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I mm to be
Ail- Persons Not Directly In
terested in the Hearing; Will
Be Excluded.
Jailed at San Luis Obispo on
Charge, " but Was Never
Brought to Trial.
IB- Intornatlonul .'ewa Service.
LOSANGELISS, Nov. 21 Carl Warr,
alias Ricdclbaucli, alias Davis, the most
fantastic fiptire in t ho criminal history
of California, -will tomorrow .bo taken
before Justic-c Warron "Williams at tho
Uuivcrrity police court. This precau
tion of removing him from the central
station for his hearing- trill bo followed
further by excluding all persons not di
rectly interested in the proceedings.
Warr, who held tho polico department
of Los Angeles at bay with a bomb at
I lie headquarters, last Tuesday for more
than an liour and caused all trallic to
be stopped in one of tho busiest centers
of tho city, may later becomo a federal
prisoner. "Detectives today learned that
lie had been held in n'ail a montli in San
L-iiiH Obispo, Cab, last year on a charge
of having counterfeit coin in ln3 pos
session. While iu jail thero ho attempt
ed to eud his lifo by starvation. The
caso against him thoro wan dismissed
because it could not be ouud how ho
came into possession of tho' coins.
Showed Great Ingenuity.
Polico believo that tho remarkable
ingenuity and cunning ho showed in
making the bomb was utilized earlier
in making counterfeiting molds and a
thorough search is being mado of the
L'icdelbauch home for buried evidence
against him.
"That Warr had enough dynamito in
cache- to have devastated a whole city
was shown ycsterd:iy when two caches
were uncovered iu San Bernardino coun
tv. This dynamite, of the SO per cent
grade used by the McNamaras, was
stolen from a quarrj" and hidden by the
Warr is one of tho most puzzling
characters the polico ever attempted to
analyze. ITis weird methods of opera
tion and erratic ideas at first caused the
Police to boliovc that ho was insane.
"Xow the alienists assert .that the man
is sano but with an abbcration that is
The prisoner combines the most sano
s-'atptnenis and clear logic with gro
tesque reasoning.
Clings to Story.
Warr still clings to his story that ho
wanted tho presideut of tho "Southern
Pacific railroad brought before him
when he entered tho polico station last
Tuesday, mnsked and armed with his
strangd infernal niacin' no and revolver.
Tor more than an hour ho held the po
'ite at bay and played his wits against
t lie combined scheming of a scoro of the
shrewdest, police officials. So afraid wore
the police heads that Warr would sot
off the bomb that all the .iail prisoners
were ordered removed to the street and
hc jail building virtuall' depopulated.
Warr's undoing was brought about by
the bravery of Detectives ITosick.
Brown and Fitzgerald. TJosiik struck
him on the head with a night stick
while Detectives Fitzgerald and Brown
seized the box of mechanism and dyna
mite, carried it from the building and
tore it to pieces in the street, extin
guishing the sputtering fuse which "Warr
had touched off before it could reach
the dynamite.
I Remodel City Hall.
Special to The Tribune.
svVLaiO.V CITY. Nov. 21. In accord -
urifp. with recommendations from State
Sanitary Inspector Parker, the old city
all and Jail here is beliur remodeled and
t paired. A large room for council pur-I
pofs. four cell?, a bath room and new
df. trie llqht wiring are among the Im
iru uroents, which will cost the city 1 500.
Samosc Sold Undor Schramm-Johnson
Drug Co. "No Cure No Pay" Plan.
Thero are a good mauy peoplo in Salt
Lake City who ardently 'wish they could
hnd some way of getting fat and plump.
While not ill, 3et they arc so thin and
scrawny that their friends think they
cannot be well. Tn nine cases out of ten
this condition cau bo roally overcome
by using the combination ot flesh-form-int.'
foods known as Samoae. This little
tablet taken three times a day v.ith the
food docH wonders in building up good
health and restoring tho pleasing plutnp
TiosH that is so desirable.
Schrainm-Johnson Drujr Co. have tho
agency for this preparation and soli it
with tho promise that if it docs not do
all thafis claimed for it in malting pco.
nlo 2aLn in weight and in hcnltli, tho
mono' will bo refunded.
You certainly can afford to try a 50c
box on this -plan, as Sarnoeo will cost
ou nothing unless it gives satisfaction.
UR equipment for the
Hj H w I protection and safe-
guarding of money as
woll aa the uncxcollcd.
M facilities afforded for the
fl transaction of all financial,
U 11(luclary aud- investment af-
Hll hH lairs is cor(iially placed at the
-11 c,l5P3al f ti,c PcPlR of Salt
II -ac county with complete as.
: suranco that any business in-
HlJ trusted to the institution 1
Hi1 shU c nandlctl in a safc nncl cfl
j jHj cicnt manner.
- '
THE SALT liAKB seour-
-., ITY & TRUST CO.,
Much Important Legislation to
Be Considered During- the
Short Session.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 2-1. Congress
will reconvene a. week, from tomorrow'
for the Jaut short session of .Republican
control iu national Jcglnlatlon.
Comparatively few senators and repre
sentatives had reached "Washington to
day, but dlscusfitou has been active during
the la'st week among those on the scene
over plans for the winter's work and tho
prospects for the special tariff session
next spring.
While the tarifC is not scheduled for
consideration this winter, the thrco
months of the short session will bo
crowded with legislative work. In addi
tion to the appropriation bills, congress
will bo forced to dispose of a quantity
of general and special mnttcr left pend
ing with the adjournment of the long
session in August.
During the early part of the session
the house will be busy shaping appro
priation bills, while tho scnalo Is dis
posing of tho Impeachment trial of Judge
Robert J". Archbald of I he commcrco
court, to begin December 3.
Bills on Hurry List.
Several Important measures will bo
pushed for enrly acllon In the senate,
among them tho resolution of Senator
WorkH of California to limit the posl
dent to a slnglo six-year term, the fahep-pard-Kcnyon
bill prohibiting the ship
ment of liquor into prohibition states and
the vocational education bill of Senator
Page of Vermont. The bill of Konator
Borah creating a department of labor Is
srhedulcd for early consideration.
The department of labor bill has passed
the house, but thai body would still have
to act on the vocational education bill
and tho six-year presidential term meas
ure If thev passed the senate. The
prohibition liquor measure will be pushed
in tho house bv Representative Shcppard
of Texas, who will succeed Senator
Bailey In the next congress.
Anti-Trust Legislation.
Energetic efforts will be made in both
houses to secure legislation amending the
Sherman anti-trust law and limiting con
tributions to campaign funds.
The committee headed by Senator Clapp
will probably formulate a measure limit
ing campaign contributions, based upon
its extensive investigations.
EfTorts will be made during the session
to repeal at least a part of tho Canadian
reciprocity agreement.
Congres9ipen now In Washington do
not expect any action on currency legis
lation during the short session. Tho
house committee on banking and cur
rencv will proceed with Its Investigation
of the currency and credit situation with
considerable difficulty, and it may be un
able to conclude Its investigation early
enough to submit any measures before
March I- It Is practically certain that
no action will be taken on the Aldrlch
currency plan.
(Continued from Page One.)
iioss stand at Tndianapolis," ho said.
,cThcn I shall testify to far more than
has been brought to light and to a great
deal moro than some persons would pre
fer. "The purpose of suggesting that I be
questioned at this time is to put me iu
wrong light and has been inspired by a
pinhead at Indianapolis whose excessive
eagerness for newspaper notice T have
hindered by refusing to indorse his
claim that "he is tho man chiefly to bo
credited with tho discovery and tho can
turo of members of the dynamite
Denied by Lynch.
SYRACUSE. Nov. 2 1. Referring to the
mention of his name Saturday in tho
testimony of Llndlcy 1j. .Tewet in the
trial of the alleged dynamite conspira
tors, James M. Lynch of this city, presi
dent of the International Typographical
union, tonight made the following state
ment: "The story as it comes over the wires
Is that a witness named Jewel testified
that llockin, one of the defendants told
Jewel that ho (Mockln) overheard a con
versation between J. J. McNamara and
myself in the lobby of an Indianapolis
hotel, in which McNamara Is alleged to
have asked me: 'Why don't you follows
pull something off on the coast?' That I
made a reply that was Inaudible to
Hockin and that McNamara then said.
Well, I can give you a man who has got
'the ncrvo If you can get the money, and
that McNamara and I walked away to
gether. "This &tory has all the elements of sen
sationalism, both by implication and
Imputation. Bui the facts arc 1 never
met McNamara in the lobby or an In
dianapolis hotel or any other hotel: that
I did not meet Jewct, and lo the best of
my recollection never met Hockin,
""Furthermore, I never discussed Tjos
Angeles or the coast with McNamara,
cither In Indianapolis or elsewhere.'
Meetings Held in Pans and
Basel, Switzerland, to Arrange
Strike if: Necessary.
PARIS, Nov. 24. Iu view of the inter
national situation the revolutionary gen
eral labor federation met today to con
sider the best methods of preventing war
by crippling tho machinery by which the
mobilization erf armies is effected.
A special committee was appointed and
a twenty-four-hour- general strike was
arranged to test the support which could
be secured from the working people.
Practical measures were discussed for
hampering the railroad and telegraph
service In event mobilization ahould bo
BASEL, Switzerland, Nov. 2-1. Tho
opening session of the serial international
congress, which Is being held here In
opposition to war, was attended today
by SOO delegates representing all nations.
Thirty thousand persons Joined In a pa
rade through the gaily decorated streets
to the cjithfidral. whore addresses were
delivered in various tongues. Four plat
forms were erected outHldo and speakers
harangued great crowds which wore un
able to find room within.
Itch! Itch! Ilchl Scratch! Scratch'.
Scratch! Tho more you scratch tho worse
the Itch. Try Doan's Ointment. Jt curca
piles, eczema, any akin Itching. All drug
gists sell It.
A lazy liver leads to chronic dyspepsia
and constipation weakona tht whole sys
tem. Dean's Rcgulcta (25 cents per box)
correct the liver, tone the stomach, uure
constipation. (Advertisement.)
Five Hundred Will Participate
in Jollification at New Wil
son Wednesday Night.
Committee Announces Roose
velt Adherents Will Come
From Every Part of Stale.
The Progressive party of Utah will
hold a "jolllfloutlon banquet" Wednesday
evening a tho Wilson hotel at 8 o'clock,
"rtoast Bull Moose," "Oyster Bay" soup,
"Progressive"- salad, "Teddy Bear" Ice
cream and "Johnson Trimmings" are
among tho delicacies promised on the
menu. All Progressives are Invited to
bo present.
Flvo hundred Utah Progressives are
expected to attend tho banquet. Up to
last night I H acceptances had been re
ceived by Chairman Parley P. Chrlstcn
sou, chairman of the arrangements com
mittee, from outside- points, and more
aro coming In by every mall.
Start 1914 Campaign.
The invltation-i, which were sent out
bv the Progressive state committee, say
that In addition to a good time the cam
paign for two years henco will be start
ed. "With John Spencer as toastmastcr,
the following will give responses after
the feast; William Glasmann, Ogdcn;
Walter Adams, Provo; Dr. Mary G. Caul
tcr. Ogdcn: Nophl U Morris. Salt t-ako;
Lewis Larson, Mantl; Judge Ogdcn lilies,
Mrs. Elizabeth Houghton. Stephen H.
Love, Mrs. Paul Valtlnk, J. M. Mays and
Mrs. Mnry E, Paddlson, Salt Lake
The committee on arrangements con
sists of Parley P. Chrlstcnscn, chairman;
W. D. Livingston, N A. Robertson,
Stephen H. Love, A. T. Moon and J. T.
Corbrldge. Tho committee on decora
tions: J. T, Corbrldge, chairman; R. B.
Ralncy, John Corlcss and F. ID. Schoppe
The committee on menu: Stephen H.
Lovo, M. C. Morris, W. W. Barton. S. R.
Marks, Mrs. C. A. "Weaver and Charles
"W. Lawrence. The committee on tick
ets and door: A. T. Moon, chairman, Juke
H. Turner, Colonel R. C. Naylor. S. J.
Edwards, J. R. Ncllson and Brigham
CI egg.
Large Reception Committee.
The following have been appointed to
act as a reception committee: W. K.
Walton, Moroni Heincr, Mrs. Llna Wil
kinson M. D. Wells, Miss Laura ITad
ley. J. G. S. Abels of Ogdon; Mrs.
Charles Livingstone. Jr., Capl. IJugo PJc
presln of Eureka; G. J. Carpenter of
Provo. Mrs. Myra M. DeWolfe of Beav
er, Frank J. Hendcrshot, Jr.. of Og
den, George M. Lawrence, O. W. Adams,
of ITyrum, A, A. Law of Logan, Joseph
Blthell of Logan, John A. llcndrickson
of Logan, Fred Lewis, Jr., Spanish Fork;
Mrs. L. M- Crawford, Leon Bone, Mrs.
Claude Y. Russell, T. PL Burton, Nophl;
T. R. Kelley, Springvllle: O. A. Whit
talcer, Hcber W. IT. Ray, Provo; Clarence
M. Beclc, Amorlcan Fork; W. H. Bramcl,
Mrs. A. Rlchter, Judge George F. Good
win, M. E. Lindsay, John Shlll, George
M, Sullivan, Seth Plxton. Rlverton; Judge
J. J. Whtttakcr. Joseph Jeromy, 11. B.
Porter, Jesse H. Wheeler, A. J. Ed
wards, Murray; Francis "W. Cope, Mrs.
J. J. Hayes, J. J. Cannon, Glen R. Both
well, Alma Eldredge. F. A. Sweet, IT.
Lester Fox, O. IT. Hewlett, Mrs. Annie
Jones, Hyrum Nelson, ITolllday; Thomas
P. Page, W. IT. Sweet. Hyrum Peter
son, Holllday- C. A. Thorum. Murray,
Mrs. A. J. Cnaron, Mrs. L. D. Martin,
Mrs. W. F. Snyder. Mrs. Ben F. John
son, Charles Peterson, South Jordan;
George Holmborg, Granger; F. W. Coop
er, Pleasant Green; J. W. Healy, Gar
field; G. S. X. Piatt, Garfield; Henry
Harper, Taylorsvllle; J. IT. Brlmley. Mid
vale, Ed Radke, Bingham; Charles Brink,
Bingham; Timer IL111, Bingham; A. J.
Anderson. Beaver; M. J. Valentine, Brig
ham City; T. W. Peterson. Logan; C.
IT. Stevenson, Trice; Rufus Adams, Lay
ton: J. W. I-Toggan, Mantl; George R.
Lund, St. George; W. J. Mecks, Thur-ber.
Children Cry
Excursion Rates.
Account; Thanksgiving, one fare be
tween all Salt Lake- liouto Utah points,
tickets November 27tb. and 28tb, limit
December 2nd. Tickets 168 South Main
or Union station. (Advertisement.)
Theatrical Manager and Stage
Director Arrested I'or "White
Slavery in Georgia.
ATLANTA, Ga., Nov, 24. Disclosure
by Mice Genevieve Goodwin, 10 years
old, of Cincinnati, O., of an alleged at
tempt to use her as a "white savo" re
sulted In the arrest here late last night
of Mrs. Emma Paulino Hudson, mana
ger, and Robert Grlcr, stage director, of
a musical comedy company on federal
warrants charging violation of the Mann
Mrs. Hudson aJid Grlcr will be ar
raigned beforo United States Commis
sioner Fuller next Tuesday. According
to Miss Goodwin's story, she was, until
recpnlly. n trained nurse in the city
hospital at Cleveland. She listed an ap
plication with . Cincinnati theatrical
employment agency and, she said, last
week was directed to the comedy com
pany being organised in this city, with
an offer of 510 a week and her trans
portation. Upon her arrival here, she allege?, Mr3.
Hudson informed her that Bhe"T.'ould have
to "pass as the wife" of one of the two
"odd men" in the company. Miss Good
win asked for her return faro to Cin
cinnati. Sho states that, this was re
fused and she notified the local police.
The entire troupe was brought to the
police station. Mrs. Hudson and rtoburl
Gricr first were held on a charge of dls-
orderly conduct, and later were taken
Into custody on federal warrants. The
others were released.
Miss Goodwin says she is the daughter
of a prominent Kentucky broker, but
refuses to glvo her name.
SAN" FRANCISCO, Nov. 2 Represen
tatives of tho Southorn Pacific Railroad
company announced here today that the
company had decided to begin very soon
the construction of a new passenger sta
tlon in this city. The new station will
roBt approximately $500,000 and will be
on the site of the station now In use at
Third and Townsend streets. Tho mis
sion style of architecture v. Ill be used
throughout the bnlldlnu. which will be
two stories high and will co er a. ground
area of 110x1-10 feet.
(Continued, from Pago Ono.)
pessimistic report to the government on
the slate of the army behind the Tcha
tulja lines. He warns the portc that
the resistance lo be expected from the
troops now facing the Bulgarian army
can only be short lived. It the enemy
manages to break through tho dofonsen.
Fund Pasha fears the worst and de
clares that the fate of the capital will
be sealed.
Turkish emissaries are still at the
Turkish hcndciuartcrs at lladcmkcul
ready to treat at a moment's notica with
I lie Oulgurkui delegates, should the allies
show any Inclination to modify the con
ditions laid down for an armistice.
Friday's Fight.
There was considerable fighting last
night (Friday) on the Turkish right
flunk. After the failure of armistice
negotiations tho Bulgarians reoumcd the
ofTcnslvo and hotly engaged the Turkish
Infantry. The Infantry on the right
Hank boro the brunt of the attaclc. They
made a desperate effort to push back aid
turn the Turkish defenses. The whole
weight of the Bulgarian attack was
ngalnst the position In front of Dcrkos.
Mere the Turks were compelled to give
ground, but they held on desperately be
fore they were ultimately driven In from
the high walls around the shores of Lake
Derkos The Bulgarians arc now threat
ening the forts of Pcrkos.
The disaster to tho Hainldlch is a sc
vcro handicap to the defenders, as the
guns of the other warships are almost
Ineffective for the purpose of stopping
tho Bulgarian advance.
inforcements from Anatolia arc being
landed on the peninsula of Gallipoli,
which scparutcs the Dardanelles from tho
Aegean sea, to which territory Hcholkot
Pasha's division retired after Its de
feat in Ergcnc valley.
The Amorlcan embassador, W "V.
Rockhill. Is endeavoring to ob
tain volunteers from among two
foreign and Red Crescent missions
lo start work, wth help of the English
mission, In tho San Stefano cholera, camp.
He has sufficient money at his command
for a beginning and Is confident that all
funds needed will bo forthcoming. The
chief difficulty arises in finding capable
men willing to undertake the harrowing
Conditions In San Stefano are very bad.
Tho Greek school there has bcon trans
formed into a hospital, but no sanitary
moasures have bcon taken. The camp
will be almost a death-trap for those
who enter,
It is reported orders have been Issued
that all bodies shall be burned. The for
eign surgoons report difficulty in sending
away from the hospitals the wounded
who have recovered, as they refuse to
return to tho camps or barracks again.
The opinion of Americans and British
ers engaged in organizing the relief Is
that thousands of lives can be saved If
the segregation of tho well from the Ul
can be accomplished.
LONDON. Nov. 25. As the war ap- i
preaches a conclusion, public opinion In
Bucharest, according to the correspon
dent of the Standard, Is getting more ex
cited with reference to safeguarding
Rumania interests.
Masses were held Sunday to protest
against the reported Greek persecution
of the Kutzovlaos In Macedonia. The
leaders of this race strongly object to
the division of Macedonia between
Greece, Bulgaria and Sorvla, as they fear
their own nationality would be squeezed
out. Rumania intends to secure guar
antees against this.
It Is said Rumania is not claiming
Ruschuk and Varna, as this would add
a large Bulgarian population to Rumania,
but only Sllistrla and the frontier run
ning thence lo the Black sea at a point
considerably north of Varna.
Dr. Daneff, president of the Bulgarian
chamber of deputies, is expected at
Bucharest to negollnte these claims.
The peace delegate, Osman Nlzaml
Pasha, Turkish embassador to Germany,
arrived at Bucharest Sunday, on his way
to Constantinople. He will have an In
terview with King Charles befere leav
ing and It is expected that Rumania will
make its Influence felt In the negotia
tions on the peace terms
LONDON, Nov. 24. Telegraphing from
Vienna, the correspondent of the Daily
Telegraph says Archduke Franz Ferdi
nand, heir apparent to the Austrian-Hungarian
throne, reached Vienna early Sun
day from Berlin, where he had been on a
visit to Emperor William, and proceeded
to Schonbrunn, tho seat of the Imperial
palace, where he remained for one hour
with Emperor Francis Joseph.
Later the emperor received Marshal
Von Schemua, chief of staff of the Aus
trian army, who accompanied Archduke
Ferdinand to Berlin and while in the
German capital conferred with General
Von Moltkc, chief of staff of the Ger
man army.
Tt is rumored In political circles that the
conversation between Emperor William
and Archduke Ferdinand will result In
a sort of mediation bctwoon Austria and
Russia, which will be conducted by Em
peror William. It Is hoped In thin ay
to avert the crisis that. Is evidenced by
the military preparations throughout
"Tho political situation bolwocu Servla
and Austria has undergone no material
change, but on the whole a rather bol
ter fooling prcvalla here." says the corre
r.pondcnt of the Dally Telegraph at Bcl
grado. "The general opinion," continues the
correspondent. "Is that the questions at
Issue can be Bcttled without fighting.
Tho Servians naturally arc anxious to se
cure an outlet lo the sea through their
own territories and If Austria meets their
wishes In a reasonable spirit the risk of
war will easily 1)c avoided. It Is declared
thai Scrvia, wlohos to Ilvo In a spirit of
amity with Austria, but that no nation
after a successful war can submit to re
main In a condition of absolute tutelage
to another, howovor friendly.
"For trade reasons alone Scrvia desires
access lo the sea and not from any de
sire to hamper Austria."
Cholera at Sofia.
SOFIA. Nov. 21. The bacteriological
examination Into the case of a soldier sent
here showed he was suffering from chol
era. No further suspected cases have
developed In Sofia
Cruisers En Route.
GIBRALTAR, Nov. 21. The cruisers
Tennessee and Montana, which arrived
her Thursday under command of Rear
Admiral Austin M. Knight, proceeded
for Turkish waters today for the pro
tection of American citizens, The Ten
nessee sailed for Smyrna and the Mon
tana for Beirut.
Servians Take Ochrida.
BELGRADE, Nov. 24. Tho Servians
have captured Ochrida, in Albania, with
out resistance.
In response to an inquiry from a. Serv
ian general as to whethor Greece could
provision the Servian troops operating
along tho Adriatic eojtst, the King of
Greece has replied that ho would bo glad
to testify to his admiration for tho bound
less bravery of the Servian army by send
ing Ureelc ships for that purpose.
Detailed reports have been received of
the battle which preceded the capture of
Monastlr. which Is described as the
bloodiest of the whole war. They say
thai Sekki Pasha, escaped In tho direc
tion of Fiorina: DJavid Pasha toward
Lake Presta, where he Is in hiding, and
that Fethl Pasha, who occupied the cen
ter position immediately before Monastlr.
retired with his defeated army toward
Resna, but was overtaken and killed and
his army routed.
T12. Sci'v,an trons managed lo cross
the Chcrnu river with the greatest diffi
culty and at heavy cost, as the Turks
were strongly entrenched on the banks.
The Servians had to take position after
position at the point of the bayonet In
desperate hand-to-hand fighting.
Greeks Furnish Ships.
ATHENS Nov. 24. A Salonlkl dispatch
says the seventh division of the Bulgarian
troops is leaving that city. Twcntv-nlno
oreck vessels have been engaged as
Blames Russia.
Pasha, the grand vJzior. today confirmed
the fuct that the arrest of tho Young
Turks was due to tho discovery" of a plot
to upset the government. The matter,
he said, is In the hands of a court-martial
and the law would take Its course.
Referring to the Turkish position at
Tchatalja. ho declared it was impregna
ble and that the Bulgarians would learn
this lo their cost.
Complaining of Europe's Indifference to
Turkey's fate, ho said:
"It should not he forgotten that Russia
Is behind the Balkan league, which, in
fact, has been engineered bv Russia. It
will not bo lone berore Europe feels the
consequence of their policy, as a strong
Turkey Is necessary to European peace.'"'
Appeals to Italy.
ROME, Nov. 2o. The sultan of Turkey
has made an appeal for the good offices
of the king of Italy to bring about a
more conciliatory attitude on the part of
the king of Montenegro and the king of
Scrvia. Simultaneously the king of Scr
via, taking advantage of Queen Helena's
relationship to his family, urges her to
do all In her power to disarm Austrian
hostility, so that Scrvia may secure the
outlet to the Adriatic she so much de
sires. In his communication to King Victor
Emmanuel, tho sultan recalls the peace
recently concluded between Trukey and
Italy and the desire of both countries to
live in amity. He earnestly requests the
king to use his influence with his father-in-law,
King Nicholas of Montenegro anfl
also with the king of Servla, to induce
them to offer terms possible of accept
ance. Admiral Bettolo. ex-minister of
marine, in an interview, said If Durazzo
was transformed into a commercial port,
allowing of Italy's economic expansion in
the Adriatic to tho Danube, Italy could
desire nothing better.
With respect to Avalona, Italy would
never consent that that Important port
should be possessed directly or Indirect
ly by a great power, much less that this
commanding position should be transform
ed Into a military base. In tho hands of
any country, other than Italy, It would
so diminish the naval efficiency of Taran
to and Brandldl as to endanger Italy's
stratetgic position In the Adriatic,
Salt Lakers Go to San Diego;
Will Report on Exhibition
When They Reach Home.
Special lo The Tribune.
LOS ANGELES. Calif., Nov. 21. Tho
i Salt Lalcc delegation of the. Commercial
club sent to Investigate the exposition
situation and plans at San Diego, ar
rived at the Alexandria today headed by
Joseph E. Calne. secretary of the club,
and including Frank B. Stevens, an attor
ney; E. L. Woodruff, president of the
Drown, Terry. Woodruff compuny; F. S
Murphy, of the lumber company which
bears his name, and Edgar S. Hills of
the Deaerot National hank.
"We can mako no report of our con
clusions until after wo liavo returned to
Salt Lake and filed our official state
ment. The San Diego people arc putting
forth something that will prove one of
the most educational expositions that
has ever been held In any country." said
Woodruff. "Their young orchards, al
ready planted, will be wonderful demon
strations of what can be done towards
development of citrus fruits as well aa
other varieties.
"The scope of the exposition. the
manner of laying ova the ground and tho
men connected with It have been revela
tions to our committee and It is possible
that Utah will have a fine exhibit at the
California expositions, (he one lp San
Diego and the one In San Francisco, in
1015. At tho present time the whole
matter Is In the hands of the slate of
ficials after the civic organizations have
shown their approval of plans."
American Women's Icaguo will piyo a
card party at tho Moose ball Tuesday
evening, November 213. Tickets 50 cents.
Engage your tables from Hslrp. D. N.
Hughes, 40-1 3asl Second South, or
phone HyJand iOSo-W.
Thanksgiving Day Rates
Between all Snlt Lalco Bouto Utah
points. One faro for round trip, tickets
on salo November 27th and 2$tu, return
Dceombor 2nd. Tickets 168 So. Main, or
Union station. (Advcrtisomcnt.)
SEDALIA, Mo-, Nov. 24. When Mrs.
Pansy Ellen TjCc'n, charged with poison
ing two women in Pettis counly, Mo.,
several years ago, appears In the crimi
nal court hero tomorrow she will plead
not guilty, her attorney said tonight, to
tho charge of having caused tho death
of Mrs. Elizabeth Qualntance at Green
Ridge., Mo., in July, 1004. After she Is
tried on this charge the case In which
sh8 Is accused of poisoning Mrs. Eliza
Coc of Scdalla will bo taken up.
Louis P. Luttrell, a Texas farmer. 'and
an undo of Mrs. Lcsh. arrived hero to
day to remain until the conclusion of her
trial. Luttrell and Mrs. Lesh had never
met before. Luttrell said ho had not
heard of his sister, the mother of Mrs.
Lesh, for twenty years and he does not
know whether tho father of Mrs. Leah
is living.
Luttrell came here from Jacksonville,
111., where ho assisted In the settlement
of an estate which he said was valued
at S75.000 and of which he and the
mother of Mrs, Leah arc two of six
Mrs. Lesh spent much time reading
the Blblo today. Scores of visitors
called to sec her, but the sheriff admit
ted only the newspaper men.
Government Collects Large Quantities of
Seed In Idaho Forest.
Special to The Tribune.
SALMON CITY. Nov 24. A ton of
pine and fir seed is being shipped this
week from Salmon City to different parts
of the country for next season's plant
ing. For the past few months several
men employed by the forestry depart
ment have been engaged In collecting and
drying the cones and threshing out the
socd. Almost the entire quantity was
collected on Hughes creek, near Glbbons
ville. The cost to the government of tho
seed laid down in Salmon will be about
$1200. Much money Is being spent in a
similar manner by the government
throughout the west In efforts lo re
plenish depleted forests.
IT. Work, seed export of the local office
of tho forest service, planted elghtv acres
on Hughes creek with yellow pine seed
from the Kern forest in California. This
was done last September with the view
of permitting the seed to germinate with
the first moisture of spring. It Is esti
mated that tho growth for the first
twelve years will ;ary from three to
nine feet. After that time it will become
more rapid
55 Then with some jood cream, and
nourishing beverage widi none of the r4r- lflir
55 headaches and nervousness you may be HANG ON wvillllllill
ss getting from tea and coffee. coffee Toper. Bad a. other.
355 . t . i w "A friend of oijr family who lived wltb us for a tlmo -
SSI 1 nOUSands Or former tea and coffee was & great coffoodrlnVero.nd continual BuXferor.witb w
55 i . ,,,uauu, Ul im "cr u,d dnu COUCC dyspepsia and nerroustjesa. Ho admitted that coffee
drinker's now Use Postlim anrl pniov disagreed with blm. but you know how tho cofTco "
55 uuttuft iww use i OMiira iau enjoy drinierwill hold on to his coflcc o-ren If ho knoG it SS
freedom from the effects of caffeine, the trouble. 5
j ' j a One day ho said to mo that Postnm had been Tscom- SJT-
drug m tea and COtteC. mended and suggested that ta would llkcverr much to
555 try 1L T secured a packago and mado It otrlctly accord-
55 tc t i- ii log to directions.
SS There S a Reason "Hbto delighted with the new bsrenge, ne was j--
5S every ono of our family. Be becamo very fond of It
55 . and in a short time his 6tomacn troublo and nervous- "7
2 RfaH Wrpr tn VKrhr ness disappeared- Ho conVnued using the Postum and
- rveaa Idler lo llgnu In about three months gainod twelve pounds. SSI
ZSZ "My husband lo a practising physician and regards 55
53 Postum a tbe h&altuieat of all beverages. Ha never S5S
drinks coffee, but Is very fond of postonj. Jn fact, Z?
S PoetuiB Cecal Co., Ltd, Ban a Gedk. Mich. all of our family are, and we nevnr think of drinking
; - coflco Buy more."
twenty-fouTmJI I
A LAIS. France. Nov, 2 1 TTvt. ;I rfl
men lost their lives loJuv whChl H
damp, exploded In a coal mine I
Alals is a town of about n nnv 1
habitant In the heart of " t'
In the department or Gtird, about 1
ly-flve mllos northwest of Klmol c J- flf
The oxj.lOHlon occurred hetwwn'nfl 4'
Only (hlrty-clfrht men wcr " th I'
at the. time. Of theno fourteen0 Ultf
warned by the Huddcn extinction or 1
lanipu and managed to escape. " ll ' ,,
party found twonty-onr bodlV f llH
other three uppurently ar0 In a '
part of the mine. a rc '
One Faro Rates. L
Between all Utah points on Salt I
Route, HCcounL Tiiunksciving, iju
on salo isovenibor 27l.h and 28tli
turn December 2nd. Tickets ,r,i,
Main or Union station. .? ! Ur
j r-
V. J. Volstonholmo. Managing DlraM ;,l
Arthur McITarlanc, Secretary. al,u
Phones, Wasatch 719. Office, 73 S. lyj j cast
Blue Wagons Bring Better C j
i 'if aw
J iisl aJ
is em
Silk Knitted Full
Dress Mufflers ai !
Shirt Protectors S
. , aMl
-I no
Full dress roquisUes, theso. M
have them in the convention ' r
shades and of exceptional quallt t
Best. English and American main 'ove,
170 SOUTH MAJN v &
" 11 e ' 111 yral
Truth Is Mighty J
and Will Prevj
Salt Lake City Utah, Dec 10. Wj
1 advise all who suifcr withj
mntisin, kidney, stomach and nor
troubles to iihc Sweet Spin it j o : J
and Oil of Men.. I am l
will do all thai is 'l,LcJv01vj
Care of tflilc theater, Ms y.
Garfield. pptf-rlV- "J
This is to ccrtitV tl.at I 'J?0
fcred Tor year:, with rwm?lm
have tried everything f.Wjt ;j
of, and received no bonefil, jue.j
bcou gl1
We sell the Oil of l!llei,,a-f?I13BS
Spirits of Kdon. Townsend I"U?K
270 South Stale street.

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