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Tribunal Convenes
')f When Injunction
jll Be Asked.
)1C Tribune.
CO Ida.. Nov. 0. -Tho fait
district court opens on Io
ad the trial calendar begins
s jlondiiv. with Judgo Al
an tl'o Pencil. A trial Jury
sht members hua been ini
b moat Important matters
ult brought by Standrorl and
an injunction restraining
jssor and Collector U R.
ollecilng tho Pocatnllo City
nllla on tbo dollar for sen
rposcs and an extra levy of
die redemption of outstand
jo will ulso bo called upon
matter of tho difficulty ho
lly council and the electric
5of the iurors are: John
ace, 'Frank Iauo of Poea
"nwvor of Poeatello. Wil-
.'Bnson of Freedom, Marlon Col-
illcCammon. Asa fall of Ches
:j. j, Williams of Poeatello. lSen
ef I.ago, Warren Smith of
Ijka Henderson of ArJno. li. A.
U Poeatello. E. C Stratford of
t. I', .lohtison of Downey,
BTliy of Poeatello. D. 31. Chad
"Oiestcrilcld. Phil St. Mario of
(, Martin Thomas of Downey.
nen of Poeatello. ,T;imcs Kellar
Crk, Kdwln Cittens or Me
Ailcy Dewey of Dewey, Charles
'. Perry. Alma Marlcy of Me
R. C. G'cddcs of Oxford, II. J.
I Poeatello, O B Pldeock of
ipplar ?csions of Chestcrlicld
Kliah County Men Asked to
Way 52000 Damages.
S"h9 Tribune.
3, Nov. 20, Two prominent
cnty men havo hmn summoned
Jictloii, and atltcd to pay S2000
t for hanging to a trco last .Au-li.year-old
fI.JPcteron, by bin guardian nd
komas Peterson, has filed suit In
rlct court hero against. I, ;irs A.
o A. Johnson, brother., (o col
nplary damages In the .sum of
a for cor.fs of court. Tho com-U-a
that on August IR. inJ.
stents charged Sorcn Peterson
ring stolen ?S from (hem. and
(trf liini to make him confess,
prison brothers, who also resldo
Itdn, were arrested on a criminal
d connection with the case and
irralpacd in court each pleaded
uuault and paid a line,
las Bridcnbamch has begun suit
(co ugiilnst Harry io. liridcn
iHeSitig desertion as a cause.
n raanled al Ogdcn March 2-i,
1 tho plaintiff alleges that the
WH.'i'Mrttd and abandoned her
b 23, 1011. There is one child,
rinl Months old, whose cuatndv
together with 533 a month
ii'Kn4 ?30 attornev fees.
Br Will Be Asked to Provide for
mBk Despite Defeat of Amendment.
,'.!Bjb TIia Tilbune
diAL, Xov. 20. People of the re
yM.fl"t be content without a nor.
iPpr at least another two years.
jfBWHutional amendment providing
Drutlon of counties by the stare
W iviifi overwhelmingly dofeat
XHiroall tho other proposed auicud
ffiWielcr, the county seat of Wa
ign'i.ls eighty miles from tho
sH. Ce,Ja' View and Mvlon eouu
f 'to mike the trip, cspcolallv in
WlF V"'C work? a hardship lipon
.afiiust attend oouri.
imm be an effort lo havo the leg-
S f01' hoIdJn? com'- n i,c
ixw'intcer Firemen Effective.
jjJHto The Tribune.
iC1TV Nov. 20. At 10 o'clock
WH?nsW,re broke out on the roof
Jfn.Dona.vaii'g saloon building.
.LlR01 Ul.0 volunteer firn brigade
PWfPred their usual tasks and
'wi iul In a Jiffy" Tho (lam"
pcnsin fs mS ?J, W-? ) ircU f sn,alnes-lht:y aro slow, but not uro. Dia-
Ipl JK y j
fWces v indigestion, dystopsia, mmmj0iXp
Cake-Baking- nnd Candy-jMak-
ing- Conlesl Pari of the
. Demonstration.
Special lo Tho Tribune.
PMOVO. Nov. The use of home
products by home people is the lliome of
dincusjslou among- Provo cltkicns ihis
week, especially In the home by the
hour.ckeeper.!. JVlrs. Olive llavens of Salt
JHl.-e, rcsldcnt of Ihe Utah Home In
du.slry aysoeialion. Ih hero anil will re
main all Iho week. She, with Mrs. Nel
lie 10. Taylor, president of tlm local or
ganly.ali'in, and other members aro en
gaged in wr;lig up interest in f lie i
movement for I lie support of homo in
dustries A mnetln-7 of Uie ladles of the city has
been called by Mrs. Havens lo convene
at tho Commercial club rooms Friday
afternoon at o'clock lo discuss the
question and adopt measures for a more
general moral and llnanehtl support of
home-made arlieles. Mr.;. Havens Is at
tempting to Interest housewives v. ho arc
the buyers, but all who care to arc urged
to attend the meeting.
Un Saturday a special demonstration
of articles In which I Mali suar is used
will be made ni tho SlMh ward bazaar,
in I he old tabernacle. There will bo ex
hibits of preserved fruits. Jolltc.:, cakea.
etc. A prize of twenty pounds of sugar
will bo awarded for tho best cake math
from Utah products. Twenty pounds of
sugar will also be given for the bust
candy made from Utah sugar.
Hot Time Expected.
Special to The Tribune.
POCAT1SLLO, Idaho. Nov. i'O. Tomor
row night will no doubt be a live meet
ing of the oily council, as the leaders of
the Socialist party in tho city will be
present In full force and have signified
their intention of advising the council
in regard to t lie franchises now pend
ing, tennis J. O'Mabone.y, leader of the
local followers of Debs, invites the gen
eral pubiir to Join in what he claims
will bo a demonstration.
Academy Journal Out.
Special to The Tribune.
POCATl'JLT.O. Ida., Nov, 20. The Ida
ho Tcchniad. tho official paper of the
student body of tho Academy of Idaho,
niado Its Initial appearance for this year
hist Monday. This Is volume three. The
cdltor-ln-chief is Arthur Glfford, a senior
from King Hill, while tho business man
ager Js Theodore Turner, Jr., a senior
of Poeatello.
(ou are protected
iy Building Your Home
The Bettilyon Way
THANKSGIVING N is always more
pleasantly spent under one's own
roof. Many happy families will gather
round the fireside in their Bettilyon
built homes next Thursday.
This Is Your Chance l,o buy ;i home with
i lie money that you urc wasting: on i-cut Why
'gtay in tho. samr; old rut? You can easily bc
! goioe your own landlord.
If You Own a Lot we will .furnish the
money and build your home, and you can pay
v for it by small monthly installments. No
! money required iu advance. If You Do Wot
Own a Lot, we wilL buy one for you, upon
your making a small cash payment. "Wo will
, then build thtj home on terms outlined above.
We Protect You and Your Heirs
from possible loss, cither through sickness or
i death.
I Oome to Our Office and let us tall? the
I matter over. It wilt be our pleasure to take
you out ami show you the many beautiful
homes that we have built and those that .are
t now being erected.
rasH Builders to.
I 10 and 12 E. Third So., Salt Lake City, Utah,
pvT"" .
ft 'i
UOISH. Ida.. Nov. ". Wood row Wil
son curried Idaho In the- lecenl election
by J 1 10 votes, according to the nfflehil
count, which was completed todav when
the missing ballot box from one. of the
prer liieis was found. The ofllehil returns
give. UMUon :;:;,t8o ; Tafl, D.STu; Koose-
vcii, 2r,,i.n.
Joe Hill, Accused of Glvinn Bad Checks
and Sclllna Another Man's Home.
Special to The- Tribune.
VlittNAU Nov. :'0. SMicriff "niehord
Pope, brought .lnaeph Hill, a half bleed,
back from CVorado and placed him in
jail yesterday. Hill Is accused of giving
spurious checks and of sellinc a borne
which ho did not. own. Deputy Sheriff
A I wonrl arrested Hill "ii the train near
A tehee. Colo. Hill hud been drinking so
much that lie is quite III.
Garage at Brlgham.
nUIGHAAI riTV, Nov. 20. ISrIghum
City will soon have a modern automo
bile parage. Kinutaon Hrothors will
erect the building on their property
south of the Union block. It will be 100
feet deep, with a front on Tilaln street
of Hi) feet. A. 15. Truclson, who is now
running a small repair shop, will occupy
tho now building.
Weather forecast foe Salt Lake City
and the state of Utah Local: Fair
Thursday and Friday.
Comparative weather data at Salt
Lake City, November 20, iyi2.
Highest temperature today was II de
grees: highest in this month slnco 187-1
was 71 degrees; lowest last night was ::i
degrees: lowest thla month sinew 1S71
way 2 degrees below zero; mean temper
ature for today was ".7 degrees; normal
was 30 degrees; accumulated excess since
the first, of tin month is 50 degrees; ac
cumulated deficiency since January 1 is
20K degrees.
Relative humidity at C a. m. today was
02 per cent; relative humidity at 0 p. m.
today was 6ti per cent.
Total precipitation for the twenty-four
hours ending at 0 p m. was ."2 of an
inch: total for this month to date is I.-'!-! i
indies; accumulated excess for this !
month to date is of an Inch: total
precipitation since January 1 to date Is
!."! Inches; accumulated excess since
January I Is 2.72 inches.
Sun rises 7:2y a. m.; sun sets 5".p5 p.
in., November 21, ID12.
Temperature j i
y -I
s -t- "a
a : a 5
SATyr ii.Ai-rc -12 -til r.il .:i2
Uolse . 10 IS .1 .10
Chcyenno ."I I I lol .00
Chicago 5S 01 -III .00
Donvei -10 Oil ."6. .00
Dcs Tvlulnes , 101
Dodge City -IS 01 -10! 00
DnI u til !! 52 ::s; .00
Durango -II 52 22' .00
Grand Junction 2l!....
Havre -10 ISl :JS! .00
Helena HS t2i OSl .oo
Huron -hi f.OI I .00
Jacksonville C2 72 IS .00
Kansas City (lo! GSI is! .00
Lander "2 12) 2S .01
L.os Angeles 70 S0l r.2l .00
Alodena .".S -H :io! .00
iSIoorhcai! -0 f.O 2S .00
New Orleans G2 72 ilG .00
New York 51 f-S -12 .00
North Platte -1C 02 20 .00
Oklahoma . ...I T.S OS -12 .00
Phoenix 02 OS -12 .00
Poeatello . ........ ::o ?.$ :m .io
Portland. Or f.2 o2 (I .00
Rapid City -10 52 OS .00
Roseburg IS r.2l ::s .01
San Diego 02 Oil 5S .00
St. Louis 02 70 -ISl .no
St. Paul -is r.i ;:sl .00
San Francisco 01 OS 001 .00
Peattlo u0 f.Oi It' .01
Sheridan lit III 2S: .on
Spokano 12 llj .oo
Tonopati !!S 12: '.'. .00
Washington IS 0C -10 .00
wiiiisioii . no u ;n .oo
WInncniucca 'M -10! 32 .00
A Great Building Pall8
wbon its foundation is undermined and
i tlio foundation of health good di
gestion is attacked, quick collnpao
follows. On the first sijrna nf iudies
tion, Dr. King's New Ijtl'o Pills should
bo takon (o tone tbo titomacli and reu
lato livor, kidneys and bowols. Ploas
ant, cany, safe, uud only 25 cents at
Schramm-.! ohnson, Drugs.
Reception to Be Given.
A reception will be tendered this even
ing to Anna S. Musser, Zurvlah G.
liirdley. Mary 13. Tiodson, ICmlly Uob
blns, Ida Spiers and ICmma Curler, for
mer officers of the Liberty Stake Relief
socle tv. An interesting literary and mu
sical programme- bus been arranged.
"It is a pleasure- to tell you I hat
Chamberlain'! Cough Remedy is the
beat cough medicine T iiuvo over uacd;"
writes Mrs. .Hugh Campbell of Avouia,
Ga. "T have used it with all my chil
dren and tbo rctjultu havo boon nighly
satisfactory. For sale by all dealers.
Spokane and Return.
Via Oregon Short Liuo Kovomber "2
ami 'S, (or American Mlninjr eongress.
Limit, December S. City ticket office
Hotel Utah.
. (rii'crtltenicnt)
Home Visitors Excursion East.
Uhicitgo, St. "Until and 'Miuneapolj!i
and rcturu. Dates of sale November
23. 2o, December 21 and 'Si, 1912. l)i
verHo ronton via tbo Chicago & North
western railway. For rates and limits
addrec3 ( A. Walker, fxcnernl acent, lilj
Main ulrcot, Salt bake (;ity, LTtaL
mmiam Pone I
Born Nov. 6, 1841. Died Nov. 19, 1912.
: :
R wmtW la
mm a mm
is raw DIES
VYilliajn Bone, Who Helped
Frcighl Tabernacle Organ,
E-vpircs at Age of 71.
Special to The Tribune.
LI5HI, Nov. 20.- William Bone died at
bis home hero yesterday afternoon of
heart disease, lie wan one of Weill's
foremost citizens, having for years served
as president of the Lehi Irrigation com
pany, a farmers organization. Ho was
also a member of the l.chJ city council
for severul terms, lie was born in Bed
fordshire, l-'iislan-J, November 0. IS 11.
Twenty years later ho came to' Utah,
crossing tho plains with an ox team.
The year afler arriving In Uijih be mar
ried Miss I'-annie Wagstaff and the year
following he returned wJth an ox team
lo tho Missouri river for other emigrants.
He was a veteran of tho Ulack JIawk
Indian war, serving In Sanpete and
Sevier counties in 1S0C-07. He helped to
haul by ox team the Salt Lake taber
nacle' organ from the Missouri river. He!
leaves two sons and four daughters, all
of whom arc married except the young-1
'''' 35
Purity in food, lower cost of living y I
these are the demands of the day. J. H
Pure food is health, and health is economy itself. We can- " H
not have health without healthful food. ; H
The most healthful foods are the quickly raised flour foods . K
biscuit, cake, muffins, crusts and other pastrywhen perfectly H
made from wholesome ingredients. H
Dr. PRICE'S baking powder makes these foods in specially ' H
attractive, appetizing and wholesome form, and for both x H
economic and hygienic reasons, such foods should be more H
largely substituted for meat in the daily diet. ; H
But bear in mind that alum, or V H
unwholesome baking powder, can -'' "; H
; v never make pure, wholesome food. wAC H
est daughter. Miss Clam Bone, who is a
missionary at St. Joseph, Mo.
Tho funeral will bo held Friday at 3
Boy Scouts at Brigbaui.
BRIC-HAM CITT. Nov. 20. Tho Mutual
Improvement associations liavo finally
organized four companies of boy scouts,
ono company for each waxd. Captains
have been selected and will noon start
drilling the boys. The heads of the or
ganizations are: Klrst ward, Vance
Tlngey; Second ward, C. O. Roskelley:
Third ward, Alfred Freeman; Fourth
ward, W. V. Call.
Tart Par iu 1-cad.
POCATJG.LLO. Idaho, Nov. 20. Tho of
flelal count of Bannock county has been
finished by the cominlsslontirs. Tt shows
Taft 2320. Wilson I ISO. Roosevelt G01. WBm
Debs 112, Haines 2521, Hawley U67. Mar
tin 050. Contrary to expectations. th HI
road bond issue of $200,000 failed by a Wj
few votes. Ml
I Effective November 28, 1912, we will make a great reduction in toll rates over our Long f p
Distance lines in the States of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah, and between these I y M
I States and Colorado. I
This reduction is made because the toll rates charged by the former Rocky Mountain Bell I
fTelephone company were higher than thoseSn other parts of The Mountain States Telephone I mt
and Telegraph Company's territory. For instance, it formerly cost $1.00 to talk -100 miles in I ifJJ
the state of Utah, while in Colorado it cost go. 80. Under the new tariff schedule the IM
rates will be the same for like distances throughout our system. A few examples are given ;$
below : t 'ISl
From Salt Lake City, Utah, I
vf''"':. To , Old Rate New Rate J''"''' ' I f
1 ; American Fork " r.: 30 $ .25 ' il
B0iSe r... ...r. . -. . .; 3.05 2.60
Cheyenne ;....,.,.:!.:.:.;.;...:". .;.:.-.-..,, 3.80 3.45 . ; . ;; mi
-" Coalville ...j...,. '.'...i .30 .25 ; m
I v Denver ...... .;. . ., l.'.;.-...3.-.--. .. .2 4.55 . 3.55 4 'M
. Ephraim l.J.-.,.-. .-.j (.-.:.:.,.... i.:. 1.00 - . .SO ; 1
. Helena -...r. -.., j. :...T.-..r.r.-.-.:. 4.05 3.50 C" ! 11
I Idaho Falls !.,.'.v.,..-.:.1.i.M...1...,.r,:., .-i ..95 f-- 1.55 .'.y 11
j i :' Kemmerer m-m.i.-.t.j.'-i-j-w-.;.: -05 .85 $Z::X
I . Logan . ...:.r.-'.. ;.:-.i.7.-.r. . . .65 - ' ' .50 .. ;.
I . v, Malad ... . ::-...-.-.r... ?l .10 1 .. .85 V-:V - j
8 . Montpelief l. 20 , ' . .95 ; ' " M
I ' Mt. Pleasant .-.j .8 : .70. j H
1 ; Poeatello r.-.r.r.:...,.;.r.-. .....r.-.; ;1.50' ;f 1.20 . r
I , PrOVO ... ,:.-.T.n.-. .j .40 y .30 . 1
I i Rock Springs l.:.r.).l.l.i.1.l..u.l..i.r.-l .'1 .55 .! i;. 2 5 . .vh-; ii
I . .... ,.: ,',: Spanish Fork .r.;.;. .?.r.r.r.;.-:.-..-. ,..!.: .50 .40" , i&r? '
'.' Tooele .......... .f.r...:. .:..;V.wi't.i. -.::. -30 .25 !:H
Twin FaHs ..:...:.;... .l.1.;..t.t.;. '1.8.5 1.50 ' m
For recluctions to hundreds of other points in these states, inquire of the "Long Distance" I
operator. I B
I The Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph 8o. 1
I We have 75,000 miles of copper wire connecting 200,000 subscribers, reaching- practically eveiy city, town, village, uud I j
hamlet in the mountain states, from Canada to Mexico. j j,Jj

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