regarded it merely a Hj
a reconnoiesance in force, designed to
rest .the strength and vulnerability of
thu Turkish wor!e. BH
Both Sides Exhausted. H
Belli sides are much cxhaustel by MM
reason xof (he fearful artillery duel of
tho last fevr days. The Turks tits- 8fl
played an infinitely bettor fighting
spirit than hitherto, aud the infantry B
iu particular showed admirable steadi- mM
was and morale. jB
Papas Burgas, to the extreme loft of H
the line, is again in the hands of tho
Today there ha3 been comparative HH
tranquillity. Occasionally a little ?.r- UK
tillcry firing- has broken out on tho IM
riu'ht and left flanks, but for the mo- HH
merit the Bulgarians have bed enough
of fighting and show no tigua of re- U
sum ing the offensive.
' Tho forts around Hademkeui bad hH
proved harder nuts to crack thau Ib 1
oneiny imagined. The finer class of
the Turkish resorves arc jiow in the
.fighting lino. Thoy show great stead-
iucss und aro doing luuch to restore
the ancient prestige of tho Turkish H
Losses Are Heavy. fl
Tho last engagement eulailcd great fl
losses on both sides and tho Turkish HH
wounded aro now scrved'hy a decently ill
good nmbuluDCo corps, which is bring- flR
ing the maimed soldiers into Uadein- HI
kcut in large numbers. H
Tho great battle which will prob- BH
ablj decide tho futo of tho Turkish 8H
army, if not of Turkey itsolf, began
at daylight Sunday when Iho lJul- H
garians look (ho offensive. They HH
opened a heavy fire on tho Turkish
advanced works in front of Hadent-
keui, which runs along tho valley of HH
Throughout tho day the Bulgarian.".
concentrated all their efforts iu trying IH
to break through tho Turkish lines be- WM
tweou Hademkeui and tho head of
Biyuk Chekmejo lake. The Bulgarians HH
iu force were immediately north and WH
south of Tchatalja, which stands on BHf
low ground, nndor the sholtor of tho Ejp
hills. Tchatalja itself, which is undc H8r
fended, was occupied nomo daj'a ago K'J
by the enemy's cavalry. Hfil
Three days ago tho "Bulgarians oc- lm
citpicd Obtuaiili on their extreme left !nlr
and Xit'llik Keui. which is further wnffir
(Oontlnuod on Paso Two.X

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