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A clearance sale of linens and white goods that will be remembered 1
"j by purchasers for years. The most desirable selection of these goods we ever offered for this year- I
I ly event and by far the lowest prices. Not a collection of old, soiled or undesirable patterns, but j J
special purchases, carefully chosen during the past year and bought away under price. W j 1
t Long Cloth
Woven from finest quali-
i ly of combed yarns, insuring a
r perfectly sniooth and flawless
1 cloth that can not be duplicated
i at our original prices; yet we are
, selling it at a liberal reduction.
36 inches wide and put np in
' 12-yard pieces.
c100 pieces that was $1.75 a nicer.:
Arc reduced to $1.20 piece
123 pieces that tyhs $2.00 a piece;
i Aro reduced to $1.50 piece
'150 pieces that vr:is $2.50 a picco; "
Atjj reduced to $1.75 piece
f 175 pieces that was $2.75 a piece:
Aro reduced to $2.00 picco
i 25 pieces that -was $3.25 a picco;
Aro reduced to $2.50 piece
r 20 pieces that wis $-1.00 a piece;
Ato reduced to $3.00 picco
i.FLAXON that servieea-
r blc cloth which looks like liueu;
comes in stripes, checks and
' plaids, and formerly sold for 25c
and 3oc yard; on sale at 16 2-3c
finished Nainsook; was a great
favorite with our customers Inst
season, owing to the softness of
finish, being light weight, yet
strong and durable, and for its
washing qualities.
Put np in 12-yard pieces, and
is full 36 inches wide.
50 pieces that was $1,50 a piece:
Reduced to $1'.20 piece
75 pieces that -was $2.00 a piece;
Reduced to $1.50 piece
125 pieces that ivan $2.50 a piece:
"Reduced to $1.75 piece
250 pieces that was $3.00 a piece;
Reduced to $2.25 picco
100 pieces that was $-1.00 a pieco:
Reduced to $3.00 piece
Soft, sheer, silky fabric for
waists, infants' dresses and lin
gerie garments; 40 inches wide,
and was 39c a yard ; reduced to
25c yard.
WH ITE VO I LE Sheer ,
fine, closely woven qualities; 40
inches wide; formerly sold for
35c a yard ; reduced to ISc yard.
Bleached Muslin 3 6-inch
line soft muslin, no starch, a.
standard brand; no limit as to
quantity you can purchase; was
lla yard; reduced to Sc yard.
White Linens
Real Irish Linens, a won
derful assortment; all arc new;
just came in for our spring busi
ness; think over this item : There
aro 39 different weights aud qual
ities in the sheer, cambric, me
dium, round thread, art linens,
suiting and sheeting. Wo repeat
they arc all new and yet we
are giving a 15 per cent discount
on them. '
m Sheets Our "exra heavy sheet made for hard
11; Of the very best make and quality for SJ jccis, were ooc; tcwio rc.caeh
k little monev. All are tom Sizes aild "Will Sls99 seamless sheets, wcrc$J .00,- reduced to Slic each
I j str a11 M1 bleached and seam" . Tillow Cases
S&ESiS&'&SS8. r&ru::S? Pillow Cases made from full bleached
Jflk 8h9D seamless institution sheet, ttoto 05c each; roduccd to. . ioc heavy miislirj, best material and WOl'kmaU-
m Fine, closely woven, soft bleached mus- skip.
;m , - .J2x'i6-iucli licnimcd casea tbat avoxo 15c each; reduced to. ... Uc
ijM- Un SlieetS. 'J2ro6-irjch hemmed cases that vrero 10c each; reduced to loc
H' 3?on;.i iii c- ,.i,. rALM,? in 70r each 42x8G-inc)i tiommed cascB that were 22c each; reduced to 17c
H T2'cli bcatnl1CB5 Bhet wcrc S cacV r2i, '7?. ITch .J5x36-iDeh hemmed cases that wo 16 2-Gc; reduced to. . . ,13c
U lrfn' S ecam eas sco? ro2hf?jfcVf$ Sch -iS-inch hemmed cason that wo 17'2c each; reduced to. ..14c
11 S So' nc 1 camlcK ehects, wcro $1.00 each; reduced to Sou ecg u hemmed cases that were 25c each; 'reduced to. .19c
li: H'ECf tes2te cro MPffilfi? Ssc calh 45x86- neb scalloped cases that wore 25c each: reduced to. . . .ISc
jll SS&S SfflSH VAo"t e'acS pitched cases that wo 32c; reduced to 25c
Ml 9W Reread Fringed crochet spread 25 Reduction
L opreaas corner, for on bra3S .-4 n
I Satin or fine marseilles or metal beds; size is 8296 inch. 1-4 otr on an urn mgii-
Wj J . es. nrice was $2.75 each; reduced grade blankets; select any of: our
M Spreads tbat are the finest l finc blankets and you ill receive .
im wo have ever shown arc - . A f corners above reduction.
I soft finish, are not Ml of galloped d ut ooi ners
Ml c . , ' crochet spreads, that -n ere esira C1 nwnr-t t
wf starch, have patterns woven good value at the .former price, Ksomjoris
U' to fit the mattress, and the 4.25; reduced to $3 each. Comfort Batt a 4-pound
li, flounce or drop is another nnhptS cotton hatL covered with cheese
pattern. Scalloped sides arial lieavv cloth' ready ior you to covcr'
I and ends. Cut corners- fcfcfc sbekets that Jo These are sanitary owing to the
m f01' brass or iron beds are $175 cach. reduced to $1 each. fact that you can take the out-
88x98 inches in size. A RoWsAll our German sidf ; ? audfl luuufi iL
-il; rpnl dir nn j asA ivuuingo pnw without disturbing the tilling;
m I II SP1'ea ' iedUCed vdonr robings go at the follow- fa
to each. ing reductions: $L75 each du d t $L2(3
at tt 20c-a-yard quality; reduced to i.jo yara .
: Hemmed crochet spreads, jg jg sgg 5S 0 eaob
J mlucoa o $1.39 euc. fv "SS5 veluetLaT.'t On all our fine Down and
iiHwy htmmed crochet r intcrestiDsi 311 aro 32 urjrt' boTheTsaS:
?l 8sS Spr6adS; St-6'20 ,'S -r.4- r.acl t. 4o yard this item alone will more than
fm ! wo ,1S-73 ei'0h; 50c-t-" &l " Srf yu for "ttcndmg this sale.
iBL 1-00 cactl' 4I)c-a-yari grailo; rcauoed to ooo yard
M f f f 1 1 V EEHDttH
Keiih-.OyBrien Linetis have a reputation for high quality and fine ?r
finish: linens that arc all pure flax, designs that are beautiful and unusual: those flP H
selected for this sale will not detract from either feature.
Mill Ends of Table Damask Table Cloths and Napkins fi j
,This lot is an import purchase of short We quote three rang'es here in all linen L i m
lengths of fine quality German silver. Irish damask; trig range of patterns in Jylp 'JM
bleached damask that Tve honght over a both round and square designs. If you do XT m
year ago speciaUy for this sale, and they "ot W me one of the owmg, d
- j ji x n ir you will be the loser. Vl( rrw
are nust fjom the custom house. Every .f J. , ... 1 . . H3
piece LaS the German remnant ticket just Lot l-P u re white all linen pattern J
(. i. fl cloths Irish damask made: fVg
as pilU Up at me Win: 2x2-vsira pattern cloits $2.25; reduced from $3.25 jUm ijH
Lcn-tlis ahout 2x2 vards, $2.2.7 each: reduced from $3.00 2s2&-yard pattern cloths $2.S5; reduced from $3.7o f ' JK
Ltb. about SlS!6 yar,l3, $2.85 cad,; reduced ftom .75 yfiL i
Lcugllis about 2s3 yards, .3.::5 each; roduced froro i.o0 r deduced from 6-1.25 dozen. utlM 'f jwl
7. J5W Napkins Lot 2 Snowy white Irish damask Table Lj
These are 22x22, are not folded, just! Cloths: j i
. ., , j 1 1 i 2.T2-yard pattern cloth3 $2.39 each ; rcauccd from $3.75 JXlJlf i ;l
laid flat as they CaniC Oft the LOOm. UomC 2s2.yard pattern cloths $2.PS each; reduced from T i
' . . , , A i 2x3-vard paLtom clotha $3.55 each; reducod from $t.7o Jijl
1-2 dOZell lU a paCICaffe, ana Were $-1 avClOZ- 24i2J-inch dinucr napkins to match tbo abovo clotbs..$3.75 dozen ; J
i i i .-i i- j. in Kcduccd from $5.00 dozen, iNltt
en: reduced io $l.-Jo tor 1-2 dozen. 1 j T 1 o a WXp ' !
Lot 3 Circular designs, Irish Satin r pjj
W A iV apkliis Damask ; f ul l bleached : ; I)
You will be surprised and pleased when 1;;;;;;;;;;;;;; g Si WP 1
YOU SeC the Values in this lot. full bleached 2x3-yavd clpths Si.Su each; rcducod from $6.00 vs t-f
V .. . t An J-lx'J-l-iuck napkins to match the abovo cloths $-1.2o dozen i VI
and perrect goods. AIL Jmen: deduced from $5.75 dozen. ln i
SI dozen 223,s221,;-inch, assorted patterns $3.25 dozen . , vJP t S
Educed from $4.50. J CID U DaMaSK I iff
50 uozcu 21x21 -inch, assorted patterns $2.00 dozen . A . , - ? gjl
Kcduccd from $3.00. ,This lot consists ot 68-inch and 2-mcn lnR m
50 do7.en-22x22.inchraGSor $1.75 dozen damask jn tlc bleached and RP
Quantities aTo actual sizes are actual prices arc actual. the silver bleached grades that Sold for fl
Double Satin Irish Damask-our best and $L39 a yard; reduced to $1 yard, jjjfe
quality, full two yards wide, line soCt leath- White Irish Damask, heavy weight, m a V' J i
. cry finish- was $1.75 a vard; reduced to white; good range of pretty patterns that t 'M
$1.25 yard. ' formerly sold for $1.59 yd. ; reduced to $1.19 jnjg ;: j
Thw)p1k Turkish Towels Emhroidered Bed- A
ri n i l llk fnr HALF PR1C dtngS Half PrtCC W' 1
Cev ' of-the-season Soiled Pillow Cases, Pil- )( ji
Avci-hl full 1836 Inches, and cleanup oi the Gleiinddle Towel low caSc and fiheet Bets, and pil- aWh J
were $1.25 dozen; reduced Lo !)0c brought us good fortune. ow shams, that we soiled dur- JUTO
cozcu "NVc bought their odds ana ends ing the holiday rush; are all
f ozcu' r and ctin sell you line Turkish marked 1-2 price. j?k S 19
Linen hace Towels line . Lowol t halc price: siffl
sort huck-a-oucic, wth white vo- fft . Embroidered Pillow W hm
ven damask borders, horned to.cls, rcducca J;; .;;;;; i
ends; size is l.Sx.Jb inches; the 30(, towclijj roducod to 15c oach . tir ;noc- KlfH i R
price was 2'2 l-2e cach; reduced snc towels, reduced lo ...iSccach rilll Size, J-XOO mcneb i!! j HI
to 16 2-iic each. towels, rcducod to 22c cach scalloped ends, and an embroid- j MM
. ' T 1 r" -i 1 50u towels, rcttuced to 25o cach orecj (3C5ign tbat were $1.35 a mih iWi
All hnen I owels large 65 lowcis, reaaced to ..mo cacj h ;u.c rcdnccd t0 79c a ir nm
size aud fine pure white quality, 75c towels, reduced lo o,c cau " '! ffl
with the hemmed ends and so tin j Scarfs Lace Lllficheon Cloths Jfb I
damask borders; former price 3oc SiraDlun Jaoe Otaru PRICE HUD W
each; reduced to 25c each. AT LESS THAN COST ' t 5 " 1 B
Battenberg lace clotlis H
Lace DoylieS VVe have just One pattern in 15 or 20 styles; some are 45- Wife ' H
6-inch hand-made French in two lengths, 20x45 and 20.-0-1 iuch, others are 54 inches; in ci- !
Cluny lace doylies from our inches; these were originally $5 ther round or square patterns fl
stock that were 39c, 35c, 29c: all and $6 cach; all are reduced to were formerly $3.50 and $4.00 jM
arc reduced to 15c cach. $2.25 eaclu each; are reduced to $1,75 eacb. Ip H
Silkoline. Covered Com- Outing Flannels Our White Wool Blanket tffifc Wt
forts arc full size and well Deafc quality in u linft oi: co1' an unsual blanket in every way; jHH
made, full stitched, sanitary cot- S dnd as sortment of size . dos0j heavy Z H
' patterns; not a lot or left-overs, fflLro 1IH
ton tilling. bufc the enfcire stouk that Avas 15c nap that will not rough or roll
72iSi-in. silkolino comforts, were 51.9S: yard, all reduced to 11c yard. up in washing or wear, non- ,o m
72xS4-iD. silkoline comfort weS00 Flanne1etteS-ThOSe Dl'et- sbrinbable boiind with wide Wjfe H
72sSl-in. uilkoUne comforts, woro $2.25: ly juvenile printings and floral "e3 .,'5 . : ffi
Reduced to $1.50 offect tnat vc sod all season at borders; was $10.7o a pair; re- Hi
73x8n. rilkoliao comforoc J;i75 15c Jard; reduced to 10c yard. duced to $6.75 a pair. fM WSt

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