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Will Enter
lal Cam
mted. RECORD
Never to
i Women
rj Him.
Solonel Roose
;rcsslvcs gratli
cve of his de
a his bost en
fl upon his ro
g of tho party,
clarcd, and he
l determination
ell B3 tho lead
Ical entity, Its
ipcaklns of the
for himself on
i'clt said, "We
, national party
i-ci- would resL
principle emm
s party Is put
ihe nation,
his speech by
ako this mean3
icn and womon
All his life, he
1 In work that
;htecn months.
Ye It was the
hlch he looked
3 li
lt to the men
rked with him
first campaign
irnicd a move
lustrlal Justice
It of brotherly
lest social con
us who have
I have gained
dvantagu of a
l life," he con
to make good
Minnt with the
i-m represents
vhlch we have
spirit and in
o driven our
h of the old
ace has been
Hp loyally to
icted that the
never i?o back
that the flpht
ttevcr may be
thlng the dls
nlsm may rest
ndon tlie prln
rressives have
1 will never
men who drew
hose principles,
r faces toward
jr be sundered
will never yield
or flinch from
s course of his
tes of his party
tlonlng Judge
Sea-bury, noml
assoclate Judge
In New York;
r In Now Jcr
for governor of
rty's nominees
STcw York and
le Progressive
;ress In Mary-olsewherc.
5dB0IT' Micl,-i 0ct- Governor
IJiBiDnbuiiceil tonight, after 11 con
irH:Wfl Adiutunt General
jMOok, that ho will instruct "Gen
jbosy. in command of tho state
too Calumet strike zone, to
-iisBw additional militia compnu
BtflW prepared for service in case
itoE?eiDCe is deemed neeessar'.
ifcBr . on of the povornor was in--tirB.
' 801"e extent by a message
P""' Abne asking that ho be
'B to order tho Houghton militia
KsWy for scrvico if conditions
B.clTJe- The executive said he will
LK. '"'".sucstion'' to the gen
uo issue no order to the
WBf1"11 ??1 0rhid General Abbey
3 jjk-on, Houghton for military as
,rrm& out prefer to protect tho
1 ,p" WOn vim live in the strike zone
Jhsagrccable afterwards," the
Abbey reported that the
jBw stationed in the strike zone
Pituatiou under control.
"jBu?0r I'crris was inclined to crit
jwe manner in which the local an-
BF,Lacc.0r,ln to roports, are cu
i iBr. , ,a-Ws in the copper coun
I Mr?-.alao Hail that as conditions
m SrowiiiR better" he would
Ur;E??I,s n the district for some
HiKf not remove thuni within a
BiKm as ho had planned. ITo
M, e removal 0f the injunction,
Picketing for tho recent
flB h Wanted in Mantl.
Mijil'8' a ewltig machine re
JBBietPrrul"1, of ne' brought
WKstoViftr '"""Powitollo. Idaho, by
MSnuLff iGi W- bowery of San
(WKrLa".d ho taken to Mantl
iKlK- VrL? uml lrml 0,1 statutory
MHt Tri"8 .,wa arreted at Mount
mKMftBM tI",eaBo and -placed In
WR' ,n Soptcmbcr 7 ho up
NHMo sc'loualy U and wn nt
AKcl i. 1IoUnt Pleasant hospital,
Jt1mttoE l) in potollo by Sheriff
BiSi,m ""ock county, broth
Ked ni denut" who went ufhir
JPR? HoldtipB Got $8.50.
T,!?ntl"fe of 135 LO street re-.-A
m ?...l?',ly?. yesterday that he
fjlKlt n,'"',1, ro5bfc'1 of ?S.5Q in Lib
1 .B-Valcni? ' o clock Tl)urshiy
rt thnlKfs,,lnlned 11,111 he did
M i o ,1fe,1uld1 with a revolver In
' JKr nH .V 'S ,,( d"P. Ho described
' ,.ti iakers ,n Ncw York.
Sftftv0cl- 3 Waldorf. II. P.
el0UB EBcape.
I S S Ff 5- Baatiams of Prince
Wn.e. ""flflte of tho niRht. ne
'iSd vyero,attaek of croup. As
I "WL' Cbimfe,0. hl T hRd a larRo hot-
I. iH( :p u tM HowinK tho dlrcc
F'4P'ftrfti,urun1 twenty minutes
ruKh all dancer." Sold bv
Hp. j, (Advortisoment,-)
Allegation Is That Latter Is
Unfit to Retain Custody
of Children.
The case of Lola Montle Ahlbom
against Oscar W, Ahlbom, In which
thu husband Is seeking custody of the
minor children on the ground that his
wife Is an Inrpropcr person, occupied two
hours at the divorce matinee before
Judge C. W. Morse yesterday. Hnlf a
dozen witnesses were called on olther
side and evidence of a highly sensa
tional sort, was offered.
Prior to his wife's suit for dlvorco,
Ahlbom filed suit against Earl Smith
for $1000 damages for alienation, of his
wlfe'B affections. This suit Is still pend
ing. Yesterday Ahlbom submitted an
affidavit In support of his contention for
custody of the children, declaring his
wlfo to be unfit morally to raise the
children and nnmlng Smith as tho man
In the enso. Smith himself was on hand
as a witness for Mrs. Ahlbom, but was
not called, the caso being continued one
week for further hearing.
Mrs. Ahlbom's mother, an aged
woman, testified against her daughter.
In support of the husband's contention.
The plaintiff having failed to prove
that ho had established lcgnl residence
within the county, the caso of Johanna
P. luarnest against Jesse F. Earnest was
Daisy Harris was given an Interlocu
tory decree of divorce from William Har
ris, custody of three minor children and
?S0 monthly alimony.
Sarah A. Scddon was given a decree
from Thomas J. Scddon by default nnd
S300 alimony.
Daisy Sollls was awarded a decree from
Frank If. Sollls on the ground of Intoxi
cation, She testified that ho had taken
to drink soon after tho marriage and
had drunk continually since.
A talc of cruelty won a decree for
Alice Yardns from Joseph Yardas.
Final decrees were awarded Mabel L.
Moore from Albert II. Moore. Lula S.
Harrow from Henry I,. Harrow, Mlllssa
Smith from W. S. Smith, Pearl Galgoy
from Otho Galgey and Claude L. Snow
from Effa N. Snow.
SEATTLE, Oct. 3 J. L. Muldoon, a
saloonkeeper, is in n hospital with his
arm broken by a bullet.; Carl Strobach,
who tried to hold. up Muldoon 5s sa
loon last night, is in tho morgue, and
tho police are hunting for a second
robber supposed to be -wounded.
Muldoon was plnying cards -with two
companions when robbers entered from
opposite doors. Instead of obeying a
command to hold up hie hands, he
drew a revolver and oponcd firo, Tho
robbers returned the fuBiliade, but Mul
doon was the better marksman and soon
put the pair to flight.
Strobnch's bullet-riddled body was
found in the strcot some time later.
Tho saloonman is certain the other
robber was desperately wounded.
Muldoon s companions of the card
game found safoty under the table
whilo the fight, wns on.
LITTLE ROCK Ark.. Oct. 3. Hold
ing the residents of Fulton nt bay to
day bix bandits robbed the bank of
$70 in pennios, after vainly trying to
open the inner doors of tho safe. City
Marshal Tom Logan of Fulton was shot
and seriously wounded. The robbers
used n citize'u "whom they had captured
to shield them from bullets nts they Tan
awav. .
Posses -with bloodhunds are Bcounng
the country in pursuit, of tho bandits.
The robbery was similar to that at tho
First Stato bnnk at. Dardanolle, Ark.,
last Wednesday- Before going to tho
bank tho men broke into a hardware
store and stole rifles and ammunition.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 3 Prosldent
Wilson today removed Judge Cornelius
D Munmc, United States district judge
at Nome, Alaska. Attorney General
Mcllevnolds, by direction of tho presi
dent, requested the resignation of Judge
AEuranc several weeks ago. and tho lat
ter refused to resign until next Juno.
This resulted in tho president's sum
mars'' action. Tt is said at the depart
ment of justice that the removal was
made for the good of tho service.
There was a gcnoral dissatisfaction,
it was declared, but no charges had
been filed against the judge. Judge
Murane's four-year term would have
expired in December, 1914.
H. S. Hodcy, several days ago, re
signed, at tho request of tho attorney
general, as "United States attorney at
LOS ANGELI5S, Oct. 3. Hnico T.
Klmrnls. father of i::-ycar-old PrlHcllla
KImmls. whose extensive operations In
pahalng worthless checks led the police
to believe that she possessed abnormal
precocity as a criminal, confessed today
that he had committed the forgeries
charged against tho cblld and had di
rected her throughout.
"She did exactly s I told her, said the
father, "without the slightest Intimation
that she was doing wrong. T mnde her
believe all these transactions wero part of
im regular business."
KImmls told the police ho had operated
In a number of California cities with suc
cess, because of I He youth and Innocent
appearance of Prlecllla. Ho Is held on u
felony charge.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 3. Answorlng
rrltlrtsm of nn agreement In tho odmln
h itlon currency to the effect that the
volumo of short-term commercial papur
he by the national banks was so
"mall s to make tho rediscount pro
visions of tho measure of little
viiiii Sorretarv McAdoo. In a statement
tnnicht announced that on August D
lust the imtlonul banks hold jM2S.0B5.lB7
of paper maturing In ninety days or less.
These figures, hawed upon reports to tho
comptroller of the currency, the secretary
said, m-.cmcd to disprove the claims of the
opponents of the bill.
CHlCGO, Oct. 3. Announcement
of the candidacy of Roger Sullivan,
Democratic "boss" of Illinois, for the
United Stutcs senate will be made
soon, probably at the stale fair at
Springfield next. week.
Mr Sullivan is snid to have disposed
of his iutorcstB in a public utilities
com pan v nnd at present is a manufac
turer of biscuits.
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