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nil Hi i ri
Issue of Late Cam .
Made the Subject j
Presented by Stale
alor G.J. Kellj
(Continued from Pagofe
the p'iblle lands 'is not lakculj
the .stale board of land lomnifl
l'h other hill proposes to;
oaHi .o-'iiiiiunHv Interest on n
M -hi amount nol less than Hi
provides that' .my bu;ik In
imy ap ty for deposit or jij
upon dppo.siting sufficient sun
1)1,1 .-ippllca fo an city, count. i
districts. Hs provisions are!
ttani" sis tliat yccurliig Inteicatfl
on public funds'. This Miporvlfili
cacti v:is: lii cither the lty ui
i- jjainiHslon. county commissi
board of education. I
The bills were referred to tl
ice on banks and. banking. i
A brisk contest developed In
ate vcslerday on the proposal
a rule that would have tho
denylnc the privileges of thJ
former members of the lcglFlaj
nurpose of the rule was to prey
.nsr. It was charged that forr,
I bora of the senate, were the mol
cnt. pernicious and obnoxloud
with which the senate had evei
The rulea committee rccomm
adoption of u rule limiting the
of the floor of the senate x
members of die legislature, stal
former governors and mombe
press. Senator Benncr X. 5
vorcd the denial of the privile;
flnnr In fflpmur mrnib.rfi of ti
Itnrc. but thought that the prli
the floor should be extended
and members of the city com'n
Salt Lake, officers of th natlo
and of the regular army.
v- . On a vote it developed that
vorcd Senator Smith's amendtj
nine opposed it. The senate i
larly divided on the adoption of
posed now rule and it was lost
the senattt revived the rule of
I session extending the privilege
floor to former members of th
turo and others, and putsed it.
onlv the city council to city co
lo fit the altered conditions of.
1, Three important banking bills
i introduced today In the senate
I ator V. S. Hansen of Box Eldq
I man of the committee on bar
I banking. The bills are rccomim
the committee on legislation" of I
1,.- Bankers association and by the J
Brmkr-rs tiHKOdatlon.
I One of iheHc bills provides thai
Tic a misdemeanor for a. person ,1
a cheek oil n bank In which net
funds on deposit sufficient to cfl
heck, provided that no arrangen
ueen made with the bank for j
Anotiio; bill proposes' an easier
of adjusting aceountu bold Joj
ivo persona in a bank, - in casq
, wh"f lhr:-c- ie an account in. t I
ii,-:-t vldch both husband ri
a ilraw eliookF, in case of tr
01 o;.( the other is barred frorr I
ng against the account until th
of th? deceased person Is probate
jroro?cd law would permit the s
iun to continue chocking agaf
T-'o third bill provides that th
InMori uf urn r fmnnt ' ifitmmtnn- ,
i.i ivii ctuiviiiuiim' ocrosaioryp i
I nn'inai nawling of anv bank or
i ;. Institution shall const.
. Jsdoiiicajjor.
Mrs. Anna 11, King, one of thei
.entatlvea from Salt Lake, has ir&c
of preparation a bill for the rcliefj
rKtuJtut widows. The bill has i-t
Iprogretsert far enough In Its defio
make It possible for a summa.rybe
siven. Sirs. King Uald last niglat
probably the chief feature of tilll
would be a provision that the staxy
dependent widows a pension ofle
thing like S10 a month. Mrs. Kjn
tends to Introduce tho measurerlyl
next week. I 1
The dispatches yesterday contailaii
sored Journal'" 'Has, No
I item under a Des Molnea dale Inn
effect that there had been Introdu in
th;- lower ho;it;c of the Iowa leglsl a
bill providing a pension of ?10 a htU
5or dependent widows. It is llkeliat.
n the Utah bill, there may borne
system of gradation, taking Into aunt
the number of children the wld la
obliged to support. 1
A resolution, probably a, joint las-
ord to Shov vranw
Vote of Tuesday. ,
o mvl schsIo w o int U(1 af-
iV!lS the alcnw taken
voted with the Uc iW l ,,ocS
,;;iailoi-tvra "VSaU. Con-
lopubUcans or an opponrnt. ,
0 the Hide of u,e'rn,bl)C;1T,s ylwj
, bovcr the day &pub
ihnt they luul not pu1 fjjocroiB'
W-Uo- voted lVhat Jes it- did not
lie preceding day. . l0Vl3 of!
$ put forth l l he sen-
I ni'.minittees. ... . .. ,wr.rr. of tne
Iurc. is e:pectecl to make Us ajar-1
ance In th'o house today providlnihat 1
Utah materials excluilvely be ui In
tho construction of the tiew. capita I
ii five RePuWlSii Vl meeting ltcx
,cv committee hold I m At 9
Adjournment of the no
iclc last nie.ni. -yj i,nt nrosress n0;
n made and theio js.ia fec .,blc
nee that tho committee wo j oUSC
Report at the session of noon.
ch begins at 2f o clocU "iw d allc
Dav added t1:,aXd to tho ma-1
mbers had not pr.
their f;dcclionB l0
W in at a joint X"Pbc anojher
th,f TtJ& bSfow the nat assign-
fc?,1 S "2-:
7ht ratification of the proposed afcnd
n:cnt to the United States conutlltlon
.uthorlzlng the leT.'ylng of an inconi ta::
s proposed in a; tena-tc Joint reuoitlon
mtroduced yesterday by benator Dnner
X. Smith of Salt Lakei Tho rtto'ition
vllt lie on the tab! for one day. Utter
which it will probably be referred t the
committee on state affairs and fileral
relations. i I
, uio committee on appropriations and
&X&$ orphans' home.
Kadical changes T
if the state arc PP0nator George J
produced yesterday to Sg bill
SeUy. Among JJdlcof examination of!
I This proposed amendment to the fed- I
era constitution wan proposed byi con-1
grcfiti ajid It becomes a. part of the con- I
dilution when ratltled by the leglslr tures I
of three-fourths of the states. At present!
this proposed amendment haa the trail-1
flcatlon of all but two of the ihrec-1
fourths of the states In the unlor.V
Two ;.curi ago an effort by the TJtah i
Vylslattire to rcillfy the proposed amViild
icnt failed. The senate passed a rVS5 1
utlon ratifying the amendment, but wmJ
wise dcllntd to do so. HatillcajH
I'v.o cars ago v.aa ueieaicu iar
vytSrougli the efforts of Governor 4W M
( who opposed the amendment onj'e;irB
ground tlat the r'enuc from Hit iu 'I
Hon-o thfiJcfinmes of the retflr1
the HtjgjfBHHtea to the stutccd by W
10 -jl 1 m c" 1 mprovc-
h k outlay
JBmiNDA thusl
rlago license Is cUnder the pro
'must couta In a acurnanie. color, oc
mS: reaiaenceo. occupatioi lnfoqlla-
mm hw
importait Chairmanships Go
in LWal' Members of
aSi llieniio to marry" olth
i vars. to finy maiv intnato or any
been Within live years an m
!it0IhaKppk that
the. Senate.
when cither par w h ,thei
sTnft &8Clnfluencre of Intoxicate,
Sr'L narcotic drug. marrlago license
1 01 The applicant for a t flic witl
if the bill becomes Vavlt of at leas
the county clerk SSViat the con
one ouly """"iSnot fdlotlc. Ineano c
tractlng partle j0,? persons resident; t
of unsound mind. V'ec soicmnlzed I
T-iah have their a'rM.urn to Utah sue
Kmc other stcand I tun jr.
marriage y.i : orcuro tnc ioom
SuTcs, or "ttemptfc to u q
of a-1 cense tp rnarr "i nts contaln
intT falsely to the sia"'"-ny other ml
SSlB n'or0 Pretense haU !
representation or p. aI10 shall
lol. - - ,rhc new
of tho WnmUtoc on uea.
Slt Wk ".embers rcd 1
?hf tabl for one duy. tAl. anc
r" Edition to the vegul. aPP,,
state board oMicalth.
In the Senate.
Scuate Joint tetto ul
by smith A. SJJiJr1 tax araond
Senlt?iS for tho medical e:
act sro'lding, I e.mliBcne8 C
ffiS" Befencd to commit
I "hanks and banKWR. tri
basSatc Bill No. 6 by KoU
L act to secure to Jo 82e&
k. on uublic funds and wwon.,
ot?g M
ki5' Home and
kd to coimnittco ojH
romh"v?n .omniiueof 'ivo revise the
Follov Adopted Rule
I ""del. rul joptc? by the .senate at
the recmcndotion of tnmUtlJCS wa j
rules, ."rhirtv-onc to nllioteen. Aft
i SniSe3 TaUnd cnroUed bi
'"tte l,, rbo80f considerable Imp
Scnttori ! V lams anu
arB eah given an exi
chirminship. . . onc of.ln&t
.rt-int committees of the senaus
niclpal corporations. , j
fcmocrats Cared Fob
bK 5ffiSSS CT0?rti?e
i trLnk of Cocbc Is clmijscnator
mh.tce on Public healthCOmmlt
. fT! Olson of Sanpeto ofa print
1 i on conUnscnt cxpenaAn . mom
f I ln addition, they artt impor
&i,ln on several of tho
ft aTngeetho assigjornmlttep
SmSlP of the varlcAfibute the
c mcsldont aimed to bJ- bo as llt
llgnmcnls that there j committee
b conflict as possible ILnt com
fcetlnga. On several Almost id en- 1
fttees the xnemberahWiew to sav
cal which lc done vAX the session,
fg time toward the cfor all prac
lien the same comml'dcr the bills
The committees art
Standing y
Jed the appolnt
Tha president anftandlng commit
jjjf Of ta t0U0W,
: Agriculture aory( Craig,
Sffan?Snt TdalmlUag.
' Appropriations Lcy, Kelly. Rlde
vfron. Hansen,
"ut an Jg-iViJnd
Banks and orey, Wight ana
SBS"- and prlntliui-01-
LnI&lffl- corporations-
County andr'cottrell. Lunt, uiac- ,
StanTOn J Eckersley. Hideout.
! Education feiw and Ivcraon.
bSSsen. Smlterouins bllla-Bldc-
Booth, EOh'omiey. Edgeneui.
-Livestotcnersley. ..wjght.
Hansen C and WjJTnd
ManufJn, Ferry. Kelly, tn15-
S5o: Lining-Ferry. Wight. "Wse
Mnegatld Williams. ,nB,iranC0
Bllllby Senator Mut Con
.le.nptatesaoJ'ators. oO
PSS fSJfdBSth:ClHansen.
fomnment, of each U,
lt,JnSr??ndP federal relo
fc'.ih. game and forestry, chair.
o number of scim
TUe increase of.-,Ud the number n(
torsi from 15 tot nousc fr0m li to 50
incrrlbers of the lm ;ip0,tonment bill
la contemplated Pstcnalc yest,orday by
Introduced In 1a;c. The bill re
. 0. Dldcout r 3lalc and m-ovldcs
districts the J,.'(!,,'J.c8eia.llvei5 by dis
for the clcctlQj- by c0,intics at large
triois rathcrt,hc. jjj a.ao nnia to re
us at prcnen lUallon so Uiat It will
... li.i (ho I ...lit. .i.fprnllCC to PODU-
t'nT srlculturo ano rpora.
f"s ??iran . PuSe lnstltutlonB,
Zo& ? tateraaVand federal rela-
0cnoVell-Pri-te oor -d
jrante. cnflJmi"v SSnp. county and
atloii. banks and hAnKinp. , ys ;ind
be more f
latlon. ,)lll the vcpicscntatlon ot
, Under Umty In the aciiniela n
Salt J-akinvo to seven members ana
creased (j from ten to fourteen , niein-
In the hCjther addUlonul nicmbo m
hers. rlj;oca to Box Wdnr nunlj.
the hou,(ls but one representative.
which if t L. I
u Representation.
"OUr bill provides the fullowln
Thoition for the bouscj-
repref 1 Bcavor Dam. J-cj i
' Dliollnston. Curlew. , Dwrfo
CrcqVland. lilwood, Field! ng. Gof
' Eas&Vi ctlon. Kclton. Uicln. MayM
1 Crcfi "vVPlvinouth. Portage. Pro n. I
Pagwilns. Riverside. Sunset andi
tocn in Box Elder county. ,
dgehelH-Mroaf chrmanjt agrl
mines J$S and irrigation.
rfeWnne-i and Ja muKSi
hSnrSfflS and com-
raflct No. 2 The rcmamuci v,- - (
rCIctnl No- 3-Clarketon. ornish.
Mountain Home. wwn. J nl
ihtleld. Stephenson. Treto
Keler all In Cache county. ;
istrict No. -L?R,a"; ,,aI.fl of ache'
Mstrlct No. r rh31. ,lvLV,t and u.
inty not Included In dlstrias
Bict No, C-Rjch county. nlsvnl6,
strict No. '-uVlc:iF3U View.
'urndall and that part oi 7
Wth of the OBden river f 0len
Us. the Ogden rlvci una,
5trrjtetrtcl No. B-Thal part of Ogden not
coviredby districts 7 aPd. ly
District No. 10-A 1 7 g ;ind 9.
not Included In dlsUlcts ly
District No. county-
District 10. 1l1olc county- , t ,.a
District No. 1 TlA1 rat West street
niv ivlnK northwest u
SeU streets of Salt Lake
District chtb East street, toe-
i ?i?eiyIE.h nSend Ninth South
streets. ,c rri,at part of Salt Lake
mrrce. publlc.hewui anu M lr.
mFunK-PuhUc health and mnor. o
man: asrlcuUurc and lUa . fld' munlcl
prlallons and claimo, county an ,HnS
nal corporations rndsln0Kmamercc.
Iblllr.. manufactures ana c hair.
knsen BariKs ana "J"lalrnS( cjuca-
L claims.
Hcturc& and cum-
faff LHH
ntv lying southeast oi
Main streets. 0,That part of Salt Lake
cou-rfias ass
' of 3atrtndathe lordan river and the east
PunSaWof fSS'of Salt LaKo
Strlct No. 24-n at P Sou t
seY affi The iorthern ---rlvcr
S WdS of the county
"SliSSct1 25-That Pjjrt of Sat
county iy ins VeglJ city Umlts and the
DUtrlot 5"xT?ito county-
Acts direciy anOg
and revitalzes iU and
way buildsup the wl
tcm. Takij it- r ir, chocolate
l" usual ak.W&2aM
coated tabletsclcjT--cz
p0HCt "8-Summlt county.
Dlstrlct SO Lehl. Am.ri. Q vtne
plne. Highland. PJMtah county.
Pleasant View. Clinton. Tnlstle.
TuDckerrCtvIpTe?on! Spanish Fork and
igrinSvUleJn Utah count,.
'District 'Jhficta 30. 31 and 3-'.
noU$ct 2Affi' ' county.
S 35-lluab county.
" , u -LaUu CUV
Dl:urlctG-Tlat TartV Temple ,
ffi Wcst'striets! . . Salt Lak- QUV
lyRirwcestVf,pNWf ar&Kct
beonVoK'athe city
streets ty ..ito
limits 10.Thal Pari M(,l intersection
S5ict Panola 'aniburnr ronl.
Mfeaian?' Spring City i
district -The remainder of .-Sanpete
coftls&ct 38-Carbon county.
Siltrlct SOlCmery county. f
? strict 40-Grand count . .
5i Sevier counts - ,
?irarv7V,K extreme north-
Pc?1 -ilty (two senu
S&irlct 1-MVasatcl, and Uintah eoun
S,r.ct ismiard. Beavor. Iron and
w-MflhiiiKton eo unties. ,
"District Wuyi ev-Pi"tc.
Disftrict li Scvici. ""j
"strlct'l's-Carbon. Emery, Grand and
San -luan countlca senators are
The elections 01 ' to provldc
hanged somewhat l"p ramombers two
8rnrhe addition of ne "om elections I
.....ru hence and U'1' i-fri oach two
So that, ten senators arc
S Urlot 5-Plule county.
Division of Senators.
The apportionment of senators fol
lstrlct l-Box Elder county.
(tD?rwStt?-Sutninlt. Morgan and Davis
c0SfSrlot .-Tooele adJuabjos.
vns Peter fctano - U)aL h,
fl,,aCd flhT5?I nd otherwise Indicate
slapped the f' frenzlc
by his actions that e was pj
wooer. und
tcr was sent to tnc
sentence of 'J00 days.
But when Hose got horn- sho -ted
her hasty actions, bhe recat
noratlons and Insurance, state affairs and
?oderal relation. onroUIng bills.
Rldeont EnBro-sinp fedBral rc
chairman : fit a in a ,uUOns a nd
latlons, chan man. wi' i . ,.orpora
cmlms co?. "A 5 and forestry.
whcn it was warm . - lalcr
her to soda water ai a
to me. 5.iu "-; , as 0. bro
I candy. -
BOSTON. Jan. 15.-The 'lone fe
, - i old uo a half dozen ra&a
who l-3 1,01(1 "1. Vrirk and Pc l
tlcket offices In ek ca ed
vanla In the last month w I
l"ben WiSan, J Clayton. a husKy J
m" " w.S "auen into custody a J
iSn atlonal chase following an att -d
SblffTeffthna'laW. V 1bl,lU-
and roresiry..j"-""-',
chairman: inile.
an,,lntC",coroorfrat"w and insurance, slate
S.enJSSCuc5 i toufprQ?r
terdnjrucwam j cciroinuls tm-
stcrBHM bill
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfmWi Srf
w' rv jjin
netted. The tfi 'sQrk wclUBp'
n .-December li,JuGran(i unit.
$500; December ,23. Buliaio isdO.
S327; J"nu0n SniUieiphIa. TSrl 00.
January 10. 1 u. &
I Aud ice Cheers When ,li
Ke: undiss Dallas -Qs)
:mls "for Curtain Ca,. j
. i
Nier Takes Back plel
sh Word; Jane Griftltt
lo 'Bc Leading Lady-; 1
1 - i, I
,. , , T MI-J
' Prt nlllU l lV.lH .lircuu. u v, 1
,,. JP" . , L ,.rriBBlon to IH
session. 1
; :.0e t u this
-sp "life's! 3Sia
Raymond Fomcaiu i 1( Ap.
WrPnt of 4 na.
107 Paul Deschanet pros ce
chamber o.f deuptft.. So. J elUj
premier. 2. ,lGnBeultscfl i ul Vams.
iStc- ai d Premier BaymonJ Wgc
" Values .of coal
by comparison JSJI j
has created a
comparison because a i
equaled quality and pfect piu
paration. Is
uter. .H5S . ,., the Cove
,SSf ow . ,,U.n
Ued to bo mtenlewca
ever, rtood tirmiy - phftr
inlon.. charges and counter charr
nlals and counter denials. ,
Liss Dallas Denies.
nniiis tooli quid: esccptloi H
ftljss Dallas ioob i tna1 sh
'r. Kelly's reported afiSC, V . lv n ,
L attempted to surrcp tUlousl i
fo theater Monday nlsg clliri th
. cook's engagement. ti;., Jan:
ue had arrangecl to w
thoroughly Proved that tney . 9
entrancing love scenes n a ..m
tempestuous and bl " lonally A t
ins between mndpcact of Get-R'
Quick WallTngforc I." tho law tc
Sanded a number -J nj
which Mr. Ke I s -tsp o both,j
joined hands with the &
SfeeC -ItlfgplaW and c,
, Use Lines for Feuf.
. But the two
SuneKf fit
Walllngford abt "jff iBnincM,aa
"Yovvvc oc -
true thi Une. were c0Ufiht
to announce iBSH
MeanLuuu mH
until BH
Colonhv HH
lrwL ISim'pcoTini
-J,u illUlULOllUIKf;
nv . T K 80W"' Sas
J- (A or Dyspepsia in 1
'Hwant ti ilow remedy -wactJ
You JoulBna bad-or an fineertaJHp
vour 6tom;Br,nul one. Your stoinaKc'
with drasif.lPcps'm is noted tor i
punn'a WinK roheC, its harmlessTiftJF.
Mjood in ulfilrnE.!:tion in regnl;
its ccrtailr' .y fetomachs. Its tMi
Sons oC V'i1 ortlr stomach trouble i ,
miatritis H10113 tbc vvorld over. I,i7
Siade it i Mi ,1,erfe.4tMoniach doctor M
Keep t rfceop w nnndv-Rct a laJfi
vour honf B!lS0 "0'n 'IruR store.'if?
f ifty-cenl ;ono hhoal.T eat somotalfe.
iwii if j u"acrev with them: if wWr1
which ldy le lead, (crraentf
sours arJi u c-' cructationipSx
; diz7.iiica,V?MKl.cil loo.a-renTomhKfc
1 acid pl'Wil'P'l comps ruM$
soon asVu M lmtiVi 11 BUCn.a'H(i
taet v '?,c sto. .tucg3) certainty
o'lso in)v:crcominati&n to tW9
d'isord 13 a rV- (Aflvertisimay 1
rpQVBR, Jan. lamjctber jgafaaP1
4jBjjiS Policies Marttd ft DeqS
s3ionl3ls aware of.uW,
SgSfhese who aiKve (or irMlSI
btcnlrofully fof ncounueiljai::
etittre west tcrB.nent ot cotaHRroi
riy hc dcvfclH smother tK
ro??,8 whlch vi fl states contMs
irroJl oi the malMlsr tho auspIcEhet
AW meeting un.Mrce tonlxht -iTn
rtiiXncr of Conirl'favor of.callMKa
tlorffs pawed l tH western iE.
tlialGovcrnors of IH unite In wf
c0& to Denver afHne western S
for.fl-hft rs'8 Biforc. n
tfSj never made iHriutt the ..afB?
aginst the webtl mg jncvltaKf
jcrv'-Hlonlf-ty mufS toscthcr IptK r.
states of the y,'efHipon Ukcu'jK h
Bolblanty. forclnu mt tlio;;o who arvTfn
3ecionallEm whiq H.-0 hard 1uto.'
jn?, 'conscryatlonj Jceirabf. ifff
asji. conoltion tiuiH thu pla.s. ttKO.n
The next step (:Hcd tos;?1"
governors hnfo Hduce them iJKiS,
israes. will M to K line uo WW
llVe congresslon(-,B opposltloa ItW
oqsn and strategi. anti aJwVrenl
cda?en.'ailon bldtHn, the itemn
li-ht for relief ?,csnt
itrlctlons of lnoVH wMttrv
mmmKmm &nma mt1
BHl -'lniiouecd A of
mmmmmmuu: meiwji ,m
BBjKJmmM oftrKl BwBut i
H BHeeroTiu' "
1 lHHbot flsain,M conic.
1 B only s bante Wiose
1 mmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmWt -t yeen n tK.le..
1 Hcuie Id IlqaHorK0 Jj
I of druniit.
lmmmmmmmr 'mmmmmc aad
rjHpnTlivcr and !.; A
: i i.

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