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" .: I 1
A'otable Lawyers for Million
aire in Cheerful Mood;
Prosecution Confident.
Vanderbilts and Iselins Among
Those Who Are Backing
. (he Accused.
By International News Service.
AIKEN, S..C, Feb. S. "J. huvo u
pripia .facie caso against Mr. Beach. 1
shall present it to tbe jury and let
them decide as to the fucts. "
This is (ho answer tonight; of City
Solicitor Guntor of Aikon. to the re
port said to emanate from him that
ho despairs of a vordict. against V. 0.,
othcrwiso "Beauty ,J Beach, who will
go on trial hero tomorrow charged with
murderous" assault on his wife.
The stage -is set. the actors ready
and at 0:30 tomorrow morning this
drama, of beauty and millions, which
strikes at the center of the most oc
clusive social set iu America, will he
under way.
Rich in Her Own Right.
Beside "Beauty" Boach as the caso
unfolds will sit his own wife, the beau
iiful and talontcd Mrs. Camilla Moss
ffavernej'cr Beach, who inherited some
of tho Havomeycr millions from her
first, husband and to whom tho prose
cuting attorney will point as the vic
tim of hor husband's alleged assault,
in tho moonlit garden of tho Beach
cottage in tbe carlj' evening of Feb
ruary 26 last.
A gold and jeweled pocket knife, the
gift of Mrs. Beach to her husband, will
be produced and offered iu evidence as
the weapon used. And the motive
but that is what the caso of tho pros
ecution ib expected to develop tomorrow.
B Witness for HusbanH.
Hfl ,rs. Beach will be her husband :s
IB chief witness and deny with emphasis
Wn tnat no wa ncr assailant and tho cx-
HM traordmary situation will bo presented
Btt J a prosecution directed against a man
EM Jor an attack on his wife who will de-
139 aif t a aUl tbat G W3s DOt her 8S"
KB Thomas S. Fuller, ono of the dislin-
BB guished array of legal talent who have
Hfl peen hurried into tho case to combat
KM the lono oflorts of City Solicitor Guu-
U ter, said tonfght:
BH 'We aro perfectly confident of the
mm outcome and with Mr. and Mrs, Beach
BH welcome this opportunity which we
BJ long have sought to vindicate them bc-
HJ tore the public. Thev have been
Hfl grossly maligned, as the whole world
mm will sec, when the cad of this casu is
DJ reached. '
mm Major Gyles of Aiken, who took an
HJ active- part, in tho preliminary inquirv.
fl said tonight:
Mm "Tho evidence in the case is purely
Hfl circumstantial and the decision will
Hflj rest wholly with the judgo and iury.
mm I here is this much that I wish t o have
mm Ji3?ac clear., however to our northern
mm mends. This i3 not a persecution of
H a man because fie is rich. Neither will
mm there bo any consideration shown to
mm 3lr. Beach becauso ho is not a poor
H man. If I were asked to outline tho at-
BB titede of my fellow townsmen with re-
Bjfl ZprA to tho case T would say that it is
mm simply a caso that comes before our
Hfl courts in. the regular routino of busi-
H J. M. Spain the Judge.
HH r Thre aao be tric(1 before Judge
Hfl J. M. Spain in the special session of
mm court, tho spring torin of which began
Hflj hore today. Tor tho state Citv Soltci-
HB tor Guntor will bo the lone rep'rescnta-
Hi jve4 For the defense there are Daniel
HI ?-' nderson, dean of tho South Caro-
mm hna bar and president of its bar asso
ciation; President Puller of tho De-
lancey Nicoll firm of New York, and
mm Congressman James P. Byrnes of this
Hflj district. In tho phalanx and as assis-
mm tants to those named there are fivo
other attorneys woll known in this sec
tion of tho country ns trial lawyers of
M stato and national ability. And vet, it
is not expected that the trial will Ia3t
fl mot, tlian tljreo flavs a1, tno outside.
Efforts are being ntndc on both sides
a6 a matter of fact to expedite thf
mm proceedings. For instance, Baughn, the
E detective, "who worked up the case
Bfl against Mr. Beach, will not appear as
KB a "Witness. This Tvas regarded as a tri-
fl 'imph for the defense today.
H One Witness Sick.
H Miss Lallay Wyman. who from ber
mm window on tho night 0f the assault saw
mm tho man in gray" running from the
Bfl scene, is ill and by permission of the
court and consent of counsel, her les-
HB timonj' was taken down today at her
Mm nqme by the official stenographer and
mm a.oe read tomorrow to tho jury,
fl similarly, it has been agreed among
mm 'Counsel that the testimony of Bovdn
Bfl ii1?1' a Remise of Columbia, S. C,
fl hh0i rf,ad. t0, 1 he W- Mr. ims has
testified that the substance found on
the broken blado 0f Mr. Beach's p6ck-
mm ct knife is human blood.
A subpoena also was served todav
upon the mysterious witness who is al-
mm leged to have been concealed behind
Hfl a bookcaso m tho house of Major Gyles
UM at a time when Mr. aud Mrs. Beach be-
BN Iieved themselves to be absolute v
Bfl alone.
Bfl It is expected that this witnoss will
Hfl prove to be a star for the profteeution,
mm yet the lawyers for the defonso laugh
mm uproariously when this detail is inch-
mm tioncd and dclmn to take the icti-
mm mony seriously. Jt is evident (hat some
HJ surprise is plnnncd in tho interests of
H Beach and the care with whinh this is
B being guarded adds to the deep mvs
tcry in which this case is surrounded"
H Beaches Seem Friendly.
Bfl rfi- Beach and her husband are hore
J together tonight iu the Hotel AVileox
Hfl surrounded by the bevy of faithful
Hfl friends who have supported them
HJ throughout the ordeal. And it is to be
Hfl borne in mind also that Mr. and Mrs.
fl Beach were in Europe when this indict-
RNJ ment was found and might have kept
away from Aiken and avoided thp or-
i through which they aro now about
j to pass.
1 Mies Marian. Hollins will t-catify for
Cut Out hy Ex-Wife,
She Sues for Damages
Misa Stella Blanche Oavagc
Mr. Beach, sho having been a house
guest ou the night of the assault. Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Harriman arrived here
today and it is rumored that they will
each have a Tvord to say. In addition
to those, if onhy Lo loud the influence
of their presence to the. trial, Mr, and
Mrs. "William K. Vandcrbilt arc here
ag the closest friouds and staunchest
supporters of Mr. and Mrs. Beach. The
Thomas Hitchcocks from "West bury
are on the ground; so arc Mr. and Mrs.
C. M. Oliver Iselin. Mr. and Mrs. C.
"W. Dolan of Philadelphia and Mr. and
Mrs. W. Butler Duncan.
Under tho South Carolina law it is
a misdemeanor to assault a person with
intent to kill and the punishment is at
tho discretion of tho judge.
John Holm of! Chicago Has Nar
row Escape in Ohair of Crazy
Tonsorial Artist.
CFUCAGO. Feb. S.-Tohn 1-Jolm, a
newspaper man. had one of the closest
shaves of hla life today. He was shaved
ly Perry 3D- Hall, a. barber, who con
stantly dlscuBsed tho ease with which he
might cut Holm's throat, Holm, con
vinced that the man was Insane, Jostcd
With him until he could escape from the
chair and then caused his arrest.
"It's a. fine clay," Hall rcmarlced as
ho lathered Holm.
"Uh, huh!" answered Holm out of one
corner of his mouth.
"And lt'H a fine edge I have on my
razor today," Hall continued. "In
fact "
He rested tho edp-e of the rajsor on
Holm's Adam's apple and then went
"In fact, I could cut your throat with
out any trouble. I don't believe a. drop
of blood would ahow on tho blado. It's
so keen."
"Maybo not," Holm replied, "but think
how It would muss up the towels."
"Yes, yoF." Hall laughed. "Sure. No
body would blame me, though, If I did
cut your throat, would they?
"Oh, no," Holm agreed, "but we'ra old
friends, 60 put It off a few days."
"When tho shavo was finished Holm ro
fut?cd shampoo, massage or hair cut. He
hurried out and got a policeman. The
barber's sanity will bo investigated tomorrow.
By International Ncwa Service.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 3. Winning ito
way to favor In the house, the two-bat-tlcshlp
programme for this session of
congress 13 today almost assured. The
majority of the house committee on na
val affairs i In ravor of reporting out
a bill that will be satisfactory to nfl who
advocate an adequate nan.
Tho senate naval affairs committee has
gone on record In proposing a return lo
the two battleships a year programme,
adopted fomo years ago, until there shall
have been completed a battleship fleet
for both the Atlantic and Pacific coasta.
The argument of Colonel George W.
GoclhalF. chief engineer of tho Panama
canal, that the safety of the canal de
pends on the strength of the American
fleet, has sunk Into the house members,
and navy advocates throughout the coun
try have boen urging their Democratic
representatives to support the programme-
CHICAGO. Feb. 3. Frank M. Rvnn, the
convicted labor lender, who arrived In
this city early today after being re
leased . on bond from the fcdcr.il prison
In i,eavenworth, Kan., spent the day In
conferences with hin attorneys and labor
men here.
ttyan plans to leave for Indianapoll3
tomorrow. A special convention of tho
ruidge and structural Iron workers'
union will bo held February 2i In In
dianapolis. Ryan conferred " today con
cenilng plans for the liberation on bond
?l R- .i1niI?ounh?n. aml w,l"am Shupe.
the two Chicago labor men otlll confined
at Leavenworth.
There are only 150 " Mosida-by-the
Lake" 40 aero irrigated tracts. And
tney are going mighty fast. Call the
Rational Savings & Trust Co,, Top
Poor, Walker Bank Bldg.. Salt Lake
City, Utah, for complete information.
(Advertisement )
New Yorker, Reconciled to
Former Spouse, Is in Breach
of Promise Tangle.
By international News Service.
NEW YORK, Feb. 3. MIfs
Stella Blanche Savage, said
to be a member of a promi
nent Pittsburg family, has
filed papers In her suit for
?60,000 damages for breach of prom
ise to marry against Aldcn Sherman
Price. All because Price has become
reconciled to ids divorced wife and
says he docs not now care to. marry
Miss Savage. At least, that is her
version of the story.
Price, although but 20. Is prominent
in New York commercial circles.
'Miss Savage alleges that Price, after
his wife had divorced him, request
ed that she (Miss Savago) becoraa
his bride some time. In June, 1013.
George and Mar' of England
Fear Suffrage! c-s and an In
dian Assassin.
Special Cablo to The Tribune.
LONDON. Feb. 3. Admittedly fearing
a suffragette demonstration, but, ac
cording to semi-official roports. more
afraid of an Indian assassin, King George
and Queen .Mary motored from Windsor
to Buckingham palace today. The jour
ney was marked by the most elaborate
procautlons against attack ever provided
fen- a British ruler of modern times.
It has been rumored for Home weeks
past that the attempt to assassinate the
viceroy of India. Lord Hardlnge. was
only tho forerunner of a similar attack
on the king. Consequently their majes
ties, and tho Prince of Wales as well,
have been under constant surveillance of
Preceding tho royal automobile today
was another machine filled with detect
ives who scrutinized every Inch of the
road to guard against ground glass,
which it had been rumored the suf
fragettes would scatter along the road
way. Another car carrying six Scotland
yard detectives followed their majesties.
The king and queen came from Wind
sor for the prft-Lenten court. The first
leveo for the men will lv held tomor
row and the llrat court will he hold Fri
day night. To guard against suffragette
antics, every woman guest will have to
be Identified.
MEMPHIS, Tcnn.. Feb. 3. Except for
the unexpected collapse of 200 feet of the
southern end of the crevasse at Buelah,
Miss., widening the gap to about COO feet,
the flood situation along the Mississippi
river was not materially changed today.
The widening of the Buelah gap. how
over, will cause the Inundation of a much
greater area than at first anticipated.
Tho task of caring for refugees already
Is assuming larger proportions than lo
cal resources can master.
Residents of the overflowed section in
the vicinity of Benolt adopted resolu
tions at a mass meeting today describing
tho situation as appalling and appealing
to congress for relief.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 3. President
Taft declared tonight that forceful pub
lic speakers almost Invariably wore stu
dents of the Bible. Ills viow was made
known in a letter read at cxerclsios at
tending the opening of a new church
building In It he declared the men who
speak with telling force "arc those who
are able to give illustrations from holv
writ: who aro familiar with the stories
i of holy writ and who can tell them to
their audiences,"
For a sprain you will find Chamber
lnin's Liniment excellent. It allays
the pain, removes the soreness, and soon
restores tho parts to a healthy condi
tion. 25 and 50 cent bottles ior sale
by all doalors. (Advertisomeut.)
J Gust Nash Faces Problem
That Is Driving Him to
Verge of Madness.
With bis wife bedridden, stifling the
groans that suffering would force from
Dor lips, with nothing In the house for
his six children to cat, and thrco monlhu
behind In his rent. Gust Nash, a laborer,
living In tho rutir of 51 South Fifth West
streut. Is facing a problem that he con
fesses is driving him to the vergo of
Until ten days ao Nash was earning
?1.7n per day. Then his wife had a re
currence of symptoms of appendicitis,
for which disorder she underwent an op
eration three months ago. Nash had no
choice but to slay home and nurao hor,
for $1.75 a day could not go far toward
paying for the services of a trained nurse
after it had been drawn upon for the cost
of meals for eight Then the larder, un
rcplenlshed by tho purchaser ordinarily
made possible by the dally wage, became
exhausted of food for the little ones.
The mother was too HI to oat. Hollow
eyed from sleepless nights at the bed
side of his helpmate, Nash confessed last
night that ho had oxhuusled his resources
and Ingenuity In his efforts to play at
ono time the roles of father, mothor and
"If my wife could only be taken care
of the rest would be easy," said Nash.
"I dare not neglect her, If I had tho hearc
to do so. for the children need her more
than they need mo or anything except
food. They arc crying for that now,
and I am helpless."
As ho spoke the stricken mothor took
from under hor pillow an apple, loft a
few minutes before, and handed It to
the baby that pleaded for bread and but
ter. Nash explained that tho condition
would ho helped some if his boy, 15 years
of age. could get employment.
(Continued from Pago One.)
act to submit the ordiuaucc to tho vot
ers of tho city at either a special elec
tion or at the ensuing general city elec
tion. Any number of ordinances ma3'
be voted upon at the same election, but
not more than ono election shall bo
held in six months for this purpose.
Rests With People.
The board of commissioners is giveu
power in tho bill to submit proposi
tions at regular citj elections for tho
repeal of ordinances previously ap
proved by the people for tho amend
ment of such ordinances. No ordinance
proposed by petition can be repealed or
amended except by tho vote of the
WftenQVor any ordinance or proposi
tion is required by law to bo submit
ted to the voters at auy election tho
bill directs tho city recorder to causo
such ordinance or proposition to be pub
lished for not more than twenty daj's
and not less than live days boforc its
En all cities of the first and second
class, under the recall provision of the
bill, tho holder of any elective ollico in
the city government may be removed at
any time b' tho electors qualified to
vote for his successor. The number of
voters named in the bill as requisito to
a recall petition, is 25 per cent of the
number cast for mayor at the last prG
cediug election at which a mayor was
chosen. This number mny be changed,
however. The author of the bill said
last night that, tho number would be
fixed at a percentage l,hat would be con
sidered sullicient to safeguard both the
rights of the public and the oflicehold
crs. One proposal being considered is
lo reduce the number to 20 per cont and
to require that each signer anpoar per
sonally before tho city recorder to siga
the petition for tho recall of an olVicor.
Provides for Successor.
The recall petition must demaud the
election of a successor to the person
sought to be removed and a general
statement of the grounds for which the
removal is sought. Within tcu days
from the date of tho filing of tho recall
petition the city recorder shall examine
the petition to ascertain whether or not
the petition is signed by tho requisite
number of voters. If the examination
ot the city recorder discloses tho fact
that the petition is insuflicient the pe
tition may be amended within the en
suing ten "clays. If the petition is found
to be sulficcint tho recorder shall trans
mit it to the board of commissioners
without delay.
To Prevent Delay.
The board of commissioners will then
order and fix a date for holding the re
call election, not less than thirty nor
more than forty days from the time the
recorder has notified tho commissioners
of the sufficiency of the petition. The
election shall he held in a manner iden
tical with the holding of other city
elections. The successor to the person J
recalled shall servo during the unex-
fiired term of his predecessor. Unless
he candidate sought to bo removed
makes a request otherwise in writing
tho city recorder shall placo his name
on tho official ballot witnout his having
been formally nominated. All other
candidates for tho office shall be nom
inated In the manner that candidates
for city offices aro now namod.
At the recall election if some can
didate other than the incumbent re
ceives the highest number of votes the
incumbent shall be deemed romoved
from offico upon tho qualification of hia
succossor, and the person receiving the
highest number of votes shall succood
him. If the incumbent receives the
highest number of votes he shall cou
tinue in offico.
There is no bettor medicine made for
colds than Chomberlaiu 's Cough Rem
ody, It acts on nature's plan, relievos
tho lungs, opens the secretions, aids
expectoration, and restores tho system j
to a healthy condition. Por salo bvj
all dealers. (Advertisement.) I
CHICAGO. Feb. 3. The playing of "My
Country, 'Tls of Thee," prevented a
panic In a west side motion plcturo ahow
tonight when cmoko from a burning
building near the theater came through
the door3.
Salt Latere in New York.
Special to The Tribune.
NEW YORK, Feb. 3. Great Northern.
I. R. Rlcharde: Imperial, Mm. H B
"Seese: Waldorf, O, H. Ostler, J. T' Mc
Donald; Park Avenue, S P. Schramm,
Mm, f. A'. Schramm.
Company Is Preparing for
Various Extensions of
lis Lines.
In preparation for various extensions of
the lines of tho company, the manage
ment of tho Utah Light &. Railway com
pany has just placed orders for 20C0 tons
of rails and other materials necessary In
proportion. All of tho material will bo
hero within six weeks or two months
and tho work of putting in the extensions
will he rushed. Among tho longest of
tho extensions planned will bo about rlvo
miles that will ho added to the Holliday
Machinery for additions to the power
plants of the company in Ogden canyon
and Big Cottonwood canyon are 'begin
ning to arrlvo and the work of putting
It into placo will be started as soon as
the weather will permit. In tho moan
time, every preparation will be mado so
that tho work can be rushed from the
time that it 1b started.
General improvement work requires
much attention on the street railway
system in addition to tho extension
work, and the company will havo a largo
force of men at woric as soon as tho
ground thaws so that it can be worked.
"Railroad Notes.
H. W. Prlckelt, commercial agent, and
E. E. McDaneld, traveling freight and
passenger agent, for the Chicago fc Alton,
both with hoadquarters in Salt Lake City,
roturned Sunday night from an ex
tended business trip through tho north
west. They report business good, al
though they had to dodge snowdrifts In
tho Cascade mountains. Tracks are all
clear there now, they say, but the snow
was twenty-seven feet deep on tho
Northern Pacific and forty-three feet
deep on the Great Northern in some of
the mountain passes.
D. R. Gray, asBlstant general freight
agent for tho Oregon Short Line, went
to Helena yesterday. The object of his
visit to tho Montana capital is to attend
a hearing of the interstate commorce
commission that will be held there Feb
ruary 5.
J. B. Durham, chief rate clerk for the
Oregon Short Line, is in Seattle attend
ing a rate mooting.
G. W. Feakins. who was formerly lo
cated In this city, ha3 been appointed
assistant to the traffic manager of tho
El Paso & South Western system, with
headquarters in Chicago. The appoint
ment was effective February l. Mr.
Feakins was formerly traveling frefght
agent here for the Rock Island Irouto
and later occupied a similar position
hero with the Colorado Midland. He left
hero about eight years.
Three former governors of Utah will
head tho reception committee at the in
augural ball 0 Governor William Spry,
to bo hold at the Hotel Utah on Feb
ruary 32. They are Arthur L. Thomas,
who was a territorial governor; llobcr
AL Wells and John C Cutler.
Other members of tho rocoption com
mittee which wa6 chosen last night by
the committee ou arrangements are: M.
S. Browning and Ralph. E. Bristol of
Ogden, W. L Boylancc of Provo, Hor
aco G. Nobeker of Logan, E. W. Dunn
of Brigham City. George Jt. Whitmore
of Nephi, Frederick Stoignicyer, Joseph
15. Caine, Dr. C. G. "Plummer, George L.
M"errill. John. P. Bennett. 6. .7. Salis
bury, S. A. WTiitncy, Elias A. Smith,
Carl A. Badger, D. S. Spenecr. C. S.
Tingcy, W. F. Adams, J. It Mandcr
tield, Joy H. Joh naou, George II. Dorn,
E. C. Ashton, John M. Hayes. W. D.
Biter and J. T. Hammond.
Tho receiving line at the reception,
which will be held just prior to the
opening of tho ball, will probably in
clude Governor William Spry aud "Mrs.
Spry, Secretary of State David Matt
son and Mre. "attson, Senator Ilcnry
Gardnor, president of the senate, aud
Mrs. Gardner, Representative W. J.
Sceloy, speaker of the house, and Mrs.
Sceley; General E. A. Wedgwood and
Mrs. Wedgwood and C'olonol Rodney T.
Badger and Mrs. Badger.
"When tho bowels become irregular
3'ou are uncomfortablo and tho longer
this condition exists tho worse you feel.
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by using Herbino. Take a dose on go
ing to oed and see bow fine you feel
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Five (5) Good Stores.
By International News Service.
NEW YORK, Fob. 3. While repre
sentatives of the railway firemen were
busy today in the Broadway Central
hotel counting the ballots sent in by the
firemen in the referendum strike vote
which ends on February 10, the rail
roads, through Chairman Leo of the rail
way managers committee, said they ex
pected no strike, and also mado a' con
cession regarding the proposed arbitra
tion commission to settlo the firemen's
demands. The railroads expresB them
selves' as willing to accept a committee
of five arbiters. Tho railroads apd tha
firemen, under tho railroad plan, arc each
to name ono man of this committee, and
the chief Justice of tho supreme court,
or the chief justice of the commorce
court, tho other three.
Nicholas Arraigned.
CLEVELAND. O.. Fob, 3. JamcB M.
Nicholas, the mining stock broker whose
operations in north Ohio cities are al
leged to havo netted him in the neigh
borhood of half a million dollars, was
brought here today from Boston. The
charge against him la using the mails to
defraud. His bond was fixed at 520,000.
Italian Aviator Killed.
TURIN Italy, Feb. 3. Giuseppe No
sari, an Italian aviator, while making a
flight at tno aerodrome here this after
noon, fell with his machlno from an al
titude of 100 feet and received Injuries
wnlch resulted in his death. Nosarl was
82 years or age, and a native of Benramo
Lombardy. '
Colds. Weak Lungs. R
Coughs, Wsa&Throaits. I
Sold (or 70 years.
Ask Your Doctor, j
Wm. H. and H. K. Vard Be
ing Held in Los Angeles.
Pending Investigation.
Special to The Tribune.
. LOS ANGELES, Feb. 2, .Declared by
the police to have operated in Salt Lake,
San Francisco, Los Angeles, San JDIego
and possibly other cities. William IL
Ward, 22 years old, and his brother, H.
IC Ward, 24 years old, are being held In
tho central police station on suspicion
pending a thorough investigation of a
number of burglaries alleged to have
been committed by them.
Tho Wurds were arrested in a room-'
Ing house by detectives who were search
ing for the men, who were reported as
missing by relatives In Hounton. Tex.
Loot from nearly fifty burglaries per
petrated in many cltleu, and totaling in
valuu more than ?25,000, was found in
tho room.
Diamonds valued at approximately
?1 0,000 were found in a small purse
tucked away in ono of the suit cases.
Tho loot consists of nearly everything
portable, from a dress suit to a dia
mond studded watch, and Is contained In
two trunks, seven suit cases and three
valises, each of which is filled to burst
ing. There is a third man for whom tho
police are seeking, but he got aivay, A
fourth mnn, whom the polico refuse to
name and declare is inriocont, in also be
ing hold at the city Jail, presumably as
a witness.
Tho burglaries in Salt Lake, portions
of loot from which were found in t.h
possession of tho Wards, nccordlng to
the police, were of such importance that
descriptions of the stolen articles were
sent broadcast over the southern terri
tory. It was by means of tho descrip
tion of diamond Jewelry for tho most
part that tho loot has been identified
No official information concerning the
arrest of the "Wards had been received
by tho local police up to an early hour
this morning. According to the record
of burglaries within the last year in Sail
Lalco, few, If any, diamonds stolen from
this city could havo found their way Into
tho collection discovered in the rooms of
the alleged burglars. It is thought, how
ever, that the advertised stolen property
referred to as having come from Salt
Lake might Include goods stolon hero
from the Barbers Supply company on last
October 2S, and tho King-Browning
Hardware company on November 12. The
goods taken from the Barbers Supply
company. Including razors, electric mas
sage maohines, eta, estimated at 51200
value, and much the same from the hard
waro store, including a collection of
Pocket knives, amounting to about $SO0.
Shortly after tho two burglaries the
P'ice. ;ier, ?ot track of thre men who
loft Salt Lake for Nevada, ostensibly to
obtain work. It Is said that they had tho
stolen goods in rolls of bedding, and that
they did not stop to obtain tho Jobs that
they had asked for whsn they left here
Attorneys for the Utah Po-wer &
Light companj' yestorday appeared be
fore Judge Marshall in the United
States district court and argued a mo
tion to dismiss two suits against the
Tclluridc Power company, which has
beon absorbed by the former corpora
tion. The matter was taken under ad
visement. The suits wcro filed on the ground
that the compnny wan operating on
land now part of tho Wasatch national
forest and ou national forest ground
in Cache county without, obtaining the
necessary permission and paj-ing the
necessary fees required by the secre
tary of stato.
An account of $52.5o presoutod by
UJiaries Baldwin, United States coin
missioner. was approved. Affidavits
were iilod against the J. G. McDonald
Chocolate company, charged with vio
lating the pure food laws by misbrand
ing and adulterating cocoa.
Tho demurrer iu the case of P. J.
Moran against the Pacific Reclamation
company was overruled and tho de
fendant given thirty days in which to
filo an answer. The bankruptcy case of
George V. Ballard was argued and ta
ken under advisoment.
Tit tho onso of Eliza Williams nd
others against the Utah Consolidated
Mining compahy aud others, a motion
to remand to ho district court was
argued aud taken under advisement. W.
II. Folland and Edward D. Dunn were
admitted to practice law in the Unit
ed States court.
James Murney was awarded a judg
ment for $100 against the Daly West
Mining company.
Tho caso of' the Minors' Smelting
company against the Majostic Copper
Mining & Smelting company was dismissed.
By International News S-ervIce.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 3. Lawyers of
both houses of congress differ as to
whether the constitutional amendment
agreed to Saturday by the senate would
affect the term of President-elect Wilson.
Preponderance of opinion, however, Is
that If ratified during President Wilson's
term it would automatically be extended
to six years Tha proposed amendment,
while It imposen certain restrictions with
regard to the futuro, declares specliV
cally that "the term of office of the
president shall be six vears."
ALBANY, N. T.. Feb. 3. Four mur
derers will pay the penalty for their
crimes In this state tho week of Febru
ary 10. Governor Sulzer announced to
day that he had refused to oxtond clem
ency. The condemned men are Bishop,
who killed Mrs. Margaret Bell laat Octo
ber; Donuto Cardillo, who murdered Ste
kphen H Dicknon in May. 1912; JoBoph
Garfalo. who killed his wife In July. 1011.
J and Frederick A. Poulln, who 3hot
tUiarlos Leonard In August, 101L
1 BlBhop. Cardillo and Garfalo will ho
j put to death at Sing Sing prison, while
Poulln will be electrocuted at Clinton
' Leaves Estate to Daughter.
' The will of Margaret Wilson, be
queathing her estate, valued at about
S10.000, to her daughter. Elizabeth A.
Redden, and her grandchildron, John and
Kcta Thompson, waa Hied for probate In
the district court yesterday. Accom
panying it is a petition by Mrs. Redden
for letters of administration. Mrs. Red
den inherits tho real' estate, consisting
of four lots, at the corner of Eleventh
East and Eleventh South ntreets. and all ,
the remainder of the oBtate, with the
exception of 5100 each, which goes to
tho two grandchild rnn.
HMIfS; ;;;; J
Time It! "fc 1
Gas, Sourness ana H
Bo some food 'fl
taste good, but Wftpir tht l M
into stubbori! ? Ittm il
onr, gassy stomach? nic?S
Mrs. Dyspeptic, jot hlfr' W
Diapepsiu digorti - ' W !
nothing to 8onJv;g1B
never was anvtC p ct ?4 H
so certainly 3Q $M
how bad y your ,o
you irff2,uflH
ntcs, but what pKSc?!? km
it strengthens 1 anl Jr?5sl
rtoniach so you can J M
foods without fearn Wl TWrjjH
Most remedies avn v t W
times-thoy are 0J J0? 'MM
Diapcpsm i5 quick, norit;-
your stomach 'in i 5e tM
so tho misery won 't
You MretaVM
Jrfn .comos n contact with itf M
.distress jn,t vanisCl ' s 9
"gets sweet, no RWc n7-ftrB
eructations of unnuw tyM
head clears and"?
Go now, mftkc- tl0 bife W
you over mado by eatHnmS
fifty-cent case J M
from any drug store. PT a iM
five minutes how needles, it FWM
fer from indigestion TibB
stomach disorder ' ffijM
Coroner's, Jury Returnsjw
did After Inquest ifj
Hazel Thompson's DatM
For the purpose of Icqolnsr tJJ
circumstances incident to tt dM
Hazel Thompson, is yeari cf z.:lX
ter of Homer Thompson of IhM
Utah, at a private uaiijifcaiflB
street. Friday night, a corcst1, yS
was held by Justice Harry a EuB
At the conclusion of the
following verdict tras rendered 'VB
Jury: "We find that Hi:el TziM)
came to hor death on Fridiy, JiaSB
from takiDg cyanldo of potiiiiaB
suicidal intent. tVo lay no bUm oB
outsldo parties,"
The witnesses examined nea B
B. bprague, S. II. Allen and b9H
MJddleton; R. E. Fair, drur dtftiH
Wlllca-Horne drug store; larA-mm
Millard May and O. K. McGrair. ,VH
light was shed on the cirl'j tra&lHI
by the inquest Dr?. Sprapji ujBi
each testified to havlnc been taH
after the young woman bid tiljH
poison and to finding that itsttMm
sued before their arrival at tiUmm
tarlum. Dr. Mlddleton testified mm
operated on Miss Thompson (or'H
(Ileitis last Docember P E. fttjH
testimony to the effect that lit jJmm
two ounces of potassium crisiiilK
young woman, only afly the WjK
plained that sho wanted it toTvaAm
ing some silver plating, and itofiBl
signed tho register as "Aim BttSJjK
Logan, Utah.7' The meraben rtMp
Jury were J. L Davis, C. A. ftt)jm
and Edward Oretm.
Here is a message of pi unBi
choer from MJrs. C. J. Manii, JMji
Mill, "Vs.. who is the molbcrotGjJw
children.' Mrs. Martin tu 0vm
stomach trouble and conitipiMK
Chamberlain 'a Tablets after
of sufforing, and now Hiaijp
these tablet to too public. SjUlfW,
dealers. (AdverlLmMS
NEW YORK, Feb. .-Tfce ttWk,
on which Jared V. Flags MiifltHfg
trial on charges of fraudulent
mails was overruled today Jf f9F
Hough in tho federal court. PWg
alleged In the indictment ij'Wt
tended did not show eufridcal "mmi
warrant the accusation.
pools with money cntnisted w
persons desirous of speccuiW
stock markot, "went 'on Jii fT
of his customers and ,,Mm
others, It Is also charged Gg
Flagg was carryin? ou n .TE
open accounts, enmn v5r?JJMS
stock, hla transactions wlth,M'f:
cemed only about 1000 tofimW
he mado secret profits tnroJfJ Tip"
from brokers. . ......AjiWfe
In disposing of the d'VfBfl
Hough said: -njfl
"Tho substantive ch& ?tBlD
to thls-that FlflSS. Prttcaf j4 Mm
late In stocks for c .wlMF
lers; he did not do It. i LBf
money as if he had stcub W tH
and then rought to TmW
'customers' by representtaj T flr
ablo had been the oPajBr
comers. Nothing but i f
whother this storylstrwJJfBl
40 acres of "Honda-h i
irrigated land will $fJjMm
' dependence class SflMr
mation is yours for AflBL
Savings & 'Trust Co.. IftXMk
Bank Bldg., Salt dSK
By International News AMt
WASHINGTON. F?;.,rn;Sf4B 1
Mrs. Taft " the JI lMU
secretary of agriculture J
fon. and his daughter,
tonight. This l A imk'
dinner Secretary fjre jdMKa
honor of a chief ox ecu rfrffc
and It also marks " 0 ,
tircmentfrom public life.
A distinguished ll eM ta
present, indud In fig AS
Champ Clark. Mr. ana j flfcAu
negle. Huntington ii-n ,er(ipai
rott. Miss Flora wllso n v
mosts after dinner by "8C
of old Scotch airs. m
The Groundhog saw WL
Sunday. That means
weeks of winter. W ML
we've got plenty of
Phone Wasatch "J. tWLf
Blue Wagons Bnnff Qp

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