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Wednesday, January 29, 1913.
fl Maybe- Ibis is the "Jamiarj tbrnr"
-rrc hoar so much about.
fl It's a good thine there U plenty of
fl snow in tho IiIHb, for it's goiupr fast in
tho valley.
fl Tho Mining Exchange starts the year
-roll, under n now president. Hero's to
its prosperity!
The death of H. S. Coombs reinovog
a Trell-knoTrn old-timer and printer. He
tvae a good man, faithful and true.
I'ho Balkan mir news sinks into in
Mpittlcance boforc tho sufrngctto war
in England. And the suffragettes scorn
to bo gaining, too.
Just at the time when it is propoaod
to make divorco loss easy in Nevada
a legislator in Ohio proposes to make
fl if more easy in that State. (It's hard
to ndjust il opinions.
ice President-elect Marshall has
Til '.on a cop3 of the Sonata Manual
H! n th him to study in the Mojavo des
rt, where he has gone for n rest. Talc
.ng dryness to drought, which is worso
than carrying coals to Newcastle.
The "pork barrel" continues to roll
Hj 'n spite- of protests from sonio of the
Democratic members Mint to contimio to
to!1 it would &how bad faith toward the
public in tho Democratic pledges of
economy, But what's economy among
friends, with "pork,J in 6ight?
The Philippine question is not to bo
Hj settled by the amiable folly of a few
Democratic talkers: for a very pro
uounccd opposition to shirking rcspon
tibilitv ami making ourselves ridicu
Ions if not pusillanimous by abandoning
the archipelago has developed among
the rank and iiln of the party.
Secretary ICnox'a reply to the Brit
&h protest tin the Panama canal tolls
n generally commented on with favor
in the Eastern press. Hut it is to bo
obsnrved thai, as usual, those who hold
Hj 'he British view in this matter con
t nue to hold it. Thus, no matter how
strong the presentation, the opposition
fl htil1 opposes.
I'nclo .loo Cumion denies that he
' ""fiipg "swau songs.'- It would
o just like tho stalr.-art old chap to
"'Ohio back." And it would not be
upreccdentcd if ho should have as big
a majority with him in the succeed
sng House as there would be against
hiT. were ho a member of the House
that comes in ou March 4th.
' Tho Smoot organ sRucrs at the
" fawning subservience" of The Trib
re towards the chief of police: and
ft '-a the iamo article in which it docs
4ns u quotes from us what it holds
(oba sevore arraignment of that chief.
. ')n the one hand it had a malicious
'mom to cxtide; ou the other a defense
to make, which explains tho shifty con-
Boston Globo: "The pain in Loudon
of torno land nbuttiug on the new Mall
archway at Charing Cross for $127 a
square foot has brought ot the stuto
( aent that land at the corner of Broad
i way and Wall street in Now York at
1 'he last salo brought $55S.3o a squaro
toot, to that proporty at this corner is
i worth $24,331,831 an acrfr. Any one
who has time can take poncil and pa
ir and sco if the figuring is right."
The County Conimhsioners do sot do
woll in undertaking to evade the law
-n appointments. Tho Logislaturo is in
session, and on a proper and convincing
showing, that bodj' would doubtlo6? give
, he Commissioners authority to appoint
such officials ns aro needed. But it Is
a, bnd oiamplo for the Commissioners to
( 'uidertako trt circumvent tho law. Their
Hftious should bo straightforward and
nqnestionable, fully supported In the
The wiping out of our present revenuo
'awj and tho enactment of an entirely
ccw et, as provided in the thirteen
measurea introduced in tho Utah Sen
ate on Monday by Senator Smith, will
make the rovenno oQicers of the.coun
t' and tho State ait up and take
notice, and even if only partly enacted,
they will force much study. But if thoy
are improvements on the old system,
the atudv -.rill be good for the oflHals,
( md. wr trust, beneficial to the tax
.?Jts. Bl.1 if their jiurjose train'y
manda on tho iaxpayors, tho new will
not be welcomed, bad as the old system
We think that the public sentiment
will unquestionably upprovo the "veto
of Governor Spry applied to the bill
which was designed to force tho clos
ing of the legislative session ou the
sixtieth day as the Constitution con
templates. To pass a bill like this
would give the courts a revisory power
or supervision over the acts of tho
legislature which would in itself bo
a violation of tho principle of the di
vision of tho covernmcnt into three
independent branches; to enact tho bill
would givo the courts a powerful check
upon tho legislature.
To be sure, Souator Smith, author
of tho bill, donics this, and 6nys that
tho bill would simply establish a rule
of evidence, and therefore could not
be called unconstitutional. But tho es
tablishment of that rule of evidence
wonld give precisely- tho results pointed
out by Governor Spry in h'13 veto mes
sage; and so it comes to the sarao thing
in the end; tho courts would be in
vested with a controlling power to do
termino when tho session of the leg
islature ended, and to declare invalid
any law passed after the oxpiration of
the final hour on tho sixtieth day of
the session.
Tho veto is a good ono, and. the Sen
ate did well to refuse to pass the bill
over it.
ihnimtjm: wage commission.
A bill has "been introduced in the
lower house of the Utah legislature
13 Representative Skolficld "to es
tablish a minimum wago commission
and to" provide or tho determination
of minimum wages for women and
The wage commission which would bo
creatod on tho passage of this bill
would havo extraordinary powers of
destruction to any businetrs which it
might bo discontented with. The bill
would in fact givo that wago commis
sion completo power to break up any
business that employed women or chil
dren. Tt would Invito constant liti
gation, and would enable the commis
sion to post aa unfair and opprossivo
any firm, corporation or establishment
which it might havo difliciilty with or
dislike, subject only to review by tho
It has a number of Bpoclal provis
ions which would get people Into trou
ble all the time. An instnnce of thin
ih tho requirement which would compel
'any nowspapor to publish tho findings,
decrees, or notices of tho commission
at its regular rates for tho spaco taken,
under penalty of a fine not loss than
$100 for each offense. Tho bill mider
takcs to exempt 'an- newspaper from
a libel suit or action for damages for
publishing tho name of any omploycr
in accordance with tho provisions of
tho proposed act, "unless such publi
cation contains sonic willful misrepre
sentation." But that would be a mat
ter for tho courts to determine. In
ho meantime, the newspaper would be
under the requirement of Ihc law to
print the finding- against any concern
which the commission might disapprove,
and if the court should find that the
commission has willfully misrepresented
the concern which it finds against, the
newspaper would still havo to print tho
finding and take its own chancos on
a libel suit or judgment for damages.
And besides, if tho concern attacked
were incorporated outside tho State,
this law would bo no possiblo protec
tion against a suit for damagoa brought
in the Federal court.
Nothing of this kind could be pos
sibl' uphold by any fair court, and
we direct the attention of the legis
lature to this bill, as ouo calculated
to foment constant and bittor strife
and litigation, with the certainty of
getting people into 1 rouble constant
without just cause aud without rodrcss
for unjus.t action taken 03- tho com
mission. In- departures from well approved
mothods and principles of legislation
it is well for tho legislature alwaj's to
get the "best possible advice on such'
requirements; and wo advise the leg
islature to bo extremely cautious about
this sort or legislation, and to bring
tho provisions of any bill of this kind
within reasonable bounds.
Wo have from tho Bureau of Bail
wa Economics at Washington a To
port on railroad business for the mouth
of November last. This Bureau is es
tablished for tho scientific study of
transportation problems, and its month
ly report arc of the widest interest.
According to this report tho high
tide of business in tho United States
continued during that month to be re
flected in the railwaj- statistics com
piled bj" the Bureau from the reports
of tho railways to the Interstate Com
merce Commission. Thcso returns for
November show an increase over No
vember of tho previous year, but do
not maintain the ratio of increnso dis
played In October; whilo operating
revenues increased $122 per mile of
lino for tho month, operating expenses
increased i74, and net reveuuo onl3'
$4S.33. Taxes wcro greater than for
tho previous November, amounting to
$4G por mile of line. Operating in
como averaged $12.13 per mile of line
for each day in November, an amount
greater by $1.G3 than for November,
1911. This ia tbo entire amount avail
able to the railwaj's for rentals, In
terest on bonds, appropriations, and
For tho five months of the fiscal
year tho net operating revenuo per
mile of lino of tho Eastern railways,
compared with the corresponding
months of tho previous year, increased
0.1 percent; that of the Wctscrn ra.l
wa u-rtased 15. rcr ru, n to
creased less than ono-tonth of 1 per
For the cloven mouths of the cal
endar year tho not operating revenuo
per mile of lino of tho Eastern rail
ways, comparod with tho correspond
ing months of the previous year, in
creased 4.8 per cent; that of the West
ern railways increased 7.4 per cent,
while that of the railwaj-s of tho
South shows a decrease of 4.5 per cont.
All of which shows vor3 clearly that
tho railroad business is a vor3' fair and
striking gaueo of the goucral business
of the country at large.
The move mado upon Congress bj'
tho Missouri zinc producers is on tho
snmo line as that made by the Utah zinc
aud lead producers. Tho argument for
tho miners of each of these metals in
both States is the same. Tho argument
showing tho nocessit3 of the tariff in
order to allow of tho mining of lead and
of zinc, with the payment of fair Amer
ican wages, is complete. Thoro is no
escaping the points made. Tho duty is
a revenue producer, showing that the
tariff does not excludo tho metals, and
is in faet a competitive tariff.
There is no possiblo snspicion of a
monopoly in tho production of zinc or
of lead, for such production is widelj
Bcatterod, is on an independent basis
for ovory soparato mine or company;
there 'is no combination or trust in tho
least affecting the mining of zino or
lead, nor can thero be,
Tho assumption that the wages paid
to miners in tho mining of load and of
zinc are on a scale far boyond that of
the Mexican miner is an undoubted
fact, and It is a fact that tho Mexican
miner is tho ono most to bo feared in
this matter: as the ono who threatons
to iuvado our markets with his cheap
product and cut down tho wages of
miners in zinc and lead mines.
A far greater proportion of the cost
of producing zinc and lead goes to tho
payment of labor than in tho produc
tion of almost an- other article that
goes into our industries or upon our
niarkcte. Tho cost of this production,
thoroforo, is higher in this county than
in Mexico, and a reduction in the tariff
would open on our markets a flood of
lead and zinc produced b- the poorly
paid labor of Mexico, aud would forco
many of our lead and r.inc mines to
close down.
Tho Misfiou,ri case is precisely tho
same as our own, and wo arc glad) to sco
that tho Missouri zinc miners aTO mak
ing such a vigorous and, convincing fight
against tho reduction of the tariff.
A letter from, a medical expert has
been shown to us in support of the
bill creating a Bureau of Eugenics
which ia now beforo tho legislature.
This letter is especially earnest on tho
provisions of that hill which refer to
the sterilization of the unfit, and
against propagation by those unfit to
procreate. Tho letter calls upon all
right-minded citizens to como to the
support of this proposition. Tho stress
of tho letter ia largely dovotcd to the
consideration of the f coble-minded, and
tho elclconing misery prosen-tcd b3' thom
to thoso who have them in charge.
With all this Tho Tribuno is in per
fect agrocmont. We have approved it
hcrctoforo, and approve it now. The
namo "ougenics" is as good as an3'
other undor which to urge this bene
ficial proposition, for that it is suro
to bo beneficial to tho human raco thero
can bo no question whatover. The
feoblo-mindcd, idiots, chronic insane,
or other derelicts of humanity, should
certainly not bo permitted to propa
gate their evils upon tho race. Thorc
should be no unfortunate issue from
Buch paroutage, and tho letter docs
well when it refers to tho condition
of such persons as that of "abject
miscrj. ' '
It is justly urged that sterilization
of the unfit is tho only absolutol3' effi
cient aud humano method that can bo
applied. Tho great desideratum in all
this is to prevent the reproduction of
the unfit, and surob thoro ought to be
no objection to that, but evorv- one
ought to approve it. So far as we are
concerned, there is not only with us
a fervent approval of tho proposition,
but wo would go much further, and
apply tho sterilization process to both
sexes of tho unfit, and would apply it
also to thoso miserable males who make
their living from tho denizens of the
underworld, who attach to thoso un
fortunates, rob them and abuse them.
So that, whilo fully supporting this
proposition for sterilizing tho unfit,
Tho -Tribune unqualifiedly urges its ap
plication, and trusts that tho legisla
ture will give this proposition the se
rious attention which it merits, and
the favorable action which tho pro
tection it would give to tho hnmau raco
Thoro is a constant succession of in
ventions holpful to humanity, and some
of these aro of striking qualitj from
tlmo to time. Wo note, for example,
descriptions in the newspapers of tho j
making of a now fabric, buo3ant in
water, evidently woll calculated to re
place the ordinary life-saving belt that
is commonly carried in tho staterooms
of passengers upon ships. According to
the accounts, the paeflongers only havo
to dress in tho material nowjy fabri
cated, and thoy will bo bnoj'ed up in
tho water precisoh' ns th3' would if
thej had Ufo-preservers buckled under
their arms.
Tho substance from which this now
fabric ia mado is raised in tho Philip
pines, a sort of cotton callod kapok.
This has been all along supposed to bo
of no utility in making cloth, but a
Gcrnmn chemist named Hartivig has
I rccoded in making out of it a fabric ',
w?irh i railed "rcttung." It is said
Ittn" tha falinc qr.le prea"ntable ns j
wearing material, aud its romarkablc
propcrt3' of bnoj'aucy is its recommen
dation for clothing for thoso who
tako chip or who are much about tho
water. Tests woro made recently i
Manila harbor which demonstrated cer
tain doairable results. A woman was
kopt comfortably afloat for several
hours by an undcrvest of "rottung."
Two Foldiors in full uniform with a
"rottung" oquipmont under thoir
blouses were sustnincd easily in the wa
ter by that equipmont, and woro able
to discharge their rifles and to perform
with eafo certain evolutions whilo borne
up by the "rottung." A cushion two
feet square was put upon tho wator,
and throo men found themselves unable
to submerge it. Tho "rettung" main
tains its buo3"nuC3' from twenty-four
hours to four days, according to its
preparation, and. according to the se
verity of tho tests applied.
From all the accounts, wo should say
that "rcttung" is ono of the most valu
able discovorics of the time. It enn
oasilj- be mado to save many lives, aud
doubtless thero will bo a very keen de
maud for it. If the passengers on tho
Titanic had been clothed in "rottung,"
provided the accounts coming from Ma
nila about this now fabric are cor
rect, doubtless a vory largo numb or of
thoso who perished could havo been
saved. And with tho qualities so
claimed for this uow fabric, ver3r much
loss will "be noeded by way of equipmont
for life-saving on the stoamors, pro
vided tho passongors are provided with
suita of "rottung" to be used in easo
of emergency.
Tho Doseret News last night had a
two-column defense of tho Whitney
book concerning which we had some
thing to sa)- on Mondaj'. Wo pointed
out the evident bias and malignity of
Whitney in his treatment of tho Foderal
officials, and named especialh' .ludgo
Drummond, But the News says that
Whitney "censures nobody, not oven
Judge Drummond, except in so far as
the statement of the fact involves cen
sure." But Whitney says (see pagn
95). "Those assailed b3" Judge Drum
mond maintained that his resignation
and departure wcro owing to an ox
posuro of certain immoral acts which
causod all Utah to ring with his
shamo." And j'ct thoro is no consuro
of Judge Drummond!
For the most part the News editorial
is mcro assertion, quibble, and donial
of plain facts, for proof of which tho
book itself is evidence. Ono mattor,
howevor, is worth mentioning; that
is in connection wiLh tho Alouutain
Mcndow massacre. Wo stated that Whit
ney had suppressed the participation
of white. men in thai massacre, kiy
ing it to tho Indians. Upon this the
Nows quotes Whilnc3"?s reforoncc to
John D. Leo's leadership in that mat
ter, and where ho says in that connec
tion, "other white men took part in
tho killing.". This shows hat Whitnc3
know perfect' well but willfull sup
pressed tho facts of tho case;
that tho militia of that part of tho
tho State was ordered out aud took part
in tho massacre. This is tho crucial
point in the wholo mattor. It is not
that ' ' othor white men with Leo " " took
part in the killing." Tho point is
the official participation in it by the au
thorities in that part of tho State. To
tho claim that thoro was not spaco to
givo tho facts, wo point out that thoro
is much blank spaco on tho pago, a
small part of which could hayo givon
tho facts.
We arc quito willing to rest tho case
upon our showiug, oven with tho
opening which the News eo gaily
entered. to tho discomfiture of
Whitney, and caro nothing what
over for tho virulcnco of the Dcs
cret News, nor its citations of ap
proval of Whitiic3-'s book b persons
who do uot know tho facts of the case
and who aro, therefore, not competent
to judgo it.
Tho dispatches inform us that President-elect
Wilson has determined in hia
own mind upon the members of his Cabi
not. Ho is not 3'ot willing to name
them, nor to writo them down opposite
tho positions that tho3" arc to occup3',
but ho has thorn in his mind, and will
write them down when he gets rcad;
but until ho does so no one will know
his selections.
It in to bo hoped that President-elect
Wilon will not make needless dehi3- in
announcing tho membership of his Cabi
net; for, as explained in an Kastern con
temporary, this dolay is likely to prove
the source of vcr3 serious embar
rassment to him, and the reason
of this ombarrassmcnt is thus ex
plained: "On Mr. Wilson's re
turn to Princeton from a recent
trip it is understood that ho found
some thousands of lottery awaiting him,
mauy of them relating to the Cnbinet
question. It is more and more ovident
that tho stories about tho lack of suit
able Cabinet material arc having their
effect in encouraging hosts of unsuitable
candidates to prow their claims. Tho
refusal of thoto applications will caui-e
tho usual heartburnings and will un
doubted load to trouble for tho ad
ministration. Other considerations of
jTuoro importance also dictate greater
promptness in the determination of tho
porsonuol of tho Cabinet, ns soon as it
is possible for tho now Executive io
make his selection without too great
risk. A dela3' until tho actual opening
of tho now administration would be un
fortunate" All of which i5 not onl- plausible but
reasonable; and if President-elect Wil
son has in fact determined upon tho
metr.berphip of his Cabinot, tho sooner
be takes tho public into bis fonfidono
the better it will be.
Embroidered on Fine Sheer Batiste iftj
A very fortunate pur-
? chase of a small lot of exclus- & jAfe
ive patterns permit a price J$$
less than half. As the quantity iljjgpit
1 is limited and they cannot bep
replaced this season viS V
jL for anything near the
Wp price, we advise an 4jf' Wii 1 ?
J( early selection. gM
If) Each pattern con-
? tains 3V4 yards of f ill) fiUfi
m embroidered flounc- MiMm ftl )f
X ingv3 yds oSIr'lll w
mm embroidery WjR If i", 1 vr
AT banding and 3 j$ lM MK
usual price, ,p
ft $3.95 : $
J1 I CORNER OF I jfffx ifffo
typ 1 STATE and BROADWAY j
Restores Its Lustre, Pre-;
vents Scalp Itching; Dan
drufl: and Falling Hair.
That beautiful, oven, shado of dark,
glossy hair can only bo had by browing
a mixture of Sago Tea aud Sulphur.
Whilo it is a mussy, tedious task, it woll
ropays thoso whose hair is turning gray,
faded and streaked.
Your hair is your charm. It makos
or mars tho face. When it fades, turns
gray and looks dry, wispy and scraggly,
iiust an application or two of Sago and
Sulphur enhances its appoaranco a hun
dred fold-
Don't bothor to proparo the tonic; you
can got from any drug Btoro a 50-cout
bottlo of "Wyoth's Sago n.nd Sulphur
Readers of Tho Tribune Have
Two More Days to Clip Cou
pon for Great Books.
There was a tremendous response to
Thu Tribune's ,book bargain" last
week. Tho "bargain" was genuine,
and consisted of a complete set ot
lOvcrybody's Cyclopedia, which usually
sells for '$12, at the ridiculouslj- low
price of $2.35 for the five volumes. The
only other requirement was a coupon
clipped from Tho Tribune.
The demand was so great that Tho
Tribune felt in duty bound to give
its readers auothor opportunity, lleuee,
announcement is made clsowhero in to
day's issue that another two days will
be given to tho distribution of this
wonderful set of reference books. Next
Friday and Saturdav aro tho days and
tho price remains Oio same, $2."3u for
the five volumes complete.
Everybody's C'yclopedin is a refer
ence work that should bo in every
home. Every school boy and girl
should have access to it, and oven of
fice should havo a set on a convenient
shelf. The five volumes aro filled with
information needed by all every dnv.
It treats ."5.000 subjects, all carefully
arranged for quick reference. Just
what one needs relating to history,
biography, science, invention, art, ag
riculture," electricity, architecture all
"boiled down" to "just the point you
want. Tho five volumos arc of con
venient size and are beautifully bound
and illustrated.
The sots aro too bulky to bo sent by
mail, but out-of-town readers can have
them for $2.33, the set to bo sent b
expross, shipping charges to bo paid by
the receiver.
Look for tho coupon printed else
where in today's paper and clip it with
out delay.
Consult county clerk or the respective
ts;niirs for further Information.
John Sharp, deceased.
The undersigned will nell at pri-atc
enlo to following real properly located
In Salt Liko City. Utah:
CornmonclnR at a point 5J foot north
of the sonthwest corner of lot 2. block
75, plat A, Enlt Lake City survey In
Salt Lake City, Utah: thonco north
22 8-12 feet; thence cast 87 feet; thenco
south CSl feet; thence wei 7 feet; thonre
north ioi feet; thence west 80 feet to th
point of beginning; together with all
rights of way and eaaoments appurtenant
thereto or uaed therewith, on or after
Thursday, the 20th day of January, 1913
and written bids will bo received at th
offlco of P. L- Williams. Eaq! in the
Dweret Nwb building. Salt Lake City
Hair Remedy, " ready to ueo. This oau
always be depended upon to bring back
tho natural color and lustro of your hair
and is tho best thing known to romovo
dandruff, stop scalp itching and falling
Evorrbody chooses "Wyoth's" Sago
and' Sulphur becauso it darkens so nat
urally and evenly that nobody can tell
it has been applied. Yon simph- damp
en a spongo or soft brush and draw this
through tho hair, taking ono small
strand at a time which requires but a
few moments. Do this at nigh and by
morning the gray hair has disappeared
and aftor another application it becomes
beautifully dark and appears glossy, lus
trous and abundant. It cortninly helps
folks look years younger aud twico as
attractive, says a well-known downtown
druggist. Special Agonts: Schramm
Johnson, Drugs, livo stores,
Utah; terms of sale, cash upon confirma
tion by the court.
Dated Jan. J7lh. 1013.
Excciitoi-i) and trustees under tho wilt of
John Shnrp. rioccauod.
Younp & Moylc. attorneys. nl719
Always Fresh j
"Gold Nugget" but
ter has a rich, sweet,
delicious-like flavor
which, will absolutely
satisfy you. .
Nelson & Ricks Co.
Not in any butter trust.
No. other plan offon S
suponor inducements i S
the way of perfect i S
enntv and marRin J. M
profit than our
licates of Deposit." tI fl
principal b avaiuj? fl
when needed. lt fl
be transferred to anotfi fl
;r when desired hr 11' W
dorsement. Tho fBg; 'I
est is payable getDi.
ed to tho princ pal
bear interest. lg$ 1
Pritio1 I
Utah Savings & JVgJ
A Commercial and Savings Bw ' '
Noarly 2-1 Years Old. ,
Wlicro All tho Town
Goos Up and Down.
q The cream from?
which BLAKOH- i
ARD Butter is made I
iQi is the hest to be had, I
jgj and is all pasteurized 1,
-before being used, !
cg The result is tie 1
richest and purest a
cgi butter known. Try j!
fg it today. t ' q
& Jensen Creamery Co. 4
Investment Advice I
Wo always aro glad to h1 K
customers confer with to fl
tho investmonts thoy think of fl
making. The investing of WM
funds Ib our prof csoion, and to 1 fl
can of ton help you avoid tfca Ift
the investiuentn that vrffl Kfl
provo unprofitable. HK
Wo arc ncvor too busy to tV 'WW
tend to thcao things for yon. flj
"Courtesy, Holpfolncw, Mt
Strength." IK
$300,000.00 K
Now open for business Info K
temporary quarters, 24 id II
1st. So. Commercial tfi
Savings Accounts solidt4 M
4 per cenfc interest paid H W
savings deposit?. W
l Honest Work I ;
jj Honest Price Jm j
B P.-Unltas extraction of teeth W8 .
1 All work Kuarantoed. H
I We Treat You fM -t
n Offlco hour. S:30 a- V
Frank Knox. PretW"-
j. A. Murray. Vice P- I'
J. C. Lynch, Vice Prei-
The National Bank ot Fg ,
Republic f
Unlteo States Deposit. g
gugSSi ana'unaivldVd'PronB. .
and wide connections i
tend tho best possiblo rt iJWi
co-poratlon. wker Jf'ffi" Ml w
vldu.il. Four per cent im .Jl k,
tlmo deposit. - th frW-L1
Wc arc a member w W m
City Clem-tnt House, fl

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