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WEAT HER TOOAV.. . ' . M jtf F tP B
jgfcir M.na.y Tc,a unruled. 4jj C?58? I M I rf4 ll (4 IE you have a furnished flat
SjSlil Ajoosc Special," Bear
ove i Roosevelt, Munsey and
ftS flher Third Parly Lead-
;rs, Leaves New' York.'
'tibz i
otui!jIers ms'st That the Only
IPe 01" elllkM'can Party
"TftBs to Accept the Pro
g'ressive Platform.
itiCAGO. Dec. S. Final prepara
ijpfloiirt for tho national conference
-SJSJjf tin.' Progressive party, to bo held
BTugtiJny and Wednesday, wero
Komptotcd tonight. Members of the
j laiBonnulttco on arrangements, beaded
"Rsdlll McCormlck, announced that
TUjMhad reserved accommodations for
Tjto 1000 delegates.
I pBTarrlvnl of Col. Roosevelt and nicm
IC 3l'a fJ-rty from tho east tomor
0011 will be the occasion of a dem
Jtlon by Progressives who will os
ijBhclr leader from tlie railway sta
WtBo Hotel Iai Salic with a proccs
automobiles. Kjous to I bo arrival of Col. Roose
k Rjfchembcrti of tho national coinmlt
. 11 hold a mooting lo discuss a plan
la YlEjou for tbo next four yearn- which
fcly "will be laid before the confer
C ( !or approvul. Monday night mum
la I pt the Illinois Progressive stain
rtllt j-coniinlUcc and Progressive mcm
IU feet of the Illinois legislature will
,. to outline a tentative programme
tUi" o coming session of the general
t-4 :erence Programme.
programme follows:
ST? la.
'XWfl J m. Conference called lo order
Hfi' OonaL Clialrman "loscplf M. Dixon
m n, in, Address by Col. Roosevelt..
gj lBm. Address by Miss Jano Ad-
J &'l'o will also preside. Reports of
r . ;i. Dinner presided over by Al-
JtS ;' t-nkci. Brief speeches by Col.
tB hit awl otlicr leaders. ,
gjjr V.m. Third session of the confer-
fiNi IMtfrusMon and reports.
"J m. Final session of conference.
m. National committee inctlng
?on recommendations of the con-
1 ' ft'edncsday night Colonel Roosevelt
I .7. fhe at the Hull House social set-
;' t ut' which Miss Addams Is the
' , 1 committee on arrangements hopes
'eIn atlendance at the conference
itnto chairman and all members
.' Rational executive commlttcu, as
hundreds of members of the par
w ludlng many women.
velt En Route.
( YORK, Dec. S. Colonel Theodoro
R'1 anf other Progrceslvo party
A and members left for' the Pro
uA we conference at Chicago today on
WV Bal train of ten cars, from the roar
wlBch In electric letters was crnbja
aT'Bu looso special," A number
umr EnK'a,,(1 ,u,d cw Jersey mem
O'fcocompanled the ' New York dule
' Others were to Join the party
Ko1 Iloo);,CVt',t iL11l Ms party were
L Jmali crowd as they left
FjMcloek. Although lliu colonel had
Kmont to malec upon tho sltuntloTi,
incmbcra of his party, partlcu
jWcar .Straus and Prank A. Mun
JBclarcd that if tho Republican par
uBed to rejuvenate lixelf It would
jjfcJjip. lo '' turning Progrccalvo.
rttwf Hc"tlnicuts -were In reforenco to
f lllK,Bln ot t1le Rfll),,l,,,cun BOveniorB'
Jjiw'mnce In Washlnston yesterday to
q Kloln-r year before talcing steps
"'WKanlsse th0 parly, with tho hope
rtl Vm' Uml r'l"P''esslven might be
tK back 1,1(0 Uln folt1,
D W-Iunscy said that those altompt-
, fi? laKk IL "Wg job on tholr
fR0f Wj-llc ""'on was for tho Republicans
ffBPt the Progressive platform and
lRial come Into the party as
rtf&" If Ulcy d1'1 thls ,le lhc
iRtIc!J could bo united.
'IflTlSiK; a" ,L iCoro f women were In
rfK1" .0l,,t:rB w,:c Ethon JT. ITock
rf) 1 g2d0l' KobIn;on, Timothy
N 23K? U"a a la,'K0 number of New
local leaders,
SV on Hand.
S'-H00, 'c- 'George r. Perkins
i)BsTorl arrived here today, the first
ffijjMt York delegation to the round -
WhaVo ,n!,n' i'liwrlant things to
BJ$K I1 Mr. Perkhia. "but others
M commK nrc 1,1 hotter poHlt,lon to
o Vjf t,1cnl tl,uu T am un no i)r
JZdM 1,!lK been ml)ncd out that 1 am
gtfgfig, w'lli. U will do much good 1
'v!!rfy aftur hiH oiTlvul Mr. Perkins
V7 W HllM ,,ous o call on Miss Jane
t JgB- Other arrivals today were Cllf
SitVHK An,0,, IMiit-liot. former CSovernor
1Cr f NtiW.Mt'xll'. mid Roy r,
lintluued on Page Twoi). "
Poem Like "Hock der Kaiser"
4& .j j
Idaho Army Officer Is Author
d( 3ft
German Emperor Is "Insulted"
Kaiser Has His Embassy at,
Washington Complain to
Slate Department.
Ry Jtiternational News .Service.
WASHINGTON, Den, S. One of
tlio members of the German
embassy staff. Indicated to
night that the embassy re
gards jis "Impertinent" a
poem by Captain George Steuncnberg,
S. A., published In the Army and
Navy Journal, In which fun la made
of the German emperor and Von
Moltke. The Insinuation of tho verses
1h that the Turks were beaten because
they followed the advice of German
military exports.
It is intimated that while no action
has been taken yet, the poem will
bo referred to the state department
by the embassy. It will then be thd
duty of the state department lo re
fer the complaint to the war depart
ment If the state department regards
the vol's es as malicious and Imperti
nent "Beyond doubt tin: action of the
German embassy is hi obedience to
directions from the kaiser.
Cnptalfi Stcunenncrg was trans
ferred months ago from Fort McPher
son to an army post In the north
west, following the publication of
letters In which he ridiculed Atlanta
and other southern clllc3 and com
pared them unfavorably with Boise,
Stcunenberg's letters created much
Loo-vcs for Washington.
Special Cable to The Tribune.
niMSNOS AVUlStf. December ?. Dr.
Romnlo S. Naon. Argentine minister to
the 1'nlted States, left today on hla rjj
turn to AVauhJngton.
feeling, especially In Atlanta, a3 they
were written after he bad been given
entree lo the leading Atlanta clubs.
There was a movement to have
Sletmcnberg reproved by the war de
partment, but it came to nothing.
During the controversy Steunenbei'g
stood by his letters and declared he
had slated the simple truth about
southern cities and their people. j
Slcuncnbcrg was then lefuTseverc.ly
alone In. a social way and Dually se
cured a transfer.
Army and navy officers discussed
the voices tonight at I he Army and
Navy club, and while they would not .
express any opinion on the subject
they said that the case was a close
parallel to I lie "Jloeh der Kaiser"
sensation of Rear Admiral Coghian,
which ended without any severe dis
ciplining of the admiral'.
One of the members of the g'encval
army staff said that there was an
unwritten law that army and navy
officers, and In fact, all ofTicers of
otic government, shall not a pear
publicly fr, the attitude of criticising
another power or its people or offi
cers. "Sometimes however," sild this
i officer, "when It Is patently a case
of only good-natured fun, no harsh
measures are. taken."
Rear Admiral Coghian did not -write
the poem, "Jloeh der Kaiser." it
was written by another officer and
delivered by Coghian at a banquet
tendered to him In New York on his
return from tho Spanish-American
war. Tho navy department wioto
Admiral Coghian a mild letter of rep
rimand. The Slcuncnbcrg poem is as
The fighting in JVlacedonia is a sore subject with Germany. The
'Turkish army was trailed and its officers educated under the
German military- system Literary Digest.
Oil., hark ye, Yankee soldiers ! From far across tbo sen
Comes (.ho news Mial Turkey's fighting men wero trained by Gcriiianpc.!.. ,
TIiatraho"faccrl."tli'oBulI-Con.T.H6s sinlc-Wnd"ocT and alduntltM'Mtfin
With a simple faith in Allah and our Dcificld Von TJohue.
And (hoy Bay that on (lie morning that the mighty battle broke, - r
That Centum tutored, army vanished-in a -whirl of smoke;
Tliaf. their swords wore all unsullied and their guns Tvero all forgot, '
As they sought tho dim hoi'i.on in a hasty turkey trot.
A Montenegrin major gave the flyiug foo a glance, ' -- ' '
Thou rolled a cigarello and scratched a natch upon his pants ' k -
Aud spake- unto his gunners, "Lot 'eni liavo a few more ijblts "V
.That is, if your shells can catch 'em thojvo been trained by VoriP'der '
A colonel of Bulgarians then tossed aside his coat - fc
And yelled, "Come on, my hearties! 7-iOoks as if wo had thoir goat. '
.lust follow Uncle Fuller to yon battle's merry whirl '
While wo show 'em how lo do it they've been reading, GriopctTkerll V
Away from Constantinople tho hosts of Allah sped,
And the only onos that halted wero tho ones that stopped tho lead.
Quoth a Servian lieutenant then, " 'Tis evident to mo
That yon army has been studying the books of Von Molt-hco."
Said a panting Turkey corporal from German teaching freed
" Wc ain't much on formation, but wc suro aro h 1 for speed!" 'fj
So they sprinted night and morning 'till their hiDgs were fit. lo hurst, ,'
But they won the six-da' Marathon they reached tho city first,
A talc that points a moral Most anyone can see '
That it 's timo to disregard tho ways of Jackson, Grant and Lee;
For the sacred Script urn tells us, "Yo shall know thom by thoir "works,"
So wo lift our hals to Von Dor Colt?-, the man who trained tho Turks.
And now "while Europo trembles on tho vergo of deadly fray,
The dove of peace is cooing hi the good old 17. S. A.
For. yon bet, the foreign powers -will leave Uncle Sam alono
While our highbrows down at Leavenworth are studying Von Iobn'c! Y.-'-'
And while the German eagle sours above the Balkan storm ;yt '
Tt strikes us as a fitting time to change the uniform: V-.'
Lctrs got one of thot.0 shiny things they wear across the breast . ;r .
And add a gleaming helmet with an caglo on the crest. . . ;
And down at Sunny Leavenworth let Butch professors rule' '
And build a modol brewery an annex to tho school
Amarblo bust of Von Ber Goltz resplendent in tho hall,
And photographs of Kriiscr Bill adorning cv'ry wall. . . -V.
And ho who seeks promotion must subsist a solid, year
On pretzels, choose and wiencrwnrst, and good old German bocr; '"
And notify tho colonols sound the warning near and far!
That thoy'vo got to siug "Die "Wacht Am Ithcin" before they got the star.
Then hero's luck to tho Fatherlaud let's follow in her train
And all lake up the gooac step when wo march to war again. . 1 '".
Our motto ".Mtide in Germany, " triumphant over fear
Our sloiran "lloch der Kaiser!" and tho countersign '-Zwoi beer!"
George Steunenborg, Seventeenth United States infantry, Fort McPhcrson.
WUCIUTA, Ivans., "Dec. S. Joseph Pat
tone, a grocer, was phot and killed an
he lay In his bed In his room adjoining
his store here early today. Patton's
wife notified neighbors of the shooting,
saying that she heard two shots In it
hallway separating tho sleeping room she
occupied from Pulton's room, and found
her husband wounded. The latter lived
an hour, but did not speak, if robbery
was tbo motive of tho shooting Pat ton's
assassin left without taking 300 which
was in ibo room,
A bullet found Imbedded In a .door in
Pulton's room. It Is said, was In range
from Mrs. Patton's room.
I3UTT13, Iont., Dec. S. Donald Afc
Pherson, aged 70 years, died last night
In his homo here. lie Was a pioneer
mining man in Utah and was known
throughout tho western states. Ho eamc
to Uutte in 180B from Park City, Utah.
China to Get Loau.
LONDON. Dec. 8. A dispatch to ihe
Times says It Is understood that the
Chinese minister of finance has prac
tically settled with tbo six-power group
tho outlines of un agreement for a loan j
not exceeding SI 25.000,000.
Consul Gonoral Dies.
NKW YORK. December 8. John Rut
ger Ulanten, for twcnty-nlnn years con
sul general from the Netherlands, dlrnl
today at hla homo in Brooklyn, of heart
trouble, agal 77.
Special Mass Begins inEvery
Catholic Church in Mexico
for Divine Intervention
in Affairs of Republic.
Revolution Results in Condi
tions So Bad Thai. Some
thing More Than Human
Agencies Necessary.
MI5XICO CITY, pec. S. In obedi
ence to a papal decree there will
hcgln tonight at midnight in
every Catholic church through
out tbc republic a special mass
lor divine intervention in Mexico. In
-t. Peter's at Home. -at tbo same hour,
or G o'cloek Rome time Monday morn
ing, the pope himself will join In the
prayers for the restoration of peace.
.Monsignor Ilogglaul, tho apostolic dele
gate, will offlclalo In I lie church of
Guadulupe, where a service of unusual
solemnity Is planned, although the serv
ices in the cathedral will be almost
equally Impressive.
That tbo involution in Mexico has re
sulted In conditions be.vonrf eonmi nt
tho government appears lo be indicated,
not only by the reports of the rebel
operations, but by the aptlon of the
secretary of the Interior, Rafael Her
nandez. The secretary recently sum
moned Monsignor Dogsinni and appealed
to him to use the power of the church
to assist In restoring order. The secre
tary requested that the pope issue a de
cree to that end.
The Liberals construed the act of Sec
retary Hernandez as beliir not In line
with tlie laws respecting Hie separation
of tho churchy and the state..
Army Too Small.
Secretary Hernandez also has admitted
that tho army is not nearly largo enough
to givo protection to haciendas and small
towns. In reply to requests from these
quarters be has sent the following note:
"The government is making almost unheard-of
efforts to give protection, but
to accede to all demands would require
an army of half of a million."
A plan has been outlined asking tlie
chambers of commerce and other similar
organizations throughout tho country, to
appropriate money to maintain bodies of
volunteers, whom the government will
equip with rifles and ammunition, but
It is announced that tho government
would expect those paying thufle volun
teers to givo a guarantee that arms and
ammunition furnished will not full Into
tho hand of the rebels.
According to official reports the rebels
in a series of attacks during the last
Ibrco days around Tcmascnltepcc In the
state of Mexico, loot 12S men killed. The
federal loss Is not given and minor suc
cesses In other regions arc reported. Ac
cording to unofficial reports, however,
tho rebels are winning many successes,
and there is no doubt that they are gain
ing ground In tho north and coast re
gion of the stale of Guerrero, while they
aro fully holding their own In other re
gions. Rebels Are Active.
There Is less disposition in official
circles lo belittle tho movement in the
north where the remnants of Orcco's
army aro showing more evidence of con
certed action. Clicche Campos and Indlo
Mariano arc practically in control of
northern Durango. The latter has burn
ed oil bridges of the railroad between
Ssn .Tuna Del KIo, which he captured,
and Caaa Blancji. south of which a force
of .500 federals Is located. Compos In
tho last few days has raided fourteen
haciendas. In connection with these at
tacks, stories of destruction and atrocl
lles are common.
Tho rebels on the Pacific coast of the
state of Guerrero are said to have ac
quired a llttlo post south of Acapulco,
from which point they are shipping to
the Interior ammunition and supplies
which they receive there. These rebels
are commanded by Andrew Atmazan.
Tlie general situation in best dellned
by tho explanation that tho government
Is in control of all the big towns aud
many of this smaller pluces, but practi
cally all the disturbed regions aro In tb
power, of tho Insurrectos. The govern
ment troops bavo been unable to pursue
them effectively on account of tho lack
of numbers, Residents of Pucbla say
It Is not safo to ride outside the city
Pay for Immunity.
While It is no scrct that Mexicans and
foreigners allko in numerous Instances
aro paying tho rebels for Immunity, it
Is not always given.
A report that the E Vaso junta has
named I'loros Magon for president bus
brought from Magon tbo statement that
It was "unauthorized." It In not be
lieved he will take any part In the op
position to the government, although
neither did Emlllo Vasquer for months
after tho rebels proclaimed him.
Gonoral Trevlno, who many tho 55a
patlstn have proclaimed for tho presi
dency, has not as yet given his approval,
but at tbo 3 am a timo ho has not taken
the trouble lo rojeel tho honor conferred
upon him. 4
Edison's Daughter
Will Wed Inventor
-men move mm
Bank. -Officials With -Automatic
Pistols in Pockets Re
main Up All Night.
With bank officials and armed guards
on watch, 51,000,000 were moved Satur
day night from the old Walker bank
.building ,to. the new skyscraper and ' It
was fi:30 o'clock' fiupday morning before
the task was complete.
President M. II. Walker, Vice President
Ij. H. Farnsworth, Cashier 15. .0. Howard
and a number of lesser officials of the
bank kept an all-night vigil, never mov
ing more than a few yards away from
the big strong box which weighs six tons.
1-1. E. Godwin, the bank policeman, and
a flock of city detectives mingled with
the workmen and closely scrutinized the
crowds that watched tho proceedings.
It was a comparatively easy matter to
get the strong box from, tho old build
ing to the sidewalk In front of the sky
scraper. The work was commenced at
12::50 Saturday and at S:30 that afternoon
the treasure was in front of Its new
home, but getting Into the vault without
damaging the marblo or fixtures, test
ing the timo lock on tho vault and lull
ing an Inventory to make sure-that not
the slightest thing was lost, consumed
the rest of the time until G:30 o'clock Sun
day morning.
A part of the contents, of the box, of
course, was securities, but moro than. four
itons of gold i and silver weru slowly
boosted onto a dray by Workmen who
got from ?2.'60 lo 53 'a night for' tholr
work and made many . facetious remarks
as they tuged and -hauled. !
"Gee, Bill, If we -had What Is; In hero
I guess wc wouldn't work any more," ob
served one.
"Hlp yourself," offered a bank offi
cer, secure In the knowledge that sov
eml inches of chilled steel and tho com
plicated lock protected the millions.
"Weill any way. I can go home and
tell my ole woman I've spent the night
juggling ? 1,00,0000." observed number.
When the strong box was safo within
tho now vault the time lock was given
an exhaustive test and the tired bank
officers, almost as grimy as tne worit
men. heaved great sighs of relief. Tho
moving of tho bank's treasure has been
on their minds for a long timo and is tho
most ncvrc-wrccklng job they have had.
For days past some of the officers have
dreamed of a gang of dynamiters Inter
rupting the (work and although It was
only a dream they took as many, precau
tions as If It were a poeslblc contingency.
Tho officers and guards fairly bristled
with automatic pistols and repeating
rifles were concealed In proximity, so
they could' be grabbed hastily If need be.
Early in the evening crowds watched
the work, but the night was cold and
from 2 o'clock on the work was dono
without any spectators.
The $1,000,000, veritably a king's ran
som, Is now protected not 'only by the
stronc- box which In ltuolf 1b so Invulner
able It might bo left In tho street for
hours, but by one of the. most modern
bank vaults In existence.
Ton Below Zero.
DULt'TH, Minn., Drc. S. Today was
tho coldest of the winter, the tempera
ture registering 10 degrees bolow ero.
"How Appropriate," Is Com
ment of' Friends; He Has
Patented Flyiiig Machines.
NEW -YOItK, Dec. "7. "How appro
priate,,'.' .was the comment of the
young couple's friends when Ihey
heard 'of the engagement of Miss
Madeleine Edison, daughter of
Thomas. A. 1 ICdispn, aud John Eyre
Sloane f South Orange, X. J, This
exclamation was due to the fact that
Mr. SJoanc, like lijs prospective fathcr-ln-Iaw,
Is -,an Inventor "of considerable
reputation. Mr. Sloane's activities have
been along Ilnca of aviation and he ha3
patented several devices for flying
Prisoners -Turned Out of Cngc at
Atlanta, Georgia, aiicl Told
to "Beat It."
ATLANTA,. Ga., Dec. F. "I .said to
them prisoners: 'Here, yon folkB in;
there if you - don't shut up that yell
I'm goln' to turn every ono of you out.'
They wouldn't stop, so T .unlocked the
cage and told 'oni all to beat It. They
This was the explanation given. today
to Chief of Police . Beavers .by George
Hamilton, -driver of the city workhouso
van cage regarding tho escape of 'pris
oners from the cage last night. Tho
yelling of . the -prisoners Is said to have
been duo to the speed with which Ham
ilton maintained his team during thu
early, stages of. the ride.
"1 had a real nice,' comfortable . ride,
free', from noise, after them V prisonurn
beat it," said Hamilton, closing his In
terview with the chief of police. Ho will
be' tried on charges of intoxication and
'disorderly conduct. ,
Governor of Oregon 'Proposes to
. Haug Five Condemned !Mur
v. defers on tlie Same Day.
POItTLANTV Or.,'1 Dec. S. Decision of
Governor Oswald West that five con
demned murderers all shall bo hanged
next Friday precipitated antl-capltal
punishment sentiment here In a mass
meeting todny, In which it was decided
to endeavor to get reprieves for the
Resolutions urging that tho hangings
bo postponed until newly enfranchised
women of the state can vole on the cap
ital punishment law will bo presented to
Governor West next Thursday by a
traluload 'of petitioners traveling from
here to Salem, the state capital.
Some of the condemned mon have boon
under Bentcncc for more than a year. yn
were reprieved by Governor West wend
ing the outcome of a vote on capital pun
ishment, tuken November 3. The pro
posal to abolish it lost by 20,000 -.otca
and Governor West, who Is strongly op
posed to tho death penalty, decided to
bang all five men the. same day. with the
intent, It wa3 said, to let the peoplo of
the state sno Just what they had ordered
Kocuusc tho women did not vote at
this election another chance at the ques
tion Is asked.
Correspondent of London
Telegraph Writes Graphic
Description of the Con
elusion of Armistice.
Concedes the Vital Point Af
ter a Long Period of Si
lence: Both Armies Then
Toasted in Champagne.
Special Cable to The Tribune IH
LONDON, Dec. S. Lulgl Bansnil, lot
respondent of the London Dallv
Telegraph, sends n graphic dc
scription of tho conclusion of
armistice between the Turkirh and
allied delegates. Meetings were held ii
a Turkish train near Tchatalja. Hero la
how the agrcement at last was reacluu.
the dispatch says:
"The discussion was prolonged upon
Ihe right of the "Bulgarian military lralnn
to t;is3 Adrlanople. 'That right would
doprlvo the Turks of any hope of re
Burning the war with success. If the
cherished such a mad hope
"After a long silence Naslm Pasha sud
denly exclaimed: . IH
" 'Well, let It be so, but wait ten IH
days before sending your trains throng
Walt for the beginning of peace negotla
lions in Loudon.'
DaniefT Breaks Silence.
"Dr. Danieff. who was sitting oppo"1
He the Turkish general, rose aud so:
emnly extended his hand, saying: 'It
Is finished. W.; arc In agreement.' jH
"It was twenty minutes nast seven
The plenipotentiaries, moved by nine
.trainable emotion, aJI sji ttjjclr fp(.t
The pressure Tiritflnicn too long and to
intense. Under impassive, impenetrable jH
appeiirance, those men of politics .and
war had felt most penetrating anguish
and doubt under a tormenting weight of
responsibility. jH
"After a tumult of uncertain hopa
tho settlement brought a soothing rem--lion
to their tired minds. TIihm General
Fitoheff summoned Chnpraehikoff, pri
vale secretary to King Ferdinand, who
acl'd as secretary to the Bulgarian mis
slon, mid who was In the neighboring
compartment, ami asked him to make
four copies of the armistice agreement
The news was immediately patsod
through the train.
Both Annies Toasted.
"All the silent officers wero on their jH
foot. Bottles of champagne were opened
and Nazi in Pasha, pale, but full of dig
nit y, appeared at the door with glass
in hand. With a serious voice, ho turn- jH
cd to the Bulgarian officials and said-
"Gentlemen, T drink to thi health of
the valiant Bulgarian army."
"His hand trembled slightly as he car
ried tho glass to his Hps. H
" 'To (he health of tho valiant Otto- jH
man army," tlie officers replied.
"After the first moment of excitement jH
and emotion, the generals retired. Therft
was a scarcely concealed expression of
sadness of tho face of tho Turkish offl- jH
ccrs, as they compelled themselves to
resume the attitude of courteous hoatn.
"With little traco of cmbnraBsment the J
conversation was resumed upon remoto
questions about which nobody wns think-
"Precisely at S o'clock the plunlpoten- IH
tlaries listened to tho reading o; til's
armistice agreement and placed (heir slg-
natures to tho document which -nasi H
drawn up in French." H
LONDON. Dec, 8. Tho circumstances jH
of the renewal of tho drolbund sir months IH
beforo tho necessity uroco to givo notion IH
of Its renewal or thut it had expired is jH
considered to have special reforenco to J
the Balkan problem. Continental nows
papoiti comment on its rcnowul as cal
culated to make a strong Impression on
Russia and Scrvln, thus helping tho
preservation of peace. J
Turkey has not yot officially appoint-
ed her pcaoo delegates, but all the Pa'- jH
kun states, including Greece, have iiiun
cd thclr's, aud the delegates tomorrow
will start for London. jH
' Dr. Daneff. president of the Bulgarian
chamber of deputies will stop at Bu
churcst on his way to London and will
endeavor to reconcile Rumania's terrl- H
torlal and economic aspirations with Bui- HH
garia'a interests. IH
Thu Greeks continue their military HH
operations and occupy St. George, a vll- HH
logo four hours distant from Janina. HH
whero the remnants of the Turkish flH
Monastir army are said to have arrived"
Aviator Shot by Turks. H
VIENNA. Dec S. The fate of Dr. fl
Jules Constantly a French aviator In HH
the Bulgarian , service, who was decor- HH
ated by King Ferdinand for bravery, is HH
doclare.d in a dispatch Just rocelvod here. HH
Dr. Constantln started over the Tchatalja HH
lines with tho object of dropping bombs BH
on the Turkish troops. File biplane dlsap-
pcared rapidly and sonic hours latrr wa.i H
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