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Sensation Caused by Speech
of '"South Carolina Ex
ecutive at Congress of
Heads of States.
7 I
Subsequent . Speakers De-
nounce Lynch Law and
Suggest Means of Pre
venting 'Mob Rule.
By International News Service.
'iCHMONT, Va.. Dec. 3. Declaring
I J that ho would never allow a white
& 4 man to bo executed In hie state
JL . for complicity in lynching: h
I "black bruto, who had laid vile
hands on a. white woman," Governor
Bleaso of South Carolina electrified the
opening Besslon of tho fifth annual gov
ernorh' conferenco hero today wltli a
bittor arraignment of the more mlld
mannered northern statcsmon who
frowned on lynching as a crime and pun
ished It as ouch.
. In the course of his speech, durinrr ' a
dlsousslon of "modern penology," the
, governor of South Carolina said:
"If th men of tho nouth cannot pro
tect their women wlicre is their boasted
chivalry? All wo need to Know in my
Iaixxij js mat wo nave mc man wno as
saulted a woman of our race and up he
soes he gels no trial for ho isn't worthy
of it. I havo pardoned over 400 men con
victed of complicity In lynching In the
pact twenty-two months, and I hope that
conditions wll be such that I can make
' It ciRht hundred before the end or my
term. The crime is a. detestable, diabol
ical one, and should be punished by
death without trial."
Governor Blcaso's sentiments were
greeted by a- dead silence, tho first sign
of disapproval during iho meeting.
Today's session or the conference, the
first of a five-days' conference, waa
opened In the morning by a formal
breakfast to the twenty-three governors
present at the homo of Governor Mann
of Virginia. Governor Judsou Harmon or
Ohio was mado chairman for tho day
and Governor Mann made lhc address
of welcomo for the state. Mayor Alnsllo
welcomed tho governors to ilic city.
At the afternoon session Governor Shaf-,
rotli of Colorado discussed modern penal
institutions, declaring that the Colorado
method of allowing co'nvlcts to work out
their own release. placing them on honor
roll, iiad worked well. Governors 011
ihrlst of Florida, O'NcIl of Alabama and
Brown of Georgia also spoke, all decry
ing lynching and telling of the steps that
would be takon to suppress that form
of anarchy in their states.
TomoiTow tho sovernors will go 'by
special train to Norfolk, attending an
oyster roast at Cape Henry, roturnlng
to Richmond in time for tho evening's
session. ' "
CHICAGO, Dec. 3. Samuel Kramer,
wanted In Now York au accessory after
the fact in the Rosenthal murder case,
was arrested here today by detectives
aftpr a. desperate resistance, in which
Mmrwa? J56111611, Jntp unconsciousness.
Acting on telegraphic information from
hJ? ihc detcctLVes found Kramer
hiding In a house in tho west, side levee.
I NTSW TORK, Dec. 3. When District
. Attorney TVWtman heard of tho capture
2alfa'Xel "C,r ,n CMcuso tonight, hi
1 S?iii,th2 moft ,1"!porant matter upon
which the authorlllen here would like to
2J!ftl0tn b,ranier was whether he was
tness0" Was hcIn? hc,d "
1 TiV?itdtlstric.t att?re.v said there was
no Indictment against Kramer. He was
arrested in company with "Gyp. the
Blood" and "I,cftv Louie" at the iim
Brcnl lw Umc? in
a Brooklyn flat on September 15. and It
fS,ld at,th? t,rT?e 'at Kramer had
assisted them in keeping In hiding.
I' Massachusetts Elections.
BOSTON, Dec. 3. Nb upscta in tho
license vote were recorded according to
early returns in the fourteen MassaehtY
these, except Taunton, mayors were-o'lcct-ed
In New Bedford, Charles S. Ashley
TJ.a.8 rc-elcctcd for his sixteenth term In
n lies where national party lines prevaVled
t Republicans were successful and two
?nCmMar S', 1Pr?F.CS5lvcH entered the fight
In Plttsflcld. Qulncy and Wnltham. but
met with success In Qulncy onlv. where
they elected two councllmen at large.
' JH fUT-F-TOWN pcoplo,
J wheu iu SaJt Lako Citv
Hj jH arc invited, to make our
offices, at 32 Main street, tlioir
headquarters, and to avail
1 jHI themB0lves of the complete fa-
Hj cilitios it offers for handling
any financial, fiduciary or in
lj vcstmont a""airs. ..
IH Checking accounts arc rc
jHj ccived, hearing 3 per cent in
tcrest' 4 Pr cent is paid on
t jH savings from S1.00 upwards
'' mA 'Certificates of deposit aro
, Issucd bearing 6 per cent, pay.
ablC inontlllv' Quarterly or
Hfl semi-annually.
m Maiu
Two years ago 1 was very 5ick and
after hoinjr( treated by several of the
best pliy.sioi.anr, in Clinton, I did not
seoiu to jjet any better. 1. was con
fined lo "my bed. Seeing Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root advertised, I resolved to
givo it a trial. After using it for
three weeks, T found I was gaining
nicely, so J continued until I had taken
u number of bottles. I am now restored
lo health and have continued my labors.
My system was full of Uno aeid, but
Swamp-Root cured me entirely. I am
sixty years old.
Yours verv truly,
120.1 Eighth Ave. Clinton, Towa.
State of Towa j s
Clintou Countvj
On this 13th day of .Inly. A. D.. .1000,
W. C. Cook, to nic personally known ap
peared boforc nic and in my presence
subscribed and :worc to the "above and
foregoing statement.
Notary Public,
In aud for Clinton County.
Letter to Dr, Kilmer
& Co., Blnnharnton,
N. Y,
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do For
Send- (o Dr. "Kilmer & Co., Bingham
ton, jN Y., for a sample bottle. It will
convince anyone. You will also receive
a booklet oi valuable information, tell
ing all about, tho kidneys and bladder.
When writing, be fine and mention The
Salt Lako City Daily Tribune. Itcgular
fift3'-cent and one-dollar size bottles for
sale-" at all drug stores.
Judge Who Presided at Trial
Displeaesed, but Juror
Explains Acquittal.
FORT WORTH. Tex.. Dec. !. It was
learned tonight that the verdict of ac
quittal returned today by the Jury which
heard the trial of John Bcall Sneitd, ac
cused of murder in connection with the
kllllnp of A. G. Boyce. Sr., reached tholr
verdict on the second ballot. On lhc first
ballot. It ik said that eleven jurors voted
for acquittal and onr. for conviction.
Judge J. Swaync, who heard the
Snocd case, this afternoon denounced the
acquittal of the banker as an Injustice
and a reflection upon the state of
"I do not understand how thoy brought
In such a verdict In view of my Instruc- :
tion," he concluded. He Instructed either
for conviction In the first or second dc
SToe. It was announced by the counsel for
the defense that Snecd and his wife
ivona, whoso elopement with A Boyce
brought about the kllllnp of tho Bovces.
father and son, had become rcconcllotl
this afternoon. S'nccd and his wife left
tonight for n visit In Calvert.
Foreman J. D. Crane this afternoon
fald the jury voted unanimously for ac
quittal on the first ballot last night.
"We freed Snecd," he said, "slrnplv be
cause this Is Toxns. In Texas wo be
lieve In tho protection of the homo nt
any cost, even If killing of tho pefaon
responsible for tho wrecking of a. homo
Is necessary."
Snood -will bo tried at Vernon for Kill
ing Al Boyce.
M5W YORK, Dec. 3. Nothing but a
hole In the ground, was what John M.
Henderson of W.-itcrbury, Conn., saw
when he visited the Tcmagami-Cobalt
mines, one of tho properties promoted bv
Julian Hawthorne and others on trial for
using the malls to defraud.
Henderson, a mechanical engineer, ;o
testified today, stating that he had pnJd
3450 for 12o0 shares In Temagaml-Cobalt
and had also subscribed for 1200 sharos
of Elk Lake Cobalt, another Hawthorne i
property. The witness said he visited
the Tcmagami mines in June. 1910, and
found work had ceased and all the min
ing machinery wa being packed ready for
"What did you see In the way of mines
or mining?" asked the fcdoral prosecu
tor. "Nothing but a hole in the ground," re
plied the witness.
A prima-facie cac "that several per
sons were Induced to part with real
money for stock of tho Temagaml-Cobalt
mines ncem." to have been suffi
ciently establlahed." was the ruling by
Judge Hough after several other 'wit
nesses had testified along this line. The
court held it unnecessary to put In fur
ther similar ovidence.
N'EW ORLEANS, Dec. S John A. Wo-
gan, testifying today at the so-called
' sugar trust" investigation, paid the re
fusal of the American Sugar Refining
company to 6cl! him sugar had caused
his firm to loso its Texas business, Its
principal source of revenue and oventu
nJly caused the firm great financial Iohs.
Hie witness said It was In 1905 or 180G
that the company refused to sell to his
1ND1ANAPOLTS. Dec. 3 H. N. Hemp
stead, son-in-law of the late John T.
Brush, president of tho New York Na
tionals, will leave on Sundav for New
i ork where next week he will represent
the team nt tho annual meeting of the
Mr. Hempstead is vice president of the
club, but never has taken part actively In
the management of the team.' He said
that lie would make no statement con
cerning the affairs of the later president
until he becomes more familiar with the
-ru"Vl arter t,l(1 Brush will is probated
Mr. Hampstead will say nothing regarding
the rumored sale of the New York team,
but his asFociatcs believe that tho family
will continue to hold control, placing the
management in the hands of some com
petent person.
Don't bo content with indifferent,
careless service, wheu those who aro
proficient can be reached by bidding
them through Tho Tribuno Wants.
Skilled, specialists in business and tho
professions, those who can show by
their records and references that they
enn servo you satisfactorily, aro ready
and willing The Tribune "Wants will
bring them to you.
Walters Defeats Picrson.
ST. JOSEPH Mo., Dec, 3.-Sailor Billy
Walters of Chicago, was given the deci
sion tonight In the fifteenth rounu ot a
welt cnvelght fight with Charlie Picrson
?Ltl.?nver' Thc'I', was a rcat deal of in
fighting and the conteHt was lively
,hwSu?.Mt; A?.!1,? UilH be matched
with rvlld Caf FernH for a fight here
at a date to be set.
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Do not think that every pjano-playing instrument is a tnents if desired. flEl
rhj 1 ILJ HwJIUfl 1 3V ri ItJVSI Salt Lake City, Utah, Next to McCornick's Bank
Armored Train Proceeding Lo
Relief of Juarez Is
Cut Off.
EI PASO, Texas, Dec. 3. Rebels un
der General Pascnal Orozco, Jr., today
cut the Mexican Central railway below
Villa Aim mad a, about midway between
Juarc. and the city of Chihuahua. Thia
not only will postpone all further traffic
on the fodernl-owned line below the bor
der, but will prevent tho arrival at
Juarez of the armored troop train which
has been making a. circuit of the rail
ways hotween the state capital and tho
border in an effort to heep on.cn the
Two passenper trains arc stranded as
a result of today's bridge burning by
Orosco's men. So far the rebels have
burned no bridges on the Mexico North
western railway, consistent with General
Balazar's announcement that the Ameri
can owned line would not be destroyed
unless necessary. There is a small fed
eral garrison at Villa Ahumada. but they
havo been kept occupied by rebels qinder
General Marcelo Carravco. Jt Is believed
that Orozco and Carraveo have formed
a junction, which will form a force of
some- 700 men.
General Incx Salazar, with about 400
rebele remains .sparring with federals de
fending Asccnclon.
Entrance of Orozco'n force in tho dis
trict below Juarez comes as a surprise
to federal officers who had Insisted that
he was hiding in the United States, and
also increases the menace lo the small
forces of government troops scattered
through tho llFtrlct below tho border at
this point. The armored trooo train
with o00 men of tho Fifteenth battalion
and the ships' cannon Is behoved to be
stranded between burned bridges below
Villa Ahumoda and practicallv useless
as It carries only infantry and artil
lery. WASHINGTON', Dec. 3. Tho report
from trje City of Mexico that Senor Las
ourain. Mexican minister for foreign af
fairs, is coming to Washington, It is be
lieved, may have connection with the ap
proaching rotlrcmcnt of Embassador
Calero from his poBt here. It is thought
poBHiblo that Senor Lascuraln has been
nclected to undertake the duties of em
bassador to "Washington.
MEXICO CITY, Dec. 3. The general
belief among the public Is .that Senor
Lascurain will attempt to arrange at
Washington a settlement of the differ
ences between tho United States and
Mexico ariBjng from the revolution.
The Mexican people arc skeptical re
garding tho coming of the American war
ships, the visit of which has been ex
plained as one of courtesy, and espe
cially because the vessels, on account of
their size, probably will not be able to
enter Vera Cruz harbor.
Mexico 1h not planning anv official
recognition from the capital, " although
should the officers visit Mexico City,
"due courtesies" will be accorded them,
the foreign minister said.
?:xcesior camp No. 10S92, M. W of A
held an election of officers to serve Tor
tho corning year at a meeting last night.
The following wore elected: Councillor.
C. D. Smith, Jr.: advisor. II. W. DuPalx
banker, F. M. McCarthy: clerk. J, H.'
Bothwell: escort, Charles Fowler; watch
man, Paul Weaver; sentry, u. i,, jillls
manager. J. J, Coles; phvsician. Dr'
Charles Armstrong.
Children Cry
SEATTLE. Dec. 3. C. A. Johnson, a
stationary . engineer, being repulsed by
bin wife with whom, he bad sought a
reconciliation after a series of quarrels,
took his G-ycnr-old son Douglas to the
Oregon & Washington 1 1 way yards and
with the boy in Ills arms ran before the
locomotive of an approaching passen
ger train. The boy was instantly killed.
The father was tossed asldo with a
broken les and a cut forebcad and will
recover. The family came lo Seattle from
Idnho last September.
IXDIAXAPOMS. Dee. ,1. Letters writ
ten by Frank M. Ityan, president of t)ie
International Association of Bridge and
Structural Iron Workers, were read In
connection with dates of explosions In the
cross examination of Uyan bv the govern
ment at lhc "dynamite conspiracy" trial
Ryan testified that his knowledge of
numerous explosions which had occurred
after he had written a letter from New
York was gained entirely through news
paper accounts. lie s:Md newspapor ac
counts of explosions on non-union jobs
often were enclosed in letters as news.
Extracts from Hie Now York letter
which Ryan testified ho wrote on April
i. 19in, as head of tho union, to Secretary
John J. McNamara and tho explosions
which the government cited as having oc
curred later were:
"Let Leglcltncr take care of tho Jobs
in his district."
Henry W. Lcgleltner. now of Denver,
was then a member of the executive
board, stationed at Pittsburg. An ox
plosion occurred at McKces Rocks, near
Pittsburg In July. 1010.
"Did you ever make an Investigation of
the Los Angeles Times explosion In which
twenty-one persons were murdered?"
asked Mr. Miller. .
"Yes. I tried lo find ouL how It. hap
pened." "And yet you re-clooted J. J. McNa
mara as secretary of tho union after ho
was arrested."
"And you had Hockin as secretary un
til yesterday'.'"
Ryan's cross-examination will be ro
sumed tomorrow.
President Signs Commission.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 3. President Taft
today signed the commission of . Rev. Wll
llnn H. Ketcham. director of tho bureau
of Catholic Indian Missions, as a member
of the board of Indian commissioners to
succeed Cardinal Gibbons who resigned
from the board on account of inability to
devote timo to Its work.
Takes Suspect to Station.
"Here, this is one of two men whotrlcd
to hold mo up near my home at 1 o'clock
the other morning." said J. J. McGrath
of 241 East Second South street last
night as he marched Into the police sta
tion with a small man. who said his name
Is Jack McGraw and that he la a clothes
cleaner by trade and a dish washer bv
necessity. The man was taken in chnrg'c
by Motorcycle Patrolman Egbert and is
held pendipg investigation.
Domestic liolpers that aro trust
worthy, conscientious and skilled, look
to The Tribuno Wants for employment.
Cooks, maids, waitresses, second ffirls
all tho vast army of household workers
consult tho Wants.
Suspect Surrenders.
DENVER. Dec. 3.-Martln Truster,
sought by the police because of tho death
of Mabel white, a housekeeper in his em.
nloy. surrendered to the police this morn
ing. 2 stcr had evaded the officers since
last Friday and not until after the stir
caused by his housekeeper's death and
later that of the physician who had at
tended here had subsided did Trester lot
his whereabouts become known 1I0 is
confined In the city Jail, whore he wiU
make no statement.
You want a direct route to tho cus
totner. tho man who rents. thc man
who buyst Have you tested the Want
Ads? Tou know thoir efficiency if
you have; but if yon havo neglected
thorn, there 's everv reason who von
Bhould cet busr at once. Thousands
read th Want Ad.
(Continued from Page On,e.)
competitor, 51G72.
Bids on Painting.
D. Zclinsky ?fi,S7u
Philip Dcrn 7.450
Hamlin Impervla Co....- 7.770
S. V. Keato Co , 0,250
Difference between lowest and closest
compcllor, 5575.
Bids on Plastering.
Smith & McCallln $132,772.19
Bids on Elevator.
Otis Elevator Co 50.S00
Bids on Vault Doors.
Moslcr Safe Co., per. door, f. o. b.
Salt Lake $G9
The last three had no competitors save
I ho firms that bid on the building as a
Extraordinary Coincidences.
Instead of soparato proposals on each,
the Lewis A. Hicks company put. in a.
lump bid on plumbing, heating and elec
tric work for J75.000. The total of
lowest bids on all this work Is SG6.S40.
I ho Hicks company, therefore, is 53160
above the combined lowest bids The
oponlng of electric bids was marked by
coincidences. The first wan the highest
and tho rest were read In tho order of
the figures, tho lowest appearing last.
Tho commission will meet this after
noon at ! o'clock in tho Felt building with
Richard K. A. Klcttinsr. the architect.
A summary of the aJternaLlvo bide will
be made and the whole will be tabulated.
C3tcrday a desultory computation was
obtained and indications wcro that the
tabulation will not affect the positions
of the bidders. It was said there micht
be alterations on a fuw minor details,
but not sufficient to change tho average
of any contractor.
Work of Tabulation.
It may require several weeks l0 de
cldo finally a.i to wnom tho contract shall
bo let, In Its advertlsoments tho com
mission reserved tho right to rojoct any
any all bids. To what extent it will
exorcise : this -prerogativo is uncertain.
,u?,ry ?,dder accompanied his proposal
with a largo certified check to guarantee
the signing of tho contract ten days af
ter It Is awarded.
soTnnnnCnipU41 ,B l2 c03.fc aPPximateIy
52.000.000 A rough cstlmato given by
some of the commissioners yesterdnv was
that when fixtures, decorations, furnish
ings, probable necessary extra work, etc
were all contracted for, the cost would
'M-T'nnn10 rPCrl,a,P8, a lltUe m than
$1. 00.000. Commissioner Anthon II. Lund
said the surplus might be used for mak
ing Improvements on the original plans
and specifications. It was also suggested
thnt hotter door6 than those stipulated
could be placed In tho building. It. was
remarked that In tho alternative bids
local granite was .offered at less cost
than that from other stales.
Commissioners Lund. John Dorn and
C. S. Tlngey, Secretary John K. ITardy
and the architect wcro in the commis
sion's office at the time set for the
meeting, 2 o'clock. Colonol C. E. Loose
was expected from Provo, but did not
arrive. Governor William Spry and At
torney General A. R. Barnes wore out of
tho city. Tho bids wore thereforo opened
without a quorum, for M. S. Browning
was also absent. The contractors and
others, about 200, swarmed Into the of
lico arid filled It to overflowing. It was
then decided to go to the Commercial
club and occupy tho spacious main din
ing room.
The unexpected parade from the Felt
building to tho club, headed by the com
I njlssloners. architects and Secretary
Hardy, with the big bundlo of envelopes
in his hands, attracted considerable at
tention. The contest had been keen and
the bidders were laboring under Intense
suppressed excitement.
Contractors Surprised.
In the big room where tho onvelone
vma u.nmule,d- .the l5ld,der wore all pro
vided with chairs, while the commission
and its party occupiod a table n front.
hi tnJ5,rcprcfIen,4t,velof,eacl1 f'rt heard
His nwme called ho strained his ears lo
catch every syllable. The slightest slip
of the tongue that might cause an error
"as corrected on the spot. When tho
t!Snrcs f . 1,0 Jamefl Stewart company
wcro road there could bo heard a imul
laneous. sudden, deep breathing of sur
prise among the contractors.
Iti the office of Mr. Baum and Mr.
Frcticrlckson in tho Walker building no
crforf was mado to conceal tho doMt
of all who had taken part in proparlnc
ThA ?Ea,s for the Stewart company.
Tho managors were congratulated by the
enW2oyS?8 aml p' 80Ve" visitors.
t,i e s,tcw;art company ha been In Salt
Lake about two years, its San Fran
wS? l;V.8lncssT1 ls handled through the
local office. It has just completed ihl
tTZ ad. fBral,sl,i?n for tho Idaho can !
tol at Boise. In the last twelve months
"5 n tnrough Bait Lake banks TMo
company built the CommeS S
and tho new Kolth-O'Brien store Tand Ir
now coMtruclin thc newVpheum" he
bSFdlni for5?nr(Ifiied u the Knutsford
dTOPc wortknInJ Vfl5?S&. CmPa,,y ai1d
The commissioners K.ilri
Gives Color, Lustre to Faded
and Gray Hair Dandruff
Quickly Removed.
i'V generations Sae an, Sulphur
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bles. Almofat everyone knows the value
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!?nrfva W 0Ven ?0,or' for curing duu
drufl itchme scalp and falliug hair,
and for promoting the growth of the
i 2?. aco tllc onlv way to cct
a Hair Tonic of this kind was to cfc
a in the home, which wus troublesome
and not always satisfactory Nowa
days almost any up-to-date dfupcisf can
supply his patrons with a rea7ly.(o.ij80
product skilfully prepared in pcrfoctl?
equipped laboratories.
An ideal preparation of this sort i
Svelina S,a1 aSd Sulphur Hair Rem-
Don't neRloct your hair if it is full
of dandruff, losing its color or coming
W ?ei '-cent bottle of Wycth's
?ni0aad ?u,Phr from your drust!
win uo lor you. All druircistq apII if
bef.Prr .thafc ouey w i
J, represented. Aonts-Schram.n.
lonnaon Druss f Advortiswnenf)
amount in deposited certified "'Xtuc
about 5705,000. is tied up. Hi''Pli
rau?o from a few hundred on thelKf'
small contracts to 5100.000 on iMP3
bulldlnp: proposals. Bi1
Tho Stewart company is one o(,mm
thc largest, bulldlnp i-oncernt 3Kl..
world; It. ls said that about JltMST
passed through tho hands of ltjWff:
sentatlvcs every day. It hns conOBP
all large cities of the Uitlttd p.wi
Europe. Asia and elsewhere. 'if
The bidders on the rapltol rnxr.Hu
complete the building In Uip fT
ated opposite their nnnies ai (VH
I Stewart company, bv July, lSlUiW.? 1
Company. September, 1011; Wfkimmik
pany, December ."I. 1011, IilndnMMlr
pany. July, 1015; Dinwiddle coiiimKku'
twenty-four months; Moran. 5erLA
191-1; Campbell company MaroWrT
Curley. January, loitj. Hans rPfv !
January, ltln. P)11?!
Thoy Always Holp Elderly
Foley Kidney Pills give jujt.illBkT'
elderly people need to toutt!fc&
streugthon tlieir kidneys an3 fr'j
and regulato tboic fiction. JclL'jj
rasters, Slreator. 111., says: ',VS
bottcr and stronger than I
many years, and Foley Kidney FHP'e
it." Scliramm-Johnson Cp. -P1
Pon't be content wltb InUFfa
careless service, when thoss wBi,k:
proficient can be reached bj Kui
them throuch The Tribuni co
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170 SOUTH MAlNmJ1'1- 1

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