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1 jATURB dresses in all her glory at
' springtime, but unliko the feini-
nine se?: never changes the pat
'." J- v terns of her trees and flowers. A
" ' rod rose bush and a maple
. , will produce a rod rose and a maple
tree can always bo relied upon for exact
ly the sajno kind of maple leaf. Wo
mankind Is more fickle and keeps Dame
Fashion on the alert each season seek
ing for new styles, In the cut of the
garments, new colors, and new fabrics,
" ' Each succeeding season makes a
gown of sl past season look old-fash-'-ioned,
so rapidly are the new styles cre
.,TMjffiatefl. Somehov the latest style Is al
- yfflBways liked the best. We have learned
1a JjspTthat there really la nothing new under
$ ' the sun, and what-wo believe to be now
- ' styles are really merely adoptions of
f;JV old styles. Bui. If it appeals to us as
ui now, that Is all that is neccsary.
Often falilon follows tho line of some
i period stich as tho Empire, the Louis
j kyI, etc, now the war in Balkan states
$ Is Btrongly Influencing tho designs In
women's garments. Of course, wo will
not adopt freakish Bulgarian eccentrlcl
vllcs. but they will bo modified ho as to
conform with American figures and
American tartcs. Bulgarian colors are
used greatly In trimmings and add a bril
y ' llant nolo to tho otherwise somber col-''-Kf
' ors.
i'tV- " American fashions for American wom
n is tho ory echoed all over, and why
' V not? It is conceded that our tailor-made
s.(' suits excel all others, and tht t tho Amer
fi VkL ican tailors reign supreme Then why
)5f 5V should a foreign label add greater value
V fit a costume when similar creations can
'.UjfflnK be bought hero at a. great deal less?
IWBK Good lines are one of he great essen-
ftWBS 'als si'l3 or tsowus. ls"o matter how
' i RfflBrv costly t,ho material and liow elaborate
! . the trimming, if the costumn does not
' Oft perfectly and show the figure off to
il'Hfe tho best advantage, It la a failure Het
- i 'mti cr to have a few good clothes that give
,;4Bm - Benulno source of satisfaction, than
'''lBm many indifferent ones. .Simplicity In a
lLlmiKt frock is often an expensive item, be
n uV " caU8c It takes a more expert hand to
it 3IBy make a really smart frock than u fanev
l iffrnf one where the defects can bo covered by1
K.w? tflmmlngs.
fl'tJR ' Thero 13 not m"''h difference In the
Mine contour of the garments. The slender
iwvf long- lines are atlll the prevailing style.
Hirei T1,e sklr3 ar 1101 iiuch wider, and
5ii though fullness may be addml it is done
ill aSV. guise tho flguro.
'''w noteworthy feature, of the new suits
and gowns ia the- striking combination of
Vmt- two or mor" colors. Some favored c m-
Ynfflfesfj hlnatlons are blue and malm;, t:mjie and
'.'rW2Rf Nell, ro?e, emerald green an pale roue.
'HKJR violet and geranium roue. Yellow will he
aiSSe'' usv'' a sreat deal In t'na ?.ptlns powms.
wlKTsT 'ne ftt,,I,-' t'olor." for nro hmn
yUt&l n cvwy fhadr. lutch blue, navv blue.
''flrKSt Persian blue yixl gobelin blur- -vi 11 have
ilV&Ef Ilrut represent at Ion. Second "'r.sldcratlon
tiipr tv'" Klv!" t"" tajw. topaz, brown,
"IxjM tobacco, inoiii-e. yellow anl i hatupagne.
Hv Is'ext vlll be W.e inartnti. Nell roue ami
4 j?rccn shadex " tjpft tones In grav, dnrk
''! metal and silver wljl hi .piipillir. AM
.J v.'Idle. flponge and serge unite will tvorn.
f ,'V1 Sklrw of large size ihetka. etc. will
matching the color of the check. Tho
same Idea will be carried out in stripes
and plaids. A favorite combination is a
blue and white checked skirt with a blue
Jacket, or a black and white striped skirt
with a black or white Jacket.
The materials for the suits will be
mostly narrow and wide wale Bedford
cords, light weight serges, a new etamlnc
which Is similar In weave to a Bengallnc.
novelty worsteds, epongo and f'omc of the
mannish suitings. Silk suits will be
much favored.
The fancy suits will have a fair -amount
of braids In their construction. Duckies
and buttons are scon on all the suits. For
a long time buttons wore neglected, but
now no suit is complete without buttons
as a trimming. A pretty touch Is given
a' suit by the various kinds of odd but
tonholes "used; some are bound In direct
contrast to the color of the button.
In length the suit coats vary from
twenty-four to twenty-seven Inches, or
approximately a wrist length for the
average figure. ?ome retain the cutaway
effect of this winter: others are cut
around the bottom with a decided dip In
the back, while again other models arc
straight across i he back and longer at
the side scams, practically all arc loose
titling with fancy collars, and no separate
revers. The coats are cut in sections in
the back with the raised waistline, and it
slight degree of fullness Is drawn In to
the belt. Belts of leather or of the same
material are seen on a number of suns.
A dark blue silk suit has a white suede
bolt, which gives a stunning effect to the
costume. . , .
The latest achievements In suits and
dresses show many adoptions of the Rus
sian blouse. This spring the blouses will
open in the front instead of on the side,
and low collars will bo substituted for
the high ones.
Tho sleeves are still mannish In effect
with little fullness except on the fancy
suits which have the wide llowing sleeve,
or a low sot-In sleeve with a can eftect.
A novel tailor-made model is of blue grey
suiting. The cutaway coat has a belt
which extends to the seams at either
side of the front and back. Quito a large
collar extends to the shoulder and has
three buttonholes 'at cither side of the
front and three at the center of the
back, tho Jacket Is buttoned down the
front with three buttons. There Is also
a new draped sleeve that promises to be
very popular In somo of the new models
Tho plain skirt is lapped at the front
and finished at tho bottom with a row
of buttons. In the back tho skirt Is laid
In pleats.
The three-quarter length coats aro seen
a great deal. Those coats have rounded
fronts with some of the backs cut In
sections like tho suits, with a Uttlo full
ness drawn in at the waist Broad belts
Mon (
The exclusive sjffers 'A R
the greatest possibilities m the jS M-?' m
Ju selection of a really desirable M W$ SS
9 flT For in the exclusive shop all Illll Ha 13
H energies are concentrated on the " . , ' ralMA? Ifl 11
M t ;, , Jl selection of just three or four l'- $3H1 H
H '4; lines of goods, which means, nat- ffiSfli 19
H urally, a better selection. pIMI 'mS m
m 5' 4TjT Our showing of Suits, 5tf( ISj m
M v ;" Dresses and Coats for Spring is l m
H t j1 everything such a selection HilaM 1 il
m r"., should be the cream of the r iv lojvS Jf il
m J, v world's best, styles is shown iwflf Pi H
m vv- . you'll find the identical gar- ' V Wm m
M ( '-r- ments in our display as are now 1 f8$V,J ij
W ' :. .' . being shown on Fifth avenue. , ; w WcW, m
' i' jm rie same stanarci is ll ffit H
I ' maintained in our garment sec- . " fflwSittM B
p ' JJ tion as has made our Fur de- f i1feSKA ga
partment the envy of the town. ? ( !if W m
M We invite you. to see a real KffwvuV H
showing of real style, EKV
and simulated belt effects are also a
characteristic feature of the separate
coats. Pockets are seen on many of the
coats. Novelty collars and cuffs give a
fashlonablo air to the utility coat.
Many of tho spring onc-plcco gowns
resemble a suit In eft'ect. There are vari
ous icw Innterpretatlons of the "Coatless
dress, suitable for spring wear. A stun
ning mustard color cloth has the collar
of hemstitched black silk with over
collar and cults of laco. The sleeves are
designed in one with the waist. A laco
frill offsets the front. The coat effect
continues over the hips and Is joined to
the waist under a broad leather belt.
Tho skirt Is pleated at the sides and back
with pleats stitched half-way down.
Large amber buttons placed next to the
handworked blnclc silk arrow-heads are
used as trimming.
A plaid silk dross In blue and brown
has tho soft girdle of blue silk knotted
directly in front with long ends. This is
trimmed with a fine pleated batiste
Jabot and little gold buckles with brown
bows. The skirt has a tunic effect.
A new feature of the dresses are the
sleeves of contrasting color and mate
rial, or tho upper sleeve of one material
and the lower of another. One model of
green linen has a border of a darker
shade of linen. The skirt is made along
the usual straight lines and finished
with a tuck above the bordor. The front
panel of the darker shade is rounded at
tho sideband is trimmed with ctjochet
buttons.;"Thc waist has the yoke back
and frontof the darker shade with a nar
row frilled vest of' fine tiicked batiste.- 1
The waist Is slightly' raised and de-.
fLned .with a black patent Jea.ther holt.
A collar?"of tho linen is embroidered In
black -and white is finished with a black
tie in 'front., 'r;
""lingerie DRESSES. '
Lingerie dresses urc usually .made. ov,er"
a foundation of ,the thinnest Ghlna silk",
India silk, heavy net or batiste. 'Col
ored slips give a pretty effect to an-ialU
white sown. But many, are not all:wnlte.
The majority are made with a. combina
tion of materials, and colors are Intro
duced on most of the gowns. .Char
meusef or soma soft colored silk or dhif-.
fon appears at tho lower part -of tho
sklrti'and In the lower part of the vast.
The girdle Is" "usually of a color. Sdnro,
new -J importations show the eyelet arid
embroidered voile dresses with' the under;,
purtfand girdle of black silk. -
AJ striking novelty la a white gow,n
with tho lower part of skirt and yoke
and; collar of black net. A girdle of
black net has a butterfly bow In back
and long ends, which are finished with!
large white silk dots.
In lingerie gowns the sheer materials
dominate. Shadow lace's, Valenciennes
laces, Venice, Bohemian and Cluny lacks'
arc used on the lingerie gowns. Ofteni
6 cob.brnWM4wM
many -dlfflJijPtTcCtkH
-Uonably i5lAi!titHt)i'.4M
Jjatlstesi itA'beiBJvw.-fiB
wl M4mrffi3H
eyelet enibcddiytnd'-DfiB
'nc net, $iit!r4m'
b'fethe, omWMwLltYaftcWiifiruB
tjslrd-le ofvlpasMtkW:M
f A- toaitfc-T'MB
toV .coyapta$tSt?WB
-of J)a.ridvdm'of; M''tH
'tttiction. tbufAVrnMi-i JittnlnetH
'nirato-showiiyiftt t(fE4ia JH
eous advance owii
of The ggeri Shm
many friends an vmmMM
surante that what fiM
worth seeing befwe:djH
purchase anything f x&io0$
high-grade stock. lljilH
son41 invitation to tfelai. IM
Le City to view: w pPfH
and $3 gar merits, aMthB
give you easily $5 twj
... where. In Waists, w seB
- my price will range frjon$1.5H
$10.00, inclhding messaline silks, chiffons, ltogfieSW
Dress skirts, novelties and serge, voile E(ndpna
$3. 50 to $12, 50. Fowne gloves and Lord&TaJrlohog
A call will convince the iost skeptical. Inspect our showing. .MRS. ftjJHJ
M n, ' ' ' i j

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