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The Salt Lake tribune. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1890-current, January 16, 1913, Image 7

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Jf ; i, THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, THURSDAY MORNING, JANCl6 1 Q 1 3 . ' ) ' ': . : ,"f' ; . H
Stockholders . Receive ' Dhj
dend Checks unci Report j
of Earnings. :
f At-companyins the, dividend checks fri
the Mountain Siutes Telephone & Tolj
: graph company Is a financial sUitemel
Sm I covering the nlno months. ending Soptcn
9 I - bcr aO, 1'Jl". which follows:
f Gross earnings $5,001, OSG.j
J ! Expenses ,
JB ! Operating, taxes, etc $2,h..JG ..
& .Maintenance ioi.ia-1..
M f rot-ui expenses RI'i-t";'
Sh N'c' earnings ?! j
Ml Dividends paid H-nl-Tl
11 llcserves and surplus.. 6iJ,JM..
ta The report of earnings lor tlie tluc
5:1' months ending November a0, 101-'. Is a
M i Oros.s wirninss l, &-!,. i
""": vl Expenses w;c,
I it Operating taxes, etc 5 hlil.;l..fc-.
hrtf Maintenance li,oii.o
- Dtf v '
Total expenses SI, 177. inO.a
-'M? Xot earnings .S G-Jbo.S
OPIS Dividends estimated three
months V$kVt
TATP Reserve and surplus - -IJ.U-b(
'Vi The stations and wire mileage report oi
'.afiS' .November :J0, 1012. showed that, the corn-
-M5k Panv owned 1Sl'.S57 stations, and 1 ,; 11
? LiWf stations wore connected, a. total ol SOL'.JGS
"Ji'Vi .stiLtlons in service. The. company had
s.Vt -irio.l 17..VJ miles of exchange wires and
tt JiSl "I'.Clt'.GS miles of toll wires in service.
U Sjjf ll,oa" st"ffy cold' wIUl hoarso
' lel vbcozy breathing is just ihe kind that;
ahtug ruua nto "oncllitis or , pneumonia, j
J.Qjl Don't trifle "itb- 5UCU sorious condi-l
pMSjj io"5' bufc iak lrlyy's Honoy ana Tarj
tMw Compound promptly. Quick and)
ritasf bcuclicial results ar0 just what
ljrwf you cau expect from this
Pp'4 rcat medicine. It 8oothe3 and
' heals the inflamed air passages.
Tfc stops the lioarso racking cough,
'conrf'i Schramm-Johnson, Druga, "tho never-
; mlM subetilutorV, five (5) good storee.
' Tlie Enamel fSrick Sr. Concrete company,
?alt Lake; capital stock, 250.000: shares,
!l ', SI00 each: Chapin A. Day. preHldent; D.
I : ".'. .Tacklin:;. vice iiresldcni; Ralph IT.
II , "Bristol, treasurer; N'ephi L. Morris, secre-
II Tlie Btichler-Crawford T'urnilnro com
1 ; nany, of Salt Lake: capital slock. $2.1,(100:
B. i; shares. SL each; John Halvorsen prosl--i
' dent; Otto C. Buehler. vice president; Da
iggj rid D. Crawford, secretary and treasurer.
nm ' Could Shout for Joy.
H "I want to thank you from the bot-
H : ten of my heart," wrote fj. B. RadT,
V. H ; of Letvisburg W. Va. "for the win-
I ' crful 'Joublo benefit T o: from Elec
" I trie Bitiers in curing me of both a se
i HI vero caso of stomach troublo r.nd of
.J H rbeamaf.oin, from whioh I had bepn an
H almost helpless sufferer for ton ycara.
r It suited my caso as though made .-just
SH o mo." For dyspepsia, indigestion,
yi9S ,' jaundice, and to rid the system of kid
-5 ? uey poisons that causo rheumatism.
If. Electric Bitters have no ruperior. Try
tliem. Every bottle is guaranteed to
;r6atisfy. Only 50 cents at Schramm
Johnson, drugts. (Advcrticement).
:( Convention Looks Froinisin.t.
y! An attendance of more than 100 delc
, fgatea Is expected at the annual conven
tion ot the Utah Development league, to
. .'he held in Ogden January 21 and 22. ue
Jcordlns to A.ssislant Secretary Fred C.
I Graham. Mr. Graham said that, tho dele
igatlons would represent every corner
.of the slato and that the convention
ifcavc promise of bcin the most succcsa
Uftil in the history of the organisation.
lr "'crc 1S a remedy that will cure your
Tlwcold. Why wasto timo and money cx
ilperiincnUiI when you can get a prcpa-'Ifijratiou-tbu-t.
has won a world-wide repu-JifUat-'
bv its cures of this disease and
1LV'''' Always be depended upon" It is
'liY u everywhere as Chamberlain's
II hi 7?omedy, and is a medicine of
"li I ("CT't l'nr 8!,c y Schramm-Jolni-kjr
iDrugr, "the ucver-substi tutors,"
ftvj- good stores. (Advertisement)
Insures You Against Hd.--aehe,
biliousness, Goi?ti
pation, or a Bad S.iomifo-
Put asid just once tho S'al !1
thartie Pilli Caslor Oil or purga.li6 wa"
tcrs which 5nerely force a paswa3'
through thl , bowels, but do nof thor
oughly oloaisV, freshen and purilR1,CSc
draiuago or'aliinontary organs, arihave
no effect wjiiitover upon tho livr and
stomach. 1 ' ,
Keep voir inside organs pc :ni
fresh wj("h tuscarcts, which thnfrhly
I'leanso the itomach, remove r if undi
gested, sotu and fermenting fu and
foul gases, Uako tho excess bil lro
tho liver null; carry out of the s)Vtm a
tho constipated wasto matter Vd poi
sons in tho intestines and bo'vP-
A Cascaiel tonight will rufcu you
feci great by morniug. Th .work
while you iilccp never gripwsicken,
and cost only 10 ecnts a box ffin.your
druggist. Hilliona of men ac((,meu
fako n Casatrnh uoiv aud thciiul ne
er" liav0 iloadaehe, Biliousues coated
tongue, Indigestion, Sour Stacli or
Constipated bowels. Cascarcl belong
in every household. Childrcnfust love
to take them. (Advortiscm?-)
Salt Lake Statilic
n 1 j
1 "Marriago License?
Charles IT. Tlnsenman andjfablc Cur
ls. Fremont, Tela, j
W. R. Anderson and TjetiTlobb, Salt
-ako City. J
j Briant Perkins aud Ade Eurtholo
icw. Salt Inkc City. I
George Robinson and I"'icl Phelps,
jit Lalce City. J
C. T' Parr and Adclcnej Jacobson,
xU laake City. I
Edwin T. C. Jones andfena Ockor
an, "Centeriield. Ulah. J
Walter "Morcy and Sari1 Ann Reld,
lit L-alco City. I
I ' Birtha. I
iW'illiatn "Mclntlre, Judgwlercy hospl-
1. giri. 1
Ue Roy WUIiams. 2 C&land avenue.
fl. ?
D. E. Chamberlain, Hi' ross bos-
ial. girl. J
1 Deaths.
Linuary j::. lillG Joscpo Phillips. L.
1 S. hospital, 53 ycars.ja:;eniia.
January 15. 101C E1U Rumel, I'JOG
"vst North Temple, 5u jars, gallstones.
bnuary IS. 11)13 AgijJ McI3wan. 73
Rrth avenue, 7fi yearsytancer.
linuary 13. 1913 Samtl C. Backman,
H ITaiTlson avenue. 7&'eard. old age.
inuary 1-2, IMC Floraoo M. 1'Iahcr
tJ7G7 Wcrrt South ample, 1 year,
inuary IS, 131S lt .Tenson, 003
Jfcrson avenue, GO yefs, phthisis pui
inalis. Inuary i'. 3013-Joi Acocks. SIS
ft Seventh Soutii, 4!years, suicide.
uniary 13, 191S Hcner andstrom,
S&Tarks hospital, perbnitls.
xiuary 12. 1013 E. ). Salc3bury. S40
Sc i Third East, SO lire, general de
bt, .
i uary 12. 101G Mr I Thorn. Hi
W; Sixth South, 3SKars( pneumonia.
Eeal Estate Jransfers,
15.' Wicks to R- B. J;Conaughy.
1 69 to 72 and 75 o 89, Wicks
t livlslon 5
A. (ennedy and wif to A. IT. .
"tydruff, part RoEcale subdivl-
ttf - 2,625
Chin;. TticVto "EJmct Rich, part
I'.l, "block 62, plat! 1
l-To iv. & SavingsPo. to J. IT.
Ifner. lots 10 anill. part lot
lEast Park subdilsion 10
ArMw Williamson nd vdfo to
FJik Kowler, Iotsf, 0 and 10,
bk g, Union Heipts 730
MnA. Carr et al.lo Marie IT.
I-sch, lota S and, part lot 5,
,Jh G, Plat A 350
lvirni Richards (Jo. to Kim-
lilchards SedCo., lots 191
ar192 Highland ?arlc addition 10
KI,P(1 a: Riehard.Bldg. Co. to
tall & RichardiCo., lots 19SI
a,ni'JS2, J-IighlanJ Park addi-
T.,H. i 10
Klm, & Richo-rdH ). to Kimball
&'!hards BIdg.Co.. lotn 2U
nMo. ct al, Higbnd Park ad-"
"4 ........ j 10
ETbeiT. Hall" and life to Albeit
ilhbellc and'le, property in
, B 'iin 1.C00
U-'Jianson ondwife to Ir. S.
Day, lot 7, :. feasant View
P'l ; 1
Gcorff-, Bra by -iU' Sarah Braby,
Pait 5, block i, plat B 1
- 1 ' . 'T"
i ' i
I Mandy Lee and Essex . Model
The 1913 Models accurately measure and regulate 1
K heat, moisture .and ventilation. 1
J The Nearest "Mother Ben" I
I Yet Devised
I Sole Manufacturers of P.-W.'s Cluck Mamma. I
Ask for price list on all kinds of poultry supplies.
Porter -Walton Co.
Phones 1071-1072. Salt Lake City. 1
Poultry Farm
inmiwi ni-nii i iiwiiii 11 i mm 11 i 1 11 i juhjj
Breeders of High-Class
S. C. White Leghorns
If you want eggs for hatching or
baby chicks, book your ordors now.
Prices on Application
Phono Mitrray 32-N-ll. P. O. Mur
ray, K. F. D. No. 3.
A "Savings" Idea.
More mouoy 1b each year
added to Havings accounts as
Interest by tho savines banks
of tho country than is added
by tho custoraors an now de
posits. That indicates tho import
ance of compound interest.
"National Copper Service.'1
Tho laying and paying,
kind. Stock and eggs .for
sale at all times. When you
want somothing better, writ
Tremonton, Utah
Honest Work J
I Honest Prices I
Painless extraction of toeth or no pay. i
All work gruarantoed. M
We Treat You Right 1
Offlco hours: S;30 a. m. to 6 p. m, M
Sundays, 10 to 2. Phono 1126. 1
Vogeler Seed Company,
sStutc Agents Tor ' V
Cyphers, Jubilee and Buckeye
Incubators and Brooders V
. . '
vr' r. w. ij
II '
Headquarters for all kinds oL
Seeds, .Poultry and Pigeon Supplies, Flour, Hay, Grain
60 West First South St. , Salt Lake City.
3'; acres, good flowing well, four-room modern cream
pressed brick house, bath, pantry, clothes closets aud
screened-in porch, full cement basement, water in house -good
garden; good stable and chicken coops, $2250. Terms.
This is a snap. See us at once.
2 acres, 2 blocks from car line, 1 acre for orchard of
small fruit; good brick house, chicken coops, 14x16 feet with.
ryns; two flowing wells, $3000.L
1 acres, 4-room frame house, summer kitchen, concrete
cellar, stable and chicken coops, flowing well, acre in or
chard and small fruits, one block from car line, $1800,
- Specialists on Poultry Farms.
Phone Murray 2SS-J". Murray, Utah.
I Thoroughbred S. C. White Orpiugtou Cockerel $2.50 I
(Cook's Strain). Eggs for Hatching in Season from I
thoroughbred S. C. Rhode Island Reds and White Or- I
pingtons. I
Call 415 3rd Avenue I
Crystal I
White I
Orpingtons I
.H you.want winter layers
write me. your wants. Hens,
Cockerels," Pullets for. sale
at reasonable - prices. Eggs
in season,
Chas.McCIure . I
Tremonton, Utah I
Eg per H
Setting. Stock for sale.
The Original Quality I
Strain White Rocks H
The best all-purpose fowl
on earth, beauty , and utility
combined. They wiu wher
ever shown.
Bred by
S.A.EUswood m
Brtgham City, Utah
Harvey & Co. I
Dealers iu all kinds of (
Poultry Supplies, H
May, Grain and H
lillstuifs I
Telephone W-asatch 592. '
,113 West Second South Street.

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