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1 TI1K SAIP IjAJvli Tt.'IDCXB. Sl'MMY .MOK.Yi.Xl.'. JA.XL'AUV 0. 1!)13.
I' and foremen crcMor of fa5l,io, in .he world, wri.es Mch fe ' , 15 '
i- week Ac fhiott .Hide for thb newspaper. presents jgMjPBite. . WWip WWtlWMilfefNf ' I letf
-II d,a. i, ewt and be in k for well.dres.,ed women. HUNr lllfe ' HiW XPPfe 4 'Sv !
Ladv Duff-Cordon', new Paris establishment bring, her int. WfiMm'- KB WWMMi " "
cio:c toJel, wi,., that eentre of fashion. Bfe., T ,1 WWH- 1 1
Udy Duff-Gordon', Ameriean establishment is at Nos. 37 Wm&m mtbrn IW WfcSPl -V- vllsX jACK
.nd 50 West Fifty-sevenll. street. New York City. P"8to-. fefc, MMPHtm CTrPlfe &gm i r r
By Lady DUFFG0RD0N Clucile", HE HMMH&d9NM&fi ! t
r-T-iriIS week I am showing you an"
unusual set ot furs made for
ono or tho prettiest young
matrons of Paris. It is really
utartllng, for It Is very like that
sweet, so dear to the American small
boy, the peppermint stick. Tim
foundation or this sot Is black crepa
charmeusc, a yard wide and four
yards long. The fur is white coney,
tho one fur that can he successfully
used In place of ermine, and for
certain articles the coney Is even
better than the ermine. Fifty yards
of these bands are used In tho stole
HJ p.nd muff. The muff Is large and flat,
Hj with a frill of the charmeuse as a
finish. The lint Is delightful, just a
clone fitting turban of tho cone?
topped with a bird of paradise that
Is unusuallv large and beautiful,
fl This three-piece set. as tho Parisians
would call it. Is suitable for after
noon affairs only. Tho most chic
Parisians do not wear white furs
r.'Uh their morning costumes.
Bl Contrast these sumntuous fur?
Trlth the charming slmnltcltv of the
dlreotofro costume in tho first plc
Hl fur?. There Is a miaintness about
H this model that T like particular
I' Is created in mulberry velvet and
j skunk fur. The skirt Is one of tho
Hj severely pl.iin half circular affair
1 with Just the fur band around U
bnftom. The coat might well bo
railed the coat of manv buttonp. fo
there are more than flffv on It T
ha tJm new full walsred offset and
H - 'isf"rfffli.if T mil the straight
front. Tills waistcoat is of strined
m.rlsp velvet, a startllncr rolor note
tlJ't- T fhfnk is most effective.
Te Dat is one of the small im
j trimmed crushahle felts that ar
H vrrv ponular In Paris, and which ar
HI Vjnr -.ntroduced into Monte Carlo
1 'nls Winter.
HI T1w ,3l"",n,- c'rlr faff Ic mnklnir
rapid strides In Paris: th3 one short
HI Wr m verv lone, but aTiBoIntalr fhe
Hi thST of ,tp k'"nd- n'nr
HI of the mondaines are having lho,
I r?.rorife Jrtvnls inserted in tho n
I a remarkable headdress tha
1 7 wnni onp r c recent bills"
HI .fR, flC'ltf,,;ir """ronrlate for 5
HI -r.to that Ip tf clm lms
HI w ro'fr,,r5' tranced her
Hi !La,r nbiit Jer faco In , -
HI rj""0f:- JT,nrHn ns you can see in
HI !dnJnM?Je fer fhoa eand
1 drawing it orer her ears. The back
HI n ?w ar she drew (o JSeJ
?f "r head and made these curimic
HI iSkadeT reSmblGd three ffltary
1 ,Th,,n llcos, ront Innirq sjJP "
HI Mechlin Tafw and cherry red vrlret
of thiB velvet hvnz over hor
HI ?c,,t, .ar;. wnc ,r her left ear
1 rianirlod fhrro velvet choiTlcs As
HI I5 'ar,Cr Wap n nr,1Ilt bru'nefto
fi ""fact was very bewitching
1 Somp of tn Prnttlest tllinaa T am
1 - nubble to Fend pirturos or, but r will
1 nak. mv word plrture so clear that
HI It. .uUre 0U 17111 1)0 abl Sr,a
1 tb?m through my eyo3.
1 Tncre Is a. big and bcautirui er-
1 '"Inc TnufT In tho "bolster" 8hape
I considered more correct and'
1 ch!c than the flatly hanging varl-
1 ntles po long In favor. The sli-ht
"laeas ol the fur is gathered nt
HI either end into an encircling wreath
1 of pIoc camellias and their glosv
t ?reeu foliage. It being the verv decn
1 t shade of these lovely flowers
1 which Ib repeated In the eharmeiiBe
Hl lining. And tho chosen companion
1 ffr Uis positively gigantic muff is
ri,c Hnlcst of ties ,tbe soft and tuow7
f,,r oelng drawu c!osly round the
1 neck aud fastened high up under
1 the leffc ear. where two half-opcncd
HI camellia buds aro thrust carelessly
through the central loop to bring tuo
1 nost fascinating and. vrithal. boxitn-
1 Ing flash of color into the black
H and whilo scheme.
1 nay Eay that the ultimate
1 destination of tho pretty pair is
1 Mouto Carlo, whore a foreordained
B Rticcees also awaits auothcr set most
B quaintly fashioned in the quilted sill;
1 hich is ordinarily associated with
1 lining?, and tho linings of somewhat
1 old-rasbioncd garments at that!
H Now, however. Fashion has elected
1 to Turing the soft cozy stuff into an
H outer and very attractive promt
H cence, using black silk for the pur-
Hl pose, and contrasting It most effect-
H1 Ively with an edging of snowy Tvbito
H nd soft swansdown. This makes
Hl uch a lovely frame for a pretty,
Hl fresh, young face though, believe
H me, it will be fatally unbecoming to
Hl ny others! for It borders the lit-
Hl tie collar which, when upturned.
H reaches almoEt to the tips of the
atue sldPcPCthercUis 'bow fJc black L Mft lM$MS
satin ribbon edged with silver aalon. r . MfMWmWWSm K WW MfW
As to the muff, It Is shaped like a MWWm-L PKW? li$&W$,
buse pillowcase, the opening for the W4BKM- WfWM
hands being high up at the top, WMmB feKMH SI MTS11 I
where the small slanting silts are WMMBMSfi. , iW l- ,f
outlined with axvausdown. And then. WMWWWSfe. h-v tm&0W fM
fastened partly against the sort 'ffc Y TMmMwMf
black, and for the rest having the ' '?fc.v. f ' IfS
snowy white for a baekground, is SMp?MJi W I? WPiPW
one big flower, formed of cleverly ., m& ' mmgmW
slipped ostrich fathers, its coloring i X Wf VUl
a glorious shade of janoniea'' pink. ' k .. Ms-- W ,.mMMM VW
There is a delicious qualntucss TW'1k WM &, I
about this set which made me love WMWmk - lr 1 I JM WMM
-"Prtoainer Reable an American
W&MS.St TT Barber Pole. Small Fur Turban of the
Cn0y' Topped by a Bird f Paradisc- '
Novel and Original Headdress in Which the Wearer's Own
Hair Forms the Paint-Brush Aicrrettea. The Bandeau Is ft gf.
Made of Real rvlechlin Lace and Cherry Velvet Ribbons .tT
with tbe face, for only a flawless
complexion could bear the contrast
C of that bright bloom of rose, where-
, as soft fox or skunk will make al
most any face look its best. So
i that, on the whole, I would give the
. v. preference to a different and quito
charming cloak whose outer and
V gracefully draped folds aro of black
I'karmcusc, while the lining is or
.' . deep azalea pink velvet." the contrast
of color bolug completed and made
quite perfect, toe. by the great white
fox skin, which Is so laid about the
- shoulders that it has almost tho
adaptability of a. separate scarf.
Finally, if you want to acquire and
proudly display the latest thing In
bags, look out for some which are
made In the finest quality of black
slfk. patterned with narrow stripes
white mnirc. their "envelope flap"
fastening being strenrghened aud
smartened by a flexible edginz of
silver crilt. Long handles of silken
rord with tasselled ends arc the final
outward OnSsh or such a bag, while
needless to say. its Inner and perma
nent contents are tho purse, mirror
and powder-puff, which are, or
should be. every woman's insepara
ble companions. Another style of
bag made in the same striped silk
is provided with a gilt framo aud
;f eu
chain, and both newcomers f ? d
have already made considerable; 1
cess. 'f.
And then what do you think! .H
fashionable favor for "cna nJ-
turned" designs in go'd and st Uytl
has resulted In? Nothing more; fw
less than tho reproduction of sin -1
patterns on dark blue or black?
rocco leather, finished off with1": .
iblo rims of silver gilt or sold. TJ !
are bags of all sizes and shape lr1
this latest leather, the most, nofc
novelty being one shaped like i:.
envelope Ols actual length Is '
Inches). The fact that the hai kv
Is coucealed at the back, further tati
orcases the likeness. But, small ituifi
it is, room is found Inside thlBf; ti
gant trifle for those three afj
mentioned nerrssarles of femli lvt
comfort and charm tho purse,;
mirror and the powder-puff! it
Another novelty Inspired by e
coming of Christmas and the demi .
for nrbseuts Is a Ion? brooch pin
platinum, with a bow-liko loop,"
either end of neavls am dlamoa v
also mn'-nted in the ail-conquer t
and costly platinum, tho pr 1
thing being so Ingeniously nrrani cj
that it can instantly and easllyi Wu
adjusted to any different neck l8
corsage bow or ornament of velrji IJBT
- liLR
yV fep! Ml iklfWW im.ti.,. r r the Most rampws
MitelPH ytslJKJtiS) ofJpKMJ 1 1 ByMmeIim-(aa!ien, iwmg Beau
WMs No- 267--Bust as a Be- .
stroyer of Beauty. .
1 J worst enemies of
beauty. It settles
c. ,v- . n it - in a dim, dingy veil upon
Stunning Dircctoirc Walking Costume ibe cau8lng it l0
of Mulberry Velvet and Skunk Fur, loolc n ii0ptt a a word.
Showing the Newest Wide-Skirted Jirty. It acttles iu a
Coat and the Very Latest Straight cloud upon tho hair,
Front Waistcoat. Dircctoirc Walk- dimming Its lustre, and
ing-Stick and Small Hat of Same Rlud"all1;onr'5i"5(. JluJ
p . . way to tho root3, choU-
rcnod. n;. tiir.in and causing
"vlsb to see It displayed by some "
fair young givl, this being one o the
many Instances where I would atrlct
ly enforce an "'age limit" for the
wearer of some particular creation!
And next, something qulto now
and very beautiful lu the way of an
evening cloak. Both outwardly and
inwardly it la fashioned of chiffon
velvet of real rose pink shading, aud
a deep, graduated band of sablo fol
Jowb the slightly framed curve of
the nkirt part. Bablo cuIT3 also lln
isli ott the kimono sleeves, it has
no collar .but Uie curve at the neck
is not as low as usual, while at the
right side of the wrap, over front, tho
velvet Is continued seamlessly into a
long and wide scarf, doubly banded
at the edge with sable. This ar
rangement obviously means an
amount of protection for the throat,
which is as welcome as It Is unusual,
for the scarf is sufficiently long and
supple to be wound twice about the
neck wheu so doslred. and at all
times is a vory effective addition to
a very handsome, aud, indeed, al
most regal-looking, wrap. But ,per
eonally I must pra claim a prefer
ence for fur rather than velvet when
thus brought into close proximity
the hair to fall out.
It settles in tho throat, clogging
It and eauslug colds, both dangerous
and unbecoming In their- results, uml
as for the hand?, have you ever sat
at table with somcouc whose bngur
nails had been worsted in the battle
with dust?
J have seen hair freed from dun
very quickly and thoroughly In
beauty shops by spreading a thlu
layer of cotton over a slightly damp
cued brush, and passing this quick
ly over the hair. The dampened
cotton gathers unto Itself all the
dust that has gathered upon the
hair. When the cotton is soiled, us
it will quickly he, replace It with a
fresh layer. The cotton may have
' to he changed several times in one
brushing. The results are most saU
Occasionally tr see balr that
looks cleau and well kept, other than
that It has no lustre, 1 would rec
ommend for this dry, lifeless look-"
ing state, rubbing tho hair from
root to end with a piece of soft silk,
Thin literally polishes the hair, mat
ing it to shine as a looking glaes.
Dust can be shaken out of th
hair by grasping a little of the hair
at the ends aud shaking It lightly
and loosely, as you would a cloth.
Rubbing it gently, strand by strand,
between the hands, has the eani
effect by loosening the hairs from
each other and permitting the air
to freely circulate between thcra.
Don't retire with the dust packed
into. the hair by tight braiding, Bet
ter let it hang quite loose than Ihuc
Ue sure to leave ii as loote as pos
&ible, for hair requires the frei
passage of air betweeu the individual
hairs to rid them of atoms of duss
and grime that, invisible though
they be, scllle thickly upun tbcoi.
The hair is a dragnet for dust, be
cause of its slight oiliuoss and
moisture. Dust delights lu moist
gathering places as a vat delights lu
dark corners.
To keep the face cleanse from
dust keep alvays a bottle of olive
oil and a companion bottle of
witch. hazel on your dressing table
or toilet shelf.
Before uolng out pass a bit of
cotton or a piece of soft linen that
has been moistened In the oil over
the face. Protect the face further .
by dusting it with rice powder. . ;
Returning from out of door3 re
move the powder and dust by wash
ing the face with yet more ollvo
oil. applied In the same way. Tho
danger of the olive oil turning the,
skin yellow for that fear exists
In many minde Influenced by tho
adage "Yellow makes yellow" can
ba removed by adding to two
ounce. of olive oil one half ouncn
of almond oil and twenty drops of
tincture of benzoin. 8cfor re
tring the face should Pave another
of these oil baths, unless you pre
fer to use the cold cream which is
more unwicldly and so Ics3 quickly
. cleanses,- During the night the
fine, powdery dust that permeates
even the cleanest bedrooms settles
upon the face and should be re
moved by r. oil bath I have pre
scribed. Strong salt water o.- 3 mixture of
bicarbonate of soda in the propor-
tions of a teaspoon ul of bicarbo
nate of soda to n glassful ol water,
are admirable throat cleansers.
To keep the nails guiltless of the
gray or black rim that so offends
the sight, it Ic not enough to wrap
cotton about the point of an orange
stick and remove the accumulated
dust. The hands mu3t be washed
often, even though not soiled, to re
move the dust from beneath the.S
nails. And if the nails have be- S
come ragged beneath the edge, !
which causes, the dust to thickly! j
and cbst.natcly collect there, j
thrust them into soap jelly Into
which you have poured n half dozen
drops of ammonl3, or into a cake
of soap well softened by lying in I
the water and allow .I1I3 to remain
under the nails for a few minutes
to do the work of cleansing.
Beauty Questions Answered
M. II. F. writes this appealing let
ter: "I am a youug girl fifteen
years of age, and since 1 am pretty
and havo mauy friends, 1 go about
a great deal. iNow wheu 1 go oui
wilh my friends 1 am so uyrroua
that I cau't tray anything. All I can
do Is shako, and it makes mo feel
very badly, lor all my friends say
'For goodness sake, don't be so
uervous!' 1 also have a beautiful
voice, but when 1 am asked to siug
1 can't, becauso i get so nervous.
Uotb papa. t:nd mam in a get angry
with me for that reason. They say:
'For goodness sake, have a Httlo bit
ot uerro in you!' It seems I cau't.
Please advise me."
Stop thinking cf yourself and of
what otherc will think of you. Be
come Interested in other3. Think
of them. Lloten to what others are
saying, Self-consclousne3s causes
avakwardnes3 and nervousness.
Forget yourself and remember
N T. desires light on the problem
of how to aeouro a plump neck and
taperiDs arnib; tn tact, how 10 ob
tain a plump figure."
Palling cocoanut or olive oil Into
the neck every night before retiring
should gradually plumpcn it. If na-J
turc has not fashioned your armsr
In tapering lines, It will be difficult
to make good the deficit. Thick
wrists, like thick ankles, arc a birth,
right. Out a regimen that wilt
gradually round out your figure
should make the thickness of wrists
less noticeable. For as the body
acquires curves the arms do also
and the fuller your forearm the
smaller your vrist will appear by
contrast. 1 aklng more rest, steep-
Ing an extra hour or two every
night, drinking much unskimmed
milk and eating fat-making past'
tries and sweets, also taking two or
moro spoonfuls of olive oil every
day, should add to your weight if
you pcrJovoro In the treatment.
HOC' . "T J:
Mmc. Una Cavalicri, 5 "i
. S
he Most Famous Livinrj Bcaw
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