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Luther Will Fill Theatrical
Dates Until July and
Meet Britisher.
Palzer, Willard, Young; and
Smith May Figure in a
T OS ANGELES. Jan. 2. To the vlc
I tor bolonpa tlio hurrahs.
i It was a tlKhl for the sods to
sco L.utJir McCarty, tho newly
crowned heavyweight champion ol
-e world, atruidlns un in liln automobile
outside Promoter ItfcCarcy's town ofrice
'his mornlnfr and bowinjr with nil the
sravlty ho could commsunl to tho otaud
t of ;i crowd Ujox stood ten deep around
When It comes to looking crave or
rsninyj. however. Luther la a rank fall
' tv. He likes tho adulation of the mul
I'jdA too woll to ho ablo to conceal It.
Wn fare waK wreathed In a smllo of de
isht as ho Lowed north, oast, south and
t-ct to the cheurln thronjr.
Ml tlii time BIIJv McCarncy. the white
' .'nplon's manasor. waa Insldo tho of
"ice dlfcuBfilnp tho Dowtbllllies of tho fu-
jro In the matchmaklnc line with Mc
f arcy. nrc 1b what McCarncy liad to
ra- when ho left tho august presence:
' Luther fcol that ho la entitled to a
ft, but at that ho will not have a verv
'--tful time. Wo have had so many of
era from theatrical atrontg that we do
i ot know which to accept. It Is llkohr.
angh. that wc will open at Jlammer
tolns In New York", where a two weeks'
TjraRcmcnt at $2500 a week awaits ua.
ri.ero should bo Rood money for McCartv
n tho ahow business. Luther docs not
uvr to ddpend on a boilntr act or a
nAf; punrnmp turn to entertain an nud
nice. Ho b an adept at lariat twirl In?.
Hj ' harp uhooUnjc and all that kind of thins
and can no into tovna where boxing Is
'aTed and Rive an Interesting perform-
H Wells Is Next.
"t expect his next match will be with
bombardier Wells for tho championship
f the world. Wo will give McCarey the
ireference. McCarey has been especially
1 jrood to us and wo will want to show our
i .Tprcclatlon. If tho "Wells-McCarty match
t arranged for July 4 McCarty will be
f hack here before very long. He wants to
"lit In thi? spring and summer near Los
rgr!e. and it would fiuit lilm nicely to
' avo tho July dato with "Wells to look
forward to."
'"McCarey thinks well of tho Wclla-Mc-''arty
propoaltion. Tic did not appear too
- .'huslnfitlc about It, as It is a rule with
1 'Ight promoters not to become hysterical
r cr an attraction whllo ono of tho flght
'rv is e till footloose. It Is very likely.
owevor, that McCarey will place hlm-
j "!f In communication with Wells at the
arllest opportunity.
j "It would bo a match that would be
' worldwide interest, of course," said
Mi Carey, "on account of Its International
f snlflcnncc.
"Personally I would like to see it come
'. a head. I recognize that boxing had
ts origin in England and that the Eng
'if i have Improved upon tho gamo and
!.ept It clean and wholesome. For that
-eaeon. in my opinion, whenever a good
-n.in dcvlopn in England ho should be
Miudo welcome among us and given a
j anco to show how he compares with
ncrican fighters.
Hj Plan Another Tourney.
'But In the meantime there is no rea
ton for tho heavyweights to remain idle.
McCarty will be awav on a theatrical
'O ir and It will Lake Wells some time to
tct here. In the months that intcrvonc
HB ftweon now and July, the other heavies
j 1'ould fight It out among themselves. I
link that Palzcr, who lias shown himsolf
: u ;i a gamn fellow and such a fu!r flglit
1 tor. should be given every chance to come
to tho front. I would like to uco matches
which Palzer. Jess Willard, 'Bull'
j nutg. 'Gtinbont' Smith and others T.'ould
gurc And It would "plea ho me very
Titioh to match the wlnnor of a tourna
i cnt of that kind against the wlnnor of
j t. e Wells-McCarty niatch. That. I think,
j wo'ild be the final bout of all In the
j world's championship series."
McCarty had no facial bruises to speak
of n mementoes of his clash with Pal-
j xrr. but his hands aro in bad shape. The
"ft, which waa none too well when he
j entered tho ring, did not suffer to the
Mini) extent as tho right. The knuckles
of tho latter aro bruised and swollen and
j ' will bo many days before his Sundav
gloves will lit.
Will Fight No Negro. j
McCarncy thinks that tho McCarey j
s. l erne for sorting out the world's hcavy
wolghts la a good one. Ho wants It dls
"nctly undorstood, however, that Mc
'"arty will never consent to signing ar
Tlrlcs with a negro.
PalzcKs face presents a. battered os
rrt and tho big Iowan Is depressed In
rlt Hn has not dccid&d Just what ho
wfl do.. Th chances arc that Manager
OTlourkc will map out a programme foi
protesc within a few days.
Palrer contends that two things con-
nbuted materially to his defeat. In the
"rat place, ho said, he needed at least
anothrr week to train. In the next, he
my s be wits not allowed to box In hi
nrustoncd stylo,
ald Palzor:
Thy tried to make me lead and coun
er the way McCarty dooa. and It waa a
g mistake. If I had fought Bombardier
V, 11b the way T fousht McCarty, .'Wells
world have beaten mo In a very few
'ouidc. I knew that Wells was a clever
'o'low and I made up my mind to cither
uln or be licked inside of five rounds.
I toro into him and I won In tho third
ro-jnd. I would like to get another match
with McCartv and bo allowed to fight In
rrv own ctylc."
Just at present UHrS"'ls small pros
pert of a return match between Luther
and A'. It may hr different later on If
M'Care't suggestions aro carried out.
II Kodak Pictures Tiniahed.
j Mail us your films. Salt "Lake
j Fboto Supply Co. 159 lain itreet.
j Exclurire photo dealers.
I (Advertisement.")
can't you ralt your brains
and think of something wc
can do for you" Because
you know even every little
fl bit helps.
I The Culmer Co.
. 355 So. W. Temple.
H Wasatch 3200.
Will Buy Salt Lake Club for
Local Parties or for
Miller Hug-gins.
John J. McCIoskcy. one of the organ
izers of the Union Association Basuball
Icapue and prominent in the councils of
tliat troubled orKanlzatlon. roturned yte
terday from his former home In Louis
ville. Ky., whero ho spent the holidays.
After a stay of several hour. In Salt
Lake City he went to Ofrden. whero he
makes his home. With the return of
"Honest John" basoball In this section is
due for an Immediate revival. McCJoskoy
holds an option on the Salt Lake base
ball club, pood until January 9. and
states that ho has the promise of ample
backing to exercise the option. Many
local baseball fans have promised him
financial support and the vetrtran la
satifrlcd ho can organize a stock com
pany of Halt Lak people to take over
tho Salt Lake franchise.
Should tho local backers fail to make
j;ood on their promise, McClckey will
novrrthelcsB proceed with tho purchase
of the club. Miller Ilupglns. manager
of tho St. Louis Cardinals, has signified
his willingness to buy tho club. Ho In
tends to send his brother here to look
after the finances of the club and would
no doubt turn over many promising play
ers to this team for seasoning.
Cooley will not discuss his plans in
the cvont that McCIoskcy does not exer
cise his option. It Is thought that the
owner of the "Skyscrapers" Is not anx
ious to sell and If McCIoskey does not
buy the nlub will bo withdrawn from the
market and retained by tho preheat own- (
With McCloskey's return the affairs of
the league will soon be fitralghtcnod out,
as tho club owners havo been awaiting
his presence to unravel tho tangles In
the circuit. McCIoskey denies that he Is
In any way a candidate for the league
presidency and would accept the place
only If convinced that Jt would b for the
best Interests of the game. His preference
naturally would be to act as active head
of a club rather than In an executive
office, and It Is safo to assume that the
"honest one" will bo seen on tho coach
ing lines this spring in uniform as thn
director of the destinies of some club.
CHICAGO, Jan. 2. There is fear
auionc horsemen who campaign over
tho Illinois Valley Eacirig association
tracks that hobbles may disrupt tho
old ornanization before the meeting
scheduled for Ottawa, 111., tomorrow
is terminated.
Tho directors hare been canvassed
and h has boon found that thoy aro
about cqunlly divided as to tho use
of bobblos.
President X. J. Aldrich of the asso
ciation is loading1 the fight for free
going horses. lie and his supporters
will make a fight to have all horses
barred off the Illinois tracks which
cannot trot or pace without; the uso
of straps, bnsing their stand on tho
fact that the Amcrumn Trotting and
Racing association lias barred tho hob
bled horse from all its affiliated tracks
after 19J5.
Those who bolicve in getting the
speed out of tho animals, no matter
how, retort that the Hartford associa
tion, the ruling body in the east, has
sanctioned the use of hobbles.
Spfcctal to Tho Tribune.
LOGAN. Jan. 2. Blue rock matches
wore. shot, today at Smlthticld, whore
twelve men shot on a Hide at twonty
Jlvo birds each. Tho Smlthflold shooters
won tho match with a total scoro of 210
as against 203 for Logan. Tho Logan
shots went to pieces at the start, men
who havo been breaking twenty-four and
twonty-flvo Btralsht here day after day
In practice falling down to sixteen out of
Another shoot Is to be held here next
Monday afternoon between the same
Anothor Iogan club went over to
Cache Junction for a twcnty-tlve-blrd
match with tho railroad men. Logan
won by thirteen points. Tho full score Is
as follows: Iosan Lohman, 22; Thorpe,
20; Smith, "VS'attcrson and Jess Hail
stone, 19 each: Mack, 16; Lloyd. H.
Cache Junction Barker, 1?: ISclclund and
Uarron IS each: Jaclaon and Smith, 15
each: Griffin and Murphy. 14 ouch. There
will be ft. match shoot between those two
teams at tho Junction again on Sunday
XEV YORIC. Jan. 2 The legal right
of tho New Tork Americans to sign
Frank Chance as manager for this year
was established today when President
Frank Farrell received tho formal re
lease papers from President Herrmann of
tho Cincinnati nationals.
Last Friday lr. Farrell was notified
by President Johnson of the American
lrague. that Mr. .Herrmann, having se
cured waivers on Chance from all Na
tional league clubs, was ready to make
the transfer. Mr. Farroll accordingly
mailed a check or 31300 to President
Herrmann, which was duly acknowledged
and thorcupon the meeting between Far
rell and Chance In Chicago next Tuesday,
announced yesterday, was arranged.
Tho receipt of Chance's release offic
ially confirmed tho deal and for the first
time gavo the New York club a clear
title to the sorvlces of the former mnn
ager of the Chicago Nationals.
KDINnrRGH. Jan. 2. Dinning, a pro
fessional runner belonglug to London, was
first and William Queal of New Tork.
second in a fifteen-mile professional race I
at the Powdertmll athletic grounds. The I
winner's time was 1 hour, 21 minutes,
5 seconds. I
Longboat, the Canadian IndfAn. when !
he won the same race last year, took j
only I hour. 20 minutes. 4 2-5 seconds '
for the distance.
Physical Education Society to Meet. !
The rogular monthly meeting of the
Utah Physical Education socletv -will be ;
held at the Deserct cymnaslum Saturday
afternoon nt o'clock. Prof. Jacob Bo
lln will present a paper on "S'plnal In
fantile Paralysis." After the buslnss
meeting tho society will have a social
hour, under the direction of Miss Kath
rn Gabbott and Miss Lucille Thurmon.
1 Entries Made In Race.
i INDIANAPOLIS. Jan- 5. The first
cars for the third SOO-mlle automobile
race to be held at the Indianapolis motor
i"pselwny. Memorial day, 1913, were en
tered today by tho Stuts Motor Car com
pany of tills city. The company named
Charles Merx and Gil Anderson as the
drivers of their two entries. Mors fin
ished fourth with a Stuts in the race lat
Mattlck Signs With Sox.
CHICAGO. Jan. 2. Thn slgnwl contract
of Walter (Chick) Mattlck, a Chicago
American outfielder, was received at tho
lub h"adouarters hero today. Mattlck
got into the game latr. last year, but
made a cood record In the city erie,
It Is genrmll believed he and "Ping"
Eodir wl.l be pitted against each other
for a berth In th outfield this year.
Mrs. McCarty Is Proud
Of Handsome Hasband;
Wires Congratulations
Spei-lul to The Tribune.
KARGO. N. D.. Jan. 2. Of all the tele
grams oi congratulations frocclvcd by
Lutlior McCarty, the new heavyweight
champion, probably none caused him
rnuro surprise and pleasure than a brief
message sent from this place. Mrs. Mc
Carty, young and handsome, is support
ing herself and hor child by washing
dishes in a saloon cafe here, claiming
that tho big pugilist has deserted her.
This Ik denied by McCarty, who claims
that he Is contributing to hor support, i
Mrs. McCarty, when Informed last
night that Luther had won from big Al 1
Palzcr did not try to conceal her de
light. "I am proud of my big. handsome
chap." she declared, "and will return to
him If ho wants me"to." Sho at once I
filed a message of congratulations to I
Luther on his prlzerlng victory.
The high school basketball squad will
not be In uniform until Monday. It was
expected to turn out this aftornoon. but
Coach Richardson altered this plan so
that the boys could rest up from the ef
fects of tho two weeks' holiday The
Indians arc thu only members of this
division to hold practice during tho va
cation time, and th coach is satisfied
that tho time nut In has placed his bunch
In condition equal to any team thev will
be required to meet.
It Is probable that the whole snuad will
bo Invited to attend the L. D. S. vs. Y.
M. C. A. game tomorrow night at tho
Y. M. C- A. gym. as tho Saints aro
the most dangerous crow in this division.
If high can beat the L. D. S. five, thoro
is hardly a chance to lose the division
title, and a knowledge of the Gold and
Blue's attack would prove Invaluable to
tho high school guards.
Granite high school along with Salt
Lake high and the L. D. S. has made
up the local division of the stale league
since that league was formed. Tark
City high. Bountiful and Jordan arc also
included, but have never entered a quin
tette in tho pennant race. However, the
Bountiful boys are conditioning them
selves and If satisfied with their show
ing In practice games, may claim a
chance for the championship. Park City
will not be In tho league again thi3 year,
though a five Is being formed at that
school, and Coach Dutton of Jordan Is
still doubtful as to claiming anv right to
battle for basketball honors.
The Red and Black team Is scheduled
to meet the Y. M. C- A. in practice dur
ing the next week, but no definite dale
has been set for thin game.
The captains and managers or the
Commercial leaguo basketball teams met
at the Y. M". C. A. last evening for the
selection of players for the various
The captains, who wore all members
of the Y. M. C. A. team of five years ago
when tho "Y" defeated everything In the
stale, selected the following:
Halliday Drug company team V. Ham
mond, captain; Flandro, Castro, Davis,
Nelson, Bigclow. Hood.
Salt Lake Hardware team Hoffman,
captain; ITowe. Rydalch, Walker. Hud
son. Pascoe, Crandall.
TTcnagers Business college Holslng
ton, captain; TCorns. Johnson. Bono,
Candlnn. Wheeling, Holt.
Parks Jewelry company team A.
Gunn. captain: Parker, Hampton. Tay,
Bluak. Post. Channel.
Mountain States Telephone team
Gundfor. captain: Morrison. P.lce. Dye,
Smith. Lee. Ainslcy.
Continental National bank team Wil
cox, captain: Anderson. Tracy. Jarvls,
Bogcrs. Cllne. L'pham.
By International News Sorvlv.
SAN FRANCISCO. Tan. 2. Promoter
James Coffroth Is now endeavoring to
bring Ad Wolgust and Harlem Tommy
Murphy together for a twenty-round
contest on February 22. So enthused
was Coffroth over the showing mado by
Murphy against Burns that ho asked
Jim Buckley if he would agree to let his
lightweight meet tho former champion
on Washington's birthday. Buckley ro
plled that he would affix his signature
to a set of articles Immediately If Tom
Jones was willing.
Motorcycle Club to Meet.
The Salt Lake Motorcycle club will
hold its first meeting of the year tonight
at the club rooms on WVjst Temjjle
Four Favorites antl Two Sec
ond Choices Win; Two .
Riders Suspended.
Special to The Tribune.
13L PASO, Tex., Jan. 2. Four of the
six favorites won at tho Jockey club
Juarcr. course today, and in tjic other
two races well-backed second choices
scored, tho afternoon's sports being free
of dumps and surprises.
Ancestors was Jumped on In the third
raco and slightly cut. but his Injuries
win not keep him from racing longer
than a few days. Sister Florence was
claimed out of the last race yesterday
from F. D. Wolr by C. P. Winfrey, own
er of Balcliff, for So2G. insurance Man,
the winner of the third race, was
boosted $00 over his entranco prlco by
F. D. Weir, the owner of tho second
horse, Sprightly Miss, tho gelding's own
er. Mrs. M. It. Farmer, protecting him
at the usual advance.
Insurance Man was in today for $500.
The stewards today suspended F. Tea
hnn for five days for rough riding on
Orbed Lad In the second race. Ho car
ried Zoroaster out in the stretch In that
event. Jockey J. Groth was set down
(for five days by the starter for breaking
post rules with hlu mount. Tilford Thom
as. In the fourth rncc.
G. W. Clark's good colt. El Palomar.
again won today, this being the third
straight victory here. The summaries,
with official closing prices, follow:
First nice, mile Collnot. 10S (Carter)
3 to 5, won: Lambertha, 105 (Burllngame)
10 to 1. second; Zlnkand. 105 (Droyor)
20 to 1. third. Time. l;42 2-5. HannlB,
Royal P.Ivor. Originator. Coopers. Har
lem Maid Ah Moon, Ruby Knight, Boo
ger Battlo and The Peer also ran.
Second race. mile Zoroaster, 105
fDreyer) 4 to 1. won; Orbed Lad. 10S
(Teahan'i 9 to 2. second; 7x)tta Creed
103 (Rohblns) 5 to 1. third. Time. 1:39 .1-5
Mlnnolott. Acumen, Anne McGee. Delmas
and Adolantc also ran.
Third race, five and a half furlongs
Insurance Man. 101 (Tenhan)) 7 to
won; Sprightly Miss. 9S (McCabe) 0 to 1,
second: Kamchatka. 101 (Steeled 30 to 1.
third. Time. 1:0S. Ancestors, Ernest IT .
Daylight. Mother Katcham. Palatable,
Calcium and Lurla also ran.
Fourth race, six furlongs El Palomar
9S CKondrlcks) 3 lo 1, won; Tilford
Thomas. 100 (Groth) IS to 5. second:
Terns Trick. 10G (Cavanaugh) 4 to 1.
third. Time. 1:12 3-5 Joe Dlebold. Sir
Alvescot and Cliftonlan also ran.
Fifth race, six furloncs Rogon. 103
(Rlghtmlre) D to 5. won: Parlor Boy 112
(Buxton) 3 to 1. second: Ethel Samson,
152 (Gross) 11 to 5. third Time, 1:13 1-5.
Annual Interest. Bob Farley. Edmond
Adams. Uncle Jlmmlo Gray. Golden Agnes.
Suffragist and Lady Young also ran.
Sixth race, mile Lackrose. 111 (BoroT)
7 to 10. won: Duich Rock. 110 (Small)
IS lo 2. second: Engraver. 116 (Rlcht
mlre) 13 to r.. third. Time. 1'10. Cale
thumplan and Ymlr also ran.
Today's Juarez Entries.
First race, thrco furlongs, purse
Coma. 110: Ida Lavlne, 110: Stella Ward.
110. Mrs. Mc. .110; Yatty Yip, 110; Ala
bama Ban. 110: Water Lily, 110; Solid
Boy, 110; Best Be. 110; Irish Ann, 110.
Second raco, six furlongs, selling Red
Widow, 95; Protty Dale, 100; Luke Van
Zandt, 102; Groen Cloth, 105; Jolly Tar,
105; Vlrco. 105; I Seo It, 105; Debutante,
103; Loan Shark. 105; Loving Moso. 107.
Tom G.. 110; Morcurium, 110; Mazurka,
Third race, six furlongs, selling El
Pato. 97; Native Son, 100, King Lear,
102; Helen Scott, 103; Maxlng. 105; lien.
Williams, 105; Doc Allen. 105; Ablhu, 105;
Mike Mollett, 105; Tallow Dip, 105.
Fourth race, six furlongs, selling
Odella. 100. Just P.cd. 102; Chas. Gootz.
102; Pipe Vision. 103; Visible, 104; De
scendant, 105; Frank G. Hogan, 105;
Transparent, 105; Cosgrove, 105; Tim
Judge, 105.
Fifth race, rtvc and one-half furlongs,
purne Truly. 100: Mlssle. 100; Quick
Trip, 102; Rosiris. 102: Gordon Russell,
103: Stout Heart. 10S.
Sixth race, one mile, selling Complon,
10S: Masalo, 100; Bob Lynch, 105; Rose
O'Neill, 108: R03cvale. 108; Jolm Louis,
110: Black Mate. 110.
Weather clear, track fast.
Amateur Wants Bout.
Sporting Editor. Tribune. Salt lake
City, Utah. Dear Sir. Have an amateur
weighing IC5 pounds, height six feet, who
is anxious to meet another amateur
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boxer, ll would he a question of di
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incidental, but not objected to. Have
you anything. We want to know Just
who your man Is. as we aro not looking
for snaps. Yours truly, Edward J. Rhoad,
liureka. Utah.
Boya Take Sweaters.
Coach Richardson of the high school
had not Intended giving out the football
awards until after tho holidays and had
arranged for asscmblv next Monday for
this purpose. Soma of tho Indians' huskv
warriors becamo Impatient, however, and
stole a march on their chief. Edholm.
the recruit guard wlio mado such a
showing during the past season, secured
his sweater early last week, and others
Immediately followed suit. Whether or
not the asgornbly will bo held has not
been dotermlned. but It Is likely nuch a
mooting will be deemed unnecessary since
tho boys toolc matters In their own
Ecds Sign Pitchor.
CINCINNATI. Jan. 2.Ray Frost, a
pitchor who was with Toledo and Lan
caster. O., last season, was signed by
Cincinnati Nationals today.
The membership campaign of tho
Transportation club has been fairly
started and, with competent and experi
enced lenders, promises to break, all rec
ords. At a special meeting o tho com
mittees held In the club rooms laat night,
chairmen wore chosen and tho other
membors admitted. According to tho
plan that is being carried out, there will
bo two train crews and each member of
the crew will solicit passengers for his
The S. L. T. C. limited, which will bo
decorated with red and preen. Is In
charge of Conductor P. A. Slmpkln, who
will o assisted in managing the train
and In obtaining pnssongora by B. H.
T'rator, M. J. Ruddy. Frank Grocsbeck,
C. A. Root and W. H. Mitchell.
The S. I T C. special will havo as Its
conductor A- W. Grlpgs, who will bo as- i
slsted by 13. D. WIcUInn. A. 13. Margotts,
J. II. Davis. W. C. Prlco and L. II.
Brockbank. The colors of tho special are
white and blue.
Funeral services for Stanley II. Claw
son, Jr., who died In Philadelphia Dcccra
bor following an operation for appen
dicitis. wer held at tho family home, 61
Second avenue, yesterday afternoon, at 3
o'clock. Biehop Thomas A. Clawnon was
In charge. Apostle O. F. "Whitney
preached tho funeral sermon.
The Whltney-Pypcr quartette oang "O.
My Father" and "Rest. Rest for Thy
Weary Soul." Georgo D. Pypcr sang a
sold "Somo Time Wo Will Understand."
Tho opening prayer was offered by Rulon
S. Wells and tho boncdlctlon waa pro
nounced by Seymour B. Young. Inter
ment was in the family plot In the City
cemetery. Tho gravo was dedicated by
Bishop Thomas A. Clawaon.
Tho pollbearern woro J. S.. Eliot J. nnd
Ivlngaley Clawson, "brothers; Sidney U.
and Sclden I. Clawson, uncles, and, Spen
cer Clawson, Jr., a cousin, of the young
Nearly one-third of the population of
Garlleld county has the measles, accord
ing to the report of Inspector Frank
Jordan of the stato board of health, who
has just roturned from a trip through
tho county. For some time past thuro
has been an epidemic of measles there
and at present there aro said to be about
1000 cases In tho county.
Health officials nay that the wldo
prevalonco of the malady 13 duo to care
lessness In observing quarantines. In
spector Jordan reports, however, that
strict quarantines aro now being kept
and that thoro la every reanon to ex
pect an nbatement of tho epidemic In
the near future
menu mm
"Discovers" Utah Aspa
and Not Imported Arlft
on Banquet Mcmum
"Asparagus" Is a dangerous
use around tho. Commercial cluflf
days . especially In tho prwence Wfl
bershlp committeemen. iMz
After the recent Hovcnth anntaW
quet at the club, the ImprcBsloW
forth that the menu DrogrammirW
occasion boro the words "ImrwrBf
pavagus," when "Utah aBparnsus5
havo been used. At a meoUiwfl'
membership committee tljt. m-rtii:
brought up and a resolution u'aiM
urcttlng that the mistake wna nS'1
that the Utah product was noVl
preference In name and use. rjKj
As a mutter of fart, It was AWk
tcrrlay. tho words "Utah rvpararMi
nppear on t'rtn menu of t'.io b.mtnM.
tho Utah product was used. wlilXl
discovered later.
At yesterday's nicotine of the
tec. a resolution was passed annH
the committee's error. rcM-lndlB'
measure adopted at 11." pr- ctllniM
Ing and extending to the b.itmuet Yl
tee full appreciation for Hie i'qw!
word "Utah" and tho use of i'ujS
nets, so far as they wure atlalaiHi
tho eleventh annunl banquet.
Tho committee considered njMt
applications for numberlilp lit thY
und Indications nro that when n9
cations on hand are chocked ov3
total enrollment of the tlub
cced "016. ,hB
II Will the Lion Lie!
I Down With the I
I Lamb in Peace? I
H NO! A thousand times No-o-o-o! Nothing can stop us H
from selling standard merchandise below the price of any H
M Going out of business not of our own free will I
I Compare our prices with those of any other store bar K
H none and "see the difference." K
H We mention a few items; the rest are equally as good I-
1 oX; Shannon s Entire I
III Manhattan $125 ancl $li50 l
IS Shirts The Famous AdleivRocheslcr make, con- Cooper's
13 reeled by everybody to be the best clothing Underwear
IIS EHaIfPrice65c
I I Fownes Blacks and Blues included. c to
n y Pick out the suit or overcoat you like best
Glovcs and pay half of origmal price. - ffk AW B
I d?! M fZ $20,0 Men's Suits $30'00 Men s SaitB B
1 1 Lts7410.00 iro4i5.oo 1
I I Pull Dress ?25-00 Men's Suits $35.00 Men's Suits 7pc K
I 1 and Tuxedo coa for $12.50 roateTw $17.50 Cravats If
I I Suits "n::.!,:H:.o:.0::::..$2o.oo M A I
I fl Hfllf PriC6 ftvery garment marked in plain figures JL J l
H B J just take 50 per cent ofT. , .
I I Don't Wait! Come Today! I
i I Doors Open at 8:30 a. nt. I

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