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mm heads
u commissioners Adopt
litem in Use by City j
S Government.
SLy Officials Appointed;
c:M$n Be Named at
!B Roday's Meeting-.
Lnt of the new county admlnis
ft about completed yesterday by
Em county commissioners, which
tin almost continuous session
Tffcnt Into office last Monday
lU s Plans.
Flhe most important departures
Ln yesterday will be a division
U;n(al affairs into three depart
the inimncr In which the city
commissioners operate. Koch
Ljr will bo the direct head
foartment assigned to him i and
. fiuthorltv to transact otflclal
"fo a certain extent independ
the other commissioners. J his
will not be so great as that
hv citv commissioners, but it
Efficient lo 'allow t"o handling
administrative matters with
ormility of a regular commls-
jSSnce. If one department needs-
Joss bnisli or a pickax It can be
a without having to ponder the
C board meetings," said Chalr
Br w. Carlson yesterday In ex
Uh now method. "We hope In
r fo reduce the work of the coin
to a systematic basis and thcre
Vrtuch'tlmc anil gel more direct
tatlon of county affairs.'
itiiloTi agreed upon yesterday was
airman Carlson would be head
fcpartment of roads and bridges,
Roner C. R. Walker of the dc
iM of health and paupers, and
loner A. If- Crabbo of the de
fer buildings and grounds.
of liolding one regular meet
ireek nnd a half dozen special
fwhencver necessary, the new
worked out a plan whereby it
roculnr meetings at hours and
(ttum-ed publicly in advance, so
tone having business to transact
I commissioners may know when
se is to be held
fytenlay afternoon the commis
itappolnled Hve county officials,
ir Wlllanl Snow, road commlE
Cati Poulton. charity clerk:
re Satv, county horticulturist;
iCArtfer 'county gardener for the
our.df. Ward Mitchell, clerk of
rfl. Miss Mabel Lund, formerly
J in the office of the county row-is
appointed operator of the
hstalled telephone exchange for
r health officers "and other np
nly will be considered by the
Ing ; j Hit- piolcsts f many
mtn and property owners, the
mission yesu-rday refused liquor
lo John Sercn at n East First
reel and liinzoii and Holm at
I Suite street Resolutions r'
ie licences were introduced by
uner George D. Keyser and
Hie effect tiat the districts in
ie applicants desired to open
iterc ahead j overcrowded with
flu? a lU'vn.iP lo Sernn the ioin
aytf iLself open to entanglement
district court. Scroti having ob
court order from .Judge Ritchie
the commissioners to Issue the
It is possible that Soren may
U have tlx commission cited
Jo- to show i-ause why they
U e held in t-utitcmpt of court,
rency of opinion exists as to the
on's authority in refusing liquor
over liie head of the district
-ist summer the commissioners
A for contempt ln such a case,
f Jlnce been held by one or two
Istrlct Jmlgec that the city has
o refuse a license in case it oti
oltst against the license at the
district court considers the ap
plications refused yesterday
oscil by luadlng business men of
Irici involved. Itotli coterie of
ts aigntd that loo many sa
iled In the neighborhood and
Iher would tend to destroy prop-
11 I. Wilson Returns.
d .lr, II. 1. Wilson returned
; fi-om a visit with relatives at
0. Tile general munagcr of
?on track said that many owners
'norgea are eager to come here
IBPflng inecting.
M Success
P intimate relations thnt no
flR1 be expected to be vrell
jinted with success who does
good hold on health,
wierious sicknesses start in
troubles of the digestive
Thousands know by
Pricnce that health and
jBk and therefore success
SBy Use of
JHfltn' Pills in time, and be
IWWjnor troubles become dcep-
,'Br and lasting. This famous
W'Wr lemedy UJ clear your sys
" . vi?eSulatc your bowels, stinm-
I, 'BJ0Ur v tone your utomach.
Jf.f food will properly
pHPr,X0tt nd enrich your blood
be Wealthy enoagK to
; .ose strong enough to
IBr B aVanta2e f oppOT-
w.J taking, as needed,
Utah Development Boosters
.Will Hold Convention at
Ogden Jan.. 21-22.
The progTammo for the- annual con
vention of the Utah Development league,
which will b0 held in Ogden January 21
and 22, was announced yeaterday by
Fred C. Graham, assistant secretary. Sir.
Graham declared that plana for the big
convention had been practically com
pleted, and that all Indications pointed to
the most important convention in the
history of the league. Following is the
programme In full:
Call to order at U o'clock Tuesday af
ternoon, January 21.
Addresses of wolcomc
Mayor A. G. Foil. Dr. M. l.
Rowc, president Weber club.
Address ,
Frank M. Drlgjjs, president Utah
Devnlopmont Joaguo.
Joseph E, Cainc, secretary Utah
Development league.
Fred C. Graham, assistant secre
tary Utah Development league.
Appointment of committees on creden
tials, nominations, resolutions.
Banquet at Weber club
Toastmastcr Frank M. Driggs
"The Resources of Utah"
Gov. Willlajn Spry
"The Bank and Its Relation to the
Agricultural Development"
Judge A. R, Haywood.
"Tho Forward Look for Utah"
The Rev. p. A. Slmpkin
"Tho Era of Arid Development"
Dr. John A. Widtsoe of the State
Agricultural college.
"Let Us Build a State Here Before
Wo Die"
Will G. Farrell of Salt Lake City.
"The Needs of Southern Utah"
D. H. Morris of St. George
Elections of Ave governors.
Reports of committees.
Tho board of governors will meet at
2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.
Permission to work his rop'air gauRS
until every midnight until the innumer
able frozen and broken service pipes
resulting from the cold snap and tho
water shortage have been repaired, was
given to the superintendent of water
works by the city commission yesterday
at his request.
Tho water trouble is now reduced to
the matter of broken and frozen service
pipes into individual homes. Complaints
bv the score have been received by the
w:ater department, which, is concen
trating its efforts in an attempt to
relievo evor- homo that is without
water. The "repair gangs will bo kept
at work each night as well as day
answering complaints in tho order re
ceived. 'In many instances the "freezing of
Hnvrifd linns is ihe result of bnd
plumbing." said C. F. Barrett, superin
tendent of waterworks. ''Some local
plumbers have a habit of taking in the
private line from the public main at
an angle that brings it dangerously
clo5C to the service before it. reaches tho
house This practice has beeu re
sponsible Tor scores of breaks uud
frozen pipes during the recent cold
snap. Of course the citizen, finding
himself the victim of poor plumbing,
immediately calls on the water depart
ment for help. Wo are doing all in our
power to relieve all such cases, oven
though our responsibility ends where
the private service lino begins."
Water prossure was up to normal last
niirhl. and plenty of water was pouring
into Hie mains of all three distribut
ing systems. Warmer weather started
the canyon streams to flowing, and
within the next few days the city will
have back its regular supply, it is ex
pected, cxelusivo of the emergency sup
pi v from tho Big Cottonwood irrigation
ditches. However, the latter will be
retained by the water officials ns long
as there- is' any possible danger of a re
currence of the cold snap.
Tho annual report of the city nexton,
Pcrley A. Hill, filecl with the city com
mission yesterday, shows the total ro
colptH of tho cemetery from all sources to
have been ?2i',CSl.?10 and tho expenditures
?18.C10 during 1912. This leaves a balance
in tho treasury from tho cemetery of
$7071.30. The total appropriation laot
year was 510,415, of which the sexton
lias 2804.43 on hand.
Tho reports show that lh City ceme
tery ombraces 2.TC acres, of which p05
acres belong to tho city Proper, twenty
flv acres to the new Catholic cometen
and smaller areaa to tho burial -rounds
of other denominations. Of the City
rcmotcry acvonty acres are improved.
The total value of the cemetery groupda
and property Ih 5S29.S23, of which 5000,
000 represents the value of the ; un un
proved districts and S220.623.24 tho Im
proved districts.. . , .
During tho year tho sexton has In
slAl cd a tlrcproof vault In the como
tcrv office to safeguard tho burial records-
has planted 16B6 feot of torruce nnd
flowpr bds along Eighth avenue; maJo
a roso parden; planted 46,Sfi0 plants of
wMch 1V)00 ere tulips, 12,00(5 panslcs,
8000 nerennial needling and 12,3 gera
niums nnd bedding plants.
For 1913 the sexton contemplates many
InSrowmentB, including the grading and
laSdns of olshty-four now oU acqulrod
bv cllmlnat Ing unnecessary roadways and
tin- mr the extra ground Into burUi
ninrrs He also plans to remove the
Semctory stJibleB And extend the park
SfiS about 800 feet to tho north, thus
Rlinrinc under cultivation a laxgo area.
a Em? KTpenhouse is to bo built andVex
n" ive planting and parking to bo carried
out In many narts of the cemetery.
Chinese Slay Infant.
tp-,KJN Jan. 0. ChlncHo robber shot
, vdlied John, the infant oon of the
Rov. SI O- Jo"'"e of tne Canadian Moth
dA ,artv of'inlBstanarlcii were returning
tn tho town of Tzellutoing. when
lh5 were attacked by the robbers, he
X,n , ChenKtu and Chungkln. in the
1 Tor Sse-Cliuen. One of the rob-
K,nwi?0captur?dUbut tho rest tool; to
night. 1
Additional Sporting News
Acting- President Vandeputte
Believes Boise Will Come
in After All.
Special to The Tribune.
GREAT FALLS. Mont., Jan. ?. The '
long-deferred annual meeting of the
Union Baseball association will be hold
In Butte at the Flnlen hotel at 10 o'clock
Wednesday morning. January 22. accord
ing to Florence R. Vandeputte, vice
president or the Union association and
.acting nreftldent of tho league, bocauao
of tho death last September of Prosident
W 11. Lucas.
"We feci fairly certain now that we
will have eight clubs In the league,"
said Vandeputte. "We have assurances
the six of last season, Butte, Missoula,
Helena, Salt Lake and Ogden, will have
their representatives at tho meeting. Wc
liavo been negotiating with tho leading
fans at Boise and Pocatello and Lewis
ton, Idaho.
"The dato of the Butte mcctlntr was
3nade to accommodate Bolso fans In
their effort to shape things un to play
with the Union association. The Idaho
State league moetlnjr comes before Jan
uary 22 and Boise will quite probably
be ready to line up with us. Then either
Pocatello or Lcwlston KCts In."
Harry Hester, Great Falls's first base
man last year, will manago tho Electric
team of 1913. This was announced to
night by President Tracy. Manager
George Reed will not bo re-engaged
because the club directors want a play
ing manager.
The announcement that Hester .will
manage the Electrics confirms the state
ment made in yesterday's Tribune when
Hester was In Salt Lake.
By International News Service.
?JEW YORK, Jan. 9, At the Forty
fourth street club tonight George Chaney
of Baltimore, entirely outclassed Rcddy
Moore. Moore was considerably mussed
up as the bout neared Its end and Ref
eree Corbett stopped the fight to save a
Hnrry Tracy, through aggressiveness
alone, beat Jack Doyle In the second ten
rounder. Tracy, though ho did not show
much, was, always tearing in and ho
gave Doylo a lot of real trouble. Doyle
lacked a punch.
Babo Davis and Kid Black furnlshtd
the excitement in the last of the ten
round bouts. It was a slugging bee from
tho start. Davis was all but finished
half a dozen times, especially In tho
fifth round, when a shower of whacks
to the jaw sent him reeling. The bell
Just did save him.
NEW YORK. Jan. 9 An entire hotel
at Hamilton, Bermuda, has been leased
for tho use or the New York American
league club for tho spring training sea
son. Business Manager Arthur Irwin of
tho Highlanders, acting with Manager
Frank, Chance's approval, closed by cable
today the option ho had secured on the
hotel, which stands within less than live
minutes' walk, from tho Hamilton cricket
field, whore the team will practice. Tho
club will send several cooks from this
city and a training table will be estab
lished. It is expected that the party will
Include fifty men, players, trainers, club
officials, newspaper writers and others.
By International News Sen-Ice.
ALBANY. N. Y.. Jan. 9. James R.
Price, sporting editor of the New York
Prcstf, was today appointed by Governor
Suizer to succeed James IS. Sullivan on
the state athletic commission. Senator
Fitzgerald today introduced a bill allow
ing the commission to spend J) 2,000 a
year. Each of the three commissioners
is to receive a salary of $2000. The
only compensation now permitted is ac
tual expenses.
Motorcycle Club Will Meet.
The Salt Lake Motorcycle club will
meet tonight at 222 South West Temple
street to install officers. Ned Holmes,
who is on his way to Australia to make
'arrangements to take a squad of motor
cycle riders to the antipodes, will make
an address.
Brown vs. Kivers.
LOS ANGELES. Cal., Jan. 9. "Knock
out." Brown, the New York lightweight,
and Joe Rivers of Loh Angeles were
matched today to fight twenty rounds at
the Vernon arena on tho afternoon of
February 22.
National Bowlers Wbt.
The National bowlers won two out ot
throe games from the All Americans last
night on tho Windsor alleys. Tho scores:
1st. 2nd. 3rd. Tot.
Bcifuss 21U 172 1S1 5G9
McKenzio 120 litt 20S 4 03
Donloln HI ISO 170 S4
Danicy 155 159 107 431
Anderson 170 157 194 oSl
Totals 305 7S0 315 2500
1st. nu. aro. iol-
C. Zimmerman -.173 234 174 5SL
F. Zimmerman .-140 ... 133 J7j
riitvlK 151 16f" 150 466
W, Quinn 179 H7 170 490
Crabbc 20S 191 137 G3C
Darke - 111 1
Totaln 851 ' 857 704 2472
Handicap G C 18
Grand totals ...857 S03 770 2490
Today's Juarez Entries.
FIRST RAC15 Three-eighths of a mile,
Index. WL Index. Wt.
6843 Broviiy . -.109 Congury . ..100
6S19 T Dawdoll.,109 Benedict . .112
G831 Ala Ben ..,109 Caller 112
6343 Old Gotch..l09 fi843 Shadrack ...112
M-Robice ..109 6313 Dick Dodic.112
Korfhage -.109 Mangancao .112
Mero.torlua .109 ....
SECOND RACE Elcvcn-Dlxtconths of a
m74?Pamplnca -.100 C807 Jolly Tar ..lor.
6747 Madeline B.100 6832 Loving Moac.107
6040 J Buscher.-102 6S3o Quick 10
6827 Ernest H . -102 0771 Mailer . ...HO
G83" Green Cloth.lOR CS3K Tom 0 110
6827 M Ketcharn-lOfj 6839 Sprtly Mies. 110
fi702 Innuleta ...105
THIRD RACK Three-qtiartera of a.
es& EPat'o . . .1001 6831 Balronla . . .106
6841 Ursula Em.lOB GS53 Plpo Vision. 106
rsri Alias Jean.. 103 0829 Bob Farley. 103
rco'i fJiv Loss... 103 6833 Tallow DIp.lOS
crIS fianol 105 0823 Cantom . . . .10S
6786 Orba Smile.100 6814 Lescar .....111
FOURTH RACE Scven-oIghthB of a
M18 RlondBrab. 02)6842 Lackroai. ...110
fiR-io cracker Box 9816816 Jim Bnaey..ll2
G8"8 J Diebold .10710744 H Barbec. . .118
FIFTH. RACE Three-quartnra of ft
mile, selling. , .
6830 Calothmpn -102 6763 Daddy Glp..l0o
r839 E Harwood.103 9492 Stcrlln . ..10i
e548 Ocean Q...103 6841 Suffraclst ..108
fl794 F Duster ..103 68 12 Love Day ..108
SIXTH RACE Mile and a sixteenth,
5cfi'''4ns Florence. 9516818 Hr.nl' 113
C84'' Puck 108 0846 Mel Slrocl . .116
6S24 Baldlff ...112)
(Continued from Precodiug Pago.)
ducks during the time of migration,
1 don't believe tliero would be many
ducks stop there, au the flash and
boom of one of these guns on every
one-mile square or this undesirable
territory would keep them solng on.
and would accomplish more than all
the shooters of the state could by
shooting the birds and killing them.
Then the proper thing to do Is to
open our season in tho fall at the
same time the Idaho season is opened
on ducks, so as to keep the birds
scattered over both states and not
have them pile down hero and be
come so thick before our season
opens, that they poison and polluto
their own fecdlnc: cround to such an
extent that thoy become sick and
die by the thousands.
Boys, If you must shoot at some
thlnR to kill It in the spring time,
shoot the hawks, bitterns and most
of all, magpies, for they cat thous- !
andH of duck eggs every year: and
If you want to see the effects of your j
shots when you shoot, no to the traps
and shoot clay birds. This will test
your skill as a marksman, give you
good practice and set some of the
lust for killing game In tho spring of
the year out of your system.
When the TJnlveraity of Utah invades
Colorado later in the spring- with truck
and baseball teams they will have a
splendid opportunity to make a great
showing; but to do so tho teams must
win, Therefore more work will be done
this year in preparinc those two teams
than over before. YeBtcrday Coach
Bonnlon called a meeting of the men
who will try out for baseball and track
and urged upon even man the necessity
of getting into condition.
In short speeches by the coach and
Captain Cole, candidates were told they
must begin training right now, and this
Includes dieting. They must work in
the gym on the weights and on the In
door track.
The baseball men, too. must benln
conditioning themselves. Coach Porter
expects to make them go so fast that
it will requlro the best of condition ln
order for them to stand tho strain. The
baseball men will be expected zo do track
work and tako those exercises which
will make their backs and arms strong
and limber.
The basketball men this afternoon will
enfiage In the first practice, when they
meet the Salt Lake high school boys on
tho university floor.
By International News Service.
PHILADELPHIA, Jan., 9. Harry Da
vis manager of the Cleveland team last
year, will be with tho Athletics auring
the season of 1913. according to an an
nouncement made today at Athletic
headquarters. It was not revealed in
just what capacity Davis will act, but
it is believed he will bo used for scout
ing and to coach the young players.
Davis will go south with tho team and
on the return journey ho probably will
bo left with the second string when they
leave San Antonio on their way north,
March 8. on a barnstorming trip. This
will leave Mack free to remain with
the regulars and be assured of a com
petent report on tho work nf nls
The hish school rifle team will meet
the Salt "Lake Rifle club tonight In the
second of a series of contests to decidu
the city rifle championship. In tho moei
two weeks ago tho youngsters trimmed
the vets of the rifle club with a good
margin. Pratt and Melius are the best
shots at the high school.
Captain Letchlleld of the Salt Luke
club expects to tako tho youngsters down
a peg tonight. In the last meet hl3 team
was handicapped by having two of its
best marksmen absent. Tho contes: will
take place at the high school rango In
the Union building, the shooting to com
mence at 8 in the evening.
Cross Can Make Weight.
By International News Service
NEW YORK, Jan. 9. Leach Cross's
band of admirers received a shock of
Joy this afternoon when they heard the
great news that the dentist battler will
have no trouble in making the allotted
weight of 133 pounds ringside for Joe
Rivers next Tuesday night.
Rivers went through his regular paces
this afternoon, but failed to display his
usual vim. He received word that his
rather is very ill and that depressed him
Valuable Race Horses Stolen,
POCATELLO, Ida,, Jan. 9. Six head
of valuable horses, somo of them race
horses and pacers, were stolen a few
davs ago from tho fair grounds, south
of "the city, whore they wore being fed
and trained. Tho thieves also- took har
ness and saddles belonging to the Acad
omy E-xporlment farm. John Mc
Laughlin, tho well-known horso trainer,
and K. J. Moonoy. a prominent turfman,
wcro tho chief loacrs.
Climate Failed;
Medicine Effective
It ha-s been absolutely shown that rest,
fresh air and good rood do help many
persons suffering from Tuberculosis. But
It must bo admitted that the. disease- is
seldom more than "arrested." Something
moro Is needed.
Eckman's Alterative Is a modicino madu
for tho treatment of Tuberculosis. It
has conquered thia disease again and
again. Often these benefits have been
offoctcd whom tho surroundings were not
ideal vet recoveries resulted. Now wc
argue that Eckman's Alterative should
bo used in every case of Tuberculosis,
in addition to good, nourishing food and
fresh air, which wc all need. A remark
able cjuso follows: Woldon. III.
"Gentlemen. Through Eckman's Al
terative I have been saved from pre
mature grave. On December 14, 1904. I
was taken with Typhoid Pneumonia. My
lungs became very much affected: my
sputum was examined and Tuberculosis
Bacilli wore found. On February 21.
1905, I was advised to go to Fort Worth.
Texas, While- there an abscess In my
right lung broko and discharged. I grow
worse, and became very much emacia
ted My physician informed mo that I
must go to Colorado as quickly au pos
sible. I left Texas, June 13, very fee
ble. After bcln-r there two weeks, my
physician informed me that my caoc won
hopeless. Throe weeks later I returned
home Weighing 103 pounds, tho doctor
having given me no aasuuranco of rcacn
in; there alive.
"On July 14 1905, I began taking Lck
mun'3 wonderful remedy for Consump
tion. Todav I weigh 15S pounds. I am
stout and well and can do any kind of
work about my smln elovator. 1 have
not an acho nor pain In my lungs, eat
well, sleep vrell. and never felt bnttor,'
(Sworn affidavit) ARTHUR WEBB.
Eckman's Alterative is effective in
Bronchitis. Asthma, Hay Fever; Throat
and Lung Troubles, and in upbuilding tho
syotcm. Doh not contain poisons, opi
ates or hablt-formlng drugs. For sale
bv Scbramm-Johnson, Drugs, "The Nov
or Subslitutors," Five (5) good
stores, and other leading drug
gluts. Ask for booklet telling of recov
eries, and wrlto to Kckman Laboratoryt
Philadelphia. Pa., for additional ovl
denco. (Advertisement)
WHEX fifteen carpenters and half
as many steel workers filecl out
of tbe stago entrance to tho Colonial
theater at 9 o'clock last night they
left tliaL playhouse tho winner in a
fight against time that has been in
progress sinco Monday morning.
In tho fastest time on record, the
workmen had erected an exact dupli
cate of a hotel lobby interior, a por
tion of which is a balconv running
across tho back, nnd which "during tho
action of the play must hold from
twenty to thirty people, besides a -rood
deal of furniture.
Ivext week at the Colonial William
.1. Kelly is to produce- for the first time
in stock on anv stage in Mio countn',
"Gct-Itich-Qiiiek Wnllingford," and tho
first of the play calls for the interior
of the Palaco hotol lobby at Battles
burg, la. So much of tho action of
tins net takes place on the balcony,
and tho manuscript calls for a balcony
of such height thafc Mr. Kellv decided
ordinary construction would not do, and
that above everything elso the balcony
must bo safe for tho use of the mem
bers of the nnlnrged company necessary
to present the Cohan success.
The first set of scenery went up Mon
day and Tuesday, and when finished
w.t3 found to have been incorroctly
measured. With tho opening of "Got-Rich-Quick
Wnllingford " looming up
for Sunday night and the immenso'pieco
of scener' constituting the balcony to
bq rebuilt, Mr. Kelly was confronted
with an omergency that was serious.
Fiftoon carpenters and half as many
steel workers have been working night
and day ever sinco. and at 9 o'clock
last night they finished, leaving on the
Colonial 's stago one of the finest pieces
of practical stage construction work
ever put up in a local theater.
Mr. Kelly will be seen in tho title
role of "Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford,'-
and the production will bo tho most
costly stock show ever given in Salt
PROVIDENCE. R. 1., Jan. 9. Jack
Dillon of Indianapolis settled Frank
Mantell's aspirations to tho mlddlowelght
championship In decisive fashion tonight
at Thornton.
II punched Mnntcll so badly that tho
fight was stopped In the fifteenth round
when the Pawtucketlto was nil but out.
Young Loughry of Federal Hill beat
Jack O Brlen of Thornton in one round
and Young Rltchio of Federal Hill won
tho decision over Hugo Kelly of Fall
River In six rounds.
MacKean's Checker Score.
Following is the result of, the checker
games played Inst night at tho Y. M. C.
A., Hugh MncKoan playing a number of
opponents simultaneously, winning twenty-three,
losing throe and getting three
MacKca n's
Opponents. Lost. Drow. Won.
L. E. Voyles ;...l n o
D. Black 1 I o
A. Thomas ?. 0 0
M. E. Jonc.i 1 1 0
G. M. Babcock 1 1 0
N. Bulkovlch 2 0 0
W. P. Emery 4 0 0
Mr. Dunn 4 0 0
George Tlobb 3 0 0
T. S. Jensen 1 n ,1
F. A. Keyw'orth 1 0 1
W. H. Spccr 10 1
Slosson Has Safe Lead.
CHICAGO, III.. Jan. 9. Georprc Slos
son apparently ch'nohed his 2000-polnt
IS.2 balk line billiard match with Koji
Ynmndn tonight ly winning the fourth
block, 400 to 21.". and bringing the grand
score up to 1600 for himself and to 1197
for the Japanese player. . The ganio went
nineteen innings: High runs SIopkoij,
Ofi, SB: Yamada, C9, 41. The final block
in Ihe match will, be played tomorrow
Basketball Game at Provo.
Coacli Miller of the L. D. S, will leavo
tonight for Provo with his squad of bas
ketball stars. Tho SulntM are billed to
clash Willi the B. Y. U. tomorrow night
in a practlcn game, which has become an
annual affair between the two schools.
Players wlm will likely bo taken to Provo
arc Benlilon, SeVcy, Smith, Olcson. Felt
nnd Matson.
Marksman Makes Record.
APPIjETON, WIri,. Jan. P. In a shoot
ing tournament Sergeant Irwin Grundo
man of company G- established n gal
lory record for tho Wisconsin national
guard. H made 44t bullsoyc? out of 1Ei0
shots, shooting from the standing ano
kneeling positions.
I Champion Keeps Title.
PITTSBUItG. Jan. 9. Ora C. Mom
ingstar of Pittsburg, world'o champion
at IS.l bnlk lino bllllurds, retained his
title tonight by defeating George Sut
ton of Chicago, 500 to 47S. Tho game
went thirty-two Innings.
Name Sent to Senate.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 9, The nomi
nation of John U, McFio as register of
the land office at Santa Fe, ,N.. M.,
was sent by President Taft to the sen-1
nto today.
Romoves foul gases, sour bile and the clogged -up waste without'
gripe or nauseaNo headache, sour, bilious stomach, . ' I
coated tongue or constipation.
Primitive folks did not need lasa-1
tives. They lived outdoors, ate plenty
of fruit, and all of their food was
coarse. We modern people are differ
ent. Wc exercise too littlo, eat little
fruit, and our food is too finetoo rich.
We simply can't have our ten yards
of bowel6 clogged up, liver choked
with sour bile and stomach full of foul
effete matter nnd feel well. It means
that tho food and waste retained in the
stomach and thirty feet of bowels fer
ments decays. Tho decay creatcs poi
sons, gases and acids, and thoso poisons
ure sucked into tho blood through the
very ducts intended to suck in the nu
triment. Then we have Bick headache,
become dull, bilious, tongue coated,
nervous, meals don't digest, and we
feel miserable nil over. So wo must
make our choice. We must live like
fly on tho Wheel," tonight and to
morrow night. Matinee Saturday.
vaudeville every afternoon and
evening. -
pany in "Mrs. Dane's Defense."
with William J. Kelly in stellar
role. Tonight and tomorrow night.
Matineo Saturday.
eery afternoon, with two perform
ances at night. Willie Ritchie,
champion lightweight pugilist, Is the
Boy." Musical comedy. Matinee
Saturday and Sunday.
Th following theater notices ar
rairked "advrtiement" In ordor to
comply with a ntrict interpretation of
the new federal newspaper law. In
no ens &r they paid advertise
ment. They nra Items furnished by
tho preis agents of th yjltIoui
SCHICHTL'S Royal Marionettes at the
Orpheum this week are universally
voted by all wlio have seen tho act to
bo far away the be3t production of Its
kind over soon here. Mr. SchJehtl's Hi
He wooden ilgures which he brings to
Hfo with innumerable uusoen wireH are
readily remarkable. Thoy are most hu
man and not only give tho effect of hu
man pigmies, but add an air of grace
to it all. Tnls act made a big hit In
New York about two- years ago, but for
eign contracts made only a short stay
possible and prevented tho acceptance
of future bookings ln this country until
the present time, when the Orpheum cir
cuit secured tho attraction.
Few plays of the last few yeara on
either the American, or English stage
have ofTered a more interest-compelling
cross-examination scone than does "Mrs.
Dane's Defense" at tho Colonial this
week, with William J. Kelly playing the
role of Sir Daniel Cartarot and Miss Dal
las in the title role of the play. It Is
splendidly played by the star and has
gone far toward making "Mrs, Dane's
Defense" popular. For tho coming
week, belnning Sunday night, Mr. Kelly
looks for somo of the heaviest business
of his entlro season at the Colonial. He
is to present for the. first time on any
stace in stock, "Got-Rlch-Quick Wal
llngford." The advance sale of seats for "Mutt
and Jeff," the biggest musical comedy hit
of recent years, begins today at tho Salt
Lake theater. Thoso who erpoct to wit
ness this most laughable comedy -will do
well to get their seats early, as there
is certain to be tho biggest rush for this
than any that has come before It is
easily a $1.50 attraction, and tho well
informed theatergoer knows it. Besides,
everything Is new this season, which
makes It doubly interesting. As every
one knows, the piece was fashioned after
the widely read cartoons of Bud Fishor,
arid Is even more popular than the car
toons themselves.
"The Battle of Two Palms," a special
two-reel feature, will be tho main at
traction at tho Rex theater today and
tomorrow. Two thousand Turk9 and
Arabs aro killed, and wounded at the
battto of two palms. In this picture,
which was taken under the supervision
and by authority of tho Italian govern
ment by tho official photographer to the
King of Italy, more than 400 dead are
seen as they were left on the battle
field. Tonight promisos to be the night of
nights at tho Garrick. for, besides a
show bubbling and gurgling with fun,
frolic and pretty girls, with Bud Dun
can and Lew Dunbar, tho Garrick's
funny comedians, ln the biggest laugh
of tho season, "Peck's Bad Boy," the
chorus girls will hold their contest after
each show, a featuro which they have
been preparing themselves for" since last
Friday night, when Miss Thclma Good
win, tha pretty and petite littlo blonde,
won tho first prize at both perform
ances. Miss Goodwin al?o won the cash
prize two weeks ago, but by appear
ances already developed the individual
members of the "Honey Girls,," consti
tuting tho chorus of the Curtis Frolic
-company, have a surprise which prom
ises to make tonight a record breaker.
When the class of entertainment af
forded, and tho number of features on
the bill aro taken Into consideration. It
isn't to he wondered at that the Em
press this week Is turning people away
It was not easy for us to believe that
Diabetes is curable, but the lirst cnao
wc camo in porsonal touch with was
astonishingly convincing.
Wo wore considering tho purchase of
Fulton's Compounds and wcro looking for
cases to try them out on. Ono of our
number knew Charles A. Newton, the
Yurdmaster of the S. P. R. R. Co. at
Sacramento a very worthy man. Tin
nlso knew that Newton had Diabetcn and
was in a hospital Jn the Capitol City, and
that his recovery seemed impossible when
he last heard from him. A letter was
written to Newton that Fulton claimed
his Diabetes Compound cured Diabctns
and that wo wanted to know from OUI1
lrlendH If this was so. and that If ho
(Newton) would Lakn it that wo would
send him a supply of it. Newton replied
to the effect that some four of flvo
months boforo we wrote him he had
heard about the compound, had tokon It,
that tho sugar was nearly out and ho
was almost well. His complete rocovery
followed, and he told an S. P. Engineer
who had Diabetes and ho recovered.
(Tho beat results are had ln cases of
middle age and over.)
Fulton's Diabetes Comround can be
had at Schramm-Johnson Drug Co. Ank
for pamphlet or write Jno. J. Fulton Co.,
San Franoii-co. Wo desire patients to
writw ua not improving by third week.
primitive folks, clso wo must take ar- l,'
tificial means to move the 'excess bile ,
and waste matter on and out' of the i
system. J
Tho safest, most harmless and of- t
feotive stomach, liver and '' bowel' -
cleanser and regulator for men, women I
and children is dolicious Syrup of Figs. I
which doesn't irritate, gripe or weak- I
en. Its effect is the effect of fruits. It M
is composed ehtirely of Inscious fig?, :
senna and ar6matics. "Don't think you
arc drugginc yourself. Syrup of Figs 1
can be constantly used without harm. U
Ask your druggist for "Svrup of
Figs and Elixir of Sonna,' " and see
on the label that it is prcparod by Tho ')
California Fig Syrup Company. This ,
is the only genuine tho old reliable. tH
Refuse, with contempt, the so called '!
Fig Syrup imitations sometimes offered
-to deceive you. (Advertisement.) t-
at every performance, iltr- popular the- . IH
ater s seating capacity being altogether I I
Inadequate tr accommodate the crowd f tH
that throng tho lobby nightly. This week 1
the big bunch of varieties are headed !'
by Lhc popular lightweight champion'
boxer. Willie P.ttchle. a featuro that J
would pack the house were he alono .on 1
tho bill, but combined with seven of tiir v
best acts of which vaudeville can bois!. . I
makes the attraction doubly wort!. !
The Messrs. Shubert and LevIs '
With an all English Company. -J
Prices Evening, 50c to S1.50; Mat- I J
Inces. 25c to 51.00. ) t
"MUTT AND JEFF." Eve., 25c to ' I
$1.50; 400 seats at $1. Mat., 25c and 1 i
50c: children. 25c. Sale Today.
''l V THISWEEU f l i
- VVM. J. C
S W0gffik KELLY g3 1
85 r '-jiiHJtf and Co. In gyj IH
a li -mk v; Dane's m
1 f DEFENSE fill , ,
: "'''3S3p Mats. Thurs k
- "WW?-, - anil Sat Ifi" 1
i '-H'5 Next week fi;
il n'.-MJmSLi i Quick -Wal- I ;(
Wm. J. Kelly llngford." j i
Phone Wasatch 3569. '
orpheum daylight motion , s
pictures ; 2
concert orchestra 'j b
PRICES Matinee Dally. 15c. 2Gc, 50c. J iH
Night. 25c 50c. 75c.
ufth j jj
Greater Advanced Vaudovlllu- . IHH
Llnhtweloht Champion of I
TODAY the World. -2:30
0 Stanleys, Grace Leonard,
7,30 Davey Do Mussoy and Get- ; vHHH
3:15 ey, Leonard Martlncx. Dale . i
and Boyle, Pathe'a Weekly. f
Empress Orchestra. j H
I Regular 30o Matineo DzUV 1) . fl 'M
Empres 20a 500 JQ
Prices 10a Parauet Se.its. 1
Garrick Theatre I
The Allen Curtis Frollca Company 3
25 Pconlo in ' ft ' BB
Broadvny's Bin Musical Comedy Hit I )H
"Peck's Bad Boy" ;
Two Shova Nlnhtly. iHI
10, 20, 30 CENTS ; ilffl
RenuUr Matinees Saturday, Sunday ilkflH
and Wednesday 'A
WK 1
The Decisive Battle of tho Italian- V 'f.H
Turkish War, taken by Com Co. fHHB
merlo, Photographer to the I ,
King of Italy. , -I
Our Free Transportation Offering to 3 Z4 fH
Sunny California and Return via f I'.1
Salt Lnke Route. ,., ;
First Chamber Music Concert by f
TheSaltLakeQuintette I ;!
Soulro Coop. Piano. Arthur Frebor. ? t .'1
violin; George Gronpman. violin; Al- S f M
fred Urdame. viola; Otto King, cello. -;'H
First Congregational Church j ;, . H
January 14, at 8:15 p. m. - ij W
Subncription for scries of three con- j 'I J'
certs, jn.00. Slnqle ticket!-. 51.25. At V i
H. Salinger, 1101 NwhoUBc . bide? ' S'H
Consolidated Music Co. ,
" i I

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