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pHE" Qitot Sfeirlt SEf tlhunr I
K- he Initiative and
jpindum, Adoption of
Xh He Declares Will
Keck Government.
fl Arizona Senator to
Reply Outside; Tex
Expected to Resign
Js Seat This Week.
HI.VGT0X. Jan. 2. Senator j
WrJatfh W- Salley of Texas.
flL? one of the picturesque flg
isru isd striking speakers of
Hrti United States Ecntac, de
Kiir before crowded floor and
ffiii final speech as a nicinber
Hft&" or two Ills resignation
Mali btfore the senate and com
flTto Governor Colquitt of Tcx
B'ejKtaUon being that It. M.
wc Houjton will be named to
Si term, vrhlch would end
V- Bailey's speech was tin al
jK Initiative and referendum as
flfu.tiit would, if adopted, bring
HJm overthrow of the present nys
Hfixerjean government. He said
Kitei In the desire of poll
H tiape the responsibility for
Hja.rcch petty questions as the
wltt lUte capltols and the sct
BV prohibition fights. As lnsll
Mwiwernmcnt, he declared that
Bflta for direct leglsluUon by the
flf& tonvert the United States
MviijUc to a democracy, unci
nlt control into thy. "hands
Honied, the Idle and the vl-
Bi Hearst.
feuron William R. Hearst in
Vw of hlti speuch In which he
H2 Mr Hearst as a "misernble
BB?iid "hounded him," brought
Btmt of Arizona to his feet.
Wtd to answer this phase of
flpfi attack upon radical ticwupa.
astatlnes, but was stopped by
lumor with the remark that
HRsdie that reply outside." X,a
jJinrit tool: the rtoor in his own
BV In the courao of his defense
pftovemmfent, ho paid a trl
'Icarut, as a loyal Ar.-iancnn
jj were crowded to their utmost
long lines of people waited
9ilin ior an opportunity to i
jBjMexsn'g farewell address to tho
Hf toe membership or the Hcn
nl nearly sevmty-fh e mom
house vho filled tho benches
W;1 Kails along the floor of the
jor Hours.
lloy spoke for four hours.
K tlmc he received the
R'Hlon from members arid BPec
M? 'he concluded a wave of ap
Kjt through the galleries, brlng
Brttrlnmnd from Senator Gal
Prwidlnar officer,
ftjsi Wilson, although
Mp'1' hy Senator Bailey in dc
y declaration that direct logis
mrl ln a'ord with the prlnci
Rrtn Bovernment. rccolved
Filiation from the Texan nena-
MJj" ''j have elected presidont
ste5 gives the country
E '"'aclory administration."
Hhii Republican party -will
wt aether candldato ror the
HJJ you?" he continued, ad
FrZ?1 Republican aide of tho
MM u did not carry but two
Sft and thoao two of thc
Sii iLcnttat four ye;irfl from
(Roosevelt) Wlll take somo
lJ God they will be the
HT af'ord to lose.
mM I wh noosovdt. if
Witv Vc he ciin tak thc
jK'Therr frm ltowevclt ho Is
K y man who can do that,
not tuccccdea well, is Ku
3Ha "e only man who
Wniei Roosovfi1t in attroct
Mtt, 'c- What the Doruo-
NoeiliS'.18 n0t lho radlcaI-
Hk,Wo5rS an1 ouotaflona from
Nnefl n me" 'vho oi-ganiBofl
y?lnt' aml to students
fc y , diacuascd tho cf-
fS"l?.Un,t States b0
Ntraci . ovwnment and
:BtKlr ,recL Icglfllatlon.
.U0"17 wllom waB Gov
Ku5b l0d 10 ahW that the
E" Wl. WaS tlmt tho PPlc
wLW'1 to legislate
jy. '"-'allon In dellbcra
!Sc8,lll0i:;f.P,cy Produced
Solon Whose Swan Song
: In the Senate Is a Hiss
ft '
House Owned by Spry De
stroyed at Grantsville; Ten
ants Narrowly Escape.
Special to The Tribune.
GRANTSVILLE, .Tan. 2. Sport, a
bulldog, saved tbo lives of Misses Ana
bel and Mildred Burmcster, grand
daughter's of tho late Theodore. Bur-uit-stcr.
Salt Lalfo attorriC-,. early this
morning, when lire broke out in their
homo in G'oolcy's lane, formerly occu
pied by Gov. William Spry. The houee
was afire and tho pfirls were asleep. Thc
dojr ran into tho room, jumped upon
their bed and burked furiously. They
fot out just iu time.
Frank Burmestcr, their father, hie
wife and other children wero at Grant
station, six miles north of Grantsville.
Last night the girls went to a dance
and returned homo carlyan the morning.
There had been tiro in a stove in the
room adjoining theirs. They were tirod
and made no investigation of conditions
jn tho houso before retiring. The
flamen sprand. bolween tho ceiling of
tho first and second Btories from a de
fective flue to a closet . over their
The air in tho house was becoming
thick with smoke. Tho dog, believed
to have been asleep in tho kitchen, vta
aroused by the odor. Apparently his
fivBt thought was tho safety of tho
girls. They ghVhim full credit for
the rescue.
Tho building, a total loss, was owned
by Governor Spry. lt was infturod for
.t'lOOO. Tt waB a two-story 'frame strttc?
ture. The contents, including a valua
blo law library bequeathed to Frank
Burmestcr by his father, who . was
prominent in Ropublican politics, worn
insured for $1500. They wero con
sumed by thc flames.
WASHINGTON", Ja"- 2. President Taft
toolc his brother, Henry W. Taft, for a
ride yesterday in one of the White houee
automobiles and tho story of the sight
seeing trip became nolad around to
dav The presidont choao a new Vir
ginia road, but before much ground had
bofn covered mud made tho way im
passable The prof idont and hln brother
derided to wallc back to the While Houee,
but before thoy had gono far thc ma
chine overtook thorn, having been pulled
out of th mud by a farmer'a team,
Three- Boys Drowned,
OUVBT Mich.. Jan. '. Whllo playing
hockey on' Pine lake, near here, this af
ternoon, tnroo boys broke through thin
Jco and were drowned.
Irwin Van Wye, Goorgn Lanaborough
and Ward Kconcy, in attempting a ros
cue were precipitated into the water.
LanBborough and Van Wye munaged to
break their way to the shon-. Kcciicy
cluiiK to thc Ico and was almost frozen
, to death yhen rescued
One Killed and Seven In
jured in Accident at Utah J
Copper Mine.
Special to Tho Tribune.
BrNGHAM, Jan. 2. One man was
killed and scvon injured, three seri
ously when an engine iu a suow plow
train overturned and fell 150 feet at
tho Utak Goppor mine enrlj this after
noon. Tho life was crushed out of
John Sullivan, laborer, R, .Ferguson,
engineer, was severely cut and bruisod
about, tho faco and head. Tt is thought
ho suelained concussion of tie brain.
JOHN SUTjLIVAN, laborer.
E. Ferguson, engineer, head cut and
bruised; serious.
Thomas Wilson, engineer, leg mashed;
A. D. HoRBiier, hrakeman, arm broken.
Bay Davis, superintendent, slightly
George Tilborry, workman; slight.
A. F. Schurkc, .foreman; slight.
Charles Noudort, boilormakor; slight.
The right leg of Thomas. Wilson, en
gineer, was mangled. Tho right arm of
A. D, licasner, hrakeman, was broken.
Ferguson, Wilsou and Rcnsner were
taken to -Salt Lake this evening and
sent to tho Holy Cross hospital. Tho
others remained iu Bingham. Sulli
van's body is at Hall's undertaking es
tablishment here.
Tho four others hurt in thc accident
wero not incapacitated.
Tho plow was operated for-tho Utah
Copper conipauy by tho Utah Construc
tion company, which has a contract for
stripping on the nunc. Thc train, con
sisting of throo engines und the plow,
was removing snow on the 0 level
with a crew of fifteen men. Tho aver
ago depth of tho snow was about three
foot, there being several difficult drifts,
three of Avhich tho train had passed
through successfully.
Before attempting to go through tho
fourth drift it was deciddd to return
to Bingham for lunch. This is why as
many nu fifteen wero on tho train. Tho
crado was steep nnd slippery. The
smnllost engino left the track, causing
the accident.
Emhezzlomont Charged.
RAPID CITY. S. D.. Jan. 2. Former
County Treasurer George 12. Flavin was
arreutcd thin afternoon on charges of
embezzling 532,000 from tho funds of this
county during bin term of office from 100S
to 1912-
Flavin resigned office In th latter
year to become manager of a com
pany at- Panama.
A year ago county officials instituted
an Investigation of th: county office
and their export reported the short
, ugc.
Balkan Envo3s, on the Other
Hand, Insist They Will
Break Up the Lon
don Conference.
Adrianople the Only Stumb
ling Block in the Way of
Peace; Embassadors May
Find Solution.
LONDON, Jan. 2. Tho plonipotcn-'
tiaries to tho poaco conference on
joyed a day of general relaxation. ;
Fven the mooting of the embaa
narlors today was purely academic, as
all agreed that yestorday 's advances by!
Turkey had changed tho situation to j
such an extent that thoy must await
corresponding instructions from their
respective governments.
Tho Turks continuo to doelaro that
their concessions have surpassed any
logical expectation, but that now they
cannot code an inch more.
On the other hand, the allies, with
unanimous voice and compact front,
maintain that they would rather end
the- conference than renouueo what they
claim is due thctn by right of their vic
tories. That. the game is being played on
both sides is evident. Tho Turks cm
phasizo tho enormous imporianco of
what they have ceded, which in reality
is only what they have lost and what,
independently of the allies, not evon
lho powers would allow them to rocon
qner. Tho sillies, on the other, hrnuVbe-little-
tho Turkish concessions', thoj'
desire definitely to settle forever their
differences with thc Ottoman empire.
Compromise Suggested.
The real stumbling block is Adriano
ple. A compromise solution respecting
tho Aegean islands is .possible. Some
suggest that Turkey code them to the
powers, which cau decide their fate. It
is recalled1 that such a course has been
taken on other occasions, presenting
evon moro difficulties than the present.
For instance, in the war of 3866 be
tween Italy and Austria, Austria, al
though victorious, was induced to cede
tho Venetian provinces to France,
which transferred them to Ttaly.'
Supporters of this plan point that
Turkey might even cede tho islands to
the allies, as has practically been done
with. Albania, on condition that the
powers pledge themselves to claim, us
in the caeo of Albania, the right to de
cide the status of the Aegean archi
pelago. Bitter Struggle Certain.
The strugglo now will he bitter be
tween tho Turks and tho allies. Tho
former aro threatening to appeal to tho
tribunal of Europe; tho hitler arc
threatening to resume thc war. Jt is
expected, however, that relief from this
situation may result from Ibo meeting
of tho embassadors, to whose judgment
probably both Turkey and tho allies
will submit, if they decido unanimously
what tho J'ato of tho islands must be.
Thc powers arc particularly concerned
in this question, becauso some of thc
islands, Samothracc. !Imbros, Leinnos
and Tencdos, are of international im
portance, commanding tho entrance to
tho Dardanelles, whilo Mitylcno and
Chios bar thc entrance of tho gulf of
Smyrna. Tho rest of the" islands still
are in the hands of Italy, which occu
pied them duriug thc war with Turkcj-.
If thc powers unanimously ask Greece
to evneuato some of tho islands already
occupied, it is believed Greece Avill obey,
as she did at Avlona, ou lho shnplo in
timation of Ttuly, and as Scrvia and
Montenegro did on thc Albanian coast
.on the Adriatic, or prepared to do, in
order to plcaso Austria.
Embassadors Meet.
Tho embassadors today reviewed tho
whole situation without entering doop
y iuto any particular question. They
wiBh to havo moro concrete instructions
before they do so. In the meantime an
exchaugo of communications is occur-j-ing
between tho chancellories of thc
triple entente nnd tho triple alliance,
while a special understanding is devel
oping botween Russia, Austria and Italy
concerning Albania.
There appenrs to bo among tho em
bassadors a stroug current in favor of
the annexation of Crete to Greece, but
they claim that in exchange they should
bo entrusted with tho docisipu respect
ing tho fato of the islands.
regarding the frontiers of Albania,
the opinion prevails amonu the embas
sadors that, thoy will bo ablo to strike
a proper medium between the too re
stricted suggestions of tho allies and
tho too extended boundaries favored by
Austrin. It is reportod that the Rus
sian, Italian and Fronch embassadors
; aro supporting thi middlo- opuiflea u
t '
Pujo Committee Hunting for
Precedent to Fit the Case
of the Oil Magnate Who
Dodges Subpoena.
Crowds Attracted to Fifth
Avenue Residence on Ru
mors That an Entrance
Will Be Forced.
NEW YORK. .Ian. 2.- William
Rockefeller continued tonight to
elude tho process sorvers of tho
house of representatives.
Charles F. Riddcll, scrgeant-at-arms,
at the head of an army of assistants
and detectives who for days havo been
trying tn subpoena tho financier, was a
witness in tho "money trust" investi
gation. Ho said tonight, that all his ef
forts to got iu communication with him
had been repulsed.
Dr. Walter F. Chapelle, tho physician
who is treating Mr. Rockefeller's
throat, has rofuscd to tell whero his
patient is, whilo John W. Storling, Mr.
Rockefeller's attorney, "would not be
seen," Mr. Riddell said when he went,
to the lawyer's office.
"I had hoped," Mr. Riddell stated,
"that all this publicity would shame
Mr. Rockefeller out and that surely to
duy ho would accept service, but I have
not heard a word from any of his repre
sentatives. "
Tho sergeaut-at-arms had no comment
to mako on tho report from Brunswick,
Ga...that Mr. Rockefeller wa3 in that
city. '
The guard around Rockefeller's Fifth
avenuo residence, at his Tarrytown
country homo atid at tho-homo of Wil
liam G. Rockefeller, his sou, at Green
wich, Conn., was maintained as nsual
today. "Until congress authorizes a writ
of attachment for Mr. Rockefeller, Mr.
Riddell said there would be nothing to
do but to wait for the millionaire vol
untarily to accept service
Reports that tho Fifth avenuo resi
dence would bo entered by forco at
tracted crowds to tho neighborhood to
day. Lecturers on sightseeing automo
biles pointed to the mansion and ox
plained tbo situation to thoir passengers.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 2. A series of
conferences and a vast amount of digging
Into dusty tomes of law occupied the
members of thc houso connected with the
money trust investigation today in their
efforts to evolve a plan to secure thc
testimony of William Rockefeller, whom
the scrgeant-at-arms of the house has
tried in vain to serve with a subpoena
since last June.
Meanwhile Scrgcan-at-Arm.n F.iddoll
and a small army of deputies and pri
vate detectives camped about tho New
York homo of the oil magnate.
After talking with house leaders, and
with Jerry South, chief cleric of tho
house, Chairman Pujo of tho money trust
committee tonight issued a statement re
viewing lho attempts to secure, thc testi
mony of Mr. Rockefeller, in which ho
expressed tho. hope that It would not be
necessary to exert thc "full legal power"
of the house to secure scrvlco of the
subpoena. Mr. Pujo would not say what
plans were evolved to aid tho aergeant-ut-arms
in his work. JIc raid a meet
ing of tho commlttco would be called to
morrow or Saturday and tho matter
would be taken up formallj.
Look Up Precedents.
Members of the committee, after
pouring over thc precedents, were puzzled
ns to the exact method by which tho
house could enforce tho service of the
subpoena. Mr. Pujo, however, was In
clined to bellevo that tho laot that lho
committee had received, through attor
neys, not aoting officially, a physician's
certificate sotting -forth that Mr. Rocke
feller wac too 111 to testify, might bo in
terpreted as an acknowledgement by the
oil magnate that he knew that tho pro
cess had been Issued for him.
Mr. Pujo was of the opinion that, the
facts In the caso could be certified to
the housi.'. and an attachment for Mr.
Rockefeller isuuod by resolution. Thla
would allow tho sergnant-at-arms to
neiz tho witness forcibly.
While the house officials pondered tho
question at length a series of wild re
ports as to proposed plans for getting
tho eluslvo wltnoso circulated about Mm
capltol. One rumor wan that tho ser-geant-at-arma
was about to employ a
woman detectlvn to get the missing mil
lionaire. Another was that an attack In
forco was to bo made by tho deputies
stationed about the RockefoUcr home.
Still another was that tho military au-
, jfjDontiaued on Psas Four. ,
Noted Financier and Turfman
Passes Away in Hospital
Following Operation.
By International Xews Service.
XEW YORK. Jan. 2. James P.. Koenc
died this morning at 2:15 o'clock in Miss
Alton's private hospital. Death followed
an operation for an abdominal troublo of
long standing which became acute a few
days ago and which necessitated his re
moval from the Waldorf Astoria hotel to
tho place where he died.
Tho operation was performed yesterday
morning. Mr. Keenc ha3 been an ill man
for two yeare. Two years ago he had an
operation performed In Italy. For a year
he has not been able to go to Wall street,
but has been about tho Waldorf, living
there a part of the time and the rest of
the timo has been at his Long Island
The financier was 74 years of age. hav
ing boon horn In 1S3S. He came to Amer
ica as a young man and went west. He
was a prospector. Tic' did not succeed
very well and then entered tho newspaper
business and becamo tho editor of a small
paper in California.
After two -years ho left California for
Nevada. ITc purchased mining property
there and sold it at a big profit. At tho
age of 25 ho refused offers of employ
ment, declaring he had talent for specu
lation. He became a member of thc San Fran
cisco stock exchange and soon afterward
its president. He made $6,000,000' in buy
ing and selling Bonanza, Comstock lode
At oD, with health Impaired, he started
for Europe to rest. Reaching Now York
in 1S77 he found the stock market here
demoralized. He went into thc market
instead of continuing on to Europe and
cleaned up. 9,000.000.
Since then he has been a leader In Wall
street stock speculation and also a com
manding figuro on the turf. Ho had the
distinction of havincr ownod. bred and
raced some of the greatest horses in the
history of tho American turf.
His winnings ono year In slakes and
purses exceeded those of any man racing
horses here or abroad up to that time.
Statistics Show That 532 Persons
"Wore Run Over and Killed
in New York Last Year.
NEW YORK. Jan. -'. Street accidents
in New York city during the year 1012
caused tho death of 532 persons. Statis
tics made public today by tho National
Highway Protective society show that 230
of theso victims wore children, of whom
103 were run over by automobiles. Of tho
total deaths 221 were duo to automobtles,
131 to trolley cars nnd 177 to wagons.
During the same period 2363 persons wero
Injured. Tho deaths from these acci
dents in 1011 numbered -123.
Ninety-one drivers of motor cars ran
away after the accidents.
PHOENIX, Arlc, Jan. 2. Firing in the
dark at two fugitives who had escapod
from' tho county jail at Florence,. Deputy
Sheriff J. C. Powors early today killed
ono and captured tho other of tho pair,
who had avowedly set out to kill him,
Tho dead man wns J. C. Miller, thc cap
tured man J. C. Wilson. Both men had
been captured by Powors and sent to
Jail and, according to Wilson, they es
caped from prison with tho intention of
first killing the deputy sheriff and thqn
of starting on a safe blowing campaign.
GRAND JUNCTION", Colo., Jan. 2.
Mrs. Lula It, Rehkugler, recently con
victed of manslaughter for the killing of
Joseph Waters, was sentenced today to
from five to eight years in tliu peniten
tiary. Previous to the shooting. Water) had
been employed on the Rehkugler ranch. I
Biff Fire In Cincinnati,
CINCINNATI, O.. Jan 2. Tho Carlisle
building, a seven-story stono structure
at the southwest corner of Fourth avo
nue and Walnut street, was almost de
stroyed by lire here tonight, cntulllng a
loos estimated at a Quarter of a million
.dollar - v.
Stewart & Co. to Erect Build- H
ing Without Fixtures; H
May Be Engaged for m
Additional Work. H
EXCEED $2,000,000 I
Changes in Specifications to H
Provide Better Material I
Discussed; Utah Labor I
and Products Favored. - Hj
THE contract for the construction
of tho Utah state capitol was fl
awarded to James Stewart & nfl
Co. yesterday by the capitol
commission. The amount in tho con- Ml
tract is $1,010,000, which was tho SB
amount bid by .Tames Stewart & Co. H
for tho construction of tho building, BH
exclusive of heating, ventilating, Bfl
plumbing and wiring. Tho bid, in- B9
eluding these items amounted to $1.- O
100,000. Tho commission reserves thc Bfl
right to award tho plumbing, heating, B8
ventilating and wiring contracts to H
James Stewart & Co. or to any other MM
contractor. MM
Whilo thc amount in tho contract is flfl
only slightly in excess of one million Ml
dollars, tho commissioners estimate that mm
tho cost of thc building will bo be- Hu
tv'ceu $.1,800,000 nnd $1,000,000. Thc jfl
commission makes reservations which jm
permit the commission to chango tho OH
material aud specifications in several wMI
particulars nnd the ultimate cost of wfi
tho building will largely depend on Dp
thc nature of the chauges. HI
Tho commission held "a long meet- ffl
ing yesterday and went over in detail M
tho bid of James Stewart & Co., and HI
tho chaugos proposed in materia aud IB
specifications. Thc commission ad- fl
jourued after 7 o'clock in tho evening Kf
and announced that tho contract had jin
been awarded to James Stewart & Co. M
The bid of James Stowart & Co. was M
the lowest submitted in thc competi- mM
To Prepare Contract. H
The contract wa3 outlined by tho BR
commission and R. Iv. A. Kletling. ar- Bfl
ohitcct, and Attorney General A. Bfl
R. Barnes were tlircctod to prepare it. mm
The preparation of thc coutract will Bfl
require sovcrnl days, and it will proba- Bfl
bly not bo ready for the signature of MB
tho commission beforo Monday. WBJ
Uudur the tonus of the coutract ibo HR
capitol commission reserves tho Tight JflB
to select practically nil thc material. MB
Thc commission has tho privilege or BjB
choosing several alternatives in mate- HB
rial and may roquirc from thc cou- flfl
tractor prices on various changes in NH
materials from the original specifica- BH
lions and if the price submitted by the SB
contractor is not satisfactory thc coin- HI
mission has the privilego of seouring HI
prices ou materials from other sources gjfl
or of advertising for bids ou mate- Bfl
rials. Tho commission is to make its gjfl
selections in tho ncsfc sixty days. jf
Thc foundation for thc building and th H
stcct work Is not Included In the spcclfi- Bfl
cations subject to change, so It is pos- Bfl
Elblc for the contractor to secure- thlc HB
material immediately that there- may be DM
no delay in beginning construction as Hfl
soon as thc excavation is completed. ijB
May Exceed $2,000,000. I
The contract as awarded docs not in- oflj
cludo hardware, interior decorations, fin
mural painting?, sculptural work, tcr- BRi
racing, furnishing, plumbing, heating and MM
wiring. With these items added, tha cost HBI
of tho completed building will probably IflH
exceed 92.000,000. RH
The contract specifics that the con- Oil
tractor shall uso Utah labor and Utuh iB
material wherever possible. It Is ex- Bfl
pected that tho contractor will find It ' BH
advunlaseous to uso Utah labor !n the Bfl
construction of tho building and no dif- Umm
liculty is expected on that score, Bwfl
Tho original specifications on whi:h Hjg
thn bids of thc contractors were based BB ffl
called for an exterior construction of His
granite, with terra-cotta oot-nlcn work tMm
and trimming. By increasing tho cost mm
somewhat the commission finds that it Is 1331
ablo to have an entire granite or marMc nfll
exterior up to the roof of the dome, und Bral
It is more than likely that the specif!- wfP
cations will bo changud to permit this. Kgji
Tho contract gives tho commission the ffffil
alternative of selecting, In tho next sixty
days, either granite or marble for the anPi
entire Htrueture.
! The commission has In view three dif- Rlj
fercnt granites, and a marble for tho ox- 1mS
tcrior of the capitol. Ono building stone RU
under consideration is the Utah granite gK?w
of the type used in tho construction of PSfH
tho Mormon temple. Tho other two Jlllnl
granites aro from quarries without tho Haul
state. Tho marblo Is while and from Ifaffl
a Utah quarry. Tha commission Is now SjfffaH
, v(0ontlnued on. Pago JTmi.

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