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'WfZZ niiAll I . ttJafl
W Shopping Rush Has
Jfcyhat Abated, In voic
ing Takes Up Time.
?Much Heavier and Col
ons Belter Than They
jVere a Year Ago.
i'jefiil business world of SalL
jj Miv handling iho Christmas
iay tubIi in which the public
jttle jart, and of which it gen
keni litilc. The Christmas rush
fj the public takes placo the
j preceding Yulctidc and ox
j, Xew year's day or beyond,
jjjy ruh best kuown to the
it tomes afterward iu the form
ifcfoe and accounting, which
& most arduous task of tho
Bsojt retail houses.
Aoppcr who steps into a lare
gut store theso days geuerall'
j what it is that requires so
!jk and attention of clerks who
ifor davs ago were so e;iger to
ifSDU of customers. The clerics
ai eager now, but arc con
roth 3U0thcr great task,
i AH Busy
expresses 10 , uc P,,r
t public, but it expresses much
A officials and clerks,
iirticle, whether largo or small,
gt (heap, in all tho imrucnsu
l"of holiday trade, must bo kept
if ind accotmled for. Before
w rush each and every article
'iia each store is listed, also
K. At the closo of the buying
Binvoiee of stock on hand, must
k, Khich shows exactly how
&k has been disposed of.
,'Mrapared with the amouut ro
K due for purchases, less costs
citing espouses, shows whether
k) been a loss or a gaiu, and
Wired on the linn's accounts
ijiir, determines .just how protit
iar's trade has been.
kmz aud acconntin-j 13 rtow at
itiin tho local retail world and
u La? been asccrtaiuublo all
fUa city have prospered boyond
la'cns, their accounts" showing a
ift"ae in volume of trade for
:ar aB compared with that
ceding year,
ts Do, Well
iken as an indication of bet
md there are few merchants
who are not wearing broad
the bujy poriod of iovoie
ss ias kept up remarkably
rly all brnnches. and at t he
e month, it is declared, an
d showing will bo made,
id with the same month of
fealuro of Iho week was iho
condition of thp. collection
Last year collections -waro
Mo in on holiday trade, but
re wore thau gratifying,
ns on many holiday oQ'or
noiiceable during the week,
tbi3 that probably lent a
1 retail business. All staple
M in the different retail
follinz well.
p(cther and Child Buried.
IK,""1-? Mrs. Myrtle- A. Wll
lm ot i1.- and her Infant child.
fiom died at a. local hospital
URt.yi.re..ldd at the residence, 4-llJ
trifle , r?1, sH,eot, yestcrdav at1
IfflfirSJ??10?'' Tll blIrlilI aervieo
IK aL,lrch wns rc'al bv the
Jflwn t Intcrmcllt "was in
MHtote for Housekeepers
' "ley's Iloney and Tar Com--Uwaya
on hand, aud you can
off a cold by its prompt
OTf-joarains no opiates, heals and
inflamed air passages, stops
WJJ. and may save a big doctor's
ttll0W Paclt'JEfi- Schrnmm
jm DruRs, "The Never Slibsli-Mfc-
(5) Rood store3 (Adver-
Big Auditorium and Convention Hall
Ready for Occupancy by February 1
'." (.--4, '-Y. . vrv-"'- - " ' ;,?'? "" w 'y-sW'-.
... '- .: . T .... . . ' . - - cjL.rl
- ' ' - ' 1 ' 1 - . . -: 1 '. .t-L 1 .. . ! 7
A big auditorium, convention hall,
tho largest building of its kind in fcalt
Lake, ia under construction on Kick
ards street, near First South. It is bo
ing built by J. W. Mcllcn, contractor,
who owns tho property. By February 1
or perhaps earlier it will be ready for
The structure is being erected on the
site of the building formerly owned by
the SalL Lake Amusement company,
destroyed by fire about a year ago. Air.
Mellon had an interest in tho com
pau After the fire ho secured com
plele posscssiou of the building.
The property is irregularly oetago-
put wmm
Site Selected for Fourteen
Story Building, arid Work
Will Begin Soon.
Predictions of building activities for
1013 aro begiuniug to materialize An
important deal was closed Friday, when
the Doaeret National bank agreed to
jmrcbaso from tho .Tohn Sharp estate
property adjoining the hank building
on Main street, near First south. Tho
bank will demolish its present- quarters
and orccl a fourtecu-story skyscraper.
This will bo occupiod by tho Dcseret
Nationul nnd Deseret Savings bauk and
by office tenants.
Tho deal also bears out expectations
as to prices. A record sum is to be
paid for tho property, about $15000 per
front foot, which is said to bo tho high
est ever given for property on North
Muin- . . ,
Before tho docd is signed tho execu
tors of the will must get permission
from tho district court to mako tho sale.
Then uotico of ten days must bo pub
lished It is understood that the moucy,
ncurly 70,000, will bo paid in about
two weeks, , ,
Whilo undor the law the osocutors
nal. It fronts forty.fivc feel, ou Rich
ards street. At this width it extends
fifty feet back iuto the block. Then
it spreads out to a width of 200 feet.
It continues backward at this width
100 feet or to a distance of 150 feet
from the street. rI;kis shapo enables
tho auditorium to have an eutrance or
lobby forty-five bv fifty feet, the au
ditorium proper being 200 by .100.
An artistic entrance ou' Kichards
street will be fonstructed. Pit: us for
this have been prepared by Uichnrd
Kletting, architect for tho 'state eapi
tol. There wjjl be but oue .story, 'i
-ost of the wholo is estimated at
rmprovomcn ts arc contemplated. At
must sell to the highest bidders no
doubt exists that, the bank's offer will
be tho greatest, lu fact, noothcr bids
are expected.
That other building activities are
contemplated is indicated by the amount
of loans applied for and made during
the week. Loan companies and real es
tato men who lend jnouoy report that
the demand for funds has been very
brisk. Plans for several other big busi
ness buildiugs aro under way. It is cx
pooted (hat iu tho carl- spriug work on
them will be begim.
The campaign for real estato sales has
been opened. Information is being dis
tributed by tho dealers throughout this
and othor states.
Families seeking to Tcnfc modern
homes continue to eond in iuquirios and
tho supply becomes shorter and shorter
ovory day. Tho result i that houso in
vestors aro preparing to build many
homes in the spriug.
The Bettllyon TTonic Builders company
reports good business for the week, with
an ent-oura?lng outlook for the future.
Following were sales for th week:
T-Iouso on t'lm avenue, from btah
Lumbar company to K. O. Sanders, con
sideration $2i00: house nnd lot at US2
Blaino avenue from John T. Blackney
to TIarrv Kalian, consideration 5'-'GatV
Tho IJotncbulldcr. which 13 a publi
cation issued by this company In the
Interest of its business and Utah in gen
eral is belns; circulated anionj,' the peo
ple to a considerable extent. The Junu
ury Uhuo is now on iho prcs3 and will bo
out the early part of the week,
IWhen you have a bilious attack trivo
Chamberlain's tm.-u n trial. They
aro excellent. For sale bv all deulera.
m Coming Town of Uinta Basin.
M A letter just received from a prominent engineer
tm connected with one of the railroad projects now building
vm into the Uintah Basin, states:
- "Midview is the most advantageously situated of any
M point in the Uinta Basin for a large city.
m The sale is about ended. The few remaining lots can
'M be had at $75. OO each for three or iess or $60.00 each for,
j lour or more.
$m Call at once and let us explain our selling plan.
1 Inter-Mountain Realty Co.
' "The Farm Shop"
;205 Templeton Building . . . Salt Lake City, TJtah.
-" - -
first there will be n0 balcony, but the
building will be ho constructed that a
balcony can bo built whenever desired.
Ultimatolv it will havo a seating ca
pacity of "10,000. Without tho balcony
it will accommodate G000 spectators.
Among plans for the future is a
portable bicvele race track, similar o
that in fadisou Square Gardeu, New
York. Tvlellen will probably conduct
the races himself. Ho is said to bo
considerius various other forms of
The auditorium will ho nscd for con
ventions, sports, cxpositious, rireuses,
skating rink, dances, automobile and
horse shows, sheep, chicken aud other
Could Shout for Joy.
"I want to thank you from tho bot
tom of my heart," wrote '"J. B. Ead'T,
of Lewisburg W. "Va. "'for the wid
derful double benefit I .;o. from Elec
tric Bitters in curing me of both a se
vcro ca&o of stomach trouble end of
rheamansm, from whih I liad bepn an
almost helpless sufferer for ton j'ears.
It suited my casa as though made .just
f for me." For dyspepsia, indigestion,
I jaundice, and to rid tho system of kid
ney poisons that causo rheumatism.
Electric Bitters have no fuporior. Try
them. Every bottlo is guaranteed to
satisfy. Only 50 cents at Schramm
Johnson, drugs, (Advertisement).
Bureau Summary Notes Total
Precipitation 1 9.3 i Inches,
3.2S Above Normal.
Lowest Temperature 6 De
grees Above; August 9 Hot
test Day, 94 Degrees.
Tho annual nietcorolosical summary
of thy local office of the United States
weather bureau for 1912 was issued yes
terday by Alfred II. Thlesscn, Bcction
director. While the past year was nor
mal in most respects It was ono of the
wettest years on record, tho precipitation
totaling 19.31 Indies or ::.2S Inches above
normal. Director Thlesscn given the fol
lowing summary of the weather for the
ycur In his report.
The temperature for tho year aver
aged FiO.9 dcrcc. 0.9 degrees be
low normal. The averaRo yearly tom
pcraturo at Salt Lake City Is 51.8
dcgrccH, and since 1874 tho yearly
mean ranged from 1S:5 degrees in
1SS0, the coldest on record, to ot.Cf
degrees In 1910, the warmest on rec
ord. The llrst throo months, June
and November averaged warmer than
their normals, the remaining months
wcro colder. The warmest month
was July, whoso mean was 75.6 de
grees, or 2.C degrees below normal:
the coldest was December, whoso
mean was 30.S degrees, or 1.3 degrees
below normal. The month with the
greatest plus departure was Janu
ary, with a dally excess of 5.(1 de
grees, and the month with the great
est minus departure was Septem
ber, with a dally deficiency of 7.1
degrees, and which was the coolest
September on record. '
The lowest temperature for the
vcar was 6.0 degrees on January :
tho highest was 91.D degrees on Au
gust 9. '
Tho total precipitation for tho year
was 19.31 inches, which places the
year 1912 among the wettest years,
being 3.2S inches above normal. Tho
greatest monthly amount was
inches, recorded in March; the least
was 0.70 inch in August.
The normal number of rainy days
is S9, but thlB year there wero 10S.
The number of clear days was less
than normal, and the cloudy days
Interesting Data.
The following data. Included in the
summary, is also' of special Interest:
Barometric pressure Tho mean
pressure at the level of the Salt Lake
Cltv oflice was 25.G2 Inchc6. which is
abo'ut normal. Tho highest and dato
was 26.17 inches on December '26.
Lowest and dato wa3 2G.06 inches
on March 18, The mean pressure for
tho yenr reduced to sea level was
30.00 Inches.
Temperature Highest and date, 9!
degrees on August 9. Lowest and
date. G degrees on January 3.
Greatest monthly range and dates,
M degrees, from 31 degrees on May
3 to So degrees on 3Iay 29. Great
est daily range and dates, 36 de
grees on September 22 and October
Dates when 10 degrees or a.bove:
June 2S; July 1(5, 17, 21, 22, 24, 26,
2S: August S. 9, 13. 23, 26.
Datc6 when below zero, none.
Dates when below 10 degrees. Jan
uary 3. 4. ,
Precipitation Longest period with
out precipitation, 1G days, from Oc
tober 9 to 25, inclusive.
Longest period of rainy daya and
Any child trill gladly tako "Cnscarots Candr Cathartic," which act gon- 9H
tly- nover ripo or produce tho slightest uneasiness though cleaimes tho httlo iH
one's constipated bowels, sweetens tho stomach and puts the liver in a hcalthv
Pull directions for children and grownnps in each package. SH
Mothflrs can rest ensy after giving this gentle, thorough laxative to chil-
dren. (Advertisement.) flK
amount: o days, from July 29 to Au
gust 2. inclusive, 0.3S inch; S days,
from October 26 to 30. inclusive, 1.6S
inches. Dates of hall, Augtiat IS:
elect, none.
Frost and snow From January 1
to Juno 30: Last hilling frost. April
22. Greatest depth of snow on
ground. 4.0 inches, on January D.
Greatest snowfnll in twenty-four
hours, '1.0 Inches, on March 3.
From July 1 to December SI: First
light frost. September 25; first kill
ing frost, October 21. Greatest depth
of snow on ground. 2.S inches, on
December 16. Greatest snowfall in
twenty-four hours, 2.S Inches, on De
cember 1C.
A completo copy of the summary, vlth
the statistical tablo3, may bo obtained'
upon application to tho weather bureau
oflleo in the Boston building, either by
mall, personally or by telephone.
To Old Homo for Burial.
The body of Mrs. Carrie Brown. 3-1
years of uge. who died at 5H South Sec
ond East street on Xcw Tear's day, was
sent to her old home, Versaillcf, III., yes
terday, by Undertaker E. V. lall. Ralph
Drown, tho husband, and three little chil
dren of the four who survive, accom
panied the body. A daughter Is living
in Versailles.
Weekly Health Ecport.
The weekly report of the board of
health shows tho following:
Forty-two births. 19 being boys nnd 23
girls; 32 deaths, 22 bejng mules and 10
females. There wore reported 120 cases
of contageous and Infectious diseases, of
which 37 woro measles, 25 went xmull
pow 3 diphtheria, 2 scarlet fever and 3
Utah's undeveloped retourcca are o
Immense that a campaign of national
publicity for the next three years would
result in a wonderful growth all over H
tho stato and repay the mate, counties,
cities and individuals a hundred fold ou nH
all money spent In advcriiHlng Utah, at- flH
cording to Y C. Albertson. dvuk-r lu BM
stocks, bonds, investments and land. Mr. tM
Albi-rlhon said: IBM
"The new xpeeial tax law should be Ilfl
o amended thnt nurh counties as Salt BJB
Like, Utah and Davis could rulr? $10,- 4H
000 a yuur fdr such purposes. Those ad
vocatlng thn upending of $300,000 dur- 11
Ing the next three ieara in advertising
the state are considered extmvagaut In
1 heir Ideas', but when wu look at the
results obtained by the expenditure of WM
1100,000 in national advertising by the
Canadian Pacltlc railway lust year, whlrh
resulted In 100,000 settlers from tho IH
United Slates moving Into western MH
Canada, taking aUMeust $200,000,000 out MB
of this country, we""can form .some Idea.
as to the ftuuro benefits to this state by MB
up-to-date methods in bringing before.
tho public the great opportunities ihut
Utah offers "
Sues to Quiet Title. H
To riulct title to properly which, ac- flfl
cording to the complulnt. lie has held In
open, notorious and hostile postcnslon for
twenty years, James Courtney yesterdav nfl
llled suit lu tli-i district court ngninC
John F. Dahlia. The land in nucsllou MVJ
comprises twenty-two acres In the north-
west corner of the northeast quarter of fHJ
section 22. township 2 south, range 1 Ba
cast. Salt Lako meridian. HM
Success depends largely upon I
Good Health gi mmi H
In your race for success don't loose sight of the fact that only 1 fl
through good health can you attain success. M H
The tension you must necessarily place upon your nerves, and the n H
sacrifice of proper exercise you have to make at times must be m H
balanced in some way. 21
Dn Piercers Golden Medical Discovery I
ts the balancing power a vitalizing power. It acts on PIERCE'S GREAT H
the stomach and organs of digestion and nutrition, thuo FAMILY DOCTOR EOOa, fl
purifying the blood and giving strength to the nerves, The Peopi't Common fl
indirectly aiding the liver to perform its very important Inwlriieutito fl
work. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Diicovcry has been date edition of 1009 fl
Bnccesaful for a generation as a tonic and body builder. ofde'lic.'tV "uestio'tlt fl
Sold by medicine dealers in liquid or tablet form which ercry woman, I Hm
trial box of "Tablets" mailed on receipt of GO one- SfiTs&t free H
Cent stamps. in doth btndinjr to nn ID
addreu on receipt of Ml
If m failing health write Dr. R. V. Pierce's H
faculty at Invalid' Hotel, Buffalo, New York. 1 .iifa,oiy. j fl
lV- U:zi;:-: " . college. . V;. . . :
""A"' ' 'i'v'- -v'-'': There are now fifty-one students at- .'-'-CV tp . " Y
.0' . " y " . , tending Henag'or's Business Collop;a ' ; . ' ; ' H
.- 1 ' TTho started their commercial course " .. "
' "'1- A-?' . -: . in gome other school and came to ns : r ."' , '
H W . v r' ' . without solicitation. No former trtn- . ''i. . i ' jH
."' - dents of our school aro attending any . Y
. 's other commercial college in tho state. ' . H
',3, . ' What does tils indicate? Judge for -. 'J H
.-':.' . f-'v yonrself. -V? - .' 1 i' t '1 fl
't New classes starting iu all depart' "i ' : ' r ' H
y , J aents Monday, Jan. 6. "X:; '- ' A J
' :, '. .tf . Call, write or phono for full infor- - ' ' , : '.k-;f ;. 4 - Kit . s Wk
'! . ., v tnation. -'it- "
v.-vi'1,? - -v.- c --''"- : f':- r m
v; ' : ' '"" " ' ''' '''' -'fC':r' 1 ' ' tf-' " 1 fl
; m

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