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jllBBj JANUARY 16, 1013. f fE
ermountainNews j
Hi Ex-Gov. Brady Retains His
H' 23 Votes for Senatorial.
H. . Toga in Gem State. . .
Special to Tho Tribune
H, BOISR Ida.. Jan. 15. The .ft0"-1""
K ventitorslilP In this state Is still an ui ;
deckled Issue. The ballot at noon touay, j
when tho twelfth lexslslature jivaa - j
H. joint session, showed but ono change 1.
Lho vote taken over that o ycfoj-da ,
H, Ex-Governor Jamca H. Brady cld hlc.j
full strength of twcnty-thrc.c tc.J
.Justice James F. Ailshie. who leads .n
lho race, gained one vote, giving mm -total
of twenty-six.
Tho third day's balloting
will, it la generally believed, result I a
lining up of thb scattering votes. addlne
to the total of Brady and taking away
from that of Ailshie. The race Is scri
ounlv botweon theso two candidates.
P the possibility of a deadlock and a darn
nTho voto on joint ballot stood ns fol-
Republican James F. Ailshie. 26:
.tames H. Brady. 23: Thomas R. Hamer,
:i: O. W. Bcalc, ' ;' Burton U French, .
Ja-nes E. Babb. 3: J. T. Morrison. 1.
Democrat John F. Nugent. 1-: Fred i.
Dubois. 2. , ,.
With the ono exception or the clccc
tion or Representative fcurKent of koo
tenai from tho ranks of the. Boale -o -lowers
to Ailshie. the balloting was wit i
out incident. The ccrtiliactlon by tho
lieutenant sovornor of the elcc. op ot
Borah and the reading of a telogiam
from the senator, however, '""dshed an
excuse for the lcplf lators and vWtois
o applaud vigorously. In a telegram
txpresslng his best wishes for a Hucccis.
fUl session. Senator Borah conveyed hie
thanks to the legislator- and the people
of Idaho for his re-election. He also tool.
1 occasion to laud tho recent message to
the legislature of Governor Haines.
PHOENIX, Ariz., Jan. 15. 71. A. Jas
tro or Baker-Held. Cal.. was re-elected
president of the American National Live
stock association at today's session here
of tho sixteenth annual convention of the,
association. Denver won over 1-1 Paso
n the contest for tho next convention.
Ml tho other officer were rc-clccicd.
Resolutions were adopted indorsing: the
Lever bill for federal supervision of the
open range; protesting against the re
duction of tho tarlf on cattle, meat
products, wool, sheep and hides, and do
la ring for a physical valuation of rail
roads as tho basis for transportation
TaThc convention will end tomorrow
xs ith an entertainment programme.
William Masls of Colton,
Said , to Havj-facl Spells
" of Despdjency.
Special to The Trlbul
I'ROVO, Jan. l.'.TUdy of William
Masters oi Colton. Lutais lounu here
a: about " o'clock ihl-ynlnsr, near tne
'envoi- cfc Rio GrauaoCiCd. ne yl
dcntlv had committed -rule by cutting
liis throat .with nizori'nerc was no
mums of identillcatloilout the body
and H was not known 1 he v.'as until
lat this aftunoon. JiL. Craner of
ih flr:n of Crane; t ble of Colton
Identltled the body as I 0( Idaster-,
who. ho ald, had beeml! recently
employed by the CranerjM&rblc firm.
"Mr. Craner said th;iaters left
Colton yesterday for is Lake City,
where he was supposed! h;.v some
property. Before he Ictt'on. Masters
:-ave a siitcasc and a SO;aIcrt which
he valued at 100 to Mlmciia Hall
and told her that she woc0t see him
a sain. Just before ho 1 Colton he
burned several papers andW that he
had kept for a long time, i was sup
posed to have some pro- n ;,lt
Lakii Citv which broiiylu labout J50
a month rent, his actions U not
accounted for. Mr. Cranu that
Masters had despondent ijut times
and had been heard to sayj he had
nothing for which to. live, ody was
found by boys, who reporiel'ne au
thorities. I
Masters had heen maiilea(.-i but
both wives wore separated thim by
divorce. One. who marrictain. is
ihoucht to be llvlne n SaltU city
He has . son. William iJt Wlio
lives in Seattle, and a slster.i jj, q.
SmUh. who lives at IndependMOi
An Inquest will be held atycock
tomorrow morning", at which i Han
of Colton will bo a witness, l ana
that Masters started to Denuut a
wool? ago and after a few duysrne(t
sovlnr he Itad been roobed on ifc
was then at Colton a few days.e ha
: left for Salt, Lake City. It dcnt
that he wa.i going to Salt t'Clty.
but sot off the train here puiy t0
take his own life. I
Kyau Bond Kot Appro vi
CHTCAGO, Jan. 15. Boub.
mittcd for the release ot Frcvl.
Rnn. P. It. Koulibau and U
Schupc, -cnjcaccd to terms inron
for conspirary in. t he illerral trau.
tion of dynsmite, were disappro)Y
District Albrncy Charles W. Mi,"f
Indiatiapoiis in the United Staty.
cuit court of appeals bero today. l
of $30,000 ft- (he relcane-of
X. Beum o Minneapolis, we
proved by t'm court.
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board of iiy
Appeal Will Be Taken if the
Decision Is Upheld by Sec
retary Nagel.
NEW YORK. Jan, IS. The special
board of Inquiry at Ellis inland todiiy de
oldcri that CIprlaho Castro, ex-president
of Venezuela, should be excluded from
entering tho United States. Catro's
attorneys immediately announced that
the decision of thu local immigration au-
thorltles would be appealed to tho dc- I
partmeitL of commcrcb arid laboi1.
The r.?uson slvon by The board for Cas
tro's e. elusion ' was that during his ex
amination he hud frrqucntliy commuted
perjury and prelended Isnomnce of mat
ters concerning which he had knowiudgc.
Harold A. Content, Castro's lawyer,
faid that if Secretary Nagel upheld the
board ho would aalu take the case into
the courts.
WASHINGTON, Jan. ln.Tho order of
the Immigration authorities at New York
for the deportation of Clprluno Castro,
according to the understanding of offl
elalu of the department of commerre and
labor, grew out of the refusal of Castro
an answer questions propounded by the
board of Inquiry concerning charges that
he was connected with tho assaaslnutlou
of General Parades In Vcneuela. for
which he Is under indictment although
he never has been tried.
The administrative ofilcerf-. it Is add
ed, must obtain through the answers to
proper ouestlons the necessary informa
tion to determine the illness of an alien
to enter. A refusal is Interpreted by
Secretary Nagel cither as an admission
of guilt or an obstruction that prevents
offlciaid from doeldln? admissibility. This
point never has been determined by a
WASHINGTON, Jan. 15. The shifting
character of Mexican rebel activities again
was demonstrated today whon it became
necessary to dispatch the cruiser Den
ver from San Diego, Cal., to Acapulco on
tho Southern Pacific coast of the repub
lic, where American lives are in mo
mentary danger because of o. threatened
rebel attack on that city.
Following representations of the Madcro
government that tho revolution soon
would bo put down came reassuring re
ports from the Mexican states along the
American frontier, but hope of early paci
fication of the republic gave way as It
i became apparent that the federal forces
1 were Inadequate to cope with tho rebels
Jin the central and southern districts, who
have carried on their operations even in
the very face of the seat of govern
ment. Alarmed by reports from Consul Ed
wards, the state department officials to
9ay. realized , tha t strong measures wore
.eCMfArV and net Mltml ,inrtn Vir nuw T r
iispatch a warship to Acapulco.
(Officials hero now hope for a change hi
?e fortunes of the Mexican federal gov
rnment through the consummation of the
1,000,000 pesos bond Issue for the au
'.orlzation of which the Mexican con
ess has passed a bill. It is apparent
it only with sufficient money to pur
ise munitions of war In quantities suf
lent fully to equip the federal, forces
I the hydra-headed rebellion be
Iriped out of the length and breadth
Ihe long-troubled republic.
mil to The Tribune.
7 ANG EIES, Cal., Jan. 15. The
1 relaying with 1'0-pound rails of
Hire Salt Lake railroad from Los
f to Salt Lake City, a distance
3 miles, will begin next Monday.
Mtial expenditure will be $2f.0,000
first thirty-six miles out of Los
, A The entire sum to bo spent
work aggregates 55.500,000.
Increasing traffic to and from
"Teles through the Utah gateway
0 jtcrmountain and eastern states
Till0 f01 tllC "C 0t neavIcr ral1
now in use is comparatively
ound steel and entirely salis
c (ut .as a provision for the fu
7 "Snil Manager II. C. Nutt will
,ay )vier rail
ahead?' Jan- Oark days are
the Us 0001 antl snoc Industry in
memb3VatcB' ,n tnu op'n'on of the
Manufff"6 t'onal Uoot and Shoe
ventloir5 association. In annual con
noted n Tne Parcel post, the pro
tallon ln of lnc tariff and the agl-
facturen"" t,nc'- i?w, me manu
bc onhlirc responsible. "There can
tariff d:v'PS"'1 fn,m lowering the
nan, pre' declared John E. Ilan
addrca oi tile aasoirlatlon. In nn
wouIdina)CI'c from Colombo. "It
as mut t1 a readjustment of wages
stagnation '"dnstrial conflict, If not
cnt tariff. tr,le-. lJll(!,cr the -nnllv
bUt r!e 'ercign shoe is grad
tt, will ncJndlng our marhct. and
ud"r clrcitr"-" "vhcn. It will do o
of the AmVct f "rat di?ad'antage
agitation f)Toliited to look into tho
that thf Pnrc shoe !.iw reported
8hoei ccrtal?8'- :nnriufacturlng
pastes a bil1, i' "glcr If congress
wear M:nV 'or all leather fool
ceys bv mcrrs vv!, Perfect a pro
than leather! v,'hch other material
rommlttee rVc u(l ,n thoe.. the
by the goven ought to be rewarded
tS not penalised.
net Yorcirrr- t
from an author; , learned
today that tlr,aourcft !" ev York
company plansl" riicl!ic Railroad
Railway comply over th Central
Southern PacltlV 'saee from the
meet the requlny and this way
tupreme court I? imposed by the
dissolution of tpcrce ordering the
paclrtc Ion and Southern
Juat how t h . 1 , ,
sume the Csntt PAelfle is to as
Southern FiiolliePUVcitlons to the
termlned, but lant yet been de
transfer of the U'P'sed that the
will involve tho?f consummated,
the $126,000,000 (or of some of
now owned by ths-T Pacific -tock
-J Pat-lflc.
Nine Seal ,
NrAV-f!ASTL,E.-0. , ,
Jan l.V-Nli.o oi (ft- England,
bark Cailfc-n erof "ss Rutflaii
that voHcel was hired t 'dy vien
of Northumberland t-,1, t ia ceast
during a. gale. Cay ' wrecked
seven men were savEsKooni ana
The California hat A A.
with a full cargo. the Tyne
461 tone. I3 a vessel of
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lowed by Importation Hero.
After several yearn of successful treat
ment bv Hie loudint? NpechiliHlH of Europe
In diseases of the lungs. Slrollu, a Swiss
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Is being used in Now Yorlt.
Consumptives mid other sufferers from
lung discuses can get positive relief by
Its use, as It not only slops the ravaces
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sues to a process of repair.
Slrolin creates an appetite and Im
proves the strength. It came here with a
rcmurkablo strlnp of indorsements from
some of the world's leadlnc physicians.
Information about Slrolin can bo se
cured In this country from the Slrolin Co..
22S "Ure3t Urondwny. New York City.
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all lcadlnc druggists are recommending
and distributing Slrolin with considerable
sucte.es. (Advertisement.)
WASHINGTON. Jan. 15. Six million
packages were handled by parcel post
in the first seven days of tho operation of
the system, according to figures pre
pared late today by experts of tho post
offlco department. The figures were com
piled from reports received by Postmas
ter General Hitchcock from 1591 out of
2G50 offices having city delivery service
and estimates made from scattering re
ports of the remaining postofficos of the
country. The returns show that during
the first seven days 1.0G2.S.4 packages
were handled in tho city delivery offices
and 17.5SI packages were insured. As
all of the offices wcro closed on New
Year's day and Sunday, tho reports cover
substantially only five days.
"Without exception." said Postmaster
General Hitchcock tonight, "postmuatcrs
are enthusiastic over the parcel post
service, and many of them have sub
mitted with their reports personal let
ters describing tho working of tho sys
tem ln their communities and offering
suggestions for the betterment of the
service. Practically all postmasters re
port a steady increase of parcel post busi
ness, and as merchants and manufactur
ers become familiar with tho facilities of
fered the business will become larger.
DECATUR, U.. Jan. 15. Somebody
"threw a wrench" Into the smoothly-running
parcel post machinery at the Decatur
postofflce today. It was a package of
fresh skunk hldcfi, mailed by a trapper
on a rural route. As soon as it was car
ried into the building the force of clerks
sought relief outside. The parcel will
be returned to tho sender.
j Twelves States Represented ; Two
of the Beneficiaries Belong
in Canada.
PITTSBURG, Jan. 15. The Carneglo
hero fund commission tonight announced
a further list of twenty-four awards for
heroic acts. The last previous list was
made public on November 2.
Twelve slates are represented in the
awards, while two of tho bunenclarles
belong in Canada.
Among the number arc tho following:
Louis C. Scholl, bronso medal and
$1000. as needed. Scholl. a carpenter,
saved Raymond C. Lanfcar, clerk, from
drowning. Santa Cruz, Cal., July 0, 1911.
William H. Prather. bronze medal and
?1000. as needed. Prather. deckhand,
saved F. William Pheasant, levcrman,
from drowning, Knights Landing, Cal.,
May 27, 1011.
Cecil P.. Karberg, deceased, bronze
medal to mother and S500, as needed.
Karberg, aged 19, reporter, died attempt
ing to save Dorothy McGrew. aged lo,
from drowning, La Jolla, Cal., August
6, 1011.
Ernest E. Boggcss, bronze medal, $ 125
disablement benefits and $1000 as need
ed. Boggcss. machinist, attempted to
save Ray S Utter, machinist, from burn
ing. Hood River. Cal-, May 18, 1910.
Frank Beaumont, silver medal to
father. Beaumont, farmer and boatman,
died attempting to save his nephew,
John G. C. Beaumont, from drowning at
Beaumaris, Ont., July 27. 1912.
CHICAGO. Jan. 15. Jack Johnson, who
was intercepted at Battle Creek. Mich.,
yesterday, while on his way to Toronto.
Canada, desplle the terms of a ball bond
holding him within the Jurisdiction of the
United States dlstrh-t court at Chicago
avo a satisfactory explanation to Judge
carpenter today.
He was not surrendered on the S30.000
bonds roverlnc his appearance to answer
charges of violating the Mann act. but
was given up on a $5000 bond covering a
charge of smuggling.
The ?30.000 bond was allowed to stand,
and the prize llshtcr was siven time lo
secure a new bond on tho smuggling
charge. Johnson wild that ho shipped bis
automobiles to Toronto to enjoy a few
dnys' vacation before returning to Chicago.
Dies in Infirmary.
Special to The Tribune.
PROVO, Jan. 15. B. J. Anderson died
at .' o'clock this afternoon ln tho county
Infirmary here of general debility, lie
was born In I.iurlck. Norway. August
27. 1S3C. and came to this country about
twenty vea:-3 ago. Ho was a sailor dur
ing early life, iv.t: after coming here
worked as a shoemaker. He is survived
bv a sorr. Charles Anderson, who lives
at Pleasant View: a daughter, Mrs. Ed
ward Jacoboii of Provo: a daughter in
California and a son In New York.
Uulcavlaus Hurt in Mine.
Special to The Tribune.
BINGHAM. .Ian. 15. Tony Dimitroft
and another Bulgarian wi-re injured In
a cave-Jn .it 3 o'clock this afternoon In
the Utah C'onsolioaled mine. Dimitroff
suffered a broken aim and internal In
juries which tho doctors- say will not be
fatal. The other man was less seriously
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monia, bronchitis or asthma, MacLarcn'8
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Iical, pleurisy, stiffness of Joints and. sore
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not !ll.ir nor Irritate tho skin In any
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MarLarcn Drug Company. Lps Angeles.
Cal.,, or Cleveland, Ohio,
Special to The Tribune.
PROVO, Jan. 15. A city 'ordinance
passed about two weeks ago, forblddlrur
persons under 21 years of age to hai'o
tobacco In tholr possession, was enforced
today, when Joseph Martin, 18 'ca,rs old,
and George Cox, who lacks but trv'o weeks
ot being 21 years old, were cch fined
$5 for having tobacco In their posses
sion. They paid the fines.
Chief of Police W. F. Giles, who is a
candidate for tho Office of United States
marshal, has intimated that thai law will
hi: enforced rigidly. Several boys who
aro about 21 years old have hastened to
pay poll taxes In order to bo able to use
tobacco without question. ;
Two complaints were issuedi today
agalnfct Clifford Cassldy and Jesso Car
ter, ho arc oharged with visiting pool
rooinh, Both boys were turned over to
tht juvenile court officials.
Declares We Will Kill Wife and Isj Placed
Under Bond. i
1IEB-JR. Jan. 15. Charles Blgjcr or
Mldwaj was arrested January 13 alter he
had boistcd that hu intended to 1111 his
wife. -To was fined $100 and put: under
bonds !n the sum of $1000 to kelp tho
About 7:30 o'clock on the night of Jan
uary 11, Blglcr stopped at the power
plant aJout five miles north of lleber.
He was riding a horao and asked If he
might come In and get warm. Hi was
given fermission to enter and soon, gave
evidence that he was under the influence
of liquc:. He told Parley Cllft and Harry
Clegg. yho were at tho power house,' that
he was! going homo to kill his wlfel and
he dispUyod a loaded gun as proof of his
assertions. Tho men cautioned hln not
to handc the gun recklessly and endeav
ored tojset it away from him. NclsT An
derson. lanotheY e,rnployue of tho power
compan!, entered 'the door and Bgler
threatens! to shoot him. Anderson do2ged
behind piece of machinery and Blgler
kept all three men covered with his run.
Ho said they might get word to ; the
sheriff, t.ut if thoy did ho would '.kill
them aifi the sheriff, too. Cllft flmlly
managed to elip out of the house, find
when Blier saw that one of tho men had
left he wmt outside, got on his horse Vnd
started df at a gallop. The men at "the
power rouse telephoned to the sheriff
and to j-s. Blglcr to be on the lookout
for Blglei Sheriff Wall and others wint
to the hdio of Blgler and wcro waiting
for him yion ho camo, He was plaed
under arryst and lodged In Jail. Mondav
his case amo tip in court and he v-i's
fined and placed under bonds.
When ju want a reliable medicine
for a cou. or cold tnko Cbamborlam's
Coupfb Tteicdy. Ifc can alwriya be de
pended up'n and is pleasant and eaie
to talcc. for sale by Schramm-Johi-son,
Drug! "the nover.sub&ttutors,!,
five (5) gcd stores. (Advertisement)
PEORIA. 7., Jan. 15. Thrco men wcro
killed by aj explosion at the Crescent
coal mine las. this afternoon. The dead!
are: ,
William Ion, Peoria, 1
Edward Jucs, Peoria.
Phillip KlWl, Peoria.
Three shoCircrs were getting ready
to blast whenp explosion occurred, let-
ting down torof debris and imprisoning
the throe me. Miners went to their
aid, but madejttie headway on account
of gas. Count Mine Inspectors Condon
and Dunlap tk charge of the rescue
work and th imprisoned men were
reached at 0 o'jiclc All wore dead, ap
parently from gi. The bodies were re
moved to the tdof the mine shaft. The
exact cause of 4 explosion has not been
determined. j
, No IVIorj Gray Hair
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tion on hi Whitened
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ered up by using a, style, inexpensive
formula which cal 3 prepared pri
vately iu your ovv-uhec You can get
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the other two ingrcdic and you will
have a preparation lh.cannot bo ex
celled for darkening' hair, remov
ing dandruff, eorrcctinfiumors of the
scalp and invigoratiugie hair fol
licles. Tt; does not m tho hair
sticky, docs not nib olpr color the
scalp. It 15 equally as pd to darken
the beard as the hair. There is no
other ingredient that d take the
place of Barbo Compound this re
cipc, ho if ;our druggit-b out of it
ask hiiTi lo order it from 1 wholesaler
for 3'ou. (ArVtiscment.) I
The Kind You Hafe Afays BougMl
TuviRfc. Uroos De-atL
By International News Service.
HARTFORD, Conn.. Jan. 13 Chiof
Justice Hall of tho supremo court of
Connecticut and a widely-known Jurist,
dropped dead tonight while seated with
the other Justices of the court at din
ner In the Hucblln hotel. Chief Justice
Hall succeeded tho present governor,
Simeon Baldwin, on the bench.
Bound Over on Theft Charge.
Special to The Tribune.
BINGHAM. Jan. 15. M. Rakonikis Pete
Leventls and N. Springykls. three Greeks
who are alleged to have held up and
robbed two Japanese boys at Barney's
atation on .the Bingham & Garfield rail
road Dec. IS, were bound over to the dls-
For Salt Lake City People
The mixture of buckthorn bark, gly
cerine, etc., known as Adler-i-k.t, drains
so much old foul matter from the body
that ONE DOSE usually relieves sour
stomach, gas 011 the slomacu and con
stipation. Tho QUICK action is aston
ishing. W. B. Mathis, Druggist, 32. So.
Main st. (Advertisement.)
Ke7hW:ourL at tnc,r nrellminerv hHJP
rii rTnrlmi,Ist of ceremonies, but whh -
S"s- &cTx S
boc)i a IK100 on a 'usfnn TmJ. S?Q anBr
.wislled tojljCuffi?. 'D mom i,1, WKi
parade. boJB install LiUnr ,,.V.k u 'eadereMP?
Vied wis . fe forlnde 'nil po,mP nd'
justice CMfJm1n sted t'iw on,th of -i
fa the roB7'n's'w.d. hm by Ch)eM
bri' cereJRdaPof .hJ eSP?rary tUMtomt
a train w, irul nlnnned.f,
cicorted vKm rLconi. iVTl1? c?,me m'
Ii tli le-flH v elOsnerc he confepredCi
' W mel'atle m'ori'yMtj
I By f hept. iMg I m
Salvage CoMtipag2y I p
20c, 30c fand W
40c oothe lQjfai 1 1 1.
The Cutfg and SlashfcPHf' - " . I
There IsMothing Hif'-Way About 'IV I f I I
L-- l 1 . - -"

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