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K's Team at Last Wins
Ke Before Home Audience
pfcoungeil by His
Rg)n Rooters, Leads
Mbtsdtr's Bsiilts. '
BlVfolcago, 2.
K&vtlaitf. 0- Called cnd 0
Btf'iuaunt of rain.
Knf Won. Loit. P.C
fe-L 3 1!
EIi...f. 3 M1
Hsl.. jo -J?:
El. IT 31 .351
KfV-rV 10 :
Bngv Juue Tt Frank Chance
B'.Mil New York Aulcr
Ejrii lum win Its first
KLrtW The big crowd
Htiad ttitneJied a brilliant
mmm locals and the Chicago
Kad lid outvcalted a thund
dtfclted Oie fame for three
ntlsur. rose as one man and
mmm Jr&tqauglis hit In the
Wit&r with the run which
HJcHlal victory of the lo
i! rounds' after seventeen
mmpt-Ste score war? 3 to 2.
uM'ihh fought a notable
k tu l draw at the end of
ris vhlcb Inning thn home
'tetany tallying twice.
MIMfW'J-1 1,Intn- Welder
Wmnd'on JItdkirT's tacrl
Mpe)dnpiugh'a timely
Hwi; day" at the grounds
nthfl young' pitcher's
M.lrpm 'Bridgeport, Conn.,
B,'iteOMpanlcd by a band.
wMat;vUli a floral horse -HRiVinlrcr
tat and a dla-
PiT-0. - i , AB.R.H.O.A.
tUtfiiiteU. zl.Z 0 2 2 0
-faRl!!!?1""4' p o o o o o
aBiMl!ilw- tl- 0 3 1 0
IIKIiVCKBWas. ib... o on 2
J'V?,KC;m. if j oooo
lMUtmv, c.i 0 1 7 1
I.M i ml(f. 3b.3 0 0 3 1
' pir.k Feik'kh. .. 1113
''" ii'l SM,Ia' P-i 0 0 0 4
ryi. Cel, rL.l 0 10 0
-uV ( ,
I tow tduii i .30 a 7 n u
Jtiikt'rafl its jeered,
.-...j o o o o o i i o-:
p '"'-O 0 0 0 0 0 0 t 13
sfe'viTWl Two-Use
T fclU-Bodle nfl Mldklff.
2.01-Urf. Doable pIsy-Bor-P-iS
" tll-Off Ford, l:
Lj5? -Br Katlnr. 7: by
ffe,!. 7 In olght inalrw
C.rLiP- T,ne Qt Ktmo-t
tKkW 3m -Phllodel-Mji
7Mth conuccutlve vie
JWtog 6L Louis, 10 to
jBHfliri batted Baumgard.
HSu& ?,ou"?' Wellman.
tW. W01 decked
H&'&IS ht, ""PPntcd
HKt h-fv,?1tro one
KTVi 1 Hit br
ens WIN OUT 1
Use Five Pitchers and Defeat
Cardinals After Great
, -. i'
Yesterday's Results.
National Lreapiic:
Plttfiburg, 0; Philadelphia. 6.
SL Touls, S; New York, 0.
Chicago. 0; Boston, C.
CIncInnatl-Broolclyn game postponed;
"Won. Ixsit. P.O.
PhlltJlphlft 35 -13 .864
New York S3 17 .675
Brooklyn 23 JS ,BG0
Chicago 13 22 .Ml
PltUburc 23 K ii&0
SL Loul ,20 2fi .4(4
Boston 11 -4 .400
Cincinnati 4 17 28 ,3TS
ST. LOUIS. June 7. Although St
Louis forced New York to use live pitch
ers, the visitors won a "sae-saw" gamo
today, ft to 8. Kuv York 3tarlod the
scoring in tho second whan, threo singles
and a pass netted two runs, but St.
Louis took the lead In the third with five
runs, made on two triples, two alnglcE
and two errors. The game was St,
Louis's up to the eighth Inning, -when
two elngles. two doublca and a triple
gave New York four runs and the game.
I st. Louis-Nirsv vonic.
HtiKcIn. 2li,5 1 2 2 3 Burna. K....4 2 2 2 1
Oikng. cf. .4 1 2 5 0 Shafcr. 2b. ..4 2 8 0 4
Cittcra. rf.2 0 0 0 1 Fletnber, w.8 0 S 2 2
SHcjk'd. rt.2 0 0 2 0 Doyle, 2b... 4 10 3 2
Mowrcj-. 3U.4 2 2 1 5 Mcrklo. lb.. .5 117 0
Kon'chy, lb.4 1 1 D 0 Murrar. rf..o t 2 S 0
Masoo. If.. .4 0 1 4 0 Myors. C....4 0 19 2
O'Lcary, r,3 3 1 !! 6 Snod's. cf...4 0 3 3 0
M'Iean, 0..4 1 0 0 Maro'd, p...l 0 0 0 1
Harmon, p. .3 0 1 0 0 Fromme, p..O 0 0 0 0
Uurk, p..,.0 0 0 1 0 DeraarMJ, p.O 0 0 0 0
Iivani ....1 0 0 0 0 Crnnd&ll, p..l 110 0
Mntbew'n, p.0"0 O 0 0
tM'Cona'k .1 0 0 0 0
liOrant I 1 0 0 0
l"HcrrOK . i.O 0 0 0 0
ToUlt ..20 8 10 37 ISl Totalg ...33 8 1G 27 12
Batted tor Burk In tho ninth,
tBstted for PTommo In tho fourth.
tBnttcd for Doraanse In the soventb,
Ran for Candll in tho eighth.
Score by Innlnce
Now Tork 0 2 0 0 0 0 8 4 09
St. LouU 0 OB105 0 0 08
Summary: Errors Doyle, Murray, Myors. Tio
base hit Burn, Snodicrnza, Mowroy, Mskoo,
Flctetcr, llurmy, Shafor. Throo-haao hit
O Lenry. Motvrey, Harmon. Flotchor, Konotchy.
Hits Off Manjunrd. 4 In two and two-thirds in
nlniji: off Frome. nono In ono-thlnl of an In-
nlnir: off Dbmirun. 4 In Lhrm Innlnr.- n't Hran.
dall, ono iu ono Innlup: off Mathewvon. ono In
two Innings; off Harmon. 13 In ooven nnd ono
tlilrU Innlnsa; off Burk. 3 In ono nnd two-thirds
lnnlnqn. Sicrlflco hit Oakcs. Stolon base Bums.
Doublo play O'Lcary and Konetohy. Ba on
batlo Off Uarnion, 4; off Dfimarne, 1; off Crau
dall. 1. Struck out By Marquurd, 2; by Cran
dall, lj by MattbOwr.on. ti by Dumarco. 2, TJrno
of sams 2 hour 15 mlmtlM. Umplrna Klem and
CHICAGO. June 7. Tyler's wildncflB In
the fifth Inning enabled Chicago to even
up the scries with 33oston today, the
locals -winning, 3. to G. with tho bases
full and none out In tho fifth, Tyler at
tempted a doublo, play, but threw -wild to
the plate and two runs scorcfl. A mo
ment lator Leach batted out a homo run,
which enabled tho locals to make a total
oi flvo runs. In the Hoventli two trlplcG
and Seymour's mutt of a fly ball f?avo
tho locals two more and a base on balls
and a homer netted two more.
Iteulbach started for Chicago and was
80 -wild that the visitors Bcored four runs
In the first Inning. After -Boston had
Dcored another run in thn second, Keul
fcach -was replaced by Lelfleld, -who gave
tho box In four innings and TSngel was
hit freely, Detroit maklngr one or morn
hits in oach Inning. Dauns pitched gilt
edged ball for Detroit.
The sobre:
Buah. t....4 a 2 3 4Moelor, rf.. 0 0 11
VJtt. tb....3 3 S a llMUan. cf...,4 13 3 0
loudn, tb.A lloo Morgan. Sb..2 0 0 3 3
CnWd. rr..B 1 3 S 1 Oaadll. lb. ..4 0 3 10 a
Cobb, ot.,,K 0 2 1 0 Laport. 8b,. 3 0 0 3 1
VeMU. If.. .4 1110 Blwinfca, U.,.8 0 0 3 0
Hlch, lf.,..0 1 0 0 0 C'Alvo. U....1 0 0 0 0
Gftlner, Jh..4 1 0 R 0 M'Brld aa..3 0 0 4 4
MorMy, 3h.3 0 10 1 Jlonrr. c...,S 0 0 a 4
ircKo. o...4 l 3 7 3 Clrogm. p,.,o o 0 0 .1
Dauia, p.,,c 113 2 Hnrel, P 2 0 0 0 S
ToUla ..87 U It 27 ii ToUU ...28 1 4 27 20 '
Boom by innlnrJi .
DttroU ., , ,,,1 4 0 2 0 3 0 0 S 11
V.'aahlnctou 1 000000001
Summary: Error Shank. Two-baaa htt Bush.
Moriorty, Vltt. Homo run Buih, Crawford. Illtii
Off Groom, 10 in four lnnlo; off EdJ4 6 la
iIyc innJnm. Stolon bags Morjarty, louden.
Doublo play McBrlda, Morgan and Onudll. Bum
on balls Off Dansi, t: off Ornom, 2; off Ensol.
- Hit by pltchor By Encol (VeaoK and Morlarty).
wtruek out By Dauw, i br Oroom, 2. Tim of,
EamfJ hour ,67 uiinute.i. Umplros O'LoucuIoa
aoi Hlldebrand.
Pofltponod Gamoa,
Brooklyn-Cincinnati game postponed r
CI ov aland, 0; Boston, L Gsjna called
Qd oX Ant, iitdi ot Hint, lnalngi rain.
pion Australian pace follow
er, who is to be matched
against Wilcox, Pye and oth
er fast pace followers at lo
cal track.
way to Richie and when tho visitors
started a rally in the ninth, Cheney -was
called to tho rescue. Tho scoro:-
AB.R.H.O.A.! AB.R.H.O.A.
Hanurr.. M.4 1 2 I 2jf.cach. cf....B 2 2 S 0
Myorc. lb.. 4 2 I 11 0?holan. 2b. .4 1 1 1 1
Con'ly. If.. 2 0 1 0 0 jclullle. rf..4 0 1 3 0
Lord, if... -3 0 0 1 Olflm'n, 3b. ...4 0 0 2 S
M'Don'd. !b.3 1 0 2 01 Jalcr. lb 3 1 0 C 0
Vitus. ri....6 1 2 0 ol Mitchell, lf.4 1 2 B 0
Berm'r, tr.3 0 0 4 OlBrldwMI. s.l 0 0 2 0
Devlin. 2b.. 3 10 1 3i;orrldon. as. 3 2 110
Whallnjr. c.4 0 2 4 ClBrean'n, C..1 J 0 3 1
Vyler. p.. ..4 0 1 0 3)R!chIo. p.. ..2 0 10 0
I Cheney. P...0 0 0 0 0
I Ruelbacb, p.O 0 0 0 0
lUlflold, P..1 0 0 0 2
lTchor. C....3 10 3 0
Totale ..-iHl 24 lol Totals ...34 g BH 8
nSs? 0 ; 5
Chicago O 0 0 B 0 - 3 3
Summary: Errors-McDonald, Seymour, Trior.
Pfaelan. Zlmmorraad. Mitchell. Three-base , liJta
Mltcholl, Loach. Homo runs Lweh. Corrlden.
illt Off Ruolbnob. 4 In ono and ono-thlrd in
nlnga: off Lelfleld, 1 In throo and two-thlrtta ln
l nla off Rlchlo. 4 In tbroo Innlnss (none , out
i ninth)- off Cheney, nono lu on Innlnn.
Acrlflce hlt-McDold. Sacriflco fly-McDon-nld
Stolen baiO-Mycra. Double play-AVhallnff
to McDonald. Do on halls-Off Ruelbach. 3;
r nirhlc i- off Tyler. 2. Hit by pltchcr-By
Ty!e?,mrnaha0n). Struck outr Ruolbaoh, l:
i,r TiriMd 2- by Tyler. 5: by Richie, l, oy
Cheney 1.' Time ot gime-l hour W minutes.
Omplrea-RlBlcr and Byron.
PITTSBURG, Juno 7. Mayer held
Pittsburg to throe hits today and Phila
delphia shut out tho localB, 6 to 0. Cam
nitz -was hit for four runs in tho flrs-t
inning and then guvq way to O'Toolo,
Who pitched splendid ball. The score:
AB.R.H.O.A. . AP'?,1I',A:
v.r ef .C 2 2 2 0 Booc, cf 1 0 0 0 0
KWboV Sb'.lS 0 2 4 1 Menr,or. cf...3 0 0 8 1
Lobort, 2b.. 8 0 0 2 2 Carey. If.. ..4 0 16 1
Macee. U...3 t 0 S 0 V or, lb 3 0 0 a 1
Sh 1 a 1 0 Wiener, e,.4 0 0 3 a
Si lb 4 2 3 7 1 MIlTor. lb-3 0 0 B 0
Doolan. .a..4 0 2 2 3 Wlleon. rf...3 0 0 2 0
Dnoln. o....fl 0 0, 6 0 Byrno. 8b.. ..3 0 0 1 0
Mayer. P ..4 0 113 M'Carfy. 3b.l 0 0 0 0
' Simon. C....2 0 1 B 1
Canmltt. p.,o o 0 0 l
O'Toole, p..l oooo
I Hyatt 1 0 1 0 0,
I Ferry, P....0 0 0 0 0
Totale ...28 0 3 27 8
Batted for O'Toolo In tho eighth.
Score by Innlnjrf
Philadelphia J
pttUburs , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Summary: Error Vlor. Two-baso bits Becker,
LufleniB (3), Mayor, Simon. Hyatt. Threo-baao
hltJ-Beeltar, Oravath. Suerlflco file Lobort.
Dooln. Sacrifice bunt O'Toolo. Stolen bnao
Knabo. Hits Off Camnlti. 4 In one Innlnc; off
0'Trxlo, C In ooven Innlns: off Kerry. 2 In ono
InnlnK. Bssen on balli Off Marr, 5; off Cam
nlti 1. Hit br pitcher By Mayor (Mllloi).
Blru'cl: out By Mayor. 4: by O'Toole. S: br Kerry,
1. Doublo playe Miyer, Doolnn and Luderus:
Carey and Vlo. Time of fume 1 hour 37 min
utes, Umpire O'Day nnd Emalle.
To Inventory McOarty's Effocts.
SPRINGFTELP, Mo., Juno 7, An In
ventory of tho estate of Luthor McCarty,
tho lieav'Welght pusillt who died from
thn effects of a blow in a fight with
Arthur Polky, will Tjo made hor Mon
day. An effort will bo made noxt we&c
to settle ttiat part of. tho estate hero,
MeCnrty'8 personal belongings will too
taken west, probably to Loh Angeles,
whoro It is thought a higher price can
bo obtained for thorn.
Athletics Get Brown Pitchor.
PROVIDENCE. XL L, June 7, -Walter
H". Snell, captain and catcher of , tho
Brown university baseball team, signed
today with tho Philadelphia club of the
American league. Ho will report during
the Weolc During his four years at
jBtottxv Bxwii Jma bjilJtoilSflc
Will Attempt to Lower Hardy
Downing's Record of
1:15.2-5 for Mile.
Announcing as the feature event of his
curd of bicycle races at tho Majestic
saucer tonight a speed exhibition that
should prove one of the biggest drawing
enrds of tho entire season Manager
Harry Jfcagron has Issued his list of
events for the fifth meet of tho summer.
Tho world's mile record for a bloycle
rider on a saucer track, motor paced, is
hold by Hardy Downing of Salt Luke,
and the time Ib 1;1K2-o. This is the rec
ord Downing made at tho saucer track
here about four years ago, and it still
Stands as the fastest mllo ever rlddon on
a bicycle on a saucer track In this coun
try or Europe.
'Wllcov, tho popular Salt Lake boy, who
has made so groat a success of paco fol
lowing is going out tonight after Down
Ing's record. There In every chance that
he will efpial if not ibreak It.
Not in many seasons has a feature been
announced for the local suircer so Inter
esting from every standpoint as an ef
fort which Wilcox will mako tonight. The
bets are heavy atA many that Wilcox
will succeed.
Wilcox Riding Well.
Certainly the Salt Lake rider never rodo
before as he has been riding so fur this
season, and with Whlttler In front of him
oii a fast motor ho will have tho advan
tage of being paced by a man who knows
tho value of minutes and seconds on a
saucer track as few other racers In the
country do. Whlttler's track goneralshlp
alono should be worth anywhere from
two to five seconds in such a race as Wil
cox will ride, and with a flying start for
the mile there aro thousands of fans who
will not bo surprised if Wilcox brings
home the "bacon.
Hcagrcn hue arranged a great drawing
card Jn tho event, In nny case.
A man going a mile In 1:1a behind a
pace at the saucer comes about as close
to looping tho loop as any circus per
former over gets, and tho ovent should
bo thrilling enough to suit tho most blase
among tho fans.
Other Events Carded.
With this as the headllner, HeagTen
has arranged a five-mile open lap event
for tho professionals, In which every man
on the list is entered. With DeMaru.
Pye Walker, Hchlr and Thomas fighting
every inch, of every race, thoy have boon
ontcrod since the season opened, and al
strong contenders In the professional
evonts, the flvo-mllo open lap should
nrove a great race. Tho half-mllo handi
cap professional is duo to brlnff out some
surprises tonight. DeMara is one of tho
best sprint artists in the business, and
with Crebs and Lloyd Thomas riding in
their best form, the half-mllo men will
havo something to do tonight.
Tho amateurs will havo a pursuit race
and a two-mile lap handicap to work
with, and with the feeling of track rivalry
that prevails among tiio amateurs, almost
anything can be looked for.
So far this season Hengron has handled
some of tho biggest crowds tho blko rac
ing game has had in Salt Lake for many
years? Tho season reservations for scats
ire steadily creeping up and every indica
tion points to a. record year -for the Ma
Jostlo saucer.
College Baseball
PRINCETON, Juno 7.A raJnBtorni
ended tho Prlncoton-Yalo baseball game
today in tho sixth inning, with the score
0 to 0. Yale had a man on second wltn
only one out when tho storm broke.
As Yale won tho first game ot the se
ries at No wllaven last Saturday. Prince
ton's failure to win today would have
given Yale tho series, but the ale play
ers decided to play off the, tio Monday.
The gamo was preceded by the annual
alumni parade, In which nearly 5000,
Princeton graduates took part.
At Cambridge. Mass, Harvard-Brown
called off: rain.
At West Point Army. 10; Syracuse 4.
CHICAGO, June 7. Ty Cobb of the
Detroit Americans has Increased his bat
ting average to .-150 at)d retains the title
of premier of both major leagues, accord
ing to unofficial figures given out today,
Joe Jackson of Cleveland Is second in
the American league with, an average of
i .439. While IJddle Collins of Philadelphia
In third. wltU ,387, and Trls Speakur of
Boston Is fourth, with .3S1. Ninoteon
players aro batting over the .300. mark,
Jn the National league eighteen ploy
or3 are batting over the .S00 mark, with
C. MncDonald of Boston loading, with
a malic of .-150. Cravath of Philadelphia
is sooorid, with .411: Wagner of Pittsburg
is third, with .3G2, and Hyatt, Plttsburff,
fourth, with .380.
Heavyweights MatclierL
SAN FRANCISCO, Juno 7. Jess Wll
Iard, the mountainous white hope, was
matched today to box four rounds on
Juno 117 wjth Charlie Miller, a San Fran
cisco heavyvelght.
Miller wns hammered into submission
by Jim Flynn. tho Pueblo flrema,n. some
time ago. Flynn's body punchon broke
two of his ribs,
Two "froo band concerts, Saltair, to
day. Monteomefy'a band and. aoloistsv
Richfield Track Team That
Won in Sevier Grades Meet
Left to right C. Jorgensen, D. Ence, O. Baker, Principal
Thompson, K. Erickson, L. Jensen.
American Association
Won. Lot. P.O.
Columbu "7 M -JO 3
Milwaukee 80 22 .G77
Louisville 3 22 .SCO.
Kaueaa City J7 -.5M
St. Paul .21 21 -oOO
Minneapolis , 23 20 ,4Sf(
Indianapolis 1? 2. .413
Toledo 18 3l 3S
At Indianapolis ej
Toledo , 5 9 3
InBat?ertesWamei" Worki.
Scnardt and Cotter. (Ten innlnRS.)
At LoulBvlllo (find, game) IJ. H E;
Columbus 2 7
Louisville '"'"iVJ. .',.,
Batterleo Tipple. Vanoo and Smith: Louder
milk and demons.
Second game ,
Columbus I I i
BsUerieaMcQaYlo Powoll, Wood-
burn and Clomona.
At Kansas City- H- B:
St. Paul I I
KBUcrlM-Rle SchliUer
and O'Connor.
At Milwaukee n' Bi
MBa?toric-MeiwidBo" u4
Southern League.
Won. Lost. P.O.
Mobile H
Atlanta ;? ; ,l-nl
Montgomery f
Chattanooga , zb
Memphis -I " "j"
Now Orleans 15 36
At Memphlo-New Orlcnra. 8: Memphis.
At Naehvllle Blrmlncham, 4: Nashville, 3
Other Ramta postponod; rain,
Northwestern League
Won. Lout. P.O.
Portland ; 'Hf
Victoria -J .7 .4
Tacoma .., - "i
Spokano 37 ,315
At Tacoma Vancouver, 0; Toeoma. 6.
At Seattle Spokane, B; Seattlo. 13. .
At Victoria Tflrat Rame)-Portland. 4r Viclo
rla, 0.
Crane Breaks Hecord.
TACOMA, WaBh.. June 7. In the state
interscholastlo track meet here today, A -bert
Crane of Tacoma broke tho Ameri
can lnlorscholastlo record for the high
jump. Ho cleared the. bar at 6 foet 2?
Trains to Saltair every 45 minutes.
Temporatnre of water, 70 degrees.
: urjnary
' fiM ft V M Wi Jfc BELEEVED IN i
lltMifefa24 HOURS
:VfZv'D Each Cap. s:
i Wi illBW rul8 bears rMlDW I
LKKr BwartdfewnltfttUt';
-5V t JAsVy u ff,
Coast League
Won. Lou P.C.
Lot Angeles .35 27 .CS3
Oakland S.' 2S .B3G
San Francisco 32 34 ' .455
Portland , ..23 32 .4C7
Venice 30 3S .4C2
Sacramento , 24 31 .430
At Loa Angeles R. H. B.
Sacramonto 16 1
Los Angeles 0 c I
Batteries' Williams and Bllsi; Clicch and Boles.
At San Francisco R. H. E.
Vcnlco 274
San Francisco 7 10 2
Batteries Raleigh and Krolti Douglass, Fan
ning and Schmidt.
At Portland R. H. E.
Oakland 6 13 2
Portland 2 5 3
Battorlea Malarkey nnd Robrer: West and Flsti
or. (Tea inntnga.)
International League
Won, LosL P.O.
Notrarlc 29 17 .630
Rocheator 24 20 .S65
Buffalo !3 20 .SCO
Baltimore 23 24 .W
Provldonce 20 S3 .470
Toronto ...t. 19 28 .4S2
Montreal lft 22 .4&0
Jorsey City IS 37. .357
At Montreal (twelve Innings) It. H. B.
Rochester G 13 0
Montreal .,3 8 4
At Toronto (first game) R.' H. B.
Buffalo -. 4 8 0
Toronto 18 1$ 2
Second gamo i !
Buffalo 3 6 2
Toronto 4 9 0
At Baltimore (first game) R. . H. E.
Provldenae 7, 14 1
Batllmaro 4 0 0
Sscond game . '
Providence ....IS IT 2
Baltimore 6 II 4
At Jeraer City Newark-Jersey City (fame post
poned; rain.
Western League
! Won. Lot P.C.
Denver .CP 13 .CD'j
St. Joseph 17 .623
Lincoln t 9 19 MS
Omaha 23 22 .Sll
Des Moines 22 23 .300
Sioux City 19 2.1 .452
Topoldl Is 2S .403
Wloblta y 11 31 .231
At Topaka Lincoln, S; Topeka, 2.
At Sioux City St. Joseph. S; slous City, .
At Denver Wichita, 3; Dcnycr. 6,
At Omaha Des Moines. 1: Omaha, 4. I
Big Event Will Be Run Satur- H
day, With Field of
Tomorrow the inaugural race will bo 1
run at. Latonla, and -this will be followed
by the Derby on Saturday, June 14. The
general manager of tho track has re
eelved requests for box reservations from
many cities and, judging by the number
of Tesen'ations, the Kentucky Derby at
Louisville will havo nothing on the La
tonla Derby as an attraction which
The Latlnia Derby Is the culminating lfl
event in the spring for three-yeai'-olds.
A tlircc-yoar-old that wins the Latonla
Derby is looked upon as a champion. The
English, who raced horses hundreds of jH
years before Latonla or Churchill Downs
was ever thought of. have by long e
pcrlence learned that the proper test for
a throe-year-old Is a mile and a half
route. This Is the route tho horses will
be asked to go at Latonla. and any horse
which carries 122 pounds or 127 and wins
over tho mile and a half journey is con
sldcrcd a thoroughbred worthy of the
At present 1L looks very much as
though a field of nine will go to the post fM
In this bit; race. Ten Point, according
to his owner. Is a suro starter, despite
his lpfrnt lii thn Knntuckv Handicap. aH
Nothing lias been hoard lately from
Hawthorn, and it Is quite doubtful If he ijH
will be able to go. Helios worked three- lH
Ounrtcrs very handily in 1:18 the. other
day. and It might be just possible that IH
Jack Kccne has the grand little gelding IH
In better shape tlian most persons be- IH
llcve, and will make a try for the prize
at the last minute. Donerail Is a sure IH
starter, and the, prediction Is made that
the horse which beats Donerail will get
the wreath around his neck. sM
Great Britain had some workouts, and
will get a race or two under his belt
within the next week. Prince Hermis
will probably try the mile and a half
MuCorklo ran one good raco two w&ekR tM
ago and the same said about Helios
might apply to tho bis: horse in Tom
McDowell's stable. Tho Blue Grass crowd
still stick to it that Foundation is a good
raco horse and ho will surely go to the
post, barring accidents.
Gowell is a sure starter. She received ,
a hard campaign a3 a two-year-old and .
is now being run to death as a three-year-old.
Her Toor raco ,n the Kentucky 1
Oaks plainly showed that she should
have a little rest. The filly Is run one
day in a, long race and then in a day
or so shoved Into a slx-furlong dash.
This is very trj'lng and will throw tho
best of them off odge, especially as the
weather is changing' like It has been
during all of 'this spring.
That is a pretty good field for a Derby
and tho boys will have plenty of trouble IH
trying to pick a winner. vM
LEXINGTON, Ky;, June 7. G. W. J.
Blssell has purahascd two yearlings & ,
McGee from Cliarlea W. Moore, a bay
colt out of Littlo Whit (dam of Counter- ;
part), and bay filly out of The Gover
ness (dam of Tho Lady Rohesla).
It appears that Wv J. Trcac' of the ,
Ivontucky Sales company was acting for
John 15. Madden when he bought fifteen jB
yearlings -from August Belmont a few
days ago. From Canada cornea the In- . ;
formation that Madden has sold tho Fair
Play-Orienta filly, the Slns3eton-Bt. Asr
nes filly, tho, Singleton-Lady Madge tUly ,
and Singleton-Lady Rayon filly to James
A. Thompson of Ontario, and they were
Jn tho lot sold by Belmont to Treacy.
James B. Haggin's famous producing J
thoroughbred brood mares, Pearl V. by
Salvator, dam Flrenzl. is dead at Elm- i
ondorf farm. ''She died foaling a full
brother to Water Pearl and Pearl River,
tho latter now a good Ions' distance horse ,
In England, by Watercress. Hamburg ,,
fob has a bay hy to Boy. Prin. ( . H
.cess Noretta. owned by the late Jatm ,
Mackey, is tho only Uioroughbred raaro )
yet to foal at Elmondorf. Hervtoal will
be a full brother or Bister to Prince GoL ,
by Galveston. Tho Hag-sin yearllnsa wlU t
leave for Shcopahead Bay June 13.
College Game Postponed.
PRINCETON, N. J.. June 7 A. thujirl-
crstm broke up re ceton-Yals
Sasoball game in the sixth inning. Neither T
side -had scored. ' -
IbV W (HI H HaSsH lUaav aassaW. Bi mbBbH I 1 Hr m WKU laHssWVssM
l-V J mm lKmvKl W W rASl HHJH
$2 $2 $2 STRAW HATS-$2 $2 $2 I I
Excellent Grade Panama Hats $5.00 I H

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