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ATHEB TODAY. CfPtf V U T. - U' -' , , I'i sH
Also Certain of Be
cted as Permanent
juarfcers at Pres
et Session.
jstin of This City Is
restem Vice Presi
1 A. J. Knollin to
ssent the East.
LgK-to The Tribune.
UckiJBETBNNB. VTyo., Jan, 10. Salt
TfeztKu&o tomorrow will bo chosen aa
titolS0 11,14 conventIcm ("' r lllfc
'li'ifMNitIonal "Wool growers association
tr-TiijBut! probably as the permanent
? telSHirterB of the association. That
jJBrill bo so became assured today
d tgJBthc Idaho delegation, which had
tel jjfcihing Boise for tho 1014 oonven
SJjKftd headnuartere, ceased activity
! 0jR refpect. The candidacy of Prcs
Hftrlz., Is not considered seriously,
JUh and Idaho dclcgatione, which
tcfc lor?c3t attending the fourth an
! toMiBsavenUon of tho association here.
Bupport Frank J. Hagcnbarlh of
'mF, laa' ior tne Prc&"'dcnoy. antl 'L
tiii'BipEears probable that he will be
3 LtoJjfc'Trilhoiit opposition, although tho
l2Btnj delegation today indorsed A. .1.
fsHB,of Chicago, eastern vice president
, KuldltiK officer of the convent Ion?"
Ufflt iit honor. Mr. Knphin later stated
ctfcjfctTYBs not a candidate and that he
jajB-not accept the office if it were
Kng Not Candidate.
'Bjmuch as Ikp.nk JR. Gooding of
fcp.iBf president of the assocla
"'jflKr reveral year past, is not a can
fffc'for re-clecllon. political business
!IjWae, tho field It practically clear
RMcCTure of Gooding. ida., will be
tjffA secretary without opposition.
fclJfastln of Salt Uiltc will be rc
Hirestern vice president and A. J,
n tastem vice president.
He of Montanan.
convention today indorsed the
feci Dr. il. K. Knowlcs of Helena,
veterinarian of Montana, in waging
pa wolves and othor predatory anl-i-wd
addressed to tho governor of
a telegram requesting that
M" reappointed. This action l'ol
bui address in which Knowles ro
jfts ruccess in Montana, of Inoculat
P'es and coyotes with the partt
ftlch causes sarcoptic mange of tlie
4 then turning thetn loose to com
(tho disease to their wild
pn In two Montana counties this
B'haa killed 1500 wolves and coyotes
Jew. Knowles appealed to othor
p slates to adopt ihc Montana sys-w-operate
with Montana for the
olnitlon of predatory animals. He
that bounty frauds had been
In Montana through the col-
of bounty there on the pelts of
and coyotes killed in Wyoming,
iutions Today.
iroluUons committee will report
f. Tho Uriff on wool will be
leading place in the rcKolulions,
wolr bounty law will be ap
l and the matter of freight raiea
wck shipment:) and moro fnvor
f?ulaUonu of livestock shipments
ten up, a.-j wjll the relations
fMoekmastcrf and the federal for
Partmcnt. Whether the resolu
openly array the anrociatlon
? tne mannfuuturcrs of woolen
V la hot nettled, hut this stand
taien, a. general note of convlo
t tho manufacturing Interests are
against tho woolgrowcra in
ltcr of tariff legislation having
;'rm the delegates.
:p "'omber of tho exeunt ivo i-oni-Lao
not named today, but J. E.
i-as named as aiternatc. " :
ers before the convention today
Dobbins of Joseph. Or.; .. .F.
Washington, D. C; D. O-.LiVe-
01' livestock of the ranamn
PoeUIon, President C. A. bui
the University of M'yomlng, Dr. ;
Jtnd c, 13. Morton of Colorado.
JOHK, .Tun. 10.-Maud MaionV
flt Burfragetle. who w arrested
vled for dlbturblnc a mooting
J Woodrow Wileon was Hpoakln?.
" the court of special jieceionfi
K'r today and naked that he
In order that slie might nppeal
- cr recjuent wns granted. N"o
had been imposed upon convle
25 bMng suspended.
jBWp snow in Mountains.
GRANDE, Cl Jan. .10.
.'"t torapcratnrR of tho vanish
K1Q "lap jn faliromln was ru
fo,?," today at Muasnn, Snn
jKtoV110 co"nty. tliu Simla LiMria
jjjj:ynre ILq tliermonu-lcr reffis
Hyf? aecrccs bclov,- zuro. The moan-
Miss Stallo, Youngest Daugh
ter of Multi-Millionaire, to
Wed. Prince Mural.
Special Cable. to The Tribune.
l'Mli?. Jan. JO. Tho. most ' pictur
esque tulcniatioual engagcincul siucc
IIjg mrrria.'c' of .Icronie Uonaparlc und
Elizabeth Pallcison of Baltimore, was
announced today when the betrothal of
Miss Helena Mc Donald Stallo to Prince
iI iohel Mural, was made known by the
publication of Hie banns.
Miss Stallo is the youiTccst daugh
ter of Edmund R. Stallo of t'incinuati
and granddaughter of Alexander Mc
Donald, who left several millions to
herself and her sister Jaurn. She is j
also a granddaughter of the late Judge
Stallo, who was Amcvicau minister to
Jlaly during the first Cleveland admin
Prince !MicLcl is a lineal descendant
of the futuous Marshal Mural, who
married Caroline Bonaparte' and' ' was
made king of. Naples hy the great cm
poror. lie is a nephew of Empress Eu.'
genie, who from her sick "bed at Parn
borough. England, hag cabled her con
gratulations. The princo tvaa brought up in Kussia,
his mother being a Russian priucof.s.
He bears a marked resemblance to the
average typo of -American business
men, being- unostentatious . and simple
in his tastes. The prince as 20 years
old and. a typical Murat. He is b'
feet 2 inches tall, physical!- a giant
and strong in facjal features with
piercing 0305. He courted Miss Stallo
in true American, fashion without the
usual foreign frills and ceremonies,
winning the girl's heart first and then
ashing the consent of her father.
Ho 'first mot Miss Stallo three
months ago at a dinner given by Mrs.
Rutherford. Stuyvcsant. Finding she
frequented tho Palais de Glaco, indulg
ing in her favorite sport of skating,
tho princo bocamo a fixture there,
wnrmly. wooing her in that frigid at
mosphere. Miss Stallo was previously engaged
to 2"ils Flormnn, a young Swede aid
to be eonnoctcd with a royal house,
but she broke tho- engagement. Her
.action was given much publicity, it be
ing erroneously stated that hor reason
was the discovery that PJormans
father was a. masseur.
The wedding will be quiet on account
of the recent death of Prince Loins A'n
poleou. rt will take place during -the
first week of February in Paris. Grand
Puke Paul of .Russia will be one of tho
witnesses for Prince Murat, while the
American embassador, Myron T. Her
rick and Henry Watterson, a profit
friend of tho bride's family, w.ill act
for Miss Stallo. . .
In Paris tho consensus of opinion is
that Miss Stallo will make the most
brautifiil princoes in all Eprone, also
uni of tho richest, as Princo, Murat is
heir to immense wealth.- -
James Meyers Oauglii. by .Storm
Near Alton, til.', Rescued in
Serious Condition.
S'K LOIJJS. Jan. 10. .TameH Meyers, a
iiiurry worker, -was rescued today from
a cave on the Alton, III.., bluffr, Vhere
ho had been Imprisoned since Baturdny
nlKht by a sleet atomr and ihclco. lie
was taken to the St. Claire county farm
In u eerlous condition.
Members o the train crew heard cries
Ironi the cave, which' is soventy-llvo .feet'
ui the side of the bluff, and notified the
AIi0,nonceman. two locomotive firemen
and a voiiiir athlete volunteered and
.Ml nbrvj the icy face of tho bluff- Thoy
took Mover from the cave, and lowered
him to tho Kixund below.
It hi leUevd Movers wuh rausrlil In the
cave by the lcet .norm early Sunday and
frni-ri to climb down Ihi. icy bluff.
WhVn ho'waH found, ho wa lyliiK o thn
rock floor" with no covcrliiK but k worn
oven-out. A small flro was mrn np near
by but hl3 last scrap of fuel had souc
to feed It. j
Both Turkey and the Allies
Bent on Having- Their Way
in Peace Conference or
Resuming- the .War.
Sends Ultimatum to Bulgaria;
Rechad Pasha Complains
That Turks Have Made
All the Concessions. "
L OA-DON. Jan. lO.-Q'ho pendulum
1 poacc in the TJalkans swings
between the fall of Adriauoplo
nnd action by flic powers of 72ii
rope. Boll. Turkey and (he allies have
been unresponsive to the adviec, friend
ly offers and pressure bv whieh the
powers have attempted to bring the
conflicting pariiea to tms 0VC). A(
rianople. Compromises bv which the
"Holy City" neither would- bo separ
ated entirely from Turkov nor coded
entirely to Bulgaria have been refused
by both sides.
Turkey's hopes of saving Adn'nnoplo
undoubtedly hnv0 been revived bv the
threatening attitude of Rumania. ".It is
believed in some quarters that Jiu
mania 's stand is backed by Austria.
Tho embaseadorial conference met to
day but it was announced that no im
portant decision had boon reached- The
embassadors would not confirm reports
that, a naval demonstration had been,
planned as a last resort to influence Turkey.
Not Taken Seriously. j
Turkey a thrl.ntraVJl
peace delcgaf.es next week if ihe allies
refuse to, reduce their demands, is uot
taken seriously by the embassadors.
The allies 'have mado a counter, threat
that they will give all necessary notice
of a terminal ion of the present armis
tice if 'flic Turkish d el ogates withdraw;
Thc.hopo that; , the dinner givo.11 las't:
night by. French Embassador Cambon
would give an opening for friendly con
versation's between' the rival delegates
leading to the end. of the deadlock,
proved fruitless as the dinner is de
scribed as a cold and stiff affair.
M. Ycuizclos and the other Greek del
egatos are up in arms against any seri
ous attempt to prevent. Greece from ac
quiring tho Turkish islands. They say
(Continued ou Page Three.)
Will Attend Banquet This
Evening and Start on Re
turn Trip to New Jersey
Capital Sunday.
Governor Expected to Devote
Much Time to State Affairs
Before Going to VVash-
ington as President.
CIHCAUO. dan. .10. President-elect
"Wood row Wilson's visit to Chi
cago tomorrow and Sunday will
be quiet.
Ho will get off his train at the lingle
wood station, several miles out. A com
mittee from the Commercial club will
meet hini there and escort him to the
homo of David IJ. ,'Joncs. where he will
remain until time for him t0 attend the
dinner given by the club in the even
ing. At the dinner he -will havo on
cither side of him CiOvprnorVUeuocu and
C?overnor-eIect Dunne. The president
elect will spend -Saturday night at the
.Tones residence, and on Sunday be tho
guest of Clyde M. Carr, president of the
Commercial club, at his homo. Owing
to Mr. Wilson's limited time here ho
will accept no invitation except that
of the club.
Special preparations have been made
for his protection. Seven motor cars
tilled with policemen will guard him
whenever he rides about the city. Chief
McWeeny will be in persona charge of
the squad.
PKINCISTON. .X. . J.. Jan. 10. President-elect
Wood row "tt'il.son is -n route
tonlsht for Chicago where he will ad
dress the Commercial cliib tomorrow
night. He left here at j: -17 o'clock In the
Chicago Limited over the Pennsylvania
The enjjagamont to deliver an address
before tho Commercial club was accepted
by Governor Wilson Ion ft before election.
The speech probably will be the last lie
will deliver outside of Xew.. Jersey before
ho becomes 'president- nouming:, ho
will leave Chicago at l'2:-i0 p. 'm, Sun
day, reaching: Trenton Monday when he
Will spciik at a luncheon to he jylven the
Xcw Jersey electors who meet' that day.
ContUiU3d on Pajre Three.
S MELANCHOLY ADVENTURES The career of :i million- j
5 doll iir pleasure boat-, which lias forced young- '.Urs, Goelet.
I to deny yaehf-s to her sons even as playl'hings. and has
caused ihe .family to deny the dying "wibIi ol: the elder
. Mr. Goelet. ,
i THE LOST BOOK The book of miracles has been found in i
I Ethiopia, it; is declared. How .a literary treasure of car- t
I liest Christianity which tells of. tho" wonders 'performed by "I
the Virgin Mary and of ber wanderings" in' 'Egypt 'has 'jus't'
j! boen discovered. .
j TALK WITH YOUR HANIDS A new theory "of how' (6 gro'w ' j
!' tbiu. The unusual reduction philosophy of a Parisiau beau-
? ; ty who discovered that nmny women grow fat- because they
talk too much.
i GREAT STORIES This week two peerless pieces of modern i
j fiction arc offered, "An Assisted Emigrant,", by -Richard
I Harding Davis, and '"'The Seismograph Adventure' by
( Craig Kenned'.
S STYLES Lady Pun-Gordon' tells' of "Tho Lessons in My j
New Lines." She describes threo distinctive costumes .for.
r the three ages of women spring, summer and autumn.
J ' HEARST COMICS In addition to the four-page comic sup- S
' plcmcnt in colors, the host iu the world, you will meet j
' tlfose most; popular, ami .faHcjnaling. characters, M;utl;-and 1
Jeff and Silk Hat Harry and hh friends. j
j. BASEBALL Rumor has it that Clcvelajid .will dispense with
Napoleon Lajoie, but aa oxpert. chronicler, of diamond' lore
shows how foolish the Forest 'City management would bo
I 'BOXING With Luther M.cCarty and Willie Ritchie. both in j
s Salt Lake today fans will. talk of little else than boxing, j
;! Every contest of importance, many of which are ignored I
j! by press associations, are fully reported-1 to 'The -Tribune I
j! by. the International News Service,
1; AMATEUR SPORTS Basketball teams are just; beginning
! their season. Complete reports will be found in the Sun-
Prince De Sagan Coming
To Attend Gould Wedding
Fixes .the - Price, of - Each - at
i ; $1262.50;- Court .Will(..
' Decide: Value. :
; ''
Sjiccial. to Tho .Tribune
PROVO. Jan. 10. AVhat is tho price o(
a youns woman's too? , j
This question will be answered by the
Fourth district court.
Nay. the grave Judo will nah the
jury of Rood men and true to determine
what two of her toes are worth.
Gcncc, tho dnncer, values hor ton toes
at 500,000; at lcasl, that Is the n mount
of Insurance she c;ut1c: on them. She
therefore considers JC000 per too the
right -prici!. Talking the matter of toe
InBurancu over recently she said hers
were' rnntly worth more, hut premiums
were high and Hho thought that if her
feot ever becamo Incnpucltntcd, 5BO.O00
would cnaublo hor to wend hor weary,
undanclng way to the erravo In renson
aWy comfortabJo clrcumslancuK. iBo
xlrtea, she would not have to depend
entirely upon tho insurance money.
But Gcnco is regarded by many critics
as tho most graceful and skilled expo
nent of torpsichorcan art in the world,
whereas lUifs Irene lluriy. tho aubjeet
of the present reflections, it; an attrac
tive girl of Sprlngvillo who has sued Dr.
K. A. Oraham for $2525. Dr, Graham
is a dentist, but, according to MIm.
IJerry'a petition, ho has chlropodlcal aa
plrationH. ."llss IJerry a vera that she had two
botlu.Tfiiiii! corns, one on each of two
pedal digits. .She applied to tho dentist
for relief, she Pays, and he nnidu ox
cruciatlng altempt to remove the. corns-.
Finally, who alleges, nln, bud 10 have the
Iocs amputalisd. She Uses tho price of
each toe at J12C2.G0.
Anna Gould Will' Be at Sis-
' ler's Marriage; Date Is
Probably Jan. 2Q. .
Special Coble to Tho -Tribune."
LXVDON-, .Ta'n. 10. Prince Helio
Do Sagan, DuK'c De Talley
rand, with ; his, wife, formerly
Anna Gould, and their young
son Ilowai-d, arri'ed at the
Savoy hotel tonight- Thoy will sail
Tor Tow York by the "Maiirotanla to-mon-ow
to attend , the wedding of
Mis6 Helen Gould. In a- talk with
newspaper men tho prince expressed
regret at being unable to divulge tho '
dato of the wedding, "as I am In the
confidence of the family not to do
so." '
Later,, he told a close-friend, whom
ho accidentally met In "the hotel,
that after arriving In New York
there would- be thrco dayn to Hpare.
The Ulauretanla is due to arrivo in
New York on tho 17th. This would .
flx the date of the marriage as liou
duy,. January SO.
Prince Hclic' alt'o -told the same
friend that ho was traveling incognito,-
having engaged patssage on tho
Maurctanla In the names of IIr. ,
and'ifrs. Jones ,and son:
warrants' for
arrest of six
Federal Authorities Still on Trail
of Perpetrators of "Rare
Book" Swindle.
SSiVT YORK. Jan. 10 Another chapter
In tho allegnd "rare" book" swindle was
opened today with announcement by thi
federal authorities that warranto havo
been drawn for tho arrest of six men In
Chicago, Xew Orleans and other cities,
charging fraudulent use of tho mails.
Word from Chicago told of Hih .nrrnst
thfrc of William Young Conn Ilumea,
book salesman; Jam oh Plunkctt, pub
lisher, and Edward J. M'cArdle, lawyor.
Othor warrants name "William Boer,
librarian of the Howard Memorial library,
New Orleans: William "R. Sherwood, Syra-
cuso. and Glen P. Farmer, behoved to be
In California. Farmer is one of twelve
men now awaiting trial hero for alleged I
swindling of Mrs. Kmma Bird of Salt
Lake City through a sale of "rare" books.
For government reports, seed cata
logues and other literature worth scarcely
flOW, Hairy M. Livingston of Saratoga
Springs, In. Y complained ho paid about
501,000, upon representation that ho was
buying valuable "Amorlcanln." He paid
over this money, ho told federal authori
ties, without first getting a glimpse of the
"raro volumes,'' expecting he would be
ablo to dispose or thorn at a profit.
Livingston is said to have paid out about
?1.'0,000 In eighteen months for what ho
believed were valuable books.
New York Banker Taken Over j! H
Much Ground by Attorney ; H
Untermyer in Endeavor to iH
Locate "Money Trust." H
Asserts That Present Combi- 1 H
nations Are Safe Only Be- H
cause of the Character of I
Men Holding- Them" ,
By International-N'crva Sen'lce.
WASHIKGTO-V, Jan. 10. With tl:
abortion that present ccmbi- .
nations of capital are tiaic onl: j
because of the personnel or'tnr K VM
men holding them and hvow- .1
ing bin bt-iief that nuch combiriatiom J
have 3onc nuito far enough,' George V
Baker today concluded a .statement be- "
fore the Pujo committee that covered j
almost every phaso of his vast buuir.eas
interests and rcouired two days for fnt I
Mr. nakcr pointed to .Morgan, aa ti; J
great general commanding the flnancfa, J
forces of America, placing h3ni!elf -nith
James Stillman of the Xatlonal City imul; $
a:i second in rank, and Morgan's' chif f 'H
aid In quieting the jianic of 1007. He $
denied tiic c.xlKtenca ol a monev tn:st. tj
but he nvlmltted that such control of 1
tho sittiatlon as is held by Morgan, SHU-
man. himself 'and a fev.- others should it "
fall Into bad hands, tho busino?? of the i
country would bo seriously imperiled. The i
present pyramiding of prosperity upon '
personalities he admits is "nucomforl-
able." i
Questions Answered. '''.' 1
Hero arc a few nf the maiiy trcman
dously Important' and .-dgnitk-ant thing.- J
that this helr-apparont to the '.Morgan
financial throne tol5 the committee in '
answer to questions from its counsel, ff
Samuel UnUrmycr:
Concerning Mprgan Morgan Is regard- I
ed by the bualncss men as the one great
general who commnnds tho financial sit- lH
nation. He took control of it during the J
panic and. -with Baker and Stillmun to "1
help, keeps control.
.Morgan, Stlllman. Baker, Kuhn, Loeb ij
& Company havo a community of inter- n !
est tliat moves them to offer each nthov
shares in evoiy Important stock promo- ? IH
Hon enterprise any of them undertakes. J tH
The Chicago City Railways deal, under- J iH
taken jointly . with two big Chicago J H
banks, is an instance of this relntlon.
He . regarded any sccuritlos coming to If
him as all right if they came from Mor- 4 M
Equitable Life Deal j
Morgan, by mutuallsjlng the Equitable W
. Life, will get back all he paid for it and IH
still retain control. This did not square
with Mr. Baker's description of Mor- i
gon's purchaso. of tho Equitable aa "gen- '
I crous." but it was drav:n from him uu-
dcr questioning. H
Morgan's -partners arc brother directors '
with Baker in the Guaranty Trut com- j jH
Pany. one or thn biggest .Morgan-Oakor
concerns, and Baker leaves everything to H
Morgan's partner?. H
Morgan owns ?15,000,000 worth of stoolc ' '
of Baker's bunk, tho First -National, and H jH
JJorgan's tartncr. Davidson. owns 3 H
Jl.000,000 worth. Moran'a partner, l".a- , jH
mont, owns another big block. Bnkor dor 3
not remember just. ho- .uch. Baker H
owns ?20,000,000 worth, which hr haa '
owned since the capital stock was in- ' H
creasnd to $10,000,000 (rating thu stock I fH
at par value). Todaj- it Is worth .51000. 3
Just once Baker 'was at variance with & '1
Morgan. That m when he announced jH
that collateral and not character, wax cfl
tho basis for making loans In Wall "street ' : Sffjl
and that nolody of whatever character CtH
could get money without collateral. Mor- iittl
gan testified that character and not col
lateral -was the buuls for loans. ! IflH
First National Bank.
Concerning the "FImI Xatlonal: Tha ifl
FirstN National, of which Baker, la the M
actual head, lian a capital of U0.o00.000, fl
deposits of more than $100,000,000, and 2H
numbers among it depositors between
li? and 155 interstate comnicre corpor- "' - 1
ations whoso deposits range from J'!?,- Il
G7G.227 to S32,4M.tt?. It JW3 $:!C.OOO."ooO l.i (H
on call loans and 42,000.000 In time loans ' 1 '1
and dlHcounts.. ;H
The bank owns the First Security com- f;',
pany and through that company ,owna Lj 3H
great interests in many railroads and in 'Ll
dustrlal corporation?. I' , I'M
Tho bank has been In many joint V( , H
tranfactlona with the National City bank, l) H
ci which Mr. Stlllman, Mr. Unker's fcl- J K H
low Morgan lieutenant, was the head up K
to tha time of his practical retirement. -H
Concerning the Chase National bank: 1 H
The CTiase National bunk, In which Mr. ('
Baker and the First Security company . H
havo purchased a controlling Interest. !i
iias more than 3000 out-of-town banks V
as depositors and loans their money on , H
tho stock exchnngn. ' H
The Chase Xational bank, w'hen it 111- X,
creased its capital stock to ?5. 000,000, , i' H
paid 400 per cent. The usual dividend.
as Baker remembers, Ih 10 per cent.
Concerning coal nillroadtt: Mr, Utker I O'H
(Contiuucd on Page Throe,) ). ' IH

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