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"WHATHUH TODAY. CP S!S& '. 4 j 4 fife A j :
I Fa'r ffgf if Hlg Wllr )Sftfb (H "lll'1M01Ml'lf ELOPEMENT '.;
;lri-::EEll fl WJW' CWWk JUll IvW Jv ffi&SrtaBffg; ll
I Vol. lxxxvi., no. 96. salt lake city, Saturday morning, January is, 1913. r "v ig pages mve cents, I
I Argentina Threatens Rctalia
t lion for What It Considers
) Unfair Advantage Taken
j?- by This Country.
a ;
:6 1
t Krgenline Republic Mav With-
$ j ;
8' -draw From Pan-American
Union: State Department
1 Fears Rupture.
1 1
1 1 A TA5H1"NGT02C, Jan. .17. State
I (( department officials expressed
f WV disturbance today over the
$; 3 possibility of a disastrous
5 oniDiereml war between Argentina
nd tlio United Slates. They bavo
ti rad reports to the effect; that Ar
jj loutina is likely to rotaliato for what
considered, in that country, an uu
iir commercial advaulagc taken by
United States.
jjjlDra.il grants to the "United States a
?ariff reduction of 30 per cunt on
I phcat and flour. This enables Amer
'i eau. millers to compete with Argentina
is iv Brazilian territory. Argentina con-
Eclcrs the Brazilian territory her own.
' nd there- is said to he a strong feeling
',a favor of retaliatory action in the
' iTgentine congress which is being fos
'S avail by Uic newspapers of that
i p mi try.
?ast Year's Trade.
Argentina bought from the United
I fates last year more than $00,000,000
lW Ci automobiles, agricultural implements
nd other manufactured products and
;?is feared that Argentina will grant
g Great Britain, Germany and. France
I I differentia I on those articles which
;.ould mean the loss of this trade to
E io United States.
jj$I'hc United Stales sent last, year $.V
iTj 30,00 worth of wheat Hour to Brazil.
3 lie differential allowed by Brazil is in
liturn for iho large amount of rubber,
jffec, cocoa, mahogany and other pro
;i icts. amounting to more than $3 00.,
J 10,000 which is bought from Brazil
m jurlv "bv the United States.
Jj fnion in Danger.
tp Thu slate department has "been iu
mcd that Argentina may withdraw
qui tlio L'au-American union at the
fj ist Pan American conference unless
$ inditions change. This action it is
jf id probably would deal Pau-Aracri-'
nism a blow from which it would
it recover for years and which would
away with man' pi! the friendly
bial and commercial relations which
!"' yo been, built up.
,jj State department officials expressed
B hope that a commercial rupture
i ,'th Argentina might bo averted.
encL'al Film Company .Proven
S fo Control S3 Per Cent oL!
J Moving Picture Business.
Sf "BW YOL'K', Jan. .17. A year and a
If after its organization on "May 15,
10, the General Kilm company con
rot lied So per cent of tho moving picture
sincss of tho country. This was shown
bi thc company's reports, which tho
yernmeut offered in cvidenco toda- in
jyj' suit to dissolve the "moving picture
fii' Ist" "
,3-9 l-Ioury X. Man in, prchideut of tho
ftion Picture Patents company, slated
,ji it when his corporation organized tho
v& bcr.il Film company, they estimated
-j1 5 valuo of tho various iilm exchanges
'y took over at about $0,000,000.
-ft tyilliain Polzor, sceretnry of tho M.o
i a Picturo Patents company ami trcas
.1 r of the General Film company, do-
d hnowlpflgo of any intention to ac
ufj ro tho property of all competitors.
ccd to produce miuutci of tho nicct
j'y tno executive commtttco v.'hich
Rovcrmnent; allogcs appropriated a
cjj 3 for tho purchase of "all tho rental
j bangca in the country.7'' Mr. Pclzor
ipj I that no minutes were kept.
J10 htaringjj beforo a special oxam
tii t vrx lm continued here nest Tues-
ymt Starves to Death.
jjMKXSAS CITY, aio., .luii. IT, Mra. !
Vvwin, ?, yearn old. clleJ or star- j
&3Vn ncvc tofhiy and her husband, a
SBfcr, Ja in the hospital In a critical
clB!n from the same cnuafj. Erwiu
p'unablc to got worlr and lie had no
jrjBp' to procure food. JJo and hla wife
3B.lncd In Uioir Utile cottaprc In Die
jjRbottom? for four without a
Stefansson w Assured of . Ex
penses for Trip; Will Be
,Gone Three Years.
GRAND FOKKS, N. D.. dan. 17.
T. Stefansson, discoverer of tho "blond
Eskimo" of the north, wh0 has boon
locturing at the University of North
Dakolu, whero ho formorl was a stu
dent, a.nnounccd io&ty that he had boon
assured of $70,000 as CTP.cuscs for a.
trip to locato an xin discovered continent
in fch'o north, which scientists liolicvc ex
ist there. According to IStr. fitefans
son, $22,y00 has been promised by tho
National Geographical society and a
like aniouuL by the American M.uaoum
of Natural History of New York.. Per
sonal friends have promised $5000. Mr.
Stefansson declared that ho would at
tempt to raise $25,000 more in New
The party intends -lo leave "San Fu-au-cisco
or Seattle in May, landing at the
winter base at Prince Patrick lalo in
August. The expedition expects to re
turn in JJB, Dr. 11. M Anderson of
Jowar who was with Stefansson on his
last; trip, will (he second in command.
Failure o .Illinois Legislature to
Organize Keeps Governor oi
Waiting List.
Sl'RlKGFJELD, 111., Jan. 17 Attorney
Gcnerul Stead savo an opinion to Gov
ernor Dcncen tonight In which ho de
clared that, legally. Govcrnor-clcct Ed
wurd' F. Dunno and tho other members of
tho now "Democratic atato administration
could not tako offlco until the spcalter
ship deadlock in tho Icsrlslaturo had hocn
broken and tho lcKlalaturo had been or
ganized according to tho provisions of tho
state constitution.
7n the. conclusion of. his opinion Attor
ney General. Stead said:
"I am of the opinion that under tho
law tho officers now ln offlco muat hold
until 'tlio .general assembly b11I,' In tho
mannor prescribed -by tire constitution,
dc-claro wlio.aro .ejected as their' succes
sors, respectively."
Thlo meaiia that 'Govnrnor-clcct Dunne,
whoso inauguration-' already has been
postponed one week by tho failure of the
legialaturu to organize, may be Jccpt out
of offlco lndcJlnltely. When tho legisla
tors rlbpartcd frotji Sprlgflold fur tholr
homes ilaat night for the w:uch-end recess
tho HpciUcerahlp deadlock appeared more
hopeless than at any time olncc tho con
vening of tho legislature January 8.
PAULS. Toxas, ,Tau. 17. Henry Mo"
zou. a negro, who, shot and killed the
12-ycar-old daughter of D. "Worrell, a
'farmer, near Pecan Gap, a, week ago,
was hanged la to today from a tolcphone
polo in a public Hquarc at. Cooper by a
mob. Tho negro waa taken from the
sheriff and his doputios near- Goopcr
after ho had pleaded guilty and had
beou eoulouccd to bo hanged.
Mouzon io said to havo coufosscd.
that ho shot at the girl's brother with
tho intention of killing" him and then
attacking tho girl. Tho shot struck
tho girl. The hoy was not hurt.
Salt Lakers iu New York,
t-peclnl to Tho Tribune.
XJ3V YOniC. .Ian. 17. McAlpjn. .Miss
K. Tj. GatPH; J..ongacro. W A, Wilaon:
t'urk Avenue, Ci. W. T:niii)ournr, ,1. T
Treasure; Imperial, V. Y. Joiinlugo,
Collective Note of European
Powers Handed to Porte
Advising' More Conces
sions to Allies.
Foreign Minister Is Hopeful of
Arriving at Settlement; Al
leged Slaughter of Alban
ians by Servians.
LONDON. Jan. 17. The next move
:n the long-drawn-out gamo of
diplomacy for tho settlement of
tho war iu southeastern ISuropo
must ibe made by Turkey. The collect
ive note oif the European powers, drawn
up by the cmbassadorial conference in
London wns handed today to the Turk
ish government at Constantinople.
Since knowledge of tho purpose of tho
nolo has been common proporty to the
wholo world for a week and as Turkey
Unofficiallj- has been given diplomatic
notice of its exact coutcnts, there seems
no reason why tho reply should not
bo delivered promptly unless Turkey
determines to procrastinate in tho hopo
that some unforeseen oven I. might turn
up to her advantage.
The Turkish delegates to the pcaco
conference, while ignorant, of the pre
cise intentions of their government,
predict tho answer will bo given
Diplomats oxpect that Turkey will
concodo Bomothing to tho allies with
tho purpose of inducing "the powers to
make efforts to bring tho pcaco delo
gates together, again for further nego
tiations. Should this bo the. cuso, the
allies Trill havo an opportunity to show
whother their ultimatum to resume hos
tilities unless Turkey complies at once
with their demands ia as ironclad as
they profess it to ibe.
Awaiting Instructions.
Ttcchad Pasha, head of the Turkish
delegation, declared today that orders
to tho Turkish delegation to await in
structions had superseded those of last
week instructing them to leave Lon
don, Tho cmbassadorial conference has
laid asido consideration of the disposi
tion of tho Turkish islands until tho
Ottoman government answers tho noto
of tho powors. The conference consid
ered today tho affairs of Albania, a
proposal having boon suggested that
Montenegro might cede the mountain
abbvo .Cattaro to A.ustria in return for
Scutari. As tho mountain dominates
Cottinjo, tho capital of Montenegro, it
was suggested that the capital might
be moved to Scutari. Ccfctinjo is hard
Continued on Page Throe.
Premier Elected President of
the Republic by National
Assembly on Second
'Two Challenges to Duels Re
sult; New Chief Magistrate
Lawyer and Author as
Well as Statesman.
VERSAILLES, France, Jan. 17
"Raymond 7icbolas Landry Poin
carp, for the lasfr twelve months
premier of tho French cabinet,
was elected today president of the re
public of Franco b' tho national as
sembly, composed of tho members of
both chambers of parJiamont, in suc
cession to Prcsidont Armand Falliores, ;
whose seven-year term expires Febru
ary IS.
Tho wildest confusion.- out of which
arose two challenges to duels, marked
the casting of tho bli.,ts.
Premier Poincaro-'s solccfcion for the
presidency o1? Franco, although, made by
parliament as required by the .consti
tution, is regarded as representing as
well the popular will of the nation.
Tho choico took plaoo ou the second
ballot, on which tho promier recoived
58 moro than an absolute majority of
the Sod votes cast. JuIch Pams, min
ister of agriculture, was his nearest
competitor, receiving 187 rotes less
than the new president.
Vote in Detail.
. Tho final ballot stood . . .
.Raymond Poincaro, -ISo: Jules learns,
296; "Mario Edouard 'Vaillant, 6D.
Tho first ballot, which resulted in
no election, was ae follows:
Raymond Poincaro, -120; Jules Pains, j
327; Mario Edouard Vaillant, 03; Paul
Dcschancl, IS: Felix liibot, 16; Leon
Bourgeois, 1; Alexandre Milloraud, 3;
Alfrod Masc-uraud, 2; Theophilo Dcl
cassc, 2; Antonin .Dulbost, 1; Henri
Kocheford, 1; blanks, 5.
M. Poincaro was notified of his lec
tion in an apartment adjoining tho -voting
hall by Antonin Dnbosr, president
of the national congress, who read to
him tho official rocord of the olection
signed by M. Dubosfc and the eight sec
retaries. M. Poincaro 's firfc words on
receiving tho notification. wore:
''I shall try to show myself worthy
of the confidence of tho national as
sembly. I shall forgot without effort
the struggles of yestorday and. even
tho injuries. Bo convinced that I shall
sook in everything and at all times to
bo an impartial administrator."
At the sarao limo tho rosult was un-
(Oontinued on Pago Four.)
j ! i
THE BEAUTY CHASE How Anita Stewart's (she is the
.Duchess oL; Braganza) brother is socking, with his lovely j
) sister's picture as a model, i queen oil beauty to share (
j 3 lis $30,000,000 for time. i
j KAISER'S MAILED HAND How he stopped his daugh- j
S ter's elopement. The 'Romantic idyl of! the Princess
j Victoria Louise and a handsorao young guard officer I
that almost gave America a runaway princess. I
DANCERS' TOES Why their big toes break. A scientific j
S explanation, of -what every too dancer dreads, a calamity I
I which has iiust befall en Miss Carol Harrimau. i
FICTION MASTERPIECE The title of the Richard .Harding
Davis story this -week is "My Disreputable Friend, Mr.
Racgcu." s
FIRST SPRING FASHIONS Lady Duff-Gordon, tells what
Paris means to wear at di unci's and dances aud the j
j new fabrics for elaborate daytime costumes. (
i LUTHER McCARTY Jim Na.sium, with words and pictures, j
shows the wliitc heavyweight, champion at. a new angle.
He gives biographical incidents never before published S
and. calls him a "first-class fighting man." j
j BASKETBALL "With the beginning of the- big games to- i
I night interest in this popular- sport is at high pitch.
j Accurate reports will be found in 'lUio Tribune. 1 j
BASEBALL Russell Ford, the enigma of the big leagues, j
s is the subject of MucBcth's illuminating article. Cun i
j . Ford, "come back?" Chance would give thousands to j
j know, aud no better menus of judging can be found j
.. than MacBoth's story. y
RACING The only telegraphic reports of tho Juarez moot- i
S ing published in tho interniountain region are in The
Tribune. j
Mrs. Wilson Architect
& i &
Designer 0 Own Home
President of Steamship Com-'
pany Gives Evidence .to
'House - Committee-.
AVASHIXCKTON. Jan. 17. A giaut
combination practically controlling
American coastwise trade on the At
lantic and operating under an agree
ment with the railroads by which, pro
ratiug is refused to independent steam
ship lines except on full cargoes, was
described to the houso shipping trust
committee today bv A. H.-JiJulJ, presi
dent of tho A. If. Bull Steamahip com
pany of 2s ew York.
Describing efforts ox the combine to
drive his company out of the INcw
York and .Porto Ttican trade, Mr. Bull
submitted circulars beanug tho names
. of the Insular line and the New York
, & Porto Ttican Steamship company of-
fcring discounts of 70 por cont; on
freight rates ""during a week when the
! sailing of a Bull liner for Porto Rico
1 had been announced. ",
i "When asked by Hepiesoutativc
Humphrc' of 'Washington why ho had
not placed thoso facts boforc tho do
i pavtmont of justice, Mr. Bull said that
ho had been told, that ho was "ao bad
na any of tho rest," because ho had
! sigucd :i bond in 1900 not. to enter tho
Porto TJicaD trade for teu years.
TIo said he had decided to await tho
action of the congressional investigat
ing eommittoe. Chairman Alcxaudor
and Bopresontativo Humphrey omphal
ally expressed tho opinion that the
comibanation . should bo prosecuted.
HONOLULU, Jan. 17.- While the
children iu ..a littlo country school
house near hero were-. quiotl.y conning
their lossous today Manuel hernaudcz
oulorod tho schoolroom and .killed his
wife, Johanna "Fernandez, the teacher,
with a shotgnu. Scattoriug buckshot
wounded scvon children, one danger
ouBly. Fernandez then, shot aud kiUod
Jealousy on the part of tho husband
caused the crime. Mts. Fernandez bore
an oxcollont reputation and some of hor
friends expressed tho opinion that tho
husband suddenly had' become insauc.
Dressed iu tho saiuo ouit of clothes ho
w'oro January 1, when with thirty-two
other labor leaders, ho entered tbi!
federal prison to servo a throe year
term imposed upon him at Indianapolis
for his alleged connection with a nation-wide
dynamite plot, C'harloa 15.
Bourn of lUioueapolia atepped forth
from prison this afternoon released
under $o0,000 bond. Ho was tho first
of tho imprisoned, labor loadorp to ob
tain hie liberty.
Acts in Advisory Capacity
Wi th . New ' York A rch i'tects ;
Is Also an "Artist.
TNjVvr Y.OftK. Jail. "l.lLueli
has been published, toiling of
the cJovenibi-s of Ir'. Woodrow
Wilson, wife of the prcaidcut-clcct.
but few arc aware that, she is the
architect' who designed tho Wilson
home at Princeton, 1ST. J. . So 'well
arranged is this house and so com
j fortablc the interior that thc.cn
j tire family look with dismay on
having to reside for any length'of
time auywhero else.
Mrs. Wilson has done an im
mense amount of architectural
work, and often acts iu an advi
sory capacity with New York archi
tects. 3frs. Wilson, too, is a painter
of merit, and several of her land
scapes havo been placed on exhibi
tion at various galleries in New
York and Chicago.
John St. Clair, Arrested at Port
land,; Or., Turns Out to Be
,' Noted Criminal.
PORTLAND, Or., Jan. 17. John St.
Clair, arrested hero on suspicion of be
ing, a poslofneo robbor wanted in south
ern Oregon, confessed today in the pros
onco of United State3 Di6t.nct Attorney
John M'cCourt and' witnesses a total of
eighteen robberies in. Oregon and Cali
fornia and the murdor of 'John Miller ou
a ranch at Vina, Cal. . St.: Clair was not
suspected. of tho latter crjmo.until aftor
his arrest on a robbery charge, when his.
rcaomblaueo to pbotographsof the slay
er of Miller was noticod. j
St,' Clair told with Boiuo-glec of tho
ruso ho mado to avoid suspicion after
his crimee. 'Ho had' induced a l'ricnd-'s
wife to olopo with h'un, talcing along her
two children, and in 'his travels was
iakou for -a substantial man of family
and not molested. On several occadous,
ho said, ho enjoyed tho spoctaclc of fed
oral 'oflicors searching trains on which
ho rodo, and always passing him by be
causo of the Woman and children ivith
biin. Ho luid committed fifteen norit
oQIec robberies in tho vicinity of Bose
burg before tho deception was discov
ered. Government officials wili turn St.
Clair over to the California authorities
to be prosecuted for tho killing of Mil
lor, a crime for which robbery was tho
"Bcsular" iu .Lead.
NASHVILLE. Jan. 17. Chief Ju.itice
John 1C. Shields, a "rcs-ular" Domoorat,
took the lead of Candida tea for tho long
term In the United States senate on the
fourth ballot In the atato legislature to
day Ho received ilfty-sis otca. Sixty
evcn 13 necessary to 3 choice.,
Big Corporation, Influ
enced by Supreme
Court's Recent Deci
sions, Declared to Have
Agreed to Retain Less
Than 40 Per Cent of 'H
Stock in Subsidiary
Department of Justice IH
Said to Have Accepted c':
Trust's Plan as Com- rH
promise; Eccles Heirs i'M
to Buy Utah-Idaho and
Amalgamated Shares,
Is Report. 11
IT WAS reported from a rebable. ,H
source last night' that the Amcr
i'-an Sugar Uofiniug company waf '1
about to relinquish control of the H
Utnb-dduho Sugur compaiiy, tho Anml- H
gumatcd and all its -other subbhliarv (
sugar companies as a result of the gen H
crnincnt's proscoutiou to dissolve what
U'c .dijpar.tincntuk.oJi. jju2tico-- has desig
natcd us a trust. Washington dispatcher
stale that tho American is already be
ginning to dispose of sufficient blocl.
in it's subsidiaries 10 reduce its hold 'H
iugs to between 0 and -10 per cent
so that it may bo within tho law as in .H
terprctcd by the LTnitcd Slates depart 'H
mcnt of jnstice, which is striving to 'H
enforce the Sherman anti-trust acU 'JH
Eccles Heirs Approached? ' hH
Locally.it was reported on good au H
thority that the heirs of David Eccles ''bH
had been approached and offered some
of tho Amorican company 's stock ia '
the Utah-Idaho and Amalgamated com- ' H
panics. Tho American owns more than .
50 per cent in ouch of theso sugar cor-
porations, about .'4,500,000 in the for- H
nicr and about .$1,200,000 in the latter.
If tho tmst disposes of 20 per ccni.
thereby reducing s holdings to 30 por IH
ccntj and the Eccles heirs purchase it fH
all, it is sail, they would be on the way 'IH
to securo the control relinquished, by '"H
the American Sugar Tvofinin company
and might even consolidate tho two
companies. It was said last night thai IH
Mr. Eccles issued a chock for largo
amount on an Ogden banla not long H
boforo his death, the money to bo uactl
iu purchasing sugar .stock. tJ
Compromise ReporteH.
It is rcportod in Washington that th.9 H
American Sugar Refining company and H
tho department of nusticc havo com- jf
promised tho presont case against the
trust, tho corporation agrcoing to xc- H
tain only about 30 per cent of stock in H
each of its subsidiary compa'nics, with
the understanding fhat the prosecution H
of tho corporation shall cease. T'he H
Tribune's Washington correspondent H
made inquiries in tho national capital IH
with roforoncc to this report. Offa- H
cials of tho dopaiimont of justice IH
would neither deny or confirm the ro H
Mcanwhilo Thomas R. Cutler, vie H
prcsideut of tho Utah-Idaho company. H
who is in Washington, is expected to H
return to Salt Lako January 2d". - H
Whitney Interested.
When iu formed of tho ropoi'L last H
night, Horace G. Whitnoy. secretary H
treasurer of tho Utuh-Iduho, said; jH
''This is really interesting news to
me. 1 have uot heard of it. The Amer- IH
icau Sugar Kenning company o-rrn: jH
about .$1,300,000 of our stock. If it is H
disposed of, or if tho large percentage H
you mention is disposed of, a great deal IH
of money will be suddenly dumped- upon' IH
the market. '1
M. S. Llrownipg of Ogdcn, vice prosi- -H
dont of tho Amalgamated, said: H
(T have not heard of the compromiser 1 H
but . through a recent decision of tho
Uuitcd States supremo court it waa gori- -lH
orally understood that tho 'Amorican 'H
Sugur Refining company would not bc. "
permitted to rotaiu any moro than .'35 or '
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