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OTi IN j
former Morgan Partner Ques-j
I tioned by Samuel Unter- 1
myer for Pujo Aioney ,
Trust Committee. ' j
SIUNGTON-. Jan. lo.-In u lyi'-'
)S A rthotlcnl Question put toGcorgr
'i V counsel for the monej trust com
? mlltce. .outlined to J' from He
records of the committee "a ccntra
aion of money and credit" aSe'
'whether Mr. Perkins conslared u
menace and peril to the prosprity ofVg,
'country." The question gcncr.uy Qf
copied as Mr. Untermycr's cnC0PL,Uee
rlfco money trust of which th conjj
'was In search. ' vt --the'
K-arr. Perkins?, after declarlp, injjjrunl
Iqucry reminded him of tho :onui
''Why Is a mouEo when It spin?, a:fecon.
iecrted that ho could not say cUictt waS
'centra tlon as outlined In tho qicstl
llJfa peril. ... 'money
M? Mr. Untcrmyor's hypothcliai.
jflttUBf question wag put a.tf. I hS a cu,.p
HfRlnB had recommended Pbli0"Coratlui of
r financial evils, the IncorK r
J! Khc Now l'orlc stock clmnkponSiliU7
H federal cliartcr. a closer refc
S 'amof hank directors and in'ljctoraib ti
B- for representation on the ""rations
J nlnorlty stockholders in corpojp i
jpntermyer's Questioit-
Si til'Ehe nuoEtlon was as folloVExlliv,ll2Lie
ft call your attention to fflUj vou pill
ruRore tho committee from wul,liJtttuttas,
notc tnat mo louuwing :el & k.j,
J.. P. Morgan & Co. (and M.Qrs- That
tSGuaranty Trust company. Ban -atSial
LiKompany. First National niB xattfal
hlwntv bank. Chase National bactl' ufod
STOank of Commerce, the "tUwe totahj.
Equltablc Life companies, nBUut reiri
mk.. - to i en ruin nnn vrhrlBT i
other affiliations. 0 as V
'Assuming the situation tolBL -hatipj
ibed and assuming furtnM oi ssqii
sdness of making large issued een
s for the last live yeans ha-'Mt bstin
cted mainly on joint acconMinTiftl kit ,
rgan & Co., the First N-ew I'fc,
d Nutional City hank of dder, -e
B gglnson isr Co. and K1,h uilifc
jv .fc Co. of Boston, and K. Trjrst V
list & Sant;E bank and th'T;wrnr lit
nal hank of Chicago, and knHLf busfS
u do ns to the methods IB.iiatlonsd
d financial power aud affML0 -vhj
4', institutions, please staHL 0f xnar
s concentration and controMfrji to .
d credit constitutes a P'lHL countt'
)grcs3 and prosperity of thH' t
eply of Perkins. a
IMB'Jn reply ilr. veruins uonvii 0f
PKall: on economics, the ,S,H i
EX.- "Everyone will agree tnatjHI y,0 a pdl,
Vjw.ii. point concentration woulr:Hsay it ks
Cut whether at the point youK.annol. k
venched ii would be a peril I IH Uiosejvf
KiKDiavf. been out of touch o vj-A
Is for tvo years and I woim carcfluTyl
tly theE" Miiestions vcryltvfttion7irof 1
oppos"d to the conccnB or energy
ley power, brain power Ikelv to re
i'o that conconlration is IB
in hurni," I session, de-
he c'nininlttc in executive ,( counsel
nlned that Chairman Pujo lefellcr and
nrniyer visit William Kocttf ulc Oppo
c his tRstlniony In spite QHt,crmi nation,
Dn of Mr. Pujo. This d ym mell
owed tho report of Dr. Cl" Rockefeller
son. who tuportcd Mr. ILxamlnatlon
id submit "to a brief E.khILs." '
lhout immediate serious rffl, Jacob H-
fff? gThe comtnltlee will examiift
chlfr tomorrow. 1
popper Merger. ' I
Alber. Burrago of BuSlttaianated
no was an organizer of the AH, name3 as
Supper company in 1S0C. Illfenerf ftar
Ib assistants "SVllliam Rockcllfhors IMr.
:un Daly, 11. U. Kogors and W ixov mich
3rtrrat;c could not rcnieinbeill n tu ning
?ae made by the organizer.!, the nal
iver tho various propertlea xW
amated. ...f Mr.
L-'Was the profit S3li,OOO,00O?M a
Jntermyer , -o .' -ase.
"1 could not suy." an?v'ert'n...n coflts
Ju could not remember his vlllam
lor those of Thomas W. Uwl0"' !
Rockefeller and "Mr. Ilogcrs. . ,,rrit In
'.;Mr. Burrage said l,e got K re n&er"
leeuritles, so far as he coulflf w n of
nd did not get any ButteHt U
Boston-Montana. - not
J "Will you say that your piB,V ntir
fUor than S5,000,000?" aakedH "Mn
fuyer. HI , ..
' "I could not say," aii8werBsf deal,
ago. He knew of no rc.cordHB Jt 5 .
.'Then this entire deal, inWlRrAl
00.000, waa accomplished pJff
i m
-cralrn of a pu7" aikcd the counsel.
"Vr-Sr so far ns I know."
"Tho public camo In in uhoals. didn't
it?" asked M,r. l.'ntormycr.
"Vcs, you might say Una," said Mr.
Rnrrage. lie could not say whtjlher t lie
"iiiHlders" entered large reiiuesl.s for xuh
scriptions to the stock, but lie knew that
before the stock was allotted the price
had gono to Silo ur ?TJ0 per S100 sliare.
About $3".'.,000.000 of ofCerJ?, he said, were
received for the 575,000,000 of slock.
Mr. TjutTMgH could not remember do
inlls of operations by which AmalgH
1 mated took over Boston and Montana
!and JJutto and Boston. Boston and
Butte, Mr. Burrage said, was accumulated
on his advice. Later, ho said, tho Globe
bank of IIopIoii failed, holding large
I block of Boston and Montana stock, .lust
prior to the failure, be huM. Mr. Lavson
conducted a vigomiiK advertising: cam
paign, "bulling"- Butte and Boston and
"bearing'. Boston ind Montana. Mr.
; Burivige suld ho had taken no part in
tho negotiation! by which I he Amalga
mated organi'xorfj secured the Boston and
Montana stuck hold- l- ihe Globe bank.
He did not believe LawsonV' advertising
campaign had any relation to the Globe
Basis of Exchange
Mr Burrage said that Butte and Boston
was exchanged for Amalgamated at the
rate of four shares of Amalgamated for
one of Biitlo and Boston, which, with
Amalgamated at SI30. made a price of
$520. Bulte-Monlana. he said, was ex
changed share for share with Amalga
mated in the merger.
Mr. Untormyer asked if Mr. Bogcrs
and Mr. Rockefeller had not acquired
Butte and Boston and l.titlte and Mon
tana ana had then as directors of tho
Amalgamated voted to buy this stock for
themselves. But Mr. Burrage did not
"But you know that the value of those
stock.1; increased from $::o,tmo.O00 to 5101.
000.00O when they wero transferred to
the Amalgamated?"
"Yes a profit for those who held the
shares," answered Mr. Burrage.
Mr. Burrage said that in 190S ho or
dered all his papers arid accounts de
stroyed bccauHo Mr. I.awson and Mr.
Rogers were engaged in an altercation,
"They wore both frienda of initio and
I did not wish to become involved," 3aid
Mr. Burrage.
With tho conclusion of his examina
tion r.hc committee recessed for luncheon.
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Salt. Lakers in New York.
Special to The Tribune.
EW YORK. Jan. 30. McAlpin. J. U.
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Drives Off a Terror.
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Lumbermen Meet.
I MINNEAPOLIS. Jan. 15. Discussion
t today's session of the Northwestern
Ittail Lumbermen's association Included
1 talk by W. J. Ballard of Spokane,
Famous Stage EcautieB
ikik with horror on Skin Eruptions,
letches, Sores or Pimples. Thoy
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(Continued from Pago One.)
thisfediug of dissatisfaction has been
the o'clock closing law as applied to
salons. This became evident, a, few
moms ago when committees composed
of ahcore of business men waited
upontho commissioners "with tho re
quest that tho ordinance be changed.
The Jquest was denied on the grounds
that lie altitude of the t'oinmissiouors
was ailuenced bv a popular voto of
the nople, and until the people indicated-
another election thai; thoy de
sired a change there would be no
tanipring with tho ordinance. Tho
busiw-:s men ollererl to dciray t.Jio
Jl oxptuie of a special election, but this
; was ifiorcd.
Olio of the first public acts mdieat-
ing tk dissatisfaction over tho pros
(i ent cmniissiou government occurred :
5 during tho Republican county oonvou
f tion inthis city last October. At that
tiniG in effort was made to in
S corpoW' into tho rr-solutions a clause
dcclariig against the present law.
i ITio ruoo was defeated on tho grounds
jj.iliflt Oglen city alone, and not Weber
HouDt.j', waB interested in city govorn
Hnent Sinco that time tliero have
ilMl'Ccn nxnv Ptiblic criticisms directed
LBjrainBtt;ho board itself, but moro par
lBKularl.N against the present cornmis-
ril0r,-ti! nrifi,. lilo r.),.iirtu las! X-!).
'Ifcr Jonator Craig announced him-
Li r W'nly strravod against the com
r f govurnmotit iw it cx
Z om- not stand out
pi goviui, but feds that three
L,.,,,V.ssimorSK nre not suiliciently rup
SfeXrSsi'llv V-hoi, all throe
rolnVIo in Ihe V"1"10 tiuicipal ward, an
ffThi clso ?. To the end that
iWter Teiiftssenation he obtained ho
lbtUcr...I'i dlr.-iff-inrr r an act whidi
is praoticnlly ;. cwal of tho present
law 1 1 provided for the olcfttioi, 0
oufConuniiii-'ioiicrXCrom each lmmicipnl
ward und fh'e clotiou ot a- mayor at
lar're, thus proving 'r "oaril pE
sufniemnp.ru.- The.vc aro other provis
ions radically oppoWd to Hie present
slatutcs but representation is the pnu-
ciPTn lJ5?lomcnt fov. The Tribune a
few weeks follownu'' clectiou Sena
tor 'Ornig said that lie w not reached
l definite conclusion .regarding the ro
Jnll and other so-cnljLl " Trills' of tho
comniia'tTion goveruinu; law. but that
he wan not oppost?".toinlertaminir such
ideas if the majority U, the btatc lcg
irtlaturo showed suchllluclinaUon. A
Canvass of Uui cbcl Vountv .senators
l and voprcfiontal-ivcH Wft shown that
fl practically all are in jW (.r a change,
4 in the present In Ituitor George .J.!
m Kcllv. 'Who introduceAt0 original com
?v ini'ifMi bill in .t'.fttH Btto legisla
:M tare, was scarcelv IJHU i recognize his
Vi h child' after the lvU attained llio
(distinction of a "Mfll he is on yl
ail Aliofic jklu now "'ft Vf
Committee on Expenditures
in Interior Department'
Goes Back Seven Years'
to -Attack Warren.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 15. TiJa'i tho
Warren Bivcstoek company, of
which Senator l'Yaivis li. War
ren of Wyoming was lb; head,
1 was "maintaining uulavfql en
closures" of public lands In V'yoming
and Colorado in IfOii, was the sibetaiv'e
of a. :cport adopted today by tie house
coinm.ttce on expenditures In the Interior
Tim committee's conclusion v.s Iiascil
on tin complelu inspection of records.
repor:s and correspondence procured
from the interior department, covering
tho investigation that vas niadej by tlie
govanincnt in 1 005 and 1907. 1 These
rccotus showed that after a sejnU In-
spec'.lon, made by Assistant Itlorney
Gencal Milton D. Pindy. at tiirj request
of President rtooscvell. Senate War
ren's company was exonerated the il
lega: acls which special agent! of the
interior department bad charged
A minority report drawn by Icprosen
talire Burke of South Dakota, Ulso will
be presented to the house. M Burke
hoiir, that Ihe record sbov.- tttl "War
rens company was not holdlnf illegally
anj public land in 100U.
No Action Recommeniled.
Uo action against Sena ton Warren's
cojipany is recommended by 'tho com
mittee, the report being llinlpd to the
stitement of conclusion that bis com
pany then was maintaining iii;al fences.
Included In the documents radc public
tolay with the brief commilec report
ate Fonie sharp letters sent by Brcsl
ebnt Roosevelt to Ethan A.-Hitchcock,
lien secretary of the lntcrlc. in which
tire president declared the n.tcrlor de
ptrtment Inspectors had not made good
tieir charges against Scnatqf Warren.
Special Inspector U. B. Innen made
the r-'Povt September 7. 1J8. charging
Uc Warren company withhnafntainlng
fences around -10,330 acres 0 public land
in Wyoming and 1120 acrcsin Colorado.
Linnen was assisted by . C. Ilintz,
and in the report charge were made
against the. Warren BlvesU'k company,
illeglng that it bad pisecutcd and
jlrlvcn out settlers and liH dominated
tho public lands In Lajmie county,
Wyoming. J
Affidavits in Rep or.
Accompanying this rcpo were many
affidavits from settlers aso the alleged
illegal fences Senator Warm's company
was maintaining-: the ac1 of tho em
ployees of the company 5 Intimidating
bona fido settlers; and afhreat Senator
Warren was declared to'ave made as
to the acquisition of cer.ln lands.
Tn a letter to Prestdcnfltoosevclt. Oc
tober 5, J90G, Senator Ktxnm declared
his company was obsorvfr the law: that
ho personally had no Hgal fences and
that he protested agalf- tho "assassi
nating and dark lanter procedure" of
tho special agents of, ho Interior de
partment. Senator Waen declared his
company had given upUt fences about
public lands; whila thonspoctors of the
Interior department mntained that tho
law still was being plated, and that
United Statca Attoriy T. F. Burko
would not proceed anEt the Warren
Interests. j
Roosevelt's Opiion.
Tho records mado iflic today showed
that Presldont Roosdit lield Scrotary
Ililchcock of the lntepr .department re
sponsible for many ofhc newspaper at
tacks on Senator yrrcn. One letter
from the former prcimt contained bit
ter denunciation of Jpector Blnnen for
including in his ropojof the Warren in
vestigation a file ofjowspaper clippings
and reports that dcipiced Senator War
ren, but which wereasod upon no facts
or allegations. ji
"This exhibit 3 f simply a bundle
of scurrilous allegalns," said President
Roosevelt In this lcr. dated Januarv.l,
1007. "I am utterat a loss to under
stand why such nexhlblt should have
been forwarded byp department of tho
Interior to me. l,has a value, how
ever, becauBo ItAP'i' discredits tho
worth and judgijit of Inspector Lin-
Mistake Clafle'd.
Tlio second liiHlgation of the War
ren operations jPc by Assistant At
torney Generul tvY was coniplelcd and
reported upon Anuary 'Jo. 1207. Mr.
Purdv'B report. lo made public today,
held that it hahot been shown by the
inspectors thai?naior warrens com
pany at .that had any public land
inclosed, but As tho government In
spector had ijtaken fences belonging
to other part)
"I am of i opinion lhat no suit
should be IniUted against the War
ren BlveHto, company," said Mr.
Purdy's rcporjor Its officers or agents,
upon the rclf "nil the accompanying
plats. .1 do wlsh to be understood,
however. asP'ding that the Warren
Livestock cqany lias not constructed
und 13 not rf maintaining fences upon
or around a7 Portion of the public do
main In vloph of tho act of 1SSG.
Insufficifif for Suit.
"I slmplyp" t" say that in my opin
ion the rcj which has been submitted
docs not il;i'n sufficient Information
and data. Justify this department In
directing sult- agalnnt the Warren
Livestock. F'l'aiiy, aim 1 rocQiumeiui
that tho flc matter be referred back
to tho lnf,r department for such fur
ther Jnvf"l'ou as may be doomed
proper ailPr?priate."
In 6enK tllis rcport to Secretary
71ilchcocPf interior department.
Januarv. 1907, President Roosevelt
said: "I u
"Mr. piparlc (the atlofney general)
'els, as course I do. that there has
been a Mete breakdown on tho part
of the mts of the interior depart-
j,chle o( R. I". U. Ko. 1, Milltown. N.
j.. rf "Vor tlio Iflit lhr?e rears V havo ui
UWn'r51"0 n,uX ti'irli.idic. anl I hvo bud ii
to I181 'l' elsUl inyt unil nlct.-l I cti'ula
not P1'' rlnllis off I ihoiiKlit I vmild try
r fl.ul Itcntjy Kollof. I envo my bnolc unit
1 hlpJ n soort nihljlnp. anil In n short
Uui V'n nil Konf. No 9.10 In thin
; TofC?.""9 h,,t ,:t"1 mwlf to tnlMTr 1
vntf,m ' tlPCD Radrayn-niyly llelief. I
U mo ,7,T,'af ri,!y 1st ir( Know wliai ;
Vot' r.lclUp 'Ioup (or nn vliV'mau' ,
ilVu'S RSADY REL1KF. mllt drulMi
(,,. , JlAinvy co , Nov TiorV j
Jy7 (Anveril"inent ( j
IBrmrM?A Asthma I
Damp, raw days in winter arc (f
! dreaded, by r.Gthrna sutfercrs. Wlint
is more distressing or terrifying then &'
to be seized suddenly by an attack i,
9 ending in a choking "cpa&ra in which
a power to breathe sccras lost ? Asth- g
! ma BufFercrfi are subject to this agon- n
izing experience. S
j Warner's Ssfo I
I soothes tnd relieves nt once. It is v
prepared and prescribed for all forms t
of Asthma and o'.uffy colds. R
"Relief in Kivs ?!inyle.i!i K
Kc says: "I had asthma very Dsd and a
had to eit tip nbvht alter night. Could
ct no relief until 1 took Wnrnor'c Sn?o,l
a Asthnni Rcmody. In five minuter. 1 v:cn'"z
S- brenthlnif cany. I would not bo without J- I
It." W. J. Haascoin, W'ollnntoii, Mcbr. R
Atdruxclsta or poctpaid
on receipt of oHce, 75c. ?
S Catn J Kidnoy nni Lirer Rem-dy &
W " 2 Rhoumntic Remedy S
6J pnrpoti 3 Oinbctca Roracdy S
SoM ,S-Ncrvine -ffi
K7 . c-Dll Corutiptttion g
DrenitU 6-PiIIs VBilioumoi )
Writo for u frjfc fnmple glvlnj: W
tho number of Tomedy dealred to, K
Warner's Safo Remedies Co.,
Dept . 399 Rocheiter. N. Y.
ment in this matter so far as making any
case against Senator Warren is con
cerned. The case l.s particularly bad for
Lliincn. 1 regard the case as much
graver against him than It is against
District Attorney Burke. It appears from
Mr. Purdy's report lhat his case ha
been prepared in tho loosest and most in
accurate manner and thai his exhibits
themselves lo not substantiate what he
President Roosevelt directed a new ex
amination of the Wyoming landa b
made, as soon as the weather permitted,
by a man "of a very different type from
Mr. Binnen and bis associates. ' The
documents made public today contain no
report 011 such another investigation.
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cold' settled iu the musclos of the back,
or from diseaso. In the two former
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Army Orders.
WASHLVCTON". Jan. 15. Captain Al
vin Baskotte, Ninth infantry, is relieved
from duty at Fort Sill and will proceed
to Fort Thomas, Ky.
Tho fact tbat most diseasoa arise from
an impure or low condition of the blood,
is fully proven by Hood's Sarsaparilla.
$1.00 will ope'n, a savings account
with tho Farmers & -Stockgrowcrs
Bank. We open for business Mondav,
January 20, 191d. at 21 East First South
street. (Advertisement)
NEW YORK. Jan. in.A flood of pe
titions for damagefj through the loss of
the steamor Titunic filed today included
one from Mrs. Irene Harris, who cialms
Jl, 000.000 for tho loss of her husband,
Henry B. Harris, the theatrical manager
This is tho heaviest of the 279 claims so
far filed. Mrs. May Futrellc of Scituato.
Mass,, aslcs .300.000 compensation for the
loss of her husband. Jacques Futrclle,
author. The claim of Mrs. Lily B. Mil
ler, widow of Francis D. Millet, the ar
tist, a Titanic victim. Is 5100.000.
Bnited Statos Judge Hand extended
yesterday the time for filing petitions on
claims to February 11. The claims
amount to more than $10,000,000. but the.
While Star line contends that Its lia
bility la limited under the United States
statutqs to less than ?1 00,000, the value
of recovered wreckage and passage
Simple Home Remedy
for Kidneys, and Bladder
A simple and easy way to cure weak,
deranged kidneys or bladder Is to uso the
following formula: Ge.t six ounces good
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meal and at bed time. Nearly all good
druggists have these Ingredlonts. Any
one can mix.
Weak kidneys or bladder should be
given attention as soon as any of the
well-known symptoms are noticed. Neg
lect in the matter is dangerous as the
serious forms, Bright's disease, chronic
rheumatism or dread diabetes, may de
velop. These can bo avoided If tho above
simple mixture is used before complica
tions set In.
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Carsteien & Anson Co., gf I
(Continued from Page Ono
mission to consider economic fca
tho sugar tariff. The prospect o --.
sugar bill In the house, he srV1,
been privately admitted by mar0"
Ing Democrats and lhat "fuch""
strous measure would not hi ,7
celved their support If they hacl,
sure that it would have bccn,'uc"
in the senate."
Two-Cent Rate Propos
T. G. Palmer of Chicago . L1,e
committee to make a rate of1'--.:'
pound on raw sugar or to lc.av,1111111
as it stands. Ho said that 'if l
of all the heels grown tn t,nn",
were raised by 75,000 or tOO.Oll
ent farmers, all of whom W,,CLU
interested in the tariff. ...
"Is It not true." Mr. B
nsked, "that t lie beet sueaP1,"1-3
In Michigan are In a oniiilin'i,Mrriii.
"No," he said, "the Mk h,,giir
company has six plants." I .r
Mr. Palmer thought thf'Y'
duty placed on sugar the lx' :
ductlon of the cost of llvj" ' r fj
?Ie said tbat thu fanue.rHi
to engage In the beet suga1'-- ?"'c 1
A Belmont Notch 99
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Will open for biisiucss.
Monday, Jan. 13, in its
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So. Coinniereial and
Savings .Accounts solicited.
1 per cant interest paid ou
savings deposits.
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' f All elig-lited 'with their ratable savings. All have confidence in our '
mSMKSSaWi sacPS' roductions all about fn. The goods arc brig-bt, clean, snappy I
mfL qWa11 throul1 Be ccrtaio come in- today. Make YOUR savings. 1
( iHigh Quality Glotti . ' Manaltan Shirts j '
V. TPffP "T3DSI. Clothes in the ow patterns, plain and pleated I
' MKHWmljsm tion know so well now acs hosoms. stan-lied and soft cuffs. I H
I iWRPRBSBSS U suvi"-?s l'or you' II",,,'alL 1-50 values cut to SI 15 I M
V WmmWfmimk ? Murx' .egeavn. & ,?2.00 values cut to.. SI40 1
'MPHB jffl tSpps- Poct & (:V;l,ld yfdc 2-50 $3 values- cut to.. ....$1 90 1 jH
-:ff EWmmX ,uJdt hl Colanuscairon $3'50 vah,es cut to $2.45 I
TSlBB & cut to 80.00 B?,5 Suits cufe" Your choico of a bier Your choico of sever- I'
WM:i'M mff ;uitsc.ut.toSn.n) san Suits cufg?-5n -,ot ,ot n,en's amI nl dosea stiff Tiosom H
' 'C' ' kvMMM$ M WTmMC ulta cut to 81S.sn 535 Suits cup-SfJ 1)0 Vfi .caps .all rises shirts, neat and dres- I H
MfflxMiW. WmwStL 540 Suits cut to S.mon values to Sl.uQ. sy. values no to gg: 1 jl
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III WHt&'mk alizbthem. -i4o -142 jTl m a i n It. SS Jm

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