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Servians, Greeks and
Lenegrins Will Make
Jil Effort to Drive the
! Turks From Europe.
Ulems calmly
JL Expect to Take Aclrian
C Within Few Days;
Embassadors Still Hope
if for Peace.
JtSiiWfl! Xws Service.
BfiCDOV Feb. l-"Tomoiiow night
Il9itinsKI spefe l Adrlanople."
Htfj member of the Bulgarian
H (ortf of l'.o powers, .which
ji jt,;t not been abandoned, the
StV-Ci qufsllon will again be sub
Mi ii tie arbitrament of arms. A
Jf l Adrlanople is not ex
MnLu tt ?.itTiOii there Ib believed
Kit io hold out longer than a
B jti it tbo moat, unless It eats Its j
jTrJUMiie r the Tu5"kii!l '
Bjfrt-M.T formidable Hian ever, j
SU? t.'J.W?. They will be opposed
Xn Dorians and Servians. The
fe pad vWtr, Shcfkct Pasha, de
tic alilcA are entirely re
Bt fir tl!C resumption of the war.
cirri the troops at Telia talja
Jttiatt the lnltiaiivo In reopening
l Ct Br'sarlans make the first
Bi'?'Ml.l. "To this he added:
Bfcii'Ury reourco? are. -far from
Hm& Volunteers arc enlisting in
BfrsUT For every man that falls
H?'1 It Is reported that fighting
M"L1 nurinj; llc I"-1 tew days bc
Bfetxwnere of the Young Turks
BJ?W:itntf' among the Tehatalja
fcfr'dOidor? of tue powers have
In:! 'heir government certain
Hfta regarding further efforts l'or
Krit offlelul view Is that hope is
flp'i'rr '051.
jBflOX, Ftb. 2.-The porle hus or
j it Tw:kt?!i plenipotcnltarlca not
f''lxr until hostilities arc ro
m Hi Inetnitled tho army to
!aii before firing a shot.
i'Oitomanfc, with tho excop
ilonlcntsrlns, the only dele
? ,s to London, remarked today
lW7 wuld accuse them of not
all humanly possible to
lct' Animated by a humanl
X'Y added, Tuikcy wished
pi utH carnasc. and wished
lJi" fertneo to the udvlco of
lpbi-l-UJush Europe hatl becn
KJiy!f' 'd of tho Hulgarlan
k K'avln London, rc
r1 hail mm n i,8 first
M0" arr1vlnff In Jxndon that
BCrplC3' 1V" ha, luptol
rl"e 10 thclr Peninsula.
M;.',c U'o Ajncrlcans of
Bl."" , 0 in'iugumico a policy
t .'-''oardnesa, aa
A'Ma , t!r frank eonduct iu
K;e,inl xaclly vhuL they
re Adrianople.
1 wprntaUvco. h SAd.
t suited to their own d!n
7, rwuinlni; hottillUoH,
tlc rgiinJ which tho
held for lhll WWon),
td,hcldca lhat ovoij k
Coy n0I"C shou,tl bQ
hnclwcd by ssy)ll(;:
understood that
Europe entirely, hor
toJ!! ,bclnK lno not
themselves ahown
!y; U oto. Turkey has
3" rill b(;Conie t,I(jlr
SuiSf of lhfc Turkish
rl4 , . ,l,,0f "on that
nntiiftB , lTo l'lted out
'S'' Ifl-i twenty
? htt S"' TnJa and
'or ! the Bar
' tto C0UlU rlst an
iBdr, a"Pcrlor In
Ki'noplo by 8tar.
fSnl hvS Proved
Bryan to Be Secretary of
'State and A. Mitchell Palmer
Secretary of Treasury.
Congressman Robert L. Henry
Chosen to Head Depart
ment of Justice:
By international ewa Service.
TRENTON". X. J., 7'eb. 2. William J.
.Bryan. A. Mitchell Palmer of Pennsyl
vania and Robert I. Tlenry of Texas
huve been decided upon as mcmbera of
the cabinet by PreKldent-clcct Wilson
and his advisers Mr. Bryan will be sec
retary of Mr. Palmer secretary o
the treasury and Mr, Henry attorney
general. Both Messrs. Palmer and Henry
have r!ccivcd an Intimation tliat a for
mal tender will bo forthcoming".
The selection of Congressmen Palmer
and Henry was made after repeated
communications between Governor Wil
son nnd his four closest advleers Mr.
Bryan and Senators Hoke Smith. O'Gor
man and Gore.
Mr. Palmer was first slated for attor
ney general after tfenator O'Gorman
himself had made it plain to Governor
Wilson that he preferred to remain In
tho senate.
Bryan's Finger in Pie.
But Mr. Bryan pointed out certain
reasons why he thought It would bo In
advisable for Mr. Palmer to servo as
attorney general. At the same time Mr.
Bryan supported Mr. Palmer and agreed
that the atate of Pennsylvania, wrested
from its place as the Republican key
stone, should be recognized.
Meanwhile Henry Mbrgenthau of New
l'orli was under consideration for sec
retary of the treasury. Senator Iloko
Smith, however, interponcd objections to
him, tho naturo of which are not dis
closed. It was then the shift was made
In Mr. Palmer's cants and ho was de
cided upon as a eultablo oecretary of
tho treasury. In this Senators Smith,
Gore and O'Gorman agreed, and Bryan
tvas entirely satisfied.
Henry's Selection.
After the attorney generalship was
thus left, open agaJn, Senator Goro ad
vised Governor Wilson that he favored
Congressman Henry' oC Texas for the
place. Mr. Bryan wrote to Governor
Wilson from Miami atromrly urging tho
appointment of Mr. Henry. News
reached the president-elect that fifteen
members-elect of the congress Indorsed
Mr. Henry, and that tho newJy elected
senator from that state, Mr, Sheppard,
wivi hlB ardent mipportcr. Senators
Smith and O'Gorman coincided In tho
vlow that Mr. Henry" was an excellent
choice. Governor Wlleon, who has
known Mr. Henry for many years, there
fore advised Mr. Bryan that ho had
made up his mind to appoint Congress
man Henry attorney general. An Inti
mation was conveyed to Henry at Wash
ington on Saturday,
Others Not Certain.
The rest of the cabinet Is In the mak
ing. Mr. Uryan Is In constant touch
with Governor Wilson. Senator Hoke
Smith 5s frequently consulted, and these
two. with Senators Goro and O'Gorman,
are giving Governor Wlleon great as
sistance In threshing out the qualifica
tions of pcraono euggetited for cabinet
Obefllah Gardiner of Mains and William
G. McAdoo of New York are In high
favor, tho first for secretary of agricul
ture and tho latter for secretary of tho
navy. Nothing ha.5 been, dncldcd, how
ever, except as to tho throe welcctlonH
herein mentioned.
Two Boys Found Dead by Gas
Asphyxiation 5" Same Bed
a I; East St. Louis.
EAST ST. LOUTS. Ul., Feb. 2- A coro
ner Jury iield tonight for the grand Jury
Mrs. Pearl Bell Stobbcnr, and Mrs. Nell
Carpcntor, mothers of two hoyn who were
found dead of gan asphyxiation in the
:iam bed this morning.
The boyH, George. Stebbctis, K! years
old. and Ralph Carpenter, 0. wan di
covered dead when Mrfi. Carpenter re
turned to her homo early this morning In
company with a man, It waa testified
ut tho coroner's Inquest. Tho other wo
man was away from home nil night, be
ing found, by the police In n Raloon at
l'l a. tii.
A gnsi plpo In a bedroom adoininr; the
one occuplod by the boys which at one
time had been connected to a gas range
was found open.
It was terUlfled that Mrs. Stnhbonu
was aeon to enter tho house In which
tho boys wore sloeplns' lato last night,
and that another man and a woman
waited for her outside the houise.
Lato Senator Eulogized,
WA S I rXNGTON, Feb. 2. Eulogies on
the life of the late Sonutor Itayner of
Maryland wern delivered today In tho
houee of representatives by Uopreacnta
llves "LcwlH. Talbott, JUuthlcum. Konlg
and Covington and other members.
Boy Cries "Fire" When He
Sees Smoke From Exploded
Reel and Rush Is Made
for Main Exit.
Eleven Injured Taken to Hos
pitals; Tragedy Causes Ex
citement in New York's
East Side!
N'EW TORK. Tcb. 2. -A bo's -r of
"fire" and Use smoke from an ex
ploded reel o a motion picture
machine In an East Side thoater
tonight resulted in a panic
among the audience of 100 pertons and
a rush for the exits in which two wom
en were killed and eleven other persons
so badly Injured that ihcy hud to be
sent to hospital?.
The panic occurred fn one of i'io moat
densely populated sections of the East
Side, and the thousands who poured into
East Houston street In front of the the
ater and rushed to the doors added to
the confusion and to the number of In
jured. The two women, who have not
been identified, were trampled to death
In the crush of the crowd to reach the
doors. '
Fire Did Not Spread.
The operator of the machine soon ex
tinguished tho burning film and the
flames did not spread beyond tho fire
proof cage In which he worked.
With the exception of one rear exit
door, the only means of escape from the
theater was through the 'main vestibule
"and it was hero, in a narrow passage,
lhat most of the injured were found.
The two women who wore killed wjro
'picked up in tho main section of the the
ater, where they had been trampled.
Steep steps lead from tho sldowalk to
the thoater entrance, and down these
hundreds fell, while those behind pilud
on top. Children became separated from
their parents and frantic searchers for
friondH or relatives mingled with tho
panic-stricken audience. It was more
than an hour before It was known defi
nitely that only two had met death.
Wild Panic Prevailed.
In the panic clothes were torn from
their wearers and the police gathered up
a groat pile of hats, coats, shoes, eye
glasses and even pocketbooks. Rings
and walohes wore among the salvage
taken to a police alatlon for Identifica
tion. At the time the panic started fully, a
hundred persons wero wailing In the ves
tibule to gala admission to the theater,
and as Ihe door burst open from within
these people were caught In tho rush.
J'lre Commissioner Johnson arrived at
the theater soon p.fter It had been cleared.
In a statemont he declared that there
woro 800 similar places in Greater New
York where conditions arc equally peril
ous. He said however, that tho ownuni
had complied with every ordinance gov
erning such places.
Four Train Loads of Excursion
ists Taking in tho Sights of"
Southern. California.
Special to The Tribune.
LOS ANGELES. Feb, 2. All Los An
geles excursion recoidn were broken to
day when 10S5 visitors from Utah. .
VRda and Montana arrived In four special
trains and two regular trains from the
Utah eapltal over tho Salt Lake road.
The Interniounlaln slates tourist will
.visit every point of Internst lit the south
land during tho next six weeks.
Many prominent men and their fami
lies are among the visitors. Some of tho
best known aro J. William Knight of tho
Knight Investment, company, our. of the
heaviest mining operators In I'Uih; T .T.
O'Drlen of the Federal Coal company. S.
P. Clark of tho Clark Provision company,
O. IJ. Howlott, president of Hewlett Bros.;
George T. Alder of the National Life In
surance company, W, H, Bramcl, attorney'
and G. F, McMonlgal of the Utah Light
& Power company, all of Sail. Lake City,
and W. E. Racluir, merchant, of Lehl.
There aro 100 traveler? from Ogden. 250
from Montana, tv.'onty-flve from Lehl
nnd a few from every (own in tho throo
states, aggregating 1083. which acta a new
record for a alngle excursion to Los An
gel a.
Monday the vlsliorn will Invade Cata
Una Island, and on succeeding days visit
the surrounding cities and towns. Thurs
day they will So to San Dtegu. Sunday
thoy will roturn to Los Angelew.
. Carnival at Panama.
PANAMA. Feb. 2. The fourth annual
carnival of Panama begnn today. The
city la gaily decorated and the festivi
ties promise, to Hurpaas all former occa
nlons. An elaborate programme of
t"rlaInmont has boon arrangud and tem
porarily business has boon au:jpetidcd.
Trial to Clear Beach Case Mystery
Rich Man Accused of Slashing Wife
On the left ia Mrs. Frederick O. Beach; at the bottom in center is Frederick O. Beach;
at tlic bottom on rio;Kt is M. S. Baughn, detective, who swore out a warrant for Beach.
In the upper right hand corner la a photograph at the Beach winter home at Aiken, with inserts
showing where the attach occurred. " 1
r 1 :
He .Will Return to Aiken,
S. C, to Face- the 'State's
1 ' j
By International News Service.
ArKBN". S. C, Feb. 2. The mys
tery surrounding tlio attack up
on Mrs. "Frederick O. Beach,
Xcw York society belle, at hor
winter collago hero on February 26,
3912, is scheduled l'or final (solution
when her husband "Beauty" Beach,
accused of perpetrating tho outrage is
callod to trial during the February
term of tho gunoral sessions court
which convones hero on Monday.
Boach, hi3 chief of counsel, Colonel
D. S. Henderson, and his vvifo have- ro
peatcdly characterized the charges
brought against the dofondant us un
true and slanderous. They hold to tho
story originally told bv MrB, Boach im
mediately after the assault that a ne
gro was the assailant. On tho other
hand State's Attorney Knbcrt 1. Gun
tor and M. S. Bnughn, who worked up
tho evidonco upon which the wealthy
New York society man waa formerly
accused of the assault, have advanced
the theory that Beach committed the
attack in a. lit. of itisano jealousy. The
man who oludod tho pursuit of a co
tone of citizens brought to the scene
of tho attack by Mrs. Beach's crios,
they assert, ""'a? whito not black and
waa instrumental in arousing tho anger
of Beach,
Scandal May Spread.
This hint of scandal, it was said to
day, might broaden into charges that
would shako tho fashionable winter
colony hero to its foundations, involv
ing the names ot! aomo of tho most
prominent, people in national and inter
national society,
Frederick O. Beach and his wife arc
residents of Itoslyn, Ij. I., and have
long been associated with the moat ex
clusive of American society. Mrs.
Beach, tho daughtor of Cortlandt D.
Moss, was formerly the wife of Charles
F. Havomoyer, millionniro son of the
founder of the sugar trust. Uave
mcycr was killed in hia homo at Islip,
L. I., in May, 1808, 03' hie own hand
it was said at tho lime. Eighteen
months later Mrs- U'avomeycr and
Beach wore married in Graco church.
The attack Mrs. Beach alleges to
have been mado by tho negro waa mado
on the lawn of Beach's Aiken home.
Sho stated that her abaailaut struck
hor to the ground with a fence picket,
slashed hor throat, tore a valuablo set
of car-rings from bor ears and rushed
awny aa hor crios brought holp. This
story was at flret substantiated by a
negro maid, Pearl Hampton, who was
was also felled by Mrs. Beach 'h assail-
(Goutlnuod on Pag Two.) .
.. , -1 i . - !
ill KILLED ir
Husband and Boarder Badly
Injured; All Three of the
Victims Cubans.
NEW YORK, Feb. - 2. Mrs. Magdalen
Herredo was Instantly killed tonight
when 3hc opened a packago containing a
bomb that her husband, Bernardo Her
redo, found in tho hall of . their apart
ment in tho Bronx. Hcrrcdo, who Is a
Cuban, and Sarah Ftightmann, a hoarder,
and also a Cuban, were badly Injured by
the explosion. At tho hospital where
they wero taken Miss Fughtmann's con
dition wa.s said to bo dangerous. f
Hcrrcdo found the bomb, and, think
ing It was a packago somoono had loft
for his wife, took' !t to her. She was
removing, thu wrapper when tho explo
sion occurred.
Pieces of tho iron and lead plpo with
which the bomb was loaded flow In every
direction. Mrs. Herredo wrs bending
over the bomb nnd Jier face wan torn
and lacerated beyond recognition. Mlwa
Fughtmann, not so close, sustained a frac
tured skull and pieces of iron ejid lead
penetrated the skull of Herredo, who alec
stood near.
Almost everything In the room waa
ahattored by tho force of tho explosion.
At the hospital Herredo said that ho
had never- received a threatening Kilter
,'Uid that ho had no enemies, so far an
ho knew. Ho aald that ho believed tho j
bomb had been Intended for aomcone
TIemido nnd hi wife aro about 15
years old. Miss Fughtmann is about f.0.
Herredo Is a cigar manufacturer.
Deputy Police Commissioner Dough
erty. In company with Inspector Faurot
of the photograph and finger print bu
reau, went to the apartment of Herredo
and begun an investigation. Shortly af
torwnrd Herredo waa mado a prisoner
and taken to the Manhattan "Eye, Ear
and throat hospital in tho custody of de
tect Ivoh for an Immediate operation.
Deputy Commissioner Doughftrty de
, clliu'd to make any statement after tho
arrest of Herredo, but remained on tho
premises for somo time afterward con
tinuing the Investigation. Photo?rraphR or
finger prints on tho pieces of tho box
which contained the bomb woro takon-
It was aald at tho hospital that Miss
Fughtmann had only a slight chanco for
It was learned later that Coroner
Hcaly had ordered tho arreat of both
Herredo and Miss Fughtmann as mate
rial wltiK'SKca. It also was ancortainod
that Mlau Fughtmann was a forowoman
In a downtown cloak nnd huH factory.
She did not go out on strike with tho
other gurmout -workers, it U aald.
Former- Postmaster Is Held
in. Ogden .City
Special to The "Tribune.
OGDEN. Feb. .Accused of stealing
a pair of fur gloves from tho ten-year-old
aon of Mrs. Gus Hansen. Frank E.
Hanson, Identified by the police as, and
who says he Is, a brother of Willard
Hanson. Salt 3ake attorney, was ar
reBtcd hero tonight. He waa locked up
at the city Jail and held without tho
privilege of furnishing ball. Hanson Is
a former poBtmnatcr of Fillmore, occupy
ing that position in 1806. He and the
police say he is a brother of George
Hanson, former secretary to United
SUitos Senator Gcorgo Sutherland, and
of John M. Hanson, traveling salesman
for G. H. Trlbo Sz Co.. liquor dealers of
Ogden. George Han ho n Is Unltod Statea
consul at Hobart, Tasmania.
Hanson was arvested at tho Elite
cafo by Sergeant C. E. Layno and Pa
trolman J. A. Kelllhor. Ho broke away,
j but tho policomon found hlrn hiding be
I hind a billboard, and took him to tho
j station, wbercho confessed to taking tha
gloves, but said 'ho did It for a lark:
lhat his intontion whs to entertain tho
j two woman with the boy, On of the
I women was Mrs. Hansen, the child's
j mother. They wero entering thu cafo
when, It is charged, Hanson snatched the
artJclea. Mrs. Hanson lives at 331 Twenty-third
Tho boy vas walking behind his
mothor and hor companion.
"Lot mo seo your gloves?" Haneon Is
Maid to have naked the child, and
grabbed thorn when they wero held up
for hl observation.
The police, who look upon tho pris
oner'. actions aa queer, lodged a charge
of petty larceny agalnct him. and he
will probably bo given u hearing to
morrow. When he waa postmaster at
Fillmoio tho postorftce waa destroyed
by fire. He waa tried on a charge of
arson, but acquitted. Other similar
charges wore made against him, but ho
win never convicted. Previous to hlo
arrest he had been In the cafe and tried
to have a check for 315 cashed, although
5127 was found In his pocket later.
Hanson was recuntly omployed as a i
special deputy sheriff at Bingham. He
camo to Ogden Friday. !
j HAVANA, Feb. 2, -An explosion in a
hardware atoro at Clonfucgoa yesterday j
resulted In thn death ot ton persons,
Including the proprietor and his wlfo and ;
their two children. Scores were Injured, j
The office of the Cuban Submarine
Telegraph company on thn opposite side J
of the street waa badly damuged and
aeveral employees were Injured. Tho In
strunmnta wero destroyed, raultlng in
th Interruption of communication, which
was reatori'd today.
A lan; quantity of blasting powder
was kept for uaJo at th store.
Voie of Only One Slate Leg- Hj
islature Is Lacking to Make Hj
Possible Amendment or" jfl
the Constitution. fl
Either. New Jersey or New
Mexico Will Have Honoi WM
of Making Up Ncccs
sary Number.
WASl'IT.NTrTOX, Feb. 2. Ratifica
lion of the income tax amend
meat by the 'necessary three- HH
fourths of the stales in the HI
Union probably will be accoindbhcd
tli is week, favorable action by only mKu
out) more state being noesvary to make
possiblo the amendment whi.h will be
come tho sixteenth article of t lie ''on
stitution of the United States. Hj
The income tax issuo waa Fubm:ltcl
to the states by .1 unanimous vole of
the Senate and a 317 to Ll majority o' Hj
the House on July 'M, lUO'.i. Tho
amendment submitted was as follow v
''That congress "hall have power to fl
levy and collect tn-c on income, from H
whatever source derived, without ap
portionment among the sovernl slat"
and without icganl to any ten-.!: v
Alabama First to Ratify.
Alabama !o! o!f the profession
ratifying states .on August 10. KM1.
and by lite end of V.) 10 the amendment
had becn approval by cisht state?. In
1911 the number wu increased tb 'ol'. "
Tn 1013 Arizona, ArLansas, Louisiana,
Minnesota and West Virginia fell i MH
Hue, making vbe totai tliirLy livc: rati
Gcatlou by but one :noro state boiii'.
necessary to adopt tho amendment.
Either New Jersey or Xcw Me.i-.
it seems probable tortight. will join the
ratification column before the end of
the week, the New Jersey :isMnbly
and the Now Mexico sonata having al
ready taken favorable action on I In.
proposal as adopted by congress.
States in Line.
The thirty-five states which already
have ratified the amendment are Ala- hB
bama, Arkansas. Arizona, California. Hj
Colorado, Georgia. Idaho, Ulinis, Tud:
ana, Towa, Kansas. Kentucky, liouiai- IB
ana, Maine. Maryland, .Michigan. Alin- HH
uesota, Mit-sissippi, Missouri, Moutuna. Hj
Nebraska, Nevada, New York, TCort.h Hj
Carolina.. North Dakota, Oklahoma. jjJ
Oregon, Ohio, South Carolina. South 9H
Dakota, Tennessee, Texas. Washington, Sfl
Wisconsin and West Virginia. MH
Four suites thua far, Connecticut. MO
Now Hampshire, Bhofle Island and Utah
have rejected tho amendment. HI
New Mexico's Ambition. B
SANTA VTD, s. M-, Feb. 2. In an ef- fll
fort to beat Ts'ew .Teraey to tho honor of
being tho thirty-sixth stato to ratify the jH
income tax amendment to tho federa
constitution. New Mexico legislative Iwl-
ors tonight planned for immediate action SH
by the house when It rcos-vcmblea tomor-
row afternoon. 8H
A poll' of the houee nhowo A.n owr- H
whelming majority of Its members fa- fl
vor.vble to the joint resolution of ratifica- HH
tion adopted by tlio fenato Saturday and IH
It lc planned to cuspend the rules and
rush the measure to lmmediato adop-
tion. ' HH
PRIKCETOX. N"- J.. Feb. 7. Preal- W
dent-elect Wlleon will go to Tronto to
morrow. There aro no scheduled confel-
encos with party leaders from outside th IH
state and he expects that most of his
time will be given to hlft New Jiirsoy loy- SH
ialatlve programme. But four we-'- re-
main before the governor will resign his HH
present poit. and a a (xmp!lrnent to him WM
tho nenate and ascembly leaders dealr
that the chief rocommondationn of hi?
mctssar, shall be acted upon befur he Hl
The presldont-olect. accompanied b Wm
Mr, Wilson and the Miehcs JcbsIo and HH
Eleanor Wilson, attended tho communion Hl
service this morning at the First Prosby-
tcrian church. After the scr-lcc the HlE
governor stoppod In the vcstlbulo to slwk. IH
haiidK with a number of the congregation
Ho did not IhIco his regular Sunday aft- fl
eritoon walk, because of the many visitor. fi
who called at his homo.
Slides Not Sorlous. WM
PANAMA, Feb. 2. The canal omclnls
siiy that they aie not ocrturbed by the
land slides wlilch have recently occurred
in tho Culebni cut and that thoy uxpect HH
to turn on the waters nt the appointed HH
tlm. This will probably be before the HH
end of the year. Dmlglng onoratlons ff
will then take the place of steam ho' cl t '
excavation. . i ' i

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