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Hi Narrates His Experience in.
9H KriSrKringling Among; the
HH Christmasless Children
HI Join Order of Silent Benefac-
WM lors by Inquiring for
HH Names of Those Who
H Need Santa Clans.
' Word from an o!d-Umor in this Good-
HB Fellow business reached headquarters of
HH the Order of Good Fellows yesterday.
HHH Tu tOY3 Tuler -n'a5 reading a letter
RBI. lliat found lts wa" Jnl nls ntinds
HH from a little sin who had hut one pair
UH of ntoclrtnga and desired to know If
HH Santa Claus would not just as lief put
HH whatever he hod for her In tho corner
HHI near tfta fireplace. The old-timer hud
HH been e, Christmas good fellow for several
years and ho said It felt fine. Ho rc-
HH counted eomo Interesting experiences In
Salt li&ko, where, having received the
HH suggestion from IiIh little boy, ho spends
Hi as miitjh as ?50 playing Kris Krlngle.
I began In a sninll way near my
HB home. Our littlo sou was acquainted
n with two children of the nclghbor-
1 " hood. Christmas day he brought
BHH them into the hous.o to sec his toys.
HHH He had showed them his troo und
HH "J1 11,0 plaything, while tho young
Wfmm visitors stared ' with expressions of
Bn)l yearning on their faces. "When I
HH ;:au' thorn my first impulse wu.s to
resent their presence. They 1 wero
HB soiled and their clothes somcwhiit
tattered. Jly impression was that It
H was not wc" tnnt 011 r noy should
H havo. such associates and I won-
H dered whoro ho had discovered I hem.
HHH 0ne 01 thorn, tho Ilttlo girl, wore a
IH broken shoe and, through a liolo In
HH ncr stocking, part of her foot was
bared, to view. Having exhibited
nnd minutely described his presents,
HH my son asked the visitors, "And
Hl what did Santa Claus bring you?"
HHH "Nothing," tald the other little fcl-
HHB low almost with a sob. His eyes wero
BfiHIl moist with tho trenrs ho struggled
HHU manfully to keep back. The girl was .
Un also on tho vcrgo of weeping,
H Child Points Way.
Hil "Well, that's loo bad," comnils
Berated our son; then, after a pause,
HH "I'll tell you what I'll do: I'll givo
HHH yon n,-v 'tl oncs au tllG 0,(1 ncs 1
Mfl( havo left." lie did, but somehow
BHJH those l.vo little strangers worded me
for the rest of the day. Perhaps
HH they, could anuiso themselves with
BMW the second - hand
HH toys, but Christmas ( T I
HHH is no time for sec- y
Mb ond-hand things. It sTZl, I
HH khL lnt ,I,J' head -&$b7
HH that boya wero boys Cv20-.
H and girls girls, no ,42?WN
matter who their rC&yfS
I parents were, and Si. vjTTJ)
J they wero all very nfjj
HhB sires' around Christ-
HHH mas. could not ypLv
BHH believe those two m
J children could bo
MJB1 really happy with I Mb y
MHH our boy's cast-oft wrart A
HflM I in p 1 e m c n J. s of jKf
JB pleasuro after sec- JSr
J brig hlsnew collec- ?
VJ was worso for '-them I
J that he had brought them into tho
You know how a little thing like
HBH tM!lt- 111' get into your mind und glvo
HHj you more trouble than something im
portant down at the office? Well,
jl that's tho way It was with me. It
Hi rankled and rankled. When 1 woke
BflH up tho next' morning it whs still
j there. T was exasperated nnd an-
H noyed at myself. I tried to forget
HHH all about it. I could not and at
HHH length concluded there was but ono
HH way to banish tho thought,
j I went to the telephone and ordered
H several of my boy's toys duplicated.
H I also had them send out some candy
HHI and nuts. Then I went to town and
HHj felt better for tho rest of the dav.
HHI When 1 returned homo in the even-
HHJ Ing the things wero there. T called
HHJ my son. and Trad him take me to tho
OW horns of his little neighbors. It was
HBJ only a block away. I had no idea
mm such poverty and squalor could exist
HH ao closo to civilization. -
HI A Pitiful Scene.
HI They "had no father and tho wld-
Hffl owed mother did washing when she
MB could, but tho poor fagged creature
BrnO was ill. too 111 that Christmas day
Hall iven to go out and partake of tho
HmBB food rations and whatnots offered at
HHI tn,s reason by charity organizations.
IBB And at tho chimney place two empty
HHH . 1 little stockings
MB hung, thin and un-
M mended. I dcposlt-
Bni . . j J t my ti'un(1'cs an(1
Bffl il'vr n'Sht my wlVe caUed
mmvm v&it-i-l V on tMe family with
MB .f-Xl 4. nourishment and
YH if -4T c,lolhes' nnd from
HHD iTSi?- thin on every year
HH 3wl?Sli(i!?::i2i ""Yc Iiavo Dceu doing
BVH nKln iVtS th? samc th'n. not
BVM ' lV?& only w,th thnst. but
BHH ft la IL w,tn other poor
H ILr "re?"3 and
IHU 1 am a man of
BBBttl U 1 considerable finnn-
IBBHI cliil means, but this
MBit vfas ",t always so. I have seen the
BBSJI time when it would not have required
Loss of Appetite
Is loss of vitality, vigor or tone, and Is
often a forerunner of prostrating dis
ease. It is serious and especially so to
people that must keep up and dolus: or
get behindhand.
The best medicine to take for It ia
the great constitutional remedy
Hood's Sarsaparilia
"Which purifies and enriches the blood
and builds up the whole system.
Get It today in usual liquid form or
chocolated tablets called Sarsatabs.
(Continued from Page Ono.)
Columbia university, inudo a suggestion
as to party procedure.
"I believe the rank and file of the Re
publican purty." he said, "should press
upon the national committee to call a
national parly convention In 19111. when
no candidates aiv lo bo nominated and no
election held, the representation to be
open to every man who will accept the
platform of no matter which of the
rive candidates ho voted for. who will
agreo upon a reorganization of the party
machinery and a new declaration of
purty principles."
Washington's Vote.
OLYMPIA, WaSh.. Dec 7. Ernest
.Lister, Democrat, wiih elected governor
of Washington over Governor Marion 10.
Hay. Republican, by a plurality of 022
votes, according to tho figures announced
tonight by Secretary of Stalo I. M.
Howell at tho completion of tho official
For president Hooscvelt carried Wash
ington by a plurality of 2C.So8 over Wil
son, who led Tal't by 10,393. The vote
rtooGcvell, I13.C0S; Wilson. SG.S10; Taft,
70,415; Debs. 10.131: Chafln, 9810.
Confesses His Crime.
BOSTON", Dec. 7 George 11. Rounds,
for llvo years bookkeeper ut a hotel here,
was arrested tonight on the charge of
larceny of 531,000. The police say that
Rounds confessed and turned over securi
ties to tho amount of Sli, 000 lo tho hotel
proprietors. He Is said to have had a
desire to acqulro it valuable library and
to have spent large amounts for books.
Murder In Now York.
NEW YORK,. Dec. 7. A sequel lo n
frustrated plot to kidnap ji young woman
a week ngo was tho killing before duy
break today of Palvatoro Trlpodo, who
rescued hoV from four men who were
about to carry her off In a taxlcab
Trlpodo was shot down Just outside his
homo In an cast side tenement house.
Tho assailant escaped.
Bad telephone scrvico compels
change. Order Kromola by mail only.
P. 0. box 307. (Advertisement.)
much of a turn In fortune to start
me on tho roud to poverty. In fact,
I began poor. Before those two lit
tle Christmasless- kiddles camu Into
my house, 1 forgot what poverty felt
like. 1 was never as bad off as they,
but T am glad they came and remind
ed mo.
More Joy Now.
I enjoy my CJjrlstinaJiejr.bottcr
since 7 go around lnp'eir8ori,Tuid. dor
liver the commodities of Santa Claim.
I havo given to charity with checks
at tlio office, but that can't bo com
pared with carrying toys to children. '
I do It Christmas eve. Kris Krlng
llng around like- that Is different
from' carrying food and clothes
When you como into contact -with
poverty usually it is sordid. The re
cipients receivo your gifts with a
stolldltv that to any but the truly
charitable might bo discouraging. But
lako toys to tho little ones! You
may not find round, red checks and
bilght, healthy eyes, but you will sou
tho poor, thin faces glackien up and
you will bo an object of affection
and admiration.
Good Fellow rccolvcd a large number
more applications for membership yes
terday and sev
eral letters from i
children who
will hang up ,CJ. 1'
their stockings - !
trustfully when j. A
tho time comes. jcx-t
expecting what ns 52i isss
may not arrive fLB ?ifM fK
unless somo WmYjLJrr
Good Fellow ?f i Wmw
makes It his i kf Vj frct&Si?
business to see O-iN WR55i
that Santa iwrtlSJi'
Claus pays TnTTJ fiffiMSi
them a visit. In mlU- ? VmWf
ono pathetic - lriwfv ff
missive -w a 3 W O
told how a fa- fnr
ther had de-
serted his wlfo W '
and two small
boys. The child -who wrote It thought i
Good Fellow might bo ablo to llnd him.
Perhaps he will.
Plenty of Names.
Names and addresses of children who
need Santa Claus are also pouring In.
Mormon bishops arc requested to assist
in this. They arc considered in posi
tions to know, probably better than any
body else In their wards, where a Good
Fellow can do tho most good. The
name, address, age and sex of euch
child should bo sent. For these and for
applying for names the address Is sim
ply "Order of Good Fellows, Salt Lako
City." By directing the envelope just
that way one can reach tho royal ruler.
If a Good Fellow desires tho names and
addresses of children In a certain local
ity he may have them. A stamped and
self-addressed envelope will facilitate the
It Is not hard to become a member of
the Order of Good Fellows. There are
no dues, no elections, no Initiations, no
i pass words, no social distinctions. The
only thing you need Is a littlo money, not
. much, and the spirit of good fellowship.
Make yourself a member. Make your
Christmas a living one. Make your
Christmas-giving sensible and unselfish.
If you arc tired of living. If you have
lost your faith in men. try to be a good
fellow. You will find It to be the remedy
you have been seeking.
There Is no publicity attached to this
for you or anybody else. There Is noth
ing In It for anybody but the children,
as far as material protlt Is concerned.
To llnd out what there Is In It for you
you muBt try It.
19 To Join Order of Good Fellows:
ml Salt Like City, Utah.- ' '.; -V
HI live at No. ' - - Street
H9 I wish to take care of children. Please send
HH me list of names. 1 prefer them in
WO Vart of city. 1 enclose stamped and addressed
Hjjn envelope.
Signed .
i 1 L:
"My Affection Is Wholly for
My Wife," Declares Wicl
ney in Statement.
,S'AN FRANCISCO, Dec. 7 Two state'
ments,' jn which ho declares positively
that he did not shoot himself, were is
sued today from his room in tho hospital
by Robert J. Wldncy. tho Los Angeles
realty broker, who was shot and seri
ously wounded In the apartments of Mrs.
Vivian Lyons In a down-town hotel last
Wednesday. Mrs. Lyons is said to havo
mude the statement immediately after
tho shooting that she fired the shot for
the reason that W'iducy called her
'"Bess," his wife's name. Wldncy's
friends claim he hud gone to tho wom
an's room lo recover certain letters he
had written to Mrs. Lyons. The first
statement," written by Wldncy. Is as fol
lows: deferring to the recent affair at
the Hotel Sorrento. I wish to eay
that ull of tho stories recently print
ed Jn newspapers to the effect that
J was to leave my wife are unquali
fiedly false: also all the rot abour
leaving my present wlfo when this
trouble Is over. Also. In Justice to my
wife. I wish to state that. It would
bo Imposslblo for me to attempt lo
kill myself over another woman and
did not.
Tho hccond ono Is more detailed. It
Owing to the numerous mis
statements which have been printed
at tho Instance of Mrs. W. C. Lyons,
It seems to mo that this Is the right '
tlmn that the truth be told.
First My affection Is altogether
for my -wlfii and not Mrs. Lyons.
Second Over 05 per cent of tho
stories recently printed as coming
from her are foolish and false.
Third So long as mullcivj havn
been forced so far by Mrs. Lyons
herself. I regret that it has been
necessary, on account of famllv and
business Interests, to tell the truth.
I did not shoot myself. Mrs. Lyons's
first statotuents to Dr. Josleu were
J. R. Wldncy.
Wldncy's condition Is reported as fa
vorable by the doctors In attendance.
(Continued from Pago Quo.)
campaign in his own behalf. Tho pre
miers of three of the "Balkan kingdoms
aro also expected.
Waived Objection.
PARIS. Deo. 7. Austria-Hungary
was at first opposed to tho project put
forward hj' Sir Edward Grey, tho Brit
ish I'oroiRti' minister, for a conference
of the embassadors of tho great pow
ers, according to tho Temps. Auslria
FTungary objected lo imrficipatiou in
discussions if it was tho intention of
tho conference to debate tho question
of giving Servia a port on tho Adriatic
Later on Austria-Hungary waived
her objection when shown a conference
would be without object and impoasiblb
if all tho great powers, as they had a
right to do, wero to follow Austria
Hungary's lead and stipulato before
liancT what could and whiit could not
bu discussed.
Naval Battle Imminent.
SISDIL UAIIR, Dardanelles. Dec. 7. A
Creek squadron composed of six battle
ships was sighted off the entrance to the
straits at 3:.'0 this afternoon.
The Greek navy apparently has ac
cepted tho challenge hurled by the Turks
In tho recent order to the sultan's War
ships to concentrate In the Dardanelles.
The approach of both fleets to the his
toric straits indicates that the first Im
portant naval engagement of thf Bal
kan war may be expected in a short
A number of vessels of the Turkish
fleet are concentrated in the Dardanelles,
ready for action, and the straits aro be
lieved to be thickly strewn with mines.
A report wa3 curront a few days ago
that forty Greek transports were on tho
way to the gulf of Saros with Bulgarian
and Greek troops on board. Whether
tho Greek squadron formed the escort lo
these transports or Is acting Independ
ently has not been ascertained.
It Is believed that the Turks have
concentrated two entire divisions of
troops, with a considerable force of ar
tillery from Asia Minor on the Galllpoll
W. J. Wolstenholme. Managing Director
Arthur McFarlane, Secretary.
Phones, Wacatch 719. Office. 73 S. Main.
Blue WagonsBring Belter Coal
fi UT . OF - TOWN pooplo,
fflj) when in Salt Lake City,
are invited to make our
offlcos, at 32 Main street, their
headquarters, and to avail
themselves of the completo fa
cilities it offers for handling
any financial, fiduciary or in
vestment affairs. ,
Checking accounts are ro-
celved, bearing 3 per ceut in
terest; 4 per cent is paid on
savings from $1.00 upwards
and certificates of deposit are
issued bearing 6 per cent, pay
ablo monthly, quarterly or
32 Main St.
I We grant every
borrower the privil
ege to make partial
payments at any
time, without notice,
stopping interest.
The Home
and Savings
Glen Miller, Pres.
. George Sutherland,
PC. D. Hardy, Sec'y.
6, 8, and '10,
West First South St.
peninsula, and It Is expected these will
resist any attempt to land.
Greeks Take Towns.
ATHENS, Doc. 7. The Grecl? ttoopa
operating in F.plriiB have occupied the
towns ot Dclvlno, Argyro-Castro and
Santl Qunranta, about llfly miles north
west of Janlna.
Tho bombnrdment of Avlona. on tho
Adriatic sea, which has evoked Austrian
and Italian protests, was Insignificant,
according to official ytatcmcnls. All that
occurred was tho firing by tho frlgato
Penclca of a few shots at a body of
armed Albanians gathered on tho shore.
Fifteen hundred Albanians aro report
ed to have niado an attempt to capturo
tho Ulmara passes by .surprise. A force
of volunteers dispersed and pursued
Turks Hold Forts.
following official message has been re
ceived from tho vail of Adrlanoplc. un
der date of December 1:
"At 0 o'clock yestcrduy evening, be
fore the armistice was signed, thu enemy,
with the Intention of approaching thi'
forts, mado a general charge with all
their forces of Infantry and artillery on
the south, north and west, and also on
the Marash side. Our bravo soldiers
repulsed the attack with great vigor and
did not give way a step from tho ad
vance posts which they were occupying.
"During terrible lighting, which lasted
nearly six hour.s the enemy sustained
considerable looses and had to retreat
on all sides In a lamentable, state. The
I The hand of the Master- J j
I Musician is goMing Yours 1 1
1 by Padercwski, Bauer, and Moszkowski themselves. M I I
1 Think of playing a piano under the personal guidance ot q ZggW I t. fc
I these masters of music Yet this joy is yours when you JXOI flf
I have ureal "Pianola" player-piano. The Metrostyle device MmW
1 provides an exact guide to an artistic rendition, enabling PPf
I ONE Genuine J.Hw y. h J
8 player-piano. f0 W j
ft li i i in 1 1 ii iimmiiiftiiiHH niMPMiW'fi ii Pin 11 iiTninTirrii" ' i i i iii in-ir-f i iiiimiiij
enemy fired nearly sovenly shells at tho
town, without, thanko to God, causing
any loss- Tho amnlstlce was proclaimed
today "
Alliance Renewed.
VIENNA, Deo. 7. Tho alllauco be
tween Austria-Hungary. Germany and
Italy has been renewed without alter
ation. Information from Belgrade, re
ceived today, lo that tho Servian mer
chants' union has decided to boycott all
Austrian products.
On tho banks of tho Danubo below
Belgrade, tho Servian artillery has taken
positions commanding several jmpor
tant points on Austrian territory.
Turks Conciliatory.
SOFIA, Dec. 7. According to reliable
reports, Adrlanoplc has provisions
enough to last only fifteen days.
Dr. Dan off. president of the chamber,
of deputies, has returned from tho ne
gotiations at Baghtche. lie expressed
tho opinion todny that peace would be
arranged successfully with lltita difficul
ty. Tho Turkish delegates to tho armis
tice negotiations proved to be extremely
conciliatory, ho said, and tho fact thai
Tiirkry via willing to leave ifiiB
fui 're.'S wlllin'it vr ii lualliic fjjH
crcd as proof of the fclncerltB-il-i.
la rations Uui ln. dlj DtlSfl
waste I line.
Dr. Klizubeth WiIm7r?ciB
treats all ailments Of tW'iH
Mclntyro building. GS Maiu.B
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