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111 fig Jfatt gate -ffiflHfflSlpftil
(4, m Ms Second
jHf''United Slates sn
Bg Direct Vote of
SHfecommended (q ?v
tjffyk Legislature. ;J i'
gjial rsewe Service.
JjSSSraSTVooclrow Wilson, in hi
JSHmS message, to tho Xcv Jcr
Hjli?!arnrc. calls th corub?
5JB'() New 'Jersey ft notorious
H thoir amendment at on ho..
MHK?iliou"'s criticism of the
jtiKl&lavvd caused consternation (
3EHI?ccc, according to disnatcb.es,
BHHIero irom that center.
fBrjr'm hia corporation views!
IHmWilson advocates farmers-''
B' Taliiicntion of the amcnl-!
Uttffiiv direct election of senators'
Miniibcr of other measures. Pali.
Pasc follows: x V
Btislature: 1. i
..tbat von.' "will -pnrdou mi if
fcrfoio X strike in ibid, mv sec
pal mcsEnarc to vour lionorable
EjsVji, personal note. I can nidi'
this, though onlv ins- rfcc
B50 my last annual messaeciTO
K'sb&U presently lav down the
Rf" governor of 2ew Jersey. '.I
jR turn away from this ere at
Rivo up tlio privileges it' hjfk.
ketttf'uQur' "cxprcasi utr i.uV
HV, to the pcoplo of Is'ew JorsCyV
K&Pave "inc u3 0nortu,"tv 10
Brai and my sense also oil inti
BftStTtradcdhip and obligation to-:
Hh men in the legislature of
jjHfelth wbom 1 have boon nor
BHti$K6rk in :arrv intr out the rc
BBii?yJj.,last two cars. ' I
SHt lflotorious.
Ljfcfatiop Iaw6 of the ulata ,
gH'iBtuntl in need of alteration
BMtojiuif eid Jy- inconsistent withj
flBN&i. the federal govcrumeulj' !
Ht interests of the people, '
jKli'iuiportaui, jnattcr of mouop-J '
SHpVjvhjclf. the attention of ibe"
lWoatibn is now' so earnestly di-1
jK'.Tba laws of New Jersey as
Kjf&iicj-, so far from chucking nio-j
Hb actually encourajre it. .
Kr explicitly iiermit every eorpor
jHoriucd iu New. Jersey,. lor ex
purchase, hold, assign, and
Bp, of as it pleases tbo securities
jK'aml all othcrj. corporations or ,
H&-3ny other state und Id exercise '
KiBtiro the lull rights of owner
them, including the .right to
JB"1 stockholders. jThis is' nothing
H&& au explicit license of holding
IBs the very mojhod of. forming
Bwmbiuations and preating mouop
KHinst which thc whole eotmtry
Jprits J'l-cc: and I am suro that tbo
iKC 'w Jersey 'do not dissent
Blio ,iomnion judgWnt that our
prevent J.huso things and pre
Bcrn A'cri' cffectua'lly
lfi'ur ;duty and o'ur present op
ity'to amend tbo atatutcs of the
Blg'this in alter not;onl3'f but also
BjflHks to ) provide some
HBkand pro-
Rockefeller's ''Oracle" and
His Confidential Assistant
Evade Pujo Probers,
It Is Believed They Knou All
About Copper Deal -in Which
": 50,000,000 Was Divided.
tty International Xcwa Service.
XBW STORK. ,7u, M.-Followin thrt
pubheation today of Ihe Ilicbt from
the J'u.io committee subpoena servers of
3Jis.i Ivutbcriiio .1. Harrison. TT. JI.
noge);s's "'oracle," it; was learned to;
day that 1'cvcival J. Mcintosh, for
'thirteen years private secretary (o Wil
liam Roekcfeller. and a reservoir of
Standard Oil' secrets, has also fled. Mc
intosh is said to be in Montreal, of
which eit3 he is a native.
Mies Harrison, who is wauted bv iho
"monc- trust ',' investigating commit
tee, is also in Montreal. At least she
was in tho Cauadiau cilv on Suudav.
I'Vom information received here it is
believed that McT.ntosh and Miss Harri
son have conferred together in Montreal
concerning the efforts of tho Puio com
mittee to have them testifv concern
ing' the 1902 Amalgamated Copper deal
and other gicantic financial operations
in which they had an active part.
According to an official of the. Puio
committee, Mcintosh, and Miss Harri
son would they but unseal their lirts.
could tell a story that would bo even
moro sensational -ban would the hoped
for testimony of "William .Rockefeller.
In their official capacities the two
had complete and exclusive. control of
all correspondence and all the books
of the 3002 copper deal iu which -II.
H. Rogers, William , Kbckcfcller.
Thomas V. Lawson and Albert C. Bur
rage divided a profit of $50,000,000.
'which was returned in a few davs upon
an. investment of 22.000.000. ...
!'"M"efntosKlVns been tin exile from No.'
25 Broadway for live mouths during
most of wliieh period he has been diji-,
gently sought by United States sub
poena servers. At Standard Oil head
quarters f.odav it was denied t!ut his
Whereabouts, is known. No ouo could
be found w'h'o would ro further than
d state:
;'Mr. McTnto3h has been awav sineo
ueugt. "We lo not know when he will
i35,000 GIRLS TO
"'Addition 1.6 Garment Workers
:'Strilce 'Will takc Number. -;.
K Now Idle.' About 200,000. -
Q3j'lritornational -News Service,
f NFAV YORl-T. .fori.- H. Thirty-live thou
sand h'irla employed in the dress and
,K-ulst industry will sirikc tomorrow-morn-MS.
printing tlie total .number ol work
ers out In Uie sreat parriicnt strike cloec
to 200.000. '-Tho decision to send the-dress
And waist workers out was reached at a
vneotinp of tbo International Ladles Gar
fhent "VVorkers' union; tonight
fc,Tliq first sign of capitulation on tho
'.rjlrt of the manufacturers' association
va seen today w)n the . firms of Jsiuic
jilien ami Louis Schcpstor. underwear
ffiinufacmrevs, eismod : ? la'sreement ae-cdlim-
to. even- dcnvinllofyiio union.
Jiliey employ about'OO KlrlB..
U Jacob GoPand. on0 .of -tlio first mauu
il:turers lilt by the. .Strike tllc.l nTo!n
ftry petition in bankruptcy . -today, with
IjablllticB cxcccdlnc aisctfc...b moro than
ijoo.ooo. ' . V 1 . ,
Frcc corree nnd soun-kltcfccns haye been
cpencd thrpueliout tjio clVvVVj Ihewotn
tfi's trade union leapuo'.- -
l;lrl Stenographer Eeseulsl-
qged ALterapt of ilaivto Slalce
KHer Hurry ThrougliVoi;
HLcrnatlointl News' Seni'cr. " : '"
ilk'roN. n., J.. J-"1-. i--:M-S.a-
ono of the best or Prcsldcnl
Kun's r,tcnornipher3. quit nor job
Hkiftcrnoon because, nhc aifdr
B'cm, is the proHiS'cnfc-
Bkal. stcnoerrapbor. tried totbosa
UrrjJkl just tlnlshcd taKJntr
IMiHAhouiie from
Mhagtho presl
Mirs to'
Borah Quickly Re-elected, but
Short Term Candidates
Are Running- Close Race
-for' the Toga
Shafrolh and. Thomas Chosen
by Democracy of Cenlen
; nial State T. J. Walsh '
Successful in Montana.
U. S. Senators Elected.
Idaho: W. E. Borah. No short
term senator chosen.
Colorado: Former Governor
John F. Shafroth and former Gov
ernor O. S. Thomas.
Michigan: William Aldcn Smith.
Montana: T. J. Walsh.
Massachusetts: John W. Weeds.
BOISE. Idaho. Jan. 1 1. Senator Wil
liam Kdgar Borah, senior senator
from Idaho, was re-elected today
by the twelfth Idaho legislature to
a second six-year term in the
United States senate. The ballot was ta
ken separately in both houses and will hu
confirmed in Joint session at noon tomor
row. Tloth the house of representatives and
the senate balloting separately, failed to
elect a short-term senator, and left the
Isimo an uncertain one, with Justice
James F. Ailshlo leading former Gov.
James H. Brady by the narrow margin of
two votes. Tho legislature will ballot
at noon tomorrow a 3ccond time on the
short-term senatorablp.
The summary of the vote,, including that
of-both houses on both tho. fulland "lh&
short-term scnatorshlp taken at noon to
day, stood aii follows: '
Full-tcnm senator Republicans, Sena-'
tor William Edgar Borah, 75 voles;
Democrat!!, Georso W. Taunahill, . votes;
b'ena,tor K. L Perky. 2 votes.
Kor short-term senator ncputillcanCV
Judge Jnmea V. AilBliiu, -5 votea; Jiuncs
IT. Brady. 20; Thomas R. TIamcr, 0; C
W. Bealc', S; Burton L. trrench, 6; Jamca
B. Babb, 3; John T. Morrison, 1. Demo
crats, Fred T. Dubois, 2 voles.
Tho ro-clcction of Senator Borah was
accomplished without tho loss of a. aln
?rlc RcpublicKn vote in both branches of
the legislature. Hundreds of people
banked the- gallcriesand floor of the,
two houses during- tho time hc nomina
tions werc'being mado and whlje the bal
lots were bejntr ca6t.
Both Claim Victory.
Both the Brady and Ailshie loaders arc
claiming vlcton.' as a result of the 'show
ing made today. The' Brady forces aro'
claiming on the Joint ballot tomorrow
the entire Fremont county vote, which
went to Hamer, and the Bingham county
volo that went to Allshlc. They, .assert
tbat thcro have now forty-four votes In
sight, which ttM cvcntunlly go to.Brady.
It takes forty-threo votes to ,clbct, and
this prediction, if true, would mean tno
election of Brady. ' j
Tho Ailshie forces aro 'not willing to
make a concession of any kind," but in
stead assert that ' Allshic'fi election is
practically assured: that when. the right
.moment arrives' the entire- strength of
the north will swing' solidly Into tho All
ahlc column and the- Jurist will be de
clared the nhort-tcrm . senator of this
atnte to succeed the late Weld on B. Hcy
bunii Tho houso convened at. noon .following j
tho morning- recess. Speakor French
'called, for nominations ,for the six-year
tcpn, for United States senator. Senator
'Borah waa placed in nomination by
vKoelsch of Ada county, and .the nomina
tion wiih seconded-by Johnston of Blng
Jiam. Clark of .Liitah and McDennptt of
Ad.-u Tlculv of I-otah presented thoiitimo
of George W. Tanna,!!!!! nnd Herndon of
tcmhl - seconded- TaniiahUls , nomination.
Spnator Perky 'a name' was placed before,
tbo house, members, by Oark of Custer.
After the-rcsnlt of the votn had boop
Announced the wpeukor called for nomlf.
riationn for tho short term for United
States sonator. Gijchrlst of Fremont snb
uilttcd the name of . Cot. Thomaa -R-,
IJa'mcr Former Governor James -H." J3ra
d'y was -xiominiitecl "by 'Fersuson'. or Ban?
nock SpccchoH seconding 'the Brady,
nomination were mado by Wright of
Bear Lahc. Bradley of Canyon- and
Brown of Adams. . -j.
Others Nominated.
Jonca of Shoshone placed thoa'tfniioi,
C V.r, Bcalo before the repreaentatlyca,
ana Rtnclair of the sumo county and
Chandler of Clearwater seconded the
nomination. .
ChW Jusllon Allshio's candidacy far,
fcthcjoct tenn oenatorshlp, AVsfonnally
fcJMfecd to thd.d;ouc.foctldoiFatorf,
Esdrodb'oC Id n ho. -county nyd -Hftciiya'
Trc madetnt 'fikes of
wi-rti bTWho., FxJelMuend
ulnttteDaiT ot 'Ifashlflgtotn;
Hr jaV Bingham. YViS
BlhC n&vCongro3man BtirNfl
W. J. Kelly and Gertrude
Dallas Fail to Conceal
Feud as They Make
Love on Stage.
"Shocking-," He Cries, "1
' Merely Reprimanded Her";
Lawyers Arrange Cancel
ing of Her Contract. '
HIS arms entwined about the fair
form of his leading lady (tinder
orders from the author of the
play), while their two hearts
beat as twain with a most intense, tem
peramental, tempestuous and mutual
dislike that was exact ry what tho play
wright hadn't ordered, William J. Kel
ly, the stock star at the Colonial and
his leading woman, Gertrudo Dallas,
finished a da- when the final curtain
was rung down on " Get-llich-Qiiiek
Wnllingford" Tuesday night that had
embraced charges and counter charges,
denials and recriminations. iJuwyers'
conferences and managerial conferences
and a spectacular and interesting- at
tempt on the part of Miss Dallas to
remove her trunks ami personal ef
fects from her dressing room at the
Colonial iu the small, still hours of
Tuesday morning with the aid of sev
eral friends, her colored maid and an'
expressman or two. .
Like a "Sherlocko."
Shorlly'aftcr midnight Mouday.JSlagc
discovered an e'xpreismau attopipting
to loacU .Miss- Dallas s "trunks -into' a
dray, while tbo leading lady's maid .was,
preparing to 'leave tho-4 theater laden
with the- rest of the H"ctrbss's bolong
iugs. '
A chance rcinarjv of . tho Colonial's
night watchman, W.' G. Grien. ; ,wbo j
had accepted Miss Dallas, V'stat'emcrit j
at midnight Monday Ihat-she i-was'soud.-iing
her trunks out to. bo ropaired, pre
vented the carefully planncd jlighl of
Mx. "Kelly's leading lady, and precjpt-:
Utcd a lively fracas at 1 o'eldck' Tues
day nioriii.ng in her drpssiiig;.!roppi,that
was participated in by B; J.'t'.Kelly.
'brother, of Iho star; MissDatta- aiirlj
two men whom sjio had summbdedM'o'
her. aid. Kelly had bcejn .hastily culled
from a cafe 'whhrq ho wasaimng with
his brother. 1
Alleging, that William lvolly has used
(profane language iu correcting her dur
ing the cvetiurg's performance of Get-"Rich-Qujck.
VulHngford,- and slaving
further that 'she had not been extended
the courtesies due her as leading wom-uxi-
of bis company. Miss "Dallas ad
emitted to E. J. Kelly that her statc
Tncnt to the night watchman and later
to State Director "flurry Andrews, that'
silo was sending her trunks ont to Jb'o
repaired, vas a hoax 'and.. that sho tjad
prepared, to leave the. theater and'vt'ho
company with her effects, andf?otei.
turn. " ' f .
Under the cbnVi.tffpWf l'J
Dallas and by Mr; Kqllyi;it7ir"as acces
sary that citbcjvparty giVtwo wocks'
notice to the other ifcfjtfr an-'.r'eason
tho contract was fo li'eancel'da and'
"Miss Dallas's- ongagouTcnfc broujrhfcv(o
,au end.'-; V, f ; -V;-
Adds New Feature. "'
Whilc a livel.ybaftlo of words" was
being waged (ix tho leading lady's
dressing room an entertaining sajeno
was .being oiuloled outside. Stage Mag'
agct.Smithliad left Stage electrician
ilalstrom and' the night watchman" otf
gmtrd ovejr Miss Dallas s trunks whilo
'ho' hurncfily summoned the Kcllys tp
tho theater As Mr. Kelly argued with
'the obdtfruto Vnctrcbs and her fr ten dp
in -iho ifros'sing voom, tho colored mai(l,
Hlippcd .lout, gut tho exprcssmanv to
lbad th trunks nnd ,as Stj)e Manager
Smith stepped out the 'Ktago. door into,
tho darlv he heard .-ttio "dray 'rattlihg
Yucrrily awny '"dawS- thu alley t lcadlug
to Exebfijuge' .place".
Givinfg, (OiaVe nnd, calnR' on tllo
driver o .stop, Smtly?Hlbued down
'the tfJajjjjmfwccdy6 foot,
caugbKV1 truek before
,it rcRK
Peik. vwas a maid , j
ImgcHHHly much
Arnkti teed
pA .he
Renounces Her Titles
To Marry Lieutenant
Plot to Assassinate -Diaz and
I'rOther Political . Prisoners-
! Is Discovered. ".; J
f :- :V.
By -Intcrnatlonali Xcws Service. ,";
lr JIBXICO CITY, Jan. t. The.!fncrlcan
dmbaasador v tonight wired .Washington
for an American gunboat to .go. to -Aca-pulcji.
to protect foreigners. . r '.
Twovthous;ind rebels are 'tonight im
ported in possession of thu" coast 'dlstrieL
Pi"lva'to advlcun from 'Vera JCrus say
jthat ah alleged antl-govvrnment plot has
, liccn discovered: there toi-cr'eute excite
nc!U, . break- .into' jail iirtd'kill; General
;ell3r,"-JDfaj: andtU othcrrpoJUIcal pris
qricrs, who have been locked up there
-Cor nearly two month.
Alitrmed' by thcapproaclt of the rebel
Ot&djKapprChcnslve of the fato of
I America ilrUjc'ent .oC occupation,
i Clement 'S. EdwardtivelAmorJcan con
sal'at Acajulco. In the slal'tGuci.Ti.,o",'
has requested tho presence wTcrrfi of nn
American warship. . ' ' x
xln a. report to 'Embassador Wilson.
Consul EdwarHa nay,s that ' Acapuloo Is.
threatened by. .turijo itadillo,"wltlr 500 men.
ITo saya the government trpvpa arc In
surflcint for protection 'Vd.- that tlfc
military commander ndhtHMdH 'liability',
to ylnforce tbo garrjjon ' " -.
-''Consul "Edwards estlmalWr'kbat 500
refugees arc On ...tjujr. vf,iy Acapulcpi;
FAT4D'UEL i(i ' i
hoppongDisp'crsoc CoinbM
' in Hifoli Botlr'.' Antagonist's jB
Are Mortally Wmdj
By. international Ifcwa SKlfeJ'P, jH
ocnsational .iluelJon'nX bf AUA wo
prohilrtqnrrtroct8. oftTi'o.Vlty late thfl
afternoon, whlio the KdjcValks ivtfl
crowded. with-'Sboppero rctornlns to tlijH
homctf," CaptoHn T." M. TuggaVt. one- of
bcst-Otnpwn nloambout men on the GtjH
bcrlajid, river, shot and killed T. jH
W5brobk. a deputy Hhcriff, and 'M
lilmsolf fatally wounded,
"Hard feeling', it la clalrnod. baH
Istwl between tho -two. dating. frouH
brook'H dlhargo us a pilot bjf jjH
Taggart a-jhumbcr of years afo.
When they met this artrrnoonf-vH
rcolvorr, and commenced wifeH
bullcla from a .SS-eallber SH
.Wcstbrook lodged In TogjH
Mortally wounding him, whltjH
Hkhot six timco with. 'jjH
:Franz'- Jospf.' Com pels v!Arch
' .duchess rio:. Give . Up-Alb .:
..Privileges" of. Rank';. ;7
. . '.:' ,r. V ,' .v
Sji eel ul; Cable to ChDTrlbune. .
-YTiEKSAi Jan.' i-L-Bv her. mar-!
. . 'i riago loan Austrian naval of
ficer. Lieutenant vou Klosc. Arch- :
duchess Elconorc, elilcst daughter
. of Archduke Karl Stephen, J(as re
nounced all tho dignity- and privi- 4
"leges to which' her rauk -entitles.
' ho'r. ' ' '
. '-'.Becauso the' lieutenant Is not" of ;
royal" blood -and b"S" no J title?-33m- 1
' pcror Franz Jbs'ef 'gave his consent
to ;tho marriage only afto'r tlio
'.archduchess had consoutcd' to. the
abovo conditions impob-ed by" him.
.'' She. is UG and very'-iprett-y.. Tho
-lieutenant is t.wo yeare her'feenior.
Thoromaaco. wns a lovQiatcain
'every' -scustf -.of. the yord?vajid, it
is whispered Jn. court' circlos,batj
secretly t)c stern cQil, Cuphxo,mvjM
iho maiek.liis enthuiaU'cBH
Former IH
Peace H
Alights, ButDH
Seem Entirely jH
Insurgent MembH
G. O. P. 'CompellecH
Go on Record;' jClouoH
Still on Horizon;
Committee ont; Commit
tees Enlarged After
Pressure by TKose Who
Stand High Among the H
Regulars "Powers . ;H
That Be" . Buy forIH
Brief ..-Saceii'v
Second Day In House A.
So-called, insurgent Republicans .'ll
who voted wlth Domocxats iii tak- f 7!
ing power to namo' comtuittcos fl jM
Trom speaker go 04 record y$hohp H
. they again vote with Democrats to
. overrule decision of speaker
point of order. Speaker's dccls
ions twice overruled "'on appeals.
Committee cnlarel to HQveu'
-'members; ;one:'or.a(Utionai mtiVH
bers bding Speaker Seely and th
. other Bamberger, of Salt IakePH
Jtpportcd presOTre jiy cpublica
chiefs to fbinjBabout "harntonyHH
aovernor SpyjeadslfiBrfaTH
message boforo joints session of
senate and house.,
- House passes senate -bill under 1
4, suspension of ruleS appropriating
$35,000 for expeuscs of assembly.
Committee on committees ox
pected to report at today's session, i jH
which begins at ;2 o'clock. First KSB
"bills likely to mfiko appearance IB
:toaay- r.fH
.UGlv piles of olive branches jirH
I 1 round the "house of repjeeiyiH
X JL t.ves and 'doves of pcoljHH
over place Tfiere. oa
On the surfaaH
pcaco sccnisH
to iH

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