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Bl LSP """""" Mfctfl VVI jfV l(i fSV IaV rj4 I IJ-oul,i,vu,1ooUfrkor
Own I
i of ft garia, Servia and
rcui antenegro Accept
a-i jmprornise Offered
4 jj Turkey, but Greek
J remier Says He,
? JS r6uld Rather Deal
n. S i t h Turks Alone
'JDtitt. I
rSan Yield to De-
fends of Bulgaria. '
d , I
iii it. ROPE ANXIOUS !
Sorts of Bulgars Re
rlJ Using Greeks Who;
CS (.1 y
incip lack SaJoniki Cause
add: if.
imt j awers to r ear An
eUc; her Outbreak Over
to ,
I,cdte Division of the
prefl j
rai ipils and Certain D'is-S?-
p-tK i
2$ Cn jIc to The Tribune. j
fortHS ' :5,"A dispatch from
COottll foiifiUiUlnoiilc received lain to
ir(jeSr.U;IU says thnl Hie armistice, was
CTfof signed today between Turkey and
i plB ultra Ha. Servia sind Montenegro.
c5WV'e, Hie despatch adds, did not sign
jaycafepor .s far as the signers in (he
Jtlcc f 'c concuvned Greece In Icfl to
rWE- unr a-'rt,;iL '''i-rkey, should
""ffccllo.i be desired.
ere-KlTplenlpotenlhiileS mot at tho nnio
' "I . 1 '"pre negotiations li:ivc been pro
ca5 fur jh.v.m-uI dny.s near Uic Tchatat
j: fl8' 'n" a'1!e9 maiio one or 'two
riYft tri0,,t,'H!s- ""'"-c were Iransmitlcd
5tis fl"nHn'Pl and a delay of several
mini Vwas "ocos.'i-ry while the reply was
oojfe fcoushlciv-d in the Turks' capital..
' 'n evening the response came ;
!-& , armistice van signed. I
5in$j uudeistood that the Greeks ad-
Sl jjlo their original demands for the
Bin jder of the Turkish troops hi the i
m ,s!iM,da " ;1iJoh and Mltylcnc
T'O m1? Klm'cm!t;1, of JanJnn. bin these
.a ; Jiot conceded by Turkey.
'ft0' C;"00t-'e '("s slsncd Is
;pred dl.-fiuiethiK-. II Is interpreted In
v(Hl&Uaitf,ni 5Ui lno,inlllK -li"-t liontllllles
0Vt l'.nllnU(,lJ uelween Orcccc and
lo.Hiljf Nolnm? yet been decided
0tilfrf3p,c ''innnent pence convention.
: gars Fight Greeks.
ic T$Ptl,,J' Te,t'Sravh prints the follon--rainpatf'h
from Vienna-
ULJKipiIous dls-aenslonH oMM between
ji;c ;iul Hukarla on account of the
G?F; "nation of Salonlkl. It has
SDMeu reported tHut ::J0u Greeks at
tfc' tf! 1nlor SpiToH- "Iready occupied
"jlti 'al S" 1,1,1 n'-''e '"PUlaptl by tlii--JWirlun
pKii-ieon with losses of 230
t tVtjfeUf'',l,;'; tl,e f'u,5StIn of Greek dis-Uji-
t,,' correspondent of the
'hwlr!eHc8 tl belief tht hc Greeks
j f&nnn autonomous .Macedonian and
XlVm,' i'"fo In the eonuuerert lorri
loifibvhne rural population Is Hulsarlan
'iSh tOW"5, ,v;pc"lal1" r the coast.
Hi ircH:s H," s,roi,s'' id are carrviK
'an but persistent agitation against
jd! Jnn ni,r 1,1 fat"cdonIu.
int'?00"15 '"tfrly." tho correspondent
'Jthat just us Bulgaria had planned
jp rlf the biunt of the war and the
; lo'V share. In the fruits or victory, she
ppfjt iow bVar the chief Hiarc of th0 dls-
1,0 V imo"1, iii'ifniuch as the eoneoKalons
lOUrf- nmv obtain for her defense of
fe( TPl'' ''U'd Tchat,llJ will be mostly
.icr; iflcnf,c of the HulRarlann."
0 tl iVlenna. coirespondent of the Chron
itt -?'s tl,(-'rf! "ro JJssonIons between
,'fioJi 'lnnd I'mleneKio.
!pV Moutenco-nn J lnadiuartcr.
NlVf .rri,c Turku today made a violent
tf?Dl! 'i0" the MontcWl' positions at
$ ami "cvernl oilier point-, guide
" TC brou5't Into action and there
l.''y ;liarp rifle lire for two hours. The
t 5ir!ln4d,iVcn ,?RC,t nU H-,0" "n1
Kisdu,Iit?;rflur,nibo,,ch" ,wiv,s
4 ld0Cdrbv0 ,,K?,n,a SCl"arl W' b0
Icf. J. ?ca b alKnlng of the armls-
ong r
A tWj PA 13cc I. The Xuc Frio
f?asrf ?,aB?erls lh,li tlic Greek premier,
lnS5rfJ pI,2l;1os' 1,11,1 intimated to the. Kus
p.)tj pin ?ter at Athena that Greece
;al'ier withdraw her. navy- from tho
-Tfljm and conclude peaco scnaratc-
TlUkoi' on M,c bn'sls r thc cc3
!T ttieai f0!10 Gl'-'cce than to.recoir-
i2?,11JftcS.ccupRlI,,n of Grc
rftWfr.TT ?jOn ihe Dodoashatch
rvW 1,10 ,1!t' lJlf-ari:ina selsifil tlilrtv
noiWt mT'WvS r,on oiuhoH and
: 5rt,,2,W.Bflrv,k',n V'Lwoen Scrrcs,
Principals in Archbald Impeachment
At the top on the left is Wrislcy Brown, tho 28-ycar-old assistant to Attorney General Wickcraham, -whoso
handling of the government's case arjaiuit Judfic Rohcrt W. Archbald brought about hi3 inipcachnicut. In the
center is Judge Robert w. Archhald. On tho right is W. P. Boland of Scranton, Pa., on whose complaint the in
vestigation began. Below is Judge Archbald 's country house, near Scranton, Pa.
bride smys mm
who mm ugly
Wedding Guest Killed When
Gossip Repeals Uncompli-
menlary - Remarks. . '
I.OGANcjPQUft'. Jlid..'.. Dee. a. iili.a
belh 'Lang', a. bride .of one day, 'tonight
shot and. killed i IWrs. .Maiy Copnlc." 'wlio
at the wedding," ijiippeV last night is al
leged to. have, told other guests that the
bridegroom Had " selected , an' ugly1 and
worthless woman for a life partner.
Mrs. Lung was arrested shortly ' after
the shooting sfnd the police say she made
a full eonfeslon and expressed pleasure
that. she had stopped slanderous - re
marks. In her confession, as reported by the
police, 'Mrs. Lang said: .
"Yen, J shot .Mrs. Copple, ,1 shot her
down as her two little children stood be
side h:i; holding to her fcklrts. 1 'killed
her because she said 'no man ought to
marry me, and that my husband would
repent. -
"She said. I-was ugy. She said J was
old. I killed her for that, and I ,;un not
a bit sorry for il. fjbe v.-as jealous; of
me and would have made my life un
happy.' The shooting followed a conference of
Mi'5. Lang with, it woman friend, also a
wedding guebl. ,Vhohad " repeated the
reported' remarks of Mis. Copple
Mrs. -.Lang; went 'to the home of her
father, told hfm the "story and telephoned
for the police. .
Prisoner Charged With Drunken
ness Sol, "Fire Lo Wooden Cai
;i boose mid Perish.
CaOWLlSV, La.. Dee. William Col
lier of Los Angeles -and an' unidentified
companion were burned lo death In the
local Jail early today after they had set
lire to the structure, in rui effort to es
cape. They never got out of their cello,
where their charred bodice were found
when the flro was extinguished.
The Lwo men were admonished durin;
the day by Collin Le Uleu not to attempt
to edcnpc in that manner. The fire not
only cost the perpetrators their li ves, but
repulted in the -serious burning of Lc
Crlen of tho three men in that section
Of tho prison brought no aid. as the
flames swiftly ate toward their wooden
eel lb.
Finally the door of Le Blou's cell was
burned partially and he burst. It down and
daubed through tho flumes to tho Jail
yard, where he Tell unconscious,
Collier and his companion w?r? arrested
on the charge or "drunk and disorderly."
Arcanum Trcasuror Dies.
WKSTWBLD, N. Y., Dec. Xctvs
was received here tonight of tho death
at St. Pctcr.sburc, Via,, of I-Mward A.
Slcinn.?r of Wost field fov the lasl thir
tv years supremo lrea.urcr of llic Joal
' Arcatiuin.
Four Instantly Killed, Four
Die Later-on and Four
Fatali)'1" Huri..-
r . . . . ."7TT-T ' '
By Jiiternationul "eV3 Service.
ZAIS'iCSVILLEf Ohio; Dec. 'J Four per
sons were killed Instantly, -four were so
badly hurLHhey died tonight and four more
Wore fatally injured- In- a rear-end col
lision on the Pennsylvania lines. ten
miles east ofhere', at' G" o'clock' this even
ing. . . ;
The entjine of a passenger train west S
bound on , tho Zanesville division plowed
into the rear coach of a. train bound
for Zanesville from the Cleveland divi
sion. The engine and .car were telo
scoped, : The entire length of fa car
was piled on top of the engine.
"Without a moment's warning the crash
came. Passengers wcrcjiurled from their
seati; and every avenue-of oscapo being
cut off. they wore literally cooked -alive
by escapipg steam from' the engine be
neath "them.
Mrs. Xellic Taylor,. Zanesville, wau
tuken from between the. origfhc and car
with her body literally cooked. She was 1
also badly cut about iho.head and arms.
Henry t I3alblan, superintendent of the
Dresden plant of the Cleveland -Woolen
mills, was found on top of the. boiler
enveloped hi cHcaping- stcn.m. His head
was po 'badly cut ho soon, died. . His
daughter and . son-in-hi.w both " escaped
Injury.' - ' '
Wilbur 'Rudrick of. Zaueaville and 7 Tarry
Bartles of.Alblon, Mich., arc both reported
dying from their burns.
Tho Cleveland expr.enn was brought to
w. stop for repairs. While, the engine
was standing still a" flagman was or
dored oit to stop 'the approaching train
of the Zancavlllo division. The. flagman
miu oniy procoe.aeo, a asiv iiiniorca icot
when the train rounded a.curvo..v 'The
warning Avaa too Jato and In another
minute tho crash came. -
The trains -were running ten minutes
apart. Tho second section :gained on
tho fir.i becaji.se' of' the damaged en
gine. The dead:
Mrs. B. A. ICmcrson, ,ZanesvllJe, Ohio.
Jltir two children,', aged' .'J -years and C
years, " ; '
Henry Balbiau. '
L. II. lllancy.
Max Tlarria.
Two unknown men.
. Fatally Injured:
Wilbur Ttudrlclc, a carpenter,
JIarry Bartlca, Albion. Mich'., traveling
Jacob Burgey, Zanesville, traveling
- Mre. Nellie Taylor, ZancsvDlc,
Several others wero leas seriously hurt.
Just before ho died, Max IIarri3 of
Lodi. O., a traveling salesman, a?kod hla
attendants to notify hla fiancee, Miss Julia
Ivi)dman of Paula, ICari.
Henry Halblau. who died in a hos
pital, was one of tho best-known wollen
mill men In the country,
Commission Form Adopted,
nrU'TIf. Minn.. D-e. 1 let urns late
tonight Indicate thi:t Duluth overwhelm
ingly adopted the commission form of
Kovornment at today's election. 1
Work on First Fifty Miles
West of Steamboat Will
Be Rushed.
Special to The Tribune.
DENVJirrt, Dee. C. Newman T2rb tele
graphed the receivers of tho Denver.
Northwestern- &. Pacific railroad from
New York this morning that the con
tract for the grading of the first fifty
111110.; of the' road beyond Steamboat
Springs was today awarded to M. A,
Wogan of this city, who will at once
begin work on the line west from Steam-,
boat Springs.
The contracts call for the grading and
rock work up to the point where the bed
Is ready for the tics and rails. The
establishment of grading camps will be
gin the first of next week, and the work
will continue throughout the winter.
It Is expected that one year will be
saved in the time nccespary to rcaclr Salt
Lake City as a result of the work to be
done this winter.
Information was also given out today
that Mr. I2rb was negotiating for the
purchase of H00 box and gondola cars,
which will cost In the neighborhood of
Bridegroom's F'nmJly Insists Thai
llic Marriage Must Be An
nulled at Once.
By International News Service.
NEW YORK. Dec. Ethel Loraino
Belmont spent today without the com
panionship of her young husband, Ray
mond Belmont, son of August Belmont,
the financier. She left her apartments at
the Gosford. L'Sli West 55th street, and
spent most of the day and tonight with
a woman friend. She declared that she
had no Idea why young Belomnt left her
and. knew only that, he was at Islip in
the home of his brother. August, Jr.
The llelmont family would make no
statement' but a friend declared that It
was moro than likely that tho marriage
would be annulled within a short time by
mutual agreement.
Detective. Sheridan,. who has been com
missioned by August Belmont to act as
his intermediary with the girl, carried the
Belmont proposition to Raymond's bride
and was referred to a' lawyer whom Miss
Loraine, a.'j'sho is still known, has re
tained. -
She communicated , with the Shubcrts
on Monday, declaring that bIkj wished to
return to the winter, garden chorus. She
offered to return and permit the uso of
her new name Mrs. Raymond Belmont.
Slio was told that no financial uremlum
would be placed upon this title.
explains defeat
Roosevelt's Son-in-Law Makes
His Peace "With President
Taft and Others.
By International Is'ews Service.
WASHINGTON. Dec. Representa
tive Nicholas lngworth called at the
White house today (o assure the presi
dent that although there will be a Demo
crat In congress from the Longworth dis
trict in Cincinnati, all Is once more peace
In thu lingworl.h family.
Mr. Longworth said that Mra. Long
worth, who nr all tho world knows was
Miss Alice Roosevelt, took a cool thou
sand dollars out. of tho Long-worth family
treasury and bestowed It upon tho Bull
Moose, parly as a free gift.
Whllo thia wan going on, Mrs. Long
worth, the congressman's mother, was ex
pronslng an opinion of Mtv Longworth'3
father-in-law which was more forcible,
than roinplimiuitaiy. In hla efforts to
keep on speaking term with lolh branches
of the family Longworth got no nervous
that he forgot how to campaign anil in
consequence ho lout his district.
Ninth Time in History of the
United Stales That Upper
House Tried a Similar
Lawyer for Jurist Asserts He
Had Privilege of Making
Business Deals With Pcr
j sons Up Before Him.
I- .
WASHINGTON, Dec. 3. With the
senate sitting solemnly as both
Judges and Jury and with seven
congressmen acting as prosecut
ing attorneys, the impeachment
proceedings against Judge Robert W.
Archhald of the court of commerce, were
begun in the senate tcday. Archbald,
Indignant clear through, sat bolt upright
and rttared savagely at Chairman Clay
ton of the house judiciary committee,
who read the charges against him.
When Clayton, speaking in his musical
southern drawl, said:
"He was evidently seized with an ab
normal and unjudgellkc desire to make
money by trading," Archbald. scowled,
but continued to look the prosecutor
squarely in the eye.
Seventeen articles of Impeachment were
charged by Clayton, who accused Arch
bald, among other things, of "not hesitating-
to use his official power and In-
iiuuuvu iu uin; uHiiiins wiiii loose who
would or could not come before him in
his capacity of a judge of the United
States court."
Ninth Case of Kind.
The sonatc did not appear to take the
case as seriously .as , did .Jhe .defendant.
In the case. Five members, La Follette,
Wetmore. Smith. Galllnger and 33u Pont,
sat with eyes closed and nodded. Root,
who Is looked upon to supply most of
the law in the case, road a "pamphlet
during the opening by the house. O'Gor
man, Borah, Brlstow ,-md other progres
sives of both parties, took a keen inter
est in what was going forward.
This is llic ninth impeachment case
brought before the senate since that
body was organized. Of tho other eight
defendants only two have been found
guilty, John Pickering, United Stales
judge. ISO:;-1, and West II. Humphrey,
also a federal judge, and Impeached In
Judge Swaync, who was brought up on
impeachment proceedings years aso. was
ordered to retire, which he did. There
fccins to bo a general impression that
the Republican members of the senate,
together with Democrats of the Bailey
type, will save Archbald from the sum
mary removal which is the only punish
ment die senate can Inflict.
Judge A. H. Worthlngton of Washing
ton, who represents Archbald, sat be
side his client at' a little table placed
within the senate circle. In the same
row were the seven members of the ju
diciary committee, who will give Mr.
Clayton moral support, but who will not
have anything to say during the pro
ceedings. Senator Bacon presided over tho court.
He will put all the questions by sena
tors, and in any caso of dispute as to
the admissibility of evidence, the senate
will sit In executive session, In deter
mining Its verdict.
Graft Is Charged.
Epitomized, the denunciation of Judge
Clayton charged the defendant with hav
ing prostituted his high office to personal
profit. Judge Clayton said Judge Arch
bald had "commercialized his potentiality
as a Judge," and at tho conclusion of his
statement, accused hJm of having de
graded his office and destroyed the con
fidence of tho public in his Integrity.
Thhi arnilgnmcnt was made before a
full senate sitting solemnly as a court
ana with crowded galleries listening to
ovary word. Mr. Clayton covered much
of the ground already gono over in the
articles and former presentation to the
senate. j
The first witnesses will be called to- J
morrow and It is expected tliat they will
be Edward J. Williams, Charles F. Conn.
William A. May and J. II. Rittenhouso of
Scranton, and George F. Urownell of
New York, general solicitor of the Erie
Tho chief Interest is expected to cen
ter around tho testimony regarding Judge
Archbald's connection with refuse coal
dumps belonging to coal read tlml had
litigation beforo the commerce court.
LONDON", Bee. o. Tho suffragette
raids on post boxes wore resumed to
niglil. over a lnrpo area, extending
throughout London city to Jliclmmud
in Surrey. A lurgts uumbor of loltera
iu a irammorsniitn bor were complotel.v
destroyed, tho acids entering tho en
velope's. Tho boxes in tho financial
district wore attacked.
Government Only Sells Opium.
VriJ CHANG, China. Doc. V,. Kverj
opium shop hi Wu Chang was elosod
todaj. Jorciblo measures were- neces
sary in some cases. Opium can bo ob
tained only at a government depot.
Executives En Route lo Salt
Lake to Make Plans to
Obey Court Order. .
High Officials Want Actual
Operating Subordinates to
Give Opinions.
TJj International News Service.
OMAHA. Neb.. Dec. Heads of nil
departments of the llarriman railroad
arc tonight en route to Salt Lake, where
they will hold a conference over plans for
the operation of Central Pacific between
Ogdcn and San Francisco as a part of
the Union Ra'clfJc system, instead of the
Southern Pacific. The conference ia wiid
to have been called with the Intention of
permitting the real operating officials or
the lines to work out a plan of oneratlon,
which plan will be presented to a reor
ganizing committee soon to meet in New
President Mohler of the Union Pacific,
together with his heads, loft Omaha last
night for tlic conference. Vice President
Monroe, In charge of traffic, reached
Omaha from the cast at noon today and
started for Salt Lake within an hour.
Similar officials of the other lines arc
en route to the conference and the hpads
of the law department of all the roads
will be here.
The main object of the meeting, rumors
in Union Pacific headquarters nay, is to
prepare for the operation of tho Central
Pacific as a part of the Union Pacific
system, giving- the Union Pacific entry
Into California over its own tracks. It
Is taken for granted in Union Pacific
headquarters that the Central Pacific
will pass to tho control of the Union Pa
cific, although no official will permit!
The Salt Lake conference will have!
nothing to do with making the plana in i
which the Central Pacific will pass to the
Union Pacific, that point being- left to!
the New York officials. The conference!
will simply deal with the best way in!
which the Union Pacific and Central Pa-!
.ciflc can be operated as one big system '
and from one head. j
There will be no appeal from the deci
sion. General Counsel Loom is and Presi
dent Mohler of the Union Pacific, yes
terday practically agreed upon this point.
Today Vice President Monroe said:
"I suppose Southern Pacific stock will
have to be sold but. the New York offi
cials of the road will attend to that."
Jewelers Sue i'or $2041, but She
Says Goods Were Bought by
Her Husband.
By International News Service.
NKW YORK. Dec. 3. After waiting for
several hours for the jury that heard the
suit brought against Mrs. Evelyn Nesblt
Thaw by tho Gorham company. Judge
Lynch in the city court today ordered a
sealed verdict to be delivered to him to
morrow morning. When court adjourned
the jurors had failed to reach a ver
dict. Mrs. Thaw is being sued for $2041,
which the silversmiths declare is due for
goods delivered to her In 190". Sho says
the goods were cold lo her husband,
Harry K. Thaw.
Mrs. Thaw wore a velvet tarn o'
shanler edged with fur. a black sillc dress
open at the throat and trimmed with
White lace, a very noticeable black and
white striped coal, tan shoes and a littlu
veil which was pushed up to dlscloso her
Tho courtroom was jammed with spec
tators. Mrs. Thaw fenced with the ex
amining lawyer, frequently bursting into
petulant expressions and Insisting that
she was doing all she could to aid him.
Salesmen of the Gorham company tcs-
tiiico tnat mic oougnt numerous articles
between December, 1905, and August,
190S, and that the bill remained unpaid.
John Roilly, her counsel, said there avhs
no di.sputo of the delivery, but set up a
defense that they were purchased In the
name of her husband, Harry K. Thaw.
The defendant held the same attitude
concerning tho bill for the storage of
$50,000 or moro worth of her jewels kept
by Gorham in 1907.
ST. LOUIS', Doc. 0. In an effort to
prove that the International Harvester
company had drivoa ninD3' implement
den lord out of business i'or refusal to
handle only its output-, tho govcmnieut
today, at the hearing of tho suit to
dissolve the harvester company, began
the introduction, of witnesses who had
handled harvesters and farm uiachLn
en made by tho International.
TRP1NTON. N. X, Dec. 3. A posse, is
searching for the assailant of Miss Luclla
Marshall, H-! ycai-s old, who wan at
tacked tonight In tho suburb;. She was
found unconscious In a field, where ahe
hud been dragged. At the hospital where
sho was taken It was found that her skull
Is fractured. She regained conscious
ness only long enough to say that her
arisailunt wna a negro.
Offers lo Complete Capiloi H
for 51,106,000; $1,040,000 H
Without Healing, Plumb-
ing and Lighting. H
Proposals Opened in Pres- H
encc of Two Hundrecl Men; H
Commission Meets Tqdav H
. to Tabula lc Figures. H
THE lowest bidder on Utah's capi
tol building is the James Slcwit
company, through the Salt Lake
inanaKers. 1 1. W. Baum and J. II
Fredcrlckson. The firm is a par'
nershlp of two brothers. Alex. M. and
James C. Stewart of New York. Th"
propose to build the bin atatc striKtu
in accordance with specifications for 51 IH
IO'J.000. Without healing, plumbing an'
electric fixture, they offer to do l,-t IH
work for $1, 0-10,000. -
.These figures were dincloscd when t' jH
bids were opened by tho t-.iplto) coinnjl''
.'Ion In the Commercial club dlnlnc roon
yesterday afternoon. Thu office of t.-r
commission in the Kelt building was t
small for the largo crowd of contractor.
and other interested persons who g-Uh-crcd
to hear thu proposal'!.
Stewart Company Lowest.
The Stewart company was lowc.'t bof
with and without the fixtures. A roug
comparison of Us bids on alternative
with regard to Ihe kinds of material to be
used, with the alternative bids of if
competitors, showed It to he gincrnll.v
lowest in this ruspcot also. Tho ncaifit
rival on the building as a whole, wlt.i
and without, fixtures, was the A. A.
Clark company This rirm proposed to do
the work with fixtures for 51.1W.000 and
without fixtures for $1,107,000. There were
'nine bidders, three of whom omitted ih
fixtures iu making proposals. Lewis A.
Jlicks was one of tho three. "Without
fixtures his figures. $1.1-'3.2S0, were third
from the lowest. P. J. Moran was sixth
Separate Contracts. H
Following are the lowest biddets nd
their figures on separate contracts for th
Heating and ventilating, Green Plumb
Ing & Heating company, $10,940; plumb- jH
Ing, Green Plumbing- & Heating compani
S14.000: electric fixtures. Standard Enc-
neering company, 311.900: painting. D. IH
Zellnsky. $GS7S: plastering, Smith & Mc
Callin, 51. "2. 771'. U; elevator equipment,
Otis Elevator company, .)9S0O: vault doors
Moslor Safe company. Los Angeles, twen
ly doors at $59 per door, f. o. b. Snlt
Lake. There was only on bidder each for
plastering, elevator equipment and vault
doors, the proposals being made that th
commission might avail itself of the fig
ures should it decide to have those Items Jf
of construction contracted for under sep- H
arate agreements. Otherwise, the gen- l
ural contractor will do the work. It -n 111 H
be noted that the Green Plumbing & J
Healing company is lowest for two con- J
tracts, the total of the two bids bcinr
List of Bidders. H
Three of the nine contractiiis firms H
whose bids on thu capltol were opened H
made proposals on the building exclusive IH
of plumbing, heating, ventilating and
lighting equipment. Stx bid on the build- H
ing with and without these fixture' IJ
Figures n all bids opened by the capltol H
commission arc given below. Bids on the H
capltol as a whole include all Items in H
tho other tables:
Bids on State Capitol. IH
James Stewart Co.... 5L1O5.O0OIJ1. 010.000 M
A. A. Clark Co J.165,000 1.107.000 H
Lewis A. Illcks Co... No bid 1,123. 2:0 H
Lludgren Co 1,200,000 1.132. 000 IH
Dinwiddle Const. Co. 1,214,000 1.146,000 H
P. J. Moran 1.247.492 1.176.491' fB
Campbell Bldg. Co No bid 1.195.000 H
George Curley No bid 1,319.000 H
Hans Pederson I 1.453.M0 1.3Sr.,-150
Bidder stipulates that &000 be added H
for elevators. H
Difference between lowest bidder and IB
closest competitor with fixtures, ?S7,tyo. IH
without, 67,000. H
Bids on Heating and Ventilating.
Green Plumbing Heating Co....?40.94a 1
Davidson & Harris H
Midgle.y Bros l
Pad no Hrn KxUngulsher Co 4.aAz H
Hlgson & Rossltcr Co .......... H.-Ot) H
Coogan Engineering Co. (heating H
onlv with Coogan heating ."ya- rM
tern) :-n--00
Difference botween lowest bidder and fB
closest competitor, JUST. IH
Bids on ElcctTtc Wiring and Fixtures.
Standard Engineering Co.... ii?S!J H
Salt Lako Electric Supply Co ...I... H
Pacific Flro Extinguisher -o 14.0Q0 H
Intermounlaln Electric Co '!:':'-; H
Gunu Electric Co ,'",rU""? H
Difference between lowest and closcl lH
compotitor. .5157;. IH
Bids on Plumbing. jH
Green Plumblnc & Heating Co. . . . rl,000 jH
Davidson-Harris Co S'JJir IH
Mldgley Bros.. r-.5"0 H
Hlgson .t Kopalter Co..... 2. .200 JM
DltTcrcnco between lowest and close-it. t H
I fOontlnued on Piigo T-wtj; H

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