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J ii mill
Successful the Greek
jL j Will Enter the
Kanelles, Destroy
JeShip of the Enemy
MjTum Their Guns
&on Constantinople
M&ort Order.
w Being Made to
ft Ae Crown Jewels;
Mmkardment of Ad
SLopIe by Bulgars;
Jyjek Premier Predicts
WKeby the Beginning
;Kext Week.
I my, Feb. 6. Tbo Bui
pais are devoting their chief
I tSaiioa to the bombardment of
iiraioplo and an. attempt to
Htli (hllipoli peninsula and so
ffclaiut forts in tlio rear,
titchl dispatch issued at Con
a iidlcatcs tliat tbc Bui-
kr been successful in thoir
jjstttai in tho latter quarter,
ipp to i Sofia dispntch, the
t G!liroIi is tbo chief object
bWpriiw for tlio time being,
"Vl'iraj attempt will bo made
ilUTdiatalja lines.
Kitopatch says that the Bui
JtKi on Gallipoli is supported
fcfrwi navy in the Gulf of
iWtj thousand Bulgarians were
Hat tMe coast last November,
J7bi presumed that during the
sfiis force was strengthened
P tit Bulbars capture the
Ffoj fhero is nothing to pre
t Creek fleet from entering the
Jk wleio, in the opinion of
it easily could defeat the
IlJckisli fleet, ia which caso
wild he at tbo mercy
articoplo correspondent o
Jv1!4 Icsdit a Grange story, re
iwltbo remnant of tho Turkish
MMtir, which has never
J accounted for, still is
J'tat district and bus cap
"VJPrfant town of Koritza,
"Smiles from Mouaslir.
,u Money.
nt attributed to the
J.M. enizelos, that peace
"6 concluded, tends to
port current in European
fejjf"1 dav to tbo saino
inA Cro 1135 bcon ovi
! iipo of fresh diplomatic
PportU. Tho Turkish
. OHcrcr, L, in diro
J attempting to dispose
airtJp10 Paco treasury
C 1110 0tt con.
(HL. t0 havo aPPca
MttL aatins t0 5,000,000.
Bp till m P an "ndcr nich
MWrAr VOr n lotion of
Ia6 co'rtipf8" ,,uc oredls
Jawndent. Ellis Acli-
B' ?f nil. 15 h pcopU- arc ''
K. "lercnt Z i?, th(iy aro
K 'ifid t0 lJhe coup d.etat
KZ?1 by Adr'aiiopIc. but
t7 lht m,HtukfJ- "nce
State Food Commissioner
Urges Necessity of Law Re
garding; Handling; Foods.
Richmond Dairyman Tells the
Farmers Production of But-"
ter Fat Can Be Increased'
Special to Tho Tribune.
JXGAX, Feb. 5. Wlllard Hansen. Jr.,
stute dairy and food commissioner,
scored Hie prepared foods that aro on
thc marlcct, urged clennllncss among
munufacUircrs and producer? of. foods,
and rapped somu of the Utah bakers
hard in aspocch delivered at a con
Joint session of the fai-mora round-up
and housekeepers' conference here to
night, lie said that a 1&tv in tho Inter
est of further clennllncss was absolutely
necessary, as Micro Tvcr'o too many per
sons afflicted with contagious diseases
handllnp articles of common ue -while
they were bcinr prepared.'
Bakers Hit.
Quotio an article In the Xcw York
Globe as to the refuse aged by bakers,
such aa -vonny currants and raisins, rot
ten criers, bad nuts and feremented fruit,
ho said he had ascertained that tho same
practice was being' followed by some bak
ers in Utah. The present hij;h prices,
ho said, were an induccmont to the bak
ers to commit this sort of fraud.
Ho said ho had often been asked why i
his department did not confine its ef
forts to instnictliiff the people rather than
prosecuting thom and replied that -ivhllc
the people had been instructed for many
years before thc food bureau was cre
ated, ho found when he assumed office
Uiat there had been practically no
changes In dairying methods In thirty
years. Since that time there has been
an incrense In efficiency of 100 per cent,
he declared.
He told thc farmers u-ho used prepared
foods that they wore sclllnjr their wheat
from 50 to SO cents per bushel and then
paying at the rate of 524 a bushel for it
when it was returned In the form of pre
pared food. There was moro nourishment,
he said, in four ouncen of wheat gTonnd
In a coffee mill than there was in a whole
package of prepared food. Ho urged
farmers to have their daughters trained
In tho art of preparing these dainties,
rather than have them taught accom
plishments and thcu buy the -prepared
Profit in Cows.
Things tiortaining to dairying wero tho
topics of discussion at the farmcra'
round-up today and practically all phases
of that important industry wero treated.
A. K. Kisser of the United States de
partment of agriculture talked of dairy
buildings and tho site.
Professor McNatt discussed feeding
for milk and U. H. arcCartney talked on
feeding dairy calves. A most Inter
esting talk w;ls mudo by J. "V, Hen
dricks of Richmond, who told what up-to-date
dairying had done for his town.
Ho pointed out that whllo the avcrago
yield of butter fat among tho cows of
the state is 150 pounds per annum, and
the avcrago yield in Cache county Is 164
lxninde, In Richmond, whero careful at
tention has been given to breeding, the
average is 254 pounds. According to ZUr.
Hendricks, SSOO.OOO is paid tho farmers
of this county for milk every year.
Declines to Outline Probable Ac
tion as to Claim Agniusb
Ecclcs Estate.
Siucc the Ecclcu hciTH filed a potitiou
for letters of adniiniiitxatiOD in Ogdcn
Tuesday there has been Considerable
rpcctilalion as to what Mrs. JlargaTat
Gcddcs of 126 East Twelfth South street,
tho widow who claim3 tbafc bor thirteen-year-old
boy Albert is thc son of tho
Into David Eccles, will do. No pro
vision i'or Mrs. Gcddcs or her sou iH
montioucd in tbo petition, "VYhcn Fcen
at hor homo last night ATrs. Gcddcs
Fecmod doubtful aB to wbethor eho
would Glo any claim, declining to dis
cuss tho matter.
Tbn mother said' sho had nothing to
gay at- prcficut, but intimated, that sho
might havo a statement in tho ovont
that auy action was taken against the
Ecclos obtate. Sho admitted having
been absent from the city a short time,
bnt deniod that hor visit to Preston,
Idaho, had anything to do with thc
"L do not know whether T have a
case," bho said when prcBsod for :i di
rect answer m to wbolbor hor absenco
had any connection with hor claim. 'I
havo said nothing for publication, and
do not intend to say anything until the
proper tinio arrives, if it arrive?.' '
It is (mid that it" fho claim of frs.
Gcddcs ia recognized hor son wil' be
heir to si Jargo amount. Tbc b at
tends tifhool regularly.
Rule Fut Into Effect for Pur
pose of Preventing Manip
ulation of Securities in
Wall Street.
Seven Bills Introduced for the
Purpose of Correcting- Evils;
Governor Sulzcr Will
Proceed With Caution.
By International News Service.
NEW YORK", li'cb. o. -Manipulation
of securities on thc New York
stock exchange was dealt a blow
today when tho governing corn
mi tteo of tho exchaiigo held a special
meeting and passed a resolution that
any member giving or executing orders
for tbo purchase or sale of securities
involving no change of ownership will
bo punished by .suspension for a period
not exceeding twelve months. The
resolution was adopted unanimously
and goes into effect immediately.
Ever tiiuco tho proseut agitation
against certain dealings on the ex
change became pronounced it has time
and time again been said that tho in
stitution would not be able to pass any
rules curbing manipulation, but the
committee "hit tho nail on tho head"'
when they passed the following resolu
tion: "Jiesolved, that no stock exchange
member of a stock exchange firm shall
give, or with knowlcdgo execute orders
for thc purchase or sale of securities
which would involve no change of
"The punishment for this offeusc
shall bo as prescribed in section 8 of
article 23 of tho constitution regarding
fictitious transactions. "
Suspension the Penalty.
Section S of article 2o of thc consti
tution reads as follows;
"ITictitious transactions aro forbid
den. Any member violating this rule
shall bo liable to suspension for a
period not orceeding twelve mouths.''
Manipulation has been tbo greatest
evil laidi at tho door of tho stock ex
change, and it ha3 done more than any
thing else to arouso public criticism
against tho institution. Criticism has
always been loudest following such
pyroteebnical displays as occurred in
Columbus and Hocking Coal aud Coke,
Eock Island and California Petroleum.
Today's action is regarded as one of
tho greatest steps tnken by the authori
ties of tbo exchange in immediately
proving dealing in securities.
Thc meeting of the governing com
mittoo held today was one called
especially for tho receipt of the com
mittee's report.
Statement Issued.
The governors, after considoriug tho
committee 'a findings, issued tho follow
ing statement:
For Nonin w!ika committees havo
been at work upon tho rules of the
exchange for the purpose of deter
mining what changes or additions can
btt mado to prevent operations and
transactions In securities on tho ex
change which has been uriticdacd.
Tho conclusions of tho committoes
nro to be submitted from timo to
time, as soon a.i they aro formulated,
fo the governing commltteo for its
The subject that has principally
occupied public attention la what Is
called thc manipulation of securities.
Tho commtttoe having that subject
in charge mado Us report respecting
it at a special meeting of the govern
ing oonimiltco held this afternoon.
This roRolmion has beon framed,
after much consideration, in tho be
lief and expectation that it will be
efficack'Uc In preventing manipula
tion. Tho object of the rule, as i ap
parent from its language, is to pro
hibit the giving of orders which shall
not result in a charts o of ownership,
or tho execution of tfuch ordona by
brokers on tho exchange with knowl
edge of tho fact that ther would bo
no such change.
It 1? proposed to take further ac
tion in olhor matters nt subsequent
ALBA?"T. K. T. Feb. G. So atock ex- i
change refchrm lcKlatlon will bo enacted
until evoryqno Interested has had a j
chancR to express their views of the JV
cral bills drafted hy Governor .S'tilzcr. and
Introduced in the assembly today. Whllo
one of these measure:! would fix a maxi
mum rato of lntcrHt of lo per cent on
vail loans, the governor ;uild tonight ha
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Utah's Upper House, by One
Vote, Defeats Joint Resolu
tion for Amendment to
U. S. Constitution.
Democratic Minority Makes
Most of Opportunity to
Note G: O. P. Platform
Was Ignored.
Twenty-fourth Day in the Senate.
Resolution ratifying constitu
tional amendment for direct elec
tion of United States senators fails
of passage by one vote.
Senate confirms by unanimous
vote the appointments to the staff
of Governor Spry.
Hansen banking bills are passed
by senate after a sharp debate.
Senate recalls Lunt bill reduc
iug iutorcst on deferred payments
on state lands from the governor
to make minor amendment.
Moasure introduced to' exempt
widows and orphans In raoderato
j circumstauces from payment of
Bill introduced creating state
board of examiners of drugloBS
practitioncrs. AmR a sharp debate which con
tinued for two hours, thc sen
ate yesterday, afternoon de
feated the .loint resolution pro
posiug the ratification of the amend
ment to the federal constitution pro
viding for tho election of United States
senators by direct vote of tho people.
Thc resolution lacked but ono vote of
enough to pass it. Tt received nino
votes. There were sevcu voles against
it and two senators declined to vole on
the moasure. The two not voting wore
Senator J. W. Thornlcy of Davis and
Senator W. S. Hansen of Box Elder.
Tho vote of tho senate rejecting the
resolution was somewhat of a surprise,
inasmuch as tho "Republican slate
platform nad declared for the bill. The
Democratic memborf. and some of thc
"Republican, members of thc senate
chided tho others for failure to redeem
platform pledges. Most of tho senators
expressed themselves as being decidedly
opposed to tho measure- personal!',
though somo explaiucd their votes in
favor of tho resolution by the fact that
it was out. of deferenco to the party
platform, and not becauso they per
sonally favored the resolution .
Vote on Roll CalL
Tho roll call showed the -following
vote on the resolution:
Ayes Booth, Cotirell, Craig, Funk,
Kelly, Olson. Hideout, Smith, "Williams
-I). V
Noes Eckcrsloy. Edgh'eill, Ferry,
Ivcrfou, Lunt, Wight, President Gard
ner 7. -'
Decliuiug to vote Hansen, Thornloy
The debate was warm and intercbtiug
throughout. Senator J. W. Funk of
Cache; Democrat, nnd. Senator D. O.
Bidoout. Republican, led tho fight for
tho resolution, while H3onator S. A. Ivor
son of Carbon and Senator W. Mont
l'orry of Salt Lake -wcro tho principal
spcakors against tho resolution. Sen
ators A. Tj. Booth of Utah county and
Scuator Charles Cottroll, Jr.. of Salt
Lake, both said they woro opposed to
tho resolution, but felt Iboy could not
do otherwise than voto for it siuce the
platform had declared for it.
Ferry Gives Warning.
Sonator Ferry opened tho debato by
''I am resolved to vote against this
mcaVuro, and T do not feel that I
can refrain from raising my voice
against what I considor to be hasty, ill--considered
and dangerous legislation. It
is- true that our party platform declnrod
for this resolution, but T feel that it
was one of those planks that sometimes
creep into platforms. As I remember it
at tho timo this plank was adopted,
mauy members had left tho hall and it
was put through with only a few voting
on it or understanding it.
"I do not feel bound by this plank to
vote for what 1 beUvo to be a step
backward. It In popular these days lo
advocate the thing that Is new, and un
popular to atand for oomethlug that has
been tried nnd provol. I bcllevo the
constitution of the- United States Is nt
much a vital forcp today as it ever was,
I belicvo lhat 11 1b a v,ise policy that
prompted tho falhcra to place the clec-
f Continued on. Paffo Three.)
Wedding Bells for Nat?
e J
Miss Moreland Is Freed!
"Preposterous," Says Rival of
Solomon When Asked if
He'll Marry Divorcee.
By Intel national Xcws Service.
BALTIMORE. Md., Feb. 3. Miss
Marjoric Moreland, the wife of
Charles N. Doughty, scoured a
divorce from her husband today
on tho ground of desertion. Miss More
land told Judge Cox, through" Herman
L- "Roth, a Is'ew Vork. attorney, that
Doughty left hor in July. 100-1, and
had not supported or returned to her
With the granting of this divorce'
there probably will be an end to the
$25,000 suit instituted by Doughty
agaiusfc "Xal Goodwin, for alienating
Miss Morula ud's affections from her
husband. "With his desertion in 100-1
proved aud hor me.cting with Goodwin
established as having occurred but two
years ago, it ia thought that Doughty
will now drop his suit.
it is said that now sho is freed from
the matrimonial tics thuh have hitherto
prevented her marrying Goodwin, Miss
Moreland will become tb,o latest wife
of tho actor. Thus the way. is opened
for Goodwin to re-cuter tho race ho
commenced years ago with King Solo
mon and King Tloury V.ITT.
Took Name of Moreland.
"When sue went, on tho stago about
four years ago she took tho namo of
Moreland. Her tnaideu name wuh Mar
.iorie Parrott. and sho is a member of
an old Maryland family. One of her
great uncles designed the Parrot guns
used by thc arm" during the civil war.
Whenever the possibility- of hor mar
rying Goodwin has been mentioned in
Misfi Moreland 's presence, sho has
merely replied "Xonscnsc. " Not uutil
Doughty filed his alienntion suit
against Goodwin was it known that
Miss Morejmd was married.
About two years ago, shortly after
Edna Goodrich divorced Goodwin, Miss
Moreland n"ie(i n'ra 38 leading
woman. She has been in Goodwin's
company over since. They wore io
havo been co-stars in a lx)s Angolcs
stock company, but Goodwin's acci
dent nt. Santa Monica prevented this.
"Preposterous," Says Nat.
LOS ANGELES, Fob. o. Nat Good
win and Marjorio Moreland wcro in
Los Angelcti today preparing for a new
production in which Goodwin is to
talco pnrt. When seen at his homo at
Ocean Tarl tonight and as-hed for a
statement regarding Miss Moreland 'a
divorce aud their future plan, Mr.
Goodwin said:
'It is news to me that Miss Moro-
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UP0Sl WIFE'S 111!
John - Reed Is Awarded Less
Than Tithe of Sum Asked
From Man He Blames.
What is said to be tho first case In
the history of tho state where a jury
' has actually placed a cash value on tho
affect Ions of a woman, occurred in
tho district court yesterday when tho
Jury lhat heard thc alienation suit of
John Reed against Alfred Jensen returned
a verdict for JS37 as heart balm for Reed
for the loss of Mre. Heed's love. Reed
sought 510,000 damage".
According to the lawyers jn the case
thero is no record of any previous aliena
tion suit in The Utah court. Breach of
promise suits havo been frequent, but
never beforo has a man sought tho salve
of gold for loss of his wife In Utah.
The Jury pondered tho matter for many
hours. Tho cnjso was argued and sub-1
milted at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon
after a week of testimony taking. Iatc
Tuesday night thc Jury had faljed to
agree and at 10 o'clock yesterday morn
ing the foreman Informed Judgo C. TV.
Morse that a verdict was impossible The
Judge ordered the jurors to ponder a
little while longor over the matter. Tills
advlcu boro fruit at noon whnn the ver
dict was returned.
Bernard Stewart, counsel for Jenson,
said yesterday that he would move for a
new trial within the next few days and
In caso tho motion was overruled he would
appeal to the supreme court.
Carlson & Carlson were attorneys for
Reed in tho action. Oscar TV. Carlson,
county commissioner, who conducted the
prorecutlon for tho main part. 3ald yester
day that In vImw of thc fact that never
bofore had a Utah jury been called upon
to appraiso the valuo of a woman's heart,
he was entirely satlslled with the verdict
in r.plto of the amount of thc Judgment.
TErrVER. Fob. o. "Twenty women to
ono man in Denver drink Intoxicating
liquor and thoy drink more than men."
This statement was umdn on iho floor
of tho Colorado senate today y Sen
ator John Hcckcr of Donver. It followed
a vigorous attack by Mrs. Helen Ring
Robinson, Colorado's iirat woman sena
tor, upon ji statement publlEhod In a
Washington newspaper and attributed to
Hooker, to tho effect that "women In
Denver drink more highballs than men.''
Sonator Koblnsou denounced tho quoted
Htatement ao an SnsuU to the women of
Colorado and threatened to move tho ex
pulsion of Hcckcr from th aenat if it
should bo repeated.
Mabey Anti-race Track W&
Betting and Bookmak- H
ing Measure Goes B
Through Unanimously IB
After Much Oratory by H
Members; Oral Betting jfi
Is Not Prohibited.' H
Charged by Morris That i E
Statements of Herald- !
Republican Are "Abso Mj
lutely and Unqualified- 1 1
ly False, and Made for ll
Purpose of Personal 1 1
and Political Slander." 9
Twenty -fourth Day in thc House H
Mabey bill prohibiting pool- IH
selling and bookinaking passed IH
after two hours' discussion. H
Bill introduced for commission 9H
to boost Utah rcsottrcoB and to hH
establish permanent exlilbits at U
Salt Lake and Ogdcn. KH
Measure presented for state free NH
employment bureau. gH
THE house of Vcprcscntativcs ol fljfl
the Utah legislature yesterday Sfl
gavo its first real oratorical jflg
pori'ormauce of tbc souson. ll
was a success. Most ovorybody had mS
aomcthing to say on bookmaking and 98
puolscllieg, aud when tho last word BM
had been said for thc day, the Mnbcy CUH
bill, iu almost its original form, went M
through without opposition. The vote SB
Incidentally the irorald-Jv'cpublican 1M
carao in for a bitter denunciation by EH
Morris of Washington and i'or a stern kH
robukc by Kricbel of Salt Lake. Both ffH
of these mcmbors declared that the HI
Horald-liopublicau had published fale- jH
hoods about their intents, their wordi QBj
and their acts. The remarks of Mr. Hi
Morris might be likened unto "stem HH
winders. " 3H
As tho successful bill uoVr stands it 9H
prohibits poolselling and bookmaking HH
everywhere, but it docs not prohibit HH
hotting, except in so far as it prohibits iH
it by thc clause which says that any HM
person who 4 'aids or abets' bookmak- 9bI
iug is guilty on the same ground thot oR
a bookmaker is guilty.
Can Bet "Orally'
Thus, what is known as fornl bet-
ling1" is IcTt unfettered, unjoss th HH
courts put a construction on the law jjHf
other than that placed upon it by the yW
house mcmbors. All betting was sought H8
to be put under the ban by an amend BH
racnt which mado betting o any kind Hi
on any kind of sport a misdemeanor, lfl
This amendmont was offorcd by the flHI
judiciary committee. It was stricken IH
out beforo tho bill waa put on its final fH
in encompassing the death of tbc Hi
amendment those members who. for the HQ
sako of convenient distinction, are
known as r'country members," witu HH
few exceptions, maintained that tho lir- Hjj
tlo bots that were mudo at thoir local jH
fairs and horac races were not a wide- HB
spread evil aud consequently such bet 9H
ting should not be prohibited.
Thc country members snid tho aim of
tho legislation was to glva heed to the
cry of Salt Lake and Duvi counties for
relief from a mon.-uous evil, found in fHH
bookmaking, and they hastened to rr- , H
spoud tu that appeul. nH
Much Hair-splitting. EH
During thc discussion there uas much HH
talk about the responsibility of a stake- HH
holder. Many of the members were In- HH
cllned to placo a very line construction H8
on tho ucl, aud in that way arrived at HH
thc conclusion that a stakeholder who HH
derived any benefit whatever as a -reward H
for his services would bo guilty of a fcl- H
ony. Thus, if a young liTan and his HH
sweetheart held differing opinions on th HH
outcome of a football game, and backed 'BH
thoir opinions by a wager of a box cr , jHH
candy and placed the purchaeo price of ipPp
that candy in thc hands or tho nwoct- - r
heart's rlator nnd tho swoelhcart's slBter ,
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