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Esls Prom Beel aL Cane
iucers Fril tof Weaken
sition olaysand
Means cArnmitti.
niesseTIfrom 1 i !
CannerJ Ask fc Free'
r or lleduced Rale;
ler Interests Say Indus- .
y WouldiBe Ruined, i i
ASHLN-GToJl jan- lfl.sugw
refiners, bH,t gygar mcni Cali.
fomla v;,l,IH producers, relneial
water Sn0ltcrs aTlfl 0tUers
descended HL force t0fay upon
se cominittcdMon wavg and
: out the 'fl-MW i3SUe. 1
I;o net result or hcarlnf. t thc
iiJalUon of a "ML uew infornutlod
the repetition H,r much dllta th!J
e figured In honlgs whIch lcd up t(i
;Ious tariff lilllf J
vMns in. the c(MinilUeo.s eXanijna.j I
1 of tho varying iadea of, SUgar rato
b Indicated anjM weakenin? of xw
atlve Democratic pJan for pve8enl.
'anothor free SUH r bill for action by
.'house at the qMnlnjr e:lra sessi0n
hn'e of the leadiiH men m the Ugar
tttry were PnscML Edwin H. At
Hhe vice prcfidKt and uctine j,cad
W American SMI Refmlng coln.
t(propoEcd a nBer4tc reduction in
1'Tgar tariff, IjBL... T 0xnavd of
K nla. and a 4iH,n witnesses from
Uia. CoIorado,Montana Wscon.
B-chlgan aud.jrthor states were
ft. to fight forr.r protcctlon .for
beet sugjMT lntcrests.
Ulntr of FHL-lin. La., pleaded
'if "bars 'to aHu thc death Knelt
Hjig&r lnilustrjHLf that state. For
H v B. M. FemHB 0f Maine, speak
per ecnlHT tl1tf fruit cunning
Hr of Use count;Hl' advocated cither
er( Or :i 'c--jHd rate, while the
Bf.Brothci-9 dBprooKiyn. through
H')v. JauiUttVK and tl:c Federal
jfclnlnt: pjBiv , through Frank
Hiiy. ploadd thH i...e sugar cause.
Kftllfornln. viniH.-adc was pictured
aJeplorablt cjHulition when the
tool: up KH,'.du!c K, viuea,
Hnfl, other liHorage. Former
K-onr of laWiHLi nevenuo John
Bljes conierj54 vHat. v.-hisky wan a.
tfbui that inH-tet! fviiios were
B'and, ihi'rt!o:H should hear the
tariff tauuH
or Exdj Tax.
Hhille, tv,'o iVHlre ratify
Bfae tav: amcnijjMllcnt to the
ft, the excise tlH 1,111 will iroL liC
faorlcan Su5arBfirinillff company
ffrecord a thc1M,utsct of today's
In favor of a r;vHLUC(., tariff upon
i itentlon 0! tUqMllTUln differential ,
ij n tcUncd sugaiH if protection lJl
:orded to anj- iHliuntry." and thc
i ico of thq predMt COor atandarj
.1 noet practical Ml d.,tinctlon jM-.
1 w and rtflnilQre tovM- J
Ubo cltutalfic JLa. 'ed
Lnd that it nHustroy at our"
tthe'largciit oJHjg revenue. Tlio
fett cornpajiy'ioPon WaB prGr
py Edwin F H, vice prccl
Eftf acting lid Bfl0 company,
fr accompanies several other
WtiB contendttMBt abolition of
Kon all MigvMLd caug0 tllc
of thr "fMin reciprocity
jMer which sueors get a
m rate of WWent, and Cuba
fcrcntlal nj 0 to i0 J)cr
piioods corB,m tlle united
also deWlat frec auar
ppen the "U ie3 nmi-kcla
njortatlon 0 d beot SUffara
hroipc Upon tl H tcrm3 aB raw
compctlt',1 domc3tIc ro-
P, Ruin
Iugfire. whU :nt production
Uned he ..W0uld drop
6TWk-A Wtroj, tho Tou,
itrj-, the bl Jgar industry,
,.eaot of thUBj9gjppi rlver
Forto KJd pi,ippino
below thea,flucUon coat
Hawaiian viiou ,UnprofIt
Jargely curijl. our precnt
Wpply. V
P' Production rciluccdi..
F- Atk,nB'rolb'n pricea
knoo until dAic producers
Itntcr the iUd lllcanwl,c
Rud ho wldud an1 cor).
m set but iporary bcnc.
;EUSar lndjhad Us in.
Kargumeuta thfl. tarlff
Wv' F.m5 Carey, vlco
Kcrab0n;'r doet" He
I lira rl5ie 1 nm tpens
girder Gse Is xijtori j
' . vv-
it Merely Scraltesjin;
tired by Accident;. s
MaiVs' Family. 'I
I :dly suffering trom a-'-A11-srtal
wound a rwolvcrin
;ldo of liie- ch8tvUUamllr
'ears of: aRc. was rualiedlln
e of his fathcr-ln-low.
471 TVeat Eighth Soutli tr?b
gene:,' lioopltal at police ;JnL
. Portly after S o'clock 5
.ruoon. Threo romiilnine'S
ft tluj revolver fr0ln Whlcb;
Mired .showed UiaL tlio'hanil
IVeapon had been KnippcdU
BMh "Elurlck and Tliomafin'
Pe shooting
Bw V'alko.d Home after Brs. gprai
hIHhV had diHcovcrod thatVonlS
b-HHfwslon of tne hUIh and u- palUs
fulHlt&t burn on the left breast li'i
rc;Hui'Iram the Khot, - i
jHf mcfa of tho Thomas twA j
WfjKiliLtroUlcr room when thcvlhca j
thlKeVi1 niBliwl Into the kUcheril I
fll:H3urj: apparently wounded ratflH
MB 'lbnw summoned th0 policy-M
MJHprcl! Pdti-olman Harry Stnlth'&n
HK. Offber Jobn Holik went in'M
aijB'ptlroVV! Ulft l'lww8 home. i5iurlM
ucBu'i5-Wlr,ortslUy lulrt unU aftertbel
dcHoH H llficovcrcd lIat the haim
haHlaonor rom harm. Thow .IfiS.!
BWei' f of aclion and went
u,iH( u fll'of disappointment -V'
1BOavfm whom Elurlck' has b&n
H Vn.., JUn. 15,Thc l
,,BM'B)'Jirlos'd on :nd hie :,on
Cor(cli on Reversed; 'Mistrial
FcAs ; . Now - He Faces
nury Once More.
jr yyCSAfi CITY. Mo.. .Ian. ."..
8a Kfnscvoral postpoiiemcDts,
his fhird trial of Dr. J3.
JL ILi.'IarkcuIydo on tho chargo of
Siurderhig- Colonel Tho man
IT. Svp( began today when the ao
lcctionf forly-cvcn veniremen from
whom,)tljo jurjr will bo choecn
Tho lyalclan is accused of ad
minlsteg "typhoid serins, cyanide
and otl- poisons to Colonel Swope.
' who dl hi 'October, TOOlt.
Ur. lie, whose wjfe vas Colonel
Swopo'Sjiccc; was' Indicted on the
murder ,argo Slorch U. 1IJ10. and at
.hit? ilr.st rial was found giilty and
aentenccto iniprisonmont Jbr life '
Tho wc supremo court reversed
the cjiae.The second trial was halt
ed by tlJeficiipe of Harry "Waldron,
a juror. D,n the. custody of the
marahal. UJgc Torlen'teld deelarod
u miKtriamt tjlscharged the jury.
Reports of Unseltted Condi-
! lions in FinancialCircles
on Account 'of Nson's
Recent Speech
Sccielary Tumulty, Mowt'er,
ts Avowed to CallAtlenl
to the Fact That Chiefk
Attitude Is Unchanged.;
By lntcrnfvi.ional Xcws Service.
PPRIiS'CBTOX. is". Z. Jan. 15. ,Tli'e.
reports, of unsettled conditions'' In
financial circles ay the result of
Prcsldon' -elect Wilson's two re
cent speeches, one in Chicago, last
Saturday and the other in Trenton
on Monday, provoked a good deal
of discussion in and about the state
house today. Tho president-elect had
read the accounts printed in the morn
ing newspapers and while he treated the
matter lightly, declaring that It amiiBed
him more than anything disc, he per
mitted his secretary, josvphVp. Tumulty,
to issue a statement calling attention to
the fact that tho president-elect had not
changed his attitude since election and
that he Is merely saying now what he
said then in his campaign speeches
Senator-elect Ollie M. James of Ken
tucky, after a conference with the president-elect,
declared that if anybody
started a panic, the Democrats, being
in control of congress, would appoint a
committee of investigation and find out
who was responsible for it. When this
later was reported to the president-elect
he said:
"Then they could find out by the in
vestigation whether I was responsible or
hot." - "- -
Tumulty's Statement;
Secretary Tumulty's statement follows;
Attempts are being made to make
an issue of Governor Wilaon'3 speech
at Chicago. This is nothing less than
amusing. Covcrnor Wilson's attitude
on business and its relations to tho
government as expressed in his sev
eral .speeches since election is, as any
well informed person in the country
would testify, exactly the same as
his attitude before his nomination and
before his election. Every word that
Governor Wilson hact uttered is in
complete harmony with the principles
to which ho has strletly adhered
throughout his public career.
If there is any surprise at this at
titude It can be manifested only liy
thoeo who fall to realize that the
country lias elected to the presidency
an honest and fearless man who
means exactly what he says.
Secretary to Governor Wilson.
Wilson's Visitors.
In addition to Senator! James the president-elect's
visitors today were Senator
T. P. Gore of Oklahoma and William .1.
Stone of Missouri. Senator Obadlah
Gardner of Maine, who had an appoint
ment with tho president-elect, was de
tained elsewhere and will come some
other day.
Tho president-elect has naked. Colonel
Georgo W. Goethals, who Is in nhargo of
tho Panama canal work and who Is un
derstood to be a candidate for governor
general of Panama, to come here on Fri
day. "I wanL to go Into the Panama situa
tion as far as I can," said tho president
elect. "But 1 am afraid I cannot dls
cusn it very thoroughly these busy days."
Tomorrow tho president-elect's Impor
tant visitors will be Scnator-clcot Brous
sard of Louisiana and Representative
Henry of Toxaa, chairman of tho rules
Within a very short lime tho president
elect expects a. visit from Vice President -fleet
Thomas R. Marshall of Indiana.
They have not met since tho election.
Governor Wilson will make the appoint
ment to suit Mr. Ma-rshall's convenience.
Concession Extended.
Turkish government today granted cui
extension of tho tobacco session for an
other twenty years.
tomobile Mass Meeting
A TrJt meeting of. automobilisls, as well as others iutcr- j
eKlGd inkier rouds for Utah, will be held at 8 p. m. at tho
Commertjil club tonight. S
1 A bud iasue to build roads, the taxing 6fc automobiles
Ind motrcyclem according to horse-power, a general vuclo
p atid'cproyjror the road, will bed4jj !
n TheQHkMler the a"PlIcBjkfl
of XjHHfcjjjB
Smarting' Under Criticism,
Stirred by Declaration of
! Intended Atlackon '.
h Law. H
i :n y
J '
Sentiment Among Business
Men pf City Is Appaptly
Slrqng Against "Cm-1
mission Form." I
pecial toThe Tribune. 1
GDEN. .Jan. 15. For the frstti ue
since the many shat'tslf cr t.i
J cism Lave boon aimed it '. he
comniJ6sion iorm of v
nent, us it has obtametifan
0(n for the past yesr. bo
P'vnt board lias tossed ijs jfli
c''jKit into the riDpc and cleared the
(CL lor battle. Unmoved up JLo fiis
timy iic attacks from rarius
sourl? tjC prcson, commissioners hjve
decidi i0 fight, their change of a!i
tmlo jUrj largely due to tho declaa
tion oVouator William Grais ot Wc',:t
couiit,i,u(. le intends to introdt'.c
a hill ho present lejrislaluro amcil
ittZ tbantl,tcs. j
Maratiou of the commisstonrs
talces thlorm 0. a rcsolutiouy acloptd
at toda. meeting, instructing te
mayor toAppoint " indiscriminately '
a coiumitt0f fjvc representative bni
ncss men A iQVestiiate tho city r
ords for Ife axter tv they -nil
be re(uc5tet0 ronaer a decision fa
to whotherA Bot ihc adtninistratii
for the iir.it,ar ot tll0 pre?enioi.
of EovorarnoU-ag bcea a succe'ss."
The mcmbcUt eommtoc hatJ
not been selej fmd no spcciai tin.
is dcHignatca f.hoir app0intmont. A
-it is the intently i,owcvcrj to preset
the' findings oKQ connnittco to,' til
state legislature is probttblc tha
Mayor ,. G. B losc u0 iin
in making hus sel,;oas
Text of Resotjon j
. The complete tcoC the resolution'
adopted by tho coni53ioncr5 today j
as follows:
AVlicreao The piv,)L commlK!!on (
era of Ogden City. ,uther wU1, thc
present form of ' .co,8S,0 goverIJ.
nient, have been scvly crtllcIzed by R
some of our cIH-,ens, d an lmpi.cg. j
5,011 W'HciI that theYscnt ;umlnls.
tratlon Is unsatlsfacL rMld dctr,.
menial to our DU8ines.UcI.esl and
that thc commission fd Qf vq,.,,.
ment Is not reprcsentati as jt js at
present constituted; ant '
Whereas, All of these llcisms arc
unjust and misleading td-)e general
public in that all of thc cLlsm9 are
not specific and are mad genenil
terms witliouL an invcstlgin Qf tj,0
bookfiand records of Ogdcijtv con
corning thc finunolal condit jjajd
city, which will show a rctjon jn
the overdraft on the general amj
Whiu-eas, Thc records will iw't,ut;
thc piblic improvements whj, ,aV0
been made during this admln:aton
have been made outside of tlr r(j
In which mcmbors of tho eomVs'ju1
reside; and
Wliereas, The present form oov.
eminent hae been in opcration,
ono yoar, and on general Pi'bic"g
should not be condemned on so &rl .
a trial; and " '
Whereas, Considerable of critic
attaches to the operation of tlio prt
out liquor ordinance, attention '.
called to tho fact that it was 'passl
and in operation prior to this AdmiAl
islration; and
AVhereas, It is reported that certain
bills will be presented to the IokIsIiU
ture to change the present commission,
form of government, and suld .bills
base their contention upon thc gen
eral statements of criticism insteud
of upon facts nnd figures which pan
be obtained from the bookG and rec
ords of Ogdon City; and
Whereas, In .order that thc facts
and figures concerning thc adminis
tration of tho year 19152 may bo pre
sented to tho legloluturo and the gen
eral public. Re it
Resolved, That the mayor of Ogden
City is hereby instructed to appoint
Indiscriminately a committee of flvoi
representative business men and clti
znns to Investigate with the city audi
tor tho financial books of the city and
the city audltor'rt report now blng
compiled for the tycnr 1912; and bfi It
further .. I
Resolved. That; this com mlttoo'ui re
port of their findings bo spread ifoon
i ho minute rec vds of Ogdon City ftojU
that copies of (said findings bo
to the general public and to xflfigl
tntlves of tho fgialaturoH
No OppositinjH
Contemplated Expenditure
$150,000 for ImproviriM
Salt Lake Plant.
, m
Expansion Designed to Kef
Pace With Growth ofl
City for Years.
Extensive improvements in the gas syS
tern of Salt Lake to meet the nced
the city'K growing business and rcsidS;
Hal sections are to bo carried out this
year by the Utah Gas & Coke compan?
This announcement comes upon a dcS
slon reached by Charles MePheraon, t
aistant to the president of the America
Utilities company, of Grand RapijS
which owns a controlling Interest In S
local firm, and S. C. Sch'afi'ner. consul
ing engineer for the company, followk;
a conference with .T. C. D. Clark, gc
oral manager of the Utah Gas & CoS
company. fl
Thc local firm contemplates an cspc?
dlturc of about .?160,000 this year for tEc
improvement of lis manufacturing plaJ!
and the laying of new mains and sundrr
Twelve Miles of Mains. ?
It is understood that thc growth o!
thc business will call for- the laying oi
at least twelve miles of additional main
and other improvements to keep pace '
with, reconstruction, business section ex j
pansion and plans to provide the beat
possible modern service. .
When the American Utilities company ,
secured control of the local company last
April. Engineer Sehaffner decided that
tho plant and system was large enough
to accommodate the city. General Man
ager Clark was appointed at that time,
and commenced an energetic campaign
to better the service and increase pat-,
ronagc. As a result, now comes the an
nouncement of the necessity or spend
ing at least ?150,000 this year in im
provements. Provide for Future.
The. plan, ,lt js. underatQo.d;tt:iH.?not5)nli.
to meet present 'demands; but provide
modern facilities and a vast system that
may easily be developed and applied to
serve the city adequately as population
and development demand for years to
Thc manufacturing plant itself, it is
understood, will be enlarged and Im
proved. One of tho changes in the
business section, which wus not antici
pated when the original - inspection was
made, was tho move of two big depart
ment stores and other influential retail
concerns to the new retail center at
State street and Broadway.
Thc coke proposition Is a big item in
the company's operation, declare officials,,
and Is growing almost as rapidly as thc
Ss end. Mr. Clark estimates that thc
(storage to start next winter should be
kit least 11,000 tons, whilo thc capacity
of the plant should be doubled.
. 1
hisses Legislative .Appropriation
Bill Carrying thc Necessary
pceiol to Thc Tribune.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 15. The senate
iday adopted thc amendments to thc
iglslatlve appropriations bill providing
;ppropjiations for the coming fiscal year
ibr continuing the Salt Lake, Uolsc,
Helena and other assay offices and the
runt at Carson, New, omitted from the
IJI as passed by tho house.
Sutherland's amendment to prevent the
a (charge or reduction in pay of honora
t r discharged soldiers or sailors In the
c -II service of tho government was de
f.ited'by a point of order against It
nido by Senator Hoke Smith of Georgia.
hie public landH committee today ro
ptrted favorably Smoot's bills to grant
flight of way across tho lands In the
Ml Olivet cemetery to the Emigration
fcujyon Railroad company and amending
Carey act so that JundK segregated
fcr reclamation under it shall be re
stqed to the public domain three years
ttftir the date of segregation unless con
it rctlon work is commenced by that
J,; ( i .
llfctfl to The Tribune.
MkSHlNGTON. Jan. lo. Senator BjM
tSuid Representative French toH
Lu.ed bUls amending the thrcaH
-JHLfead law by providing that k
Wicultivatlon of the area QH
jr, make iH
JBku-escutlng an avenl
Pacre aununH
hyAyam H
I Issue of Late Campaign Is
Made the Subject of Bills -H
Presented by State Sen
ator G. J. Kelly.
..11 Banks "Giving Proper
sBonds Are Eligible to Re-
ceive a Portion of the jH
Public Money.
'r Third Day in Senate
Proposed rule denying privileges
: Fiof senate floor to former members jH
i of the legislature is defeated after
j v close contest. IH
- Resolution providing messenger jH
to the governor is unanimously ,
- Joint resolution proposing the
gratification of thc income tax tH
famendment to the federal consti
tution is introduced.
& Bills providing for thc securing
ftof interest on city, county, school
rdistrlct and state funds are intro
Iduced. IH
I Bills providing for the medical
Examination of applicants for mar
Iriage license and for the steriliza- jH
tion of habitual CTiminals, imbe
'Iciles and idiots arc introduced. IH
1 Standing committees of thc sen
fate arc named.
Ks'TEREST ftn public funds, for oltv,
IW county, "state and school district. Is jH
!; "provided for' in bills introduced In
43 .tUuflenHtd'fiatfrdarb'y- Scnatoi; jH
George J. Kcily of Weber. Tho fact IH
tint the state has bccij receiving no in
iuest on public funds was made an Is
Hi' in thc recent campaign, and the pro
Wed constitutional amendment making
stalo board of examiners cuatodlans
jgTthe state funds was voted down.
Rtteiition has been frequently called
tot he fact that there has been a balance
ifproxlmallng .$1,000,000 on hand practi- jH
yly all of the time. Hitherto the legls- ; VM
fere has held that it has no power to
Snpcl the sccurlnc of interest to thc jH
flTte on the public funds, since the con
eTtullon makes thc state treusurcr thc
eiiBto'dian of the funds. Now, how
er, Mr., Kelly believes he ban soJed
ujT problem nnd professes to be sat - jH
flli tl'.at the measures will soon becon-j
tvvo Per Cent Required.
rifhe measure providing tor liiicreai. on
tle funds directs that the state treas
urjr shall deposit the state funds in
"Salts, securing to tlic state interest
alSouuting to not less tlmn 2 per cent
oftdaily balances. The state treasurer
l4ot empowered to give a preference to
a bank or banks applying to be made
dSositorics, but niust dopuslt tho funds IH
iu'nii of the banks applying which arc
to qualify. Each bank must givo
a fend' to be approved by the governor, IH
tlf. secretary of the state and tho av- jH
toSey. general. The deposit In any bank
miy equal, but shall not a:cncd, 10 per IH
cc of tho penalty of the bond, but in
nulcaso sliall it exceed Tu per cent of tM
th paid-up capital stock of the bank.
Tl , gov ernor, thc secretary of stale and jB
th attorney general shall mcot on the
la. day of April of each year and fix
tin rate of Interest to be paid by tho
bais for the Sc of tho public funds,
an this rate must not be changed for wM
dn year.
Tisasurer's Bond Fixed. H
'jiic bond of the state treasurer Is
flx.il at $oO,O0P, and no person conncctod
will a;i institution In which state funds
arcidepositett shall be eligible as one of
the j sureties of tho stato treasurer. The jl
Hta'i; treasurer la not to be held liable for
any! money lost through tho failure or in
solvency of any bank. The making of
profit, directly or Indirectly, by the state
treasurer out of funds in the treasury
Is riremed a felony, punishable by impris-
onmnt for twd years or a flue or $5000,
or USth, and the treasurer shall be liable jH
on Ms official bond for all profits secured
lyMlic unlawful uae of fundf. If tho
treasurer falls or neglects to perform any
duty required of him under the proposed JB
law" he shall be guilty of a mlydemcanoiryB
punishable by a fine not. to exceed SHOOo
The offering of any gift or liiduccijicnt to H
tho for thcjflHkiufJucnu- ll
Ing to deposit JHt3" JH
Institution i& conJw
punished bjrBi
prison or iBHkjjH
botli. tl

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